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   One of the world's most exciting holiday destinations has always had a special attraction for the
    international traveller. The beauty of Bali is that it has everything -beaches, mountains, jungle,
   thousands of shops, amazing restaurants, night life and the most beautiful people with a culture
                                 steeped in tradition and Hindu religion.

          It's a vibrant place in parts and yet remote and untouched in others. Bali is known
                 as "The Island of the Gods" and is a true paradise for a great holiday.

When we first went to Bali many years ago, we immediately fell in love with the place. It happens to a
 lot of people. Maybe it's the magic. For over 35 years, we have offered clients outstanding service
                               and value for money to this destination.

   Our specialist staff is happy to assist you in planning any holiday you desire. We offer a variety
       of accommodation from budget, in traditional-style Balinese accommodation, to luxury,
          in 5-star plus hotels and resorts. Lombok and the Gili Islands are definitely worth
          checking out for a few days. The indigenous Sasak people make up the majority
               of the population and follow the Islamic religion. You will find them just
                               as friendly and welcoming as the Balinese.
                                      Travel Facts
  PASSPORT/VISA REQUIREMENTS                            CLIMATE
  A passport with a minimum of 6 months validity is     The average climate in Bali and Lombok is
  required for entry into Indonesia. Australian         between 28 and 30 degrees throughout the year.
  passport holders require a visa for travel to Bali,   However, between November and March tropical
  payable on arrival. Non-Australian passport           showers alternate with clear skies and sunshine.
  holders must check with their travel agent or the     Bali's climate can be very humid but is ideal for
  Indonesian Consulate regarding their visa             holidays all year round.
  DEPARTURE TAXES                                       Electric power in Bali is 220 volts. Not all hotels
  Departure taxes ex Australia are prepaid before       provide adaptors so it is advisable to bring your
  departure and shown on your ticket. Indonesian        own with a two-prong plug.
  departure tax is not included and has to be paid
  at the airport on day of departure from Indonesia.
                                                        NYEPI DAY
                                                        Nyepi Day is in Bali a 'Day of Silence'. By law
  HEALTH                                                tourists are required to stay on this day within the
  Make sure to consult your doctor for medical          hotel grounds. This day generally falls in the
  advice well in advance prior to your departure.       month of March or April. Many festivals are held
  Discuss your itinerary so your doctor can advise      before and after this very special day.
  you regarding malaria tablets or any inoculations
  he might be recommending. Also make sure to
  bring sunscreen protection. It's wise to only drink
  bottled water to avoid stomach upsets.
  INSURANCE                                                           MAP & TOURS                                   4
  We strongly recommend that travellers should
                                                                      ACTIVITIES                                    6
  protect themselves with adequate travel insurance.
  Ask your travel agent for details.                                  BALI WEDDINGS & COOKING                       8
  CURRENCY/CREDIT CARDS                                               T U B A N & K U TA                            9
  The unit of currency is the rupiah. Many ATM's are
                                                                      L E G I A N , S E M I N Y A K & T A B A N A N 19
  available in the more touristy areas. Credit cards
  are widely accepted in the bigger hotels and                        VILLAS                                       27
  shops. Moneychangers are all over Bali and
  Lombok but be aware. Some have amazing ways                         J I M B A R A N B AY & U L U W AT U          34
  of ripping off tourists. Ensure you count your                      NUSA DUA & BENOA                             39
  money and have been given the right change.
                                                                      SANUR                                        45
  While the national language in Indonesia is                         UBUD                                         49
  Bahasa Indonesia, English is understood widely,                     CANDI DASA                                   58
  especially in hotels and tourist areas.
                                                                      NORTH BALI                                   59
                                                                      LOMBOK & THE ISLANDS                         60
                                                                      NUSA LEMBONGAN ISLAND                        62
                                                                      AMAN RESORTS                                 63
With Bali Tours, we'll make your dream                                TOUR CONDITIONS                              64
holiday come true.

                       ●         F U L L & H A L F D AY T O U R S                                                           ●

                             H A L F            D A Y                                       H A L F            D A Y

            Holy Monkey Forest                                              Tanah Lot Sea Temple
            4-5 hours                                                       4-5hours
            We visit the sacred Monkey Forest at Kedaton where              This afternoon tour takes you to watch the spectacular sunset
            monkeys roam free in a temple surrounded by towering            and wander the cliff paths round the temple of Tanah Lot.
     4      nutmeg trees. On the way, the tour stops at Mengwi, the         The temple is suspended on a huge rock carved by the
            centre of an old kingdom, to visit the peaceful lake setting.   incoming tide and is a photographer’s dream.
                                                                                  F U L L           D A Y

                                                                 10-11 hours
                                                                 The tour visits Besakih Temple, the most sacred temple in Bali.

                                                                                                                                   B A L I
                                                                 The temple grounds are half way up the slopes of the
                                                                 3,100m Mount Agung volcano. En route, we visit the ancient
                                                                 courthouse of Kerta Gosa at Klungkung, a beautifully painted
                                                                 relic of the Balinese judicial system, dating back to the 17th
                                                                 century. At lunchtime, we stop at the terraced rice fields of

                                                                                                                                   O F
                                                                 Bukit Jambul, then on to Karangasem via Putung and the
                                                                 village of Tenganan, where we learn about its ancient pre-
                                                                 Hindu customs. We then travel on to the Bat Cave at
                                                                 Kusumba, stopping to watch the traditional methods of salt

                                                                                                                                   T O U R S
                                                                 making along the East Coast on the way.

                                                                                  F U L L           D A Y

                                                                                                                                   D AY
                 F U L L           D A Y

                                                                                                                                   M A P

                                                                 North Bali, Singaraja and Lake
                                                                 10-11 hours
                                                                 This tour travels north to Bedugul and the cool waters of Lake
Kintamani Volcano
                                                                 Bratan, a centre lake surrounded by high peaks. En route, we
7-8 hours                                                        pass through Mengwi, a powerful kingdom dating from the
This is one of the most popular tours on the island because it   1800’s and its royal temple, Taman Ayun. We then go over
takes in a broad cross-section of Balinese culture and           a high mountain pass, where monkeys come down from their
culminates the day with the magnificent view from the edge       perches in the tropical rainforest to linger by the roadside.
of the crater at mount Batur. En route we visit Batubulan to     We drop down to stop at the waterfalls of Gitgit. On the
see the famous Barong Dance. The next stop is the village of     extreme north Coast of Bali, we visit Singaraja, the former
Celuk, which is famous for its gold and silversmiths. We visit   capital of Bali from the days of the Dutch colonisation. Lunch
Mas, a centre for woodcarving, then Ubud, a village that         break is at Lovina Beach at the edge of the calm waters of
has an international reputation for art and painting. Further    the South Java Sea. We return via the sulphur springs and
North we visit the Elephant Cave, followed by a lunch break      terraced rice fields at Pupuan and cap off a full and
at Kintamani on Mount Batur before returning to the west via     fascinating day with a stroll through the Monkey Forest at        5
Sebatu and a visit to the Holy Spring Water Temple.              Kedaton.
                                                            ●         ACTIVITIES                               ●

                                                                                                      Elephant Safari
                                                                                                      Located in the jungle forest of Desa Taro (20
                                                                                                      minutes north of Ubud), the Elephant Safari Park
                                                                                                      offers you the chance to feed, touch and interact
                                                                                                      with these wonderful creatures in a natural
                                                                                                      setting. Elephants can be seen immersing
                                                                                                      themselves in the cool waters of the park lake or
                                                                                                      grazing peacefully in the surrounding grounds.
                                                                                                      The reception centre offers an extensive graphic
                                                                                                      display. Includes entrance, lunch, and insurance.
                                                                                                      Departs twice daily.

                      White Water Rafting
                      Enjoy the challenge and excitement of an 11 km trip of
                      white-water rafting on the spectacular Ayung River. Over

                      the next 2 hours you will be taken through 25 thrilling
                      rapids, which provides a mix of challenging and tranquil
                      sections. There are 2 departures daily, including transfers,
                      smorgasboard lunch, life jackets, helmets, waterproof
                      camera bags, and personal insurance. Recently added is
                      the option to raft the Telaga Waja River, which offers a
                      slightly longer duration with a more open setting. This river
                      is shallower and features continuous class 2-3 rapids, plus
                      class 4 weirs.

                      Waterbom Bali
                      Spread over 3.8 hectares of landscaped tropical parklands, Waterbom hosts many outstanding facilities suitable for all ages.
                      The main attractions are the world-class waterslides, snaking throughout the park, however there are also the swimming pools, a
                      spa centre, Euro-bungy, wall climbing, water volley ball, Kiddie Park, and Water Blaster - enough to keep anyone entertained. For
                      those in for the long haul, the park also features a food court, as well as a swim up bar and the Wantilan Restaurant. Certified
                      lifeguards are on duty at all times, so parents are free to relax in the grassy picnic areas or browse in the gift shop.

Bali Safari & Marine Park
Bali Safari & Marine Park occupies a vast, breathtaking 40
hectare setting of splendid natural habitat. Featuring the latest
developments in open-zoo design, visitors have the opportunity to
have close encounters with
animals from around the world.
You can take the Safari Journey,
where specialised buses
transport you through roaming
Sumatran Tigers and Elephants in
the jungle of Sumatra, to the
hippos and cheetah in Lake
Manyara. You can visit the realm
of Ranthambore, a recreation of
an ancient Indian fort in the city of Rajasthan, where you will find
the majestic White Tigers. There is also the Hanoman Stage, home to the
exotic birds and Orang Utan, or the Kampung Gajah – a sanctuary for retired
forestry elephants. Guests of all ages will enjoy the Fun Zone, with a Water
Park and numerous rides for the kids.
Recently added, the Mara River Safari Lodge offers guests the chance
to capture the ambience and authenticity of the African wilderness.
Accommodation is composed of a series of comfortably appointed thatched
air-conditioned dwellings, surrounding the perimeter of a landscaped savannah. Designed to reflect the rustic charm of Africa’s
diverse culture, each suite features timber furnishings, earthy colours and tribal artefacts. Every suite features an open-air terrace for
the unique opportunity to observe the different animal species at close range. A real highlight is the Tsavo Lion Restaurant, where
guests can enjoy world-class cuisine, sitting behind full length glass panels which look directly into the landscaped lion enclosure.

                        ●         BALI HAI CRUISES                                                            ●

                                                                                                                                             A C T I V I T I E S
         Bali Tours and Bali Hai Cruises have shared a close and successful relationship.
    The Bali Tours endorsed independent Bali Hai Cruises brochure outlines in detail the various
                              packages available. Call us for a copy.

                                                                        Lembongan Island Reef Cruise
                                                                        The Island Reef Cruise offers a full days activities, above and
                                                                        below the water. The luxury Bali Hai II catamaran moors
                                                                        alongside a purpose-built pontoon in peaceful Lembongan
                                                                        Bay. From here you can enjoy snorkelling for a closer look at
                                                                        the reef, or enjoy a host of other activities, including unlimited
                                                                        banana boat rides, a
                                                                        cultural tour of the
                                                                        island, a tour in the
                                                                        semi-submersible coral
                                                                        viewer, or try the
                                                                        exciting 35-metre
Beach                                                                   waterslide. And when
Club                                                                    you’ve worked up an
                                                                        appetite, feast on a
Cruise                                                                  delicious buffet served
Experience the                                                          in air-conditioned
unspoilt                                                                comfort.
charms of a
tropical island
with the Beach
                                                                                                  Sunset Dinner
Club Cruise.                                                                                      Cruise
After cruising                                                                                   There’s no better way to spend a
in comfort to Lembongan Island aboard the luxury catamaran                                       balmy tropical evening than on Bali
Bali Hai II, you are transferred to the private Bali Hai Beach                                   Hai’s evening Dinner Cruise. As the
Club. Here you can relax on golden sands, lie back in the                                        sun goes down we set off on a
shade of the tranquil gardens, or cool off in a lagoon pool.                                     relaxing cruise around the harbour.
If the mood takes you, an array of activities is available,                                      Take in the cool night air on the top
including pool volleyball, banana boat rides, snorkelling,                                       deck, be entertained by live musical
and island excursions. And to add to the tropical atmosphere                                     entertainers at the bridge deck,
there’s an appetising BBQ lunch, which includes salads and              savour a delicious international buffet dinner, then dance the       7
fresh grilled fish, all served in a pool-side cabana.                   night away at the disco, or enjoy our live cabaret show.
                                               ●         BALI WEDDINGS                                                   ●
                  Bali Weddings International
                                                                       You could not ask for a more picturesque or stunning
                                                                       venue for your wedding that the beautiful island of Bali.
                                                                       With an infinite supply of gorgeous, scenic, and intimate
                                                                       settings all over the island, it really is hard to imagine a
                                                                       more perfect place to celebrate your special day.
                                                                       Your choices are many here, with a vast array of
                                                                       locations available. Weddings can be held in your hotel
                                                                       or villa, on the beach, in tropical gardens – even on one
                                                                       of the surrounding islands.
                                                                      Whether there is just the couple alone, or a huge group
                                                                      of friends and family travelling, a package can be
                                                                      tailored to suit your every need. Fully legal weddings are, of course, the most
                  common ceremonies, but becoming increasingly popular also are the Commitment ceremonies, Balinese blessing ceremonies, and
                  the religious only ceremonies. These are for those who are already married but who wish to re-affirm their feelings for each other –
                  a renewal of vows is the more common term.
                  Though many companies organise weddings, we choose to utilise Bali Weddings International. This company was established

                  over seventeen years ago specifically to assist foreign couples who choose to be married in Bali. The team of Western and
                  English speaking, highly trained Indonesian consultants can be relied upon to ensure perfect preparation
                  and co-ordination in every aspect of your wedding arrangements.
                  The services provided include all documentation, liaison with Government, Consular and Religious officials,
                  co-ordination of the wedding location, and even the overseeing of menus and guest lists.

                  In addition to the ceremonies themselves, wedding outfits can be arranged, either Western style or local
                  Balinese, as can professional photography, hair and makeup, flower presentations, and even flower girls
                  and pageboys. Receptions and celebration coordination can be handled also.
                  For your perfect day we would recommend nothing less than the best, so we use Bali Weddings

                                            ●         COOKING IN BALI                                                        ●

                                                                   Alila Manggis Cooking School offers a
                                                                   cultural and culinary journey of half-day
                                                                   programmes. The courses focus on
                                                                   Indonesian, but essentially Balinese food.
                                                                   The format for the school is such that
                                                                   participants spend half the day in the kitchen
                                                                   and the other half exploring Bali from a
                                                                   culinary and cultural point of view.
                                                                   Participants learn how to make sambal,
                                                                   classic satay, Nasi Goreng, Balinese fish
                                                                   dishes, curries and traditional sweets.
                  In addition to the hands on cooking classes conducted by Alila Manggis' team of chefs,
                  guests may also visit various locations in the surrounding areas, learning about Balinese
                  dance, Gamelan, and the traditional weaving techniques used to produce the songket and
                  ikat fabrics, an intensive and in-depth look into the traditional Balinese culture and Cuisine.
                                                                   Other less formal cooking schools also
                                                                   operate around Bali, with the Casa Luna
                                                                   Cooking School in central Ubud, and the
                                                                   Bumbu Bali Cooking in Tanjung Benoa being
                                                                   a prime example. Bumbu Bali offers lessons
                                                                   on a wide variety of dishes and skills, and
                                                                   can also include market tours, where you can
                                                                   get an insight into the wonderful local
                                                                   produce available in Bali

                               ●          TUBAN & KUTA                                          ●

The atmosphere in Kuta is easy-going, informal
 and full of good fun. A unique holiday centre
with white sand beaches and excellent surfing
  conditions, Kuta offers an amazing variety of
 shops, boutiques and small stores, which give
  hours of pleasure to bargain-hunters. There is
also plenty to do at night time, more restaurants
than you could eat at in a year, candle-lit bars
               and hectic discos.
  Just south of Kuta lies Tuban, representing the
     quieter side of this popular tourist area.
The beach is less crowded than Kuta, while the
  accommodation ranges from budget to 4-star
     and above properties. This area is very
 popular with families and those wanting prox-
 imity to the shopping and restaurants, yet also
    providing a touch more peace and quiet.

                                                                                                                                      K U TA
                                                                                                                                      T U B A N
Febri's Hotel & Spa
Centrally located on Jalan Kartika Plaza, Febri's is easy
walking distance to all the shopping, activities and restaurants
that Kuta is famous for. Inspired by the Balinese Water Palace,     The Oasis
this hotel is of contemporary design with high ceilings and         This property has quickly established itself as a popular
open spaces. Comprising 69 rooms in total, the 20 Family            destination for the trendy budget traveller. Located within 200
Deluxe rooms are of particular note as they can accommodate         metres of both Kuta Square and the beach this hotel is central
2 adults and 3 children comfortably. There is also the recently     to everything with all the rooms looking over the large
opened Febri's Spa which provides a variety of packages,            swimming pool from either a balcony or terrace. Facilities
from basic to deluxe, in the privacy of one of the spa villas,      include air-conditioning throughout, satellite TV, IDD phone,
each with it's own garden, shower and bathing area.                 and a day bed in each room.

                                                                    Risata Bali Resort
                                                                    Just 100 metres from the beach in the quieter Tuban area, and
                                                                    surrounded by tropical gardens, this recently refurbished hotel
Bakungsari Hotel                                                    offers 139 fully air-conditioned rooms and suites, each
This popular budget property is centrally located, a short stroll   featuring cable television, tea and coffee making facilities,
from Kuta Square, the Discovery Mall and Kuta Beach.                fridge, and an IDD telephone. There is Wi-Fi available in the
The rooms surround the central gardens and pool with swim-          Pandan Bali Restaurant and Jepun Bar, with the large swimming
up bar, with each room featuring air-conditioning, Satellite TV,    pool featuring an additional swim-up bar. A shuttle bus is
mini-bar, and a balcony or terrace. Also featuring a                provided 3 times a day to down town Kuta, and for those in
traditional Bar and Restaurant, Bakungsari Hotel provides           the mood for some pampering, the Sukha Spa has an extensive       9
great value for money.                                              selection of massage and body treatments available.
                                          ●         TUBAN & KUTA                                          ●
                                                                             Adhi Jaya Hotel
                                                                             Set right in the heart of Tuban, a few steps from Waterbom
                                                                             Bali and Discovery Shopping Mall, this property features 75
                                                                             guest rooms, each cleverly decorated with modern,
                                                                             contemporary interiors. Room amenities include a mini bar,
                                                                             cable TV, IDD phone, tea/coffee making facilities, and a
                                                                             balcony or terrace looking out to the frangipani-fringed public
                                                                                                pool. There are walkways connecting the
                                                                                                rooms to the public pool and lobby, with
                                                                                                other facilities including a pool bar,
                                                                                                restaurant, bar, tour desk, and the Kayan
                                                                                                Spa which offers a selection of treatments
                                                                                                and massages.

                                                                             Bali Rani Hotel
                                                                             The Bali Rani Hotel is located within walking distance of the
                                                                             beach, shops and Waterbom Park, directly opposite the

                                                                             Discovery Kartika Mall. The 100 rooms are of a high
            Kuta Beach Club                                                  standard, going hand in hand with the levels of service.
            Great value for money in the heart of Kuta, this is one of our

                                                                             The hotel is centered around the swimming pool, which also
            most popular hotels. Located within easy walking distance to     has a child's pool attached and you'll find that the hotel has
            the shops, and a few minutes to the beach, this property has     a relaxed atmosphere. Good restaurants, bars, and spa
            2 pools, the larger featuring a pool bar that is open till       make this a great place to hang out.
            sunset. The 100 rooms all include TV, mini bar, and air-
            conditioning. Excellent value.

            Ramayana Resort                                                  Rama Beach Resort and Villas
            and Spa                                                          Located at the quieter end of Tuban, and only 2 minutes walk
            This property is set amongst lush                                to the beach, this newly upgraded property provides excellent
            tropical gardens, only a few minutes walk to the beach, yet      value for money. There are sixty-four air-conditioned rooms in
            close to the shopping and dining that Kuta is famous for.        single storey, double storey and Balinese style bungalows, as
            The accommodation includes cottages, plus deluxe, family         well as 36 new garden and pool villas. All rooms feature
            and club rooms. All rooms feature air-conditioning, in-house     modern Balinese décor, and have a verandah or balcony,
            movies, tea and coffee making facilities and fridge, with        satellite TV, DVD stereo system and Broadband Internet access.
            some also featuring private verandahs. The restaurant,           Amongst the upgraded facilities are the Giriloka Spa,
            featuring a mix of Balinese and International cuisine, looks     providing a wide variety of traditional treatments, the Dewi
    10      out over a landscaped rice field garden, and the swimming        Shinta Restaurant, which features a blend of Indonesian and
            pool features a brand new swim-up bar.                           Western cuisine, and a brand new pizza lounge.
Bali Garden Beach Resort                                            The Rani Hotel & Spa
Located directly opposite Waterbom Park, and next to the            Convenient to all the major attractions that Kuta has to offer,
Discovery Kartika Mall, this property offers tremendous value       this sister property to Bali Rani Hotel offers boutique-style
for those looking for affordable beachfront accommodation in        accommodation suitable for singles or couples. There are
a moderate sized hotel. All rooms are well equipped with            53 Deluxe rooms set in a 4-story block surrounding the
modern facilities and include a terrace or balcony, offering        central pool, with a further 2 spacious suites at pool level.
views out over bustling Kuta Square, or across the lush             Each room features a balcony or terrace, and modern
tropical gardens that fill the grounds, extending all the way       amenities including air-conditioning, Satellite TV, Mini-bar,
down to Tuban Beach. New for 2011, this property now                IDD phone and hairdryer. There is also the Spa centre,
features accommodation and golf packages, utilising the             offering a complimentary 60 minute massage for a
New Kuta golf course.                                               7 night stay.

                                                                                                                                       K U TA
                                                                                                                                       T U B A N
Bali Dynasty Resort
Nestled in peaceful Tuban, and set in
beautifully landscaped gardens just a short
stroll from the excitement of Kuta, the Bali
Dynasty Resort is considered one of Balis
premier family resorts. The resort offers a variety of room categories, including the
Family Studio rooms, which are unique in their large size and ability to
accommodate a family of 2 adults and 3 children. The resort has 3 swimming pools, including a dedicated childrens pool with
giant waterslide, and a kids club with supervised activities. The resort also offers a range of restaurants to suit all budgets,
including the very popular Gracie Kellys Irish Pub.

                                                                                The Vira Bali Hotel
                                                                                Situated on Jalan Kartika Plaza, within easy
                                                                                walking distance of Kuta Beach, Discovery Mall
                                                                                and Waterbom Bali, The Vira Bali is ideally
                                                                                located for those keen to enjoy the shopping,
                                                                                restaurants and activities that Kuta has to offer.
                                                                                Featuring modern design elements, the smaller
                                                                                boutique size of this property ensures a more
                                                                                intimate environment than the nearby larger
                                                                                resorts. All of the 56 rooms and suites surround the
                                                                                tropical garden and swimming pool with waterfall
                                                                                feature, with each one featuring a balcony or
                                                                                terrace. The rooms are decorated in chic tropical
                                                                                style, and are equipped with modern amenities.
                                                                                The property’s facilities include a poolside bar,
                                                                                Spa centre, gift shop, and a restaurant which also     11
                                                                                provides full 24-hour room service.
                                            ●         TUBAN & KUTA                                                ●
                                                                                                             Sun Island Kuta
                                                                                                             This boutique property in Kuta is due
                                                                                                             to open in mid-June 2011, and
                                                                                                             promises sophisticated contemporary
                                                                                                             design mixed with traditional
                                                                                                             Balinese architecture. Comprising
                                                                                                             129 rooms and suites, each with
                                                                                                             modern facilities and amenities,
                                                                                                             Sun Island Kuta occupies a strategic
                                                                                                             location in South Kuta, only 5 minutes
                                                                                                             walk to the famous sandy Kuta
                                                                                                             beach, Discovery Shopping Mall,
                                                                                                             traditional art market, Waterbom
                                                                                                             Bali, and a variety of restaurants
                                                                                                             and bars.

                                                                              Kuta Paradiso Hotel

                                                                              Located at Tuban beach, Kuta Paradiso Hotel is a luxury resort-style
                                                                              property in downtown Kuta. A combination of 243 rooms and suites
                                                                              are arranged in two wings leading off the spacious lobby. All rooms
                                                                              provide comfortable accommodation overlooking either the pool, or
                                                                              the hotel's landscaped tropical gardens. Only 15 minutes drive from
                                                                              the airport, this property is surrounded by restaurants, nightlife, and
                                                                              all the shopping facilities of Kuta Square.

            Aston Kuta Hotel
            Located in a more peaceful area of Kuta, close to the heart of the
            restaurant and shopping district, yet also just a short stroll from the
            world renowned Kuta Beach, this new property provides a stylish
            and comfortable atmosphere as your home away from home, with
            luxurious guest room designs, trendy restaurants, and a roof top
            lounge. Each of the 209 rooms feature individually controlled air
            conditioning, bathtub and shower, cable LCD TV, mini bar, safety
            box, hair dryer
            and 24 hour
            room service is
            facilities include
            a swimming
            spa services,
            and a business
Hotel Santika Premier
Beach Resort
Located right on the beach of Tuban, this hotel is
surrounded by lush tropical gardens that create a
tranquil and peaceful ambience. There are 2
swimming pools, each with kids pool, and a very
popular swim up bar. The 3 restaurants include the
Sunset Beachfront Restaurant, which has one of the
best views of the sunset in all of Bali. In addition to the
Deluxe and Premiere rooms
there are also the Premium
rooms, which include daily
breakfast, afternoon tea, fresh
seasonal fruit, as well as
butler service.

                                                              Ramada Bintang
                                                              Bali Resort
                                                              Situated on more than 6 hectares
                                                              of lush tropical gardens on a private

                                                                                                          K U TA
                                                              white sand beach just 10 minutes
                                                              from the airport. This first class resort
                                                              features 402 stylish rooms and suites,
                                                              featuring contemporary Balinese
                                                              furnishings, plus a full range of

                                                              modern amenities. The resort features
                                                              2 restaurants, a kids club, 4 bars and
                                                              a roof top Lobby Lounge.

                                                                                                          T U B A N
                                                              A spectacular free form swimming
                                                              pool with cascading waterfalls, pool
                                                              bar and whirlpool are a signature of
                                                              this top property.

Discovery Kartika Plaza
With 318 first class
rooms including 16
family suites, and
6 private beachfront
villas, the Discovery
Kartika Plaza Hotel
offers the best in
accommodation. Rooms
feature air conditioning,
satellite TV, tea/coffee
making facilities, mini bar, international telephone,
safety deposit box and private balcony. The hotel
also features 3 restaurants and 2 bars, a large
swimming pool, fitness club and business centre
with meeting facilities. Also featuring are a wealth
of facilities for the kids, including a kids club,                                                        13
childrens playground, and kiddy pool.
                                           ●         TUBAN & KUTA                                               ●
            The Sandi Phala
            The Sandi Phala is a stunning
            boutique property, with tropical
            gardens leading out to a secluded
            private beach of soft white sand,
            this resort blends contemporary
            style with exceptional hospitality.
            Featuring only 10 suites, some
            with private plunge pool, the
            atmosphere is a world away from
            the hustle and bustle of nearby
            Kuta. Each spacious Suite is complete with a private
            balcony or terrace facing the landscaped gardens,
            and the deluxe amenities include Satellite TV, DVD,
            air-conditioning, in room safe, mini-bar, IDD
            telephone, tea/coffee making facilities, and a CD
            music library. This property also features the
            renowned Ma Joly restaurant, with incorporated
            Sunset Bar offering lovely views over Indian Ocean.

            The Patra Bali Resort and Villas
            This resort features the largest guest rooms in the whole Tuban area, and is fantastic for families. Up to 3 children can share a
            deluxe suite with their parents, plus this property boasts a fantastic kids club for 3-12 year olds. There are several pools and
            restaurants, as well as an underground pub, wine cellar, cigar lounge, lobby lounge and sunset lounge. The rooms themselves
            are very stylishly finished with exclusive wooden furnishings and have all the facilities you would expect of a first class resort.
            The villas – A step up again.

                                                                                                                 Holiday Inn Resort
                                                                                                                 Baruna Bali
                                                                                                                   Named after the Balinese God of
                                                                                                                   the Ocean, Holiday Inn Resort
                                                                                                                   Baruna Bali is located on three
                                                                                                                   hectares of beautifully terraced
                                                                                                                   tropical gardens. Opened in early
                                                                                                                   2009 on the site previously
                                                                                             occupied by BaliHai Resort, this property features
                                                                                             195 air-conditioned rooms and suites fronting a
                                                                                             lovely stretch of white sand beach. For families there
                                                                                             are Kids Suites and Family Suites, as well as a Kids
                                                                                             Club with numerous activities on offer. Each room is
                                                                                             fully equipped with flatscreen TV, DVD, refrigerator,
                                                                                             tea/coffee making facilities, Wi-Fi internet and hair
                                                                                             dryer. Resort facilities include a large swimming pool
    14                                                                                       with swim up bar, two restaurants, chill out bar, fitness
                                                                                             centre, and the oceanside Tea Tree Spa.
                                                                 Adi Dharma
Adi Dharma Cottages                                              This hotel is located in a
A small tourist class hotel, situated in the heart of Kuta.      quiet location behind its
Accommodation is air-conditioned and has a bar fridge,           sister hotel Adi Dharma
TV and telephone. Hotel features include a swimming pool         Cottages. Set in tropical gardens, the hotel features a large
and restaurant. A friendly atmosphere with shops, restaurants    swimming pool with a swim-up bar. The refurbished guest
and nightlife all close at hand.                                 rooms offer air-conditioning, TV, hairdryer, in-house movies
                                                                 and a mini-bar. Only a short walk to Kuta Beach and the
                                                                 shops and restaurants of Legian.

                                                                                                                                 K U TA
Fourteen Roses

                                                                                                                                 T U B A N
A budget property
conveniently located on Jalan
Legian, midway between the
fast pace of Kuta and the more laid back atmosphere of
Legian. Though budget, this property still features all modern
                                                                 Harris Resort
conveniences, with all rooms featuring air-conditioning,         Located on the beach road in Kuta, the Harris Resort features
fridge, satellite TV, and IDD phone. The pool with swim-up       191 rooms and suites, all with modern designs and facilities.
bar is always popular, and the new Rose Spa will have just       Families are warmly welcomed here as the resort also boasts
the treatment to ease all your worries away.                     family rooms, kids club, and a kiddie pool with waterslide.
                                                                 Other features available include free form swimming pool,
                                                                 spa and reflexology centre, boutique and gymnasium.
                                                                 A great value property.

Dewi Sri Hotel
Nestled just behind Jalan Legian
in the midst of Bali's famous Kuta Beach, the Dewi Sri Hotel
offers accommodation, in a quiet and convenient location.        Barong Bali Hotel
The 101 rooms, including the extra large Family rooms, are       This property offers simple but comfortable accommodation,
set around a central pool and restaurant area. All rooms are     only 10 minutes walk from the beach, and right in the heart
air-conditioned and feature satellite television, mini-bar and   of the shopping and nightlife of Kuta. The popular sunken
private facilities. A perfect hotel for today’s value minded     pool bar is open 24 hours, and the rooms are comfortable        15
traveller.                                                       with TV, mini bar and balcony.
                                           ●         TUBAN & KUTA                                          ●

            Kuta Seaview
            Boutique Resort & Spa
            Excellently located across the road from the famous Kuta          Legian Paradiso Hotel
            beachfront, this boutique resort is handy to the best shopping
                                                                              Sitting right on Jalan Legian, with easy access to restaurants,
            and entertainment in the area. The resort facilities available
                                                                              shops and nightlife, this properties guest rooms include air-
            include a swimming pool, popular Italian restaurant and bar,
                                                                              conditioning, IDD phone, mini-bar, and all have balcony or
            Wi-Fi, Spa and a Tour Desk. All rooms are air-conditioned
                                                                              terrace. The swimming pool has a swim-up bar, so this is a
            with private facilities, in-house music/radio, mini-bar and
                                                                              very popular hotel for the young.
            IDD telephone.

                                                                                                              Hotel Bounty

                                                                                                              A fun hotel in the middle of
                                                                                                              Kuta, situated between the
                                                                                                              main road and the beach.
                                                                                                              A popular hotel for the young,
                                                                                                              and the young at heart.
                                                                                                              All rooms feature IDD phone,

                                                                                                              bar fridge, cable TV and a
                                                                                                              hairdryer in the bathroom.
                                                                                          The hotel features 2 swimming pools with one

                                                                                          pool bar open 24 hours, with other amenities
                                                                                          including Wi Fi internet access, and the Bounty
                                                                                          Spa and Salon. This hotel also offers
                                                                                          complimentary entrance to the famous nightclub
                                                                                          Double Six, the Bounty Ship restaurant, Paddys
                                                                                          Club and Engine Room nightclub.

                                                                              101 Legian
                                                                              Opening in March 2011,
                                                                              101 Legian offers a smart,
                                                                              stylish option within walking distance of the renowned
                                                                              fashion stores, restaurants, and nightclubs of Legian and
                                                                              Kuta. Featuring 197 guestrooms, all with Wi-Fi internet
            Kuta Lagoon Resort                                                access, safety deposit box, mini bar, hairdryer, and an LCD
            A top value property situated just off bustling Jalan Legian.     TV, the property has been designed in a modern minimalist
            Kuta Lagoon Resort provides a variety of rooms, from              style. Resort features include a stunning infinity swimming
            standard through to private villas, including their Deluxe Pool   pool, with an extensive decked area for sunbathing, as well
            Access rooms, which are unique in this category and               as a pool bar, restaurant, and a rooftop sunset cocktail bar
            location. All rooms feature modern facilities, and the            with beautiful views of the Indian Ocean. Finally, Atma Spa
    16      landscaped pool with jacuzzi is a central feature of this         offers signature Balinese treatments and massages for those
            comfortable and convenient hotel.                                 seeking a bit of pampering after a full day.
White Rose Hotel
Just off Jalan Legian in central Kuta, the White Rose Hotel is a
superior standard hotel, with each of the fully air-conditioned
superior and deluxe rooms featuring satellite TV, mini-bar, and
quality bathroom amenities. The main open-air restaurant is located
above reception and overlooks the expansive gardens, which are
bordered by the gym, spa, and swimming pool - which also has a
poolside coffee
shop and bar.
The newly added
villa compound is
comprised of 5
sophisticated and
spacious pool
villas, each
featuring deluxe
fittings and
decorated in
modern Balinese

                                                                                                           K U TA
                                                                      Grand Istana
                                                                      The Grand Istana Rama is a
                                                                      friendly hotel, enjoying an

                                                                      exceptional location opposite
                                                                      Kuta Beach. All guestrooms are

                                                                                                           T U B A N
                                                                      air-conditioned and feature colour
                                                                      TV with in-house movies, IDD
                                                                      phone, fridge with mini-bar and
                                                                      private bathroom. The hotel
                                                                      facilities include a pool, with
                                                                      sunken bar and a children's pool,
                                                                      drugstore and souvenir shop and
                                                                      24 -hour room service. For dining
                                                                      choose from the Shinta restaurant,
                                                                      or the Samudra Cafè which also
                                                                      provides the perfect setting to
                                                                      enjoy the famous Kuta sunset.

On the main
beachfront road of
Kuta the Mercure
Kuta offers 129
rooms, each with
balcony, air-
satellite TV, mini-bar, hairdryer, tea
and coffee making facilities, and a
sofa bed. The exclusive rooftop
pool provides fantastic views over
the famous Kuta beach, as does the
Sunset Pool Bar. The Lotus Lounge
Bar provides a more relaxed
atmosphere, while providing a wide
variety of local and imported beers,
wines and coffee.                                                                                          17
                                          ●         TUBAN & KUTA                                  ●
                                                                           Hard Rock Hotel Bali
                                                                                               Situated across from the famous
                                                                                               beach of Kuta and a short walk
                                                                                               from all the entertainment and shops
                                                                                               in Kuta Square. Here every guest is
                                                                                               a star. All 418 air-conditioned
                                                                                               rooms follow various musical
                                                                                               themes, from Rock 'n Roll to
                                                                                               Reggae. The hotel has one of the
                                                                                               largest pools in Bali with a sand
                                                                                               island where bands perform on the
                                                                                               stage. There are 23 beach cabanas
                                                                                               for rental, a choice of 7 restaurants
                                                                                               and bars, water slides, health club
                                                                                               and spa. For the children, their own
                                                                                               L'il Rock Club, and for those young
                                                                                               at heart, a recording studio where
                                                                                               you can cut your own track. Rock
                                                                                               and Roll!

                                                                               Villa de daun
                                                                               Uniquely located just off Jalan Legian in the heart
                                                                               of Kuta, this all-villa property is walking distance to
                                                                               all the shopping, restaurants and nightlife that Kuta
                                                                               is famous for. The 12 one, two, and three
                                                                               bedroom villas, each with private entrance and

                                                                               spacious landscaped gardens, feature stunning
                                                                               minimalist design and attention to detail. All villas

                                                                               have a private pool, full kitchen, home theatre
                                                                                                             system, deluxe
                                                                                                             canopied beds with
                                                                                                             ensuite, and an
                                                                                                             extensive menu of in-villa
                                                                                                             spa treatments.
                                                                                                             Breakfasts are prepared
                                                                                                             daily in your villa by the
                                                                                                             in-house chef, with many
                                                                                                             other private dining
                                                                                                             options also available.

            AlamKulKul Boutique Resort
            Across the road from Legian beach,
            Alam KulKul is a refreshing and unique
            getaway possessing the ambience of a
            Balinese village. Surrounded by trees
            and tropical greenery, this boutique
            resort looks wonderful with a simple yet
            stylish entrance and lobby. The
            accommodation extends to a refined
            collection of artistically appointed
            rooms, lanais and villas with all the necessary home
            comforts and modern conveniences. Room rates include
            “Half Board”, and guests occupying the Alam Lanais and
            Alam Villas also receive exclusive access to full club
            facilities. The renowned Bunga Kelapa Restaurant captures
            the afternoon breeze from its elevated position, offering
            uninterrupted views across the Indian Ocean, while other
            resort facilities include two swimming pools, a poolside
    18      bar, Terrace Restaurant & Bar, Limoncello Bali (Pizzeria),
            the Jamu Traditional Spa, and a luxurious hospitality suite.
●         LEGIAN, SEMINYAK & TABANAN                                                                                            ●

                     Just north of all the action and excitement of Kuta is Legian.
            With some hotels located on the beachfront, you can enjoy the sun and the surf
                         as well as the many restaurants, shops and night-life.
  As one heads north towards Seminyak, the pace quietens progressively to a slower and more
  relaxed world of rice paddies and less busy beaches, whilst also featuring the finest selection
      of restaurants and night clubs in Bali. Just the spot for a more relaxed style of holiday.
     A mere 30 minutes past Seminyak lies the Tabanan region, home of the sacred Tanah Lot
   sea temple. Surrounded by the sea during high water, the temple becomes accessible on foot
               when the tide drops, and is one of Bali's most popular scenic spots.

                                                                                                                                       TA B A N A N
                                                                                                                                       S E M I N YA K
                                                                   Legian Village Hotel
                                                                   An ideal place to base yourself in Legian – a few minutes
                                                                   walk to the beach and surrounded by shops and restaurants.
                                                                   The hotel is split on 2 sides of the road, the main side on the
                                                                   bustling Padma Street has a swimming pool, bar, restaurant,
                                                                   fitness club and spa. Rooms include TV and mini bar. If you're
                                                                   after a basic place to sleep that's good value for money, then

                                                                                                                                       L E G I A N ,
                                                                   this could be the place for you.

                                                                                                       All Seasons
                                                                                                       Resort Legian
                                                                                                         Within easy walk of the
                                                                                                         beach, All Seasons Legian
                                                                                                         provides affordability in a
Puri Raja Beach Hotel                                                                                    convenient location.
Puri Raja Beach Hotel is ideally located on Legian Beach, and      There are 113 contemporary designed rooms overlooking
is a short stroll from the shops, markets, bars and nightlife.     the central pool, all featuring satellite TV, air-conditioning,
Recently completely renovated, all 68 Superior and 4 Deluxe        internet access, fridge and tea/coffee making facilities, with
rooms are air-conditioned with private facilities, telephone,      the ground floor Deluxe rooms also providing an outdoor
satellite TV, fridge and private balcony or verandah. Although     shower. The hotel's facilities include a pool bar, stylish
not a large property, it still offers 2 swimming pools, one near   restaurant, coffee shop and dedicated massage area, while
the beachfront next to the Sunset Cafè, and another near the       the central location ensures the surf, shopping and restaurants     19
lobby. The sunken pool bar stays open till late.                   of Legian are just a short stroll away.
                 ●        LEGIAN, SEMINYAK & TABANAN                                                                                        ●
                 Melasti Beach Resort
                 Adjacent to Legian Beach, this great value hotel offers
                 superior and deluxe rooms, or the more spacious suites,
                 which are large enough to
                 accommodate 2 adults and
                 3 children. While the large
                 swimming pool – which
                 incorporates a pool bar and
                 childrens pool – is the centre
                 of attention, theres also a tennis
                 court, spa, bar, and a
                 restaurant serving European,
                 Japanese and Indonesian food.
L E G I A N ,

                 Rama Garden Cottages                                           The Lokha Legian
                 Very centrally located in Legian, only 150 metres from the     Sitting midway between the main road and famous Legian
                 beach, Rama Garden Cottages is a Balinese style hotel with     Beach, The Lokha Legian offers just 49 rooms overlooking the
                 modern touches. All rooms face the pool and feature Balinese   central pool, yet still has all the features you need, with 24

                 dècor with private facilities, mini-bar, IDD phone, TV with    hour room service, minibar, tea and coffee, IDD phone,
                 international channels, DVD player, tea and coffee making      Satellite TV, Hairdryer, and Safety deposit boxes in each
                 facilities and hairdryer.

                                                                                room. The facilities also include a swim-up pool bar,
                                                                                kids pool, seafood restaurant, Café, and Lobby bar.

                 Casa Padma                                                     Pullman Bali Legian Nirwana
                 Hotel & Suites                                                 Inspired by the shape of Frangipani petals, Pullman Bali
                 Centrally located, and featuring 23 Suites and 6 Rooms, this   Legian Nirwana is a brand new resort offering modern and
                 property is small and friendly, offering clean, spacious and   stylish accommodation. The rooms and suites are filled with
                 comfortable accommodation. All rooms have private              new technologies, such as flat screen IP TV, Wi-Fi internet
                 bathrooms and are equipped with Satellite TV, mini-bar,        and media hub, while also providing sophisticated décor
                 coffee/tea facilities, safety box, and a hairdryer.            and facilities, including mini bar, coffee maker, separate bath
                 Overlooking busy Padma Road you will find Drops restaurant,    and shower, in-house movies, and a balcony or terrace.
                 surrounded by the uniquely designed 'U' shaped swimming        Leisure facilities include a rooftop infinity pool, a free form
                 pool, which offers a selection of Mediterranean and local      garden pool and a kid’s pool, while the Spa and Wellness
      20         dishes using only the best and freshest local produce.         Center is an oasis for those who look for relaxation and
                                                                      The Jayakarta Bali
                                                                      Beach Resort &
                                                                      This hotel, situated on the northern
                                                                      side of Legian, offers both hotel
                                                                      rooms and one and two bedroom
                                                                           apartments, ideal for families.
                                                                           The hotel features
                                                                           2 swimming pools, tennis
                                                                           courts, restaurant, coffee
                                                                           shop, bar, fitness centre,
                                                                           table tennis and drugstore.
                                                                           A superior tourist-style hotel
                                                                           which is very popular with
                                                                           Australian guests.

                                                                                                             TA B A N A N
Bali Mandira
Beach Resort
& Spa

Situated adjacent to Legian
Beach, featuring a mix of hotel
rooms and cottages, Bali

                                                                                                             S E M I N YA K
Mandira Beach Resort and
Spa has something for everyone. The Superior rooms are
split between the tower wing and the top floors of the
cottages, with the Deluxe rooms offering ground floor
convenience, as well as their own terrace and open-air
bathroom. Recently added, the pool villas offer a further
step up in quality and privacy. The elevated pool and
sundeck at the front of the hotel offer fabulous views over
the central gardens and out to sea, and beneath the
sundeck you will find The Spa, which offers 6 tranquil

                                                                                                             L E G I A N ,
treatment rooms, each offering a vast array of treatment
packages for the ultimate island indulgence.

                                                                 Ramada Resort
                                                                  The newest beachfront property in
                                                                  Legian, the Ramada Resort Camakila
                                                                  opened in the third quarter of 2009,
                                                                  offering 115 rooms and suites, each
                                                                  with a private balcony offering views
                                                              over the gardens or lagoon pool.
                                                              The rooms are furnished with a modern
                                                              Balinese approach, and include central
                                                              air-conditioning, in-room safe, high speed
                                                              Wi-Fi internet access, flat screen Satellite
                                                              TV, mini-bar, tea/coffee making facilities
                                                              and a hairdryer. The resort also features
                                                              direct beach access, 2 swimming pools,
                                                               a comprehensive fitness centre, Spa
                                                              pavilions, and 2 stylish international
                                                              restaurants, including the Tao Brassiere
                                                              overlooking the ocean.                         21
                 ●         LEGIAN, SEMINYAK & TABANAN                                                                                                ●

                                                                                                           Legian Beach Hotel
                                                                                                            Located amongst lush green landscaped
                                                                                                            gardens, right on Legian Beach, this
                                                                                                            property offers a wide range of facilities
                                                                                                            and leisure options. There are a variety
                                                                                                            of accommodation types on offer, from
                                                                                                            Superior rooms through to Family rooms
                                                                                                            and the brand new Deluxe Pool
                                                                       Bungalows. Each air-conditioned room is equipped with a mini-bar/fridge,
                                                                       Satellite TV with in-house movies, safe deposit box, tea / coffee making
                                                                       facilities, IDD telephone, and a terrace or balcony. The available facilities
                                                                       include 2 swimming pools, squash and tennis courts, Spa, fitness centre, an
                                                                       open-air restaurant, as well as various other food and beverage outlets.
                                                                       The hotel offers a relaxed atmosphere and is a great place to watch the
                                                                       famous Kuta sunset. Many guests have returned here year after year.
L E G I A N ,

                                                                                                      Bali Niksoma Boutique

                                                                                                      Beach Resort
                                                                                                      Bali Niksoma Boutique Beach Resort presents
                                                                                                      a small, boutique style hotel situated right on
                                                                                                      the beach at Legian. The hotel displays
                                                                                                      stunning architecture and stylish touches,
                                                                                                      while retaining a very personalised service
                                                                                                      concept. The variety of rooms, from superior
                                                                                                                                  all the way up to the
                                                                                                                                  stunning 2 bedroom
                                                                                                                                  villa, all feature the

                                                                                                                                  most luxurious and

                                                                                                                                  There are 2 large
                                                                                                                                  swimming pools,
                                                                                                      one of which is Infinity-style, as well as gym,
                                                                                                      spa, sauna and fine dining restaurant.

                 Padma Resort Bali at Legian
                 Situated on Legian’s legendary sunset beach, within
                 easy walking distance of Seminyak’s trendy bars,
                 restaurants and boutiques, this 409 room resort is
                 spaciously set within 6.8 ha of romantic landscaped
                 gardens. Recently completely renovated, this resort
                 provides guests with comfortable village-style hideaway
                 accommodation, along with world-class facilities and
                 Balinese hospitality. The new Deluxe and Deluxe Lagoon
                 Access rooms, located in a four storey building, take
                 contemporary Balinese design to a new level, with tasteful
                 décors that explore the island’s creative heritage. Other room
                 options include Deluxe, Garden Club, and the Premier Club
                 Chalets which are closer to the beach. The Garden Club
                 Chalets, Lagoon Access Rooms and Premier Club Chalets,
                 as well as the variety of Suites, include exclusive access to
                 the Club Lounge, where daily refreshments and cocktails are
                 served. The resort facilities include a huge swimming pool
                 with sunken bar, a new lagoon pool with the Barong Bar,
                 a kids pool, kids club and playground area, tennis courts,
                 fitness centre, complimentary internet access, departure
                 lounge, and a variety of bars and restaurants.
The Breezes Bali, Resort & Spa
The newly re-branded The Breezes Bali Resort & Spa is              Tony's Villa
located right in the heart of Seminyak, and is built around a      This traditional-style property features bungalows set in
four tiered lagoon swimming pool, which itself is fringed by a     tropical gardens, only a few minutes’ walk from the beach.
sand beach, lush gardens, and numerous sun-lounges.                Newly added private pool villas bring modern style
Most rooms have views over the pool, and all feature air-          furnishings and facilities, whilst retaining a definite Balinese
conditioning, flat screen cable TV, mini-bar, tea/coffee           look and feel. Enjoying tranquil surroundings, this moderately
making facilities, and Wi-Fi internet access. The d’Base Bar       priced property makes use of local teak and coconut wood,
& Restaurant features a variety of daily entertainment, and        as well as Alang-Alang roofing. Room features include air-

                                                                                                                                      TA B A N A N
other facilities include a state of the art gym, private cinema,   conditioning, satellite TV, mini-bar, and IDD phone, and
Spa, and rooftop a tennis court.                                   guests can also make use of the main swimming pool.

                                                                                                                                      S E M I N YA K
                                                                   Situated right on the beachfront in Seminyak, the Pelangi Bali
                                                                   Hotel provides a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle,
Puri Saron Seminyak                                                while also being easy walking distance to some of the most
                                                                   popular bars and restaurants in Bali. This property has recent-
Enjoying a prime beachfront location in Seminyak, Puri Saron
                                                                   ly undergone extensive renovations, and while the design is
is the perfect place to drop out or join in as your fancy takes
                                                                   heavily influenced by the Balinese culture, modern touches
you. An easy walk to shops, bars, and restaurants, this
                                                                   are not forgotten. Room amenities include air-conditioner,

                                                                                                                                      L E G I A N ,
property also benefits from being situated on the quieter end
                                                                   tea/coffee making facilities, mini-bar, IDD phone, Satellite TV,
of the beach. The property features 100 rooms, bungalows
                                                                   and a private balcony or terrace. Facilities include a popular
and villas, each decorated in a contemporary style and
                                                                   beachfront pool and restaurant, featuring free Wi-Fi internet
featuring air conditioning, IDD phone, satellite TV, tea/coffee
                                                                   access, as well as a fitness centre, Spa, and a newly added
making facilities, fridge, and a hairdryer. Facilities include a
                                                                   rooftop bar with stunning ocean views.
swimming pool with swim up bar, 2 restaurants and a Spa.

                                                                   Grand Balisani Suites
Hotel Vila Lumbung                                                 Located right on Sunset Beach in Batubelig village just 2km
This most beautifully designed property, located 5 km              from central Seminyak, Grand Balisani Suites offers 96
north/east of Legian is a must for a romantic holiday.             rooms, suites and villas set amongst lush tropical gardens,
Just 800 metres from a quiet beach, it's set in tropical           each spaciously furnished with modern Balinese decor. Room
gardens. The rooms have Balinese furniture, marble floors,         amenities include individually controlled air-conditioning,
lovely artifacts and are air-conditioned with a mini bar and       Cable TV with DVD player and in-house movies, tea/coffee
IDD phones. The restaurant overlooking the pool has a great        making facilities, mini bar, internet access and a hairdryer.
menu and is a perfect setting for a truly tropical holiday,        The resort features include 24 hour room service, a
while the hotel is also within easy walking distance of the        restaurant, cafe, swimming pool with swim up bar, a variety        23
best restaurants Seminyak has to offer.                            of guest activities, and scheduled shuttle services to Kuta.
                 ●         LEGIAN, SEMINYAK & TABANAN                                                                                            ●

                                                                                   W Retreat & Spa
                                                     The Haven                     This brand new resort, opened in early March 2011, offers
                                                     Seminyak                      a combination of stylish modern design and traditional
                                                       Located on the main road    architecture, all in a prime location on Seminyak beach.
L E G I A N ,

                                                       of Seminyak, The Haven is   There are 237 rooms, suites, and villas, each with stunning
                                                       a brand new property        views, lavish amenities, and signature W beds to ensure the
                 featuring contemporary design, tropical landscaping and           best rest possible. State of the art entertainment systems are
                 high levels of personal service. Walking distance to Bali's       standard in all rooms, with Cable TV, high speed internet,
                 hippest night spots, boutiques and restaurants, the               ipod Docking Station, Bose CD/DVD player and an
                 combination of rooms, suites and split-level villas enclose a     extensive CD library amongst the features. A variety of food
                 courtyard filled with tropical flora surrounding a trio of        and beverage options are provided, including the Pan-Asian
                 swimming pools. Accommodation comes fully equipped with           influences of Starfish Bloo®, the sizzling vibes of FIRE, and
                 LCD Cable TV, Tea/Coffee making facilities, mini-bar and          the cool cocktails of ICE. Naturally 24 hour room service is

                 broadband cable Internet service, while the suites also enjoy     also available. Other resort facilities include the fully-
                 fully equipped kitchenettes. The property also features a state   equipped SWEAT® Fitness Center, the oh-so-pampering
                 of the art gymnasium, Spa centre and a restaurant.                AWAY® Spa, WET® Outdoor Pool, plus the signature
                                                                                   Whatever/Whenever® service, available 24 hours a day.

                                                                                       O-CE-N Bali by Outrigger
                                                                                       Perfectly located between Seminyak and Legian Beach,
                                                                                       this resort is unrivalled in the area for style and design.
                                                                                       O-CE-N Bali by Outrigger features lavishly appointed

                                                                                       suites and elegant split-level penthouses with large
                                                                                       private balconies. State-of-the-art entertainment systems,

                                                                                                                 including flat-panel televisions and
                                                                                                                 high-speed Internet access, add
                                                                                                                 to the resort’s contemporary style.
                                                                                                                 Guests are spoilt for choice with
                                                                                                                 two swimming pools, beachfront
                                                                                                                 fine dining, bistro and tapas bar,
                                                                                                                 business centre, Day Spa and 24-
                                                                                                                 hour concierge.

                 The Royal Beach Seminyak
                 Located on the beach, the 128-room The Royal
                 Beach Seminyak Bali sprawls through 4.5 hectares
                 of tropical gardens. Along with two lovely pools,
                 a variety of dining options, tennis court, fitness centre
                 and health spa, the resort also
                 offers 16 secluded villas, each
                 with either a whirlpool or private
                 plunge pool. Created by master
                 craftsmen, using natural materials
                 and traditional building
                 techniques, this property allows
                 guests to completely immerse
      24         themselves in the exotic
                 atmosphere of Bali.
                             Anantara Seminyak
                                 With a prime Seminyak beachfront
                                 location, Anantara features 59 suites of
                                 approximately 80 square metres, most
                                 featuring uninterrupted views over the
                                 Indian Ocean. Furnished with modern
                                 Balinese decor, including exclusive wall
                                 hangings and paintings, each suite
                                 features dark wood
                                 floors, floor-to-ceiling
                                 sliding glass doors,
                                 and expansive
                                 balconies with
                                 incorporated terrazzo
tub. Amenities include Bose surround sound,
Plasma screen satellite TV, personal espresso
machine, high speed Wi-Fi, and an IPod docking
station. Resort facilities include the onsite Anantara
Spa, fitness centre, Wild Orchid Thai Restaurant,
and three swimming pools, including one infinity-edge overlooking the beach.

                                                                                                                                        TA B A N A N
The Seminyak
This brand new property, built on the site
previously occupied by Resor Seminyak, is an
exclusive luxury beachfront resort designed to
be a blend of the contemporary, along with
various Balinese touches as inspired by the

natural surroundings. On the beach side, a
delightful collection of traditional wood-frame

                                                                                                                                        S E M I N YA K
corridors have been designed to link the
beach wing rooms, suites, and villas, whilst
across the road are the more discreet garden
wing rooms, surrounded by an elegant
garden setting with a swimming pool, sunken
bar and cafeteria. All rooms are complete
with 42” LCD TV with satellite channels and
DVD player, as well as an ipod dock, mini
bar, tea/coffee making facilities, and
spacious elegant bathrooms. The resort

                                                                                                                                        L E G I A N ,
features a stunning beachfront infinity pool,
a deluxe spa complex, and a selection of
dining options.

                                                                               The Oberoi, Bali
                                                                               The luxury and sophistication of deluxe lanai
                                                                               and villas, set in15 acres of tropical gardens
                                                                               on the sandy beach of Seminyak. All rooms
                                                                               feature bar fridge, TV, DVD multidisc player, tea
                                                                               / coffee making facilities, high speed internet
                                                                               connection, hairdryer and many other luxuries.
                                                                               A large pool beside the beach, tennis court,
                                                                               restaurants, bars, shops and a health club with
                                                                                                                sauna are
                                                                                                                among the many
                                                                                                                facilities this hotel
                                                                                                                has to offer its

                 ●         LEGIAN, SEMINYAK & TABANAN                                                                                          ●
                                                                                                    Pan Pacific Nirwana
                                                                                                    Bali Resort
                                                                                                    This resort (previously Le Meridien Nirwana
                                                                                                    Bali Resort) has an 18-hole golf course
                                                                                                    designed by Greg Norman and is in the
                                                                                                    Tanah Lot area, approximately one hour
                                                                                                                                 from the airport.
                                                                                                                                 This hotel offers
                                                                                                                                 a variety of
                                                                                                                                 with all the
                                                                                                                                 luxury you
                                                                                                                                 might expect
                                                                                                                                 from a 5 star
                                                                                                                                 Special 3 night
L E G I A N ,

                                                                                                                                 all inclusive golf
                                                                                                                                 packages are
                                                                                                    available. This spectacular seaside location
                                                                                                    and golf course will not disappoint you.

                 The Club at

                 The Legian
                 Just across the road from
                 The Legian, this luxury property
                 features 10 One-Bedroom
                 Villas, plus a Three-Bedroom
                 Villa, each in individual
                 compounds. All villas have their
                 own private 10-metre swimming
                 pool and butler service, and
                 provide the ultimate in holiday luxury.

                 The villas are luxuriously appointed
                 throughout, and include full complimentary

                 mini-bar, daily breakfast, afternoon tea and
                 snacks, daily laundry service, limousine
                 transfers, Apple Ipod, wireless Internet,
                 flatscreen cable TV and a DVD player. Guests
                 also have full access to all the facilities of
                 The Legian.

                 The Legian
                 This exclusive all-suite hotel in Seminyak
                 provides the luxury of a private residence,
                 bordered by a tranquil stretch of beach. The
                 Studios and One and Two-Bedroom Suites
                 are lavishly decorated, with spacious
                 bedrooms and living areas, as well as large
                 private balconies with stunning views across
                 the Indian Ocean. Centrally located amidst
                 fashionable restaurants, boutiques and bars,
                 The Legian also features a stunning spa
                 pavilion with 3 suites overlooking the ocean,
                 a fully equipped gymnasium, steam room,
                 manicure and pedicure lounge, plus an
                 additional garden suite offering an extensive range of treatments. Bistro-styled
                 'The Restaurant' serves healthy breakfasts, light lunches, and modern
                 European cuisine for dinner.

  private accommodation

From intimate holidays for couples, through to business-
based meetings, the large range of Villa properties in Bali
cater for every possible need. Fully staffed villas are avail-
able all over the island, but the highest concentration is
here in Seminyak, where the proximity of the Kuta area
makes it convenient and close to everything, while the
slower pace and smaller developments allow a more pic-
turesque and tranquil environment.
There is a wide range of completely private villas
available, from one-bedroom through to six, and they vary
from moderate through to absolute luxury.
There will surely be a package suitable for most budgets.

                                                                           The Amala
                                                                           This property presents an
Villa Seminyak                                                             exquisitely designed collection
                                                                           of 12 modern luxury villas located in the heart of Seminyak, with
Estate & Spa                                                               shopping, cafes, nightlife and beaches just a short walk away.
Villa Seminyak Estate & Spa                                                The Amala has been designed with great attention to detail, with
awaits you with a                                                          unmistakably Asian accents influenced heavily by Zen Buddhism.
combination of traditional                                                 The villas are minimalist Japanese in style, with an abundance of
and tropical private villas, set within a 3-hectare landscape.             water, warm Balinese woods, and serene structures. Each of the
There are 7 accommodation categories designed to cater to all the          villas feature luxurious bedrooms, and have their own pool, kitchen
leisure requirements of the international traveller. All villa types are   and living room. Modern amenities are not forgotten, with cable
spaciously appointed and finished in fine quality local stone work,        LCD TVs, DVD player, ipod docking station, and free Wi-Fi internet
indigenous timber, and hand-woven fabrics that exude a sense of            access. The al fresco restaurant is located by the main pool, and is
style and comfort. A split-level restaurant, set against a lagoon          open for all-day dining offering creative cuisine which perfectly
backdrop, is available for all-day dining, and you can also arrange        complements its philosophy of achieving health through harmony.
to have dishes cooked for you in the comfort of your own villa.            Following on from this, The Amala Spa offers a bountiful selection
Additionally, a total of 10 luxurious double spa villas provide a          of wellness treatments and packages, with on-site professionals on
wide range of indulging body and beauty treatments.                        hand to provide individualised programs. Please note that this
                                                                           property has a 'no children below 12 years old' policy.

     private accommodation

                                                                    The Bali Dream
                                                                    Villa & The Bali
     The Seminyak                                                   Dream Suite Villa
                                                                    These sister properties, located
     Suite Private                                                  near Sunset Road in Seminyak,
     Villa                                                          offer a selection of one, two, three and four bedroom villas,
     Nestled down a quite lane                                      designed with a combination of modern and traditional style.
     just off the main street, The                                  Each villa has a private pool with sundeck, as well as a
     Seminyak Suite comprises 17 private villas, each tastefully    kitchenette, open air living and dining room, and
     designed in a contemporary style. The villas are set within    complimentary Wi-Fi internet is available 24 hours a day.
     their own personal garden compound, featuring a private        The bedrooms utilise Balinese architecture and meticulous
     swimming pool with ample sundeck, spaciously appointed         craftsmanship, as well as beautiful Indonesian textiles.
     bedrooms, and an integrated semi exposed lounge/dining         Modern comforts include flatscreen TVs offering popular
     room. The property has a dedicated restaurant facility,        satellite channels, CD and DVD players, and a selection of
     however full In-villa dining is also available.                luxurious amenities. Property features include a restaurant,
                                                                    bar and lounge, public pool, in-house Spa, butler service,
                                                                    tour and travel desk, a babysitting service, and scheduled
                                                                    shuttle buses.

                                                                    The Amasya
                                                                    Villas & Spa
                                                                    Just a short walk from some of
     Pradha Villas                                                  the most stylish restaurants and
     Within comfortable walking distance of Seminyak Beach,         hottest bars on the island, The
     Pradha Villas features 11 private one and two-bedroom          Amasya consists of 20 private one, two, three and four bedroom
     villas, each enclosed in their own immaculate walled garden.   villas, each complete with private entrance, swimming pool, living /
     All villas include a large private swimming pool with sun      dining room, and kitchen. The accommodation reflects premium
     deck, as well as a full kitchen, semi-outdoor lounge area,     standards of comfort and class at and affordable price. Features
     and air-conditioned bedrooms. All modern amenities are         also include a main pool, bar and restaurant, plus there is a BBQ
     provided, as well as a selection of in-villa spa treatments.   and massage service available.

                                           The Villas
                                              Within easy walking        The Dusun
                                              distance to scores of      A couple of minutes walk from Petitenget Beach, and surrounded by
                                              international shops and    some of the best restaurants in Seminyak, The Dusun features 14
                                              restaurants, and only      luxuriously private one and three bedroom villas. Each of the
                                              1 km from the beach,       thatched roof villas includes a spacious open-air living area with
this property was one of the first to offer exclusively private pool     lounge, dining, and a full kitchen. The air-conditioned bedrooms
villas. Each one, two and three bedroom villa is tastefully appointed,   feature satellite television, walk-in closet and ensuite bathrooms.
with air-conditioned bedrooms sharing the gardens with outdoor           Outside, the carefully landscaped gardens frame a private pool
pavilions fanned by cool breezes. Housekeeping staff are on hand         and sundeck area. Breakfast is prepared daily in your villa, and
to attend to your every need, while the Prana Spa and Chill              gourmet lunches and dinners can also be arranged. Alternatively,
Reflexology centre provide various treatments and therapies to           menus are available from many of the nearby restaurants, with
ensure complete relaxation.                                              delivery provided by your personal butler.

                                                                         The Elysian
                                                                         The Elysian, one of Bali's hippest villa resorts, comprises 26 private
                                                                         one-bedroom pool villas with full resort facilities, a stones throw from
Alu Bali                                                                 Seminyak beach and the renowned KuDeTa bar and restaurant.
A small private compound of seven self-contained private Balinese        Surrounded by a Balinese garden, each villa features a master
villas situated only 100 metres away from lovely Petitenget Beach,       bedroom with a king sized bed, separate living and entertainment
yet also within easy walk to some of the most famous restaurants in      quarters, and an oversized bathroom with sunken bath. The unique
Bali. Each villa has one, two or three air-conditioned bedrooms,         design features doors and windows that fold away, allowing gentle
all with an ensuite, private pool, indoor-outdoor bathroom - in the      breezes to flow through the villa, but also providing complete
Balinese style - and with every modern convenience. The superb           seclusion when closed. Amenities include broadband Internet
living and dining pavilion, separate from the bedrooms, is seemingly     connection, cable TV with DVD player, and a preloaded ipod
suspended above a tropical water garden, and adjoins the fully           with Bose sound dock. The poolside restaurant provides unique
equipped kitchen in which the staff will prepare your daily gourmet      Mediterrasian cuisine, or you have the option of heading out to one
breakfast.                                                               of the numerous top restaurants within easy walking distance.

     private accommodation

                                                                      Alila Villas Soori
                                                                      Opened in late 2009, Alila Villas Soori lies on a gentle
                                                                      slope between verdant rice terraces and a beautiful
                                                                      black-sand beach, not far from the famous Tanah Lot
                                                                      Temple. Multiple levels of interconnected space flow
                                                                      from the arrival courtyard right down to the beach. The
                                                                      48 luxurious pool villas are perfectly positioned to enjoy
                                                                      panoramic views over the Indian Ocean, or across
                                                                      emerald expanses of rice fields stretching towards
                                                                                Mount Agung in the distance. Designed to
                                                                                connect the living spaces to the natural
                                                                                surroundings, the villas feature open-air
                                                                                courtyards, letting in natural light and ocean breezes. The comforts
                                                                                within the villa are no less inviting, with custom designed interiors
                                                                                offering the absolute height in luxury and hi-tech functionality. The resort
                                                                                features a stunning two-level restaurant, providing a mix of formal and
                                                                                casual dining areas, with terraces and balcony beds for sophisticated
                                                                                lounging. Natural treatments are available at Spa Alila, while the guests
                                                                                can also enjoy cool refreshments served in the luxurious Beach

     Villa Air Bali Boutique Resort & Spa
     This boutique villa resort is set amongst luscious and tranquil
     gardens, in the heart of the fashionable district of Kerobokan, and
     offers exclusive facilities with delightful, personalised service. There
     are 16 private villas, all featuring modern Balinese architecture and
     sophisticated designs. Each villa offers spacious accommodation,
     with large air-conditioned bedrooms, semi-outdoor bathrooms with
     Jacuzzi and shower, a swimming pool fringed with gardens, and a
     bale pavilion. Featuring a fully equipped kitchen, the open
     plan living and dining room offers the perfect venue for private
     in-villa dining, with a selection of menu options available.
     Alternatively, Mata Air Café offers meticulously designed
     French fusion cuisine overlooking the cascading main pool
     and gardens. And for those in the mood for pampering, Spa
     Air comprises a private enclave of suites and villas, and
     provides a comprehensive menu of massages, treatments,
      and therapies.

                                                                      Ranadi Villa
                                                                      Easy walking distance from the main road, a large selection of restaurants, bars and
                                                                      boutiques, Ranadi Villa is a new property offering a small exclusive collection of one,
                                                                      two and three bedroom villas designed in a “Tropical Colonial” style. Each villa has
                                                                      a private pool and sundeck set amongst beautiful tropical gardens, as well as a
                                                                      semi-outdoor living room with fully equipped kitchenette. The use of space and
                                                                                                      modern colonial plantation design has been carefully
                                                                                                      planned to create villas which offer a high degree of
                                                                                                      privacy, whilst also giving a sense of openness.
                                                                                                      The bedrooms are spaciously appointed with king-
                                                                                                      sized beds and large sofas, and feature a host of
                                                                                                      modern conveniences, including 32” LCD TV’s
                                                                                                      offering 60 international channels. The elaborate
                                                                                                      bathrooms feature another LCD TV, a sunken bathtub,
                                                                                                      semi-outdoor rain shower, and daily complimentary

                                                                         Nestled down a
                                                                         quite lane from the
                                                                         main street, right in
The Kunja Hotel                                                          the heart of
This all-villa property in the heart of                                  Seminyak and an
trendy Seminyak offers guests a breathtaking amount of space inside      easy walk to some
individual villa compounds. Comprising 4 spacious three bedroom          of the best boutiques and restaurants in the area, this new property
and 14 one bedroom villas, The Kunja's use of traditional materials      features a collection of 15 luxury two bedroom pool villas. Each
fashioned in modern designs creates an environment that is uniquely      villa features an open plan living/dining area, opening out to a
Bali, whilst also featuring all the creature comforts one would expect   private swimming pool and sundeck. With superbly appointed
from a property of this standard. Each villa compound has a large        bedrooms, each with en-suite bathrooms, as well as a fully
central living area, private swimming pool with sundeck, full kitchen    equipped kitchen, 42 inch cable TV, state of the art sound system,
and a large tropical garden. Indoors you will find fully air-            broadband internet and 24 hour butler service, no effort has been
conditioned king bedrooms, satellite television, shower and bathtub,     spared to ensure your every need is catered for at Kanishka Villas.
walk-in closets and complimentary wireless broadband.

                                                                          Aria Luxury Villas & Spa
                                                                          Located on Jalan Petitenget, in the heart of Seminyak and
                                                                          convenient to shops, restaurants, bars, and the nearby beach, this
                                                                          property offers 31 one and two-bedroom villas designed for the
                                                                          discerning traveller. Each of the spacious villas has its own
                                                                          swimming pool, living room, and kitchenette, with luxury in-villa
                                                                          amenities including satellite TV, sound system, IDD phone, internet
                                                                                                    connection, and a garden shower.
                                                                                                    A variety of private spa treatments and
                                                                                                    massages are also available, using the
                                                                                                    specialist tables that feature in each villa,
                                                                                                    and a scheduled shuttle service is
                                                                                                    available should you wish to venture into
                                                                                                    the shopping hub of Kuta.

     private accommodation

 Sun Island
 Boutique Villas
 & Spa
                                                                     SILQ Private
 Centrally located on Jalan
 Raya Seminyak, and                                                  Residences
 providing excellent value for                                       Located in the popular
 money, Sun Island Boutique                                          Kerobokan neighbourhood,
 Villas & Spa provides easy access to shopping, restaurants and      SILQ is a luxury boutique villa property situated amid tranquil verdant
 nightlife, while ensuring complete privacy and luxurious            rice fields. Each of the 17 private residences features a private Jacuzzi
 surroundings. There are 23 one and two bedroom villas, each with    and 13 metre infinity pool, with interiors featuring Villeroy & Boch
 a private pool, indoor/outdoor living and dining areas and a full   bathrooms, flat-screen TVs, teak poster beds, black granite terraces,
 kitchen. The air-conditioned indoor area features an LCD TV with    and full air-conditioning with state of the art furnishings. Guests enjoy
 entertainment system, cable programming and IDD phone.              the services of their own private butler, with a series of up-scale
 Full resort facilities are also available with a swimming pool,     amenities and supreme attention to detail ensuring their every need is
 restaurant and bar, and the Island Spa, which uses exclusively      attended to. This property also features Kembang Goela, an award-
 prepared oils and creams for all its invigorating therapies.        winning restaurant with specialties from the various regions that make
                                                                     up Indonesia’s vast archipelago.

                                                                                                       The Kayana
                                                                                                      The Kayana Seminyak features
                                                                                                      24 luxurious villas, each with a
                                                                                                      private plunge pool, outdoor living
                                                                                                      area and separate butler’s entrance.
                                                                                                      The accommodation boasts a new
                                                                                                      level of luxury and sophistication,
                                                                                                      with each villa featuring modern
                                                                                                      Balinese minimalist design, blending
                                                                                 seamlessly with the landscaped outdoor gardens.
                                                                                 The property also features a restaurant overlooking
                                                                                 the main pool.

                                      Bali Island Villas                   The Ahimsa and The Ahimsa Estate
                                      & Spa                                With The Ahimsa set back from the main road in Seminyak, and
Located in the heart of Seminyak, just 100 metres from Petitenget          The Ahimsa Estate adjacent to the Oberoi Bali, these sister
Beach, and easy walking distance to some of the best restaurants in        properties provide two great locations to choose from. Each villa is
the area, Bali Island Villas comprises 10 intimate yet contemporary        set within its own compound, with private entrances leading into the
villas. Each one-bedroom villa features a designer kitchen, dining and     carefully maintained grounds which are filled with tropical gardens
lounge area, and the spaciously appointed master bedroom features a        and lush lawns. The buildings themselves are designed with an
walk-in wardrobe with spa-inspired ensuite bathroom. The villa             open-air feel, allowing the natural breezes to drift through the villa,
compounds incorporate a private 10-metre swimming pool with timber         while the landscaped pool leads right up to the main living area.
sundeck, and a concealed set of stairs leads to a unique rooftop           All the villas are lavishly decorated with original paintings,
terrace with traditional Balinese lounging pavilion. Facilities also       stoneworks, statues and woodcarvings, all representative of the
available include 24 hour butler service, a selection of spa treatments,   traditional Balinese culture. Naturally the modern comforts are not
and a small fitness centre.                                                forgotten, with satellite TV, kitchenette, minibar, air-conditioned
                                                                           bedrooms with ensuite, and entertainment system ensure that
                                                                           The Ahimsa offers the best of both worlds.

                                                                           Sentosa Private
                                                                           Villas & Spa
                                                                           Sentosa is a new world-class
                                                                           property comprising 32 villas, each with one to five bedrooms, set
The Samaya                                                                 in idyllic landscaped gardens with lotus ponds and private pools.
The Samaya is a fantastic boutique villa property, offering deluxe         Each villa is lavishly adorned with chic interiors and luxurious
accommodation in 22 Royal Courtyard Villas across the road from the        amenities, including stunning indoor-outdoor marble bathrooms with
beach. Each of the air-conditioned villas is elegantly designed, and       sunken baths. The air-conditioned open plan living and dining
features a large lap pool, expansive grounds and gardens, and a            pavilion is superbly appointed with European appliances, and can
wooden gazebo which can be used as a day bed, or as an intimate            be fully enclosed with bi-fold doors. Each villa compound is
private dining venue. The chic interiors feature satellite TV, mini-bar,   dominated by the central pool and sundeck, with reclining lounges
tea/coffee making facilities, IDD phone, in-room safe and a hairdryer,     and poolside bale. The Sentosa Club facilities include the Luxe
while guests also enjoy individual butler service. The property features   Lounge Spa, Luxe Gym, a 35-metre natural rock pool and sun deck,
a luxurious main pool and gym, and Brasserie Restaurant offers a           yoga pavilion, kids club and nanny service, plus the renowned
delightful selection of traditional Indonesian fare.                       Blossom Restaurant.

                          ●          J I M B A R A N B AY & U L U WAT U                                                                     ●

                   To the south of Kuta, on the opposite side of the airport lies Jimbaran Bay, a fishing village with
                  one of Bali’s most idyllic golden sand beaches. One of the more popular attractions of the area is
                  watching the daily sunset-departure of the local fishing boats, which can be done from one of the
                     many beachfront restaurants, offering the most delicious selections of freshly caught fish and
                          seafood. Accommodation in general is of a high standard at Jimbaran, with many
                                               International chains having properties here.
                     Heading further down into the Bukit Peninsula
                     you will find the small village of Uluwatu, and
                  the famous Uluwatu Temple several kilometres fur-
                   ther south. Starting life as a surfer’s paradise, for
                   a long time the only accommodation on offer in
                    Uluwatu were small bungalows near to the surf
                   breaks. Recently however the area has sprouted

                      an impressive collection of luxury villas and
                     resorts, equal to anything found elsewhere on
                    the island. Visits to the famous temple are quite
                    popular, however beware of the cunning mon-
                   keys that inhabit the area, as they are extremely
                         adept at snatching visitor’s belongings.

                  Karma Jimbaran
                  With 38 luxury one to four bedroom villas sprawling gently
                  down a hillside leading to the blue waters of Jimbaran Bay,
                  the recently refurbished Karma Jimbaran combines world                Keraton Jimbaran Resort & Spa
                  class contemporary architecture with traditional Balinese             Friendly accommodation in a relaxed atmosphere. The
                  influenced decor and design. Each individually walled-in villa        Keraton Jimbaran Resort & Spa, which has been extensively
                  complex features two or three Alang-Alang roofed pavilions            renovated, offers an affordable holiday in Jimbaran Bay. All
                  framing the stunning central courtyard and private pool area.         102 rooms are air-conditioned with private facilities, satellite
                  Each bedroom has its own private ensuite, and the open                television, IDD phones, mini bar and hairdryer. Guests also
                  planned living pavilion features a modern lounge and dining           have the choice of 6 spacious One and Two Bedroom Pool
                  area, as well as a fully equipped SMEG kitchen. All facilities        Villas, which offer luxurious amenities and traditional Balinese
                  and amenities are top-class, and the recently rebranded               decor. The hotel's facilities include 24-hour room service,
                  restaurant, Meads at Jimbaran, is building an enviable                5 restaurants and bars, and a swimming pool with pool bar.
                  reputation for providing some of the best dishes in Bali.

                  New Kuta Condotel
                  This new property is located in a prime location at Pecatu,
                  in Bali's Badung Regency, close to Dreamland Beach. Just
                  20 minutes from the airport, and a five minute drive to the
                  word famous Uluwatu Temple, the resort is surrounded by
                  Bali’s newest 18-hole championship golf course. There are
                  270 spacious rooms, each with private veranda offering
                  stunning views over the golf course and out towards the
                  ocean. Room amenities include Satellite TV, in-room movies,
       34         tea/coffee making facilities, and a fridge, while resort facilities
                  include a restaurant, cocktail lounge, swimming pool, and a
                  steam room.
                                                                                                  Puri Bali
                                                                                                  Jimbaran Puri Bali, a Pansea
                                                                                                  Orient-Express Hotel, is set on
                                                                                                  the beach; each of the 41 fully
                                                                                                  renovated cottages reflects
                                                                                                  traditional Balinese architecture
                                                                                                  with thatched roofing and
                                                                                                  original Balinese ceilings. Each
                                                                                                  cottage provides comforts such
                                                                                                  as air-conditioning, fridge, TV
                                                                                                  and in-room safes. The
                                                                                                  bathrooms open out onto a
                                                                                                  private courtyard.
                                                                                                  The beachfront bar and
                                                                                                  restaurant is a perfect place
                                                                                                  to watch the sunset. A truly
                                                                                                  romantic place.

                                                                                                                                      U L U WAT U
Kayumanis Private Estate at
Inspired by the sense of community experienced in a
typical Balinese village, Kayumanis Private Estate at
Jimbaran is an exclusive sanctuary, set amidst a grove
of coconut palms. The collection of 19 contemporary
villas embrace the Balinese style of open living, with
each luxury villa surrounded by a garden compound

with integrated private swimming pool and other high-
end amenities for optimal

                                                                                                                                      B AY
comfort. The Spa villa features a
compilation of rituals combining
timeless healing and beauty
wisdoms from across Asia. Set

                                                                                                                                      J I M B A R A N
within a traditionally thatched
dining pavilion and garden
gazebo, and featuring an open
plan kitchen, Tapis Restaurant
takes diners on a culinary journey
across the diverse archipelago. Market fresh produce, local herbs, spices and Jimbaran seafood culminate in a delicious menu to
tantalise the palate.

                                             Ayana Resort & Spa
                                             Ayana Resort & Spa (formerly Ritz Carlton) is a truly exclusive resort perched on
                                             limestone cliffs near Jimbaran Bay. Nestled in lush tropical landscaped gardens, this
                                             77-hectare property enjoys majestic views and a secluded location with a tranquil
                                                                                             white-sand beach. Blending
                                                                                             traditional Balinese architecture and
                                                                                             décor with the latest in modern
                                                                                             luxury, the resort features 78 private
                                                                                             pool villas and a 290-room hotel.
                                                                                             There are four freshwater swimming
                                                                                             pools, including a children’s pool,
                                                                                             and the stunning new salt-water,
                                                                              infinity-edged Ocean Beach Pool at the cliff’s base,
                                                                              accessed via an inclinator. You have a choice of
                                                                              12 dining venues including the ultra-chic Dava
                                                                              Restaurant and the sand-floored Kisik seafood
                                                                              restaurant, with other facilities including a 18-hole
                                                                              golf putting course, tennis courts, gymnasium,
                                                                              and the Thermes Marins Thalasso spa complex,
                                                                              incorporating the world’s largest Aquatonic
                                                                              Seawater Therapy Pool, supplied directly from the       35
                                                                              underlying Indian Ocean.
                          ●         J I M B A R A N B AY & U L U WAT U                                                           ●
                  Intercontinental Bali Resort
                  A magnificent property, set on 14 hectares of beautiful
                  landscaped gardens, with a seemingly endless stretch of white
                  sand beachfront. This 418 luxury room resort was designed to
                  blend modern convenience with elements of traditional Balinese
                  architecture. All guest rooms are spaciously appointed with
                  indigenous hardwood floors, handcrafted furniture and soft
                  furnishings, and feature garden or ocean views. Amenities
                  include a comprehensive choice of international satellite
                  television channels, tea/coffee making facilities, in-room digital
                  safety deposit box, and internet access.
                  The Club InterContinental rooms offer more
                  spacious and luxurious accommodation,
                  plus access to exclusive privileges such as
                  the private Club Lounge and the Inspiration
                  Space. The resort features include a
                  comprehensive Spa, Fitness Centre, Planet
                  Trekkers Children’s Resort, tennis courts,
                  4 restaurants, 3 bars, several pools, and

                  water sport facilities.

                                                                                                                      Resort Bali

                                                                                                                         appointed bay view

                                                                                                  villas set amongst 14 hectares of the
                                                                                                  most beautiful tropical gardens. Each
                                                                                                  villa is totally private, with one or two

                                                                                                  bedrooms, a superb bathroom, covered
                                                                                                  outside living area and your own
                                                                                                  plunge pool. All 147 luxurious villas
                                                                                                  are 200 square metres and have been
                                                                                                  carefully positioned to capitalise on
                                                                                                  the splendid views across the bay.
                                                                                                  It is considered one of the finest
                                                                                                  resorts in the world.

                                                                                                             Ahimsa Beach
                                                                                                             Sitting on the fringe of the
                                                                                                             Jimbaran Bay, the Ahimsa
                                                                                                             Beach is a boutique property
                                                                                                             featuring eleven private villas,
                                                                                                             ranging from one to three
                                                                                                             bedrooms. Each compound
                                                                                                             utilises contemporary design,
                                                                                                             mixed with traditional
                                                                                       Balinese architecture, and features a lush tropical
                                                                                       garden surrounding a beautifully lit private
                                                                                       swimming pool. Interiors are decorated with
                                                                                       Indonesian artefacts, and include ensuite
                                                                                       bathrooms, full kitchens, state of the art
                                                                                       entertainment systems, and open plan
                                                                                       lounge/dining areas.
Banyan Tree Ungasan
Set high on the cliffs near the Uluwatu Temple,
amongst exquisitely landscaped gardens at the
southernmost point of Bali, this all-pool villa resort
offers unparalleled panoramic views over the Indian
Ocean, and is complete with a level of comfort and
privacy synonymous with the Banyan Tree brand.
Occupying opulent Balinese-inspired settings,
all villas are comprised of living and dining areas,
a spacious marble bathroom, lush private gardens,
and an outdoor jet pool. Step out of the bedroom
directly into your infinity pool for a refreshing dip or
simply relax under the shade
of your Balinese bale. There is
a variety of deluxe food and
beverage options on offer,
including 24 hour in-villa
dining, and other available
facilities include a
gymnasium, kid’s club,
swimming pool, and the
signature Banyan Tree Spa.

                                                                                                                                       U L U WAT U
                                                                                                                                       B AY
                                                                                                                                       J I M B A R A N
Blue Point Bay Villas
Situated on top of a cliff on the extreme southern shore of Bali lies Blue Point Bay Villas, combining state of the art comfort with
unique ocean views. Overlooking the famous surf areas of Uluwatu, and close to the sacred temple of the same name, this
property provides an escape from the everyday hustle and bustle. Each of the rooms and villas features an open-air veranda or
gazebo, with some of the villas also including a private plunge pool. The resort also features a stunning cliff-top restaurant and
swimming pool, a massage and reflexology centre, plus a new poolside chapel with various wedding packages available.

The Bvlgari Resort, Bali
The Bvlgari Resort, Bali, a secluded “all villa” cliffside
retreat, first welcomed guests in September 2006.
Set on a 150-meter high plateau
overlooking the Indian Ocean, the
59-villa resort provides an exclusive
and intimate setting for guests seeking
the ultimate in privacy and luxury.
The resort reflects traditional Balinese
architecture combined with a
sophisticated contemporary design.
The villas, freestanding and private,
include an open-air pavilion, terrace,
private plunge pool, state of the art
technological features, and all enjoy
spectacular ocean views.                                                                                                               37
                          ●         J I M B A R A N B AY & U L U WAT U                                                           ●
                  Alila Villas
                  Located on a cliff top
                  plateau on the Bukit
                  Peninsula, Alila Villas
                  Uluwatu is just 30 minutes
                  from the airport, near the
                  renowned Uluwatu
                  Temple. The 84 one, two
                  and three-bedroom villas,
                  each with private pool
                  and cabana overlooking
                  the Indian Ocean, feature
                  contemporary interiors with traditional Balinese accents. Walkways connect the
                  relaxation pavilions and pool to the spacious living areas, with the open-plan
                  design allowing the gentle sea breeze to circulate throughout the villa. In-room
                  facilities include flatscreen satellite TV, DVD, Wi-Fi, espresso machine, and a
                  deluxe bathroom with indoor and outdoor rain shower. A 24-hour butler service

                  is provided, and guests can also take advantage of the 50-metre cliff top pool
                  with swim up bar, 2 restaurants, Spa, fitness centre and boutique.

                                                                                                     Dreamland Luxury

                                                                                                     Villas & Spa
                                                                                                     Comprising 42 spacious villas, each
                                                                                                     with their own swimming pool, private

                                                                                                     courtyard and open-air pavilion, this
                                                                                                     property is only 10 minutes from the
                                                                                                     famous Dreamland Beach. Split between

                                                                                                     one, two, and three bedroom villas,
                                                                                                     each features a harmonious blend of
                                                                                                     Balinese traditional architecture,
                                                                                                     providing uncompromised luxury, privacy
                                                                                                     and every modern convenience.

                  Karma Kandara
                  This resort rests on a spectacular cliff top, high
                  above the ocean at the tip of Bali’s elevated Bukit
                  Ungasan. Bridges and stone walkways wind
                  through tropical landscaped gardens, connecting
                  40 expansive
                  pool villas, each with stunning ocean views.
                  The residences feature two or three pavilions
                  surrounding a courtyard, infinity pool, and timber
                  deck. Elegant interiors feature antique artefacts
                  and the work of local artists, as well as fully
                  equipped SMEG kitchens, LCD TV’s with surround
                  sound audio, and large ocean-facing bedrooms.
                  The di Mare restaurant, Temple Lounge rooftop bar
                  and Karma Spa are
                  suspended on rocky outcrops,
                  while a private inclinator takes
                  guests down to Nammos
                  Private Beach Club, set at the
                  base of the cliff, allowing
                  access to one of the best
                  beaches in Bali.
                     ●         NUSA DUA & BENOA                                                           ●

 Bali's international resort area located on the
southern tip of the island offers secluded luxury
on a magnificent palm-fringed, reef- protected
 beach. Nusa Dua has fabulous resort hotels
      as well as an international standard
               18-hole golf course.
A regular shuttle service runs between the hotels
   and the Galleria Shopping Centre with its
    collection of fashion boutiques, specialty
              shops and restaurants.

                                                                                                                                   B E N O A
                                                                                                                                   D U A
                                                                                                                                   N U S A
Grand Mirage Resort & Thalasso                                     Kind Villa Bintang Resort
Spa Bali                                                           Well situated on the
Right on the beachfront, this superior low-rise property has       sandy beach of Tanjung
access to the best water sports that Tanjung Benoa has to          Benoa, this property
offer. Guests have the choice of bed and breakfast, or with        features 54 fully
all meals included. All rooms have a private balcony and           renovated rooms, all of
feature air-conditioning, satellite TV, mini-bar, tea and coffee   which are air-conditioned
making facilities, hairdryer, and marble bathroom. The hotels      and feature television,
facilities include free use of non-motorised watersports           fridge, IDD phone and
equipment, plus a large free-form pool with swim up bar,           balcony. The hotel facilities include a pool with sunken bar,
kids club, restaurants, bars, and even an ice cream parlour.       childrens pool and a choice of restaurants and bars. If you
Thalasso therapy is also available to those wanting the            are after a well-priced hotel in this more exclusive area,
ultimate in aquatic relaxation.                                    this is your place.

Aston Bali Resort and Spa
This property is situated along the beach of Tanjung
Benoa, 2 km away from Nusa Dua. The 187 rooms
are air-conditioned and
facilities include in-room
safe, satellite television, IDD
phone, mini-bar, verandah
or balcony, and a marble
bathroom with a hairdryer.
The hotel offers a choice of
bars and restaurants, swim-
up pool bar, hot tub, health
club, and all day supervised                                                                                                       39
children activities.
                                ●        NUSA DUA & BENOA                                           ●
                                                                      Melia Benoa
                                                                      Lying close to a quaint fishing village and art
                                                                      market, this small and intimate seaside property
                                                                                                    features 90 spacious
                                                                                                    rooms and 38 suites,
                                                                                                    all of which have been
                                                                                                    recently renovated.
                                                                                                    The rooms and suites
                                                                                                    combine a subtle
                                                                                                    Balinese touch with
                                                                                                    modern conveniences,
                                                                                                    with each featuring a
                                                                                                    private balcony with
                                                                                                    views out over the rustic
                                                                                                    gardens leading out to
                                                                                                    the Indian Ocean, IDD
                                                                      phone, Satellite TV, safe deposit box, Wi-Fi
                                                                      (chargeable) and modem Internet access. Resort
                                                                      facilities include 3 restaurants, 2 bars, Spa, Fitness
                                                                      Centre, Kid’s Club, Water Sport facilities, hair and
                                                                      beauty salon, and a business centre.

            Novotel Benoa Bali
            Featuring a beachfront location on the fringe of
            Nusa Dua, Novotel Benoa Bali was created using
            traditional Balinese architecture, and provides a

            charming Bali village atmosphere. Each of the 182
            air-conditioned rooms, with a choice of Superior and
            Deluxe garden view rooms across
            the road or beach wing Tropical
            Terrace rooms and Beach Cabanas,

            features a balcony or private
            garden, room safe, IDD phone,

            satellite TV, fridge/mini-bar,
            tea/coffee making facilities,
            hairdryer and Wi-Fi internet
            connection. There are also 8 Villas
            that offer a more private and
            luxurious option, each with a private
            pool. The property has various restaurants and bars,
            3 swimming pools, fitness centre, boutique, tennis,
            volleyball, and the Dolfi Kids Club.

                                                                                          Conrad Bali
                                                                                          Located at the southern end of
                                                                                          Tanjung Benoa in 6.8 hectares
                                                                                          of secluded tropical gardens,
                                                                                          lagoons and waterfalls, Conrad
                                                                                          Bali is complete with 350 metres
                                                                                          of beautiful white-sand beach.
                                                                                          Displaying stylish contemporary
                                                                   Balinese architecture, with lovely local fabrics and
                                                                   artworks, each of the resorts spacious rooms and suites
                                                                   overlook the ocean, lagoons, infinity pool or gardens,
                                                                   and are furnished with flatscreen TV, DVD/CD player,
                                                                   high speed internet, tea/coffee making facilities, mini-
                                                                   bar and personal safe. The resort’s facilities include the
                                                                   award-winning Jiwa Spa, fitness centre, 2 floodlit tennis
                                                                   courts, 2 stunning pools, 3 restaurants and 2 bars.
    40                                                             There is also The Club Lounge, providing exclusive
                                                                   service to guests occupying the suites.
                                                                The Royal Santrian
                                                                Opened in late 2009, The Royal Santrian is comprised of 22
                                                                luxurious villas, set over 2.5 hectares of tropical gardens. Each
                                                                spacious villa is fitted with the utmost in luxurious appointments, as
                                                                well as featuring a private pool, open-air gazebo with day bed and
                                                                dining area, magnificent oversized bathrooms with Jacuzzi bathtub,
                                                                and guests will also be pampered by 24-hour butler service.
                                                                             Enjoying 200 metres of pristine beachfront, this property
                                                                             also features a stunning ocean view restaurant with wine
                                                                             cellar, large beachfront main pool with incorporated
                                                                             whirlpool Jacuzzi, Cigar lounge, Spa suites, Fitness
                                                                             centre and a Library.

                                                                                                                                           B E N O A
                                                                                                                                           D U A
Courtyard by Marriott
Set in luxurious grounds on the stunning southern coast of             Inna Putri Bali

                                                                                                                                           N U S A
Bali, just minutes away from the tranquil pristine beaches of          Facing the blue water and on the white sand of Nusa Dua
Nusa Dua, the Courtyard by Marriott is a brand new                     Beach, set in 20 acres of landscaped grounds, Inna Putri Bali
addition to the area. Offering 250 rooms and suites, each              is a well-established property with all the facilities you would
with a full complement of modern amenities, the resort caters          expect of a resort. Tennis courts, large swimming pool, fitness
for all types of holiday makers. Leisure facilities include a          centre and water sports are all available. Guest rooms
health club and spa, lagoon pool, kid’s pool, Beach Club,              feature either 2 double or one king-size bed with air-
MoMo Cafe, a kid’s club, and free Wi-Fi in public areas.               conditioning, private facilities, TV with in-house videos, radio,
The property is easy walking distance to a championship                bar fridge, telephone, hairdryer and private balcony.
18-holes Golf course, as well as various boutiques, dining,
and entertainment options.

The St. Regis Bali Resort
Occupying a prime beachfront location, and overlooking the Bali
Golf & Country Club, this lavishly appointed resort brings a new
standard of opulence to the area. Comprising 123 spacious
suites and villas, the guest accommodation features architecturally
stunning interiors combined with modern amenities, including a
42-inch flat-screen LCD TV with Satellite channels, DVD player ,
Wi-Fi access, sound system with Bose iPod Docking Station, and
a second LCD TV in the generously proportioned
marble bathroom. Bedrooms feature large walk-in
wardrobes, and a plush king-size bed fitted with
fine Egyptian linen. The ground level St. Regis
Pool Suites feature an additional outdoor area
with lush gardens and plunge pool, as do the
luxurious villas. Additional features of this resort
include a massive 3,668 square metre lagoon
pool, 2 elegant restaurants, gourmet deli, 2 bars,                                                                                         41
Fitness Centre, and the Remède Spa.
                                 ●         NUSA DUA & BENOA                                                     ●
            Nikko Bali Resort and Spa
            Perched on a cliff top site, this 5 star beachfront resort features
            one off the largest and most impressing swimming pools in Bali.
            This large hotel offers a choice of restaurants and bars as well as
            a kids club, tennis courts and a health club. A complete holiday
            resort, with beautiful appointed rooms all with modern amenities,
            including a hairdryer in the bathroom.

                                                                                  Novotel Bali Nusa Dua Hotel
                                                                                  Located in the heart of the gated resort community of
                                                                                  Nusa Dua, surrounded by an 18-hole golf course,

                                                                                  Novotel Bali Nusa Dua Hotel is the perfect place to
                                                                                  relax and enjoy life with your family. This beautiful
                                                                                  haven has 188 luxuriously appointed rooms and
                                                                                  apartments featuring satellite and cable TV, minibar,

                                                                                  free wi-fi Internet and IDD phones. Most rooms also
                                                                                  have views over the surrounding golf course. The hotel
                                                                                  offers resort-style

                                                                                  facilities including
                                                                                  a lagoon pool,
                                                                                  beach club, Kids
                                                                                  Club, Gym, Spa
                                                                                  and restaurant.

            (Formerly Bali
            Hilton International)
            This 537-room
            hotel features a
            selection of 5
            restaurants and 3
            bars, free-size
            swimming pool, supervised kids club, health
            club/fitness centre and spa. Rooms are well
            appointed and include air-conditioning, TV/video,
            mini-bar, coffee and tea making facilities, hairdryer
            and a private balcony. The 18-hole Bali Golf and
            Country Club is right next door.
The Westin Resort
The Westin Resort is located on Nusa
Dua Beach, adjacent to The Laguna
Resort & Spa, and close to the Galleria
shopping area. All 346 of the rooms
and suites feature the Westins signature
Heavenly Bed(r), and feature their own
private balcony with Ocean, Pool or
Garden views. Room facilities include
air-conditioning, fridge/mini-bar, IDD
phone, radio/music, satellite TV, Wi-Fi wireless internet access,
in-house movies and hairdryer. A great choice for families, there
are also the Family Studio Rooms, with a second triple-bedded
room featuring a Playstation plus various other games and activities.
Other hotel facilities include 24-hour room service, 8 food and
beverage outlets, live entertainment, swimming pool, health club,
4 floodlit tennis courts, children’s pool with 12-metre water slide,
and the Westin Kids Club(r).

                                                                                                                                          B E N O A
                                                                                  Nusa Dua Beach Hotel
                                                                                  & Spa
                                                                                  This beautiful hotel surrounded by more than 8

                                                                                  hectares of tropical gardens, offers guests all that
                                                                                  one can expect from a luxury hotel. The property
                                                                                  has 3 swimming pools, one being a sand fringed

                                                                                                                                          D U A
                                                                                  lagoon fresh water pool, many restaurants and bars
                                                                                  to choose from, tennis and squash courts. Of
                                                                                  course there is a fitness centre, beauty salon, water
                                                                        sports, and the 'Nusa Dua Spa' centre offers an extensive

                                                                                                                                          N U S A
                                                                        range of massages and
                                                                        beauty treatments.
                                                                        Palace Club guests
                                                                        enjoy many extras such
                                                                        as daily breakfast,
                                                                        sumptuous afternoon tea
                                                                        and evening cocktails.

Melia Bali Villas & Spa Resort
Set in tropical gardens, this hotel offers a spectacular lagoon
pool, an array of sporting activities, 5 restaurants, kids club,
a pub and outdoor cultural theatre. All newly renovated
rooms have private
facilities, a balcony, air-
conditioning, telephone,
music and mini-bar. Split-
level suites, family rooms,
and lagoon access rooms
are also available. Ten
luxurious private garden
villas with their own plunge
pool are set away from the
main hotel. A large
swimming pool and bar,
with a private beach, will ensure you have a very special                                                                                 43
holiday in these most exclusive and stylish villas.
                                ●         NUSA DUA & BENOA                                                             ●

                                                                                                                          Hyatt Bali
                                                                                                                           This huge hotel
            Kayumanis                                                                                                      offers everything
            Nusa Dua Private Villa                                                                                         one can expect of a
            Kayumanis Nusa Dua Private Villa is a collection of exclusive                                                  luxury resort. Each
            adult orientated one and two bedroom villas, each utilising                                                    of the 652 tastefully
            natural lighting and spaciousness to emulate the Balinese                                                      decorated rooms
            concept of open style living. No two villas at Kayumanis are                                                   offers marble
            alike, yet all feature semi-open bathing facilities, a plunge                                                  bathrooms, mini-bar,
            pool edged by a sundeck with reclining lounges, and a               TV/video and private balconies. The Regency Club offers
                                                                                you an array of extras including a private pool. Facilities

            modern kitchenette. Though not ocean front, all guests have
            access to the Beach Club, which is attended throughout the          include 5 restaurants, 6 swimming pools – one with a 50
            day, and features a selection of permanent sun-lounges and          metre water slide, excellent health club and 'Camp Nusa'
            umbrellas. Tetaring Restaurant features a blend of Western          child-care centre, which will take care of your children all
            and South East Asian specialties, and other guest facilities        day. There is also the new luxurious Kriya Spa, with 24
            include an expansive freeform swimming pool, Spa, bicycle           exotic double spa villas.

            hire, and in-villa romantic candlelit dinners.

            The Bale

            A modern, stylishly
            designed boutique

            property situated on a
            breezy hill, overlooking
            the Indian Ocean and
            nearby golf course.
            The resort consists of only
            26 exclusive pavilions,
            which due to their unique
            design allow views out to sea, whilst also ensuring
            complete privacy. Each pavilion is minimalist in style, but
            features all the modern touches you could want. There is a
            24 hours personal butler service, individual air
            conditioning, in-room safe, mini-bar, IDD phone, satellite TV,
            and a deluxe stereo system. The pavilions also include a private pool, which is accessed through the sliding doors of the spacious
            bathroom. A truly breathtaking property, worthy of its membership in the 'Small Luxury Hotels of the World' group.

                                                                                   The Laguna Resort & Spa
                                                                                               One of Starwood’s Luxury Collection Hotels,
                                                                                               located on the prime beach front location of
                                                                                               Nusa Dua, nestled among lush tropical
                                                                                               gardens, and 5000 square metres of
                                                                                               swimable lagoons. All 271 rooms feature a
                                                                                               42 inch wall mounted Plasma TV with satellite
                                                                                               reception and DVD player. Lagoon Access
                                                                                               rooms allow guests to step right in to the
                                                                                               lagoon from their door, for the ultimate in
                                                                                               indulgence and convenience. There is also a
                                                                                   24 hour butler service for all rooms, serving the deliveries
                                                                                   of complimentary tea and coffee, and giving assistance
                                                                                   with arrangements during the guests stay. For your food
    44                                                                             and beverage requirements there are 3 restaurants and
                                                                                   3 bars to choose from.
                                ●         SANUR BEACH                                       ●

    For those who prefer a more leisurely pace in comparison to the hum of Kuta, Sanur is ideal.
   The hotels and resorts are nestled among lush, green vegetation and swaying coconut palms.
     The coastline curves gently around a calm
        lagoon protected from the surf by a
                 beautiful coral reef.
A broad range of accommodation is represented
  here - from small budget hotels to international
 resorts. The beach is perfect for swimming and
 sunbathing, and there is a host of water sports

                                                                                                                                  B E A C H
                                                                                                                                  S A N U R
                                                                 Peneeda View
                                                                 Set in tropical gardens, Peneeda View offers affordable and
                                                                 comfortable Balinese-style accommodation on beautiful Sanur
Swastika Bungalows                                               Beach. All rooms have a terrace, and feature air-
Swastika Bungalows is a budget hotel well located in Sanur,      conditioning, mini-bar, and phone. Family rooms and Villas
just a 5-minute walk from the beach. There are both fan-         are also available for only a small surcharge. The hotel
cooled and air-conditioned rooms, all with private facilities.   facilities include 3 pools, beachfront restaurant, and free
The hotel has 2 large swimming pools, lovely gardens and         Mountain bike rental for guests.
the Swastika Restaurant, well known for its excellent food,
is close by.

Griya Santrian
A sister hotel of Puri Santrian,                                 Besakih Beach Hotel
situated right on the beach in                                   Located centrally on Sanur Beach, this hotel offers value-for-
the heart of Sanur, this well                                    money accommodation. All rooms have individually
maintained property offers                                       controlled air-conditioning, IDD phone, colour TV, mini-bar
pleasant accommodation in cottage-style or garden wing           and private balcony or verandah. The Nirwana Restaurant
surrounded by lovely gardens. All air-conditioned rooms have     serves European and Indonesian specialties as well as
a TV, mini-bar and IDD phone. The hotel features 3 swimming      seafood and the Agung Bar and Restaurant is open                 45
pools, a beachfront restaurant as well as the Pizza Corner.      24 hours.
                                            ●         SANUR BEACH                                       ●
            Segara Village
            Situated right on Sanur Beach, this hotel has
            attractive gardens,
            Balinese statues and
            lily ponds. Each room,
            within 2 storey
            bungalows, is
            decorated differently
            all are air-conditioned
            and have private
            bathrooms with hot
            and cold water and
            refrigerator. The hotel
            has tennis courts, 2 restaurants, and 2 swimming
            pools - one featuring a jacuzzi bar.

                                                                              The Gangsa

                                                                              The Gangsa, part of the Kayumanis group of villa properties,
                                                                              is composed of 11 private one, two and three bedrooms
                                                                              villas, featuring contemporary décors with subtle Balinese
            Parigata Resort and Spa
                                                                              touches, blended with modern conveniences and amenities.
            At the south end of Sanur Beach, this property offers value for
                                                                              Each villa is nestled within a private garden compound
            money for all travellers, with both rooms and villas available.
                                                                              integrating a semi-open outdoor lounge environment with a
            All of the spacious rooms have modern facilities, as well as
                                                                              gourmet kitchen and dining area. The swimming pool is
            verandahs that look out over the pool and waterfall. There is
                                                                              surrounded by ample decking, with plenty of space for
            also a private beach club which offers relaxing lounge chairs
                                                                              outdoor sunbathing and dining. Gong Restaurant specialises
            right on the sand, or a choice of water sports for the more
                                                                              in up-market Balinese and international cuisine, focusing on
            active traveller.
                                                                              fresh local ingredients, herbs and spices, and Rebab Spa
                                                                              provides a comprehensive menu of traditional Balinese
                                                                              healing and beauty treatments. Complimentary transportation
                                                                              to and from the beach facility, featuring a selection of
                                                                              permanent sun-loungers and umbrellas, is available daily
                                                                              on request.

                                                                                           Puri Santrian
                                                                                           This beachfront hotel is located at the southern
                                                                                           end of Sanur. There are Garden Wing, Beach
                                                                                           Wing, and bungalows available, all air-
                                                                                           conditioned with mini-bar, TV, IDD phones, and
                                                                                                              private terrace or balcony.
                                                                                                              The Santrian Club has its
                                                                                                              own magnificent pool and
                                                                                                              the rooms are amongst the
                                                                                                              very best in Sanur.
                                                                                                              This lovely resort features
                                                                                                              2 further swimming pools,
                                                                                                              a choice of 2 restaurants,
                                                                                           2 bars, and is a very popular place with many
                                                                                           regular guests.
Inna Grand Bali
This first class beachfront hotel
is the largest resort in Sanur.
Accommodation can be in the
10-storey seaview tower
block, the garden wing or
in garden cottages. Facilities
include a large variety of
restaurants and bars, a
shopping arcade, 4 swimming pools, tennis
courts, 9-hole golf course, mini golf, a new spa
complex and various water sports.

                                                                        Mercure Sanur
                                                                        Located at the southern end of Sanur, the Mercure
                                                                        features 41 traditional Balinese-style cottages
                                                                        comprising 189 individual rooms. Each room is lavishly
                                                                        decorated and features air-conditioning, cable TV,
                                                                        fridge/minibar, tea/coffee making facilities and
                                                                        hairdryer. Sitting on 5
                                                                        hectares of landscaped
                                                                        tropical gardens, and

                                                                                                                                     B E A C H
                                                                        occupying a wide stretch
                                                                        of tree-lined beachfront,
                                                                        the property’s facilities
                                                                        include 2 swimming
                                                                        pools, a restaurant, 2
                                                                        bars, a departure lounge and spa, plus there is a
                                                                        variety of recreational and sporting facilities available.

                                                                                                                                     S A N U R

Hotel Sanur                                                       The Pavilions
Beach                                                             Only 3 minutes walk from
This hotel was one of                                             the beach and shopping
the first built in Sanur                                          area, The Pavilions
and enjoys a great                                                features superbly finished
reputation with many guests who return here every year.           1 and 2 bedroom villas,
All rooms have modern facilities with traditional Balinese        some with private plunge
influence, including air-conditioning, satellite television, in   pools. Each villa also has a private dining patio, sundeck,
house movies, IDD phone, music and mini-bar. This hotel           satellite TV, sound system, butler service, as well as indoor /
features a huge swimming pool with swim up bar, tennis            outdoor showers. The 2 bedroom villas also have ensuite            47
courts, health club and playground.                               bathrooms.
                                          ●        SANUR BEACH                                             ●
            Sanur Paradise Plaza
            Hotel Bali
            Located just one block away from the beach, adjacent to
            Sanur’s 9-hole golf course, this property features 329
            guest rooms surrounding a 110 metre free-form swimming
            pool, fringed by a tropical garden. Each comfortably
            appointed guestroom
            features air-conditioning,
            tea/coffee making
            facilities, mini-bar, IDD
            telephone, hairdryer, and
            satellite television. There is
            also the private Club Floor
            and Club Lounge, offering
            a more private and
            exclusive service. Other
            facilities of the property
            include a choice of
            restaurants and bars,
            fitness centre, rooftop tennis court, sauna and spa.

                                                                  Sanur Paradise Plaza Suites Bali
                                                                  Two kilometres from the Hotel you will find this self contained residential

                                                                  complex, with a choice of 84 two and three bedroom apartments,
                                                                                                                      capable of
                                                                                                                      accommodating up to
                                                                                                                      six adults and two
                                                                                                                      children. Each
                                                                                                                      apartment is complete

                                                                                                                      with a fully equipped
                                                                                                                      kitchenette, living room
                                                                                                                      and dining area, and
                                                                                                                      includes satellite TV, air-
                                                                                                                      conditioning, in-room
                                                                                                                      safe, tea/coffee
                                                                                                                      making facilities and
                                                                                                                      IDD phone. Other
                                                                                                                      features of the property
                                                                  include a free form pool, restaurant, mini-mart and coin laundry. The
                                                                  Camp Splash kids club, with water slide and pool, will offer children of
                                                                  all ages many fun filled hours.

            Bali Hyatt
            Located on Sanur Beach, Bali Hyatt is a traditional
            Balinese resort, set amongst 36 acres beautifully
            landscaped gardens, with a 500 metre long white sandy
            beach. All rooms have individually-controlled air
            conditioning, hairdryer, satellite TV, DVD player, IDD
            phone, mini bar, tea/coffee
            making facilities, and in-room
            safe. Other hotel facilities
            include five specialty
            restaurants, four bars,
            Balinese village-style spa,
            two swimming pools, Jacuzzi,
            cold dipping pool, two tennis
            courts, fitness centre, table
            tennis, billiards, volleyball
            court, jogging track, water
            sports, and the Camp Sanur
    48      children's activities center.
                                                 ●         UBUD                ●

   This quaint mountain village is approximately one hour's drive north of the capital, Denpasar.
The mountain climate is cooler than on the coast and other than a few late nightspots, village life
  is serene and quiet. Perched far above the
    Ayung Gorge and River, the hotels and
    restaurants offer wonderful views of the
   sweeping valley and the mountain slopes
    covered with rice terraces. Art galleries,
 studios and art and craft stalls line the streets
– Ubud is a centre of Balinese art and culture,
   and some of the finest examples of stone,
         wood and silver can be found.

                                                                                                                                      U B U D
                                                                   Ananda Cottages
Ubud Village                                                       Located on the outskirts of Ubud and set amongst lush rice
Hotel                                                              paddy fields, this budget-style hotel offers the hospitality the
Centrally located and close to Ubud market, restaurants and        Balinese are famous for. The air-conditioned one or two-
shops, Ubud Village Hotel is a friendly hotel offering a variety   storied thatched roof bungalows provide a simple,
of accommodation for the budget conscious traveller through        comfortable, and peaceful retreat, with the property also
to those seeking a blissful refuge in one of the private           featuring a pool, bar and restaurant.
bungalows. The hotel has a newly renovated swimming pool
and restaurant.

Pertiwi Resort
and Spa
Located in the village of
Ubud, this delightful little hotel
is within easy walking
distance of the Monkey
Forest, shops, and restaurants.
There are standard, superior,
and deluxe rooms - all now
featuring air-conditioning – and daily breakfast is
included. At the rear of the property are 12 stylish
Balinese villas (see picture shown), uncomplicated and
elegant, in private compounds. Three villas have their
own private plunge pools, and all have a colonial four-
poster double bed, outdoor bathroom and modern
facilities. Stepping-stones over a pond, rich with flora and
fauna, access the Beji Spa, a therapeutic centre housed                                                                               49
in traditional huts.
                                                            ●         UBUD              ●

                                                                                                                Bali Spirit
          Champlung                                                                                             Hotel and Spa
          Sari                                                               Situated in Nyuh Kuning village, on the edge of the Wos
                                                                             River, Bali Spirit Hotel and Spa makes use of traditional
          This hotel is set in the
                                                                             Balinese architecture, with the entire property sprawling
          heart of Ubud, and
                                                                             gently down the valley. There are 25 private suites and villas,
          adjacent to the Monkey
                                                                             each featuring views from private terraces or balconies.
          Forest Sanctuary. The 53 air-conditioned and newly
                                                                             All rooms are fan-cooled and air-conditioned, and are
          refurbished rooms each have a terrace, IDD phone, fridge /
                                                                             traditionally furnished. At the base of the property sits a
          mini-bar and satellite TV. The hotel features three restaurants,
                                                                             riverside pool with swim up bar, as well as the restaurant
          lounge, bar, pool, and a handicrafts shop.
                                                                             and Spa.

                                                                                  Hotel Tjampuhan
                                                                                  "Discover the Real Bali" at Hotel Tjampuhan. Situated
                                                                                  on a magnificent ravine overlooking a holy river just

                                                                                  outside Ubud, Hotel Tjampuhan was once an artists'
                                                                                              colony, headed by the famous Walter
                                                                                              Spies. His house still stands and forms part
                                                                                              of the hotel. The hotel has "Agung" and
                                                                                              "Raja" rooms, each with its own private
                                                                                              verandah or balcony. Ceiling fan-cooled
                                                                                              or air-conditioned accommodation is in
                                                                                              traditional thatched-roof bungalows, set
                                                                                              amongst tropical gardens, fishponds, and
                                                                                              2 swimming pools.

                                                                             Kori Ubud Resort and Spa
                                                                             Located in Sanggingan, walking distance from the town
                                                                             centre, this resort offers panoramic rice field scenery in the
                                              Waka di Ume                    tranquillity of rural Ubud. Comprising only 5 Superior,
                                              Waka di Ume is an oasis        5 Deluxe, and 2 Luxury Suites, Kori Ubud offers boutique
                                              of quiet and serenity, away    Balinese-style accommodation with spacious bedroom/living
          from the hustle and bustle of the centre of Ubud. This intimate    room areas, marble bathrooms, and a full complement of
          hotel has 19 rooms, each featuring fan-cooling plus air-           modern amenities. The 2-storey bar and restaurant, providing
          conditioning, a balcony or terrace, and have been                  a mix of Mediterranean and Balinese cuisine, offers 180-
          individually decorated with dressed slate tiles, smooth            degree views of nearby rice fields and the split-level
          unpainted wood, and soft homespun fabrics. The hotel               swimming pool. Poolside you will also find the Kori Ubud
   50     features a swimming pool, restaurant, a unique meditation          Tropical Spa, offering a selection of very affordable
          centre, and traditional cooking classes.                           traditional treatments.
                                                                     The Ubud Village Resort
                                                                     & Spa
                                                                      Strategically located on a hillside in Pengosekan,
                                                                      surrounded by the terraced rice fields, Ubud Village
                                                                      Resort & Spa is only 5 minutes from the town centre,
                                                                      market, and nearby monkey forest. There are 28 private
                                                                      pool villas sprawled throughout the 5.6 hectare property,
                                                                 each featuring a flat screen TV with satellite programming,
                                                                 DVD player with disc library, indoor and outdoor showers,
                                                                 fish ponds, private dining pavilions, and private butler service
                                                                 can also be arranged. Facilities includes Angkul-angkul
                                                                 restaurant, Padi coffee shop, Banjar lobby bar, a gym,
                                                                 plus there are various organised activities, from visits to
                                                                 the art market to traditional Balinese cooking class.

                                                                 Royal Kamuela Ubud
                                                                 Opening in early 2011, and located on Monkey Forest

                                                                                                                                    U B U D
                                                                 Road within easy walking distance of various boutiques,
                                                                 restaurants and bars, this new Aston-managed property offers
Santi Mandala Villa & Spa                                        a small collection of just 12 private pool villas. Each villa
Situated on the bank of Tanaraga Giri River, and surrounded      features a stylishly designed king size bedroom, a spacious
by rice fields and tropical gardens, Santi Mandala Villa &       bathroom opening out onto the swimming pool, an
Spa provides an excellently valued retreat only 15 minutes       indoor/outdoor shower, and an outside dining area with
drive to central Ubud. Each villa has a private balcony,         gourmet kitchen. In-room amenities include Wi-Fi internet,
satellite TV, mini-bar and all the modern facilities you would   IDD phone with integrated voicemail, LCD TV, DVD player,
expect. Rare for a villa property in Ubud, you also have the     mini bar, hairdryer, and individually controlled air
luxury of a sunken pool bar right on the riverfront. Close to    conditioning. The Wanara Coffee Shop overlooks a
both the Bali Bird Park and Bali Zoo Park, there are also        charming creek, and the AUM Spa offers a full selection of
numerous activities on hand such as white water rafting,         treatments. Additionally, butlers are on call 24 hours a day.
cycling and jungle trekking.

                                                                 Ubud Hanging Gardens by
                                                                 Orient Express
                                                                 This all-pool villa property cascades down a hillside and
                                                                 faces out onto steep rice terraces and the Ayung River
                                                                 Gorge. Each of the 38 Balinese style villas is perched high
Resort at Monkey Forest                                          on wooden pillars, and includes an infinity pool, Bale
Situated right in the centre of Ubud, close to shops,            Bengong, indoor and outdoor showers, and are all
restaurants and Monkey Forest, you will find this boutique       decorated in contemporary Balinese style. The resort also
hotel with 12 deluxe rooms as well as suites and villas.         features a lovely riverside spa, with 3 private spa villas lying
Adjacent to the saltwater pool is the Terrace Cafè serving       close to the flowing Ayung River. All the facilities are easily
light meals during the day. At the entrance of the property is   reached, as there is a private funicular that provides quick
the Komenaka Fine Art Gallery, featuring high quality art from   and comfortable access to the villas, spa, restaurant, and         51
local artists.                                                   riverside café.
                                                            ●          UBUD              ●
                                                                                     Komaneka at Rasa Sayang
                                                                                     Opening mid-2011, and strategically located on
                                                                                     Monkey Forest Road right in the heart of Ubud, this
                                                                                     new Komaneka property offers 30 rooms and 2 roof-
                                                                                     top villas, each with stunning views over tropical
                                                                                     gardens towards the town centre. Room facilities
                                                                                     include a wide screen LCD TV, DVD player, Apple TV
                                                                                     with a selection of movies and music, tea/coffee
                                                                                     making facilities, IDD phone, and a host of other
                                                                                     luxury amenities. The hotel features a split level
                                                                                     restaurant offering contemporary Indonesian and
                                                                                     International cuisine, as well as a lobby bar and
                                                                                     lounge, Spa facility, infinity edge pool overlooking a
                                                                                     small river, 24 hour room service, and complimentary
                                                                                     wireless internet connection is available in the rooms,
                                                                                     lobby and restaurant.

          Kamandalu Resort
          and Spa
          This resort is located on a hillside above the
          Petanu River Valley and offers a range of
          accommodation from chalets to villas with
          private Jacuzzis or pools. The hotel features
          a swimming pool, jogging track, tennis
          courts, and the spa
          centre offers

          massages, and
          facials. A
          shuttle service is
          provided to down
          town Ubud.

                                                                              Furama Villas & Spa
                                                                              Just 45 minutes from the airport, and 15 minutes to the arts
                                                                              and shopping district of Ubud, Furama Villas & Spa assures a
                                                                              tranquil and idyllic stay, surrounded by expansive rice fields.
                                                                              Recently opened, all 24 villas allow guests to relax and
                                                                              unwind in privacy, be it a one-bedroom villa for couples or a
          Komaneka Resort at Tanggayuda                                       two-bedroom compound for friends and family. Each villa is
          Located over the Oos River, the Komaneka Resort at                  well equipped with modern conveniences, ideal for the
          Tanggayuda is a small all-villa and suite resort. Sister hotel to   discerning traveller, and come complete with plunge pools
          the Komaneka Resort, you'll find the same attention to detail.      and outdoor Gazebos – perfect for in-villa massages.
          Artifacts from around Indonesia have been used to create a          Amenities include LCD Satellite TV, DVD player, IDD phone,
          unique surrounding and the restaurant that was originally a         mini-bar and air-conditioning, plus you get the benefit of 24
   52     Javanese house. Each villa is large and luxurious with a            hour room service to compliment the Padi Restaurant, which
          private outdoor area with plunge pool and bale.                     offers stunning panoramic views.
Kupu Kupu Barong Villas
& Tree Spa
Kupu Kupu Barong is a five star boutique resort
in Ubud, the centre of Balinese arts and cultural
activities. Cocooned by the lush tropical
gardens, the resort overlooks the spectacular
Ayung River valley and rice paddy fields.
All 34 villas are elegantly designed to create a
truly romantic atmosphere, and private butlers
will be assigned for your personalised service.
For the most unique spa experience in Asia,
pamper your body in our
“Mango Tree Spa by
L'OCCITANE”. Nestled in
the top branches of a
mango tree, enjoy the
breathtaking view of
Ubud forest whilst
listening to the flowing
river during your spa

                                                    Uma Ubud
                                                    Sitting in the outer rim of Ubud, the Uma Ubud is
                                                    an easy 20 minute walk to the town centre, and
                                                    overlooks the famous Tjampuhan Valley and Oos
                                                                       River. There are 29 detached
                                                                       and semi detached private
                                                                       houses including pool suites,
                                                                       with each featuring a marriage

                                                                                                          U B U D
                                                                       between modern facilities and
                                                                       subtle design, making use of
                                                                       local woods and Alang-Alang
                                                                       roofing. Focusing on providing
                                                                       a tranquil environment, this
                                                                       property also features the award
                                                                       winning COMO Shambhala
                                                    Retreat. Here you can enjoy a mixture of
                                                    complimentary daily yoga and traditional Asian
                                                    holistic therapies, with both open-air pavilions
                                                    and private treatment rooms. Also of note is
                                                    Kemiri restaurant, providing southeast Asian
                                                    cuisine meticulously prepared by Ex-RockPool
                                                    chef Amanda Gale.

Kayumanis Private Villa
& Spa at Ubud
Gently nestled on a serene parcel of landscape
studded with aromatic cinnamon trees, and
blessed with scenic views above the flow of the
Ayung River, Kayumanis Private Villa & Spa at
Ubud features a total of 23 luxuriously
appointed one, two, and three bedroom villas
offering total privacy from the outside world.
Each villa is set within a tropical garden
compound, with a private pool and open-style
bathroom. Interiors feature a gourmet kitchen,
and are tastefully decorated, drawing attention
to the artistic heritage of the Indonesian
archipelago. The exclusive Spa is accessed via
a private bridge crossing a small flowing river,
and is comprised of 5 open-style pavilions
designed to embrace the tranquil beauty of the
environment. The setting is enhanced by a small
restaurant serving organic refreshments, as well                                                          53
as an infinity edge swimming pool.
                                                          ●         UBUD                   ●

                                                                               The Samaya
                                                                               This brand new resort
          FuramaXclusive                                                       is comprised of 19
          Villas & Spa                                                         spacious villas, each set into the hillside and surrounded by
          Located adjacent to its sister                                       high walls for privacy. Guests have a choice of one-bedroom
          property, Furama Villas & Spa,                                       deluxe villas, or the more indulgent two and three-bedroom
          this resort boasts 18 villas with spacious, modern designs.          royal villas. Each comes with a private pool, outdoor
          With a choice of Lagoon Pool Villas, flanking the magnificent        gazebo, king-sized beds, generously appointed bathrooms,
          70-metre lagoon, or the duplex Spa Pool Villas with                  and is equipped with LCD television, iPod docking station,
          dedicated spa therapy area and outdoor whirlpool bathtub,            and Wi-Fi internet connections. The restaurant and lobby are
          each villa features contemporary chic decor, with the most           located on the uppermost level of the complex, commanding
          modern conveniences. In addition to all the facilities               expansive views of the entire valley, and for those seeking
          available at Furama Villas & Spa, this property also features        true relaxation and rejuvenation, a state-of-the-art spa and
          the Lagoon Pool Bar, and Bar & Bistro Suling serving drinks          wellness centre is located directly overlooking Bali’s famous
          and light snacks.                                                    Ayung River.

          The Payogan Villa Resort
          & Spa

          This secluded property occupies 15 hectares of
          lush landscape, enveloped by hinterland
          greenery, and is traversed by two separate
          river flows. Sprawled over a leafy hillside, each
          of the 23 traditionally styled private villas are
          nestled within a private compound, and are
          elegantly furnished. Architecturally, the entire property has been
          designed to harmonise with the surrounding environment, and
          pays tribute to Bali's artistic legacy. There are two exclusive
          dining venues, Sawah Restaurant for breakfast is a charming
          timber pavilion encompassed by a series of organic rice
          terraces, while Lesung Restaurant is orientated towards the free
          form swimming pool and is surrounded by native flora. It is open for all-day dining with an enticing menu of international cuisine.
          For those wanting to venture into town, central Ubud is only a 10 minute drive via the complimentary scheduled shuttle service.

          Alila Ubud
          A secluded mountain retreat on the edge of the Ayung River Valley, just a short drive away from the artistic centre of Ubud, the
          Alila Ubud recently underwent extensive renovations, including the addition of 8 luxuriously spacious pool and valley villas.
          There are also 56 rooms, with the Deluxe Rooms on the ground floor featuring individual garden terraces and a back courtyard
   54     with an open-air bathroom, while the Superior Rooms on the upper floor feature a private balcony and a daybed where you can
          enjoy panoramic views of the magical Ayung River and surrounding volcanoes.
                                                    Maya Ubud Resort and Spa
                                                    Located on the banks of the Petanu River and set in
                                                    10 hectares of hillside garden, the resort features
                                                    108 guest rooms and villas, each with spectacular
                                                    views. All villas have private gardens, with the deluxe
                                                    villas also featuring private plunge pools. The spa,
                                                    built on the riverbank, is a treat you cannot miss.

Pita Maha
Pita Maha, a Tjampuhan
Resort, is one of the best
luxury boutique-style hotels in
Ubud. The 24 traditional
Balinese villas overlook the
Tjampuhan Valley, each
enclosed within a walled
compound for total privacy.

                                                                                                                 U B U D
Ten villas have their own
large plunge pool and 4
two-storey villas feature their
own swimming pool. All villas are furnished with
traditional Balinese materials, but offer all the
modern conveniences and luxury expected by the
discerning traveller.

                                                    Warwick Ibah Luxury Villas
                                                    & Spa
                                                    Located on the banks of the Campuhan River, just 5
                                                    minutes walk from the centre of Ubud, the 17 uniquely
                                                    designed and spacious villas offer views over the
                                                    Campuhan valley. The villas and main areas reflect
                                                    traditional Balinese style, with thatched roofs and
                                                    intricately carved stone walls, making it the perfect
                                                    place to discover the culture and spirit of Bali. This
                                                    hotel has recently undertaken an extensive interior
                                                    refurbishment including beautiful new solid teak beds
                                                                             and desks, fresh new living
                                                                             room furniture, high-quality
                                                                             furnishings, fabrics and
                                                                             artwork. Room are complete
                                                                             with individually controlled air-
                                                                             conditioning, satellite TV, sound
                                                                             system, and a private dining
                                                                             area, while the property
                                                                             facilities include a Spa centre,
                                                                             library, and the lovely salt-       55
                                                                             water swimming pool.
                                                          ●         UBUD                   ●

          Royal Pita
          Located in Kedewatan on
          the outskirts of Ubud, and
          offering panoramic views of
          the Ayung River landscape,
          the Royal Pita Maha
          provides one of the most
          luxurious resorts on the
          island. Carefully crafted to
          integrate with the
          surrounding environment, this property is gracefully
          sprawled over a 12 hectare area, with each
          private villa compound encompassing 300 square
          metres. The villas themselves offer the highest
          standards of luxury, with the central bedroom
          featuring sliding glass doors overlooking your own
          private pool, gardens and sundeck. To the sides
          each villa also incorporates a separate
          living/dining room, and a stunning bathroom
          featuring double-sized bathtub.

                                                                                  Elephant Safari Park Lodge,
                                                                                  Set within 3.5 hectares of the multi award winning

                                                                                  Elephant Safari Park, Taro, this newly built property features
                                                                                  25 safari-style rooms, each lavishly appointed with Satellite
                                                                                  LCD TVs, Wi-Fi internet, fully stocked mini-bar, luxury bed
                                                                                  linens, and signature bathroom amenities. Guests also
                                                                                  have the unique opportunity to interact with the largest herd
                                                                                  of rescued Sumatran elephants found anywhere in the
                                                                                  world. Wake up to the sight and sound of the elephants
                                                                                  enjoying their morning bathing ritual, experience an
                                                                                  Elephant Chauffeur transfer to the Park Restaurant for
                                                                                  dinner, or sip cocktails by the pachyderm-inspired
                                                                                  swimming pool. The resort also features the Safari
                                                                                  Wellness Spa, full gymnasium, shopping boutique,
                                                                                  Elephant Museum, and a wedding pavilion. This location
                                                                                  is also the perfect base to enjoy the numerous activity-
                                                                                  based packages on offer from Bali Adventure Tours.

                                                             at Bisma
                                                             Nestled upon the
                                                             hillsides of the
                                                             Campuhan River valley,
                                                             with fantastic views of
                                                             the river, surrounding
                                                             rice fields and coconut
                                                             groves, this luxurious
                                                             resort is only a few
                                                             minute’s walk from the
                                                             centre of Ubud. Newly
                                                             opened in late 2008, Komaneka at Bisma provides 10 elegant villas, each
                                                             with a 12 meter long private pool, and 34 spacious suites with private
                                                             balconies and sun lounges. Each room is complete with modern amenities and
                                                             decor, with the resort facilities including a half Olympic sized pool, gym, fine
   56                                                        dining restaurant, luxurious spa-villa, and a wedding chapel.
                                                                  Four Seasons Resort Bali at Sayan
                                                                  This resort is a sister hotel of the famous Four Seasons in Jimbaran
                                                                  Bay. A secluded hideaway that overlooks the lush greenery of
                                                                  terraced rice fields rising from the sacred Ayung River. Featuring
                                                                  46 beautifully appointed suites and villas with all the facilities you
                                                                  expect of a 5-
                                                                  star hotel. Villas
                                                                  have their own
                                                                  private plunge
                                                                  pools. Only 10
                                                                  minutes away
                                                                  from Ubud's
                                                                  colourful artistic
                                                                  and cultural

The Chedi Club at Tanah
A sister company of The Legian, this
property is located only three kilometres
from the centre of Ubud and features twenty
self-contained units, leisurely spread through
five hectares of magical gardens. There are

                                                                                                                                           U B U D
3 One-Bedroom Spa Villas, 9 One-Bedroom
Pool Villas and 7 One-Bedroom Suites.
The private Spa Villas feature private
massage suite, sauna, cold plunge, semi
outdoor rainforest shower and bathtub.
Alternatively the Pool Villas each feature a private 10-metre pool with
a sundeck, together with a dining balè that melts into the walled
tropical garden. With such distinctly different styles set in such
contrasting locations, The Legian Club and The Chedi Club at Tanah
Gajah will be the perfect choice for a unique holiday. A travelling
personal butler will be assigned to look after the every need of each
guest throughout the duration of their stay.

                                                                            COMO Shambhala Estate
                                                                            Located 15 minutes drive from Ubud, COMO
                                                                            Shambhala Estate is a residential health retreat offering
                                                                            an exquisite selection of accommodation options, as
                                                                            well as a variety of wellness programs. Featuring a mix
                                                                            of contemporary design and indigenous detailing, the
                                                                            individual and unique Residences and Villas are
                                                                            dramatically inset into the forest, above the River
                                                                                       Ayung. Individual suites or rooms within a
                                                                                       Residence can be booked for couples or
                                                                                       singles, while entire Residences can be
                                                                                       taken for larger groups and families. Private
                                                                                       and Retreat Villas allow for couples and
                                                                                       singles to be entirely private, with some
                                                                                       including their own spa facilities. Dining at
                                                                                       the Estate is flexible and easy, with various
                                                                                       options available to suit different moods and
                                                                                       tastes, and all guests are assigned a
                                                                                       Personal Assistant to ensure a seamless stay.       57
                                               ●          CANDI DASA                                      ●

                   Candi Dasa is located on the eastern coast of Bali, a 90 minute drive from Denpasar.
              It’s a delightful small fishing village with a relaxing feeling. A great place to laze away by the
              pool with lovely views of the bay and Mount Agung in the background. A wealth of historical
                                               and cultural sights occupy the area.

                                         Rama Candi Dasa
                                         Resort & Spa                             Candi Beach Cottages
                                          This hotel is located right on the      A short drive from Candi Dasa, and directly on the beach,
            beachfront, 10 minutes from Candi Dasa village. Next to the           Candi Beach Cottages, sister property to Legian Beach
            inviting pool you will find an excellent restaurant and bar.          Hotel, features accommodation in hotel-style superior rooms,

            A beautiful property with excellent accommodation in                  or bungalows. An ideal place for a relaxing holiday,
            bungalows or garden wing rooms, which all feature TV, DVD,            accommodation includes air-conditioning, TV, fridge, hair
            bar fridge, hairdryer, tea and coffee making facilities, and          dryer, safety deposit boxes, tea and coffee making facilities
            wonderful views of Padang Bay. The hotel also features a              and private terrace or balcony. A bar and restaurant
            games room, a 3 pavillion spa, and has some amazing dive              complement the swimming pool and spa.
            sites within easy reach.

            Puri Bagus Candidasa
            A first class property with 47 traditional bungalows.
            All rooms are tastefully furnished and have air-conditioning,         The Watergarden
            telephone, a mini-bar, and the outdoor shower is in an                Balinese-style bungalows, set in lovely gardens. Each bunga-
            enclosed private courtyard. The hotel features 3 restaurants          low has a wide verandah overlooking lily ponds. The hotel
            and bars, and beautiful flowers and palm trees surround the           is in the centre of Candi Dasa, just a stroll away from the
            beachfront swimming pool.                                             waterfront, and features a swimming pool and restaurant.

                                               Alila Manggis
                                               One of Bali's best kept secrets, Alila Manggis is a secluded, stylish resort located on Buitan
                                               Beach, close to Candi Dasa. Set amidst a coconut grove, the resort is nestled between the sea
                                               and the majestic Mount Agung, and is famed for its cooking school and its wondrous dive sites
                                               off Manggis. All of the 56 rooms and suites are housed in traditional two-storey thatched
                                                                           Balinese pavilions with clear views across the straits to Nusa Penida.
                                                                           The Superior Rooms, located on the lower floor, boast a private
                                                                           terrace while the Deluxe Rooms on the upper level have a balcony
                                                                           with day bed. The spacious suites are situated on the upper level of
                                                                           the building closest to the beach, and include living and dining
                                                                           areas. Large balconies surround the suites and are suitable for use
                                                                           as an outdoor dining area or sundeck. All interiors are designed
    58                                                                     with fabrics and finishings to reflect the local environment.
                                      ●          NORTH BALI                                      ●

    The North Coast represents the more " untouched " areas of Bali, with a much more relaxed
  atmosphere coupled with a more traditional lifestyle. Just a few minutes west of Singaraja, the
  island's former Dutch Colonial capital, lies Lovina, a lovely village situated on a unique stretch
      of black sand beach. Here the pace is slow, with little in the way of shops and nightlife.
The offshore reefs, and numerous dolphins inhabiting the clear waters, make this are very popular
                 destination for divers and those seeking a more " natural " escape.
  For those in search of an even more laid back destination, 45 minutes to the west of Lovina lies
the small island of Menjangan, which provides some of the best diving in Bali. Development here
 is sparse, as the Bali Barat National Park extends throughout this region. As a result, all hotels in
         this are very much influenced by the surroundings and are very traditional in style.

Puri Bagus Lovina
Sitting on its own 200 metre stretch of private black sand
beach, Puri Bagus Lovina was the first luxury property to be
built in the area. All the traditional villa-style guest rooms are
clustered around spacious landscaped tropical gardens and
offer touches of old Bali, such as large open-air verandahs
and secluded outdoor showers. The interiors feature
international standard facilities, including individually

                                                                                                                                             B A L I
controlled air-conditioning, IDD phone, cable TV and mini-
bar. Naturally there are a variety of activities for the active
traveller, and food is certainly not forgotten, with the
International Restaurant and popular Seafood Grill House
providing mouth-watering delights to tempt any palate.

                                                                                                                                             N O R T H
                                                                         Damai Lovina Villas
                                                                         Hidden in the jungle-clad hills overlooking Bali’s North coast,
                                                                             you will find Damai Lovina, a retreat dedicated to the
                                                                             finer things in life. This property features just 14 villas,
                                                                             some with private swimming pool, varying in size from
                                                                             the intimate to the palatial. Each villa is decorated with
                                                                             artefacts from Bali’s rich cultural heritage, and features
                                                                             a full range of modern amenities. Convenient to some
                                                                             of the island’s most iconic attractions, there is a variety
                                                                             of activities on offer, including local village trekking,
                                                                             mountain biking, and the popular cooking classes.
                                                                             Should you prefer a more relaxing stay, you can just
                                                                             lounge by the pool, sipping a cocktail while enjoying
                                                                             views of volcanoes in distant Java.

                                                                     The Menjangan
                                                                     The Menjangan offers you a unique chance to experience the
                                                                     natural treasures within the Bali Barat National Park. Experience
                                                                     this magic location kayaking through the secret mangrove maze,
                                                                     diving or snorkeling in one of the most beautiful coral reefs in
                                                                     Bali, or venturing through the forest on horseback. This boutique
                                                                           retreat offers a small collection of rooms, suites and villas,
                                                                           each featuring an LCD TV, DVD/Stereo system, ipod Dock,
                                                                           mini bar, tea/coffee making facilities, as well as extensive
                                                                           bathroom amenities including hand-made soaps unique to
                                                                           the property. Other facilities include 2 restaurants, including
                                                                           the stunning Bali Tower, a main swimming pool with hot
                                                                           Jacuzzi, the Mangrove Spa, a dive shop, and a selection           59
                                                                           of eco-environment related activities are also available.
                             ●         LOMBOK & THE ISLANDS                                                                         ●

                   A short flight from Bali takes you to Lombok with its quiet craft villages and stunning tropical
                 beauty. Although Lombok is less developed than Bali, the beautiful countryside and white sand
                beaches make it a lovely destination for those who want to get away from the crowd. The people
                and culture of Lombok differ from the Balinese, yet you’ll find them just as welcoming, friendly and
                                            willing to share their island paradise with you.
                  Dotted around Lombok are the Gili Islands,
                   with those off the North coast becoming
                 popular with day-trippers, backpackers and
                  serious divers looking for the perfect island
                         getaway and something new.
                 Accommodation can be found in small hotels
                             or simple bungalows.

                Senggigi Beach Hotel
                This hotel is perfectly located on Senggigi Beach,                  Puri Saron Hotel Senggigi Beach

                approximately a 20-minute drive from the capital Mataram            This property is situated on a hillside facing towards the
                and the airport. Six hectares of tropical gardens are the           beach, just a 15 minute walk from the local markets and
                perfect setting for comfortable first-class accommodation.          restaurants of Senggigi Town, and approximately 25 minutes
                All rooms are air-conditioned with private facilities, TV, fridge   drive from the airport. The resort is modern European in style,
                and telephone. Tennis courts, table tennis and water sports         and is made up of various wooden houses, designed with
                are available for the guests. The hotel features a pool with a      bamboo, rattan, and coconut wood furniture, each
                sunken bar adjacent to an excellent restaurant. Also within         overlooking rice fields, the sea, pool, or well kept gardens.
                the grounds lies the Pool Villa Club, which is situated in its      The rooms includes cable TV, air-conditioning, IDD telephone,
                own private compound. The Pool Villa Club features a small          mini bar, ironing kit, and a balcony offering fantastic views.
                selection of two-storey villas, each opening out onto the           Resort facilities include a swimming pool, gymnasium,
                flowing lagoon pool. The villas sleep 4 adults comfortably,         restaurant and bar, spa, as well as providing babysitting
                and are luxuriously appointed with top quality facilities.          services, currency exchange, and room service.

                                                                                    Novotel Lombok
                Holiday Resort Lombok                                               You find the Novotel Lombok on the quiet southern shore of
                North of Senggigi at Mangsit village you’ll find the Holiday        Lombok, right on the white sands of Kuta Beach. This hotel is
                Resort. The 159 rooms are all air-conditioned and include           designed in traditional 'Sasak' style with thatched roofs but
                IDD phone, TV, in-house movies, tea / coffee making                 with all the modern facilities such as tea and coffee making
                facilities, and mini-bar. The hotel features a delightful           facilities, television, IDD phones, radio, and hairdryer in the
      60        swimming pool, restaurant and coffee shop, as well                  rooms. The resort has 2 swimming pools, spa, health and
                as tennis courts and a health club.                                 massage pavilion as well as a kids club.
Sheraton Senggigi Beach Resort
A relaxed resort located on the white sands of Senggigi Beach. The hotel
features a spectacular pool area and outdoor eating areas. Guest rooms
are fully air-conditioned with IDD, tea and coffee making facilities, bar
fridge and TV. Recreational facilities include tennis courts, fitness centre
with sauna, steam room,
Jacuzzi and spa, as well as
a children's pool and
playground. There is also a
new airport departure

                                                                                                                            I S L A N D S
                                                                               The Oberoi, Lombok
                                                                               Located on Medana Beach, this beautiful
                                                                               hotel is set amongst idyllic gardens.
                                                                               The swimming pool, health club,

                                                                                                                            T H E
                                                                               gymnasium, beauty salon, spa pavilions,
                                                                               massage, sauna and Jacuzzi make pure
                                                                               indulgence the key to your stay at the
                                                                               Oberoi. The rooms have marble

                                                                               bathrooms, large terrace with landscaped
                                                                               courtyard, TV, air-conditioning, CD player
                                                                               and stereo music system.

                                                                                                                            L O M B O K
                                                                               A most beautiful hotel.

Vila Ombak
A small unique hotel situated on Gili
Trawangan, just 30 minutes away from
Lombok by outrigger motorboat.
Accommodation is in either Lumbung
Huts, with open-air bathrooms and
large terraces, or in spacious air-
conditioned deluxe family bungalows.
The hotel has a restaurant, bar,
swimming pool, spa facilities, and
diving centre. It is also right on the
beach, where guests can hire water
sport equipment.

                         ●          NUSA LEMBONGAN ISLAND                                                                              ●

                  Nusa Lembongan is a small island, 20 km off the east coast of Bali. Its local population is less
                  than 4000 people whose major industry is that of fishing and seaweed farming.Known for its
                  great surf, the excellent crystal-clear waters make it a perfect place for snorkelling and diving.
                          It's still a basic place, but interesting, and there are some lovely places to stay.

                Coconuts Beach Resort

                Moderate accommodation in fan-cooled or air-conditioned
                ocean view bungalows, which include a large double bed,            Bali Hai Tide Huts

                a sofa for children, and the bathrooms now feature hot and         Built beside their Beach Club, Bali Hai Tide Huts is
                cold running water. The property is only a few minutes from        comprised of lovely "Lumbung" style huts, which include a
                the sea and a short path takes you to a private beach. Other       king size bed, air-conditioning, ceiling fan and have their
                features include 2 swimming pools, 3 terrace restaurants as        own veranda. Close by is the amenity block with private
                well as a bar.

                                                                                   showers and toilet facilities. Bali Hai's Beach Club pool and
                                                                                   other facilities are yours to enjoy with the day guests who visit
                                                                                   the island on the Bali Hai cruise.

                Waka Nusa Resort
                This property features only 10 tastefully decorated                Nusa Lembongan Resort
                freestanding bungalows, located on a beautiful white sandy         A lovely boutique property with only 12 villas of which 7
                beach. Each bungalow is set in a small private garden, and         face the sea and 5 lie amidst lush gardens. Built on a
                features air-conditioning, king-sized bed, and an ensuite          spectacular cliff top with a fresh water swimming pool and
                bathroom. The bungalows themselves are decorated in                private wooden decks for sun bathing. The restaurant offers
                modern style with traditional flair, capturing the allure of the   a variety of cuisine. All rooms have tea and coffee making
                island. Guests can stay on bed and breakfast basis, or with        facilities, in-house safe and are all air-conditioned. Two of the
      62        all meals included, and transfers to and from the island are       villas are inter-connecting which is great for families or friends
                onboard the WakaLouka sailing catamaran.                           travelling together. A very romantic hide-away.
Amanresorts Indonesia
For those seeking the very highest standard in luxurious and intimate accommodation, Amanresorts has created
some of the finest resorts available anywhere in the world. Each property is totally unique in design, and careful-
ly blends modern sophistication with local traditions and techniques. Amanresorts prides itself on providing the
very highest standards in every aspect, and the numerous international awards that these properties have
received over the years are proof that they have reached their goal.

Amandari                                                               Located on a hill within the Nusa Dua
Overlooking the Ayung River Gorge, Amandari has the design of a        area, Amanusa provides spectacular views of the adjacent 18-hole
Balinese village with 30 suites linked by walkways. Every suite is     golf course, the ocean and Mount Agung. The 35 elegantly
enclosed with its own wall and private entrance. Terrace suites have   furnished suites each has a large sunken bath, four-poster canopied
a large combined bedroom/living room. Duplex suites have a living      bed, sun deck and outdoor dining area. Eight suites have their own
room and private garden downstairs, and a bedroom with a large         swimming pool. Two restaurants, bar, library, swimming pool and
queen-size bed upstairs. Six suites have their own swimming pool.      beach club are among the facilities. The hotel car takes you to your
                                                                       private beach with your own bale and a butler on hand to make
                                                                       you the loveliest drinks.

Amankila                                                               Amanwana
Amankila 'Peaceful Hill' is located near the villages of Manggis and   Moyo Island is situated east of Bali, an isolated island located in the
Karangasem on the east coast of Bali. The 33 individual suites are     Flores Sea, only 15 km away from Sumbawa. It takes a 50-minute
linked by walkways to the restaurants, pools, and beach. All luxury    flight from Bali via Lombok to reach Sumbawa, followed by a
suites are of the same design with a spacious bedroom, bathroom,       75-minute cruise. This resort features 20 luxury air-conditioned tents
and outdoor terrace. Nine suites have their own pool. The Amankila     – each divided into 3 areas. At the entrance a sitting area
Beach Club is located within a coconut grove on the beach below        containing 2 large divans and an occasional table, in the centre a
the hotel.                                                             king size bed with a mosquito net and a large bathroom. Additional
                                                                       ventilation is provided with an overhead fan. A tent with all the
                                                                       comforts you would expect from a world-class resort

                                     ●       CONSUMER PROTECTION                                                                            ●
Details of important booking conditions and operator’s responsibilities applicable     Make sure you carefully study the Tour Conditions and Responsibilities and ask
to holiday arrangements included in our brochure are set out below. Tours              your travel agent and / or Bali Tours Indonesian Specialists to check whether
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particular tours and services.

                                              ●        TOUR CONDITIONS                                                       ●
Bookings                                                                               Travel Advisories
A non-refundable deposit of $150 per person is payable within 14 days of               We urge all travellers to consult DFAT or their travel
booking.                                                                               agent for the latest travel advisories.
Balance is payable 45 days prior to departure, however a number of airfares can        Health
be used in conjunction with your holiday package, which can have different
conditions as to when payment is due. If payment is not received by the due date,      No vaccinations or inoculations are required at the time of printing. However, we
Bali Tours reserves the right to cancel the booking and charge applicable              suggest you consult you doctor or check with the Department of Health for up-to-
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However, bookings made within 21 days of departure can attract an increase in          Validity
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flights and accommodation.                                                             These tours will operate from April 1 2011 – March 31 2012.

Cancellations                                                                          What is not included in cost of tours
There are cancellation costs affecting both land and airfares which attract the        1. Passport, visa and inoculation costs. 2. Excess baggage charges.
following charges:                                                                     3. Airport taxes from Indonesia          4. Beverages, meals or tours other
                                                                                                                                   than those specified.
 Land arrangements
 - Up to 45 days prior to departure - $150 per person                                  Bali Tours Indonesian Specialists/Bali Travel Service (VIC) Pty Ltd (herein called
 - Within 45 days prior to departure – minimum $150 per person and                     the Operator) act only as agents for the hotels, airlines, bus companies, railroads,
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 Airfares                                                                              contracts and tickets issued by the Operator are issued subject to any and all
 Cancellation charges will be subject to the fees charged by the airline(s).           tariffs, terms and conditions under which any accommodations, transportation or
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 packages booked.                                                                      companies, railroads, steamship lines or owners or contractors, and by the
                                                                                       acceptance of such coupons, exchange orders, receipts, contracts and tickets the
*Cancellation charges are subject to change.                                           tour member agrees to the foregoing and also agrees that neither the Operator,
                                                                                       subsidiary or affiliate company shall be or become liable or responsible for any
Reservation Amendments                                                                 loss, injury or damage to person, property or otherwise in connection with any
After confirmation of a reservation, if a change of accommodation or departure         accommodations, transportation or other services or resulting, directly or
date is requested, an amendment fee of $30 will apply. Note: $60 will be               indirectly, from Acts of God, dangers incident to the air, sea, fire, breakdown in
charged if travel documents have been issued.                                          machinery or equipment, acts of governments or other authorities, de jure or de
                                                                                       facto, wars, whether declared or not, hostilities, civil disturbances, strikes, riots,
Refunds                                                                                thefts, pilferage, epidemics, quarantines, medical or customs regulations, delays
                                                                                       or cancellations of or changes in itinerary or schedules, or from any causes
No refunds for any unavailed tours, accommodation or other services after              beyond the Operator’s control, or for any loss or damage, resulting from
commencement of travel.                                                                improper or insufficient passports, visas or other documents, and that neither the
Tour Costs                                                                             Operator nor any parent, subsidiary or affiliate company shall be or become
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All costs are based on current exchange rates, hotel and sightseeing charges and       by the tour member as a result of any of the foregoing causes.
are subject to change. A number of airfares can be used in conjunction with your       The Operator does not accept any liability for failure on the part of transportation
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refundable after departure. A minimum of 4 nights accommodation must be                contained in the itineraries. The Operator, its Associate/s or Agents, while taking
prebooked and no changes are possible after departure from Australia.                  every care with passenger’s luggage or property, shall not accept any liability for
                                                                                       damage, loss, or inconvenience in the handling thereof.
                                                                                       The transportation companies or firms shall be exempt from all liability in respect
Twin accommodation is based on 2 people sharing a twin or double-bedded                of any detention, delay, loss, damage, sickness or injury, however or by
room. Triple share accommodation is normally a twin or double-bedded room              whomsoever caused and of whatever kind occurring, of or to the passenger at
with a rollaway or sofa bed added. Whenever 2 adults and 2 children share one          any time when the passenger is not on board a carrier or conveyance used and
room, we must point out that in most cases these are standard rooms and may be         operated by the transport company or firms. The passage contract in use by the
a little crowded.                                                                      transportation companies or firms concerned shall constitute the sole contract
                                                                                       between the transportation companies or firms and the purchaser of these tours
Hotel and Tour Descriptions                                                            and /or passengers.
Descriptions of hotels and tours featured in this brochure are based on current        The services of any IATA or non-IATA carrier may be used.
information and are subject to change at any time.
Photographs and Maps
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Land Arrangements
                                                                                                                 Bali Tours/Bali Travel Service
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Australian passport holders require a visa for travel to Bali, payable on arrival.                            Reservations: (03) 9820 9288
Non-Australian passport holders must check with their travel agent or the                     Toll Free: 1800 338 004                   Fax: (03) 9867 1050
Indonesian Consulate regarding their visa requirements. Passports must be valid                            Email:
for at least six months after departing from Australia.
                                                                                                                    Moneydirect: BALIT
The free allowance with Garuda Indonesia is 20 kilos per person – 30 kilos for
business class travel – and any more than this is subject to excess charges.
However, a number of airlines can be used in conjunction with your holiday
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