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									                         LIST OF ABSTRACTS


1.   Burga L, Tung N, Troyan SL, Lee B, Houlihan MJ, Pories SE, Staradub
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     A potential role of EGFR-inhibitors for the prevention of BRCA1-
     related breast cancer.

2.   Choudhury SA, Y Wu, Maruyama R, Shipitsin M, Yao J, Qimron N, Lo P,
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3.   A.H. Comander, B. M. Gallagher, K. Krag, Y. Wang, H. Li, R. Gelman, L.
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     (ER+) breast cancers in BRCA1 mutation carriers

4.   A. Heather Eliassen, Regina G. Ziegler, Timothy D. Veenstra, Xia Xu,
     Susan E Hankinson
     Reproducibility of fifteen urinary estrogens and estrogen
     metabolites (EM) in premenopausal women over 2 to 3 years

5.   Harris HR, Willett WC, Terry KL, Michels KB
     Body fat distribution and risk of premenopausal breast cancer in
     the Nurses’ Health Study II

6.   Joanne Kotsopoulos, Shelley S. Tworoger, Immaculata DeVivo, Susan
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     331G/A variant in the progesterone receptor gene, postmenopausal
     hormone use and risk of breast cancer

7.   Elissa Ozanne, Lauren Cipriano, Michelle Cameron, Laura Esserman
     Cost-effectiveness of surgical interventions for BRCA gene
     mutation carriers: Impact of delaying decision-making

8.   Rinaa S. Punglia, Natasha K. Stout, Harold J Burstein, Alan M.
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     Effect of CYP2D6 genotype on choice of breast cancer
9.   Eva S. Schernhammer, Diane Feskanich, Caroline Niu, Regina Dopfel,
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     Nurses Health Study cohorts

10. Sahar Sibani, Karen S. Anderson, Jessica Wong, Genie Hainsworth,
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    breast cancer using NAPPA proteomic microarray technology

11. Rulla M. Tamimi, Graham A. Colditz, Susan E. Hankinson
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    risk of breast cancer

12. Shelley S. Tworoger, Megan S. Rice, Nichole A. Belsley, Laura C.
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    Risk of breast cancer with plasma prolactin concentrations by
    prolactin staining in the tumor

13. Yelena B. Wetherill, Scott B. Ficarro, Wa Xian, Joan S. Brugge, Susan
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    Dirk Iglehart, Alexander Miron
    Understanding breast cancer risk conferred by FGFR2 single
    nucleotide polymorphisms


14. Kathryn Coser, Nöel Rosenthal, and Toshi Shioda
    Quantitative systems biology of estrogenic agents

15. Kathryn Coser, Nöel Rosenthal, and Toshi Shioda
    Monoclonal subline panel profiling of MCF-7 cells reveals common
    and diversified aspects of molecular and genetic mechanisms
    determining antiestrogen sensitivity

16. Laurie Feldman, Jee-Yeong Jeong, Kerry L. Davis, Amanda L Socha,
    Klemen Spaninger, Arthur J. Sytkowski
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17. Jessica L. Fry and Alex Toker
    The two isoforms of ADAM-9 differentially modulate breast cancer
    cell migration
18. Lei He, Chee-Onn Leong, and Leif W. Ellisen
    Targeting P73-dependent apoptosis in triple-negative breast cancer

19. Sarah J. Hill, Daniel P. Silver, David M. Livingston
    BRCA1 pathway functionality in basal-like breast cancer

20. Hanna Yoko Irie, Shawn Hakim, Laura Selfors, Charles Want, Andrea
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    Identification of critical regulators of anchorage-independent
    survival of breast cancer cells

21. Jee-Yeong Jeong, Amanda L. Socha, Laurie Feldman
    Expression of the erythropoietin receptor (EpoR) by mammary
    epithelial cells results in a premalignant phenotype

22. Di Jia, Jay Harper, Li Yan, Robyn M. Loureiro, Inmin Wu, Jianmin Fang,
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    Transcriptional repression of VEGF in breast cancer by Znf24, a
    C2H2 zinc finger protein

23. Neil Johnson, Dongpo Cai, Richard D. Kennedy, Shailja Pathania,
    Jeffrey D. Parvin, Alan D. D’Andrea, and Geoffrey I. Shapiro
    Cdk1 depletion disrupts BRCA1 function and selectively sensitizes
    cancer cells to DNA damaging agents

24. Ozgur Kutuk, Anthony Letai
    Bim and Bmf cooperate to mediate paclitaxel-induced apoptosis in
    breast cancer cells.

25. Janice Lee, Hildegard Mack, Eric Liu, and Sheila Thomas
    Elucidating the autophagy regulatory network

26. Lauren L. Campbell Marotta, Janina Schemme, Sarah R. Walker, Noga
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    growth and survival genes

27. Reo Maruyama, Sibgat A. Choudhury, Kornelia Polyak
    Analysis of histone modification patterns of human mammary
    epithelial progenitor cells

28. Stephen M Miller, Matt Freedman, Debajit K. Biswas, J. Dirk Iglehart,
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    The development of resistance to lapatinib in breast cancer – an
    evolutionary genomic approach

29. F. Nakhlis, S. Pochebit, D.K Biswas, J.D. Iglehart
    Nuclear factor kappa B (NF-κB) is a functional marker and a
    potential therapeutic target for breast cancers

30. Jing Ni, Qiang Liu, Mark E. Ewen
    The functional interaction of cyclin D1 and C/EBP in mammary
    gland development

31. Sarah R. Walker, Erik A. Nelson, Mousumi Chaudhury, and David A.
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32. Chuanwei Yang, Cuiqi Li, Dennis Sgroi, Robert Cardiff, and Emmett V.
    Cyclin D1 controls the proliferative response to the combined
    actions of estrogen and progesterone in breast development and


33. Shannon T. Bailey and Myles Brown
    Elucidating the mechanism of ER-p53 cross-talk in breast cancer

34. Gilles Buchwalter, Anne Cromer, and Myles Brown
    Characterization of PDEF as a new ER cooperating factor

35. Hailing Cheng, Pixu Liu, Derek Semaan, Stephanie Santiago, J. Dirk
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    tumor formation

36. Y. Rebecca Chin and Alex Toker
    Differential regulation of breast cancer cell invasive migration by
    Akt isoforms

37. K Cole, R Tamimi, R Hu, G Colditz, S Schnitt, and L Collins
    Relationship between molecular phenotype of invasive breast
    cancer and expression of androgen receptor
38. Mick Correll, Jerry Papenhausen, Howie Goodell, Kristina Holton, Stas
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39. Aedín C. Culhane, Kermshlise C. Picard, Kristina Holton, Tim H. Lu,
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    lobular breast carcinomas: Amplification of chromosome 8q
    characterizes ductal cancers

41. Dimitrov SD, Koleva R, Marto J, Drapkin RI, Livingston DM
    A potential role for the CXXC5 protein in BRCA1 mutant breast
    cancer development

42. Kirsten C. Fertuck, Bryan Lajoie, Job Dekker, Jason S. Carroll, Myles
    Breast cancer cell chromosomal conformation in regions
    containing estrogen-regulated genes and estrogen receptor
    binding sites

43. Christina Gewinner, Zhigang C. Wang, Andrea Richardson, Julie
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    Leonardo Salmena, Pier Paolo Pandolfi, and Lewis C Cantley
    The Inositol polyphosphate 4-phosphatase type II is a tumor
    suppressor that inhibits PI3K signaling and correlates with overall
    patient outcome

44. Qiyuan Li, Aron C. Eklund, Nicolai Juul, Andrea, Richardson, Zoltan
    A general method to extract consistent information from multiple
    cancer data sets identifies a robust, agent specific predictor of
    chemotherapy resistance in triple negative breast cancer and
    ovarian cancer

45. Yang, Li, Ruiyang Tian, Lihua Zou, J. Dirk Iglehart, Andrea Richardson,
    and Zhigang Charles Wang
    The role of multiple genes of 8q22 copy gain in chemoresistance of
    breast cancer
46. Kristine McKinney, Jason Carroll, Tim Geistlinger, Mathieu Lupien,
    Shailja Pathania, Myles Brown, X. Shirley Liu, and David M. Livingston
    Deciphering the nature of genomic interactions of BRCA-1 and
    using these data to generate a reporter of BRCA1 function

47. Min Ni, Housheng He, and Myles Brown
    Genome-wide analysis of androgen receptor function in breast


48. Andrea C. Bafford, Harold J. Burstein, Christina R. Barkley, Barbara L.
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    patient selection on overall survival

49. Bafford, A.; Gadd, M.; Gu, X.; Lipsitz, S.; Golshan, M.
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52. Rong Hu, Shaheenah Dawood, Laura C. Collins, Stuart J. Schnitt,
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53. Mette Kalager, Tor Haldorsen, Michael Bretthauer, Geir Hoff, Steinar
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    organized mammography screening program among both screened
    and unscreened women: A population-based cohort study

54. Elena M. Kouri, Yulei He, Eric P. Winer, Nancy L. Keating
    Influence of birthplace on stage at breast cancer diagnosis and
    type of treatment in Hispanic women living in the US
55. Jong-Hwan Lee, Seung-Schik Yoo, Peter Stanwell, Eva Gombos
    Dynamic contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging for
    breast cancer detection and characterization toward adaptive real-
    time analysis

56. Mayer, EL, Isakoff, SJ, Hannagan, K, Savoie, J, Beckman, J, Klement,
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    advanced breast cancer

57. K. J. Ruddy, S. Gelber, R. Tamimi, L. Schapira, S. Come, S.
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58. Tara A. Russell, Jean Otoole, Colleen D. Murphy, Jessica Pogachar,
    Marek Ancukiewicz, Mary Elizabeth Singer, Michelle Specht, Barbara L.
    Smith, Alphonse Taghian
    Prospective evaluation of early lymphedema in breast cancer
    patients: Pre-operative assessment is necessary for early
    detection, defining natural history & developing a threshold of

59. M.A. Schonberg, E.R. Marcantonio, L.H. Ngo, R.A. Silliman, E.P.
    Breast cancer among the oldest-old: Is less aggressive treatment
    related to increased risk of death from early stage disease?

60. Kenneth Swanson, Susan Song, Edwin Lok, Jenny Dessain, and Eric T.
    Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) biomarkers for breast cancer brain

61. Sara M Tolaney, Julie Najita, Wendy Y. Chen, Jennifer Savoie, Monica
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    A Phase II study of ixabepilone plus trastuzumab for metastatic
    HER2-positive breast cancer

62. Aisha Towns, Jessica Wong, Donna Drakoulakos, Penelope Miron, and
    Karen Anderson
    Combined Her2 ECD and Her2 autoantibody biomarkers for early
    stage Her2+ breast cancer

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