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Static electricity overview


									                              Atoms Computer Lab Assignment

Static electricity overview:
Go to
Read the info, then scroll down to the mini-quiz (3 big questions). Just answer them to yourself.
You don’t need to write the answers to these 3 questions. They are just to get you thinking.
☺ Now that you’re all warmed up, write your answers to these questions on notebook paper.
Static Electricity
1. What is the difference between electrons and protons?
2. When does a piece of matter have a “charge?”
3. What happens if two objects have the same charge? What happens if two objects have
different charges? Can you think of an example of this?

Go to
u=high and read about atoms. Click the link What’s a molecule? and read the information to
answer: (Be sure you are reading at the “Advanced” level.
Atoms & Molecules
    4. How are the atoms in a molecule held together?
    5. What are molecules always doing?
    6. What causes molecules to move faster?

Click on Reactions make and break molecules. After reading the information, click on chemical
components in the third paragraph.
    7. What information do the rows on the periodic table tell you?

Click on Elements in living things, and answer the following questions.
    8. List the four most common elements in a cell.
    9. Calcium is needed for ______________________.
    10. What element helps in the digestion process?
    11. Why is iron important our bodies?
    12. Which element is part of the chlorophyll in plant cells?
    13. What element makes some plants tough and hard to chew?

Arrow back one screen and click on Elements in Earth’s crust.
   14. List the eight most abundant elements in Earth’s crust.
   15. Oxygen and Silicon, together, make up what percentage of Earth’s crust? (Math
       time… Show your work.)

Go to the Science Odyssey Atom Builder website at

Read the instructions for the Atom Builder activity. Click on the links to read the Atom Builder
Guide to Elementary Particles and the Atom Builder Guide to Building a Stable Atom, before
going to the actual Atom Builder activity. Arrow back to the original web page and go to the
activity. Work through the steps until you have successfully built a stable carbon atom.

Related information, for your enlightenment:
More static electricity info Keep scrolling down… there’s more.
Bill Nye: signature lights of elements (brief video)

How batteries work:

Play this game alone or with a 2nd player. It’s like Jeopardy. You won’t know some of the
information, but playing the game will help you learn some extra info about matter.

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