Telecommuting slide show by pengxuebo


    also known as
 Teleworking, is the
  work style that will
allow you to work for
 a company without
   dealing with the
 typical office woes.
Pros and Cons of Teleworking
               As is true with any job
                  style there are high
                 point and low points.
                 Telecommuting may
                 not be beneficial for
                  every person or suit
                    every job. The
                following are pros and
                         cons of
 Pros of Telecommuting
You get to work at home.

Major decrease in commuting time and stress.

Increase job responsibility thus increasing

Creates a better work environment.

Increase schedule flexibility.
 Pros of Telecommuting
Creation of stronger family connection because
you are home more often.

Broadens the base for career advancement for
people who are physically challenged.

Productivity is the basis for performance
Cons of Telecommuting
Possible expense issues if your company is not
willing to support your home office.

Household conflict based on working during
specified family time.

Isolation from social and professional
 Cons of Telecommuting
Possibility of losing advancement opportunities.

Overworking because your office is in your home.

Possible loss of support services; technical and
other office support services.

Decrease in morale due to lack of performance
It is important for each individual to decided
       if the pros outweigh the cons. When
  deciding to work from home each applicant
  should be well prepared and expect the best.
   However, the more educated we are about
     any topic the less likely we are to make
  decisions that could impact us in a negative

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