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                                                        A Brief Word...
                                English Edition
        Volume 14 Number 5                                   If, “April showers bring May flowers”; then this promises to be a colorful and fragrant
             May 2009                                       month!

                                                               This should be welcome news for the landscapers amongst you, but also bodes well
           EDITOR / PUBLISHER                               for bridge, roadway, and building contractors. What makes me, “Carelessly Optimistic”
        Jean-François Villard                               as some would call me? Several things actually, most of which you will not hear re-
     editor@infrastructures.com                             ported on your regular newscast, particularly if you watch CNN or other U.S. television.

         CONTRIBUTING EDITOR                                   Credit is the biggest unsung hero for our industry. We actually have some! Did you
                Rob Holden                                  know that TD Bank is now the 6th largest on the continent? According to a recent
                                                            interview with their CEO, they backed-off U.S. sub-prime investments a few years ago,
                                                            and have suffered minimal losses as a result. Will the “Loans Officer” tell you what you
           ADVERTISING SALES                                want to hear anymore? No. Will your financial institution be seriously engaged about
              MONTREAL                                      your needs? Yes.
          (514) 233-1295
   montreal@infrastructures.com                                Inertia is the other significant factor being overlooked at the moment. In Ontario
                  TORONTO                                   there has been major motorway expansion near Windsor, Ottawa and the Orillia-North
           (416) 795-1295                                   Bay corridor. This is not “Shovel Ready” work, this is In-Progress work, when started
    toronto@infrastructures.com                             a few years ago cannot be readily abandoned. In Quebec there is the “Laval Flyover
                                                            Collapse” inspired province-wide bridge restoration and reconstruction projects. The
                                                            oil patch has infrastructure commitments in preparation for the next exploration phase,
                                                            and there are other such works in process everywhere.
       (514) 233-1295                                        “The flowers that bloom in the Spring, bring promise of merry sunshine, and earth-
       (613) 862-1295                                       moving, bridge building, paving...” to paraphrase Gilbert & Sullivan.

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                                                                                                      InfraStructures English Edition May 2009 – page 3
St. LaWRence ceMent announceS                       building materials industry, recognized for        brand to better demonstrate the strength and
naMe cHange to HoLciM (canada)                      long term financial performance and leader-        scope of our company.”
   St. Lawrence Cement announced recently           ship in environment, corporate social respon-         To reflect greater alignment with the cor-
a change of company name to Holcim (Cana-           sibility and sustainable construction,” said       porate brand, the visual identities of Holcim
da) Inc. and the launch of the Holcim brand in      Paul Ostrander, president and CEO of Holcim        Canada’s aggregates, ready-mix concrete
Canada. This is a significant milestone in the      (Canada) Inc. “This change is an important         and construction divisions, which operate
company’s history, providing an opportunity         opportunity to implement a new strategy to         under Dufferin brand names in Ontario and
to further build a strong, national presence        build awareness for our brand and what it          Demix brand names in Quebec, have also
and capitalize on the benefits of being part of     stands for as well as to align the look and feel   been refreshed.
the Holcim Group.                                   of our aggregates, ready-mix concrete and             Holcim entered the Canadian market
   “Holcim is a leading global brand in the         construction businesses with our corporate         in 1953 as St. Lawrence Cement with the
                                                                                                       commissioning of a cement plant on the St.
                                                                                                       Lawrence River. Since then, through ongoing
                                                                                                       capital investment and strategic acquisitions,
                                                                                                       the company has grown into one of the
                                                                                                       largest vertically integrated building materials
                                                                                                       and construction companies in Canada.
                                                                                                          Employing approximately 3500 Canadians
                                                                                                       and generating annual revenues over
                                                                                                       $1,3 billion, Holcim (Canada) Inc. is a leading
                                                                                                       producer and supplier of products and
                                                                                                       services for the construction industry, serving
                                                                                                       customers across Canada.
                                                                                                          Source: Holcim (Canada) Inc.

                                                                                                       BoScH RexRotH acQuiRed a MaJoRity
                                                                                                       SHaRe in iguS itS
                                                                                                          On March 31, 2009, Rexroth acquired a
                                                                                                       majority share in IGUS ITS GmbH, which is
                                                                                                       based in Dresden, Germany. IGUS ITS devel-
                                                                                                       ops, manufactures and sells condition moni-
                                                                                                       toring systems for wind energy plants. The
                                                                                                       company employs nine associates and had
                                                                                                       a 2008 turnover of approximately €700 000
                                                                                                       (1 million $). An agreement has been made
                                                                                                       not to disclose the purchase price.
                                                                                                          The condition monitoring systems manu-
                                                                                                       factured by IGUS ITS monitor the condition
                                                                                                       of rotor blades in wind energy plants and also
                                                                                                       offer the option of diagnosing the formation of
                                                                                                       ice on the rotor blades. IGUS ITS is the only
                                                                                                       provider of this technology worldwide.
                                                                                                          “The application of condition monitoring
                                                                                                       systems improves the total cost of ownership
                                                                                                       of wind energy plants, allowing us to offer
                                                                                                       our customers a greater economic benefit,”
                                                                                                       explains Dr. Albert Hieronimus, chairman of
                                                                                                       the Board of Management at Bosch Rexroth.
                                                                                                          Bosch Rexroth has been involved in wind

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InfraStructures English Edition May 2009 – page 4
energy technology since the mid 80s and              VeStaS ReceiVeS oRdeR FoR V90-3.0 MW             largest wind turbine in commercial operation
today offers a wide range of gears as well as        tuRBineS in canada                               in North America. This order is further proof
hydraulic solutions for wind energy plants.             TransAlta, Canada, has placed an order        that Vestas will continue to play an important
With the addition of these condition monitor-        for 23 units of the V90-3.0 MW wind turbine      role in the development of Canada’s wind-
ing systems solutions, Bosch Rexroth now             to be installed at the company’s Ardenville      generating capacity,” says Scott Gros, senior
offers an extended range of products for this        wind farm in southern Alberta, Canada. The       vice president of sales at Vestas Americas.
growing industry.                                    order for the 23 turbines, which will have an    “We are delighted that TransAlta has once
   Source: Bosch Rexroth AG                          installed capacity of 69 MW, follows an order    again chosen Vestas as their preferred turbine
                                                     from TransAlta in May 2008 for 22 units of the   supplier and we look forward to continuing
neSte oiL onLy uSeS paLM oiL tHat HaS                V90-3.0 MW turbine.                              the working relationship with a long-standing
Been pRoduced ReSponSiBLy                               “The V90-3.0 MW turbine is currently the      partner of ours.”
    Neste Oil is fully committed to using only
palm oil that has been produced respon-
sibly, and has a set of tough sustainability
principles in place covering its procurement
of bio-based raw materials. Thanks to the
development of a system that enables it to
trace the origin of all the palm oil that it uses,
it knows exactly where and how its palm oil
has been produced. Neste Oil has also com-
mitted itself to only using palm oil certified
by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil
(RSPO) as it becomes available in sufficient
    Neste Oil is actively supporting work in the
areas of legislation and certification designed
to prevent the irresponsible production of
palm oil. The company has committed itself
to an alliance calling for a ban on the felling of
rainforest and is playing an active role in the
RSPO, and was the first oil company to join
the organization.
    “Our approach is very much to only use
raw materials that are produced in line with
the principles of sustainable development.
We oppose the destruction of rainforest and
anything that undermines human rights or
natural biodiversity,” said president & CEO
Matti Lievonen, speaking at Neste Oil’s An-
nual General Meeting in Helsinki today.
    “Neste Oil is working with over 20 research
communities in Europe, America, Africa,
Asia, and Australia to develop and introduce
new raw materials. We increased our R&D
budget last year by a third, to €37 million
(58 million $), and are devoting the bulk of
our research efforts today to researching
and identifying new types of renewable raw
    Neste Oil Corporation is a refining and
marketing company concentrating on low-
emission, high-quality fuels. The company’s
strategy is based on growing both its oil
refining and premium-quality renewable diesel
businesses. Neste Oil’s refineries have a
combined crude oil refining capacity of ap-
proximately 260 000 bbl/d.
    Source: Neste Oil Corporation

                                                                                                       InfraStructures English Edition May 2009 – page 5
   The 23 units of the V90-3.0 MW wind               industry leading renewable energy conversion      industry. Engineered from the ground up to
turbine for the Ardenville wind farm will be         solutions, including the PowerGate Plus line      meet the demands of large-scale installations,
supplied and commissioned by Vestas, with            of solar PV inverters.                            Satcon PV inverters feature an outdoor-rated
delivery in mid-2010 and commissioning                  Ecostream’s commitment to developing           enclosure, advanced monitoring and control
scheduled to be completed in early 2011.             sustainable energy systems with a long-term       capabilities, and Edge™, Satcon’s next-
The order includes a five-year service and           high return on investment will be supported       generation MPPT solution.
maintenance agreement.                               by Satcon’s highly optimized PowerGate               Source: Satcon Technology Corporation
   Source: Vestas Americas                           Plus solar PV inverters, which boost system
                                                     power production and maximize the overall         tReMco acQuiReS canaM BuiLding
Satcon announceS tHRee yeaR, 330                     profitability of commercial and utility-scale     enVeLope SpeciaLiStS
MW agReeMent WitH ecoStReaM                          solar PV systems. Satcon offers the industry’s       Already a leading provider of non-residen-
   Satcon Technology Corporation, a leading          most advanced renewable energy conversion         tial and residential construction products,
provider of utility scale distributed power          platform and has delivered thousands              systems and services, Tremco Incorporated
solutions for the renewable energy market,           of commercial and utility installations –         has taken a significant step forward in helping
announced recently that it has signed a mas-         cumulating millions of hours of highly reliable   customers manage their facilities for greater
ter supply agreement with Ecostream, one of          grid-connected power delivery.                    energy efficiency by acquiring Canam Build-
the world’s leading sustainable energy system           With 11 power ratings ranging from 30 kW       ing Envelope Specialists of Mississauga,
providers. Under this agreement, Satcon will         to 1 MW (UL and CE certified), Satcon offers      Ontario. Zerodraft, a related company that
provide Ecostream, part of sustainable energy        the most field-tested and proven utility          provides specialized retrofit weatherstripping
company Econcern, with 330 MW of its                 ready power conditioning systems in the           and distributes a variety of related insulation
                                                                                                       and sealant products, is also part of the
                                                                                                       acquisition. Terms were not disclosed.

OPS-1 On-Board Fluid Cleaning System                                                                      Canam and its team of facility specialists
                                                                                                       will become part of the Tremco Roofing and
                                                                                                       Building Maintenance Division’s subsidiary,
   Oil Purification Systems (OPS) announced recently that Waste Pro has signed an agreement            Weatherproofing Technologies, Inc., while
to install the OPS-1 system on its fleet of                                                            Zerodraft joins Tremco Commercial Sealants
more than 800 collection vehicles. Waste Pro                                                           & Waterproofing.
will roll out the implementation state by state                                                           Canam is one of the leading building enve-
at its 31 locations across Florida, Georgia,                                                           lope contracting firms in North America, with
South Carolina and Alabama. The OPS-1 sys-                                                             more than 25 years of experience. Its con-
tem will enable Waste Pro to extend the time                                                           tracting and consulting services focus on air
between oil changes, saving time and money                                                             sealing and air barrier systems, including new
on maintenance costs, while also minimizing                                                            construction and retrofit contracting work,
negative effects to the environment.                                                                   design consultation, field-testing, and instal-
   The OPS-1 agreement is the latest environ-                                                          lation of a variety of systems. Building owners
mental initiative undertaken by Waste Pro. As                                                          and property managers use these services to
the company has grown and evolved, it has                                                              address such issues as thermal discomfort,
pro-actively entered the green age by pur-                                                             mold and other moisture problems, and ice
chasing environmentally-conscious vehicles                                                             damming. Typical building envelope upgrades
to help reduce the carbon footprint and creat-                                                         lead to energy savings that contribute to a
ing LEED certified pick-up for its customers.                                                          significant return on investment.
In the summer of 2008, Waste Pro acquired                                                                 Source: Tremco Incorporated
American Recycling with operations in Atlanta
and Birmingham, Alabama. As a result of this                                                           Rocky Mountain deaLeRSHipS cLoSeS
acquisition, Waste Pro was awarded a long-                                                             acQuiSition oF HeaRtLand eQuipMent
term contract for the Atlanta Hartsfield airport to manage its recycling and waste collection.            Rocky Mountain Dealerships Inc., a leading
This will be the first large U.S. airport with such an extensive recycling program.                    Canadian network of fullservice agricultural
   Source: Oil Purification Systems                                                                    and construction equipment dealerships,
                                                                                                       announced recently that it has closed on the
                                                                                                       previously announced acquisition of Heart-
                                  Looking for a supplier’s website?                                    land Equipment Limited, a farm equipment
                 Start your search on the most content-filled website in the industry                  dealership in Drumheller, Alberta.
                             www.infrastructures.com                                                      Heartland represents the Case IH agricul-
                 The «links» page contains well over one thousand links to websites                    ture brand, and also carries Kubota, Bour-
                        from major manufacturers and other useful resources.                           gault, and Farm King equipment. In its most
                                                                                                       recent fiscal year ended October 31, 2008,
                                                                                                       Heartland reported approximate revenues of
InfraStructures English Edition May 2009 – page 6
$28,1 million. Heartland’s dealership location      ing of heavy metals, such as lead and copper,        patent applications, filed both within the U.S.
is contiguous to the Company’s Balzac store         into the water supply.                               and internationally, continue to strengthen our
and increases Rocky Mountain’s presence in             “The issuance of U.S. Patent #7,517,409           ACE DuraFlo and ePIPE product offerings.
the southeastern portion of Alberta.                combined with our U.S Patent #7,160,574,             We are very proud of the innovation and the
   Source: Rocky Mountain Dealerships Inc.          issued January 9, 2007, provides additional          expertise contributed by our research and
                                                    validation of the innovation of the ePIPE            development team,” said Larry Gillanders,
VenetoR gRoup expandS to ottaWa!                    system and affords us an additional depth of         CEO and CTO of Pipe Restoration Technolo-
   Venetor Group of Companies, the largest          protection for our intellectual property portfo-     gies, LLC.
independently owned Crane & Equipment               lio. These patents, along with other pending            Source: Pipe Restoration Technologies, LLC
Rental House in Ontario, is pleased to an-
nounce a new location on Bentley Avenue in
Ottawa, Ontario.
   With the newest facility in Eastern Ontario,
                                                    Allison Automatic-Equipped 40-Ton
Venetor is further able to provide exceptional      Dump Truck Provides Optimal Fuel
and quality service to its customers. Dennis
Beraldo, vice president of Branch Operations
                                                    Efficency and Improved Productivity
says “At Venetor, our main goal is to set
the standard as a leader in the equipment              Allison Transmission Inc.
rental business. Since the inception of the         is proud to continue their
company, we have executed this mission              partnership with Western
successfully and this is exemplified by our         Star Trucks and help pro-
geographic growth. We are continuing to             duce a heavy-duty off-road
make major investments to provide better            hauler that delivers powerful
service to customers, to differentiate              performance, rugged
ourselves from the competition and to               durability and optimal fuel
accelerate growth.”                                 efficiency.
   Venetor was recently listed as the 15th             The Western Star 6900XD
largest aerial lift company as well as the          40-ton dump, equipped
14th largest company for telehandlers in            with a heavy-duty 6-speed
North America by American Lift & Handlers           Allison 4500 RDS fully
Magazine.                                           automatic transmission,
   The Venetor Group consists of two main           is built to increase productivity per cycle and maximize profit per ton compared to traditional
operating companies: Venetor Crane Ltd.,            articulated dump trucks and rigid frame off-road dumps.
founded in 1975, the Crane Rental Division             With full-power shifts, this Allison Automatic-equipped dump not only accelerates faster, it
and Venetor Equipment Rental Inc., founded          gets up to and works within the optimum duty-cycle speed faster and more efficiently. That
in 1996, the Aerial Work Platform Rental &          saves cycle time, which leads to greater productivity. In other words, more work gets done.
Contractor’s Tool Division.                            Allison Automatics have other features that contribute to fuel efficiency. Shift energy man-
   Source: The Venetor Group                        agement (SEM) electronically controls engine speed during shifts to maintain a constant output
                                                    of torque. This not only helps carry a load more efficiently and provides better acceleration it
u.S. patent oFFice iSSueS 2nd patent                helps conserve fuel.
FoR epipe®, pipe ReStoRation SySteM                    Allison Transmission has built a reputation on the ability to build transmissions that last just
   Pipe Restoration Technologies, LLC,                             about forever. The smooth, seamless shifts virtually eliminate driveline component
announces, that on April 14, 2009, they were                                  shock. Since Allison Automatics do not have mechanically-applied
issued U.S. Patent #7,517,409 by the U.S.                                                   clutches, business owners will not have routine clutch
Patent and Trademark Office. This patent re-                                                     burnout and replacement, which is a major downtime
lates to a system for the in-place restoration                                                       and expense concern with manual and auto-
of piping systems, trademarked as ePIPE®.                                                              mated manual transmissions.
   Commercialized as the ACE DuraFlo®                                                                      The combination of Western Star Trucks and
System or ePIPE®, the patented method                                                                   Allison Automatics gives heavy-duty vocational
and system restores and protects metallic                                                              owners the right specification to achieve greater
and non-metallic piping systems, “in-place,”                                                          productivity, reliability and fuel efficiency, as well
without the extensive demolition that ac-                                                           as haul in more profits for their business.
companies a traditional plumbing repipe. The                                                         Allison Transmission, Inc. is the premier global
process involves the application of an epoxy                                                    provider of commercial duty automatic transmissions
barrier coating to the inside of an existing                                                and hybrid propulsion systems. Allison products are speci-
piping system, engineered to extend original        fied by over 250 of the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers and are used in many market
design life of piping systems, increase water       sectors including bus, refuse, fire, construction, distribution, military and specialty applications.
flow, prevent corrosion, leaks and the leach-          Source: Allison Transmission Inc.
InfraStructures English Edition May 2009 – page 8
HydRogen engine centeR canada
announceS inVoLVeMent in WoRLd’S
                                                    Axiomatic Technologies Catalog
BiggeSt HydRogen pRoJect
   Hydrogen Engine Center, Inc. (HEC)                  Axiomatic Technologies announces the release of its new printed
announced recently that it will be involved in      catalog, which highlights the company’s
an $11 million hydrogen energy technology           growing lines of compact rugged controllers
demonstration project at Montreal’s Pierre          packaged for harsh operating environments.
Elliot Trudeau International Airport. The airport      The catalog includes a broad range of
project is focused on testing and demon-            CAN SAE J1939 or CANopen I/O modules,
strating hydrogen technologies and fueling          valve drivers, engine temperature monitoring
infrastructures. Numerous hydrogen usages           devices and battery chargers, as well as analog
will be tested within the project, including        controls, DC converters, surge protectors and
but not limited to, passenger transportation,       much more.
cargo handling, various power sources as               Each model number is listed for easy order-
well as hydrogen “filling” technologies. A          ing, and provides input/output specifications
main goal of the project is to demonstrate          and packaging dimensions. It is a condensed yet
how hydrogen can be integrated into existing        helpful tool to assist in which products are right
environments safely and effectively.                for you and your application.
   Ted Hollinger, HEC’s founder and Jan Row-           Since there are thousands of applications that
inski, HEC Canada’s chairman of the Board           are new, unique, or too complicated – such that
were in Montreal for the announcement of this       no generic product could meet all the needs –
project and are pleased that HEC Canada will        Axiomatic offers rapid development of new control
be responsible for providing and installing up      solutions for OEM requirements. Please contact Axiomatic for OEM control design or off-the-
to 10 hydrogen-fueled 4.9L internal combus-         shelf solutions.
tion engines for installation in existing airport      Source: Axiomatic Technologies
luggage tractors.
   The Government of Canada and the
Government of Quebec are major partners
in the project along with Air Liquide who is
                                                    New Products at 2009 IADC/SPE
participating in the project and acting as          Drilling Conference
the Projects Manager. HEC plans to work
directly with Air Liquide on all aspects of the        Downhole Products, PLC recently previewed their latest innovation, the Drilling Enhanced
hydrogen-fueled internal combustion engines.        Performance System Tool (DEPS), to attendees of the 2009 IADC/SPE Drilling Conference in
   Source: Hydrogen Engine Center, Inc.             Amsterdam. This patent-pending tool provides solutions for torque, drag and cuttings bed
                                                    challenges in extended reach and ultra reach drilling.
coco paVing enteRS into agReeMent                      A prototype of the DEPS™ tool was on display and Down-
WitH LaFaRge to acQuiRe aSpHaLt and                 hole Products’ Bill Barron was on hand to answer technical
paVing opeRationS                                   questions from potential customers. Mr. Barron noted that the
   Coco Paving Inc. recently confirmed its          company had invested heavily in research and development
acquisition of the Ontario and Quebec asphalt       to deliver, what he considers, an industry-needed solution.
and paving construction operations of Lafarge          “Operators shared their problems with us and we studied,
Eastern Canada.                                     designed and evaluated solutions for their issues for more
   Upon completion of the deal, Coco Paving         than six years. All of that energy was funneled into this DEPS
will grow to 40 locations and add over 1000         tool which essentially combines the functions of multiple drill
new employees to its base of 200 in Windsor,        string tools into one innovative design,” Bill Barron explained.
Ontario. The acquisition includes 31 asphalt           He added, “There is a lot of risk involved when you add
plants in Ontario, 2 in Quebec and additional       more and more components on the drill string. This was an
regional offices. Financing for the deal was        effort to help our customers streamline their BHA while still
underwritten by the Bank of Montreal and the        retaining the benefits of hole cleaning, torque reduction and
transaction is expected to close the first week     vibration mitigation tools.”
of June.                                               The DEPS tool is a multifunctional device providing solu-
   The acquisition will make Coco Paving the        tions for: cuttings removal; drill string drag reduction; drill
largest asphalt producer and road paving            string torque reduction; pipe buckling; stuck pipe; casing
contractor in Ontario. In terms of size of busi-    wear; and axial, lateral and torsional vibration.
ness, Coco Paving has traditionally focused            Downhole Products also featured their industry-leading
on a small number of large-scale projects.          centralization and advanced reaming shoe products at the conference. Additionally Downhole
   Source: Coco Paving Inc.                         Products had examples of the “Grippy” cable and control line clamps at the exhibition.
   Lafarge                                             Source: Downhole Products, PLC
                                                                                                     InfraStructures English Edition May 2009 – page 9
The Terex® CR300L Series Pavers Are the Economical
Choice for Asphalt Contractors
   The Terex® CR300L Series asphalt pavers           operating costs.
from Terex Roadbuilding deliver the optimum             While similar class
balance of power, size and weight, so they           pavers offer a fixed
can be used in a variety of applications from        rear suspension that
small parking lots and pavement overlays to          compromises mat
development streets and county highways.             smoothness, the
   The 2,4 m wide CR300L Series come with            CR300L Series pavers
either rubber tire (CR352L), rubber track            lay higher quality mats through their exclusive   found on the Terex® CR400 and CR500 Series
(CR362L) or steel track (CR362SL) drive              Three-Point Suspension System, which              mainline pavers to minimize wear costs.
systems to meet customer preference.                 essentially floats the paver over subbase            Three screed designs can be attached to
   The series’ fully electronic, Tier-3- and         irregularities to maintain preset screed slope    the CR300L Series pavers. Offering electric
Stage-IIIA-compliant diesel engine develops          and grade. The series also includes the           or fuel-oil heat, the Stretch 16® rear exten-
160 hp and features an electronic governor.          patented Frame Raise System, which raises         sion screed delivers hydraulically extendible
   With the CR352L boasting the largest drive        and lowers the rear of the paver, allowing the    widths from 2,4 to 4,9 m and paving widths
tire in its class and the entire series incor-       operator to fine-tune the head of material at     to 5,4 m with extensions. Featuring front-
porating the same Sauer-Danfoss 90 Series            the spreading augers to improved mat quality.     mounted extensions for quick width changes,
propel pumps found on larger Terex® pavers,             All CR300L Series pavers feature a 9 t         the electric VersaScreed Series offers
the CR300L Series delivers maximum traction          hopper capacity. The hopper length offers         hydraulically extendible paving widths. The
for the most demanding applications. The             ample tailgate clearance for end-dump             fixed width 2,4 m Fastach offers a variety of
rubber track CR362L features the Terex-ex-           trucks, enabling more efficient truck unload-     pin-lock extension segments to deliver paving
clusive Smartrac™ System that automatically          ing. Asphalt mix is channeled from the hopper     widths from 2,4 to 5,4 m.
maintains proper track tensioning at all times,      to the spread augers by the same heavy-duty          Source: Terex Corporation
significantly extending service life for lower       chain, sprocket and slat bar delivery system

2009 VISTA Competition Recognizes
North America’s Best Volvo Truck Technicians
   Service technicians from Volvo Trucks             of a mix of
North America dealership Paré Centre du              service and parts
Camion Volvo in Levis, Quebec emerged vic-           experts.
torious at the Volvo VISTA 2009 competition             There were
on April 16. VISTA is a hands-on competition         three rounds
to select the top dealer service and parts           of competition
personnel, and to highlight technician excel-        involving online
lence. It is also an exciting and effective way      technical ques-
to maintain a high level of technical skill and      tions to produce
proficiency in the Volvo dealer network.             three teams of
   The members of the winning team                   finalists, who
were Daniel Blais, Benoit Raby and Mario             then traveled to
Labrecque. This was the second time this             Greensboro for
team has won the Volvo VISTA competition in          the final round.
North America; their first win was in 2003.          All the answers
   The other two teams to reach the final            for the written
rounds represented GATR of Sauk Rapids,              questions are contained in Volvo service             Since the VISTA program began in
Inc., Sauk Rapids, Minnesota, and Central            and parts literature, and the finalists were      Scandinavia in 1977, Volvo has seen a strong
Valley Truck Center, Fresno, California.             tested on their knowledge of service bulletins    correlation between dealers with teams in the
   A total of 148 three person teams from            and ability to look up parts and service          final round and high customer satisfaction
85 Volvo dealers competed in the latest              information within the Volvo system. There        indexes. This has been linked to dealer lead-
VISTA challenge since its start last October.        was also a strong hands-on element to the         ership and willingness to invest in personnel
Participation in the biennial event requires         competition, where the contestants had to         and competence development.
significant dedication of time and effort by         troubleshoot pre-determined faults placed on         Source: Volvo Trucks North America
the participants. Each team usually consists         two Volvo trucks and a Volvo D13 engine.

InfraStructures English Edition May 2009 – page 10
New CPMG Dealer for Ontario
   Cimline Pavement Maintenance Group          preservation.
(CPMG) recently announced Asphalt Con-           A continuous innovator
crete Equipment to be the newly authorized     and dedicated partner to
dealer for Ontario.                            both municipalities and
   CPMG, which consists of Cimline,            contractors, CPMG has
DuraPatcher and Equipt has steadily grown      sought equally committed
to become the leading manufacturer of pave-    and experienced dealers to
                                                                 them across Canada and         industry. According to Chris Brown, ACE
                                                                 around the world.              owner and manager.. “CPMG gives us the
                                                                    With this level of          ability to fill a need many of our custom-
                                                                 expertise and customer         ers have. Pot hole repair, crack filling and
                                                                 support in mind, CPMG is       sealcoating are often overlooked practices
                                                                 proud to welcome Asphalt       that our customers have told us they want to
                                                                 Concrete Equipment as          develop, grow and expand their businesses
                                                                 their exclusive Ontario        with. We see Cimline/DuraPatcher/Equipt
                                                                 distributor. To mark the       as the premium brands that fit well with our
                                                                 occassion attendees to         other products and provide the productivity
                                                                 this year’s NHES may have      and quality our customers expect from us.”
                                                                 seen the DuraPatcher 125-         For more information, or to learn more
                                                                 DJT, the state of the art in   about pavement preservation visit, www.
ment maintenance equipment. This growth        spray injection pothole patching.                cimline.com
has resulted in a wealth of knowledge and        ACE is a privately owned specialist dealer        Source: Cimline Pavement Maintenance
technical expertise in the field of pavement   serving the asphalt and concrete pavement        Group

                                                                                                InfraStructures English Edition May 2009 – page 11
Vermeer’s New Electric-Powered Horizontal Grinder
   Vermeer has introduced an electric-               SmartGrind feature stops and
powered horizontal grinder for wood waste            reverses material from feeding
recycling. The HG6000E drum is powered               into the patented duplex drum
by two electrical motors producing 600 hp            when motor amperage exceeds
(447,4 kW) while two separate electric motors        an efficient operating range. The
power the hydraulic circuits and cooling             reversible hammers and cutter
system.                                              blocks on the duplex drum last
   The unit is available in a skid-mount             nearly twice as long as single-
configuration for placement in a permanent           sided designs.
location while the trailer-mount configuration          A multifunction, wireless
allows for periodic movement. Both configu-          remote control allows the opera-
rations require a hard wire installation.            tor to control most operating functions from a     Source: Vermeer Corporation
   To maximize productivity, the exclusive           maximum operating distance of 90 m.

Performance Trailers Choose Haldex Trailer Roll Stability
as Standard Specification
   Haldex Commercial Vehicle Systems                 superior braking performance
announces that custom trailer manufacturer,          by adjusting for the trailer
Performance Trailers has selected Haldex             conditions during normal and
Trailer Roll Stability (TRS) as a standard           ABS braking events as well as
product offering on its trailers.                    reacting if conditions indicate a
   Rollovers are costly and often result in seri-    rollover is imminent.
ous injury and property damage. Reducing                Founded in 1991, Perfor-
the possibility of rollovers is critical to driver   mance Trailers has established
safety and cuts costly expenses that are             a reputation as a leader in the
detrimental.                                         design and construction of
   The system, built on Haldex’s newest              custom trailers used to carry
4S/2M ABS platform, provides the next                everything from racing cars to
generation of high performance braking along         portable corporate displays. The company         multimillion-dollar concept cars to trade
with roll stability safety technology. TRS is        has designed trailers for such companies         shows.
designed for one to three or more axle trailers      as Ford Motor Co., General Motors, Nissan          Source: Haldex Commercial Vehicle
using an air suspension. The system delivers         and Toyota, which use the trailers to haul       Systems

Four More Spark-Ignited Generator Sets Certified by EPA
for Compliance With New Emissions Standards
   Four additional models of spark-ignited           Engines not certified                                               an oxygen sensor for all
generator sets from Cummins Power Genera-            by the manufacturer                                                 spark-ignited generator
tion Inc. have received certification to the         must be brought into                                                set models, and an addi-
new exhaust emissions standards required             compliance by the                                                   tional three-way catalyst
by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency          owner or operator.                                                  for models above 80 kW.
(EPA).                                                   Cummins Power                                                   This solution package
   The newly certified models range in size          Generation was the                                                  does not change the gen-
from 85 kW to 150 kW. They join a portfolio of       first to market with Tier                                           erator set’s dimensions or
five previously certified spark-ignited genera-      3 diesel generator sets.                                            footprint – customers can
tor sets ranging in size from 20 kW to 75 kW.        To maintain its market                                              continue using the same
   Under the new EPA regulations, all standby        leadership with compliant spark-ignited          generator set enclosures and installation
spark-ignited generator sets with engines            generator sets, the company developed an         dimensions but receive the benefit of lower
manufactured after Dec. 31, 2008 are                 emissions solution package that includes an      emissions and higher performance.
required to meet new emissions standards.            electronic air-fuel-ratio (eAFR) control and       Source: Cummins Power Generation Inc.
InfraStructures English Edition May 2009 – page 12
Subaru Adds Heavy-Duty “Hammer-Guard” Feature
To Protect Engine Recoil
    Subaru introduces the new Hammer-               as a muffler, reducing noise levels by 2
Guard feature to its line of high performance       dBA. In combination with existing OHC
air-cooled, 4-cycle overhead cam EX Series          design advantages, these features make
engines. The Hammer-Guard is specifically           the EX engines a full 4 dBA quieter in
engineered to protect the engine recoil from        exhaust tone than other same-class
damage associated with equipment abuse              engines.
during transport or on the jobsite. Engines            Since arriving on the market in 2001,
without this type of protection are commonly        the Subaru EX Series has sold approxi-
dented in the recoil area, typically leading to a   mately 1,7 million units worldwide. The
malfunctioning spring and unusable recoil.          series includes seven models ranging
    Now standard on all Subaru EX Series            in piston displacement from 126 cm3 to
engines, the Hammer-Guard is constructed            404 cm3. The engines have been rated             and supported in North America by Robin
of a high-strength poly resin composite             highly by users for achieving both outstand-     America, Inc., a subsidiary of Fuji Heavy
reinforced by a thick plate of metal. By            ing low-emission environmental performance       Industries.
drastically increasing the engine’s durability,     and user-friendliness – such as low noise and      Source: Robin America, Inc.
the new protective feature extends equipment        easy start-up operation – while also remaining
life and eliminates the need for repairs due        durable and reliable.
to accidental or negligent damage to the               Subaru Industrial Engines are manu-                       Find your suppliers’ website
recoil. During field tests, the Hammer-Guard        factured by Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd.,                    easily by searching the extensive
has been proven strong enough to withstand          Japan. Fuji Heavy Industries is a diversified                      “LINKS PAGE” on
forceful blows from a small sledgehammer.           manufacturer of Subaru automobiles, aircraft,              www.infrastructures.com
    In addition to providing enhanced strength      ecotechnologies and industrial engines and
and protection, the Hammer-Guard also acts          equipment. Subaru engines are marketed

                                                                                                     InfraStructures English Edition May 2009 – page 13
Caterpillar Introduces Two New Tier 4 Interim/Stage IIIB
Technology Industrial Engines At Intermat
   At Intermat, Caterpillar introduced the Cat®      emissions solutions
C7.1 ACERT™ and C9.3 ACERT™, the two                 to industrial engine
newest members of the forthcoming Cat® Tier          Original Equipment
4 Interim/Stage IIIB diesel engine lineup.           Manufacturer
   Designed for construction, material               (OEM) customers.
handling and other industrial applications,          Through years of
the new midrange models cover the critical           proven results with
horsepower band from 175 to 440 hp. These            ACERT Technology,
new engine platforms produce fuel consump-           Caterpillar has
tion improvements of up to 5% compared               provided the
to existing Tier 3/Stage IIIA engines. Fuel          broadest range
economy improvements are dependent upon              of emissions
and subject to application, ratings and oper-        technology
ating conditions. When completely unveiled,          solutions in the
the Cat Tier 4 Interim/Stage IIIB industrial         industry with
engine lineup will include over twenty models        a full range of
from 11-1200 hp.                                     fuel system,
   Utilizing ACERT™ Technology as a                  engine system,
foundation, Caterpillar added next generation        aftertreatment,
turbocharging, advanced electronics,                 machine system
advanced fuel systems, particulate                   design and integration capabilities.              customers with the best choice for their most
aftertreatment systems and a suite of NOx               Backed by the most extensive dealer net-       demanding industrial applications.
reduction technologies to provide tailored           work in the world, the new engines provide          Source: Caterpillar

IPD Introduces Its New C12 Product Line
    IPD has just released its latest new product     have come to
launch, a full line of engine replacement parts      expect from IPD,
for the popular Caterpillar® C12 series engine.      and the parts are
    The new launch from IPD includes basic           competitively priced
overhaul kits, cylinder kits, bearings, IPDStyle     to save costs on
1-2-3™ and multiple style gasket sets, valve         C12 rebuilds,” Mr.
train, cam and pin bushings, and other new           Scott added.
products to come. This line covers all the              In addition to
basic overhaul parts necessary to rebuild the        the C12, IPD has
C12 engine.                                          developed other
    According to Steve Scott, IPD director of        engine families and
product development and technical support,           parts during the
“Trucking mileage has slowed considerably,           past few years in-
and the construction and mining industries           cluding On Highway
have become more competitive than ever.              applications such
IPD realizes that engine owners need to              as the Cat® 3406E
save money now so we have continued to               and C15 engines,
bring products into our line that help lower         as well as Off highway or cross-over engines      diesel and natural gas components since
Caterpillar®-owners’ costs.”                         such as the Cat® 3116, and the 3126.              1955 and is ISO9001:2000 certified. IPD is a
    The new C12 line is the latest in a string of       “We want to continue showing our custom-       business unit of Storm Industries Inc.
new products that IPD has released over the          ers that they have the support of IPD and            Source: IPD LLC
past few years, specifically designed to lower       the thousands of IPD distributors and engine
the cost of rebuilding Caterpillar® engines          rebuilders across the globe in helping them          Caterpillar® and CAT® are registered
without jeopardizing engine performance or           maintain their fleets and lower their operating   trademarks of Caterpillar, Inc.
life. “The quality of this new line of parts is      budgets,” Steve Scott concluded.
typical to what mechanics around the world              IPD has been manufacturing high quality
InfraStructures English Edition May 2009 – page 14
EcoStar Tiles Offer the Ideal Solution
for Builders Going Green
   EcoStar, a leading manufacturer of               tages of synthetic materials.
steep-slope roofing products, offers a full         Builders of new homes who are
line of premium roofing tiles made from 80%         incorporating green elements
recycled rubber and plastics that are the           are turning to EcoStar tiles as a
perfect roofing solution for builders who are       sustainable alternative to slate
following the trend to build green.                 and shake.
   “As consumers look for sustainable                   EcoStar’s Majestic Slate
solutions, it can sometimes be difficult to         and Designer Series tiles
determine what products are truly environ-          offer long-term durability and
mentally friendly and which ones have just          proven performance unrivaled
jumped on the green bandwagon,” said                by traditional roofing products. Majestic               In addition to its Majestic Slate Traditional
Charlie Taft, EcoStar regional manager.             Slate and Designer Series tiles are half the        and Designer Series tiles, EcoStar offers
“EcoStar synthetic slate and shake tiles are        weight of traditional slate; yet offer superior     Seneca Plus and Seneca Shake Cedar
the only tiles on the market made from 80%          durability and long-term protection backed by       Tiles™ that provide a durable alternative to
post-industrial recycled rubber and plastics.”      EcoStar’s 50-year Gold Star Warranty.               traditional wood shake. To help lengthen the
   Whether building new or restoring and                Available in five unique profiles and nine      life of any roof, EcoStar also carries a full line
upgrading an existing home, EcoStar tiles           distinctive colors, EcoStar tiles are able to       of accessories including snow guards, ridge
offer a truly sustainable alternative to slate or   create the same, distinctive color variations       vents and underlayments.
shake. For recapturing the traditional beauty       common in traditional slate roofing. The                Source: Carlisle Construction Materials
of an historic property, EcoStar’s Majestic         Majestic Slate Traditional and Designer Series
Slate™ Tiles combine the distinctive style of       tiles offer the versatility to be installed alone
the craftsman’s original slate roofing products     or in combination with one another to create
with the lightweight, cost-effective advan-         a truly unique, one-of-a-kind look.

                                                                                                        InfraStructures English Edition May 2009 – page 15
Continental Provides                                     Navistar adds Bendix Electronic
New Tires for                                            Stability Control to Its Medium-
Payload Transporter                                      Duty and Severe Service Trucks
   Continental Tire North America, Inc. recently            International® DuraStar® and
provided new tires for a ground transporter vehicle      WorkStar® medium-duty and se-
that will be used to support Atlas V rocket launch       vere service trucks now offer the
processing at Vandenberg Air Force Base, Califor-        latest advancements in electronic
nia.                                                     stability control technology.
   United Launch Alliance (ULA), a joint venture            “From snowplows and utility
of The Boeing Company and Lockheed Martin                trucks to mixers and construc-
Corporation, contacted Continental to provide            tion vehicles, truck customers
                                                         are constantly looking for ways
                                                         to prevent crashes and improve
                                                         the safety of their fleet,” said
                                                         Jim Hebe, Navistar senior vice
                                                         president, North American sales operations. “With this latest stability system, we can
                                                         provide maximum rollover mitigation and help prevent loss-of-control situations that
                                                         often result in rollovers on dry, wet, snow- and ice-covered roads.”
                                                            The Bendix® ESP® Electronic Stability Program delivers full-stability performance
                                                         for a variety of applications. Bendix ESP is the first, widely-available ABS-based truck
                                                         stability system capable of recognizing and assisting with both rollover and vehicle
                                                         under- and over-steer driving situations and a variety of road conditions.
                                                            The Bendix ESP stability system continuously monitors a variety of vehicle param-
                                                         eters and sensors to determine if the vehicle is reaching a critical stability threshold.
                                                         When such a situation develops, the Bendix ESP system will quickly and automatically
replacement tires for its KAMAG Transporttechnik         intervene to assist the driver. The system can selectively apply vehicle brakes, as well
self-propelled Transporter Platform. Continental         as de-throttle the engine typically faster than the driver.
was chosen to supply the replacement tires based            Source: Navistar International Corporation
on the manufacturer’s specifications, said Steven
Mansker, subcontract administrator for the ULA’s
Atlas V Launch Operations Program at Vandenberg.
   The KAMAG transporter, which is 19,3 m long, is
                                                         Detroit Diesel Delivers First
used to move Atlas flight hardware from its loading      BlueTec Customer Demo Units
facility to the launch pad at ULA’s Space Launch
Complex 3 at Vandenberg Air Force Base. The                 Detroit Diesel Corporation has delivered its first two BlueTec® emissions technology
capacity of the KAMAG transporter is 200 000 kg          customer demo units (CDU) to Schneider National, Inc., the nation's largest truckload
and it travels at 13 km/h.                               carrier. The CDUs will be integrated into
    Continental provided a set of 82 15-inch HTR         Schneider's fleet to gain valuable real-world
(Heavy Trailer Regional) tube-type tires for the         experience with the technology in advance of
KAMAG transporter and they were installed in             EPA 2010 regulations.
mid-April, said Clif Armstrong, Continental’s director      Delivered in late January 2009, the
of marketing for Commercial Vehicle Tires – The          Schneider CDUs are Freightliner Cascadias
Americas.                                                equipped with Detroit Diesel DD15™ engines,
    Continental’s HTR features a multiple-rib tread      and have already logged more than 72 000 km.
design that provides excellent wet traction and             Steve Duley, vice president of purchasing for
lateral stability. The tire’s high ply ratings provide   Schneider National, noted that they keep close tabs on
durability for long casing life, and see-through         the units and provide Detroit Diesel feedback every day,
grooves aid in water evacuation.                         including responses from drivers and technicians.
   The Atlas and Delta expendable launch vehicles           “By actually field testing the technology, we are putting the
have carried nearly 1300 combined payloads to            units into real-life situations, which ultimately helps Detroit Diesel engineers to identify
space ranging from weather, telecommunications           every possible issue in advance,” said Mr. Duley. “We are confident the experience we
and national security satellites, to deep space and      gain from CDUs will give us additional time to prepare for the transition.”
interplanetary exploration missions.                        Schneider's participation in the BlueTec field test is part of its ongoing commitment
    Source: Continental Tire North America, Inc.         to running the most energy-efficient fleet in the industry.
                                                            Source: Detroit Diesel Corporation
InfraStructures English Edition May 2009 – page 16
Merlo Telehandlers Now Distributed
by Mazergroup in Manitoba
  Manulift, Canadian importer of Merlo in-       expansion plan consists of
novative telehandlers, has recently concluded    signing dealer agreements with
an important contract with Mazergroup for        dynamic businesses established
exclusive distribution of Merlo products in      and recognized in their respec-
Manitoba. Mazergroup is the most important       tive provinces for the quality of
New Holland dealer in Canada. This giant         their goods and services.                        the exclusive technology and patents of the
Manitoba company is already involved in             In order to ensure growth and to support      Merlo models, more than 550 machines have
                                                          new dealers, a start-up plan has        been sold in Canada since 2004. Class 1
                                                          been jointly established with all the   hydrostatic transmission, full anti-torsion ring
                                                          Manulift departments. For a 90-day      of steel, motors and low fuel consumption
                                                          period, this plan includes providing    hydraulic systems are just some of the traits
                                                          the tools and training for the sales,   that Manitobans will be able to appreciate in
                                                          parts and mechanics departments.        the months to come.
                                                          After the 90-day period, the new           “Mazergroup is a family business like
                                                          dealers will be able to operate the     Manulift. There is a new dynamic generation
                                                          Merlo franchise autonomously with       with growth ideas that will work through the
                                                          Manulift continuing to provide sup-     Merlo range. We are therefore very happy to
construction and agriculture with 13 branch      port and expertise.                              conclude this contract. We foresee a very
offices now carrying the entire Merlo range of      A variety of models will soon be delivered    good future in Manitoba with this deal for the
72 models.                                       to the branch offices of Mazergroup includ-      Merlo brand and a good business relation-
   Manulift, the leader in telehandlers in       ing rotating (Roto) and Panoramic models         ship,” comments David Latour, Manulift sales
eastern Canada is now heading west with          for construction and the Turbofarmer and         manager.
a strategic expansion plan for 2009. The         Multifarmer models for agriculture. Due to          Source: Manulift EMI Ltd.

Sweeper Test Results Highlight Positive Impact of
Sweeping on Dust Control and Air Quality
   Elgin Sweeper announced that Canada’s         military, aeronautics, forestry, and mining         The ETV Program is designed to support
Environmental Technology Verification            industries.                                      Canada’s environmental industry by provid-
(ETV) Program has verified the data from            Ron Schmidt, vice president of technology     ing credible and independent verification of
air quality performance tests conducted by       development for the Environmental Solutions      technology performance claims. ETV Canada
the Prairie Agricultural Machinery
Institute (PAMI) on two Elgin
Sweeper models – a Crosswind®
NX regenerative air street sweeper
and a mechanical Waterless Eagle®
FW mechanical street sweeper. The
ETV verification also confirms that
PAMI’s tests followed the City of
Toronto “PM10 and PM2.5 Street
Sweeper Efficiency Test Protocol,
Version 1,” issued in 2008 – also
known as the Toronto Sweeper
Testing Protocol. A summary of the results       Group, which includes Elgin Sweeper, says        is the independent verification organization
of the Elgin Sweeper air quality tests is        that other brands within the Environmental       which manages Canada’s Environmental
available for review at www.etvcanada.ca/        Solutions Group – such as Vactor Manufac-        Technology Verification Program under a
verifiedtechs.asp.                               turing and Guzzler Manufacturing – further       license agreement with Environment Canada.
   Based in Humboldt, Saskatchewan, PAMI         enhance environmental well-being with such       ETV Canada also offers a reliable assess-
is an applied research, development and test-    products as Vactor sewer cleaners and Guz-       ment process for verifying the environmental
ing organization that provides independent,      zler air movers and industrial vacuum trucks     performance claims associated with projects
third-party testing of vehicles, machinery and   that remove contaminants from stormwater         and programs, as well as technologies.
components used in agriculture, transport,       retention ponds and industrial sites.               Source: Federal Signal Corporation
                                                                                                  InfraStructures English Edition May 2009 – page 17
New MethoCAD module boosts mobile crane safety
   The latest version of the award-winning           operator decides to override the
MethoCAD site preparation software from              safety devices and attempt the
Creative Business Solutions includes an in-          job by lifting loads greater than
novative new module designed to ensure the           those that are authorized by the
safe operation of mobile cranes, particularly        manufacturer.
when they are dismantling tower cranes.                 Planning in advance improves
   There have been several fatal accidents           productivity and avoids acci-
when operators have overridden the safety            dents, says Mr. Fitoussi. Prepara-
controls in order to carry loads that are too        tions for mobile cranes tend
high for distance they are reaching, says            to be neglected, even though
general manager Albert Fitoussi. “This is the        companies do generally now
direct consequence of a lack of prepara-             plan in advance where they will
                                                                   position their tower
                                                                   cranes, he says.
                                                                   system also covers tower crane                  of MethoCAD this year and the mobile crane
                                                                   planning, with features to ensure               tool brings the total number of modules to a
                                                                   safe loading and avoid clashes by               very appropriate 20.
                                                                   checking the minimum clearances                    The new modules join others which cover
                                                                   between cranes. This can be                     aspects of site preparation such as layout,
                                                                   particularly complex on sites with              3D site modelling, formwork planning, tower
                                                                   many cranes. “It can’t be man-                  cranes and site safety. MethoCAD has also
                                                                   aged without software,” he says.                recently added a module to help sites achieve
                                                                      The MethoCAD system                          high environmental standards in areas such
                                                                   contains modules for planning all               as recycling materials, avoiding ground
                                                                   types of site operations so that                pollution and minimizing traffic disruption to
                                                                   potential problems are identified               neighbours.
tion,” he says. Studying the site layout would       before construction starts. Creative Business                    Issued on behalf of MéthoCAD
have indicated potential problems, but an            Solutions is celebrating the 20th anniversary                    by Joem Promotions
estimated 70% of companies do not carry
out this kind of check to their mobile cranes                                     send the changes to us by mail or by fax or type-in the information in an e-mail

before work starts on site, he says.
   The new version 9 of MethoCAD makes it
                                                                    Subscription                                            Make changes or add your
                                                                                                                            colleagues to the mailing list
easy to address the issue. The new module
helps the user to check that the proposed                           Old Address
mobile crane’s boom length, angles and loads                                               Name:
will be within allowable limits. At the click of
a button, the user can see on a plan drawing
the loads at each position of the crane hook,
with concentric circles indicating allowable
values.                                                                Province/Postal Code:
    MethoCAD contains information supplied
by manufacturers so that the capacities of                          New Address
different models are accurately represented.                                               Name:
The CAD-based software also takes account                                                    Title:
of space limitations on site, which can be a
particular issue once the permanent works
are in place.
   All too often, the mobile crane driver arrives
on site only to find that access is limited and                        Province/Postal Code:
that the job would require the crane hook to                                              Phone:
be extended further than permitted values.                                                    Fax:
Planning the operation in MethoCAD helps
avoid the dangerous situation where the

InfraStructures English Edition May 2009 – page 18
Portable Traffic Signals Help Contractors
Start Infrastructure Projects Faster
   North America Traffic, is experiencing            can take several weeks to locate and mark
a dramatic increase in requests for their            underground utilities prior to digging, bring
portable traffic signals since the American          power to the site and install the signals.                          At the project's conclusion,
Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009                   Conversely, portable traffic                                  the portable traffic signals are
was signed into law. To date, sales are 250%         signals are set up in less than                                  lowered and towed to the next
higher than the same time last year. As a            ten minutes. They run on battery                                 project whereas additional proj-
result, North America Traffic has increased          power charged by solar panels                                    ect time is needed to dismantle
production to meet the high demand.                  and provide unlimited runtime.                                   temporary traffic signals.
   Contractors bidding on infrastructure             They do not require any digging                                     In addition, temporary
projects funded by the Act are using portable        and eliminate the need for bring-                                traffic signals are costly and
traffic signals instead of conventional tempo-       ing power lines to the site.                                     job overhead costs, such as
rary traffic signals to cut project start up by         North America Traffic's PTL                                   the project manager’s wages,
up to a month; putting people back to work           2.4x model is trailer mounted and                                vehicle expenses, site trailer
more quickly.                                        compact with tandem towing                                       rental, telephone, and electricity
   Most two lane road and bridge repairs             capability. When fully erected the                               eat up the contractor's budget
require a single lane closure with two-way           upper signal head sits 17 feet                                   while waiting for the installation
traffic flow in the other lane controlled by         above the roadway and the lower                                  of the temporary signals. At the
traffic lights. The repair work cannot start until   head sits off the roadway eight                                  end of the project the contractor
the traffic signals are operational.                 feet above the ground. The sys-                                  has nothing to show for it.
   Temporary traffic signals can take up to a        tem also includes a radio remote                                   Portable traffic signals are
month to become operational. The signals             control which allows the workers to stop and      significantly less expensive and reusable,
require wood poles to be installed, electricity      start traffic flow whenever they need to bring    saving thousands of dollars on every project.
run to the site and signal heads installed. It       their trucks into the work zone.                     Source: North America Traffic

bauma 2010 Expects High Proportion                                                                     Innovations in
of International Exhibitors                                                                            Safety Technology
    The deadline for receipt of registration ap-     current economic climate.                             On October 18, 1999, Kim Vendl was
plications from exhibitors has now passed,              For the next bauma leading industry as-        killed when a
but the organizers of bauma 2010, Messe              sociations in Germany, under the auspices of      dump truck,
München GmbH, are very satisfied with the            the VDMA, Germany’s engineering federation        moving
response so far. Interest from exhibitors            and conceptual sponsor of bauma, will be          about 5 mph,
across all product sections is so strong that        launching an international innovations prize,     backed over
it accounts for the entire exhibition space          divided into five categories and open to all      her without
reserved for the event – a total of 540 000 m2       exhibitors at the fair. Exhibitors can find out   any warning.
spread between the exhibition halls and              about the award at www.bauma-innovation-          In response,
the open-air site. "Inquiries from first-time        award.com and send in their applications.         WAC 296-
and regular exhibitors from Asia are more            The deadline is September 15, 2009.               155-305
numerous for bauma 2010 than ever before,"              Messe München International has built          was born
revealed Georg Moller, exhibition director.          up global competence in the organization          which recommends using hard hat mounted
This all indicates that for bauma 2010 there         of international trade fairs for construction     rear-view mirrors “to warn and protect…
will be a further rise in the proportion of          machinery. In Munich, it hosts bauma, the         from traffic and equipment approaching from
international exhibitors.                            world’s leading trade fair for the sector, and    behind.” Neuwaukum Industries Inc. became
    Of the 3002 exhibitors at the last bauma in      in Shanghai, it organizes bauma China,            a front-runner in this campaign to save
2007, 1643 came from 48 countries outside            the leading event of its kind for the Asian       lives and reduce injuries by introducing the
Germany, which is equivalent to more than            market. bauma China takes place every two         GOBLIN™ Hard Hat Safety Mirrors. Designed
54% of the total. The countries with the             years.                                            for anyone wearing a hard hat, these mirrors
strongest exhibitor contingents were Italy,             The latest products from the international     expand the wearer’s peripheral vision zone
the U.S., Great Britain and China.                   construction, building-materials and mining       and greatly improve safety in the work zone.
    This development is a clear signal that          machinery sectors will be on show at bauma            Source: Neuwaukum Industries Inc.
bauma is the key event in the worldwide              in Munich from April 19 to 24, 2010.
exhibition calendar of the sector, despite the          Source: Messe München GmbH
                                                                                                       InfraStructures English Edition May 2009 – page 19
10th Anniversary Highlights Trends
for 2010 Garden & Floral Expo                                                                     Appointments
    It is never too early to mark your calendar for Canada’s premier fall buying show for the      kubota
green and floral industries. Marking their 10th successful year, Landscape Ontario’s Garden     corporation has
& Floral Expo will take place on October 20 - 21, 2010 at the Toronto Congress Centre.          named Satoshi iida
   Each year, the Garden & Floral Expo attracts industry professionals – retailers, growers,    as new president
garden centre owners, florists, gift and mass merchant retailers from Canada’s largest horti-   of Kubota Tractor
cultural marketplace. In a recent survey conducted by Landscape Ontario, 89% of Garden &        Corporation,
Floral Expo attendees cited new products as the number one reason for attending.                based in Torrance,
   Additionally, the 2010 Expo is a great place to discover industry trends, attend informa-    California.
tive workshops, source new suppliers and network with industry experts from all different          Satoshi Iida,
sectors of the business.                                                                        who has a Ph.D.
   Landscape Ontario will celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Garden & Floral Expo, with      in mechanical and
great food, drinks and music, recognizing industry stakeholder who have helped shape the        systems engineering, has been with Kubota
organization’s vision.                                                                          Corporation for 29 years and served in the
   Scheduled for October 19, 2009, the Garden Centre Symposium will feature Tom Shay,           company’s engineering, utility tractor, and
Kip Creel and Jeff Morey. It is being held at the Toronto Congress Centre, Toronto, Ontario,    construction equipment divisions. He was
Canada as part of the Garden & Floral Expo trade show.                                          previously appointed to executive level man-
    Tom Shay of Profits Plus is well-known as a fourth-generation business owner, author,       agement positions within Kubota, including
columnist, business coach and speaker. He shares and teaches from his frontline experi-         his most recent appointment, prior to joining
ence to challenge attendees with proven methods of building business with existing              Kubota Tractor Corporation, as president of
customers, increasing their overall return on investment and having fun at the same time.       Kubota Europe in France. Mr. Iida is a member
   As president of Standpoint Marketing Research, Kip Creel brings invaluable information       of Kubota Corporation’s Board of Directors.
on shifting demographics and how the different expectations of Generation X & Y shoppers           Source: Kubota Tractor Corporation
are shaping the garden centers of the future. His insights will help retailers to create the
innovative programs that will drive incremental sales gains.
   As the publisher of several industry magazines and producer of the Independent Garden           David Shea,
Center show, Jeff Morey knows that independent garden center retailers cannot allow             managing director
themselves to be comfortably content. His messages will reinforce the need for the industry     of top Lift enter-
to keep pushing the edge of the envelope with great merchandising, superior product selec-      prises inc., based
tion and uncompromising quality.                                                                in Stoney Creek,
   Source: Landscape Ontario                                                                    Ontario, is pleased
                                                                                                to announce the
                                                                                                appointment of

Registration Is Open for ICUEE 2009                                                             glenn Milum as
                                                                                                territory manager.
   Registration for ICUEE – The Demo Expo is already open. Attendees can register online           Glenn Milum will
for the exhibition, as well as show education and housing, and they can save time and           be responsible for sales of Doosan construc-
money by registering in advance. Full details are online at www.icuee.com.                      tion equipment from Oakville to the Niagara
   ICUEE is the International Construction and Utility Equipment Exposition, and the bien-      region and Sennebogen material handling
nial event will be held October 6-8, 2009 at the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville,      equipment in all of Ontario.
Kentucky.                                                                                          According to David Shea, Mr. Milum brings
   “Without a doubt, these are difficult times for companies, but they know they need to        more than 15 years of sales experience to the
                                                                                                                          Photo CNW
keep up to speed to be ready for the recovery. And, AEM trade shows such as ICUEE are           marketing department of Top Lift Enterprises
a proven way for industry professionals to connect with each other and learn from each          Inc. “We are pleased to add Glenn to our staff.
other,” stated show director Melissa Magestro. “At ICUEE, they’ll not only find the newest      His ability to understand the customers’ needs
innovations, they can ‘test drive’ them right on the show site.”                                and to make sure they are getting the right
   Exhibit space sales are trending ahead of the last show with more than 93 000 m2 taken.      equipment will make him a valuable addition to
ICUEE’s value has increased with new co-located events for 2009 and a 100% increase in          the team”, said Mr. Shea.
education offered, including sessions on sustainability and renewable energy. “Attendees           “It’s pretty exciting to be joining Top Lift.
will be ahead of their competition, with new ideas, sharpened skills and solid business         This is a company with great products, great
connections,” Melissa Magestro stated.                                                          service and a great reputation. Both Sennebo-
   New to ICUEE for 2009 are the inaugural H2O-XPO show (water and wastewater), the             gen and Doosan are leaders in their respective
IUV Technical Conference and exhibit pavilion (design and engineering), and the iP Safety       fields,” says Mr. Milum.
Conference and Safety Zone exhibit pavilion (safety and training).                                 Source: Top Lift Enterprises Inc.
   Source: the International Construction and Utility Equipment Exposition

InfraStructures English Edition May 2009 – page 20
InfraStructures English Edition May 2009 – page 21
                                                                   the Big event - northern Mines & exploration expo 2009
                                                                      May 21 - 23, 2009
                                                                      Timmins, ON Canada

                                                                   canadian Fleet Maintenance Seminar
                                                                      May 26 - 28, 2009
                                                                      Toronto, ON Canada

                                                                   itS america’s 2009 annual Meeting & exposition
                                                                      June 1st - 3, 2009
                                                                      Fort Washington, MD USA

                                                                   Wastetech 2009
                                                                      June 2 - 5, 2009
                                                                      Moscow, Russia

                                                                   ctt Moscow 2009
                                                                      June 2 - 6, 2009
                                                                      Moscow, Russia

                                                                   M & t expo 2009
                                                                      June 2 - 6, 2009
                                                                      Sao Paulo, Brazil

                                                                   international Bridge conference
                                                                      June 14 - 17, 2009
                                                                      Pittsburgh, PA USA

                                                                   4th annual Salon national de l’environnement
                                                                      June 19 - 21, 2009
                                                                      Montreal, QC Canada

                                                                   ite 2009 annual Meeting and exhibition
                                                                      August 9 - 12, 2009
                                                                      San Antonio, TX USA

                                                                   Wood Week
                                                                      September 10 - 12, 2009
                                                                      Quebec City, QC Canada

                                                                   apoM technical day
                                                                      September 11, 2009
                                                                      Trois-Rivières, QC Canada

                                                                   16th itS World congress
                                                                      September 21 - 25, 2009
                                                                      Stockholm, Sweden

                                                                   icuee - the international construction & utility exposition
                                                                      October 6 - 8, 2009
                                                                      Louisville, KY USA

                                                                   WaterSmart innovations conference and exposition
                                                                      October 7 - 9, 2009
                                                                      Las Vegas, NV USA

                                                                   BiceS - Beijing international construction Machinery exhibition & Seminar
                                                                      November 3 - 6, 2009
                                                                      Beijing China

                                                                   inFRa 2009
                                                                      November 16 - 18, 2009
                                                                      Mont-Tremblant, QC Canada

                                                                   atlantic Logistic Forum
                                                                      November 26 - 27, 2009
                                                                      Pau, France

                                                                   Bauma 2010
                                                                      April 19 - 25, 2010
                                                                      Munich, Germany

                                                                   iFat cHina
                                                                      May 4 - 6, 2010
                                                                      Shanghai, China
                          You can count on us to keep you
                    well informed on what is hot in the industry   iFat 2010 - international trade Fair for Water, Sewage, Refuse and Recycling
                             InfraStructures                          September 13 - 17, 2010
                                                                      Munich, Germany
                      brings the news from the show floors to
                              your desk like no other!             Hillhead - Dates changed
                                                                      June 22 - 24, 2010
                                                                      Buxton, UK

                                                                   conexpo-con/agg & iFpe
                                                                      March 22 - 26, 2011
                                                                      Las Vegas, NV USA

InfraStructures English Edition May 2009 – page 22
InfraStructures English Edition May 2009 – page 23
InfraStructures English Edition May 2009 – page 24

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