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									                                       Papers publishd by material institute in 2005

1.   Hydrothermal     synthesis   of   SnO2     hollow   Du Fanglin,Go Zhiyan,Liguicun       Materials Letters,2005,59 :     SCI
     microspheres                                                                            2563-2565
2.   One-step synthesis of porous palladium              Go Zhiyan,Du Fanglin,Yu Shitao      Nanoparticle                    SCI
     nanostructures by H2+He Arc Plasma Method                                               Research,2005,7:95-99
3.                                                       Xie Guangwen、Wang Zhaobo、           Carbon, 2005,43(15)
     Ni-Fe-Co-P Coatings on Coiled Carbon Nanofibers                                                                         SCI
                                                         Cuizuolin、Shi Yulong                3181-3183
4.   Synthesis of coiled carbon nanofibers by Cu-Ni
                                                                                             Materials letters,2005.01,
     alloy nanoparticles catalyzed decomposition of      Yu liyan、Qin Yong、Cuizuolin                                         SCI
     acetylene at the low temperature of 241ºC
5.   Marvelous Prolongation of lifetime of Alumina Sol
                                                         Jing Chengbin et al                 Materials Letters 59 (2005)
     from Aluminum Sec-butoxide with the presence of                                                                         SCI
                                                                                             3742 – 3745
     Ethylacetoacetate in Aqueous Medium
6.   Complexing behaviors between ammonium
                                                         Zhang Yongheng,Jon Binner           Polymer, Vol.25, 39-42, 2005    SCI
     polyacrylate and poly(diallyldimethylammonium
7.                                                       Liguicun,Pang Shuping,Wang          European Journal of Inorganic
     Synthesis of H2V3O8 Single-crystal Nanobelts                                                                            SCI
                                                         Zhaobo, Peng hongrui,Zhang Zhikun   Chemistry, 2005, 2060–2063.
8.   Hollow Copper Micro-amygdalae with Porous           Liguicun,Yi Wang, Yong Qin, Zhang   J. Mater. Sci., 2005, 40,
     Shells                                              Zhikun                              235–236.
9.                                                      Liguicun,Pang Shuping, Peng
     Templateless and Surfactantless Route to the                                            J. Polymer Sci. Part A: Polymer
                                                        hongrui, Wang Zhaobo, Cuizuolin,                                          SCI
     Synthesis of Polyaniline Nanofibers                                                     Chem., 2005, 43, 4012–4015.
                                                        Zhang Zhikun
10. Synthesis of Polyaniline-Vanadium Oxide             Pang Shuping, Liguicun,Zhang         Macromol. Rapid Comm.,
    Nanocomposite Nanosheets                            Zhikun                               2005, 26, 1262–1265.
11. Synthesis of high quality CdS nanorods by                                                J. Nanopar. Res., 2005, 7,
                                                        Wei Feng, Liguicun,Zhang Zhikun                                           SCI
    solvothermal process and their photoluminescence                                         685–689.
12. Hydrothermal Synthesis of Spindle-like ZnS                                               Mater. Res. Bull. 2005, 40,
                                                        Feng Wei, Liguicun, Zhikun Zhang                                          SCI
    Hollow Nanostructures                                                                    1402–1407.
13. Synthesis of Bundle-like Structure of Titania       Hongrui Peng, Liguicun, Zhikun       Mater. Lett., 2005, 59,
    Nanotubes                                           Zhang                                1142–1145.
14. One-step synthesis and optical properties of blue   Yi Wang, Yong Qin, Liguicun,         J. Cryst. Growth, 2005, 282,
    titanium suboxide nanoparticles                     Zuolin Cui, Zhikun Zhang             402–406.
15. Dispersion Behavior of TiO2 Nanoparticles in        Wang Zhaobo,Liguicun,Xie             Macromal
    LLDPE/LDPE/TiO2 Nanocomposites                      Guangwen,Zhang zhikun                Chem.Phys.2005,26,258-262
16. The sdtructural and UV-VIS SPECTRAL
                                                                                             Mater. Charact.,
    Characterization of TiO2 Particles doped in the     Liu Shaolin,Cuizuolin,Zhang zhikun                                        SCI
    lattice with CR3+ Cations
17. Dispersion of TiO2 Nanoparticles in TiO2/HIPS       Peng hongrui,Wang Zhaobo,Zhang       J.Disper. Tech.,2005.6 ( 26 )
    composites                                          zhikun                               203206
18. Preparation and Characterization of Linear
                                                                                             J. Appl. Polym. Sci.,2005.9,Vol.
    Low-Density          Polyethylene/Low-Density       Xuyun Wang, Zhaobo Wang, Xin Wang                                     SCI
    Polyethylene/TiO2 Membranes
19. Sharkskin Mechanism of High-Impact Polystyrene
                                                                                             J. Appl. Polym. Sci.2005.5,Vol.96,
    (HIPS) and Rheological Behavior of HIPS/TiO2        Xin Wang, Zhaobo Wang, Qiye Wu                                            SCI
20. Surfance chemistry and hydrolysis of a
                                                         Jon Binner, Zhang Yongheng            Ceram. Int., 31, 469-474, 2005   SCI
    hydrophobic-treated aluminium nitride powder
21.                                                      Li Weibing,Yuichiro Murakami,                  Phys. Scr. ,
    XAFS and XRD studies of PdO-CeO2 catalysts on                                                 vol.T115(2005),749-752
                                                         Masanao Orihara, Suminori                                              SCI
                                                         Tanaka,Kumio Kanaoka,                 (ISSN:OO31-8949)
22. Chemical Modification of Single-walled Carbon        Liu Manhong, Yanlian Yang, Tao Zhu,
                                                                                               Carbon, 43, 1470-1478 (2005)     SCI
    Nanotubes with Peroxytrifluoroacetic Acid.           Zhongfan Liu
23. Effect of pulse duty cycle on micro-plasma           Shi Yulong,X.-Y. Zhang,Yan            Mater. Lett.,2005,
    oxidation of aluminum alloy                          Fengying,Xie Guangwen                 Vol.59(22):2725-2728
24. Unit crystal nanometer tantalum powder electric                                            Rare metal Journal of Materials
                                                         Wang Yi、Cuizuolin,Zhang Zhikun*                                       SCI
    arc plasma law preparation                                                                 Engineering 34(2005)   309-311
25. Waste polyurethane modified polyvinyl-chloride                                             Elastomer,2005。10
                                                         Ye Linzhong,Wang zhiyi                                                 SCI EI
    performance study                                                                          15(5)  ,36-39
26. Screw nanometer carbon fiber preparation and                                               高等学校化学学报,2005.01,
                                                         Yu liyan、Zhang Qian、Cuizuolin                           SCI
    attribute                                                                                  26(1),5-8
27. Plasma hot filament chemistry gas phase deposition
                                                                                               Functional Materials ,
    diamond membrane technological parameter             Bi Jingfeng、Fu Qiang、Shi Yulong                                        EI

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