Access to Artificial Insemination For Prisoners by mikeholy


									Our Ref: FOI70302                                  20 May 2011

You ask, following the European Court of Human Rights ruling in the case of Dickson
and Another v United Kingdom (Application No 44362/04), what information the
Ministry of Justice holds on prisoners who have sought, subsequently, to exercise the
right to conceive a child through artificial insemination, and how many such requests
have been granted.

You also ask how many prisoners have applied for an attempt at artificial insemination
since the ruling, how many requests were granted, and in which years the approvals
were given.

I can confirm that the Department holds the information you are seeking.

Since 4 December 2007, 22 prisoners have applied for permission to gain access to
artificial insemination facilities. Five of those applications remain under consideration.
Of the 22 applications which have been received one applicant has been granted
access to artificial insemination facilities since 2007. The decision to grant this request
took place in 2011.

NOMS is not paying for this treatment.

Any costs that may be incurred will be the responsibility of the prisoner and his

Information on the documents required from the prison along with the application can
be found in PSO 2510 Prisoner’s Request Complaints Procedure on the MoJ website
at the following address:

National Offender Management Service (NOMS) holds applications and any
supporting documents centrally.

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