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									Drum Hill Liquors
83 Parkhurst Road
Chelmsford, MA 01824
(978) 452-3400

This is the list of kegs that are available. Please call for pricing, availability, and any other questions.

Beer                                                                        Origin
Abbot Ale (Greene King)                                                     England
Amstel Light                                                                Amsterdam
Anderson Valley Brewing                                                     Calif
Avery Brewing                                                               Colorado
Ayinger (Celebrator doublebock,oktoberfest)                                 Germany
Ayinger Brau Weisse (Hefe)                                                  Germany
Bachus Flanders Ale                                                         Belgium
Ballast Pt. Brewing (Big Eye IPA)                                           Colorado
Ballast Pt. Brewing (Black Martin Porter)                                   Colorado
Ballast Pt. Brewing (Calico Amber)                                          Colorado
Bass Ale                                                                    England
Bear Republic (Big Bear Stout)                                              Calif
Bear Republic (Hop Rod Ale, Racer 5 IPA)                                    Calif
Bear Republic (Red Rocket Ale, XP Pale Ale)                                 Calif
Becks, Becks Oktoberfest                                                    Germany
Belhaven (Scottish Ale, Twidted Thistle)                                    Scotland
Bitburger Pilsner                                                           Germany
Black Sheep (monty python holy ale only)                                    England
Blue Moon (Belgian style Witbier)                                           Colorado
Bocker Cuvee de Jacobins                                                    Belgium
Boddington's Pub Ale                                                        England
Boulder (Never Summer, Cold Hop, Kinda Blue)                                Colorado
Brasserie Binchoise ( reserve)                                              Belgium
Brasserie Des Rocs Triple Imperial                                          Belgium
Brasserie Liefmans Lucifer                                                  Belgium
Brasserie Liefmans (Frambuzen,Kriek,Goudenband)                             Belgium
Brasserie St. Feuillien Triple                                              Belgium
Brooklyn Brewery (post rd pumpkin,Oktoberfest)                              NY
Brouwerj De HalveMann                                                       Belgium
Brouwerj Verhaeghe (Duchesse de Bourgogne)                                  Belgium
Bud Light                                                                   U.S.
Bud(American Ale, Lt. Lime, Lt.Gold Wheat)                                  U.S.
Budweiser                                                                   U.S.
Budweiser Select                                                            U.S.
Busch, Busch Light                                                          U.S.
Cape Ann (Fishermans pump stout,Bavarian wheat)                             MA
Caracole Saxo                                                               Belgium
Carlsberg Lager                                                             Denmark
Cisco (Summer Lager,pumple Drumkin)
Coors                                                  Colorado
Coors LIGHT                                            Colorado
CZECHVAR                                               Czech Rep
Dab                                                    Germany
Delirium( Tremens, Nocturnum)                          Belgium
Des Roc Grand Cru                                      Belgium
Dogfish Head                                           Delaware
Dos Equis: Amber & Lager                               Mexico
Echt Kriekenbier                                       Belgium
Eel River (ravens imperial stout, triple exultation)   Calif
Eel River (Acai Berry)                                 Calif
Erdinger Dark Hele                                     Germany
Erdinger (hefeweizen,Oktoberfest)                      Germany
Flying Dog Brewery (Dogtoberfest)                      Colorado
Fosters                                                Australia
Fuller's (ESB,London Porter,London Pride Pale Ale)     England
Geary's (summer & Autumn)                              Maine
Goose Island IPA                                       Chicago
Goose Island( honkers ale, 312 urban wheat)            Chicago
Gouden                                                 Belgium
Grand Teton                                            Idaho
Great Divide                                           Colorado
Gritty McDuff's (Haloween Ale, Vacationland summer)    Maine
Guinness (requires nitrogen system)                    Ireland
Harp (Euro Pale Lager)                                 Ireland
Harpoon I.P.A.                                         Mass/VT
Harpoon (Lager,UFO,White,Rasp,& Pale)                  Mass/VT
Harpoon Cider                                          Mass/VT
Harpoon Imperial IPA                                   Mass/VT
Harpoon Seasonal (Oktoberfest,Winter, old salt ale)    Mass/VT
Heineken                                               Holland
Hoegaarden                                             Belgium
Hofbrau *requires german slider tap                    Germany
Hooker Blonde Ale                                      Conn
Ipswich Oatmeal                                        MA
Ipswich (Ale, IPA, Winter, Harvest)                    MA
Jever Pils                                             Germany
Kasteel (chateau,rouge,triple,donker)                  Belgium
Kennebec IPA                                           Maine
Kilkenny                                               Ireland
Killians Irish Red                                     U.S.
Kirin Ichiban (Jap rice lager)                         Japan
Kona Brewing (Fire rock ale, longboard)                Hawaii
Kona Brewing (Wailua wheat, pipeline porter)           Hawaii
Konig Pilsner                                          Germany
Kristall weiss, hefe dunkle                            Germany
Kronenbourg 1664 Lager                              France
Krusovice Crème (dark)                              Czech Rep
Krusovice Lager                                     Czech Rep
Labatts Blue                                        Canada
Lagunitas (brown sugga,lucky 13,litle sumpin)       Calif
LandShark Island Lager                              FLA
Laughing Dog (dogzilla black ipa,alpha dog ipa)     Idaho
Laughing Dog (Devil Dog double IPA)                 Idaho
Leffe Blonde Pale Ale                               Belgium
Left Hand Brewing (fade to black,twin sister)       Colorado
Lion Breweery (stout) Ceylon                        India
Lobster Ale (Belfast Bay brew co.)                  Maine
Long Trail (IPA, Pale Ale, Blackberry Wheat)        VT
Long Trail ALE                                      VT
Lucifer golden ale                                  Belgium
Magic Hat (#9, Seasonal, Circus Boy,Hex)            VT
Magner's Irish Cider                                Ireland
McNeils Brewery (Ocktoberfest)                      VT
Meantime I.P.A.                                     England
Meantime I.P.A.                                     England
Meantime (london stout,choc porter,scotch ale)      England
Michelob Amber Bock                                 U.S.
Michelob Ultra                                      U.S.
Michelob, Michelob Light                            U.S.
Miller Genuine Draft                                U.S.
Miller Genuine Draft MGD 64                         U.S.
Miller High Life                                    US
Miller Lite                                         U.S.
Molson                                              Canada
Moosehead                                           Canada
Moretti                                             Italy
Murphy's (Amber, Stout)                             Ireland
Narragansett                                        R.I.
Natural (light & Ice)                               US
Negra Modelo (munich dunkel lager)                  Mexico
Negra Modelo Especial (american lager)              Mexico
New England Brewing (Atlantic Amber)                Conn
New England Brewing (Sea hag ipa, elm city lager)   Conn
Newcastle Brown Ale                                 England
O'Hara's( Irish Stout, Irish Red)                   Ireland
Old Speckled Hen (Greene King)                      England
Oskar Blues                                         Colorado
Oskar Blues Gubna Imperial IPA                      Colorado
Oud Beersel Framboise (5%)                          Belgium
Pabst                                               U.S.
Paulaner-Hefe *requires german slider tap           Germany
Pauwel Kwak                                         Belgium
Peak ORGANIC (amber,ipa,pomegranate)                      Maine
Peroni                                                    Italy
Pilsner Urquell                                           Czech Rep
Port Brew co. (Lost Abbey Draft)see bev journal           Calif
Presidente (light? Check Beverage journal)                Dom Rep
Rapscallion Brew Co.(see bev journal)                     Mass
Red Hook ESB                                              WA & NH
Red Hook (seasonal, Longhammer)                           WA & NH
Rock Art Brewery (American Red Ale)                       Vt
Rock Art (Tomahawkus extreme,ridgerunner barley wine VT    VT
Rolling Rock (& Light)                                    US
Sam Adams (Cherry Wheat,Coastal, Seasonal)                Ma
Sam Adams Ale                                             Ma
Sam Adams Lager                                           Ma
Saranac (pumpkin ale)                                     NY
Schneider Hopfen Weissw                                   Germany
Seadog Blueberry                                          Maine
Shipyard Ale,Wheat Old Thumper,Seasonal                   Maine
Shipyard I.P.A.                                           Maine
Shmaltz Brewing (Coney Island, etc)                       NY & Calif
Shock Top (Belgian white ale)                             US
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale (tumbler autumn brown ale)         Calif
Smithwick's                                               Ireland
Smutty Nose (IPA,star island,old brown dog ale,pumpk)     NH
Spaten (Lager, Oktoberfest)                               Germany
Spaten (Franz Hefe Weisse)                                Germany
Spaten (optimator double bock,franz dunkle weisse)        Germany
St. Ambroise oatmeal stout requires nitrogen sys**        Canada
St. Bernardus                                             Belgium
St. Feuillen                                              Belgium
St. Louis Geuze                                           Belgium
Staropramen (full bodied lager)                           Czech Rep
Stella Artois (Euro Plae Lager)                           Belgium
Stone Brewing (arrogant bastard ale)                      Calif
Stone Brewing (russian imp stout, old guardian, self
righteous ale, ruination draft, oaked bastard)            Calif
Stone Brewing Co.(stoneipa, levitation ale,stone
smoked porter, pale ale)                                  Calif
Stoudts (Oktoberfest)                                     Penn
Strongbow CIDER                                           U.K
Tetley's English Ale                                      England
Tilburg Dutch Brown Ale                                   Holland
Tremont Ale (English Pale Ale)                            Maine
Tripel Karmeliet                                          Belgium
Troegs (Dead reckoning porter)                            Penn
Tucher Hefeweizen                                         Germany
Twenty First Amendment Brewery (Blk Ipa, brew free ipa)   Calif
Twenty First Amendment Brewery (Golden Doom)               Calif
Twenty First Amendment (watermelon wheat)                  Calif
Uinta Brewing                                              Utah
Unibroue (Ephemere Apple)                                  Canada
Unibroue (Terrible)                                        Canada
Unibroue ( Maudite, Trois Pistoles)                        Canada
Unibroue (Blanche Chambly,Chambley Noir)                   Canada
Urthel (Saisonierre)                                       Belgium
Urthel (hop ipa,DBL ipa, Samaranth quad)                   Belgium
Victory ( gold monkey. Storm king stout,hopwallop)         Penn
Victory (hop devil ipa,prima pils, lager,festbier)         Penn
Wachusett( blueberry, country, ipa,green monsta,OKT)       Ma
Warsteiner *requires German slider tap                     Germany
Weihenstephaner(orig lager, hefe Weiss)                    Germany
Wells Bombardier Ale                                       England
Weyerbacher Breweing                                       Utah
Widmer (hefe-weizin,drifter ale)                           oregon
Woodchuck CIDER ( & amber)                                 VT
Wurzburger (Festbier, Julius echter hefe-weiss, pilsner)   Germany
Wychwood Hobgoblin British Ale                             England
Young's Double Chocolate Stout                             England

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