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					Advanced ESL Pacing Guide
Fall 2006

Week 1      procedures
            Multiple intelligence activity
            Writing self study essays
            Edit practice

Week 2      News for You reading
            oral activities Great Ideas Chapter 1

Week 3      Mystery reading Visions C chapter 1
            present tense in Grammar for You Chapter 1

Week 4-5    Nerdlandia
            Dramatic reading
            Literature terms
            Creative writing
            Definition, Cause and effect writing

Week 6      energy reading in News For You
            Internet research on energy
            Debate preparation and video evaluation

Week 7      restaurant ordering New Interchange Level 1 Chapter 13
            Either/neither, so/too
            Field trip to restaurant, restaurant review writing

Week 8      US geography lesson, state abbreviations
            Native Americans history reading
            Media center research, presentations
            Movie Dances with Wolves

Week 9      history reading and jigsaw Spanish explorers
            Visions C chapter 3 reading

Week 10     Pilgrims history reading
            Thanksgiving Internet research
            French and American war reading
            Boston Tea party

Week 11     American Revolution history reading
            Cause and effect, persuasive papers
            historical biographies, research and essays
            Oral presentations
Week 12      US government
             Mexican American War
             Civil War reading
             Compare and contrast writing
             Internet research and presentations

Week 13      Slavery lesson and Harriet Tubman video
             Immigration in 1880s
             Movie An American Tail

Week 14      WWII bomb debate
             Civil Rights
             Vietnam guest speaker
             9/11 reading

Week 15-17   A Christmas Carol reading
             Literature terms, vocabulary
             Creative writing
             Drama projects

Week 18      exam review