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					       Andy Ludlow Homelessness Awards 2011: application form

The Andy Ludlow Homelessness Awards are open to all projects in London
working in the field of homelessness, including those from the voluntary
sector, housing and social services departments, NHS trusts, registered social
landlords, or a partnership of agencies.

The judges will look for evidence of work that:

      takes an innovative or unique approach
      can be replicated in other parts of London
      improves services to homeless people or those at risk of becoming
      prevents homelessness
      tackles disadvantage caused by homelessness

Conditions of entry
The standard application form as attached below must be completed – no
other form of application will be accepted.

You may return your application form by email but a signed, printed copy must
be received by the closing deadline (see application form for details).

The judges will base their assessment on your application form alone so
supporting material may not be submitted.

It is a condition of entry that entrants agree to the following on receipt of any
prize money awarded:

      prize money must be used to enhance the services of the project, or to
       develop a new service for the project. This may include improving
       services to homeless people or vulnerable groups; preventing
       homelessness and tackling disadvantage caused by homelessness

      prize money must not be used for existing staff costs or to pay off
       existing debt, and will be utilised in full by the end of the 2012 calendar

London Councils may film the short listed projects for public viewing at the
awards ceremony and on the awards website. The filming is for the purposes
of promotion and education only. Please ensure you sign the filming
agreement at the end of the application form. Should you have any concerns
about giving consent, please contact
(020 7934 9754).

Returning your application
Please return the completed electronic Word form (do not convert to PDF) in
addition to a signed printed signed copy to the email and postal addresses
below no later than 12 noon on Thursday 10 May 2011 to:

Emma Stewart
London Councils
59½ Southwark Street
London SE1 0AL

For electronic entries and any queries about the Andy Ludlow Homelessness
Awards, please contact:, 020 7934

The Andy Ludlow Homelessness Awards are organised by London Councils,
sponsored by the London boroughs, the London Housing Foundation, the
Mayor of London and Shelter, and supported by Inside Housing magazine.

Please note that the decision to award money to winning organisations is final
and is a one-off prize decided by a panel of judges whose decision in all
matters relating to the Awards will be final. The decisions are based on the
completed application forms and presentations by the short-listed projects.
The Awards are not linked in any way to London Councils grants programme.
In the event of a dispute regarding the process prior to the award of prize
money, please request a copy of London Councils complaints procedure.
Please note that family members and others associated with London Councils
are not permitted to enter.

                              Application Form

Name of organisation:

Name of project or service that this entry relates to:

Type of organisation:
                                             RSL or housing association
   Housing department
                                             Other (please specify):
   Social services department

    Voluntary organisation

Date project or service established:

Has your organisation previously applied or been shortlisted for the
Andy Ludlow Awards? If yes, please state year:

Contact name and job title:

E-mail (please provide an email address as we correspond mainly by email)


Signature (sign your printed copy if you don’t have an electronic signature):


Where did you hear about the Andy Ludlow Homelessness Awards?

   London Councils email                     Online (please state website):

   London Housing Foundation
                                             Other (please specify):
   Inside Housing magazine

1. Brief description of the services / activities provided.
Please give a summary of the project or service with examples of the types of work
carried out and the activities undertaken. Tell us what you feel is special, unique and
innovative about your project and why it is a good candidate for these awards.

2.    How do you reach and engage with people that you want to use
your service? Describe how you identify potential service users, your experience
of working with your target group and how you know that the services you provide
are the ones that are needed.

3. Outcomes of the project or service
Tell us about your project’s outcomes, what you have achieved to date and what you
plan to achieve in 2011/12. Outcomes should be specific, measurable, achievable,
realistic and have a time scale.

4. How do you monitor and evaluate the services that you provide?
You need to demonstrate that the project is monitoring and evaluating its services
effectively. Please explain what monitoring information is collected and how it is used
to review and inform progress and the development of services e.g. user surveys,
analysis of day-to-day feedback.

5. People who benefit from the project
How many people benefited from this project in 2010/11 and how many people do
you anticipate benefiting in 2011/12? As far as possible, please state the number of
beneficiaries broken down by gender, age, ethnic origin and disability.

6. Encouraging service user participation
How do you involve your clients in running the project? How do you support them to
take up these opportunities?

7. Multi-agency working
The best projects operate from the view that homelessness does not occur in
isolation but is part of a broader range of issues that a client may be contending with.
Please list any organisations you work with which complement the service you
provide and explain how they contribute.

8. Ensuring your project is accessible to all potential users
Tell us how you ensure that your services are accessible to a diverse range of users.
For example, you could consider how disabled people, people from black, Asian and
minority ethnic and refugee groups, or lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual groups
and are able to use your services.

9. How will you share the knowledge and best practice built up by your
project with other organisations?
If your organisation wins the Andy Ludlow Awards you will be expected to share
learning, experience and best practice with other organisations in the homelessness
sector. How will you do this?

10. Spending the prize money and replicability
Tell us how you would spend the prize money should your project win an award. We
are also interested in how you think your project could be replicated in other parts of

11. If you have a referee(s) who wants to provide a testimony or
comment on your project, you can include it here.
Please note that this section is optional.

Organisation/Project Filming Consent Form – Andy Ludlow Homelessness
Awards 2011

London Councils may film the short listed projects for public viewing at the
awards ceremony and on the awards website.

The film will mainly show service user activities and service user interviews
and will be shown at the awards ceremony prior to the names of the winning
projects being announced. It may also be posted on London Councils’
website or otherwise used by London Councils or the London boroughs (on
whose behalf London Councils acts) in their work to support homelessness
projects in London. London Councils will own all copyright of the film and
copies of the film may, at London Councils’ discretion, be made available to
those organisations whose projects have been short-listed to be used to
support the organisations’ work in the homelessness field, but may not be
further copied or used for commercial purposes. Please note that any
personal information provided will be processed by London Councils in
compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998 (“the Act”).

The contact officer within London Councils for the film making venture is
Emma Stewart, 020 7934 9754.

I acknowledge the terms set out above and confirm that I will inform all
participants being filmed of the purpose of the film and how the film will be
used and will procure written consents from those persons to be filmed
including parents/guardians who have legal / parental responsibility for
children under 18 years of age. London Councils will supply the necessary
consent forms if your project is short listed.




Project and Organisation: