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									Saskatchewan Ministry of
Advanced Education,
Employment and Labour
Status of Women Office


Wednesday, March 31, 2010
Mailing Address:
Ministry of Advanced Education,
Employment and Labour
Status of Women Office
400 - 1870 Albert Street
Telephone: (306) 787-7401
FAX: (306) 787-2058
Web Site:

Office Location:
3rd Floor, 1870 Albert Street

We would like to acknowledge the assistance of             Note: The views and policies of the organizations listed
the many women's organizations, non-                       do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of the
governmental organizations and government                  Status of Women Office or the Government of
agencies listed in this Directory. Without their help,     Saskatchewan. The Status of Women Office cannot
this Directory would not have been possible.               take responsibility for programs which are cancelled or
Thank you for your support.                                do not provide the quality of service anticpated by
                                                           persons using this Directory.

   Status of Women Office. Portions of this Directory may be reproduced, provided credit is given to the Status of Women Office.


We are pleased to present this edition of the Saskatchewan Women's Directory

This Directory is designed to serve several purposes:

- to provide a ready source of information about services of interest to women;

- to provide a listing of women's organizations currently active in the province;

- to increase referral and communication between groups;

- to point out organizations women can contact to become involved; and,

- to inspire women with the diversity of activity taking place within the province.

A sincere effort has been made to include services and organizations from all areas of
Saskatchewan - rural, northern and urban. In addition to the basic organizational description and
main contact areas, the regional addresses provide lists of services and organizational
representatives located throughout the provice.

This Directory is organized according to subject area, and we have attempted to present the
information in an accessible and logical order. We hope that you will find it useful and that you will
share it with your friends, clients and co-workers.

The world of organizations and services is a dynamic one. We have attempted to ensure that the
information contained in this Directory is as accurate as possible, yet, every week there are new
developments as organizations form and change. Your corrections or suggestions would be
appreciated. Please contact the Status of Women Office at the address on the inside cover.

Section 1 - ABORIGINAL WOMEN ............................................................................................................                        1
      General ................................................................................................................................................   1

Section 2 - COMMUNITY ORGANIZATIONS ............................................................................................                                 5
      General ................................................................................................................................................   5

Section 3 - HEALTH ....................................................................................................................................          11
      Saskatchewan Regional Health Authorities ........................................................................................                          11
      General Health and Nutrition ..............................................................................................................                12
      Sexual and Reproductive Health Issues .............................................................................................                        14
      Mental Health ......................................................................................................................................       18
      Addictions ............................................................................................................................................    19
      Self-Help Groups .................................................................................................................................         20
      Sports and Physical Activity ................................................................................................................              20

Section 4 - HOUSING .................................................................................................................................            22
      General ................................................................................................................................................   22

Section 5 - HUMAN RIGHTS AND THE LAW ............................................................................................                                25
      General ................................................................................................................................................   25
      Immigrant and Visible Minority Women ..............................................................................................                        33
      Women with Disabilities ......................................................................................................................             35

Section 6 - PARENTING AND FAMILY ......................................................................................................                          37
      Children and Youth .............................................................................................................................           37
      Family Life ...........................................................................................................................................    41
      Family-Related Organizations .............................................................................................................                 49

Section 7 - RURAL AND FARM WOMEN ..................................................................................................                              51
      General ................................................................................................................................................   51

Section 8 - VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN ...............................................................................................                               54
      Definitions ............................................................................................................................................   54
      Shelters ...............................................................................................................................................   54
      Safe Homes ........................................................................................................................................        57
      Second Stage Housing .......................................................................................................................               57
      Crisis Services ....................................................................................................................................       58
      Counselling .........................................................................................................................................      60
      National Organizations ........................................................................................................................            61
      Provincial Organizations .....................................................................................................................             61
      Regional Organizations .......................................................................................................................             62

Section 9 - WORK, EDUCATION AND ECONOMICS ...............................................................................                                        64
      Business and Economic Well-being ...................................................................................................                       64
      Educational Institutions .......................................................................................................................           67
      Employment and Training ...................................................................................................................                74
      Union Women's Committees ..............................................................................................................                    79
      Work and Education Organizations ....................................................................................................                      81
                                                                             ABORIGINAL WOMEN

Section 1                             Open Monday to Friday 9:30
                                      a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Free drop in       Contact: Kerrie Strathy
                                      programs for Women's
ABORIGINAL WOMEN                      Sharing/Talking Circles; Men's      Network of older
                                      Sharing/Journeys; Children's        Saskatchewan First Nations,
The listings in this Section          Youth Program/Lunch. A safe         Métis and other Canadian
are grouped under the                 place for Aboriginal families to    women who meet and work for
following headings:                   learn about abuse issues in a       the purpose of building bridges
                                      culturally sensitive                of understanding, respect and
  Aboriginal Women                                                        friendship between the races
                                      atmosphere. Private one-to-
                                      one counselling sessions,           and the generations. Have
General                                                                   three areas of focus:
                                      includes couples or group
                                      programs.                           Sustaining and Supporting
Aboriginal Women's                                                        Older Women in Their Lives
Program                               Indian and Métis Girls              and Leadership; Outreach to
                                      Exploring Trades and                Youth through the
Department of Canadian
Heritage                              Technology (IMGETT)                 Grandmothers and Youth
310-101-22nd Street East              Box 556                             Violence Prevention Education
Saskatoon, SK                         4500 Wascana Parkway                Project; and Outreach to
S7K 0E1                               Regina, SK                          Children through a story telling
Telephone: (306) 975-5810             S4P 3A3                             project and working to support
Fax: (306) 975-4675                   Telephone: (306) 775-7427           and mentor young parents.
                                      Web Site:
                                 La Ronge Native Women's
Web Site:                                                                 Council            Project facilitated by Indian and   Box 888
                                      Métis women who represent           La Ronge, SK
Enables Aboriginal women to           the private and public sector,      S0J 1L0
influence policies, programs,         and educational institutions in     Telephone: (306) 425-3900
legislation and decision-making       Saskatchewan. They facilitate       Fax: (306) 425-4922
that affect their social, cultural,   equality of access for Indian       Web Site:
economic and political well-          and Métis women in non-   
being within their own                traditional occupations through     Contact: Karen Sanderson
communities and Canadian              the provision of educational
society while maintaining their       and practical projects for Indian   A volunteer council providing
cultural distinctiveness and          and Métis girls through their       services and support to
preserving cultural identity.         formative years. An educators       Aboriginal women on the basis
The program funds projects            package is available which          of Aboriginal culture and
developed by Aboriginal               includes a poster, video and        values. Operates a temporary
women's organizations to              lesson plans.                       shelter for mothers and their
address the issues confronting                                            children who are experiencing
women of Aboriginal ancestry.         Intercultural                       family violence circumstances.
                                      Grandmothers Uniting                Co-ordinates education and
Family Healing Circle Lodge           c/o Seniors' Education Centre       training programs. Affiliated
128 Avenue Q South                    Room 106 Gallery Building,          with the Aboriginal Women's
Saskatoon, SK                         University of Regina                Council of Saskatchewan and
S7M 2Y1                               Regina, SK                          the Native Women's
Telephone: (306) 653-3900             S4S 0A2                             Association of Canada.
Fax: (306) 651-0081                   Telephone: (306) 585-5816
Email:                                Email:
                                                                          Métis Heritage Corporation                         Box 2818
                                      Web Site:                           Melfort, SK

                                                          1                                       Section 1

S0E 1A0                                                                the decision-making processes
                                   Native Women's
Telephone: (306) 752-4950                                              that directly impacts the social,
Fax: (306) 752-4937                Association of Canada               cultural, political and economic
Email:                             1292 Wellington Street              growth of northern          Ottawa, ON                          communities.
                                   K1Y 3A9
Promotes healing and               Telephone: (613) 722-3033           Prince Albert Grand Council
wellness, primarily to Métis and   Fax: (613) 722-7687                 Women's Commission
First Nation people in             Email:                              Opawakoscikan Reserve #201
Northeast and North Central               Box 2350
Saskatchewan.                      Web Site:
                                              Prince Albert, SK
Ministry of First Nations                                              S6V 6Z1
                                   Toll-Free: (800) 461-4043
and Métis Relations (FNMR)                                             Telephone: (306) 953-7200
                                   The above information is the        Fax: (306) 764-6272
2nd Floor                                                              Email:
1855 Victoria Avenue               satellite office. The head office
Regina, SK                         is located on Six Nations of the
                                   Grand River Territory. Goal is      Co-ordinator: Corinne Fiddler
S4P 3V7
Telephone: (306) 787-6250          to enhance, promote and foster
                                                                       Promotes and protects the
                                   the social, economic, cultural
                                                                       rights of Treaty and Indian
Is the focus point for the         and political well-being of First
                                                                       Status women. Provides
Government of                      Nations and Métis women
                                                                       advisory services; services for
Saskatchewan's work involving      within First Nations, Métis and
                                                                       Elders, women and youth on a
First Nations and Métis            Canadian societies.
                                                                       variety of issues; assists First
people. Works to co-ordinate
                                   Northern Saskatchewan               Nations women in the revival of
existing programs in other
departments and provide            Women's Network Inc.                their spiritual beliefs, culture,
                                                                       customs and traditions; and
greater overall direction to the   Box 53
                                                                       facilitates and enhances the
government's approach on           La Ronge, SK
                                                                       social, economic and political
issues concerning First Nations    S0J 1L0
                                                                       status of First Nations women.
and Métis people. Promotes         Telephone: (306) 754-2079
partnership and facilitates        Fax: (306) 754-2157                 Prince Albert Métis
partnerships between               Email:                              Women's Association Inc.
Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal                                          8-54-10th Street East
people and organizations with      A growing group of women            Prince Albert, SK
the goal of enhancing quality of   from all regions and cultures of    S6V 0Y5
life for all people - including    the north who are coming            Telephone: (306) 763-5356
women and children. Ensures        together to reclaim their voices    Fax: (306) 763-1482
that the Province's                at the decision-making tables.      Email:
commitments, with respect to       The traditional role of northern
lands and resources, are           women holds the responsibility      President: Darlene McKay
fulfilled. Of particular           to love and nurture their
importance is the work they do     families and communities.           Works to unite Métis women;
with First Nations and Métis       Northern women also have the        enhance Métis women
people on issues of public         responsibility to support           participation; promote cultural
education and educations and       northern men to fulfill their       awareness; strive for positive
training leading to increased      responsibility to provide for and   progress and development of
participation in the economy.      protect their families and          human resources for Métis
Work is done in partnership        communities. Northern               people; and unite Métis youth.
with First Nations and Métis       women's voices must be heard
people.                            in order to regain balance in

Section 1                                            2
                                                                       ABORIGINAL WOMEN

                                 mandated by the Chiefs in          advocacy, training, cultural
Saskatchewan Aboriginal
                                 Assembly to focus on the           workshops and children's
Women's Circle                   issues of Fetal Alcohol            activities as well as a Food
Corporation (SAWCC)              Syndrome/Effects, Sexually         program for the less fortunate
Box 1174                         Exploited Children in the Sex      in Regina's north central. Has
Yorkton, SK                      Trade, Matrimonial Real            a homeless shelter for
S3N 2X3                          Property, Missing Persons in       Aboriginal women. Major
Telephone: (306) 783-1228        Saskatchewan and Violence          fundraiser is the First Nations
Fax: (306) 783-1080              Against Women.                     Awards which promotes the
Email:                                                              First Nations People in                Stardale Women's Group             Saskatchewan in various
Employment Councilor:            Box 1752                           categories.
Christie Longman                 Melfort, SK
President: Judy Hughes           S0E 1A0                            Women of the Earth
                                 Telephone: (306) 752-1802          969-1st Avenue East
A provincial organization        Fax: (403) 206-7075                Prince Albert, SK
dedicated to promoting and       Email:                             S6V 7Y2
enhancing the status of                 Telephone: (306) 764-4445
Aboriginal women in all areas    Web Site:                          Fax: (306) 764-4447
of their lives. SAWCC works to                                      Email:
unite and involve women by       Executive Director: Helen
addressing issues of concern     McPhaden
through resource sharing,                                           Provides advocacy, support
                                 Provides services for the          and education for and on
education, advocacy and
                                 empowerment of Aboriginal          behalf of women, youth and
                                 girls and women in the form of:    children. Also provides
Saskatchewan First               educational programs and           programs or activities that offer
Nations Women's                  public awareness; advocacy,        cultural education, traditional
Commission (SFNWC)               networking and community           arts, recreational activities and
                                 mobilization; capacity-building,   employment skill development.
Federation of Saskatchewan
                                 mentoring and training;
Indian Nations                                                      Women of the Métis Nation
                                 community action research;
490A Hoffer Drive
                                 and municipal gender-based         201-350 Sparks Street
Regina, SK
                                 policies in literacy, crime        Ottawa, ON
S4N 7A1
                                 prevention and community           K1R 7S8
Telephone: (306) 721-2822
                                 safety, education, health and      Telephone: (613) 232-3216
Fax: (306) 721-2707
                                 social justice.                    Fax: (613) 232-4262
Executive Director: Patty
                                                                    Web Site:
Schuster                         Women of the Dawn        
                                 Counselling Centre Inc.
SFNWC is the recognized                                             The Women of the Métis
                                 2115 Broad Street
political voice for                                                 Nation is the national voice for
                                 Regina, SK
Saskatchewan First Nations                                          Métis women and is mandated
                                 S4P 1Y6
women. It consists of Elected                                       by the government of the Métis
                                 Telephone: (306) 522-6040
Women Chiefs and Advisory                                           Nation to lobby, advocate and
                                 Fax: (306) 522-8116
Circle with representatives                                         represent the Métis women's
from each of the Tribal                   agenda and perspective. They
Councils and Independent First                                      are a body within the Métis
                                 Director: Ivy Kennedy
Nations. The Women's                                                Nation governance structure
Commission and the Women's       Provides services to Aboriginal    and retains a seat on the Métis
Leadership meet bi-annually.     women in the City of Regina in     Nation cabinet and on the
The SFNWC has been               the areas of counselling,          Métis National Council Board

                                                      3                                    Section 1

of Governors.

Objectives and purpose
include: advancing a
democratic, mandated and self-
sufficient WMN to promote the
interests and aspirations of all
Métis women within the Métis
Nation governance structures;
encouraging the full
participation of all Métis
women; promoting and
fostering "grass roots" Métis
women's initiatives across the
Métis Homeland; advocating
for the issues, concerns and
solutions for problems facing
Métis women; promotion of the
history, values, culture,
langauge, and traditions of the
Métis Nation; and promotion of
spiritual, cultural, mental, and
physical wellness for Métis

Section 1                          4
                                                             COMMUNITY ORGANIZATIONS

Section 2                         Regional Addresses              Email:
                                  CFUW/Estevan                    Contact: Lori Betge
COMMUNITY                         414 Maple Bay
ORGANIZATIONS                     Estevan, SK                     Canadian Girls in Training
                                  S4A 2E7                         (CGIT)
The listings in this Section      Telephone: (306) 634-5580       Saskatchewan Provincial
are grouped under the             Email:                          Committee
following headings:                   3624-28th Avenue
  Community Organizations         Contact: Jean Bode              Regina, SK
                                                                  S4S 2N6
General                           CFUW/Prince Albert              Telephone: (306) 585-0841
                                  1537 Helme Crescent             Email:
                                  Prince Albert, SK     
Canadian Federation of            S6V 6G6                         Chairperson: Frances Goudie
University Women -                Telephone: (306) 764-6320
Saskatchewan Council              Email:                          A Canada-wide program that
1318 Colony Street                      aims to help girls meet their
Saskatoon, SK                     Contact: Diane May              needs in our changing society.
S7N 0X7                                                           It is church-based, Christ- and
Telephone: (306) 653-2301         CFUW/Regina                     youth-centred, group oriented
Email:                            424 Habkirk Drive               and outward looking. Open to               Regina, SK                      girls 12 to 17 years of age from
Regional Director: Shirley        S4S 6B1                         any denomination. The aim is
Haines                            Telephone: (306) 585-0934       for girls and their leaders to
                                  Email:                          grow in personal faith,
Organization of women               leadership skills, and in service
university graduates and          Contact: Natalie Ostryzniuk     to their community and the
associate members. Main goal                                      world.
is to use their education to      CFUW/Saskatoon
benefit society as a whole, and   Box 7405                        Catholic Women's League
women and children in             Saskatoon, SK                   of Canada
particular. Purpose is to         S7K 4J3                         806-405-5th Avenue North
maintain high standards in        Telephone: (306) 978-9784       Saskatoon, SK
education; and to encourage       Email:                          S7K 6Z3
                                Telephone: (306) 653-3797
women to take post-secondary
education and share in all        Contact: Marlene Chatterson     Fax: (306) 653-8558
phases of society (social,                                        Email:
political and cultural). Also     CFUW/Weyburn          
promotes international            1-23 Bison Avenue               President: Yvonne Colleaux
interaction between member        Weyburn, SK
countries of International        S4H 0H9                         A lay organization of Catholic
Federation of University          Telephone: (306) 842-6456       women mandated by the
Women. Holds regular              Email:                          Canadian Conference of
                                 Catholic Bishops. Seeks to
meetings. Offers scholarships
                                  President: Judy Buzowetsky      unite Catholic women of
to women attending university
at all levels. Local groups in                                    Canada for the furtherance of
                                  CFUW/Yorkton                    spiritual, cultural and
Estevan, Prince Albert, Regina,   Box 89
Saskatoon, Weyburn and                                            intellectual interests and the
                                  Ebenezer, SK                    development of social action
Yorkton.                          S0A 0T0                         when and where necessary.
                                  Telephone: (306) 783-9124       Addresses social justice;

                                                       5                                   Section 2

freedom; peace; human rights;     Regina, SK                        S7K 1M4
the elimination of pornography;   S4R 8P2                           Telephone: (306) 664-2239
and the respect and protection    Email:                            Fax: (306) 653-7701
of all human life from                  Email:
conception to natural death.                                        communications@25thstreettheatre.or
                                  A non-profit volunteer            g
Christian Feminist Network        organization trying to ensure     Web Site:
                                  that the needs of Regina's
c/o 418A McDonald Street
Regina, SK                        citizens are met as the city
                                                                    A presentation platform for
S4N 6E1                           grows and changes. Initiates,
                                                                    work of female artists in the
Telephone: (306) 721-3311         supports and promotes a co-
                                                                    disciplines of literary, visual
Email:                            ordinated, integrated and
                                                                    and performing arts. Includes                strategic approach to social
                                                                    shows, exhibitions, artist
Web Site:                         planning and development, to                                        readings, workshops and
                                  enhance the quality of life for
Contact: Pam Thomas                                                 discussion circles.
                                  all people and groups.
                                                                    National Action Committee
Province-wide network             Girl Guides of Canada -
                                                                    on the Status of Women
exploring implications of         Saskatchewan Council
Christian feminism through                                          (NAC)
                                  200-1530 Broadway Avenue
discussions, educational                                            417-215 Spadina Avenue
                                  Regina, SK
events and networking by                                            Toronto, ON
                                  S4P 1E2
mail. Welcomes women who                                            M5T 2C7
                                  Telephone: (306) 757-4102
are exploring Christianity and                                      Telephone: (416) 932-1718
                                  Fax: (306) 347-0995
feminism, and sorting out the                                       Fax: (416) 979-3936
connections and contradictions               Email:
between the two.                  Web Site:
Circle Project                                                      NAC is one of Canada's
                                  Toll Free: (877) 694-0383
                                                                    longest running equality-
2-1102-8th Avenue                 Provincial Administrator: Pegge   seeking women's
Regina, SK                        Roettger                          organizations. Composed of a
S4R 1C9
                                                                    broadly based national network
Telephone: (306) 347-7515         Girl Guides welcomes all girls
                                                                    of community groups and
Fax: (306) 347-7519               and women, regardless of race
                                  or religion. Members are          individuals, NAC has been
                                                                    devoted to ensuring the             between five and 18 years of
Web Site:                                                           substantive equality rights of
                                  age while our adult Members
                                  are 19 to 99+ years old.          women and girls in all their
Director: Ann Perry                                                 diversity for over 30 years.
                                  Guiding provides experiences
                                                                    Through diverse membership
                                  for the girls in many areas
Provides support and programs                                       and regional steering
                                  including: outdoors; camping;
based on the Aboriginal vision                                      committees, NAC is able to
                                  technology; environment;
of wholeness, balance and                                           organize at a grassroots level
                                  heritage; life skills; personal
healing. By promoting positive                                      and is involved in : advocacy;
                                  development; careers; and
human development we                                                lobbying; research; education,
                                  understanding customs and
encourage people to help                                            information and referral
                                  cultures around the world.
themselves through education,                                       services and special events.
cultural awarness, family and     Her-icane Festival of
community.                                                          Provincial Council of
                                  Women's Art
Council on Social                 c/o 25th Street Theatre Centre
                                                                    Box 1236
Development Regina Inc.           400-245-3rd Avenue South
                                  Saskatoon, SK                     La Ronge, SK
445 Winnipeg Street

Section 2                                            6
                                                              COMMUNITY ORGANIZATIONS

S0J 1L0                              S4P 0S6                            Regina, SK
President: Brenda Beckman            Telephone: (306) 352-6386          S4P 3V7
                                     Fax: (306) 352-5866                Telephone: (306) 787-4056
An umbrella organization of          Email:                             Fax: (306) 787-4199
women's groups working for                    Email:
the betterment of society.           Contact: Bonnie Morton   
Informs and educates                                                    Toll-Free: (800) 667-7526
members on the main issues of        A social justice agency            Executive Director: Jeremy
the day. Formulates policy           dedicated to individual and        Morgan
through a resolution process         systemic advocacy and public
and presents policy to               education. Educates the public     Cultivates an environment in
government. Current issues           through conferences and            which the arts thrive for the
are gambling industry in             workshops, and addresses           benefit of everyone in
Saskatchewan; Fetal Alcohol          systemic deficiencies within the   Saskatchewan. As the
Syndrome; Fetal Alcohol              welfare system by advocating       province's single arts agency, it
Effects; private care homes;         on behalf of individuals and       provides grants, programs and
report of the children's             through campaigns and              services to individuals and
advocate; housing; women and         presentations.                     groups whose activities have
the economics of later life;                                            an impact on the arts in
                                     S.I.G.N. - Society for the
detoxification centres for youth                                        Saskatchewan and ensures
                                     Involvement of Good                that opportunities exist for
with addictions; water.
Encourages women to take a           Neighbours                         Saskatchewan residents to
leadership role in the               83 North Street                    engage in all art forms. Also
community.                           Yorkton, SK                        provides awards for
                                     S3N 0G9                            outstanding achievement in the
R.E.A.L.Women of                     Telephone: (306) 783-9409          arts and collects and displays
Saskatchewan                         Fax: (306) 786-7116                works of art by Saskatchewan
Box 21033                            Email:                             artists.
Saskatoon, SK              
S7H 5N9
                                     Web Site:                          Saskatchewan Seniors
Telephone: (306) 253-4789                                               Mechanism
Contact: Cecilia Forsyth             An umbrella organization which     112-2001 Cornwall Street
                                     offers a variety of programs,      Regina, SK
Promotes equality,                   including counselling;             S4P 3X9
advancement and well-being of        parenting education; family        Telephone: (306) 359-9956
women whether in the family,         support; job coaching;             Fax: (306) 359-6922
workplace or community.              independent living; youth          Email:
Reaffirms that family is             employment assistance; senior
society's most important unit.                                          Web Site:
                                     mobility; trustee services; and
Defends the Judeo-Christian          many others. Parkland Early
values of marriage and family                                           or phone: (306) 359-9958
                                     Childhood Intervention
life. Provides public education      Program, Big Brothers/Big          Functions as a central
and lobbies government. An           Sisters, Canadian Mental           clearinghouse for the collection
affiliate of the National R.E.A.L.   Health Association Drop-in         and distribution of information
Women of Canada                      Centre, Yorkton Nursery            for seniors' organizations in the
organization.                        School Co-operative and            province, and for other
                                     KidsFirst are also housed          agencies that provide
Regina Anti-Poverty
                                     within the S.I.G.N. facility.      programs and services for
                                     Saskatchewan Arts Board            seniors. Brings together
2330 Victoria Avenue
                                                                        Saskatchewan seniors'
Regina, SK                           2135 Broad Street                  organizations in order to

                                                        7                                     Section 2

research and take action on          professional associations and      governmental organizations.
issues affecting seniors, and        organizations that have            Carries out its mandate in
create awareness of and co-          primarily cultural objectives      collaboration with other federal
ordinate resources and               and that support the principles    departments and agencies,
services for seniors.                and values of SaskCulture.         other level of government and
                                     Membership is open to all          non-governmental, voluntary
Saskatchewan Urban                   individuals that support the       and private sector
Municipalities Association           principles and values of           organizations. In addition,
200-2222-13th Avenue                 SaskCulture.                       works with other countries and
Regina, SK                                                              international organizations to
S4P 3M7                              Status of Women Canada             further Canada's domestic and
Telephone: (306) 525-3727            McDonald Building                  foreign policies and to meet
Fax: (306) 525-4373                  123 Slater Street                  Canada's international
Email:                               Ottawa, ON                         obligations.                        K1P 1H9
Executive Director: Laurent          Telephone: (613) 995-7835          Status of Women Office
Mougeot                              Fax: (613) 957-3359                Ministry of Advanced
                                     Email:                             Education, Employment and
Can connect women interested       Labour
in seeking office with women         Web Site:                          400-1870 Albert Street
who have successfully run for
                                                                        Regina, SK
elected municipal positions.         TDD: (613) 996-1322                S4P 4W1
                                                                        Telephone: (306) 787-7401
Saskatoon Women's                    A federal government agency
                                                                        Fax: (306) 787-2058
Calendar Collective                  that promotes the full
Box 7344                             participation of women in the
Saskatoon, SK                        economic, social and cultural      Web Site:
S7K 4J2                              life of Canada. Works to 
Web Site:
                                     remove the barriers to             Executive Director: Pat              women's participation, with        Faulconbridge
                                     particular emphasis on
Collective members research          increasing women's economic        A division of Advanced
and write the well-known             security and eliminating           Education, Employment and
Canadian calendar "Herstory".        violence against women. The        Labour which works to achieve
Features stories about               agency is currently focusing its   social, economic and political
Canadian women, events and           efforts on specific populations:   equality for women. Provides
activities organized to improve      Aboriginal women, immigrant        strategic direction and
the status of women.                 and visible minority women and     leadership to government on
                                     senior women. Works to             policy direction that affects the
SaskCulture, Inc.                    provide Canadians with             status of Saskatchewan
600-2220-12th Avenue                 strengthened, equitable public     women. Is a single window
Regina, SK                           policy by conducting gender-       into government for women,
S4P 0M8                              based analysis and promoting       women’s organizations and
Telephone: (306) 780-9284            its application throughout the     organizations that serve
Fax: (306) 780-9252                  federal government. Supports       women and has responsibility
Email:                               research that brings the gender    for providing cross-government   dimensions of policy issues        policy co-ordination on issues
General Manager: Rose Gilks          into the public agenda.            impacting women. Facilitates
                                     Through the Women's                a supportive network of an
Membership is open to all            Program, plays a vital role in     Intragovernmental Committee
partnerships, corporations, co-      supporting the work of             of Advisors on Women’s
operatives, unions,                  women's and other non-             Policy. Provides support and

Section 2                                             8
                                                                 COMMUNITY ORGANIZATIONS

training to integrate gender-      which promotes gender    
based analysis (GBA) into          equality, and the full             Web Site:
government decision-making         participation of women in the
processes. Maintains positive      economic, social, cultural and     Contact: Deanna Elias-Henry
working and communication          political life of the country.
                                                                      Provides programs and
linkages with women's              Focuses its work in three
                                                                      services to meet the varying
organizations. Provides advice     areas: improving women's
                                                                      and changing needs of women
and consultation to                economic autonomy and well-
                                                                      in the community. Nationally
government, Crown                  being; eliminating systemic
                                                                      and internationally works on
corporations, unions and           violence against women and
                                                                      issues that women face in our
businesses on all aspects of       children; and advancing
                                                                      changing world. Programs
pay equity.                        women's human rights.
                                                                      include: residence that
Street Workers' Advocacy           Young Women's Christian            provides safe, supportive,
Project (SWAP)                     Association (YWCA) of              affordable accommodation for
                                   Prince Albert                      single women; Isabel Johnson
1355 Albert Street
                                                                      Shelter for women and children
Regina, SK                         1895 Central Avenue B West
                                                                      leaving abusive relationships;
S4R 2R6                            Prince Albert, SK
                                                                      children who witness violence;
Telephone: (306) 525-1722          S6V 4W8
                                                                      supervised access; Big Sisters
Fax: (306) 525-0641                Telephone: (306) 763-8571
                                                                      of Regina; two licensed day
Email:                             Fax: (306) 763-8165                                                      care centres for a total of 130
                                                                      subsidized spaces; an
Advocates for street workers'      Web Site:                          independent living program for
rights and access to             teen girls; a wellness facility
appropriate services. Assists      Executive Director: Donna          that includes fitness classes,
street workers to make their       Brooks                             weight and cardio equipment,
lives safer and to consider        Residence Case Manager:            personal assessments and
alternative lifestyles. Educates   Linda Staff                        programs; a second hand
the public and youth at risk                                          "Anything Goes" store; and the
about street prostitution. A       Operates a 19-room 44-bed          Regina Women of Distinction
drop-in centre includes            residence/shelter for women        Awards.
services such as referrals;        and their children; staffed 24
counselling; bad date sheet;                                          Young Women's Christian
                                   hours a day/7 days a week;
street outreach; public            offers shelter, transitional       Association (YWCA)
education; primary health care;    housing and support to women       Saskatoon
advocacy/support; youth            in crisis, or in need of safe,     510-25th Street East
program; and self-help groups.     temporary lodging. Also offers     Saskatoon, SK
                                   pre-employment programs,           S7K 4A7
Women's Program, Status            support programs and               Telephone: (306) 244-0944
of Women Canada                    activities. Also operates a 6-     Fax: (306) 653-2468
West, NWT and Yukon Region         room 7-bed residence for           Email:
1001-10010-106th Street            young men 16-21.         
                                                                      Web Site:
Edmonton, AB
T5J 3L8                            Young Women's Christian  
                                   Association (YWCA) Regina          Executive Director: Barb
Email:                                                Macpherson
                                   1940 McIntyre Street
Web Site:                          Regina, SK                                                     Provides crisis shelter for
                                   S4P 2R3                            women and children; short-
Toll-Free: (866) 966-3640          Telephone: (306) 525-2141          term residence and medium-
A federal government agency        Fax: (306) 525-2171                term affordable housing,

                                                     9                                         Section 2

including extensive support
services; employment and
career programs and services
as well as Internet
connections. Facility
accommodates licensed full-
time, part-time and flexible
child care; fitness activities;
large weight room; aquatics
program with special emphasis
on older and therapeutic
opportunities; cafeteria;
massage therapy; and fitness

Section 2                         10

Section 3                       S6H 1H3                     Telephone: (306) 425-2422
                                Telephone: (306) 694-0296   Fax: (306) 425-5432
                                Fax: (306) 694-0282         Email:
                                     Web Site:
                                Web Site:         
The listings in this Section
are grouped under the
following headings:             Toll-Free: (888) 425-1111   Prairie North Regional
                                                            Health Authority
  Saskatchewan Regional
                                Heartland Regional Health   1092-107th Street
  Health Authorities
                                Authority                   North Battleford, SK
  General Health and
                                Box 2110                    S9A 1Z1
                                Rosetown, SK                Telephone: (306) 446-6622
  Sexual and Reproductive                                   Fax: (306) 446-4114
                                S0L 2V0
  Health Issues                                             Email:
                                Telephone: (306) 882-4111
  Mental Health                 Fax: (306) 882-1389
  Addictions                                                Web Site:
  Self-Help Groups    
                                Web Site:
  Sports and Physical              Prince Albert Parkland
                                                            Regional Health Authority
Saskatchewan Regional           Keewatin Yatthe Regional    1521-6th Avenue West
Health Authorities              Health Authority            Box 5700
                                Box 40                      Prince Albert, SK
Athabasca Health Authority      Buffalo Narrows, SK         S6V 5K1
Box 124                         S0M 0J0                     Telephone: (306) 765-6400
Black Lake, SK                  Telephone: (306) 235-2220   Fax: (306) 765-6401
                                Fax: (306) 235-2229         Email:
S0J 0H0
Telephone: (306) 439-2200                                   Web Site:
Fax: (306) 439-2212             Web Site:         
Email:                               Toll-Free: (800) 922-1834
Web Site:                       Toll-Free: (866) 274-8506                                     Regina Qu'Appelle Regional
                                Kelsey Trail Regional       Health Authority
Cypress Regional Health         Health Authority            2180-23rd Avenue
Authority                       Box 1780                    Regina, SK
429-4th Avenue North East       Tisdale, SK                 S4S 0A5
Swift Current, SK               S0E 1T0                     Telephone: (306) 766-5365
S9H 2J9                         Telephone: (306) 873-6600   Fax: (306) 766-5414
Telephone: (306) 778-5100       Fax: (306) 873-6605         Email:
Fax: (306) 773-9513             Email:
                                                            Web Site:
                                Web Site:         
Web Site:                    Toll-Free: (888) 354-8111
                                Mamawetan Churchill River   Saskatoon Regional Health
Five Hills Regional Health      Regional Health Authority   Authority
Authority                       Box 6000                    3rd Floor, Saskatoon Square
455 Fairford Street East        La Ronge, SK                410-22nd Street East
Moose Jaw, SK                   S0J 1L0                     Saskatoon, SK

                                                   11                                   Section 3

S7K 5T6                             affected by breast cancer more    Fax: (306) 244-0090
Telephone: (306) 655-3322           manageable through                Email:
Fax: (306) 655-3394                 information, education, 
Email:                              advocacy, support and             Web Site:
                                    networking. Membership is
a                                   open to anyone concerned          Complaints - Toll-Free: (800)
Web Site:                                                             667-1668       about breast cancer.
                                                                      Registrar: Dr. D. Kendel
                                    Bureau of Women's Health
Sun Country Regional                and Gender Analysis               Contact for information about
Health Authority                    Health Canada                     doctors providing services or
Box 2003                            1904C, 4th Floor, Jeanne          specialization, and to register a
Weyburn, SK                         Mance Building, Tunney's          concern about the quality of
S4H 2Z9                             Pasture                           medical care or conduct of a
Telephone: (306) 842-8718           Ottawa, ON                        doctor.
Fax: (306) 842-8738                 K1A 0K9                           Co-operative Health Centre
Email:                              Telephone: (613) 946-9373                                                       110-8th Street East
                                    Fax: (613) 946-9403
Web Site:                                                             Prince Albert, SK
                                    S6V 0V7
                                    Web Site:                         Telephone: (306) 763-6464
Sunrise Regional Health                      Fax: (306) 763-3440
Authority                                                             Web Site:
                                    Is the focal point for women's
270 Bradbrooke Drive                health within the federal         Executive Director: Joanne
Yorkton, SK                         government. Provides policy       Thiessen
S3N 2K6                             advice and leads initiatives to
Telephone: (306) 786-0100           advance women's health and        Consists of an interdisciplinary
Fax: (306) 786-0122                 to increase their understanding   team of health care providers
Web Site:                           of how sex and gender affect      including: physicians, nurses,
                                    health over the lifespan. It      counsellors, a dietician, and a
                                    builds departmental capacity      variety of community programs
General Health and                  by coordinating the               designed to meet the needs of
Nutrition                           implementation of gender-         the community. The Centre
                                    based analysis and reports on     consists of a laboratory,
Breast Cancer Action                the development of gender-        physiotherapy department,
Saskatchewan                        sensitive legislation, policies   diagnostic imaging and minor
2318 Assiniboine Avenue East        and program at Health Canada.     surgery unit. Health education
Regina, SK                                                            and promotion programs are
                                    Canadian Cancer Society           designed to assist clients to
S4P 2P5
                                    Cancer Information Service        attain personal wellness. Van
Telephone: (306) 586-9191
                                    Email:                            service is available free of
Fax: (306) 757-9703       
                                                                      charge for clients requiring
                                    Toll-Free: (888) 939-3333         transportation.
Web Site:
                                                                      HealthLine                        College of Physicians and
Toll-Free: (866) 802-2227           Surgeons of Saskatchewan          Toll-Free: (877) 800-0002
A provincial, survivor-driven       500-321A-21st Street East
                                    Saskatoon, SK                     A free, confidential 24-hour
organization dedicated to
                                    S7K 0C1                           health advice telephone line,
making the lives of
                                    Telephone: (306) 244-7355         staffed by registered nurses.
Saskatchewan residents
                                                                      Provides immediate,

Section 3                                                12

professional health advice or                                        Telephone: (306) 337-8470
                                   Prairie Women's Health
information, and directs callers                                     Fax: (306) 585-5852
to the most appropriate source     Centre of Excellence              Email:
of care. Helps callers decide      (PWHCE)                 
whether they should treat their    Administrative Centre
own symptoms, go to a clinic,      56 The Promenade                  Prairie Women's Health Centre
wait to see their doctor, or go    Winnipeg, MB                      of Excellence
to a hospital emergency room.      R3B 3H9                           University of Saskatchewan
It is not necessary to have a      Telephone: (204) 982-6630         107 Wiggins Road
Saskatchewan Health Card           Fax: (204) 982-6637               Saskatoon, SK
number.                            Email:                            S7N 5E5
                                         Telephone: (306) 966-8658
Population Health Branch           Web Site:                         Fax: (306) 966-7920
Health Promotion Unit                                                Email:
                                   Contact: Diane Nicholson
Ministry of Health
3475 Albert Street                                                   Contact: Yvonne Hanson
                                   Dedicated to improving the
Regina, SK                         health status of Canadian         Prevention Program for
S4S 6X6                            women by conducting and           Cervical Cancer
Telephone: (306) 787-3084          supporting policy-oriented, and
Fax: (306) 787-3823                                                  Saskatchewan Cancer
                                   community-based research on       Agency, Early Detection
                                   the social determinants of        Division
Provides leadership and
                                   women's health. It is             952 Albert Street
support to health regions and
                                   committed to bringing together    Regina, SK
their partners in other sectors
                                   community-based and               S4R 2P7
in planning, implementing and
                                   academic research and policy      Telephone: (306) 359-5857
evaluating population health
                                   expertise. It values different    Email:
promotion strategies and
                                   viewpoints and approaches
initiatives. The Unit provides
                                   that women of diverse             Manager: Roberta Wiest
consultative services, best
                                   backgrounds and life
practices information, materials
                                   experiences bring to health       A screening program that is
and resource support on a
                                   issues, and recognizes the        dedicated to decreasing the
variety of population health
                                   importance of involving women     number of cases and deaths
promotion topics and issues. It
                                   in all aspects of health          from invasive cervical cancer.
engages a variety of sectors
                                   research. The Centre is a         Communicates with women
and organizations in working
                                   partnership of women’s            aged 18 to 69 who have not
toward joint solutions to issues
                                   groups, researchers, policy       had a complete hysterectomy
that affect health. Also
                                   makers, service providers and     or cervical cancer. Provides
responsible for province-wide
                                   individuals dedicated to          education about cervical
tobacco control issues and
                                   women-centred, participatory,     cancer, informs women when
activities including: policy and
                                   action-driven policy research.    they are due for a Pap test,
legislative development;
sharing of information, services                                     notifies women by mail of their
                                   Regional Addresses                Pap test result and
and programs; related to
prevention - cessation;                                              communicates with physicians
                                   Prairie Women's Health Centre     and nurse practitioners to
regulating the marketing and       of Excellence
sale of tobacco products, in an                                      ensure appropriate follow-up of
                                   Faculty of Social Work, Room      abnormal Pat test results.
effort to reduce the harmful       466, Education Building
effects of tobacco use,            University of Regina, 3737        Regional Addresses
especially among young             Wascana Parkway
people.                            Regina, SK                        Screening Program for Breast
                                   S4S 0A2                           Cancer

                                                   13                                       Section 3

12-510 Circle Drive East           Provides prenatal programs;            S0G 2J0
Saskatoon, SK                      counselling on birth planning          Telephone: (306) 291-8427
S7K 7C7                            and crisis pregnancy
Telephone: (306) 934-0550          counselling; seniors' groups;          Provides a 24-hour crisis and
Fax: (306) 242-7554                parenting circles; and a Health        information line offering pro-life
Toll-Free: (800) 567-7271          Information Centre. Involved in        choices and counselling for
                                   advocacy on the determinants           women who have had or are
Regina Community Clinic            of health - poverty, housing,          considering an abortion.
1106 Winnipeg Street               food security and on Tobacco
                                                                          Citizens for Reproductive
Regina, SK                         Control.
S4R 1J6
Telephone: (306) 543-7880          Regional Addresses                     Telephone: (306) 693-3107
Fax: (306) 543-5545                                                       or phone: (306) 693-4244
Email:                             West Side Clinic    631-20th Street West                   Provides information and
Web Site:                          Saskatoon, SK                          referral concerning                                              reproductive rights.
                                   S7N 0X8
Contact: Mary Flynn                Telephone: (306) 664-4310
                                                                          La Leche League of
                                   Fax: (306) 934-2506
Multi-disciplinary health clinic                                          Canada - Saskatchewan
with specific emphasis on          Women's Health Centre                  Telephone: (306) 584-5600
health education. Offers           Regina General Hospital                Email:
menopause resource centre          1440-14th Avenue             
and menopause support; and                                                Web Site:
                                   Regina, SK                   
lifestyle and fitness              S4P 0W5
enhancement. Operates day                                                 Saskatchewan/Manitoba Area
                                   Telephone: (306) 766-4860
care and infant toddler day                                               Co-ordinator of Leaders:
                                   Fax: (306) 766-4453
care centres. Other programs                                              Michelle Sanche
                                   Web Site:
include nutrition counselling,
stress reduction counselling,      _care/women_hlth_centre.shtml
                                                                          Provides support and
individual and family                                                     encouragement for women
                                   Toll-Free: (800) 563-9923
counselling, and a variety of                                             who choose to breast feed.
health education presentations     Operates as an outpatient              Offers mother-to-mother
and workshops on a wide            clinic that provides a wide            telephone support, group
range of health issues.            variety of services which              discussions and educational
                                   include pregnancy options              materials. Promotes positive
Saskatoon Community                counselling and support;               parent-child relationships from
Clinic                             hysteroscopies; colposcopies           birth through teenage years.
Main Clinic                        and therapeutic abortions.             Groups are operating in
455-2nd Avenue North               Women seeking services for             several cities and towns in
Saskatoon, SK                      pregnancy options and                  Saskatchewan and Manitoba.
S7K 2C2                            therapeutic abortions can self-        Affiliated to international
Telephone: (306) 652-0300          refer. Open Monday to Friday,          organization. Books on loan
Fax: (306) 664-4120                8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.                 covering parenting, breast-
                                                                          feeding, birth and other
Administrator: Patrick Lapointe
                                   Sexual and Reproductive                information.
Membership Director: Ingrid
Larson                             Health Issues                          Midwives Association of
Multi-disciplinary health clinic   Canadian Survivors of
                                   Abortion                               101 Albert Avenue
with physicians, nurses,
                                                                          Saskatoon, SK
counsellors, and other health      Box 147                                S7N 1E6
professionals and services.        Imperial, SK

Section 3                                            14

Telephone: (306) 933-9867         accessed by members; and, co- Tisdale
Email:                            ordinate efforts to begin         change. Publishes a             A mentoring program that
Web Site:                         newsletter.                     provides support and guidance                                      to expectant parents and
President: Ros Lydiate            Options Pregnancy Center        parents of young children. The
                                  715 Victoria Avenue             objectives are aimed at
Province-wide professional                                        providing knowledge, skills and
                                  Regina, SK
organization of midwives who                                      motivation to parents to think,
                                  S4N 0R4
offer public education,                                           do, and feel the best they can
                                  Telephone: (306) 757-1371
awareness and midwifery                                           in their roles as parents. This
                                  Fax: (306) 757-1371
services. Membership open to                                      is accomplished through a one-
practicing and non-practicing on-one relationship with a
midwives. Meet every other        Web Site:                       (volunteer) mentor.
month in different      
Saskatchewan locations. AGM       Counselling Line: (306) 757-      Regional Addresses
in October of each year.          3344
                                  After Hours/Toll-Free: (800)      Parent Mentoring Program
Moms For Milk
                                  395-4357                          Heartland Health Region
Box 400                                                             Box 130
Nokomis, SK                       Free and confidential services    Biggar, SK
S0G 3R0                           include self-administered         S0K 0M0
Telephone: (306) 528-4439         pregnancy tests, education on     Telephone: (306) 948-5623
Email:                            fetal development, abortion       Fax: (306) 948-2548           procedures and possible risks,
Contact: Janice Reynolds          information and support on        Parent Mentoring Program
                                  parenting and adoption;           Kelsey Trail Health Region
Mothers and concerned             including baby clothing and       Box 6500
consumers advocate for the        supplies. Miscarriage and         Melfort, SK
right of women and infants to     infant loss support, as well as   S0E 1A0
fully participate in their        post-abortion support groups.     Telephone: (306) 752-6355
biological right and              Education on sexually             Fax: (306) 752-6353
anthropological heritage of       transmitted infections and
natural birth, exclusive and      referrals to community support    Mentoring of Mothers Program
extended breastfeeding,           services. Hours of Operation:     Five Hills Health Region,
shared sleep, and close           Monday - Thursday from 10:00      Family Service Bureau
physical contact. Co-ordinates    a.m. to 5:00 p.m.; with           125 Main Street North
a grass-roots consumer            extended house on                 Moose Jaw, SK
movement of women                 Wednesday until 7:00 p.m.         S6H 0V9
demanding access to full                                            Telephone: (306) 692-0579
information on birth and infant   Parent Mentoring Program          Fax: (306) 694-4193
feeding choices for all women,    of Saskatchewan                   Email:
and requires that services be     350 Cheadle Street West 
made available to support         Swift Current, SK                 Co-ordinator: Vicky McGrath
these choices. Objectives are     S9H 4G3
to: support, educate and co-      Telephone: (306) 778-5432         Parent Mentoring Program
ordinate breastfeeding            Fax: (306) 778-5408               Kelsey Trail Health Region
advocates; provide a low-cost     Email:                            210-1st Street East
source of information; promote      Nipawin, SK
networking and resource           Web Site:                         S0E 1E0
sharing; create a database of
                                                                    Telephone: (306) 862-3820
advocates that can be             Provincial Co-ordinator: Jenise   Fax: (306) 862-1731

                                                    15                                   Section 3
                                            pregnancy testing; STI
Parent Mentoring Program
Prairie North Health Region                                             information, testing and
                                       Experienced Mothers Program      treatment; medical
101-11427 Railway Avenue               Cypress Health Region
North Battleford, SK                                                    examinations; prescriptions for
                                       Box 5000, 4th Floor, 350         contraceptives; contraceptives
S9A 1E9                                Cheadle Street West
Telephone: (306) 446-6400                                               at cost; free condoms; and
                                       Swift Current, SK                referrals. Pro-choice and non-
Fax: (306) 446-6432                    S9H 4G3
                                                                        judgemental. Office hours are
                                       Telephone: (306) 778-5259        Monday to Friday 9:00 a.m. to
                                       Fax: (306) 778-5408              12 noon and 1:00 p.m. to 5:00
Parent Mentoring Program               Email:                           p.m., Saturday 1:00 p.m. to
Prince Albert Parkland Health                                           5:00 p.m., Wednesday and
Region, Family Futures                 Parent Mentoring Program         Thursday open to 7:30 p.m.
Program                                Sun Country Health Region,       Clinic times vary, call for
29-11th Street East                    Community Services Bldg.         appointments for further
Prince Albert, SK                      900 Saskatchewan Drive           information.
S6V 0Z8                                Weyburn, SK
Telephone: (306) 763-0760                                               Pregnancy Crisis Line
                                       S4H 2Z9
Fax: (306) 763-1430                                                     Box 282
                                       Telephone: (306) 842-8668
Email:                                                                  North Battleford, SK
                                       Fax: (306) 842-8692                                               S9A 2Y3
Co-ordinator: Lana Johnstone-              Telephone: (306) 446-4440
Ledoux                                                                  Contact: Maureen McLane
                                       Parenting Support Program
Parent Mentoring Program               Sunrise Health Region            Provides confidential, 24-hour
Regina-Qu'Appelle Health               83 North Street                  service which includes abortion
Region                                 Yorkton, SK                      and adoption education, as
2110 Hamilton Street                   S3N 0G9                          well as support services and
Regina, SK                             Telephone: (306) 782-1205        referrals.
S4P 2E3                                Fax: (306) 786-7116
Telephone: (306) 766-6115                                               Saskatchewan Prevention
Fax: (306) 766-7798                       Institute
Email:                                                                  1319 Colony Street            Planned Parenthood               Saskatoon, SK
                                       Regina Sexual Health             S7N 2Z1
Parent Mentoring Program               Centre                           Telephone: (306) 655-2512
Saskatoon Health Region                1431 Victoria Avenue             Fax: (306) 655-2511
Box 216                                Regina, SK                       Email:
Rosthern, SK                           S4P 0P4                
S0K 3R0                                Telephone: (306) 522-0902        Web Site:
Telephone: (306) 232-6001                                     
Fax: (306) 232-4269                          Executive Director: Noreen
Email:                                 Executive Director: Christine    Agrey
                                       Smith                            Formed in 1980, the
Parent Mentoring Program               Provides free and confidential   Prevention Institute is the only
Box 69                                 sexual health services to the    one of its kind in Canada and
Spiritwood, SK                         community, with a focus on the   has continued to promote
S0J 2M0                                needs of young women and         primary prevention since
Telephone: (306) 883-4263              men. Provides education on       inception. Its goal is to ensure
Fax: (306) 883-2133                    birth control and unplanned      that all children have the best
                                       pregnancy options; free          possible chance at a healthy

Section 3                                                16

life. It is a not-for-profit       Educational centres working to   Provides couple-to-couple
organization that works to raise   protect the rights of unborn     instruction in the Sympto-
awareness and educate the          children through public          Thermal method of Natural
people of Saskatchewan about       education and participation in   Family Planning with a focus
the prevention of disabling        local, provincial and national   on achieving or avoiding
conditions in children.            political policies. Affiliated   pregnancy. The method is
Programs focus on Child Injury     groups in 32 Saskatchewan        highly effective, natural,
Prevention; Fetal Alcohol          centres.                         inexpensive and free of health
Spectrum Disorder;                                                  risks. Provide group
Environmental Tobacco              Saskatoon Breastfeeding          presentations; help with chart
Smoke; Maternal and Infant         Matters Awareness &              interpretation; and resources
Health; Youth Health;              Promotion Alliance Inc.          regarding fertility,
Parenting Education; and           Box 400                          breastfeeding, menopause and
providing provincial co-           Nokomis, SK                      infertility.
ordination.                        S0G 3R0
                                   Telephone: (306) 528-4439        Sexual Health Centre
Activities focus on raising        Email:                           Saskatoon
awareness of prevention            301-115-2nd Avenue North
measures through print and                                          Saskatoon, SK
audio/visual resources based       Concerned consumers and          S7K 2B1
on the most recent information;    health professionals work to     Telephone: (306) 244-7989
educational opportunities to       protect, promote and support     Fax: (306) 652-4034
increase knowledge of              breastfeeding through            Email:
prevention issues; assistance      education. Activities include    admin@sexualhealthcentresaskatoon.
for community groups to            the provision of pre-natal and   ca
                                   post-natal breastfeeding         Web Site:
develop their own prevention                              
education programs;                classes, setting up displays,
networking and partnering          providing printed commercial-    For sexual health questions
projects that further prevention   free information on              email
efforts; and links with            breastfeeding, facilitating      info@sexualhealthcentresaskat
government and other non-          public awareness workshops, Office hours are
profit agencies to ensure a co-    running focus groups around      Monday to Thursday 11:30
ordinated approach to              breastfeeding issues,            a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Clinic on
prevention programming.            information gathering and        Tuesday 12:00 p.m. to 1:30
                                   research, and partnering with    p.m. by appointment and 3:00
Saskatchewan Pro-Life              health professionals and         p.m. to 5:00 p.m. drop-in and
Association                        community groups regarding       Wednesday nights from 7:00
Provincial Office                  breastfeeding education in-      p.m. to 9:00 p.m. drop-in.
493 Hoffer Drive                   services.
Regina, SK                                                          Teen-Aid
                                   SERENA Saskatchewan
S4R 6E2                                                             108-2002 Quebec Avenue
Telephone: (306) 352-3480          Box 7375                         Saskatoon, SK
Fax: (306) 352-3481                Saskatoon, SK                    S7K 1W4
                                   S7K 4J3                          Telephone: (306) 244-2811
Email:                   Telephone: (306) 934-8223        Fax: (306) 244-9999
Web Site:                          Email:                         Co-ordinator: Shawna Sparrow
                                   Web Site:
Toll-Free: (888) 842-7752                                           Promotes chastity as best
Contact: Lorraine Entwistle        Toll-Free: (800) 667-1637        lifestyle for teens. Provides
                                   Contact: Annette Bentler         classroom or after-school
Please note: Mailing address is                                     presentations to teens, and
Box 28053, Broders Annex.

                                                    17                                     Section 3

workshops for parents.                 Telephone: (306) 764-6355           help the public understand
Sexuality resource program             Fax: (306) 922-4427                 mental health issues; and
available in most areas of the         Email:                              services to schools,
province. Also provides a                  communities and individuals
lending resource library to            Contact: Dhadha Carandang-          promoting mental health for
parents and educators.                 Deleon                              everyone. Advocates for
                                                                           consumers of mental health
The Breastfeeding                      Provides an accessible,             services; depends on
Committee for                          comprehensive and                   volunteers to provide
Saskatchewan                           confidential sexual health          leadership and guidance in all
Box 400                                program. Program includes           areas. Online library, lending
Nokomis, SK                            birth control education; low-       print and video materials
S0G 3R0                                cost birth control supplies; free   relating to mental illness and
Telephone: (306) 528-4439              condoms; STD                        mental health issues, to
Email:                                 information/testing; education      educators, organizations and                for teenagers, schools,             individuals. Can be accessed
Web Site:                              parents, community workers          by visiting the website.    and agencies; pregnancy
                                       testing/counselling/referral;       Branches offer social and
                                       Pap testing; emergency              vocational programs to people
Contact: Janice Reynolds
                                       contraception; and referrals to     with mental illness,
Network of health                      appropriate community               emphasizing employment and
professionals and consumers            agencies. Service provided on       life skills; they are also actively
working to protect, promote            a drop-in basis every Tuesday       involved in public education
and support breastfeeding              and Thursday from 6:30 p.m. to      and advocacy. Branches in
within Saskatchewan as the             9:00 p.m. Appointments              Battlefords, Estevan,
optimal method of infant               available Thursdays only from       Kindersley, Melfort, Moose
feeding. Goal is to establish          11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.             Jaw, Prince Albert, Regina,
breastfeeding as the cultural                                              Saskatoon, Swift Current,
norm for infant feeding within         Mental Health                       Weyburn, and Yorkton. Rural
Saskatchewan. Provides                                                     Committees in Melfort, Duck
ongoing expert advice and              Canadian Mental Health              Lake, Nipawin and Shellbrook.
recommendations on                     Association in
breastfeeding to governments                                               Regional Addresses
and organizations for research,
policy and program                     2702-12th Avenue                    Battlefords Branch
development, and direction.            Regina, SK                          1011-103rd Street
Facilitates the development of         S4T 1J2                             North Battleford, SK
collaborative strategies to            Telephone: (306) 525-5601           S9A 1K3
protect, promote and support           Fax: (306) 569-3788                 Telephone: (306) 446-7177
                                       Email:                              Fax: (306) 445-7050
breastfeeding in             
Saskatchewan. Provides a                                                   Email:
                                       Web Site:
forum for addressing                                             
breastfeeding issues brought           Executive Director: David           Estevan Branch
forward to the group.                  Nelson                              1201-2nd Street
Wellness Centre                        Toll-Free: (800) 461-5483           Estevan, SK
200-20-14th Street West                                                    S4A 0M1
                                       Works to reduce the stigma of       Telephone: (306) 634-6428
2nd Floor, Medical Building            mental illness through public
Prince Albert, SK                      education. Provides:                Kindersley Branch
S6V 3K8                                educational opportunities to        113-2nd Avenue East

Section 3                                               18

Box 244                     Weyburn Branch                     Indians and Inuit, but some
Kindersley, SK              404 Ashford Street                 services available to other
S0L 1S0                     Weyburn, SK                        Aboriginal groups. Provide the
Telephone: (306) 463-4702   S4H 1K1                            On-Reserve Aboriginal Head
Fax: (306) 463-5506         Telephone: (306) 842-7959          Start Program for children (0-6
Email:                      Fax: (306) 842-3086                years). Funds services         Email:                             delivered by Indian and Inuit
                                  bands and organizations,
Moose Jaw Branch                                               including community
261 High Street West        Yorkton Branch                     prevention programs; individual
Moose Jaw, SK               83 North Street                    and group counselling; in-
S6H 1S7                     Yorkton, SK                        patient and out-patient
Telephone: (306) 692-4240   S3N 0G9                            treatment services; referrals;
Fax: (306) 693-7479         Telephone: (306) 783-8135          training project workers;
Email:                      Fax: (306) 783-8113                workshops; in-school         Email:                             education programs; and
Prince Albert Branch                                           cultural activities. This now
1322 Central Avenue                                            includes the IRS (Indian
Prince Albert, SK                                              Residential School) Program.
S6V 4W3                                                        Video and print resource
Telephone: (306) 763-7747   Alcohol and Drug Recovery          materials are available through
Fax: (306) 763-7717         Services                           FNIHB regional and zone
                            Saskatchewan offers a full         Services are located on all
Regina Branch               range of recovery services for     reserves in the province.
1810 Albert Street          individuals and their families     FNIHB service centres are
Regina, SK                  who have problems because of       located in Fort Qu'Appelle and
S4P 2S8                     alcohol and other drug use.        Prince Albert.
Telephone: (306) 525-9543   Outpatient services are
Fax: (306) 525-9579         available in each of               Gambling Help Line
                            Saskatchewan's 12 health     authorities as well as through a   Toll-Free: (800) 306-6789
                            number of community-based
Saskatoon Branch            organizations located              Provides professional
1301 Avenue P North         throughout the province.           counselling, referral and
Saskatoon, SK                                                  information services on
S7L 2X1                     Community Programs                 problem gambling. Callers can
Telephone: (306) 384-9333   Regional Office, FNIHB, Health     receive referrals to self-help
Fax: (306) 978-5777         Canada                             groups, financial counsellors
Email:                      5th Floor, 2045 Broad Street       and problem gambling      Regina, SK                         counsellors. Problem
                            S4P 3T7                            gambling resource packages
Swift Current Branch        Telephone: (306) 780-7449          and information on print and
170-4th Avenue North West   Director: Bobbie McCloskey         video resources are available.
Swift Current, SK
S9H 0T6                     Contact: Health Canada, First      Métis Addictions Council of
Telephone: (306) 778-2440   Nations & Inuit Health Branch      Saskatchewan Inc.
Fax: (306) 773-0766         (FNIHB), as listed in the          Administration Office
Email:                      telephone directory Blue pages.    100-219 Robin Crescent                                                 Saskatoon, SK
                            Services targeted to status        S7L 6M8

                                             19                                     Section 3

Telephone: (306) 651-3021            Helps families of alcoholics by     as it does for alcoholics.
Fax: (306) 651-2639                  practising the Twelve Steps, by     Through meetings, participants
Executive Director: Jennifer         welcoming and giving comfort        share their experience,
Schoeck                              to families of alcoholics, and by   strength and hope in order to
                                     giving understanding and            work towards recovery.
Responsible for the overall          encouragement to the alcoholic.
management of the M.A.C.S.I.                                             Sports and Physical
Provincial Programs. Available       Alcoholics Anonymous
services include fieldworker
program; youth workers;              Through meetings, participants      Canadian Association for
outpatient centres in Regina         share their experiences,            the Advancement of
and Prince Albert; treatment         strengths and hope with one         Women in Sports
centres in Regina, Saskatoon         another, in order to solve their    N202-801 King Edward Avenue
and Prince Albert; and a Detox       common problem and help             Ottawa, ON
Centre in Prince Albert.             those who still suffer from         K1N 6N5
                                     alcoholism.                         Telephone: (613) 562-5667
Self-Help Groups                                                         Fax: (613) 562-5668
                                     Regional Addresses                  Web Site:
Al-Anon Family Group
                                     Regina Central Office
Headquarters (Canada) Inc.                                               Works with the sport and active
                                     1165 Pasqua Street
245-9 Antares Drive                  Regina, SK                          living community to achieve
Ottawa, ON                           S4T 4L1                             gender equity.
K2E 7V5                              Email:
Telephone: (613) 723-8484                       Saskatchewan Special
Fax: (613) 723-0151                  Web Site:                           Olympics Society
Email:                                         353 Broad Street                      24-hour line: (306) 545-9300        Regina, SK
Web Site:
                                                                         S4R 1X2
                                     Saskatoon Central Office            Telephone: (306) 780-9247
Toll Free: (888) 425-2666            311-220-3rd Avenue South            Fax: (306) 780-9441
                                     Saskatoon, SK                       Email:
Subcommittee of the World            S7K 1W1                   
Service office in New York.          Telephone: (306) 665-6727           Web Site:
Al-Anon/Alateen                      Overeaters Anonymous                Chief Executive Officer:
Information Services
                                     Telephone: (306) 956-3533           Howard Schweitzer
Telephone: (306) 665-3838            Web Site:
                                                    Promotes sports and physical
Self-help groups for adult                                               recreational activities for
relatives and friends of             The Overeaters Anonymous            people of all ages with an
alcoholics who share their           recovery program is patterned       intellectual disability.
experiences and offer comfort        after that of Alcoholics
and hope in order to solve their     Anonymous. AA's twelve steps        Women in Sport
common problems.                     and twelve traditions are used      Ministry of Tourism, Parks,
                                     changing only the words             Culture and Sport
Not allied with any sect,            "alcohol" and "alcoholic" to        4th Floor, 1919 Saskatchewan
denomination, political entity,      "food" and "compulsive              Drive
organization or institution. Self-   overeater". Personal stories        Regina, SK
supporting through its own           attest that the twelve-step         S4P 3V7
voluntary contributions.             program of recovery works as        Telephone: (306) 787-5729
                                     well for compulsive overeaters

Section 3                                               20

Advises organizations and
leaders on ways to improve the
participation of women and
girls in sports and recreation.

                                  21   Section 3

Section 4                          Gabriel Housing Corporation
                                                                  Promotes self-sufficiency and
                                                                  independence by providing
                                   W.R. Hamilton Building         housing and housing services
HOUSING                            506 Lorne Street               for families, seniors, persons
                                   Regina, SK                     with disabilities and others who
The listings in this Section       S4R 2J7                        couldnot otherwise afford safe,
are grouped under the              Telephone: (306) 775-2905      secure shelter. In 2004,
following headings:                Fax: (306) 949-4446            introduced HomeFirst, a five-
  Housing                                                         year strategy that offers a
                                   Mews Corporation
                                                                  variety of housing programs to
                                   200-1102-8th Avenue
General                                                           meet the differing needs of
                                   Regina, SK
                                                                  people with modest incomes,
                                   S4R 1C9
                                                                  now and in the future. The
                                   Telephone: (306) 359-1484
Adelle House                                                      strategy also uses housing to
                                   Fax: (306) 525-5002
Saskatoon, SK                                                     support employment, education
Telephone: (306) 668-2761          Namerind Housing Corporation   and training, neighbourhood
Fax: (306) 668-2769                1121 Winnipeg Street           renewal and economic
                                   Regina, SK                     prosperity in the province's
Second stage low-cost housing      S4R 1J5                        inner cities and the north.
shelter for women and children     Telephone: (306) 525-0147
coming from abusive                                               Project Safe Haven
                                   Fax: (306) 525-0111
situations. Services include                                      c/o Yorkton Tribal Council
support group and individual       Saskatchewan Housing           21 Bradbrooke Drive North
counselling. May stay up to        Corporation                    Yorkton, SK
one year.                          1855 Victoria Avenue           S3N 3R1
                                   Regina, SK                     Telephone: (306) 782-0676
Battlefords Interval House                                        Fax: (306) 782-0629
                                   S4P 3V7
                                   Telephone: (306) 787-4177      Email:
                                   Silver Sage Housing            Toll-Free: (877) 444-2836
Counselling: (306) 445-2742
Executive Director: Ann            Corporation
                                   4001-3rd Avenue North          Offers 24-hour service; safe
McArthur                                                          house; counselling for victims
                                   Regina, SK
                                   S4R 0W8                        and children and referrals;
Provides shelter; counselling to                                  traditional healing based on
residents and drop-ins; group      Telephone: (306) 721-2909
                                   Fax: (306) 545-9780            First Nations holistic concept of
discussions, transportation to                                    spiritual, physical, mental,
appointments and school;
                                   Housing Operations             emotional aspects of a human.
referrals; advocacy; a resource
library; and public education.     Saskatchewan Housing           Repair Programs
                                   Corporation (SHC)
Housing Corporations               500-1855 Victoria Avenue       Saskatchewan Housing
                                   Regina, SK                     Corporation (SHC)
                                   S4P 3T2                        8th Floor, 1920 Broad Street
Includes: Gabriel Housing                                         Regina, SK
                                   Telephone: (306) 787-9313
Corporation; Mews                                                 S4P 3V6
                                   Fax: (306) 787-8571
Corporation; Namerind                                             Telephone: (306) 787-4177
Housing Corporation;               Housing Information Line:      Fax: (306) 798-3110
Saskatchewan Housing               (888) 346-6307
                                                                  Toll-Free: (800) 667-7567
Corporation; and Silver Sage       Toll-Free: (800) 667-7567
Housing.                                                          SHC is an agency of the
                                   SHC is an agency of the        Ministry of Social Services.
Regional Addresses                 Ministry of Social Services.   Delivers repair programs on

Section 4                                          22

behalf of the federal and           Moose Jaw Housing Authority       Regional Housing Operations
provincial governments.             255 Caribou Street West           Swift Current Office
Provides financial assistance in    Moose Jaw, SK                     78 Central Avenue
the form of a forgivable loan to    S6H 7W3                           Swift Current, SK
help homeowners complete            Telephone: (306) 694-4055         S9H 0K7
repairs to bring their homes up     Fax: (306) 694-2021               Telephone: (306) 778-4586
to minimum health and safety                                          Fax: (306) 773-7499
standards. SHC also delivers        Prince Albert Housing Authority
programs that provide financial     230-8th Street East               Regional Housing Operations
assistance in the form of a         Prince Albert, SK                 Weyburn Office
forgivable loan to fund             S6V 7A2                           203-1st Street North East
modifications that allow            Telephone: (306) 953-7420         Weyburn, SK
persons with disabilities to        Fax: (306) 764-0970               S4H 0T4
remain independent.                                                   Telephone: (306) 848-2300
                                    Regina Housing Authority          Fax: (306) 842-2315
Saskatchewan Housing                1850 Smith Street
Authorities                         Regina, SK                        Regional Housing Operations
Human Resource Services             S4P 2N3                           Yorkton Office
200-2080 Broad Street               Telephone: (306) 525-2377         20 Broadway Street East
Regina, SK                          Fax: (306) 347-7812               Yorkton, SK
S4P 1Y3                                                               S3N 0K3
Telephone: (306) 337-1060           Saskatoon Housing Authority       Telephone: (306) 783-1000
Fax: (306) 347-2303                 525-24th Street East              Fax: (306) 783-1002
Email:                              Saskatoon, SK                     Toll-Free: (800) 814-8688              S7K 0K9
                                    Telephone: (306) 668-2700         Northern Housing Operations
There are more than 270             Fax: (306) 668-2701               (SHC)
housing authorities in southern                                       10th Floor, 800 Central Avenue
Saskatchewan that manage            Regional Housing Operations       Box 3003
social housing within their         Saskatoon Office                  Prince Albert, SK
community. Each housing             210-2121 Airport Drive            S6V 6G1
authority is independently          Saskatoon, SK                     Telephone: (306) 953-2513
managed and has a board of          S7L 6W5                           Fax: (306) 953-2401
directors and a manager. Most       Telephone: (306) 668-8540
                                                                      Toll-Free: (800) 667-9656
of the social housing in            Fax: (306) 668-2752
Saskatchewan is administered                                          SOFIA House
through community-based             Regional Housing Operations
                                                                      Box 37125
housing authorities. The four       Melfort Office
                                                                      Regina, SK
largest cities report directly to   Box 2000
                                                                      S4S 7K4
Saskatchewan Housing                Melfort, SK
                                                                      Telephone: (306) 565-2537
Corporation. The remaining          S0E 1A0
                                                                      Fax: (306) 565-2376
southern Saskatchewan               Telephone: (306) 752-7301
housing authorities receive         Fax: (306) 752-8349     
management support through                                            Contact: Sarah Valli
Regional Offices. In northern       Regional Housing Operations
Saskatchewan, local housing         North Battleford Office           Second-stage housing
authorities and non-profit          Box 55, 1191-99th Street          provides safe and affordable
groups have been established        North Battleford, SK              housing for abused women
to manage the housing units.        S9A 2X6                           and their children. Length of
                                    Telephone: (306) 445-1915         stay is up to one year.
Regional Addresses                  Fax: (306) 446-1277               Services include counselling
                                                                      for women and children,

                                                   23                                        Section 4

support group and referrals to
community services, including
geared income housing.

Section 4                        24
                                                            HUMAN RIGHTS AND THE LAW

Section 5                           Reserve                         Regina, SK
                                    La Ronge, SK                    S4P 3V7
                                    S0J 1L0                         Telephone: (306) 787-8954
HUMAN RIGHTS AND                    Telephone: (306) 425-6453       Fax: (306) 787-9008
THE LAW                             Fax: (306) 425-6451             Email:
The listings in this Section        Prince Albert Aboriginal
are grouped under the               Resource Officer Program        Provides co-ordination and
following headings:                 Prince Albert Police Service    support services to individuals
  Immigrant and Visible             45-15th Street West             and foreign jurisdictions in
  Minority Women                    Prince Albert, SK               cases of international child
                                    S6V 3P4                         abduction to or from
  Women with Disabilities
                                    Telephone: (306) 953-4259       Saskatchewan.
General                             Fax: (306) 764-0011             Child Find Saskatchewan
                                    Regina Aboriginal Resource      202-3502 Taylor Street East
Aboriginal Resource Officer         Officer Program                 Saskatoon, SK
Programs                            Regina Police Service           S7H 5H9
                                    Box 196                         Telephone: (306) 955-0070
                                    Regina, SK                      Fax: (306) 373-1311
Helps Aboriginal victims of                                         Email:
                                    S4P 2Z8
crime and their families by                               
                                    Telephone: (306) 777-6583
providing support, information                                      Web Site:
                                    Fax: (306) 777-6387   
and referral services. Staff
work with the local Victims         or phone: (306) 777-6296        Toll-Free: (800) 513-3463
Services program and liaise
                                    Saskatoon Aboriginal            Charitable organization
between the police and
                                    Resource Officer Program        founded in Saskatchewan in
Aboriginal community. Provide
                                    Saskatoon Police Service        1984. Reunites missing and
crime prevention tips help
                                    Box 1728                        abducted children with their
ensure Aboriginal victims and
                                    Saskatoon, SK                   lawful parent or guardian.
their families receive culturally
                                    S7K 3R6
sensitive information and                                           Children's Advocate Office
                                    Telephone: (306) 975-1412
support during their
                                    Fax: (306) 975-8410             315-25th Street East
involvement in the criminal
                                    or phone: (306) 975-8329        Saskatoon, SK
justice process.
                                                                    S7K 2H6
Regional Addresses
                                    Yorkton Aboriginal Resource     Telephone: (306) 933-6700
                                    Officer Program                 Fax: (306) 933-8406
Battlefords Aboriginal              RCMP Yorkton City               Email:
Resource Officer Program                                            Web Site:
RCMP Battlefords City               37-3rd Avenue North
Detachment                          Yorkton, SK
                                    S3N 1C1                         Toll Free: (800) 322-7221
1052-101st Street                                                   Children's Advocate: Marvin
North Battleford, SK                Telephone: (306) 786-2416
                                    Fax: (306) 786-2415             Bernstein
S9A 0Z3
Telephone: (306) 446-1552           Central Authority for           The Children's Advocate is an
Fax: (306) 446-1738                 International Child             independent Officer of the
                                    Abduction                       Legislative Assembly, with the
La Ronge Aboriginal Resource                                        authority to protect the
Officer Program                     Policy, Planning & Evaluation
                                    Branch, Ministry of Justice     interests of, and act as a voice
Neeheethow RCMP Station                                             for, children and youth who
Box 690, 401-101 Indian             3rd Floor, 1874 Scarth Street
                                                                    have concerns regarding

                                                    25                                        Section 5

provincial government child-       (custody, access,                     a Court Worker Program;
welfare services. The              maintenance, division of              Volunteer Program; Prison
Children's Advocate and his        marital assets/debt, estate           Liaison and Community
Office engage in advocacy          issues); farmer/lender disputes       Outreach; support services and
services, public education,        under The Saskatchewan Farm           public education.
dispute resolution, and            Security Act, farm-related
conducts independent               disputes, civil law                   Equal Justice for All
investigations including Child     (environmental, commercial,           230 Avenue R South
Deaths and Critical Injuries.      community/neighbourhood,              Saskatoon, SK
The Children's Advocate also       business and family                   S7M 2Z1
recommends improvements of         partnership issues). Also             Telephone: (306) 653-6260
programs for children to the       provides training and                 Fax: (306) 653-6264
government and/or the              facilitation services on a fee-for-   Email:
Legislative Assembly.              service basis to interested 
Services include receiving,        individuals and                       Office Manager: Wayne
reviewing and investigating any    government/non-government             Lauzon
matter related to government       organizations in the areas of
services affecting a child or      interest-based negotiation and        Provides services free-of-
group of children; negotiating,    collaborative problem-solving.        charge to teach and assist
where appropriate, a non-          Provides an initial mediation         people in obtaining appropriate
adversarial resolution to          session at the close of               benefits and rights.
matters raised; recommending       pleadings in the Court of             Participates in community
changes to practices, policies     Queen's Bench (Regina,                development initiatives and
and legislation to ensure and      Saskatoon, Prince Albert, Swift       networks with anti-poverty
enhance the well-being of          Current, Battleford and Yorkton       organizations and other
children; providing information    only).                                community agencies that
to the community at large                                                support people.
about child advocacy interests     Elizabeth Fry Society of
                                   Saskatchewan                          Family Justice Services
that promote the well-being of
children and youth; advocating     201-165-3rd Avenue South
on behalf of the rights of         Saskatoon, SK                         Offers a variety of services for
children and youth as they are     S7K 1L8                               people dealing with family law
identified in legislation and in   Telephone: (306) 934-4606             matters. While Family Justice
the United Nations Convention      Fax: (306) 652-2933                   Services does not provide
on the Rights of the Child; and    Email:                                lawyers or legal advice, it
referring children, youth and                      offers: public education and
                                   Web Site:                             information about family law
adults to appropriate contacts.
                                                                         issues including brochures,
Dispute Resolution Office          Executive Director: Caroleen          self-help kits and parent
Ministry of Justice                Wright                                education workshops; custody
323-3085 Albert Street                                                   and access reports for use by
                                   A community-based voice for
Regina, SK                                                               the court; supervised access
                                   women at risk as well as those
S4S 0B1                                                                  and exchange services; and
                                   whoa re ciminalized as a result
Telephone: (306) 787-5747                                                child support guidelines
                                   of poverty, racism, physical,
Fax: (306) 787-0088                                                      information. Also runs the
                                   sexual or substance abuse
Web Site:                                                                Support Variation Project, a
                                   and/or lack of education.
                                                                         pilot designed to help lower
                                   Programs ans services
                                                                         income individuals make
Mediation is provided either by    encourage and end to
                                                                         changes to existing child
mutual consent of the parties      recidivism and support crime
                                                                         support orders or agreements.
or by court order in the           prevention through a social
following areas: Family Law        development approach. Offers

Section 5                                            26
                                                              HUMAN RIGHTS AND THE LAW

Regional Addresses                 Toll-Free: (866) 490-4373               Touchwood Police
                                                                           Management Board, Box 280
Ministry of Justice                The voice of French-speaking            Punnichy, SK
701-224-4th Avenue South           women in Saskatchewan,                  S0A 3C0
Saskatoon, SK                      addressing a wide variety of            Telephone: (306) 835-2937
S7K 2H6                            issues concerning women
Telephone: (306) 933-5930          including communications,               International Caregivers of
Fax: (306) 933-5535                health, new family structures,          Regina
Toll Free: (877) 964-5501          financial autonomy, prevention          Telephone: (306) 585-3558
                                   of violence, and education.             President: May Jaldon
Ministry of Justice
323-3085 Albert Street             Film Classification Board               Membership includes women
Regina, SK                         Ministry of Justice                     working as domestic
S4S 0B1                            5th Floor, 1919 Saskatchewan            helpers/baby sitters.
Telephone: (306) 787-9416          Drive                                   Advocates, networks and
Fax: (306) 787-0107                Regina, SK                              provides educational
Toll Free: (888) 218-2822          S4P 4H2                                 workshops to improve the skills
                                   Telephone: (306) 787-5550               of their members.
Family Law Policy                  Fax: (306) 787-9779
Development                        Email:                                  John Howard Society of
Policy, Planning & Evaluation
                                   Web Site:
Branch & Legislative Service   Box 37034
Ministry of Justice    3rd         o/default.shtml                         Regina, SK
Floor, 1874 Scarth Street          Toll Free;: (888) 374-4636              S4S 7K3
Regina, SK                                                                 Telephone: (306) 531-3070
S4P 4B3                            Responsible for classifying all         Fax: (306) 347-0707
Telephone: (306) 787-8954          films and videos distributed            Email:
Fax: (306) 787-9111                within Saskatchewan. Allows   

Legislative Services: (306)        the potential viewer the                Contact:: Susan Saville
787-8990                           opportunity to make an
                                   informed choice as to whether           Provides a vehicle and a forum
or phone: (306) 787-3481                                                   for community participation in
                                   the product is suitable for them
                                   or their children.                      justice programming, as well
The Department of Justice
                                                                           as providing direct client
carries responsibility for
                                   First Nations Caseworkers               services through three
general family law legislation
                                                                           Saskatchewan offices.
such as The Family Property
Act, The Children's Law Act,       Provides servcies to victims of
                                                                           Provides direct casework
The Family Maintenance Act         crime in local First Nations
                                                                           services to persons in the
and federal/provincial relations   communities.
                                                                           community and persons
on family law such as The
                                                                           incarcerated; services to
Divorce Act.                       Regional Addresses
                                                                           victims of crime; counselling
Fédération provinciale des         Mistawasis First Nations                services; Extrajudicial
Fransaskoises                      Community Police Service                Sanctions for Youth
                                   Box 250                                 programming; Young
Box 778
                                   Leask, SK                               Offenders day supervision
606 Main Street
                                   S0S 1M0                                 programming; Stop-Lift
Gravelbourg, SK
                                   Telephone: (306) 466-4720               Education Program for Youth
S0H 1X0
                                                                           and Community Justice
Telephone: (306) 648-2466
                                   Touchwood First Nations                 Forums; school-community
Email:                    Community Police Service                liaison services. Also
                                                                           administers the Fine Option

                                                     27                                            Section 5

and Youth Community Service        Toll Free: (800) 667-9886             regardless of economic status.
Order Programs. The Moose                                                Speakers available to address
Jaw office offers Adult            Hours of operation: 8:45 a.m.         groups on request. InfoService
Alternative Measures.              to 12:00 p.m. or 1:30 p.m. to         provides information to the
                                   4:30 p.m., Monday through             public and clients of MEO 24
Regional Addresses                 Friday. A program provided by         hours a day, 7 days a week. In
                                   The Law Society of                    Regina call 787-9931; Toll-
72 High Street East                Saskatchewan to assist the            Free 1-866-247-7838.
Moose Jaw, SK                      public in contacting lawyers in
S6H 0B8                            their community who have              Multicultural Council of
Telephone: (306) 693-0777          expressed an interest in a            Saskatchewan
Fax: (306) 692-7655                particular area of law such as:       369 Park Street
District Director: Bev Sharpe      administrative; agricultural; civil   Regina, SK
                                   litigation; corporate and             S4N 5B2
2505-11th Avenue                   business; criminal;                   Telephone: (306) 721-2767
Regina, SK                         debtor/creditor and bankruptcy;       Fax: (306) 721-3342
S4P 0K6                            environmental; estates, wills         Email:
Telephone: (306) 757-6657          and trusts; family law and  
Fax: (306) 347-0707                divorce; general practice;            Web Site:
District Director: Susan Saville   human rights; immigration;
                                   insurance and personal injury;        CEO: Wade Luzny
202-220-3rd Avenue South           landlord and tenant; mediation;
                                                                         Dedicated to advancing
Saskatoon, SK                      medical malpractice; mining;
                                                                         multiculturalism. Provincial
S7K 1M1                            municipal and planning; native;
                                                                         contact and umbrella
Telephone: (306) 244-8347          no fault insurance; oil and gas;
                                                                         organization for ethnic and
Fax: (306) 244-9923                patents, trademarks and
                                                                         multicultural groups.
District Director: Greg Fleet      copyright; real estate and
                                   conveyancing;                         Office of Residential
Kanaweyimik Child and              securities/business finance;          Tenancies
Family Services, Inc.              and taxation.
Box 1270
                                   Maintenance Enforcement               Provides advice to residential
91-23rd Street West
                                   Office (MEO)                          landlords and tenants about
Battleford, SK
S0M 0E0                            (Child and Spousal Support)           their rights and obligations.
Telephone: (306) 445-3500          Ministry of Justice                   Adjudicates disputes between
Fax: (306) 445-2533                100-3085 Albert Street                landlords and tenants. Toll
                                   Regina, SK                            Free fax number for both
Toll-Free: (888) 445-5262                                                offices is 1-888-867-7776
                                   S4S 0B1
An independent, non-political      Telephone: (306) 787-8961
                                   Fax: (306) 787-1420                   Regional Addresses
child welfare agency that
provides child welfare and         Toll-Free: (866) 229-9712
                                                                         Northern Office, Main Floor,
family services to Moosomin,
                                   Registers court orders and            Sturdy Stone Building
Red Pheasant, Saulteaux and
                                   agreements that provide for           122-3rd Avenue North
Thunderchild First Nations.
                                   child and/or spousal                  Saskatoon, SK
Also provides a Family
                                   maintenance. Once                     S7K 2H6
Violence Program.
                                   registered, MEO monitors files        Telephone: (306) 933-5680
Lawyer Referral Service            for payments and automatically        Fax: (306) 933-7030
                                   takes enforcement action when         Email:
Telephone: (306) 359-1767
Web Site:                          necessary. Open to all
                                                                         Web Site:               Saskatchewan residents,     

Section 5                                           28
                                                                    HUMAN RIGHTS AND THE LAW
n-for-Landlords-and-Tenants               acts of officials of provincial    literacy/education; spiritually;
Toll Free: (888) 215-2222                 government departments,            and others which involve
                                          agencies, boards and               practical, hands-on job skills.
Southern Office                           commissions.
120-2151 Scarth Street                                                       Police-based Victim
Regina, SK                                Regional Addresses                 Services
S4P 2H8                                                                      Ministry of Justice
Telephone: (306) 787-2699                 Saskatoon Office
Fax: (306) 787-5574                       315-25th Street East               Offer immediate and short-term
Email:                                    Saskatoon, SK                      support to victims of crime and                 S7K 2H6                            traumatic events such as
Web Site:                                                                    accidental death. Provide
                                          Telephone: (306) 933-5500
n-for-Landlords-and-Tenants               Fax: (306) 933-8406                information; support; and
                                          Email:                             referrals to other community
Toll Free: (888) 215-2222
Okimaw Ohci Healing Lodge Toll Free: (800) 667-9787
                                 Deputy Ombudsman: Joni                      Regional Addresses
Maple Creek, SK
S0N 1N0                          Sereda
                                                                             Athabasca Regional Victim
Telephone: (306) 662-4700
                                 Pine Grove Provincial                       Services
Facility designed specifically   Correctional Centre                         c/o Athabasca Health Authority
for the unique cultural needs of Ministry of Corrections, Public             Inc.
federally-sentenced Aboriginal   Safety and Policing                         Box 124
women. Provides a setting that Box 3003                                      Black Lake, SK
promotes healing within a        Prince Albert, SK                           S0J 0H0
structured and healthy           S6V 6G1                                     Telephone: (306) 439-2090
environment. Healing and         Telephone: (306) 953-3100                   Fax: (306) 439-2071
Aboriginal teachings are the     Fax: (306) 953-3108
                                                                             Battlefords Victim Services
cornerstone of the programs at Email:
                                                                             RCMP Battlefords City
the Lodge. Will house up to 29
                                 Director: Dwayne Mills                      Detachment
                                                                             1052-101st Street
Ombudsman Saskatchewan                    The only provincial correctional   North Battleford, SK
150-2401 Saskatchewan Drive               centre for women in                S9A 0Z3
Regina, SK                                Saskatchewan, provides             Telephone: (306) 446-1550
S4P 4H8                                   custodial services and re-         Fax: (306) 446-1738
Telephone: (306) 787-6211                 integrative programs for
                                          offenders remanded into            Buffalo Regional Victim
Fax: (306) 787-9090
                                          custody, serving provincial        Services
Email:                    sentences of less than two         RCMP Buffalo Narrows
Web Site:                                 years and serving federal          Detachment                       terms of incarceration under an    Box 9
Toll Free: (800) 667-7180                 Exchange of Services               Buffalo Narrows, SK
Ombudsman: Kevin Fenwick                  Agreement with the                 S0M 0J0
General Counsel: Gordon                   Correctional Service of            Telephone: (306) 235-4910
Mayer                                     Canada. All programming is         Fax: (306) 235-6662
                                          culturally relevant, gender
Appointed by the                                                             Churchill River Regional Victim
                                          specific and holistic in nature.
Saskatchewan Legislature to                                                  Services
                                          Programs are offered in areas
investigate complaints of                                                    RCMP Pinehouse Detachment
                                          such as substance abuse; self-
citizens regarding                                                           Box 295
                                          awareness; parenting;
administrative decisions and                                                 Pinehouse, SK

                                                            29                                      Section 5

S0J 2B0                       Detachment                      Services
Telephone: (306) 884-2406     37-3rd Avenue North             Estevan Police Service
Fax: (306) 884-2402           Yorkton, SK                     301-11th Avenue
                              S3N 1C1                         Estevan, SK
Midwest Victim Services       Telephone: (306) 786-2408       S4A 1C7
RCMP Lloydminster             Fax: (306) 786-2415             Telephone: (306) 634-8040
Detachment                                                    Fax: (306) 634-7025
4201-47th Avenue              Prince Albert Regional Victim
Lloydminster, SK              Services                        South West Victim Services
S9V 2C7                       RCMP Prince Albert              RCMP Swift Current Rural
Telephone: (306) 825-1380     Detachment                      Detachment
Fax: (306) 825-6356           2020-9th Avenue West            Bag Service 5001, 50 George
                              Prince Albert, SK               Street West
Moose Jaw & District Victim   S6V 6J7                         Swift Current, SK
Services                      Telephone: (306) 765-5574       S9H 4Y2
Moose Jaw Police Service      Fax: (306) 765-5503             Telephone: (306) 778-6565
21 Fairford Street West                                       Fax: (306) 778-5553
Moose Jaw, SK                 Prince Albert Victim Services
S6H 1V2                       Prince Albert Police Service    Provincial Mediation Board
Telephone: (306) 694-7624     45-15th Street West             Ministry of Justice
Fax: (306) 694-7610           Prince Albert, SK               Web Site:
                              S6V 3P4               
Northeast Regional Victim     Telephone: (306) 953-4357       on/default.shtml
Services                      Fax: (306) 764-0011
RCMP Tisdale Detachment                                       Offers assistance to individuals
Box 99, 1302-102nd Street     Regina Region Victim Services   with personal debt problems by
Tisdale, SK                   RCMP Regina Detachment          reviewing their financial status,
S0E 1T0                       6101 Dewdney Avenue, Bag        and providing directions and
Telephone: (306) 878-3819     Service 2500                    options to them. May arrange
Fax: (306) 878-3813           Regina, SK                      repayment plans with
                              S4P 3K7                         creditors. Toll Free telephone
Northern Region Victim        Telephone: (306) 780-6694       for both offices is 1-888-215-
Services                      Fax: (306) 780-5541             2222; Toll Free fax number for
RCMP La Ronge Detachment                                      both offices is 1-888-867-7776.
Box 690, 1603 Bay Avenue      Regina Victim Services
La Ronge, SK                  Regina Police Service           Regional Addresses
S0J 1L0                       1717 Osler Street, Box 196
Telephone: (306) 425-4378     Regina, SK                      Southern Office
Fax: (306) 425-6742           S4P 2Z8                         2151 Scarth Street
                              Telephone: (306) 777-8660       Regina, SK
Northwest Regional Victim     Fax: (306) 777-6387             S4P 3V7
Services                                                      Telephone: (306) 787-5387
RCMP Meadow Lake              Saskatoon Victim Services       Fax: (306) 787-5574
Detachment                    Saskatoon Police Service        Email:
319-1st Avenue East           Box 1728, 259B-3rd Avenue
Meadow Lake, SK               South                           Toll Free: (888) 215-2222
S9X 1M8                       Saskatoon, SK
Telephone: (306) 236-2599     S7K 3R6                         Northern Office
Fax: (306) 236-2574           Telephone: (306) 975-8400       4th Floor, 201-21st Street East
                              Fax: (306) 975-8410             Saskatoon, SK
Parkland Victims Services                                     S7K 2H6
RCMP Yorkton City             Southeast Regional Victim       Telephone: (306) 933-6520

Section 5                                     30
                                                            HUMAN RIGHTS AND THE LAW

Fax: (306) 933-7530               available at no charge to            Email:
Email:                            agencies, schools, groups,         meetings or the public.              President: Bob Hughes
Toll Free: (888) 215-2222
                                  Regina Children's Justice            Comprised of individuals and
Public Guardian and               Centre                               organizations interested in
Trustee of Saskatchewan           Telephone: (306) 777-8615            eliminating racism in
Ministry of Justice               Fax: (306) 787-0562                  Saskatchewan. Incorporated
100-1871 Smith Street                                                  under The Non-Profit
                                  Telephone: (306) 787-0553
Regina, SK                                                             Corporations Act. Provides a
S4P 4W4                           Teams of police and Social           forum for individuals, groups
Telephone: (306) 787-5424         Services protection staff work       and organizations to combat
Fax: (306) 787-5065               together to investigate              racism. Advocates on behalf
Email:                            allegations of child abuse in a      of individuals, groups and   welcoming and child-friendly         organizations struggling
Web Site:                         environment.                         against racism. Promotes                                                      social action to change
                                  Saskatchewan Aboriginal              institutional practices and
Acts as property guardian for
                                  Courtworker Program                  policies that are racist in
persons who are not capable
                                  Ministry of Justice                  nature. Promotes public
of looking after their own
                                  6th Floor, 1874 Scarth Street        awareness about racism.
income, expenses and assets.
                                  Regina, SK
Also acts as trustee for                                               Saskatchewan Human
                                  S4P 3V7
children's money when there is                                         Rights Commission
no other trustee, and             Telephone: (306) 787-6470
administers deceased estates      Email:
                                  Works to discourage and
when there is no other
administrator.                    Toll-Free: (800) 514-5666            eliminate discrimination by
                                                                       investigating and resolving
Public Legal Education            Ensures that Aboriginal adults       discrimination complaints, as
Association                       charged with an offence, and         well as through education and
                                  youth alleged to have                equity programs.
300-201-21st Street East
                                  committed an offence or              Discrimination is prohibited on
Saskatoon, SK
                                  charged with an offence before       the basis of race, creed,
S7K 0B8
                                  the criminal courts, receive fair,   religion, colour, sex, sexual
Telephone: (306) 653-1868
                                  just, equitable treatment that is    orientation, family status,
Fax: (306) 653-1869
                                  status blind. Provides an            marital status, disability, age,
Email:                     Aboriginal inclusive,                nationality, ancestry, place of
Web Site:                         community-based courtworker          origin or receipt of public                      service utilizing 15 Carrier         assistance. Discrimination on
                                  Agencies. (Agencies include          the basis of sex includes
The Public Legal Education        First Nation, Métis Locals,          sexual harassment, and
Association of Saskatchewan       Tribal Councils, Community           discrimination based on
(PLEA) is a non-profit, non-      Groups and Friendship                pregnancy and pregnancy-
government organization that      Centres.)                            related illnesses.
exists to educate, inform and
empower the people of             Saskatchewan Coalition
                                                                       Regional Addresses
Saskatchewan through law          Against Racism
related education. PLEA offers    Box 29042                            Saskatoon Office
a wide variety of free            Dewdney Postal Outlet                816-122-3rd Avenue North
information related to law and    Regina, SK                           Saskatoon, SK
the legal system. Publications,   S4T 7X3                              S7K 2H6
workshops and classes are         Telephone: (306) 352-4698

                                                   31                                        Section 5

Telephone: (306) 933-5952          Telephone: (306) 975-1414           Toll-Free: (800) 358-1833
Fax: (306) 933-7863                Fax: (306) 975-1409                 Business Manager: Bob Challis
Email:              Provides a co-ordinated               Offers the following programs:
Web Site:                        response to child abuse in a          lesbian and gay peer                   setting that protects and             support/information lines; drop-
Telewriter (for hearing impaired supports the child in a warm          in centre; community
persons): (306) 373-2119         and respectful way. Teams,            library/resource centre; OPY
Toll Free (SK only): (800) 667- consisting of police officers,         group; Womyn's Discussion
9249                             social workers and medical            group; Men's Discussion
                                 personnel, supported by a             group; educational workshops;
Regina Office                    Crown prosecutor, Victims             and social activities.
301-1942 Hamilton Street         Services representatives and
Regina, SK                       volunteers, provides the child        Victim/Witness Services
S4P 2C5                          with services at the Centre.          Ministry of Justice
Telephone: (306) 787-2530        Services include medical
Fax: (306) 787-0454              examination; investigative            Helps children and other
Email:                           interviews; victims services;         vulnerable witnesses who are              referrals and other information.      required to testify in court.
Web Site:
                                                                       Services include: court
                                   Saskatoon Community                 orientation that includes
Telewriter (for hearing impaired   Mediation Services                  information about the
persons): (306) 787-8550                                               courtroom setting, court
                                   208-220-3rd Avenue South
Toll Free (SK only): (800) 667-    Saskatoon, SK                       processes and the roles of
8577                               S7K 1M1                             those in the criminal justice
Saskatchewan Legal Aid             Telephone: (306) 244-0440           system; case information;
                                   Fax: (306) 244-0512                 prosecutor liaison; court
                                   Email:                              accompaniment; safe,
502-201-21st Street East                     comfortable, private waiting
Saskatoon, SK                      Web Site:                           rooms in larger centres; and
S7K 2H6                  
                                                                       referrals. Services help to
Telephone: (306) 933-5300                                              ensure that people who have
Fax: (306) 933-6764                Provides training and services
                                   in mediation, conflict resolution   suffered harm are well-
Email:                                                                 informed and supported         and restorative justice. Offers
Web Site:                          mediation services in various       throughout the criminal justice                 contexts including neighbour,       process and that other
Toll Free: (800) 667-3764          victim/offender, parent/teen,       professionals in the criminal
                                   and SGI personal injury.            justice system are informed of
Through 14 offices located in                                          their needs.
the province, provides legal       The Avenue Community
advice and information to          Centre for Gender & Sexual          Regional Addresses
persons unable to afford to pay    Diversity Inc.
for such services from their                                           La Ronge Prosecutions Unit
                                   203-220-3rd Avenue South
own financial resources.                                               Room 2300, Mistasinihk Place
                                   Box 8581
Services regarding young                                               1328 La Ronge Avenue, Box
                                   Saskatoon, SK
offenders, criminal and family                                         5000
                                   S7K 1M1
law.                                                                   La Ronge, SK
                                   Telephone: (306) 665-1224
                                                                       S0J 1L0
                                   Fax: (306) 665-1280
Saskatoon Centre for                                                   Telephone: (306) 425-4576
Children's Justice and          Fax: (306) 425-4226
Victim Services                    Web Site:
                                 Prince Albert Prosecutions Unit

Section 5                                             32
                                                                HUMAN RIGHTS AND THE LAW

12th Floor, 800 Central Avenue          123 La Ronge Road                 Safety and Policing
Box 3003                                Saskatoon, SK                     7th Floor, 1845 Scarth Street
Prince Albert, SK                       S7K 5T3                           Regina, SK
S6V 6G1                                 Telephone: (306) 933-6182         S4P 3V7
Telephone: (306) 953-2798               Fax: (306) 933-6183               Telephone: (306) 787-4701
Fax: (306) 953-2289                     Email:                            Fax: (306) 798-0012
Regina Prosecutions Unit                Contact: Laura Cook               Services to assist young
910-1801 Hamilton Street                                                  offenders include counselling,
Regina, SK                              A minimum security facility for   education, training, work
S4P 4B4                                 low-risk female offenders.        experience, alternatives to
Telephone: (306) 787-3883               Accepts women serving             incarceration, alternative types
Fax: (306) 787-8168                     intermittent sentences,           of custody and probation
                                        probation sentences or suitable   services.
Saskatoon Prosecutions Unit             transferees from Pine Grove
8th Floor, 224-4th Avenue               Correctional Centre. Provides     Immigrant and Visible
South                                   guidance, encourages self-        Minority Women
Saskatoon, SK                           responsibility and the
S7K 2H6                                 development of healthy            Congress of Black Women
Telephone: (306) 933-5173               functional living skills. Links   of Canada
Fax: (306) 933-7665                     clients with various community    2340 Angus Street
                                        resources. Benefits include       Regina, SK
Victims Services                        education, personal               S4T 2A4
Ministry of Justice                     counselling, extended family      Telephone: (306) 787-4554
610-1874 Scarth Street                  contact, recreational and         Fax: (306) 787-8125
Regina, SK                              leisure time activities.          Email:
S4P 4B3                                                         
Telephone: (306) 787-3500               Women's Legal Education
                                                                          Home: (306) 585-3685
Fax: (306) 787-0081                     and Action Fund (LEAF)
                                                                          Secretary: Norma Berryman
Email:        Web Site:                         (306) 585-3685
Web Site:                        Toll-Free: (888) 824-5323         Dedicated to improving the
Toll-Free: (888) 286-6664                                                 welfare of Black women and
                                                                          their families, and bringing
                                        Women's Legal Education
Improves the justice system's                                             recognition to the role of Black
                                        and Action Fund (LEAF) -          women in Canadian society.
response to victims of crime by
increasing public and                   Saskatoon                         Provides solidarity network for
professional understanding of           Telephone: (306) 244-6245         Black women. Defends and
victims' needs and by funding           Web Site:                         works to extend human rights.
                                                    Provides educational
or delivering services to meet
those needs. Grants                     Contact: Ruth Welsh               programs. Liaises with other
compensation for reasonable                                               local, national and international
                                        An affiliate of the national      organizations.
expenses from criminal acts of
                                        organization. Promotes
personal violence.
Compensation applications are
                                        equality for Canadian women       Daughters of Africa (DOA)
available at the above address
                                        through legal action and public   International Inc.
                                        education. Sponsors test          111-2505-11th Avenue
or from a local Victim Services
                                        cases in court to challenge       Regina, SK
funded agency.
                                        discrimination against women.     S4P 0K6
Women's Community                                                         Telephone: (306) 721-9461
                                        Young Offenders Programs
Training Residence                                                        Fax: (306) 352-3331
                                        Ministry of Corrections, Public

                                                         33                                        Section 5
Email:                             Regina Open Door Society                                              International Women of
                                   1855 Smith Street
                                   Regina, SK                       Swift Current
Promotes collaboration and                                          518 Stenson Place
                                   S4P 2N5
unity among women and                                               Swift Current, SK
                                   Telephone: (306) 352-3500
identifies, works and advocates                                     S9H 5B3
                                   Fax: (306) 757-8166
on issues that are central to                                       Telephone: (306) 773-1711
their development, successful                Contact: Anne Moola
integration and equitable          Web Site:
participation in society locally
                                                                    Contact: Bula Ghosh (306) 778-
and internationally.                                                5477
                                   Director: Darcy Dietrich
Immigrant & Refugee                Saskatoon Open Door Society
                                                                    A community-based woman's
Settlement Agencies                                                 organization that provides a
                                   247 First Avenue North           dynamic forum for social and
                                   Saskatoon, SK                    cultural interaction from women
Contact: Local Immigrant &         S7K 1X2                          of diverse backgrounds.
Refugee Settlement Agencies        Telephone: (306) 653-4464        Information is shared,
                                   Fax: (306) 653-4404              friendships are forged, and
Provide a wide range of            Email:
                                                                    community spirits awakened.
services to new Canadians,         Web Site:                        They assist newcomers,
assisting them with settlement                   especially immigrants, in their
and integration into Canadian      Executive Director: Bertha       integration into the community.
society. Services include          Gana
resettlement assistance,                                            International Women
language training, employment      International Women of           Society of Moose Jaw
training, co-ordinating            Saskatoon                        Moose Jaw, SK
community programs and             412-230 Avenue R South           Telephone: (306) 694-1879
volunteer services.                Saskatoon, SK                    Email:
                                   S7M 2Z1                
Regional Addresses                                                  President: Nazmia Bengeleil
                                   Telephone: (306) 978-6611
                                   Fax: (306) 978-6614
Moose Jaw Multicultural                                             A dynamic group of local
Council                           women from different
60 Athabasca Street East           Web Site:                        backgrounds that provide
Moose Jaw, SK                      education, social and cultural
S6H 0L2                            President: Roya Mahmoud-         interaction for all women.
Telephone: (306) 693-4677          Kalayeh                          Provide help and support for
Fax: (306) 694-0477                                                 newcomers in the community.
Email:                             Services and programs            Represents the cultural                   include: english language        diversity in our community and
Executive Director: Tara           class; employment training;      promotes public awareness by
Blanchard                          women's support program;         holding potluck suppers once a
                                   senior's program; children and   month, offering workshops and
Prince Albert Multicultural        youth summer programs;           inviting speakers. Open to all
Council-Settlement Agency          health education programs;       women from different
1410C Central Avenue               anti-racism education program;   backgrounds.
Prince Albert, SK                  fundraising projects; action
S6V 4W5                            research program; referrals;     National Organization of
Telephone: (306) 922-0405          counselling and advocacy; and    Immigrant and Visible
Fax: (306) 764-4880                recreation activities.           Minority Women of Canada
Manager: Marge Nainaar                                              2340 Angus Street
                                                                    Regina, SK

Section 5                                              34
                                                              HUMAN RIGHTS AND THE LAW

S4T 2A4                             2248 Lorne Street                    end the stereotype that they
Telephone: (306) 787-5915           Regina, SK                           are burdens on society.
Fax: (306) 787-8125                 S4P 2M7                              DAWNing Saskatoon is an
Email:                              Telephone: (306) 359-6514            opportunity for women with              Fax: (306) 522-9959                  disabilities to come together
Home: (306) 585-3685                Email:                               and share experiences, gain
Saskatchewan Representative:              support and have fun.
Norma Berryman                      President: Rosetta Khalideen
                                                                         DisAbled Women's
Works to ensure equality for        Operates a drop-in centre            Network (DAWN)
immigrant and visible minority      where conversation groups are        Saskatchewan
women. Especially concerned         held one evening a month over        1940 McIntyre Street
with sexism, racism, poverty,       snacks and coffee; a catering        Regina, SK
isolation and violence. Liaises     service; provides one-on-one         S4P 2R3
with other national groups and      and group counselling and            Telephone: (306) 586-8699
acts as an advocate.                support for immigrant and            Fax: (306) 586-8699
Endeavours to heighten public       ethno-cultural women and their       Email:
awareness. Works with               families. In partnership with
government and non-                 other community agencies             Chairperson: Georgina
government agencies.                conducts research in the area        Heselton
                                    of healthcare, employment,
Princesses of the King              family violence, and                 A provincial grassroots
Christian Organization              recreation. Conducts cross-          organization of and for women
International Inc.                  cultural sensitivity workshops       with disabilities. Main purpose
Box 714                             for community and government         is to improve the status of
White City, SK                      agencies. Can be contacted           women with disabilities by
S4L 5B1                             for train-the-trainer sessions on    promoting self-help through
Telephone: (306) 781-3304           the newly developed Sexual           outreach, advocacy and
Email:                              Health Education for                 educational activities.   Immigrants model. Programs           Addresses issues such as
Web Site:                           and services subject to change       accessibility, poverty,
                                    according to funding availability.   employment, violence,
Contact: Rebecca Otitoju                                                 parenting, sexuality, self-
                                    Women with Disabilities              esteem, health, isolation, and
A non-profit organzation that:                                           access to women's services
promotes godly and friendly                                              and the women's network.
relationships between               DAWN SASK                            Works in coalition with other
immigrant or non-immigrant          834 Confederation Drive              provincial, national and
women regardless of church          Saskatoon, SK                        international organizations.
affiliation or belief; nurtures     S7L 4K4                              Publishes a newsletter.
spiritual growth of women and       Telephone: (306) 382-0708            Chapters in Moose Jaw,
their families as they settle in    Email:                               Regina and Saskatoon.
Canada; provides Christian
counseling for women who are        Contact: Zelda Rempel                Office of Disability Issues
hurting or in abusive                                                    1920 Broad Street
relationships; and mentors          Member of DisAbled Women's           Regina, SK
young women to become and           Network (DAWN) Canada,               S4P 3V6
remain godly women, wives           which is a national organization     Fax: (306) 798-0364
and mothers.                        comprised of women with              Email:
                                    disabilities. Works to help
Regina Immigrant Women              women with disabilities achieve      Web Site:
Centre, Inc.                        control over their own lives and

                                                      35                                          Section 5

Telephone/TTY: (306) 787-

Focal point for government
initiatives on disabilities.
Collaborates and partners with
the disability community.
Works with representatives of
Aboriginal communities to
address needs of Aboriginal
persons with disabilities.
Addresses life cycle and
gender issues, including
consideration of children and
youth; women; and elderly
persons with disabilities.
Provides administrative support
and co-ordination with the
Saskatchewan Council on
Disability Issues.
Saskatchewan Voice of
People with Disabilities
Box 27001
Regina, SK
S4R 8R8
Telephone: (306) 569-3111
Fax: (306) 569-1889
Web Site:
Executive Director: Bev

The "Voice" is a self-help,
cross disability consumer
controlled organization that
works on issues affecting the
lives of all people with

Section 5                         36
                                                                             PARENTING AND FAMILY

Section 6                            Kids, In-School Mentoring and            Regina, SK
                                     other mentoring programs                 S4P 2R3
                                     offered in partnership with              Telephone: (306) 525-2141
PARENTING AND                        community centres, etc. and a            Email:
FAMILY                               variety of group mentoring     
                                     options, provide a variety of            Web Site:
The listings in this Section                                        
                                     opportunities for volunteering
are grouped under the
                                     and support to children and              Big Brothers of Regina
following headings:
                                     youth.                                   452 Albert Street North
  Children and Youth                                                          Regina, SK
  Family Life                        Regional Addresses
                                                                              S4R 3C1
  Family-Related                                                              Telephone: (306) 757-3900
  Organizations                      Big Brothers/Big Sisters of
                                     Box 501                                  Web Site:
Children and Youth
                                     Humboldt, SK                   
                                     S0K 2A0
Big Brothers Big Sisters of          Telephone: (306) 682-2829                Big Brothers/Big Sisters of
Canada                               Email:                                   Saskatoon
                                              182 Wall Street
113E - 3228 South Service
                                                                              Saskatoon, SK
                                     Big Brothers/Big Sisters                 S7K 1N4
Burlington, ON                       Association of Lloydminster              Telephone: (306) 244-8197
L7N 3H8                              3-4301-49th Avenue                       Email:
Telephone: (905) 639-0461
                                     Lloydminster, SK               
Fax: (905) 639-0124                  S9V 0S5                                  Web Site:
Web Site:                                                           
                                     Telephone: (306) 825-5757
                                                                              Big Brothers/Big Sisters of
Is a national organization                                                    Weyburn
                                     Web Site:
comprised of 150 member        104-309-1st Avenue North
agencies servicing more than         ster                                     West
1,000 communities, and is the                                                 Elgin Mall
leading child and youth serving      Big Brothers/Big Sisters of              Weyburn, SK
organization providing               Battlefords                              S4H 1T1
mentoring programs across            1372-103rd Street                        Telephone: (306) 842-4050
Canada. For over 90 years,           North Battleford, SK                     Email:
they have made a difference in       S9A 1L1                        
the lives of young people by         Telephone: (306) 445-7845                Web Site:
providing a friend where one is      Email:                         
needed. Men and women (age 
                                                                              Big Brothers/Big Sisters of
18 or older) give of their time to
                                     Big Sisters/Big Brothers of              Yorkton
become one-to-one mentors to
                                     Prince Albert & District                 83 North Street
a child or youth who can
                                     129-11th Street East                     Yorkton, SK
greatly benefit from having
                                     Prince Albert, SK                        S3N 0G9
another adult role model in
                                     S6V 1A2                                  Telephone: (306) 782-3471
their lives. In response to the
different needs and demands          Telephone: (306) 922-1299                Email:
of children, youth, and                                                       Web Site:
volunteers alike, they have                                         
created new programs to fit our      YWCA Big Sisters of Regina
changing society. Couples for                                                 Child and Family Services
                                     1940 McIntyre Street

                                                        37                                              Section 6

Ministry of Social Services            Social Services             210-1st Street East
Web Site:                              113-2nd Avenue East         Nipawin, SK   Kindersley, SK              S0E 1E0
                                       S0L 1S0                     Fax: (306) 862-1731
Services include: offering             Telephone: (306) 463-5470   Toll-Free: (800) 487-8594
programs in child protection,          Fax: (306) 463-5477
foster care, domestic adoption,                                    Social Services
assisted adoption, intercountry        Social Services             405-1146-102nd Street
adoption, and post-adoption;           Box 70                      North Battleford, SK
support for teen and young             La Loche, SK                S9A 1E9
parents; and funding for a             S0M 1G0                     Fax: (306) 446-7525
variety of family violence             Fax: (306) 822-1734         Toll-Free: (877) 993-9911
initiatives and supports for           Toll-Free: (877) 371-1131
families delivered by                                              Social Services
community-based                        Social Services             Box 3003
organizations. Information             Box 359                     800 Central Avenue
about all services is available        1320 La Ronge Avenue        Prince Albert, SK
at                   La Ronge, SK                S6V 6G1
                                       S0J 1L0                     Fax: (306) 953-2589
Regional Addresses                     Fax: (306) 425-4568         Toll-Free: (800) 487-8603
                                       Toll-Free: (800) 567-4066
Social Services
Box 220                                                            Social Services
                                       Social Services             2045 Broad Street
Buffalo Narrows, SK                    4815-50th Street            Regina, SK
S0M 0J0                                Lloydminster, SK            S4P 3V7
Fax: (306) 235-1794                    S9V 0M8                     Telephone: (306) 787-3700
Toll-Free: (800) 667-7685              Fax: (306) 825-6415         Fax: (306) 787-4940
                                       Toll-Free: (877) 367-7707
Social Services                                                    Social Services
Box 10                                 Social Services             122-2nd Avenue West
1st Street East                        Unit 5, 101 Railway Place   Rosetown, SK
Creighton, SK                          Meadow Lake, SK             S0L 2V0
S0P 0A0                                S9X 1X6                     Telephone: (306) 882-5400
Fax: (306) 688-3375                    Fax: (306) 236-7533         Fax: (306) 882-5473
Toll-Free: (800) 532-9580              Toll-Free: (877) 368-8898
                                                                   Social Services
Social Services                        Social Services             122-3rd Avenue North
Box 5000-190                           107 Crawford Avenue East    Saskatoon, SK
1219-5th Street                        Melfort, SK                 S7K 2H6
Estevan, SK                            S0E 1A0                     Telephone: (306) 933-5961
S4A 2V6                                Fax: (306) 752-6200         Fax: (306) 933-6011
Telephone: (306) 637-4550
Fax: (306) 637-4552                    Toll-Free: (800) 487-8640
                                                                   Social Services
                                       Social Services             Midtown Village/Income
Social Services                                                    Security
Box 1400                               36 Athabasca Street West
                                       Moose Jaw, SK               160-2nd Avenue South
177 Segwun Avenue South                                            Saskatoon, SK
Fort Qu'Appelle, SK                    S6H 6V2
                                       Telephone: (306) 694-3647   S7K 2H6
S0G 1S0                                                            Telephone: (306) 933-5960
Fax: (306) 332-3276                    Fax: (306) 694-3657
                                                                   Fax: (306) 933-8039
Toll-Free: (800) 667-3260              Social Services             Toll-Free: (877) 884-1687

Section 6                                                38
                                                                        PARENTING AND FAMILY

Social Services                     for a list of licensed child care    S6V 4V1
Box 5000                            centres and homes. Can also          Fax: (306) 953-3347
350 Cheadle Street West             provide information about the        Toll-Free: (866) 719-6164
Swift Current, SK                   availability of special services
S9H 4G3                             such as extended hours and           Early Learning and Child Care
Telephone: (306) 778-8219           child care to assist teen moms       Ministry of Education, Region 6
Fax: (306) 778-8668                 to stay in school.                   1146-102nd Street
                                                                         North Battleford, SK
Social Services                     For information regarding            S9A 1E9
110 Souris Avenue North East        parent subsidies for child care      Telephone: (306) 446-7434
Weyburn, SK                         fees you can contact:                Fax: (306) 446-8765
S4H 2Z9                             Child Care Subsidy Unit,
Telephone: (306) 848-2404           Ministry of Social Services          Child Care Subsidies
Fax: (306) 848-2477                 2151 Scarth Street, REGINA           Ministry of Social Services
                                    SK S4P 2H8                           2151 Scarth Street
Social Services                     Toll-Free Inquiry: 1-800-667-        Regina, SK
Box 219                             7155; Fax: (306) 787-4155 or         S4P 3V7
400A Avenue D West                  mail:                                Telephone: (306) 787-4114
Wynyard, SK                         Box 2045, Street Main,               Fax: (306) 787-4155
S0A 4T0                             REGINA SK S4P 4L7                    Toll Free: (800) 667-7155
Fax: (306) 554-5454
Toll-Free: (866) 287-7747           Regional Addresses                   Provides information regarding
                                                                         child care subsidies. Income
Social Services                     Early Learning and Child Care        tested subsidies are provided
72 Smith Street East                Ministry of Education, Region 1      to assist low-income parents to
Yorkton, SK                         72 Smith Street East                 use child care while they are
S3N 2Y4                             Yorkton, SK                          working, attending formal
Fax: (306) 786-1305                 S3N 2Y4                              education, or dealing with
Toll-Free: (877) 786-3288           Telephone: (306) 786-5770            some other special need.
                                    Fax: (306) 786-1305
Child Care Centres and                                                   Children's Advocate Office
Family Child Care Homes             Early Learning and Child Care        315-25th Street East
Early Learning and Child Care       Ministry of Education, Region        Saskatoon, SK
Branch, Ministry of Education       2&3                                  S7K 2H6
2nd Floor, 2220 College             2045 Broad Street                    Telephone: (306) 933-6700
Avenue                              Regina, SK                           Fax: (306) 933-8406
Regina, SK                          S4P 3V6                              Email:
S4P 4V9                             Telephone: (306) 787-4980  
                                    Fax: (306) 787-5559                  Web Site:
Telephone: (306) 787-7467                                      
Fax: (306) 789-0277
                                    Early Learning and Child Care        Toll Free: (800) 322-7221
Web Site:                Ministry of Education, Region 4      Children's Advocate: Marvin
                                    122-3rd Avenue North                 Bernstein
Regional Offices for Early          Saskatoon, SK
Learning and Child Care             S7K 2H6                              The Children's Advocate is an
license and monitor child care      Telephone: (306) 933-6071            independent Officer of the
centres and family child care       Fax: (306) 933-5971                  Legislative Assembly, with the
homes. For assistance in                                                 authority to protect the
opening a child care service, or    Early Learning and Child Care        interests of, and act as a voice
questions about quality of          Ministry of Education, Region 5      for, children and youth who
service, call the regional office   Box 3003                             have concerns regarding
in your area. Visit the website     Prince Albert, SK                    provincial government child-

                                                     39                                         Section 6

welfare services. The              Provides 24-hour crisis            S4S 0X5
Children's Advocate and his        intervention for families and an   Telephone: (306) 586-5388
Office engage in advocacy          emergency shelter for              Fax: (306) 586-1488
services, public education,        children. Crisis counselling       Executive Director: Major
dispute resolution, and            and referral to other agencies     Cheryl Davis
conducts independent               are provided to both parents       Program Director: Susan
investigations including Child     and children.                      Ballentyne
Deaths and Critical Injuries.
The Children's Advocate also       Cornwall Alternative School        A Residential Care Facility for
recommends improvements of         40 Dixon Crescent                  a maximum of six teenage girls
programs for children to the       Regina, SK                         12 to 15 years of age.
government and/or the              S4N 1V4                            Provides a temporary
Legislative Assembly.              Telephone: (306) 522-0044          care/treatment program for
Services include receiving,        Fax: (306) 359-0720                youth experiencing behavioural
reviewing and investigating any    Email:                             and/or emotional difficulties.
matter related to government
                                                                      The length of admission is
services affecting a child or      Principal/Executive Director:      normally six to eight months.
group of children; negotiating,    Eunice Cameron                     The aim of the program is
where appropriate, a non-                                             assessment, stabilization and
adversarial resolution to          An alternative educational
                                                                      intervention, with the hope of
matters raised; recommending       opportunity for students who
                                                                      returning the resident to the
changes to practices, policies     are at risk of not completing
                                                                      family home. If the family
and legislation to ensure and      their high school education.
                                                                      home is assessed as not being
enhance the well-being of                                             an option, then the resident will
children; providing information    Emphasis is on educational,
                                                                      be placed in another suitable
to the community at large          social and emotional
                                                                      community resource upon
about child advocacy interests     development. Students aged
                                                                      completion of the program.
that promote the well-being of     12-16 are offered academics,
children and youth; advocating     as well as survival skills,        Rainbow Youth Centre
on behalf of the rights of         physical education and a lunch     977 McTavish Street
children and youth as they are     program.                           Regina, SK
identified in legislation and in   Farm Safety for Children           S4T 3V2
the United Nations Convention                                         Telephone: (306) 757-9743
on the Rights of the Child; and    Power Pac Program,
                                                                      Fax: (306) 757-9759
                                   Saskatchewan Safety Council
referring children, youth and                                         Email:
                                   445 Hoffer Drive         
adults to appropriate contacts.
                                   Regina, SK                         Web Site:
Children's Haven Child             S4N 6E2                  
Crisis Centre                      Telephone: (306) 757-3197          Contact: Danielle Pass
Native Co-ordinating Council       Fax: (306) 569-1907
                                   Web Site:                          Regina's only multi-service
3 Elmwood Avenue
                                          centre for youth providing a
Prince Albert, SK
                                   Contact: Judy George               complex of easily accessible,
S6V 7Z1
                                                                      integrated services designed to
Telephone: (306) 922-4454          Offers farm safety                 meet the multiple needs of
Fax: (306) 922-5779                presentations to rural schools     youth aged 11-19 (specialized
                                   around the province.               programming for adults aged
Web Site:                                                             20-25). Programs provide
                                   Gemma House                        counselling, skill development,
Program Supervisor: Lynda          The Salvation Army                 education, arts, culture, social
Douglas                            3820 Hill Avenue                   activities and recreation for
                                   Regina, SK                         youth. Most programs are

Section 6                                            40
                                                                        PARENTING AND FAMILY

preventative, offering               S4R 0V2
                                                                         Aboriginal Family Service
education, skill-building and        Telephone: (306) 543-6944
support. Individual counselling      Fax: (306) 545-0199                 Centre
and social/life skills training is   Email:                              2910-5th Avenue
also available for high needs              Regina, SK
youth.                               Web Site:                           S4T 0L3
                                             Telephone: (306) 525-4161
Youth Workers are specially          Executive Director: Patricia B.     Fax: (306) 525-1283
trained to work with                 Clark, B.A., M.Ed.                  Email:
                                     Parent Services Co-ordinator:
adolescents in a variety of
areas such as suicide and            M. Carol Gardner                    Contact: Lorna Blind
other crisis intervention; at-risk
and victimized female                A comprehensive remedial            Dedicated to providing services
adolescents; conflict with the       program for families with young     that support and empower
law; chemical dependency;            children who have                   families, children and youth to
teen parenthood and                  communication and behaviour         attain a healthy lifestyle in the
pregnancy. Rainbow is also a         problems. For the children,         many aspects of their life;
setting for youth to socialize       there is a day program with         including the home, work/job,
and have fun.                        intensive, individualized           education/training, spiritual and
                                     services. Assessment is part        recreational. Provides in-home
Saskatchewan Early                   of each enrollment. For the         support crisis intervention and
Childhood Association                caregivers, including parents,      advocacy for families and their
(SECA)                               parent aides, day care staff        children dealing with child
510 Cynthia Street                   and others, SCEP provides           protection concerns.
Saskatoon, SK                        advice, home programs and
                                     parenting education, both           Aboriginal Friendship
S7L 7K7                                                                  Centres of Saskatchewan
Telephone: (306) 975-0875            individually and in a parent
                                     group. SCEP staff have              200-388 Donald Street
Fax: (306) 975-0877
                                     developed collaborative             Winnipeg, MB
Email:                 training programs for child care    R3B 2J4
Web Site:                            staff working with certain          Telephone: (204) 942-6299   special needs children in child     Fax: (204) 942-6308
Contact: Gail Duncombe               care settings. Further, SCEP        Email:
                                     offers hands-on training to
A non-profit membership-                                                 Web Site:
                                     students from the university
based organization dedicated         and from SIAST, and to
to the support of high quality       community volunteers.               Represents its member
early childhood care,                                                    Friendship Centres in
development and education.           The program emphasizes              Saskatchewan and provides
Believes that this requires a        respect and nurturing for the       program administration,
partnership among parents,           whole child. An                     statistical data, meeting/event
children, family, community          interdisciplinary staff             planning, partnerships,
and government. Provides             demonstrate and teach               advocacy, accountability,
education, research, resources       communication, social-              information technology support
and services to early childhood      emotional and pre-academic          and much more.
educators and those interested       skills to children, and
in the growth and development        specialized SCEP methods to         Regional Addresses
of children.                         adults.
                                                                         Buffalo Narrows Friendship
SCEP Centre
                                     Family Life                         Centre
3105-4th Avenue North                                                    Box 189
Regina, SK

                                                      41                                        Section 6

Buffalo Narrows, SK             North Battleford, SK             daycare. Students must apply
S0M 0J0                         S9A 1K2                          for admission to the program.
Telephone: (306) 235-4633       Telephone: (306) 445-6863
Fax: (306) 235-4544             Fax: (306) 445-6863              Bethany Home
                                                                 Salvation Army
Moose Mountain Friendship       Prince Albert Indian & Metis     802 Queen Street
Centre                          Friendship Centre                Saskatoon, SK
Box 207                         94-15th Street East              S7K 0N1
Carlyle, SK                     Prince Albert, SK                Telephone: (306) 244-6758
S0C 0R0                         S6V 1E8                          Fax: (306) 244-6282
Telephone: (306) 453-2425       Telephone: (306) 764-3431        Director: Captain Melodie
Fax: (306) 453-6777             Fax: (306) 764-3205              Routly
                                                                 Executive Director: Major Judy
Qu'Appelle Valley Friendship    Saskatoon Indian and Métis
Centre                          Friendship Centre
Box 240                         168 Wall Street                  Provides a safe, stable
Fort Qu'Appelle, SK             Saskatoon, SK                    residential setting for female
S0G 1S0                         S7K 1N4                          youth in crisis; pregnant and
Telephone: (306) 332-5616       Telephone: (306) 244-0174        parenting mothers and their
Fax: (306) 332-5091             Fax: (306) 664-2536              children. Independent living
                                                                 skills, support and counselling
Ile-a-la Crosse Friendship      Yorkton Friendship Centre        are available in all areas.
Centre                          139 Dominion Avenue              Open to all women regardless
Box 160                         Yorkton, SK                      of race, colour, creed, religion
Il-a-la Crosse, SK              S3N 1S3                          or age.
S0M 1C0                         Telephone: (306) 782-2822
Telephone: (306) 833-2313       Fax: (306) 782-6662              Catholic Family Services
Fax: (306) 833-2216                                              974 Albert Street
                                Balfour Special Tutorial
                                                                 Regina, SK
La Loche Friendship Centre      Program
                                                                 S4R 2P7
Box 430                         1245 College Avenue              Telephone: (306) 525-0521
La Loche, SK                    Regina, SK                       Fax: (306) 522-3775
S0M 1G0                         S4P 1B1                          Email:
Telephone: (306) 822-1772       Telephone: (306) 791-8414
Fax: (306) 822-1787                                              Web Site:
                                Provides pregnant and  
Kikinahk Friendship Centre      parenting young women the        Executive Director: David Sax
Box 254                         opportunity to continue their
La Ronge, SK                    education and receive            Provides counselling for
S0J 1L0                         counselling and support          children, adults and families.
Telephone: (306) 425-2051       services in an atmosphere of     Offers teen parent program
Fax: (306) 425-3359             warmth and understanding.        and family life education
                                Operated by the Regina Public    program. Works with
Northwest Friendship Centre     School System on a semester      Employee Assistance
Box 1780                        basis and students may           Programs. Open to people of
Meadow Lake, SK                 transfer into the program        all religious backgrounds.
S0M 1V0                         anytime during the school
Telephone: (306) 236-3766       year. Program includes           Catholic Family Services of
Fax: (306) 236-5451             educational services; support    Prince Albert
                                services which include health,   1008-1st Avenue West
Battlefords Friendship Centre   Teen Parent Program and          Prince Albert, SK
960-103rd Street                Food for Learning; and infant    S6V 4Y4

Section 6                                       42
                                                                        PARENTING AND FAMILY

Telephone: (306) 922-3202          102-1272-101st Street                 S0K 1K0
Fax: (306) 922-7977                North Battleford, SK                  Telephone: (306) 492-2135
Email:                             S9A 2Y3                               Fax: (306) 492-2051                  Telephone: (306) 445-6960             Email:
Web Site:                          Fax: (306) 445-0434                                                                     Web Site:
Executive Director: Louise 
Zurowski                           Executive Director/Counsellor:        Executive Director: Tammy
                                   Karen Richard, B.S.W., R.S.W.         Leach
Provides counselling for
individuals, families, couples                                           Provides access to information
and children. Family education     A non-profit charitable               resources through delivery of
and personal growth programs       organization operating under a        high quality programs and
cover topics such as domestic      volunteer Board of Directors.         services which meet the
violence, separation & divorce,    Founded on their universal            unique needs of CF members
parenting, self-esteem, anger      faith in Jesus Christ as the          and their families in Central
management, etc. Fees for          source of their hope. Respect         and Northern Saskatchewan.
counselling are based on a         the spiritual and cultural beliefs    Services include:
sliding scale and ability to pay   of all those they serve. No one       Child and Youth Development
and counselling is available to    is asked to adopt Catholic            and Parenting Support:
all regardless of race, religion   beliefs or practices. Purpose is      Activities and Initiatives for
and age.                           to assist individuals and             Children and Youth;
                                   families to build on their            Parent/Caregiver Education
Catholic Family Services of                                              and Support; Emergency Child
Saskatoon                          strengths and find positive
                                   ways to understand and act            Care; Child Care Centre; Come
200-506-25th Street East           when faced with challenges in         'N' Play.
Saskatoon, SK                      their lives. Offer professional       Prevention, Support and
S7K 4A7                            counselling, group                    Intervention: Education and
Telephone: (306) 244-7773          programming and in home               Prevention; Self-Help Groups;
Fax: (306) 244-8537                support services in areas such        Assessment and Referral;
                                   as: conflict resolution; eating       Short-Term Intervention and                                               Crisis Support.
Web Site:                          disorders; family violence;             grief/loss; marital/premarital;       Family Separation and
                                   parenting; personal                   Reunion: Outreach,
Executive Director: Trish St.
                                   growth/enrichment; and                Information, Support and
                                   separation/divorce. Fees for          Assistance to CF Family
Provides counselling for           counselling are based on              Members.
individuals, couples and           ability to pay. No one is denied      Personal Development and
families. Offers employee and      service based on their                Community Integration:
family assistance programs;        economic situation. Also offers       Welcome and Community
family to family ties and          a varity of programs that are         Orientation; Information and
Families and Schools Together      ongoing. Open Monday to               Referral; Employment and
program; work and family           Friday 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.;       Education Assistance;
wellness workshops as well as      1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.                Personal Growth and
teen parent/early childcare                                              Development; Second
centres. Open to people from       Central Saskatchewan                  Language Services.
all religious backgounds.          Military Family Resource
                                                                         Child and Family
                                   Centre (CSMFRC) Inc.
Catholic Family Services of                                              Enhancement Program
                                   17 Wing Detachment Dundurn
the Battlefords Inc.               General Delivery, Station Main        Métis Nation of Saskatchewan
Box 373                            Dundurn, SK                           Eastern Region II
                                                                         Box 158

                                                      43                                           Section 6

Archerwill, SK                     Director: Angela Hengstlet            Telephone: (306) 236-7500
S0E 0B0
Telephone: (306) 323-4866          Works with elderly, adults,           Melfort, SK
Fax: (306) 323-4520                youth and children. Operates          Telephone: (306) 752-6288
Email:                             Fine Options Program.                 Provides: family support              Moose Jaw, SK
or phone: (306) 323-4244           services; information,                Telephone: (306) 694-3800
Toll Free: (877) 264-9428          counselling and referrals on
                                   education, employment,                Nipawin, SK
Offers a Parent Aid Program;       housing and other concerns;           Telephone: (306) 862-1705
crisis intervention; parenting     programs ranging from nutrition
                                   to self development; drop-in          North Battleford, SK
workshops and classes; parent
                                   services; home visits; AA &           Telephone: (306) 446-7535
support groups; collective
kitchens; community gardens;       Addictions counselling; and
                                                                         Prince Albert, SK
family counselling; and training   practical assistance regarding
                                                                         Telephone: (306) 953-2668
and employment counselling.        tax forms, official forms and
                                   procedures.                           Regina, SK
Christian Counselling
                                   Community Living Division             Telephone: (306) 787-3848
617-3rd Avenue North               Ministry of Social Services           Rosetown, SK
Saskatoon, SK                      Web Site:
                                                                         Telephone: (306) 882-5400
S7H 2J8                  
Telephone: (306) 244-9890                                                Saskatoon, SK
                                   Works with people with
Fax: (306) 244-9987                                                      Telephone: (306) 933-6300
                                   intellectual disabilities and
                                   helps them access a variety of                                                Swift Current, SK
Web Site:                          community-based services.
                                                                         Telephone: (306) 778-8219       Main objective is to ensure that
Adoption and Pregnancy             physical, emotional, and social       Weyburn, SK
Counselling: (306) 244-9836        needs are met and that people         Telephone: (306) 848-2421
                                   with intellectual disabilities live
Professional counsellors and       and function as independently         Yorkton, SK
therapists provides individual     as possible within their own          Fax: (306) 786-1359
counselling for children, adults   communities. Programs and
and seniors, as well as            services are delivered primarily      Early Childhood
marriage and family                through an extensive system of        Intervention Program
counselling. Areas of focus        community-based social,               (ECIP) Sask. Inc.
include domestice violence,        residential, vocational and           2902 Harding Street
abuse, eating disorders,           early childhood agencies.             Regina, SK
addictions, grief, stress,                                               S4V 0Y4
depression, anxiety, trauma        Regional Addresses                    Telephone: (306) 789-3637
and a variety of other areas.                                            Fax: (306) 789-3639
                                   Estevan, SK                           Email:
Community Family                   Telephone: (306) 637-4568   
Resource Centre
                                                                         Provincial Co-ordinator: Arlene
Box 151                            La Ronge, SK                          Nicol
Lestock, SK                        Telephone: (306) 425-4357
S0A 2G0                                                                  Promotes and fosters the
Telephone: (306) 274-2221          Lloydminster, SK                      general welfare and individual
Fax: (306) 274-4891                Telephone: (306) 825-6468             rights of children; and the
Email:                                                                   development of high quality             Meadow Lake, SK
                                                                         childhood intervention services

Section 6                                           44
                                                                        PARENTING AND FAMILY

for children from birth to five    Children North Early Childhood        891-99th Street
years of age, who are at risk of   Intervention Program                  Box 1297
developmental delay. Advises       Box 925                               North Battleford, SK
and consults on matters of         La Ronge, SK                          S9A 3L8
early childhood home-based         S0J 1L0                               Telephone: (306) 446-4545
service development.               Telephone: (306) 425-6600             Fax: (306) 446-0575
Develops, implements,              Fax: (306) 425-6667                   Email:
maintains and monitors early       Email:                      
childhood intervention                    Executive Director: Colleen
services, policies, practices      Executive Director: Debra             Sabraw
program standards and              Menz
guidelines. Represents the                                               Prince Albert Early Childhood
interests of early childhood       Midwest Family Connections            Intervention Program
intervention services to the       200 Co-op Plaza                       3041 Sherman Drive
Government of Saskatchewan         4910-50th Street                      Prince Albert, SK
and other related service          Lloydminster, SK                      S6V 7B7
providers. Conducts and/or         S9V 0Y5                               Telephone: (306) 922-3247
facilitates program evaluation     Telephone: (306) 825-5911             Fax: (306) 763-5244
of, and research in, the area of   Fax: (306) 825-5912                   Email:
early childhood intervention       Email:                      
home-based services.         Executive Director: Anne
Identifies, develops and           Executive Director: Sherri            McIntosh
implements training programs       Husch-Foote
for boards and staff.                                                    South East Early Childhood
                                   Meadow Lake Early Childhood           Intervention Program
Regional Addresses                 Intervention Program                  14 Broadway
                                   201-4th Avenue East                   Box 110
Wecihik Awasisak Early             Box 2368                              Redvers, SK
Childhood Intervention             Meadow Lake, SK                       S0C 2H0
Program                            S9X 1Z5                               Telephone: (306) 452-3730
Box 219                            Telephone: (306) 236-4247             Fax: (306) 452-3770
Ile a la Crosse, SK                Fax: (306) 236-1479                   Email:
S0M 1C0
                                    Executive Director: Cheryl
Telephone: (306) 833-2595
Fax: (306) 833-2436                Executive Director: Debra             Blezy
Email:                             Coupland                                                   Regina Early Childhood
Executive Director: Ruby Jones     South Central Early Childhood         Intervention Program
                                   Intervention Program                  305-1102-8th Avenue
West Central Early Childhood       37-1322-11th Avenue North             Regina, SK
Intervention Program               West                                  S4R 1C9
125-1st Avenue East                Moose Jaw, SK                         Telephone: (306) 347-5021
Box 775                            S6H 4L9                               Fax: (306) 347-5030
Kindersley, SK                     Telephone: (306) 694-9200             Email:
                                   Fax: (306) 692-2377         
S0L 1S0
Telephone: (306) 463-6822          Email:                                Executive Director: Debra
Fax: (306) 463-6898
Email:                             Executive Director: Samantha        Piller                                Alvin Buckwold/Prairie Hills
Executive Director: Arlene                                               Early Childhood Intervention
Goosen                             Battlefords Early Childhood           Program
                                   Intervention Program                  Kinsmen Children's Centre

                                                     45                                          Section 6

1319 Colony Street                     S3N 0G9
                                                                        Family Service Saskatoon
Saskatoon, SK                          Telephone: (306) 786-6988
S7N 2Z1                                Fax: (306) 786-7116              102-506-25th Street East
Telephone: (306) 655-1083              Email:                           Saskatoon, SK
Fax: (306) 655-1449                   S7K 4A7
Email:                                 A/Executive Director: Michelle   Telephone: (306) 244-0127
arlene.trask@saskatoonhealthregion.c   Yaschuk                          Fax: (306) 244-1201
a                                                                       Email:
Executive Director: Arlene             Family Futures Program 
Trask                                  29-11th Street East              Executive Director: Klaus
                                       Prince Albert, SK                Gruber
Swift Current Early Childhood          S6V 0Z8
Intervention Program                   Telephone: (306) 763-0760        Offers family, individual, couple
350 Cheadle Street West                Fax: (306) 763-1430              and group counselling for
Box 486                                Email:                           individual, marital and
Swift Current, SK                    parenting issues. Offers teen
S9H 3W3                                Contact: Donna Strauss           parent counselling and
Telephone: (306) 773-3600                                               support. Provides education
Fax: (306) 778-6633                    With sponsorship from Canada     and support groups for women
Email:                                 Prenatal Nutrition Program,      and children living in situations           Community Action Program for     of domestic violence. Offers a
Executive Director: Jaime              Children and Parent Mentoring    variety of family life education
Erickson                               Program of Saskatchewan,         programs, including marriage
                                       provides services to pregnant    preparation, assertiveness and
North East Early Childhood             women and their families, in     groups on women's issues.
Intervention Program                   order to enhance their total
Box 1675                               health and well-being.           Grace Haven
Tisdale, SK                                                             The Salvation Army
S0E 1T0                                Family Service Regina            2929-26th Avenue
Telephone: (306) 873-3411              2020 Halifax Street              Regina, SK
Fax: (306) 873-3452                    Regina, SK                       S4S 7A7
Email:                                 S4P 1T7                          Telephone: (306) 352-1421                     Telephone: (306) 757-6675        Fax: (306) 352-8908
Executive Director: Faye Goos          Fax: (306) 757-0133              Executive Director: Major
                                       Email:                           Cheryl Davis
Weyburn & Area Early         
                                                                        Program Director: Susan
Childhood Intervention                 Web Site:
405 Coteau Avenue                      Executive Director: Shellie      A seven-bed residential facility
Weyburn, SK                            Pociuk                           equipped to service seven
S4H 1H2                                                                 teenage girls and up to five
Telephone: (306) 842-2686              Provides counselling; teen
                                       parent program; women's          babies. Goal is to assess,
Fax: (306) 842-0723                                                     support and train pregnant
                                       support group for victims of
                                       domestic violence; domestic      teens and young mothers in
                                       violence victims services        their new role of infant care-
Executive Director: Christine                                           giver and to prepare teens for
Doud                                   program; mediation services;
                                       and an employee and family       independent living. Individual
                                       assistance program. Also         counselling and goal-setting
Parkland Early Childhood                                                are stressed, as well as life-
Intervention Program                   offers parenting and
                                       personal/professional            skills training in the areas of
83 North Street                                                         relationships, personal issues,
Yorkton, SK                            development workshops.
                                                                        parenting skills and spirituality.

Section 6                                                46
                                                                       PARENTING AND FAMILY

Residents may stay for the            prenatal referral and support;    promotion; education, and
duration of the first year of their   in-hospital questionnaire;        advocacy; referrals to
infant's life. Non-pregnant           assessment; home visiting;        appropriate agencies and
teens (16 -18 years of age)           mental health and addiction;      resources; community
may be considered for                 early learning and childcare;     development; crisis
programming based on                  and, family support               intervention services; and
suitability.                          opportunities.                    collaboration with other
                                                                        agencies to improve access to
Ka-Pa-Chee Training Centre            Regional Addresses                resources in the community.
Box 1188
385 Bay Avenue                        Meadow Lake, SK                   Métis Family and
Fort Qu'Appelle, SK                   Telephone: (306) 236-6441         Community Justice
S0G 1S0                                                                 Services, Inc.
Telephone: (306) 332-4598             Moose Jaw, SK                     317-165-3rd Avenue South
Fax: (306) 332-1869                   Telephone: (306) 692-1204         Saskatoon, SK
Email:                                or: (306) 694-8336                S7K 1L8                                                    Telephone: (306) 964-1440
Co-ordinator: Laura Ross              Nipawin, SK                       Fax: (306) 964-1448
                                      Telephone: (306) 862-6222         Email:
Canadian Action Plan for                                      
Children Program provides pre-        North Battleford, SK
school and pre-kindergarten           Telephone: (306) 446-6012         A non-profit organization of
and parenting programs. Other                                           justice and family services for
in-school programs include:           Northern Sask, SK                 the Métis Nation -
Building Self-Esteem; Conflict        Telephone: (306) 236-5436         Saskatchewan. Provides
Resolution; Peer Mediation;           or: (306) 425-8033                services in the areas of
and In-home Family Support                                              Aboriginal Courtworkers,
Program.                              Prince Albert, SK                 Community Justice Workers,
                                      Telephone: (306) 765-6656         CAPC Program for children 0-6
KidsFirst                                                               years, Social Development and
                                      Regina, SK                        justice development.
                                      Telephone: (306) 766-6796
A voluntary program that helps                                          Moose Jaw Family Service
vulnerable families to become         Saskatoon, SK                     Bureau Inc.
the best parents they can be          Telephone: (306) 655-5399
and to have the healthiest                                              200 Main Street South
children possible. The                                                  Moose Jaw, SK
                                      Yorkton, SK                       S6H 5S7
program enhances knowledge,           Telephone: (306) 783-1946
provides support and builds on                                          Telephone: (306) 694-8133
                                      or: (306) 783-0383                Fax: (306) 694-4193
family strengths. Designed to
enhance, not replace existing         Mental Health Services  
programs in the community.            Saskatoon Health Region
Parents and their children                                              Executive Director: Gwen Knoll
                                      (Humboldt Office)
under five years of age who           Box 1930, 231 Main Street         Community-based organization
live off-reserve in the targeted      Humboldt, SK                      that offers individual, couple
areas are assessed for                S0K 2A0                           and family counselling along
program eligibility. The in-          Telephone: (306) 682-5333         with mediation; EFAP services;
home assessment looks at              Fax: (306) 682-4417               Young Parent Program; and
family strengths. Those who
                                                                        personal development
can best benefit from KidsFirst       Services include: individual,     workshops.
services are eligible for the         family and group counselling
program. Services include:            (for all ages); Mental Health

                                                      47                                         Section 6

                                  Doell                              Telephone: (306) 782-2173
Native Co-ordinating
Council                           Serves breakfast and lunch         Swift Current Comprehensive
6-118-12th Street East            daily. Works with people living    Day Care Centre
Prince Albert, SK                 in poverty. Provides               1100-11th Avenue North East
S6V 1B6                           counselling for children, adults   Swift Current, SK
Telephone: (306) 764-1652         and families. Offers life skills   S9H 2V6
Fax: (306) 764-3242               for children, and support group.   Telephone: (306) 773-2429
Director: Brenda Fiddler
                                  SMILE Services                     A-mataw-mikosit Awasisak
Offers family support services,   1201-2nd Street                    Teen Support and Daycare
including individual and family   Estevan, SK                        Box 610
counselling; parent aide          S4A 0M1                            Balcarres, SK
program; and operates a           Telephone: (306) 634-6428          S0G 0C0
women's shelter.                  Fax: (306) 634-8535                Telephone: (306) 334-2855
Parenting Education        Sunshine Learning Center
Saskatchewan                                                         Box 2779
306-506-25th Street East          Offers a number of programs        Fort Qu'Appelle, SK
Saskatoon, SK                     which include: Mediation           S0G 1S0
S7K 4A7                           service for persons                Telephone: (306) 332-5121
Telephone: (306) 934-2095         participating in Adult
Fax: (306) 934-2087               Alternative Measures program;      Kids First Day Care Centre
                                  placement agency for persons       1069-14th Avenue East           in the Fine Option process and     Regina, SK
Web Site:                         persons with Community             S4N 0T8        Service Orders; Mental Health      Telephone: (306) 721-2004
Co-ordinator: Bev Digout          Supporting Living Program;         Email:
                                  Acquired Brain Injury    
A non-profit, preventative        Supportive Living Program;
program dedicated to the          Transportation Service for         MacKenzie Infant Care Centre
enhancement and                   people with disabilities and       1308 College Avenue
strengthening of family life.     seniors.                           Regina, SK
Initiatives include providing                                        S4P 1B2
support and assisting with co-    Teen Student Support               Telephone: (306) 569-1308
ordination of parenting           Centres                            Email:
education provincially, and                                
assisting with the development
                                  Assist young mothers to            MacKenzie Infant Care Centre
of parent education facilitator
                                  complete their high school         Balfour Site
training. Produces a directory
                                  education, while providing the     1245 College Avenue
listing parenting education
                                  support needed for them to         Regina, SK
                                  learn parenting and life skills.   S4P 1B2
Saskatoon Friendship Inn          Licensed and funded by             Telephone: (306) 791-8652
                                  Saskatchewan Learning.             Email:
619-20th Street West
Saskatoon, SK
                                  Regional Addresses
S7M 0X8
                                                                     Scott Infant & Toddler Centre
Telephone: (306) 242-5122
                                  Kid's Zone Early Learning and      3350-7th Avenue
Fax: (306) 242-1291
                                  Child Care Facility Inc.           Regina, SK
                                  200 Caterine Street                S4T 0P6
                                  Yorkton, SK                        Telephone: (306) 791-8421
Executive Director: Geselle
                                  S3N 4G4                            Email:

Section 6                                           48
                                                                   PARENTING AND FAMILY          665-28th Street East
                                                                    The Caring Place
                                  Prince Albert, SK
Catholic Family Services Child    S6V 6E9                           2A-2146 Robinson Street
Care Assoc. Inc.                  Telephone: (306) 922-3115         Regina, SK
615 Wiggins Avenue South                                            S4T 2P7
Saskatoon, SK                     St. Mary's Daycare Inc.           Telephone: (306) 347-2273
S7K 2J2                           380-14th Street West              Email:
Telephone: (306) 659-7802         Prince Albert, SK       
                                                                    Web Site:
                                  S6V 5P2                 
E-Tahkanawasot Infant Care        Telephone: (306) 764-4040
Centre                                                              Toll-Free: (877) 522-7464
c/o Oskayak High School           Children First Child Care         Office Manager: Rae Reimer
919 Broadway Avenue               Box 369
Saskatoon, SK                     Meadow Lake, SK                   Provides comprehensive
S7N 1B8                           S9X 1Y3                           counselling services for
Telephone: (306) 659-7811         Telephone: (306) 236-5236         individuals and families in an
                                                                    environment that is welcoming,
Happy Hands and Feet Teen         Cando Child Care &                confidential and reflects
Box 10                            Development Centre Inc.           Christian compassion, humility
Leask, SK                         Box 250                           and respect. A flexible fee
S0J 1M0                           Cando, SK                         structure is an option.
Telephone: (306) 466-2411         S0K 0V0                           The Family Place
                                  Telephone: (306) 948-3348
Maggie's Child Care Centre for                                      24-4th Street
Teen Parents Inc.                 First Steps Student Child Care    Weyburn, SK
820-9th Avenue North              Centre                            S4H 0X7
Saskatoon, SK                     1791-10th Street                  Telephone: (306) 842-7477
S7K 2Z2                           North Battleford, SK              Fax: (306) 842-7808
Telephone: (306) 665-5721         S9A 2Y2                           Email:
                                  Telephone: (306) 446-2121         Web Site:
Millie's Early Learning Centre
c/o Nutana Collegiate             Sakewew Child Care Centre
411-11th Street East                                                Manager: Linda Rudachyk
Saskatoon, SK                     11501-8th Avenue                  A community-owned family
S7N 0E9                           North Battleford, SK              support and resource centre
Telephone: (306) 683-8354         S9A 2Z3                           offering a vast array of services
                                  Telephone: (306) 445-6800         and programs for all families,
Royal West Early Learning
Centre & Royal West Toddler                                         including a specialized school
                                  Sandy Bay Student/Parent          for pre-school age children.
Early Learning Centre             Babysitting Corporation
441 Witney Avenue North           Box 209
Saskatoon, SK                                                       Family-Related
                                  Sandy Bay, SK
S7L 3M6                           S0P 0G0                           Organizations
Telephone: (306) 683-8390         Telephone: (306) 754-2216         Association of
Recplex Day Care Centre           Magloire Teen Infant Care         Saskatchewan Home
Box 1000                          Centre                            Economists
Tisdale, SK                       Box 269                           Box 3963
S0E 1T0                           Pinehouse, SK                     Regina, SK
Telephone: (306) 873-3090         S0J 2B0                           S4P 3R9
                                  Telephone: (306) 884-2174         Web Site:
Carlton Infant Care Centre Inc.                           

                                                 49                                         Section 6

Professional organization for      A voluntary, non-profit            Toll Free: (866) 823-0141
home economists, promoting         organization advocating for
the well-being of individuals      individuals with intellectual      An international, non-profit,
and families. Provides             disabilities and their families.   non-denominational, self-help
member education, presents                                            organization offering
resolutions and briefs.            Regional Addresses                 friendship, understanding, grief
Especially concerned with                                             education and hope for the
home economics education in        SACL                               future to all families who have
schools at all levels. Is active   Lloydminister and District         experienced the death of a
regarding public policy;           Branch                             child at any age, from any
international development; and     Box 492                            cause. Their purpose is to aid
community outreach, such as        Lloydminister, SK                  in the positive reconciliation of
the Home Economics for Living      S9V 0Y6                            grief and foster the physical
Project in Regina, which           Telephone: (780) 871-2059          and emotional health of
assists low income individuals     Fax: (780) 808-2399                bereaved parents and their
and families. Branches in          or phone: (780) 875-5347           surviving children and to help
Regina and Saskatoon.                                                 those in the community be
                                   SACL                               supportive.
Regional Addresses                 Regina and District Branch
                                   2216 Smith Street                  Regional Addresses
ASHE                               Regina, SK
Regina Branch                      S4P 2P4                            Assiniboia, SK
Box 3963                           Telephone: (306) 790-5680          Telephone: (306) 642-3599
Regina, SK                         Fax: (306) 586-7899                Email:
S4P 3R9                                                     
ASHE                                                                  Prince Albert, SK
                                   Executive Director: Faith
Saskatoon Branch                                                      Telephone: (306) 922-0067
218 O'Brien Terrace
Saskatoon, SK                      SACL
S7K 5K7                            Saskatoon and District Branch      Regina, SK
Telephone: (306) 931-9264          102-135 Robin Crescent             Telephone: (306) 761-0974
Fax: (306) 249-6685                Saskatoon, SK                      Email:
Email:                             S7L 6M3                                       Telephone: (306) 652-9111
President: Judy Stevenson          Fax: (306) 652-9112                Saskatoon, SK
                                   Email:                             Telephone: (306) 374-8862
Saskatchewan Association                  Email:
for Community Living Inc.          Executive Director: Jeanne
Provincial Office                  Remenda
3031 Louise Street                                                    Tisdale, SK
Saskatoon, SK                      The Compassionate Friends          Telephone: (306) 873-4436
S7J 3L1                            of Canada                          Email:
Telephone: (306) 955-3344          Box 141
Fax: (306) 373-3070                RPO Corydon                        The Compassionate Friends,
Email:                             Winnipeg, MB                       Inc.                      R3M 3S7
Web Site:                                                             Yorkton, SK
                                   Telephone: (204) 475-9527          Telephone: (306) 783-2637
Executive Director: Faith                                             Email:
Bodnar                             Web Site:

Section 6                                               50
                                                                RURAL AND FARM WOMEN

Section 7                          issues and needs of rural         for co-planning and
                                   people and small                  implementing NFU strategies
                                   communities. Provides             on general farm and agriculture
RURAL AND FARM                     research opportunities for St.    issues. The main goal is to
WOMEN                              Peter's College students.         give women a voice in
                                                                     agriculture and equal status
The listings in this Section       Farm Stress Unit                  within the agricultural sector
are grouped under the              Ministry of Agriculture           and community. Provides
following headings:                125-3085 Albert Street            speakers, workshops, research
  Rural and Farm Women             Regina, SK                        and resource materials. Key
                                   S4S 0B1                           themes: Employment
General                            Telephone: (800) 667-4442         Practices of Farm Families"
                                   Web Site:                         research project which seeks
                                  to assess the economic and
Canadian Farm Women's                                                social role of work done by
Network-Saskatchewan               Provides crisis intervention,
                                                                     women, men and youth on
Representative                     short-term counselling,
                                                                     family farms and in farming
Box 30                             referrals and information to
                                                                     communities; strengthening
Simmie, SK                         individuals living in rural
                                                                     regional, national and
S0C 0W0                            Saskatchewan. Specific
                                                                     international connections
Telephone: (306) 297-6396          information on a wide range of
                                                                     between farm women and
                                   programs and services
Contact: Robin Fenell                                                organizations representing
                                   available to rural communities
                                                                     them so as to work more
A national network of provincial   can be provided to callers from
                                                                     effectively for changes that will
farm women's networks and          a computer-based directory.
                                                                     better serve farm women and
organizations. Provides            Offers workshops on farm
                                                                     their families.
education, support and             stress and community self-help.
networking for farm women          National Farmers Union            Regional Addresses
across Canada. Concerned           (NFU) Women's Advisory
with issues affecting farm                                           National Women's President
women and agriculture.                                               Saskatoon, SK
Activities include biennial        2717 Wentz Avenue                 Telephone: (306) 652-9465
conferences, workshops,            Saskatoon, SK
                                                                     Contact: Karen Pedersen
newsletter, public education,      S7K 4B6
lobbying and farm women's          Telephone: (306) 652-9465         Regional Women's Advisory
talent bank.                       Fax: (306) 664-6226               Representative for
Centre for Rural Studies 
                                                                     Wynyard, SK
                                   Web Site:
and Enrichment                                   Telephone: (306) 554-2791
St. Peter's College                                                  Contact: Marilyn Gillis
Box 40                             Elected representatives from
Muenster, SK                       each region responsible for       Partners for Rural Family
S0K 2Y0                            ensuring integration and active   Support
Telephone: (306) 682-7870          involvement of farm women in      Box 2741
Email:                             the regional and national work    636-9th Street              of NFU and also for advising
Web Site:
                                                                     Humboldt, SK
                                   national women's president on     S0K 2A0
                                   planning and issues.              Telephone: (306) 682-4135
Contact: Rebecca Cross             Representatives serve as part     Fax: (306) 682-4154
Established in 1997 to             of the NFU's regional             Email:
research and understand the        leadership terms, resposnible

                                                     51                                      Section 7
Web Site:                          Telephone: (306) 446-7964     facilitates agriculture and food                                               research, development and
Executive Director: Julie          Box 9                         commercialization projects in
Gregson                            Outlook, SK                   Saskatchewan. Any person or
Toll-Free: (866) 682-4135          S0L 2N0                       organization with an idea that
                                   Telephone: (306) 867-5575     will benefit and be of practical
A non-profit organization of                                     value to Saskatchewan's
concerned individuals working      Box 3003                      agriculture and food industry is
together to identify, develop,     Prince Albert, SK             eligible to apply. In the past,
improve and maintain support       S6V 6G1                       has provided funding for
of families in Humboldt and        Telephone: (306) 953-2363     projects initiated by such
surrounding rural                                                groups as the Saskatchewan
communities. They build            515 Henderson Drive           Women's Agriculture Network
partnerships with various          Regina, SK                    and Saskatchewan Women's
agencies and community             S4P 3V7                       Institutes.
stakeholders to address the        Telephone: (306) 787-9773
issues.                                                          Saskatchewan Association
                                   3830 Thatcher Avenue          of Rural Municipalities
Regional Development               Saskatoon, SK                 (SARM)
Offices                            S7K 2H6
                                                                 2075 Hamilton Street
Ministry of Agriculture            Telephone: (306) 933-7986
                                                                 Regina, SK
3085 Albert Street                                               S4P 2E1
Regina, SK                         Box 5000
                                   Swift Current, SK             Telephone: (306) 757-3577
S4S 0B1                                                          Fax: (306) 565-2141
Telephone: (306) 787-8524          S9H 4G3
                                   Telephone: (306) 778-8218     Email:
Toll Free: (866) 457-2377                              
                                                                 Web Site:
                                   Box 1480            
Provide specialized agriculture-
                                   Tisdale, S0E 1T0              Executive Director: Ken Engel
based businesses expertise
                                   Telephone: (306) 878-8842
and technical support for a
vibrant agricultural industry.                                   Represent rural governments
                                   Box 2003                      in Saskatchewan.
The Agriculture Knowledge          Weyburn, SK
Centre (AKC) toll free number      S4H 2Z9                       Saskatchewan Women's
is open Monday to Friday from      Telephone: (306) 848-2857     Agricultural Network
8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Saskatchewan Ministry of                                         Box 30
                                   38-5th Avenue North           Simmie, SK
Agriculture provincial and         Yorkton, SK
regional specialists, located in                                 S0C 0W0
                                   S3N 0Y8                       Telephone: (306) 297-6396
nine regional offices              Telephone: (306) 786-1531
throughout the province, work                                    Contact: Robin Fenell
with producers, community          Saskatchewan Agriculture
groups and agri-businesses         Development Fund (ADF)        A forum for the exchange of
interested in growing and                                        ideas. Provides support,
                                   226-3085 Albert Street        encouragement and education
improving their operations and     Regina, SK
the Saskatchewan agriculture                                     for farm women through
                                   S4S 0B1
industry.                                                        newsletters and conferences.
                                   Telephone: (306) 787-6566     Encourages research,
                                   Fax: (306) 787-2654           networks among individuals,
Regional Addresses                 Web Site:
                                                                 and liaises with agricultural and
1192-102nd Street                                                other organizations. Promotes
North Battleford, SK               Agriculture Research Branch   improvement of the status of
S9A 1E9                            funds, co-ordinates and       rural women, recognition of

Section 7                                             52
                                        RURAL AND FARM WOMEN

farm women's contributions,
the need for education and
support services in rural areas,
and improvement of
agricultural policies.
Saskatchewan Women's
Box 42
Robsart, SK
S0N 2G0
Telephone: (306) 299-4520

A rural-based, volunteer-run
women's organization that
helps discover and stimulate
leadership growth in women.
Promotes the improvement of
agricultural and rural
communities. Concerned with
education, health, the
environment and human
rights. Networks with other
organizations on local,
provincial, national and
international levels. Regular
newsletter and mailings to
members. Offers leadership
workshops. Twenty-five
branches throughout the

                                   53                Section 7

Section 8                           houses and safe shelters are       Lloydminster, SK
                                    places where a woman and           S9V 1K5
                                    her children can go if she has     Telephone: (780) 808-5282
VIOLENCE AGAINST                    been abused physically or          Fax: (780) 875-0609
WOMEN                               psychologically, or threatened     Email:
                                    with violence by her spouse or
The listings in this Section                                           Web Site:
                                    partner. They provide short-
are grouped under the                                        
                                    term living accommodation and
following headings:                                                    Crisis Line: (780) 875-0966
                                    crisis counselling. Counselling
  Shelters                          and support services assist      Provides shelter for women
  Safe Homes                        women in re-establishing         and children escaping violent
  Second Stage Housing              themselves after leaving the     relationships, or women
                                    transition house. They may       experiencing other life crises or
  Crisis Services
                                    provide counselling referrals to transitions. Services include
  Counselling                       women not needing to stay at
  National Organizations                                             support groups; parenting
                                    the shelter. They frequently     course; child support group;
  Provincial Organizations          provide outreach educational     child care worker; adolescent
  Regional Organizations            services.                        support group; therapy group
                                                                     for men who batter;
Definitions                         Street addresses for shelters    transportation to appointments
                                    are confidential. Please         and school; advocacy; and
                                    confirm that there is available
Abuse                               space prior to making
                                                                     public education. Partially
                                                                     funded by Saskatchewan
                                    referrals. Contact the shelter   Community Resources and the
Abuse can be physical, sexual       in your region regarding         Office for the Prevention of
or verbal. It includes economic     appropriate referral procedures. Family Violence.
abuse (control of money). It
                                    Isabel Johnson Shelter           Moose Jaw Transition
also includes psychological
abuse. This may involve "put-       c/o YWCA                         House
downs", persistent threats or       1940 McIntyre Street
                                                                     Box 1866
forcing a woman to witness          Regina, SK
                                                                     Moose Jaw, SK
violence against her children,      S4P 2R3
                                                                     S6H 7N6
other relatives, friends, pets or   Telephone: (306) 525-2141
                                                                     Telephone: (306) 693-6511
cherished possessions. The          Email:
                                                                     Fax: (306) 693-0243
abuser can be a boyfriend,                                             Web Site:
husband, live-in lover, ex-         Director: Karen McGillivray
husband or ex-lover.                                                   Executive Director: Karen
                                    Provides shelter; individual
Sexual Assault                      counselling; child counselling
                                    program (half-time child           Community Outreach: (306)
                                    counsellor); drop-in               693-6847
Sexual assault is any form of       counselling; for in-house          KidsFirst Home Visiting: (306)
unwanted or forced sexual           clients, 24-hour counselling;      692-2477
activity. It includes date rape,    transportation to appointments     Children's Program: (306)
sexual assault within marriage,     and school; referrals;             693-6848
sexual harassment, assault by       advocacy, and public
a stranger, and child sexual        education. Accommodates sixSafe shelter for abused women
abuse.                              women or a maximum of 10   and their children. 24-hour
                                    people.                    staff provide support, crisis
Shelters                                                       counseling, abuse information,
Transition houses, interval         Lloydminster Interval Home and referrals. Provides for
                                    Box 1523                   residents' basic needs,

Section 8                                           54
                                                              VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN

including meals, emergency         are experiencing family            their children to go if they are
clothing, toiletries, and          violence circumstances; a safe,    victims of family violence or
transportation to                  caring, confidential               abuse; 24-hour phone line;
appointments. Emergency            environment for mothers and        individual counselling;
collect calls accepted.            children; educational              counselling for non-residents
Children's Program offers          programming in the areas of        and day clients; visits by Elders
individual and group support to    safety planning, self-esteem       and church clergy; counselling
any child who has been             and vamily violence for both       for abused; transportation to
exposed to violence in the         women and children; referral to    appointments; advocacy; and
family, as well as their parents   community resources; Ladies        public education.
or caregivers; and provides        Sharing Circle; Family Healing
public education on the            Circle; and one on one             Regina Transition House
subjects of violence and           support. Child care is available   Box 1364
children.                          from 9:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.        Regina, SK
                                   during mother's morning            S4P 3B8
The Community Outreach             programming. Also provide          Telephone: (306) 757-2096
program offers individual and      advocacy and transportation as     Fax: (306) 352-6515
group support to men and           required. Sponsered by The         Email:
women in the community who         La Ronge Native Women's  
have experienced relationship      Council Inc.                       Counselling: (306) 569-2292
violence. Resources,                                                  Executive Director: Maria
presentations and workshops        Prince Albert Safe Shelter         Hendrika
on issues of violence are also     Box 21025
offered to schools, community      Prince Albert, SK                  Provides short term shelter;
groups and businesses.             S6V 8A4                            24-hour telephone line;
                                   Telephone: (306) 764-7233          individual counselling for
Transition House administers       Fax: (306) 764-2290                residents; children's
the Home Visiting portion of       Email:                             counselling; transportation to
the local KidsFirst program,                   school and appointments;
which provides individualized      Executive Director: Carol Soles    advocacy; Outreach services;
support to families with                                              public education; and
children newborn to five years     Provides shelter; support          professional training.
and to pregnant women. The         counselling for residents and
                                   ex-residents; group support;       Saskatoon Interval House
program focuses on parenting
information, education and         transportation to appointments     712 Victoria Avenue
support. Families can apply to     and school; referrals;             Saskatoon, SK
participate in the program, or     advocacy; and public               S7N 0Z2
be referred by an agency.          education.                         Telephone: (306) 244-0185
Each family is assessed for                                           Fax: (306) 244-0327
                                   Qu'Appelle Haven Safe              Email:
eligibility.                       Shelter                            executive.director@saskatoonintervalh
Piwapan Women's Centre             Box 457                  

Box 888                            Fort Qu'Appelle, SK                Director: Sharon Cunningham
La Ronge, SK                       S0G 1S0
                                   Telephone: (306) 332-1369          Provides safe shelter;
S0J 1L0                                                               transportation to school and
Telephone: (306) 425-3900          Email:
                                        appointments; counselling;
Fax: (306) 425-4922                                                   referrals; assistance for
                                   Director: Frances Montgrand
Contact: Linda Cunningham                                             getting re-established;
                                   or phone: (306) 332-6881
                                                                      advocacy; and public
Provides: temporary shelter for
                                   Provides safe, temporary place     education for women leaving
mothers and their children who
                                   for women and children and         abusive situations.

                                                      55                                       Section 8

                                 Offered through Southwest           Flin Flon, MB
Shelwin House
                                 Crisis Services, provides a         R8A 1L6
c/o Yorkton Women in Need        safe place to stay (4 to 6          Telephone: (204) 681-3105
Inc.                             weeks) for women and children       Fax: (204) 687-3322
Box 1828                         leaving an abusive relationship.    Email:
Yorkton, SK                                                
S3N 3R2                          Waskoosis Safe Shelter              Contact: Colleen Arnold
Telephone: (306) 783-7233        Box 3368
Fax: (306) 782-3796              Meadow Lake, SK                     Provides women with one-on-
Email:                           S9X 1Z7                             one counselling, group   Telephone: (306) 236-5570           counselling, resource library,
Toll-Free: (888) 783-3111        Fax: (306) 236-5690                 information and referral,
Director: LaVern Dumka           Email:                              outreach, emergency short-
                                      term housing and Interim
Provides 24-hour shelter;        Director: Cecile Mistickokat        Housing Program. Hours are
support counselling; advocacy                                        Monday to Friday from 9:00
and referral to appropriate      Provides 24-hour safe shelter       a.m. to 5:00 p.m; after hours
agencies; assistance in re-      for battered women and their        counselling sessions and child
establishing in the community;   children for up to six weeks.       care is available but please call
transportation to appointments   Services include counselling,       for an appointment. After
and school; and presentation     walk-in counselling; telephone      hours emergency calls for the
on domestic violence at no       counselling; referrals;             safe house call Aurora House
cost.                            transportation to school and        (1-877-977-0007) or your local
                                 appointments; assisting in          RCMP. Saskatchewan
Southwest Crisis Services        getting re-established; visits by   residents can call Aurora
Box 1102                         Indian Elders or other              House collect at 1-204-623-
Swift Current, SK                denominations; advocacy;            7427 or the Prince Albert
S9H 3X3                          public education; and               Shelter at 1-306-764-7233 or
Telephone: (306) 778-3386        opportunities for student           your local RCMP.
Email:                           practicums.                                                     Young Women's Christian
Safe Shelter: (306) 778-3692     Wichihik Iskwewak Safe              Association (YWCA)
24-Hour Crisis Line: (306)       House Inc.                          Saskatoon
778-3833                         Regina, SK                          510-25th Street East
Toll-Free (Crisis Line) for      Telephone: (306) 543-0493           Saskatoon, SK
residents of southwest SK:       Fax: (306) 545-7677                 S7K 4A7
(800) 567-3334                   Director: Laura Fauchon             Telephone: (306) 244-0944
                                                                     Fax: (306) 653-2468
Programs and services include    Provides short-term emergency       Email:
Women's Outreach; Men's          shelter for abused women and
Outreach; and Violence           their children. Services include    Web Site:
                                 a 24-hour crisis line; individual
Prevention Education for
school students.                 adult and child counselling; an     Executive Director: Barb
                                 Outreach Program that assists       Macpherson
Southwest Safe Shelter           women with school aged
Box 1102                         children in locating suitable       Provides crisis shelter for
Swift Current, SK                housing; visits by Elders;          women and children; short-
S9H 3X3                          advocacy; public education;         term residence and medium-
Telephone: (306) 778-3692        and second-stage housing.           term affordable housing,
                                                                     including extensive support                 Women's Resource Centre             services; employment and
                                 60 Hapnot Street                    career programs and services

Section 8                                         56
                                                                   VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN

as well as Internet                   children coming from an           Yorkton, SK
connections. Facility                 abusive situation by              S3N 3R1
accommodates licensed full-           transferring to a shelter.        Telephone: (306) 782-0676
time, part-time and flexible          Maintains a drop-in centre and    Fax: (306) 782-0629
child care; fitness activities;       provides support to families      Email:
large weight room; aquatics           that are experiencing violence
program with special emphasis         or need crisis support as well    Toll-Free: (877) 444-2836
on older and therapeutic              as information and referrals to
opportunities; cafeteria;             the appropriate agencies. Also    Offers 24-hour service; safe
massage therapy; and fitness          maintains a resource and video    house; counselling for victims
evaluation.                           library for public use in the     and children and referrals;
                                      centre.                           traditional healing based on
Safe Homes                                                              First Nations holistic concept of
                                      North East Outreach and           spiritual, physical, mental,
Safe homes are local                  Support Services Inc.             emotional aspects of a human.
residences of private citizens
                                      Box 2066
who will share their homes in                                           West Central Crisis and
                                      103 McKendry Avenue East
emergencies with women and
                                      Melfort, SK                       Family Support Centre Inc.
their children fleeing domestic                                         Box 2235
abuse. A crisis centre or             S0E 1A0
                                      Telephone: (306) 752-9464         116-1st Avenue West
agency may provide individual                                           Kindersley, SK
support services to the woman         Fax: (306) 752-3122
                                      Email:                            S0L 1S0
and to the host family,                                                 Telephone: (306) 463-6655
including transportation to the                                         Fax: (306) 463-6410
closest shelter.                      24-hour crisis: (306) 752-9455
                                      Toll-Free: (800) 611-6349         Email:
Hudson Bay and District               Contact: Sylvia Nowlan
Crisis Centre                                                           Regional Crisis Line: (306)
                                      Provides support and crisis       933-6200
Box 403
                                      services to people in northeast   Director: Richard Sevigny
203 Patricia Street
Hudson Bay, SK                        Saskatchewan, including
                                      victims of interpersonal abuse    Provides short-term
S0E 0Y0                                                                 counselling; transportation;
Telephone: (306) 865-3064             and sexualized violence.
                                      Provides crisis intervention      referrals; advocacy; a lending
Fax: (306) 865-3391                                                     library; and community
Email:                                through a 24-hour Crisis Line,
                                      which supports anyone             education. Also offers Family
t                                     experiencing any type of crisis   Support services and support
Web Site:                             and offers outreach services in   groups, including groups for
                                      Nipawin and Tisdale. Support      battered women and other
Executive Director: Sandy             services include a: Family        support groups based on need.
Bashnick                              Violence & Sexual Assault
Crisis Line: (306) 865-3064           Program; Outreach Program;        Second Stage Housing
Toll-Free: (866) 865-7274             24-hour Crisis Line; Safe Home
                                      Program; Resource Centre;         Adelle House
Office is open from Monday to         and Public Awareness &
Friday, 9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.                                             Saskatoon, SK
                                      Prevention presentations and      Telephone: (306) 668-2761
After hours phone (306) 865-          workshops. All services are
3064 or the toll-free number is                                         Fax: (306) 668-2769
                                      free and confidential.
you are in the rural area.                                              Second stage low-cost housing
                                      Project Safe Haven
                                                                        shelter for women and children
Provides 24-hour access to            c/o Yorkton Tribal Council        coming from abusive
safe shelter for individuals and      21 Bradbrooke Drive North         situations. Services include

                                                       57                                        Section 8

support group and individual        Provides 24-hour crisis line;      Email:
counselling. May stay up to         individual and group     
one year.                           counselling for adult and child    24-hour Abuse/Sexual Assault
                                    sexual abuse victims, families     Support Line: (800) 214-7083
SOFIA House                         and anyone who has been            Contact: Patt Lenover-Adams
Box 37125                           affected by sexual abuse;
Regina, SK                          advocacy, public education;        Weyburn Office
S4S 7K4                             resource library; prevention       Box 1056
Telephone: (306) 565-2537           awareness; hospital and court      Weyburn, SK
Fax: (306) 565-2376                 support and court orientation      S4H 2L3
Email:                              services.                          Telephone: (306) 842-8821                                               Fax: (306) 842-8815
Contact: Sarah Valli                Battlefords Interval House         Email:
Second-stage housing                Email:
                                                                       24-hour Abuse/Sexual Assault
provides safe and affordable                                           Support Line: (800) 214-7083
housing for abused women            Counselling: (306) 445-2742
                                                                       Contact: Patt Lenover-Adams
and their children. Length of       Executive Director: Ann
stay is up to one year.             McArthur                           Farm Stress Unit
Services include counselling                                           Ministry of Agriculture
for women and children,             Provides shelter; counselling to
                                                                       125-3085 Albert Street
support group and referrals to      residents and drop-ins; group
                                                                       Regina, SK
community services, including       discussions, transportation to
                                                                       S4S 0B1
geared income housing.              appointments and school;
                                                                       Telephone: (800) 667-4442
                                    referrals; advocacy; a resource
                                                                       Web Site:
Crisis Services                     library; and public education.
These organizations provide         Envision Counselling and
                                                                       Provides crisis intervention,
services to victims of sexual       Support Centre Inc.                short-term counselling,
assault, women battering and
                                    Web Site:                          referrals and information to
other family abuse. They are
                                          individuals living in rural
operated by professionally
                                                                       Saskatchewan. Specific
trained staff, trained volunteers   A counselling and support          information on a wide range of
and community-based boards          program that provides services     programs and services
of directors.                       to survivors and secondary         available to rural communities
Battlefords and Area                survivors of: partner abuse;       can be provided to callers from
Sexual Assault Centre               sexual assault; family violence    a computer-based directory.
                                    (adult); dating violence; and      Offers workshops on farm
1211-98th Street
                                    older person abuse. Programs       stress and community self-help.
North Battleford, SK
                                    include: counselling; support
S9A 0L8
                                    groups; public education;          Hudson Bay and District
Telephone: (306) 445-0055                                              Crisis Centre
                                    emergency shelter; and 24-
Fax: (306) 445-2727
                                    hour support line.                 Box 403
                                                                       203 Patricia Street
Web Site:                           Regional Addresses                 Hudson Bay, SK                                                           S0E 0Y0
24-hour crisis line: (306) 446-     Estevan Office                     Telephone: (306) 865-3064
4444                                Box 511                            Fax: (306) 865-3391
Toll-Free: (866) 567-0055           Estevan, SK                        Email:
                                    S4A 2A5                  
Executive Director: Hannah          Telephone: (306) 637-4004          t
Friedman                            Fax: (306) 634-4229                Web Site:

Section 8                                             58
                                                                 VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN   Acts as a support for women         workshops. All services are
Executive Director: Sandy           choosing to live a violence-free    free and confidential.
Bashnick                            life and provides the following
                                    services: provision of crisis and   Prince Albert Mobile Crisis
Crisis Line: (306) 865-3064
                                    support follow-up counselling;      Unit Co-operative
Toll-Free: (866) 865-7274
                                    development of personalized         4050-2nd Avenue West
Office is open from Monday to       safety plans; information and       Prince Albert, SK
Friday, 9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.         education to individuals and        S6W 1A2
After hours phone (306) 865-        groups concerning abuse             Fax: (306) 922-9559
3064 or the toll-free number is     issues; access to services for      Director: Al Reis
you are in the rural area.          new Canadians; referral to          Crisis Line: (306) 764-1011
                                    appropriate agencies; works         Sexual Assault Program:
Provides 24-hour access to          closely with other agencies         (306) 764-1039
safe shelter for individuals and    involved in domestic violence
                                                                        Gambling Help Line: (800)
children coming from an             to fill in the gaps in service;
                                    and provides information to         306-6789
abusive situation by
transferring to a shelter.          women who are still in an           Has a sexual assault program
Maintains a drop-in centre and      abusive relationship.               providing emergency response;
provides support to families                                            short and long-term
that are experiencing violence      North East Outreach and
                                    Support Services Inc.               counselling; and public
or need crisis support as well                                          education. General crisis
as information and referrals to     Box 2066                            intervention services include:
the appropriate agencies. Also      103 McKendry Avenue East            crisis intervention and
maintains a resource and video      Melfort, SK                         counselling; information and
library for public use in the       S0E 1A0                             referrals, transient aid; family
centre.                             Telephone: (306) 752-9464           violence intervention, child
                                    Fax: (306) 752-3122                 protection and many others.
Lloydminster Sexual                 Email:
                                                                        Acts for Community Resources
Assault and Information   
                                                                        & Employment at night, on
Centre                              24-hour crisis: (306) 752-9455
                                                                        weekends and holidays. Can
Box 2033                            Toll-Free: (800) 611-6349           access services by phone,
Lloydminster, SK                    Contact: Sylvia Nowlan              visiting their office or they can
S9V 1R5                                                                 attend at residences or any
Telephone: (306) 825-8255           Provides support and crisis         other location within the City of
Fax: (306) 825-9557                 services to people in northeast     Prince Albert.
Email:                              Saskatchewan, including         victims of interpersonal abuse      Regina Women's
Director: Muriel Ralston            and sexualized violence.            Community Centre and
                                    Provides crisis intervention        Sexual Assault Line
Provides 24-hour crisis line;       through a 24-hour Crisis Line,      250-438 Victoria Avenue East
individual counselling; public      which supports anyone               Regina, SK
awareness to the community,         experiencing any type of crisis     S4N 0N7
adults and schools; advocacy;       and offers outreach services in     Telephone: (306) 522-2777
and referrals.                      Nipawin and Tisdale. Support        Fax: (306) 522-5070
                                    services include a: Family
Mobile Crisis Services, Inc.                                            Email:
                                    Violence & Sexual Assault 
1646-11th Avenue                    Program; Outreach Program;          Web Site:
Regina, SK                          24-hour Crisis Line; Safe Home
S4P 0G4                             Program; Resource Centre;           24-hour sexual assault line:
Telephone: (306) 757-0127           and Public Awareness &              (306) 352-0434
Fax: (306) 757-7807                 Prevention presentations and        Administrator: Debbie House

                                                     59                                       Section 8

Purpose is to work toward a         Executive Director: Elizabeth     occurring or has occurred.
non-violent and equitable           Freire                            Services include crisis
society by empowering women                                           intervention; individual/short-
who have suffered various           Services available to women,      term counselling; weekly
forms of abuse, and by              children and men, both past       education/support groups; and
providing community education       and present survivors.            advocacy. Provides women
and advocacy services.              Provides 24-hour crisis line;     with temporary accommodation
Services include 24-hour crisis     assistance to survivors;          for the day until alternate
line; crisis and long-term          emotional support and follow-     arrangements can be made.
counselling; incest survivors'      up with survivors and families;   Videos, a resource library,
group; reproductive                 information; advocacy;            child care and transportation
counselling; advocacy, a            transportation; public            are available for women
lending library; and public         education; pamphlets and          involved in the program.
education.                          books.
                                                                      Family Service Regina
Saskatoon Crisis                    West Central Crisis and           2020 Halifax Street
Intervention Service                Family Support Centre Inc.        Regina, SK
103-506-25th Street East            Box 2235                          S4P 1T7
Saskatoon, SK                       116-1st Avenue West               Telephone: (306) 757-6675
S7K 4A7                             Kindersley, SK                    Fax: (306) 757-0133
Telephone: (306) 933-6200           S0L 1S0                           Email:
Fax: (306) 664-0536                 Telephone: (306) 463-6655
                                    Fax: (306) 463-6410               Web Site:
Executive Director: Rita Field                              
Gambling Help Line: (800)                 Executive Director: Shellie
306-6789                            Regional Crisis Line: (306)       Pociuk
Professionally trained staff are                                      Provides counselling; teen
available 24 hours a day to         Director: Richard Sevigny
                                                                      parent program; women's
respond to crises which may                                           support group for victims of
                                    Provides short-term
include: suicide intervention;                                        domestic violence; domestic
                                    counselling; transportation;
child abuse and neglect;                                              violence victims services
                                    referrals; advocacy; a lending
marriage and family problems;                                         program; mediation services;
                                    library; and community
mental health crisis                                                  and an employee and family
                                    education. Also offers Family
intervention; drug and alcohol                                        assistance program. Also
                                    Support services and support
abuse; problem gambling;                                              offers parenting and
                                    groups, including groups for
individual crisis counselling;                                        personal/professional
                                    battered women and other
and seniors in distress. They                                         development workshops.
                                    support groups based on need.
also provide a mental health
service referred to as the Crisis                                     Iskwew-Women Helping
                                    Counselling                       Women
Management Service (CMS).
                                                                      110-8th Street East
Saskatoon Sexual Assault            Domestic Abuse Outreach           Prince Albert, SK
and Information Centre              Program                           S6V 0V7
201-506-25th Street East            122-3rd Avenue North              Telephone: (306) 953-6229
Saskatoon, SK                       Saskatoon, SK                     Email:
S7K 4A7                             S7M 2H6                 
Telephone: (306) 244-2294           Telephone: (306) 933-5961
Fax: (306) 244-6099                                                   Provides counselling;
Email:                              Offers preventative, supportive   advocacy; support groups for                   and voluntary services to         battered women; resource
Crisis Line: (306) 244-2224         women where partner abuse is      development; and community

Section 8                                                60
                                                                VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN

networking. Sponsored by Co-
                                   Web Site:                         Provincial Association of
operative Health Centre.
                                      Transition Houses and
Justice Aboriginal Family          Sexual Assault Counsellor:        Services of Saskatchewan
Violence Programs                  Michele Matechuk                  (PATHS)
                                                                     308-2505-11th Avenue
                                   Provides counselling and
Eight community-based                                                Regina, SK
                                   advocacy to victims of sexual
programs help Aboriginal                                             S4P 0K6
                                   abuse and their families.
families living in urban areas                                       Telephone: (306) 522-3515
                                   Services include support
deal with interpersonal abuse                                        Fax: (306) 522-0830
                                   groups, court preparation, a
and violence. Funded by the                                          Email:
                                   lending library and public
Ministry of Justice, these         education.                        Web Site:
programs are located in                                    
Yorkton, Saskatoon, Regina,        National Organizations
Prince Albert and the                                                Works to create a society free
Battlefords. They are                                                of violence against women and
developed and administered by      National Clearinghouse on         their children by conducting
Aboriginal people to meet the      Family Violence                   research, supporting
needs of the community. They       Public Health Agency of           Saskatchewan shelters in their
assist Aboriginal agencies in      Canada, Jeanne Mance Bldg.        work, and educating
urban areas to expand existing     200 Promenade Eglantine           professionals, community
services and provide more          Driveway, Tunney's Pasture,       groups, and the general public
comprehensive and holistic         1909D                             about violence against women.
programs for Aboriginal            Ottawa, ON
offenders, victims and their       K1A 0K9                           Saskatchewan Association
families. For more information,    Telephone: (613) 957-2938         of Sexual Assault Services
see the following agencies         Fax: (613) 941-8930               (SASS)
already listed in the Directory:   Email:                            216 Roslyn Avenue
Circle Project Association Inc.;        Yorkton, SK
Family Healing Circle Lodge;       Web Site:                         S3N 1P4
Kanaweyimik Child and Family                                         Telephone: (306) 783-7500
Services; Peyakowak (They          Toll-Free: (800) 267-1291         Fax: (306) 783-7501
Are Alone) Committee Inc.;         TTY: (613) 952-6396           Email:
Prince Albert Grand Council        TTY Toll-Free: (800) 561-5643
                                                                     Web Site:
Women's Commission;                                        
Saskatoon Indian and Métis         Is Canada's resource centre for
                                   information on violence within    Co-ordinator: Lauretta Ritchie-
Friendship Centre and Prince
                                   relationships of kinship,         McInnes
Albert Indian and Métis
Friendship Centre.                 intimacy, dependency or trust.
                                   The Public Health Agency of       A non-profit, provincial coalition
Sexual Assault Counselling         Canada operates the NCFV on       of 10 Saskatchewan agencies
Program                            behalf of the Government of       that provide support and
                                   Canada's Family Violence          services to individuals,
c/o SIGN (Society for the                                            primarily women, who have
Involvement of Good                Initiative (FVI) and its 15
                                   partner departments.              been sexually assaulted or
Neighbours)                                                          abused. The purpose of SASS
83 North Street                                                      is to support sexual assault
Yorkton, SK                        Provincial Organizations
                                                                     workers by providing a forum
S3N 0G9                                                              for awareness, discussion, and
Telephone: (306) 783-9409                                            information sharing, in order to
Fax: (306) 786-7116                                                  improve services to those
                                                                     affected by sexual assault and

                                                     61                                       Section 8

abuse. The aim of the             together to identify, develop,      maintaining a resource library
organization is the elimination   improve and maintain support        that is free of charge to
of sexualized violence.           of families in Humboldt and         community. Became the first
                                  surrounding rural                   city in Canada to proclaim itself
Saskatchewan Towards              communities. They build             a Violence Free City in 2006.
Offering Partnership              partnerships with various
Solutions to Violence             agencies and community              Tamara's House
(STOPS)                           stakeholders to address the         Services for Sexual Abuse
Box 4481                          issues.                             Survivors, Inc.
Regina, SK                                                            1605 Victoria Avenue
S4P 3W7                           Prince Albert and Area              Saskatoon, SK
Telephone: (306) 565-3199         Community Against Family            S7H 1Z4
Fax: (306) 565-3144               Violence                            Telephone: (306) 683-8667
Email:                            110-8th Street East                 Fax: (306) 683-8670       Prince Albert, SK                   Email:
Web Site:                         S6V 0V7                                                                  Web Site:
                                  Telephone: (306) 953-6219 
Co-ordinator: Laurie Beck         Fax: (306) 763-2101
                                                                      Director: Elizabeth Newton
Is a provincial organization
dedicated to supporting           Web Site:                           Dedicated to supporting the
partnerships with individuals,               healing of adult female
communities, organizations        Contact: Sandy Pitzel               survivors of childhood sexual
and governments. Through                                              abuse. Is an eight-bedroom
partnership, STOPS                Promotes education and              home where women can come
encourages the use of ideas,      awareness about violence in         for short stays while working
environments and                  relationships and our need for      on issues of childhood sexual
opportunities to address issues   a healthy community. Goal is        abuse, giving them an
of personal and relationship      to eliminate violence in            opportunity to heal in a safe,
violence.                         relationships and families.         home-like setting. A drop-in
                                  Provides a way for individuals      centre provides programs,
Regional Organizations            and organizations to develop        education, personal support
                                  innovative, preventative and        and complementary care. The
                                  educational actions to achieve      Harmony Song Program,
Partners for Rural Family         a violence-free society.            sponsored by the Aboriginal
Support                           Initiatives include: organizing a   Healing Foundation, provides
Box 2741                          low-cost workshop available to      services to First Nations
636-9th Street                    the community once a year;          women healing from child
Humboldt, SK                      using media on a monthly            sexual abuse or the legacy of
S0K 2A0                           basis to educate and promote        residential school abuse
Telephone: (306) 682-4135         awareness about violence and        through weekly Healing
Fax: (306) 682-4154               encourage healthy                   Circles, monthly Moon
Email:                            relationships; a poster             Ceremonies, Sweats, and             campaign on woman abuse;            retreats. Services are free.
Web Site:
                                  developing, researching and
                                  evaluating prevention               Victim Advocate
Executive Director: Julie                                             c/o USSU Women's Centre
                                  programs; supporting other
Gregson                                                               65 Place Riel, 1 Campus Drive
                                  organizations and agencies in
Toll-Free: (866) 682-4135         their efforts to raise awareness    Saskatoon, SK
                                  and educate community;              S7N 5A3
A non-profit organization of                                          Telephone: (306) 966-2984
                                  developing a website that is
concerned individuals working                                         Email:
                                  user friendly; developing and

Section 8                                          62
                                     VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN
Web Site:

This position works to
implement a centralized
community model of response
to gender related violence on
the campus and in the
community of Saskatoon.

                                63                  Section 8

Section 9                          develop programs to              programs, services,
                                   encourage a wide range of        regulations, contacts and
                                   career opportunities for young   activities tailored to meet
WORK, EDUCATION                    women and girls. Chapters in     business needs. Information is
AND ECONOMICS                      Regina and Saskatoon.            contributed by over 40 federal
                                                                    government departments and
The listings in this Section       Regional Addresses               65 provincial departments and
are grouped under the
                                                                    agencies. With traditional
following headings:                Business and Professional        library resources, tele-centre,
  Business and Economic            Women's Organization Regina      and extensive on-line
  Well-being                       Box 1911                         resources, business infosource
  Educational Institutions         Regina, SK                       supports click, call or visit
  Employment and Training          S4P 3E1                          service delivery to help clients
                                   Telephone: (306) 791-7650        access business information.
  Union Women's                    Email:
  Committees                          Designed to provide "single
  Work and Education               Web Site:
                                                                    window" access to government
                                                                    programs, services,
                                   Contact: Pat Dell
                                                                    regulations, contacts and
Business and Economic                                               activities tailored to meet
Well-being                         Business and Professional
                                   Women's Organization             business needs. Traditional
                                                                    library resources with
Business and Professional          Saskatoon
                                                                    telecommunications and
Women's Organization               Box 22
                                   Saskatoon, SK                    computer technology have
Saskatchewan                                                        been combined to develop
                                   S7K 3K1
250 Churchill Drive                                                 innovative ways to meet
                                   Telephone: (306) 373-1660
Saskatoon, SK                                                       business information needs.
                                   Fax: (306) 374-1122
S7K 3Y7
Telephone: (306) 477-7173
                                   Email:                           Canada-Saskatchewan
Web Site:                          Web Site:                        Integrated Student Loans                     Program
Contact: Terri Parent              Contact: Isobel Tamney           Saskatchewan Advanced
                                                                    Education and Employment
Major concern is the economic      business infosource              4635 Wascana Parkway
status of women, including         Canada-Saskatchewan              Regina, SK
education and training,            Business Service Centre          S4P 3A3
employment and social              2-345-3rd Avenue South           Telephone: (306) 787-5620
conditions, and participation in   Saskatoon, SK                    Fax: (306) 787-1608
government. Membership is          S7K 1M6                          Email:
composed of women engaged          Telephone: (306) 956-2323
in business, the professions       Fax: (306) 956-2328              Web Site:
and in industry. Clubs are                                
                                   Web Site:
organized at local, provincial,       Toll-Free: (800) 597-8278
national and international         Toll-Free: (800) 667-4374
levels. Hold educational                                            Offers a needs based
meetings; promote discussions      Managed jointly by Western       supplement to existing
concerning strategies for          Diversification and              resources to help fund
positive changes; co-ordinate      Saskatchewan Regional            students' education.
forums; encourage co-              Economic & Co-operative
                                                                    Enterprise and Innovation
operation with groups who          Development. Provides "single
have similar objectives; and       window" access to government
                                                                    Ministry of Enterprise and

Section 9                                             64
                                               WORK, EDUCATION AND ECONOMICS

Innovation                         S9A 1E9                      Services Regional Addresses
2103-11th Avenue                   Telephone: (306) 446-7444    under Enterprise and
Regina, SK                         Fax: (306) 446-7442          Innovation Programs on page
S4P 3V7                                                         63.
Telephone: (306) 787-7154          Regional Programs and
Fax: (306) 798-0796                Services                     Provide assessment, business
Web Site:                          Box 3003, 1084 Central       information and pathfinding                    Avenue                       services to potential, new and
Toll-Free: (800) 265-2001          Prince Albert, SK            existing businesses.
                                   S6V 6G1
Offer a wide range of              Telephone: (306) 953-2275    Financial Assistance
information, services and          Fax: (306) 922-6499          Ministry of Social Services
programs in the areas of                                        1920 Broad Street
investment, business               Regional Programs and        Regina, SK
development, community             Services                     S4P 3V6
economic development, and          1925 Rose Street
technology. Act as a facilitator   Regina, SK                   See Social Services Regional
in accessing a variety of          S4P 3P1                      Addresses under Child and
program initiatives provided by    Telephone: (306) 787-1605    Family Service on page 36.
other departments, federal         Fax: (306) 787-1620
government, Crown                                               The Saskatchewan Assistance
corporations and financial         Regional Programs and        Program (SAP) provides basic
institutions.                      Services                     income support services for
                                   345-3rd Avenue South         families and individuals who
Include specific programs such     Saskatoon, SK                may not have sufficient
as Labour-Sponsored Venture        S7K 2H6                      resources to meet their basic
Capital and the Small Business     Telephone: (306) 933-5750    living costs. Social Services
Loans Association Program.         Fax: (306) 933-7692          staff work with each applicant
                                                                to develop a case plan to move
Regional Addresses                 Regional Programs and        towards financial self-
                                   Services                     sufficiency. Application is
Regional Programs and              885-6th Avenue North East    made by phone through the
Services                           Swift Current, SK            Contact Centre at 1-866-221-
303 Wicklow Centre, 1133-4th       S9H 2M9                      5200, TTY 1-866-995-0099.
Street                             Telephone: (306) 778-8415    Clients in receipt of SAP may
Estevan, SK                        Fax: (306) 778-8526          be eligible for Supplementary
S4A 0W6                                                         Health Benefits from the
Telephone: (306) 637-4505          Regional Programs and        Ministry of Health.
Fax: (306) 637-4510                Services
                                   23 Smith Street West         The Building Independence
Regional Programs and              Yorkton, SK                  strategy is the province's lead
Services                           S3N 0H9                      initiative in reducing poverty.
88 Saskatchewan Street East        Telephone: (306) 786-1415    The strategy contains
Moose Jaw, SK                      Fax: (306) 786-1417          programs like the Transitional
S6H 0V4                                                         Employment Allowance (TEA)
                                   Enterprise and Innovation
Telephone: (306) 694-3623                                       which is an income support
                                   Regional Offices
Fax: (306) 694-3500                                             program designed to assist
                                   Ministry of Enterprise and   applicants participating in pre-
Regional Programs and              Innovation                   employment programs and
Services                           Toll-Free: (800) 265-2001    services or those who are job
1202-101st Street                                               ready and seeking
North Battleford, SK               See Regional Programs and

                                                 65                                   Section 9

employment. Application and                                               c/o 3731 E. Eastgate Drive
all reporting are completed by      The Child Day Care Subsidy            Regina, SK
telephone through through the       aAssists lower income families        S4Z 1A5
Contact Centre at 1-866-221-        with cost of accessing licensed       Telephone: (306) 525-5874
5200, in Regina at 798-0660.        child care. The program               Fax: (306) 781-8177
TTY service is available at 787-    subsidizes the parent portion of      Email:
1065 in Regina or toll free at 1-   child care costs, making care
866-995-0099.                       more affordable for parents.          Contact: Aina Kagis
                                    For additional information
The Saskatchewan Rental             please call 1-800-667-7155 or         Promotes the implementation
Housing Supplement (SRHS)           in Regina at 787-4114.                of equal pay for work of equal
helps lower income families                                               value for all Saskatchewan
with children and persons with      Northern Training Program             women and influences the
disabilities access quality,        (NTP)                                 government to pass legislation
affordable, rental housing. The     Northern Region Office,               to that end. Pay equity refers
housing must meet health and        Ministry of Education                 to the state of affairs in which
safety requirements to be           Box 5000                              women and men are paid fairly
eligible for the supplement.        La Ronge, SK                          and equally for the work they
For more information or to          S0J 1L0                               perform. Consists of
apply please call 1-888-488-        Telephone: (306) 425-4380             individuals and organizations
6385. TTY service is available      Fax: (306) 425-4383                   and represents women and
at 787-1090 in regina or toll                                             men committed to taking action
free at 1-800-683-9052.             Provides funding and support          to promote the economic
                                    for training opportunities in         equality of women in
The Saskatchewan                    basic education and skill             Saskatchewan.
Employment Supplement               training in northern
                                    Saskatchewan. Offers special          Saskatchewan Income Plan
(SES) provides a monthly
payment that supplements            training programs in co-              Ministry of Social Services
income earned by lower              operation with Northlands             11th Floor, 1920 Broad Street
income parents from                 College, training institutes,         Regina, SK
employment/self-                    business, industry and other          S4P 3V6
employment/farming income           agencies. These special               Telephone: (306) 787-2681
and child and/or spousal            training programs are designed        Fax: (306) 787-2134
maintenance payments. SES           to prepare northerners for a          Toll-Free: (800) 667-7161
assists parents with the child-     variety of northern employment
related costs of working.           opportunities and respond to          Monthly benefits are provided
Application can be made by          emerging needs of individuals,        to seniors who have little
calling 1-877-696-7546.             communities, and industry.            income other than the Old Age
                                    Criteria for qualifying initiatives   Security Pension and the
Clients in receipt of SES and       are: a direct link to the labour      Guaranteed Income
SRHS may be eligible for            market and/or employment              Supplement provided by the
Family Health Benefits (FHB)        opportunities in Saskatchewan;        federal government. No
which are administered by the       a unique or emerging need that        application is required, as
Ministry of Health. The             cannot be met with traditional        benefits are determined by the
program provides health             funding sources; undertaken           amount of Guaranteed Income
benefits to help lower income       for clients in the region served      Supplement received.
working families meet the           by the Northern Region Office
                                    (Northern Administration              Saskatchewan Pension Plan
health needs of their children.
                                    District); and partnership.           Box 5555
For additional information
                                                                          Kindersley, SK
about this program please call
                                    Pay Equity Coalition of               S0L 1S0
                                    Saskatchewan                          Telephone: (306) 463-5410

Section 9                                            66
                                                  WORK, EDUCATION AND ECONOMICS

Fax: (306) 463-3500               within Saskatchewan. Special      Telephone: (306) 757-3521
Email:                            rates for seniors (60+ years),    Fax: (306) 565-8836              children, students, medical       Email:
Web Site:                         travel, and charters.   
                                  Welcomes applications for         Director: Morris Eagles
Toll-Free: (800) 667-7153         employment from qualified
Provides an opportunity for the   women. Please check their         Women Entrepreneurs of
people of Saskatchewan to         website regularly for openings    Saskatchewan Inc.
save for their retirement. Any    or e-mail
person between the ages of 18     for information on possible
                                  future opportunities.             A non-profit membership
and 69 can join and contribute
                                                                    organization that works with
to the Plan. The Plan             Unemployed Workers                women considering a
particularly benefits those who   Centre                            business, starting a business
do not have access to a private
                                                                    or operating an existing
or company pension plan or        Web Site:
                                                                    business. Priority is to help
who want to supplement their
                                                                    women throughout
retirement income.
                                  Provides information and          Saskatchewan to achieve their
                                  advocacy services on              entrepreneurial goals.
People do not need to have
earned income or income from      Unemployment Insurance;
                                  public education workshops        Regional Addresses
wages or a business to
contribute to the Plan.           and seminars on
                                  Unemployment Insurance            108-502 Cope Way
Contributions and their                                             Saskatoon, SK
accumulated earnings are tax      issues, policies and
                                  procedures; and referrals to      S7T 0G3
sheltered until received as                                         Telephone: (306) 477-7173
pension income. The money is      other social and government
                                  agencies which can assist         Fax: (306) 477-7175
professionally managed and                                          Email:
earns a competitive rate of       workers during times of
return each year. The funds       unemployment.                     Web Site:
which accumulate assure each                              
                                  Regional Addresses
member of income for their                                          Toll-Free: (800) 879-6331
                                  1888 Angus Street                 1925 Rose Street
                                  Regina, SK                        Regina, SK
Plan members come from a
                                  S4T 1Z4                           S4P 3P1
variety of backgrounds - small
                                  Telephone: (306) 525-5138         Telephone: (306) 359-9732
business owners and
                                  Fax: (306) 525-5148               Fax: (306) 359-9739
employees, homemakers,
                                  Email:                            Email:
farmers, part-time employees
and students.                                             
                                                                    Web Site:
                                  2154 Airport Drive      
                                  Saskatoon, SK                     Toll-Free: (800) 879-6331
Transportation Company
                                  S7L 6M6
2041 Hamilton Street              Telephone: (306) 382-8662         Educational Institutions
Regina, SK                        Fax: (306) 978-7815
S4P 2E2                           Email:
Telephone: (306) 787-3340             Adult Basic Education
Fax: (306) 787-1633                                                 Ministry of Advanced
Web Site:                         Welfare Rights Centre
                                                                    Education, Employment and                    1042 Albert Street                Labour
                                  Regina, SK                        12th Floor, 1945 Hamilton
Safe, economical bus travel       S4R 2P8                           Street

                                                    67                                      Section 9

Regina, SK                         wide credit transfer system.        or employers. Be sure to visit
S4P 2C8                                                       which is a
Telephone: (306) 787-7404          Career and Employment               brand new web site listing
Fax: (306) 787-7182                Services                            hundreds of job opportunities
Email:                             Ministry of Advanced                each day that are located right               Education, Employment and           here in Saskatchewan. Visit
Web Site:                          Labour                              either web site to find a local
                                   2220 College Avenue                 Canada-Saskatchewan Career
See Regional Colleges              Regina, SK                          Employment Services office
Regional Addresses on page         S4P 3C8                             near you.
69 and SIAST Regional              Telephone: (306) 787-8431
                                   Fax: (306) 798-5022                 First Nations University of
Addresses on page 70.
                                   Email:                              Canada
                                     1 First Nations Way
Provides funding for Adult
Basic Education programs in        Toll-Free: (888) 775-3276           Regina, SK
the regional college system,                                           S4S 7K2
                                   Provides Saskatchewan               Telephone: (306) 790-5950
SIAST, Dumont Technical
                                   residents with Career               Email:
Institute, and Saskatchewan
                                   Development, Education and
Indian Institute of
                                   Training information as well as     Web Site:
Technologies. ABE includes:                                  
                                   financial assistance for training
Levels One and Two (literacy
                                   and programs. Develops,
levels), Level Three (Adult 10),                                       Is a First Nations controlled
                                   prepares and distributes
Level Four (Adult Secondary                                            university and provides
                                   several career resource
Completion and GED), as well                                           educational opportunities to
                                   publications each year. These
as Workplace Essential Skills,                                         both First Nations and non-
                                   publications give information
life skills, job readiness, and                                        First Nations students from a
                                   on the post-secondary
ESL programs. Certification is                                         provincial, national and
                                   programs, training
available for ABE Level Three                                          international base. Along with
                                   opportunities, job search skills,
(Adult 10) and Adult Secondary                                         regular university programming
                                   provincial contacts, and
Completion.                                                            in Arts/Fine Arts; Indian Social
                                   education financing options
                                                                       Work; Administration;
Campus Saskatchewan                that are available to
                                                                       Education; and Communication
                                   Saskatchewan residents.
Box 556                                                                Arts, First Nations University
4500 Wascana Parkway                                                   also delivers programming in
                                   The SaskNetWork web site
Regina, SK                                                             dental therapy; nursing;
                                   ( is
S4P 3A3                                                                resource and environmental
                                   devoted to providing
Telephone: (306) 798-0014                                              studies; and applied science in
                                   information on career planning,
Email:                                                                 environmental and health      education and training,
                                                                       studies. Graduate studies
Web Site:                          employment, labour market
                                                                       programming includes: special          information, financial
                                                                       case graduate degrees in Arts;
                                   assistance and other related
A partnership among                                                    a First Nations MBA; and a
                                   information. It is linked to
Saskatchewan's public post-                                            Master of Aboriginal Social
                                   hundreds of web sites at all
secondary institutions. It                                             Work. The First Nations
                                   levels, local, provincial and
provides a single pathway to                                           University Student Success
                                   national. It's a self-help
adult and post-secondary                                               Services provides student
                                   resource to Saskatchewan
education and is responsible                                           support in both personal and
                                   people, be they current job
for the Saskatchewan Council                                           academic areas.
                                   seekers, people just entering
for Admissions and Transfer        the labour force (especially
(SaskCAT) which has the            students), and current workers
mandate of building a province-

Section 9                                           68
                                               WORK, EDUCATION AND ECONOMICS

                                  917-22nd Street West         Saskatchewan Advanced
Gabriel Dumont Institute
                                  Saskatoon, SK                Education and Employment
of Native Studies and             S7M 0R9                      12th Floor, 1945 Hamilton
Applied Research                  Telephone: (306) 242-6070    Street
Web Site:
                                  Fax: (306) 242-0002          Regina, SK                                                  S4P 2C8
                                  Dumont Technical Institute   Telephone: (306) 787-5597
Métis-directed educational and    1-1942 Hamilton Street       Fax: (306) 787-7182
cultural establishment serving    Regina, SK
the education and training        S4P 2C5                      See Regional Colleges
needs of the Métis people of      Telephone: (306) 347-6070    Regional Addresses on page
Saskatchewan. Offers fully        Fax: (306) 347-4156          690 and SIAST Regional
accredited university, diploma                                 Addresses on page 70.
and certificate programs          Dumont Technical Institute
through the Saskatchewan          48-12th Street East          Enables adults who have not
Urban Native Teacher              Prince Albert, SK            completed school to obtain a
Education Program (SUNTEP),       S6V 1B2                      General Educational
the Dumont Technical Institute    Telephone: (306) 922-8850    Development (GED) high
(DTI) and the Gabriel Dumont      Fax: (306) 922-0203          school equivalency certificate,
College (GDC). The Institute                                   by successfully completing five
also provides library support,    Dumont Technical Institute   general ability tests. These
conducts research and             Box 107                      tests cover reading and writing
produces curriculum materials.    La Loche, SK                 skills, mathematics, science
Promotes and provides training    S0M 1G0                      and social studies. Equivalacy
and cultural support to achieve   Telephone: (306) 822-2355    tests are available in English,
Metis self-determination.         Fax: (306) 822-3038          French and Spanish. Tests
                                                               are conducted by the Regional
Regional Addresses
                                  SUNTEP Regina                Colleges and Saskatchewan
                                  Room 227 College West,       Institute of Science and
GDI Regina Office                 University of Regina         Technology (SIAST) campuses
Room 218 College West             3737 Wascana Parkway         around the province.
3737 Wascana Parkway              Regina, SK
Regina, SK                        S4S 0A2                      Northern Teacher
S4S 0A2                           Fax: (306) 244-0252          Education
Telephone: (306) 347-4100                                      Program/Northern
                                  SUNTEP Saskatoon             Professional Access College
Fax: (306) 565-0809
                                  Room 7, McLean Hall,         (NORTEP/NORPAC)
GDI Saskatoon Office              University of Saskatchewan
                                  106 Wiggins Road             Ministry of Advanced
2-604-22nd Street West                                         Education, Employment and
Saskatoon, SK                     Saskatoon, SK
                                  S7N 5E6                      Labour
S7M 5W1                                                        Box 5000
Telephone: (306) 934-4941         Telephone: (306) 975-7095
                                  Fax: (306) 975-1108          La Ronge, SK
Fax: (306) 244-0252                                            S0J 1L0
                                  SUNTEP Prince Albert         Telephone: (306) 425-4411
GDI Prince Albert Office                                       Fax: (306) 425-3580
48-12th Street East               48-12th Street East
                                  Prince Albert, SK            Email:
Prince Albert, SK                                    
S6V 1B2                           S6V 1B2
Telephone: (306) 764-1797         Fax: (306) 764-3995          Designed specifically for
Fax: (306) 764-3995               General Education            northerners, NORTEP leads to
                                  Development Test (GED)       a four-year Bachelor of
Dumont Technical Institute                                     Education degree. NORPAC

                                                 69                                   Section 9

offers up to three years of Arts   life skills and non-credit            Melville, SK
and Science classes which          courses. Also offer career            S0A 2P0
serves as a bridge for             planning services.                    Telephone: (306) 728-4471
completing on-campus studies                                             Fax: (306) 728-2576
in areas other than teaching.      Regional Addresses                    Email:
Both are offered through a co-                                 
operative arrangement with the     Northlands College                    Web Site:
Northern Lights School             Box 1000
Division, the Ile-a-la-Crosse      Air Ronge, SK                         Toll-Free: (866) 783-6766
School Division, Creighton         S0J 3G0
                                   Telephone: (306) 425-4480             Cumberland Regional College
School Division, the Prince
                                   Fax: (306) 425-3002                   501-6th Street East
Albert Grand Council, the
                                                                         Box 2225
Meadow Lake Tribal Council,        Web Site:
                                    Nipawin, SK
the University of Saskatchewan
                                   Toll-Free:: (888) 311-1185            S0E 1E0
and University of Regina.
                                                                         Telephone: (306) 862-9833
Program of Legal Studies           Prairie West Regional College         Fax: (306) 862-4940
for Native People                  701 Dominion Street                   Email:
Native Law Centre                  Box 700                               Web Site:
15 Campus Drive, University of     Biggar, SK                  
Saskatchewan                       S0K 0M0
Saskatoon, SK                      Telephone: (306) 948-3363             North West Regional College
S7N 5A6                            Fax: (306) 948-2094                   10702 Diefenbaker Drive
Telephone: (306) 966-6189          Email:                                North Battleford, SK
                            S9A 4A8
Fax: (306) 966-6207
                                   Web Site:
Web Site:                
                                                                         Telephone: (306) 937-5100                                                  Fax: (306) 445-1575
                                   Carlton Trail Regional College        Web Site:
Annual summer program                                          
                                   623-7th Street
designed to help students of
                                   Box 720                               Cypress Hills Regional College
Aboriginal ancestry develop
                                   Humboldt, SK                          129-2nd Avenue North East
skills required to succeed in
                                   S0K 2A0                               Box 5000
law school. Provides pre-law
                                   Telephone: (306) 682-2623             Swift Current, SK
orientation and screening, and
                                   Fax: (306) 682-3101                   S9H 4G3
eight weeks of intensive law
studies recognized for credit at
                                                                         Telephone: (306) 773-1531
most Canadian law schools.         Web Site:                             Fax: (306) 773-2384
Regional Colleges                  Toll-Free: (800) 667-2623   
                                                                         Web Site:
Offer a full range of              Lakeland College
educational programs in 40         2602-59th Avenue                      Southeast Regional College
sites across rural and northern    Bag 6000                              Administration
Saskatchewan, including credit     Lloydminster, SK                      Box 2003
programs offered from the          S9V 1Z3                               Weyburn, SK
province's universities and the    Telephone: (780) 871-5700             S4H 2Z9
Saskatchewan Institute of          Fax: (780) 875-1813                   Telephone: (306) 848-2500
Applied Science and                Web Site:                             Fax: (306) 848-2517
Technology (SIAST), as well as                                           Web Site:
adult basic education, literacy                                
                                   Parkland Regional College
training, work-based training,
                                   200 Block, 9th Avenue East

Section 9                                             70
                                                 WORK, EDUCATION AND ECONOMICS

                                   Telephone: (306) 244-4444          S6H 4R4
Saskatchewan Aboriginal
                                   Fax: (306) 244-1391                Telephone: (306) 691-8200
Literacy Network                   Web Site:                          Web Site:
1017B-22nd Street West                 
Saskatoon, SK                      Toll-Free: (800) 667-9704
S7M 0S2                                                               SIAST-Woodland Campus
Telephone: (306) 934-2632          Was first established in 1976      Box 3003
Fax: (306) 934-2633                as the Saskatchewan Indian         1100-15th Street East
Email:                             Community College. It is           Prince Albert, SK    governed by Saskatchewan's         S6V 6G1
Web Site:                          First Nations but also operates    Telephone: (306) 953-7000
                                   within the Saskatchewan            Web Site:
                                   provincial post-secondary
Works with First Nations,
Métis, Inuit, and non-Aboriginal   system. On July 1, 2000,
                                   provincial legislation in the      SIAST-Wascana Campus
people and communities to                                             Box 556
promote and support                Province of Saskatchewan
                                   recognized SITT as a post-         4500 Wascana Parkway
Aboriginal literacy.                                                  Regina, SK
                                   secondary institution. This will
Saskatchewan                       assist First Nations students to   S4P 3A3
                                                                      Telephone: (306) 775-7300
Communications Network             transfer credits to other post-
                                                                      Web Site:
(SCN)                              secondary institutions and to
3rd Fl., 2440 Broad Street         have their certificates and
Regina, SK                         diplomas recognized as the         SIAST-Kelsey Campus
S4P 3V7                            provincial level. SITT initially   Box 1520
Telephone: (306) 787-0490          delivered adult academic           Idylwyld and 33rd Street
Fax: (306) 787-0496                upgrading, introductory skills     Saskatoon, SK
Email:                             and trades, and basic              S7K 3R5                   management training and has        Telephone: (306) 659-4300
Web Site:                          evolved to include certified       Web Site:                         technical, vocational and trade
As the provincial educational                                         Saskatchewan Literacy
broadcast authority, delivers      Saskatchewan Institute of          Commission
educational programming to         Applied Science and                1170-1801 Hamilton Street
homes and schools using the        Technology (SIAST)                 Regina, SK
province's cable, wireless and
                                                                      S4P 4B4
satellite television systems.      Toll-Free: (866) 467-4278          Telephone: (306) 787-2514
SCN's Distance Learning
                                                                      Fax: (306) 787-4345
Services provide                   Provides certificate and
Saskatchewan people with           diploma level skills training,
opportunities for formal           university credit, training for    Web Site:
education and training in over     industry, apprenticeship, adult
200 communities.                   basic education and continuing
                                   education programs.                Established in 2005 to raise
Saskatchewan Indian                                                   public awareness of the
Institute of Technologies          Regional Addresses                 importance of literacy, to
(SIIT)                                                                develop a coordinated
Head Office Asimakaniseekan        SIAST-Palliser Campus              approach to literacy services in
Askiy Reserve                      Box 1420                           Saskatchewan and to
118-335 Packham Avenue             Saskatchewan Street and 6th        implement the SaskSmart -
Saskatoon, SK                      Avenue North West                  Literacy for Life initiative. As
S7N 4S1                            Moose Jaw, SK                      part of the Literacy

                                                   71                                            Section 9

Commission's mandate to help       Delivers Saskatchewan              individual, family and
Saskatchewan's residents           Institute of Applied Science       community development, and
acquire and develop the basic      and Technology (SIAST) credit      promotes social policy
literacies and essential skills    skill training programs through    research findings through the
they require, the                  the Regional Colleges. The         media, seminars, conferences
Saskatchewan Literacy              program provides people in         and publications. SPR's
Commission is working with the     rural and northern areas the       current research agenda
public, private and volunteer      opportunity to participate in      covers social welfare policy
sectors to support                 employment related training in     issues related to employment,
development of SaskSmart           or near their home                 lifelong learning, gerontological
community associations that        communities. Programs are          social work, family violence,
will build on existing programs    based on locally identified        women's status, poverty, child
and expand the province's          labour market needs and            welfare, First Nations persons,
capacity to provide literacy       student demands.                   and immigrants and refugees.
learning opportunities at home,
in school, at work and in the      Saskatchewan Urban                 Survey Research Unit
community. To learn more           Native Teacher Education           Faculty of KHS
about the Saskatchewan             Program (SUNTEP)                   University of Regina
Literacy Commission's                                                 Regina, SK
initiatives or to find out where   See Gabriel Dumont Institute       S4S 0A2
literacy programs and services     Regional Addresses on page         Telephone: (306) 585-4925
are available in Saskatchewan,     68.                                Fax: (306) 585-4854
please contact our office.                                            Contact: Harold Riemer
Saskatchewan Literacy              A four-year education program
                                                                      Conducts survey research on a
Network                            designed for Metis and Non-
                                                                      wide range of topics. The
                                   Status Indian students, leading
202-626 Broadway Avenue                                               results of many surveys and
                                   to a Bachelor of Education
Saskatoon, SK                                                         other studies concerning
                                   degree. Offered through the
S7N 1A9                                                               women are available, including
                                   Gabriel Dumont Institute of
Telephone: (306) 651-7288                                             violence against women and
                                   Native Studies and Applied
Fax: (306) 651-7287                                                   family violence, women in
                                   Research, and the Universities
Email:                                                                agriculture, education and
                                   of Regina and Saskatchewan.                                              training needs of women, and
                                   Social Policy Research Unit        evaluation studies of programs
Saskatchewan Skills                (SPR)                              serving women.
Extension Program (SSEP)           Room 464, Education Building       Technology Enhanced
Ministry of Advanced               University of Regina               Learning (TEL)
Education, Employment and          Regina, SK
                                                                      Ministry of Advanced
Labour                             S4S 0A2
                                                                      Education, Employment and
12th Floor, 1945 Hamilton          Telephone: (306) 585-4117
Street                             Fax: (306) 585-5408
                                                                      15th Floor, 1945 Hamilton
Regina, SK                         Web Site:
S4P 3V7
                                   Director: Garson Hunter            Regina, SK
Telephone: (306) 787-8131
                                                                      S4P 2C8
Fax: (306) 787-7182
                                   Established in 1972 as the         Telephone: (306) 787-5922
See Regional Colleges              research arm of the Faculty of     Fax: (306) 798-2616
Regional Addresses on page         Social Work at the University of   Email:
69 and SIAST Regional              Regina. Conducts critical
                                                                      Web Site:
Addresses on page 70.              analytic research to promote
                                   social justice and enhance         Contact: Eileen Ewasienko

Section 9                                           72
                                                     WORK, EDUCATION AND ECONOMICS

                                    Technical Institute.              Regina, SK
Works with the province's two
                                                                      S4S 0A2
universities, SIAST, regional       Technology Supported              Telephone: (306) 585-4111
colleges and Aboriginal             Learning                          Web Site:
institutions to expand access
                                    Ministry of Education   
and to enhance euality of
                                    4th Floor, 2220 College Avenue
programs for Saskatchewan                                             University of Saskatchewan
                                    Regina, SK
students through                                                      105 Administration Place
                                    S4P 4V9
communications technologies                                           Saskatoon, SK
                                    Telephone: (306) 787-6024
such as the Internet, satellite                                       S7N 5A2
                                    Fax: (306) 787-7223
television and other formats.                                         Telephone: (306) 966-4343
Represents the province in pan-
Canadian and inter-provincial       Web Site:                         University of Regina -
initiatives for co-operation in        Women's Studies Program
the use of technologies in post-    Toll-Free: (800) 667-7166         Faculty of Arts
secondary education.                                                  University of Regina
Provides the institutions with      Provides Grades 10 to 12          Regina, SK
funding to develop technology-      courses to school-aged            S4S 0A2
enhanced courses and                students and adults throughout    Telephone: (306) 585-4668
programs; expand services for       the province, as well as to       Fax: (306) 585-4815
learners; and support faculty in    Saskatchewan residents in         Email:
adopting new approaches to          other provinces or countries.
teaching and learning through       Thirty-seven courses are          Co-ordinator: Wendee Kubik
technology. Facilitates             offered. Offers a flexible        Office Administrator: Diane
province-wide coordination and      learning system designed to       Vandenberghe
collaboration in technology-        help adult students fit their
enhanced learning through the       studies into their work           Students are able to pursue an
Campus Saskatchewan                 schedules and family              interdisciplinary major and
partnership, including a            responsibilities.                 minor in Women's Studies.
common web site at          Universities                      University of
 to support inter-institutional                                       Saskatchewan-Women's
initiatives, host a directory of    Offer a full range of post-       and Gender Studies
courses and programs offered        secondary academic                Department
by alternative means, and           programs. Both the                Room 1024 Arts Building, 9
provide information on services     universities of Regina and        Campus Drive
for students, with links to         Saskatchewan have                 University of Saskatchewan
institutional contacts as well as   committees working to further     Saskatoon, SK
an online credit transfer guide     develop women's studies. A        S7N 5A5
maintained by the                   number of first and second        Telephone: (306) 966-4327
Saskatchewan Council for            year programs are also            Fax: (306) 966-4559
Admissions and Transfer             delivered to rural and northern   Email:
(SaskCAT) at        communities, in co-operation
                                    with the Regional Colleges and    Web Site:
Please check the index to                                   
                                    the Saskatchewan Institute of
locate addresses for the            Applied Science and               Contact is the Department
Regional Colleges, SIAST            Technology (SIAST).               Head of the Department
campuses, universities, First                                         Secretary. A wide range of
Nations University of Canada,       Regional Addresses                interdisciplinary courses are
Saskatchewan Indian Institute                                         offered in regular sessions and
of Technology, and Gabriel          University of Regina              in spring and summer
Dumont Institutie/Dumont            3737 Wascana Parkway

                                                       73                                   Section 9

sessions. Students may            scholarly research in Women's       Telephone: (306) 425-4385
pursue a B.A. Honours major in    Studies.                            Fax: (306) 425-4383
Womens and Gender Studies
and also a four-year B.A. major   Employment and Training             Apprenticeship and Trade
in Womens and Gender                                                  Certification Commission
Studies pecializing in one of                                         110 Ominica Street West
                                  Apprenticeship Training             Moose Jaw, SK
the following: English;
Sociology; Native Studies; Art    Saskatchewan Apprenticeship         S6H 6V2
and Art History; Philosophy,      and Trade Certification             Telephone: (306) 694-3735
History and Economics.            Commission, 2140 Hamilton           Fax: (306) 694-3815
Students who already hold a       Street
B.A. can return to work on an     Regina, SK                          Apprenticeship and Trade
advanced certificate in           S4P 2E3                             Certification Commission
Women's and Gender Studies.       Telephone: (306) 787-2444           1146-102nd Street
Students can also pursue a        Fax: (306) 787-5105                 North Battleford, SK
minor program in Women's and      Email:                              S9A 1E9
                             Telephone: (306) 446-7409
Gender Studies in conjunction     Web Site:
with any major or honours B.A.                                        Fax: (306) 446-7586
in the College of Arts and        Toll Free: (877) 363-0536
Science.                                                              Apprenticeship and Trade
                                                                      Certification Commission
                                  Leads to certification in a trade
Women's Studies Research                                              Box 3003
                                  through an apprenticeship
Unit                                                                  Prince Albert, SK
                                  which combines on-the-job           S6V 6G1
Room 200, 117 Science Place       training with technical in-school
University of Saskatchewan                                            Telephone: (306) 953-2632
                                  instruction. For many trades        Fax: (306) 953-2628
Saskatoon, SK                     certification can be achieved
S7N 5C8                           through work experience.            Apprenticeship and Trade
Telephone: (306) 966-7524         Eligible participants must meet     Certification Commission
Fax: (306) 966-2141               the educational qualification for   1630 Quebec Avenue
Email:                            their trade and be employed                                                  Saskatoon, SK
Web Site:
                                  under the supervision of a          S7K 1V7                 certified journeyperson.            Telephone: (306) 933-8476
Executive Director: Marie         Apprenticeship training is          Fax: (306) 933-7663
Green                             available in 50 designated
                                  trades in Saskatchewan.             Apprenticeship and Trade
Promotes scholarly research                                           Certification Commission
by, for and/or about women,       Regional Addresses                  350 Cheadle Street West
including assistance to                                               Swift Current, SK
researchers in obtaining grants   Apprenticeship and Trade            S9H 4G3
and developing proposals, as      Certification Commission            Telephone: (306) 778-8945
well as promoting gender          Box 5000                            Fax: (306) 778-8583
equity and interdisciplinary      Estevan, SK
research; facilitating exchange   S4A 2V6                             Apprenticeship and Trade
of information, and providing a   Telephone: (306) 637-4930           Certification Commission
network of support for all        Fax: (306) 634-8060                 120 Smith Street East
women studying, teaching,                                             Yorkton, SK
researching and working on        Apprenticeship and Trade            S3N 3V3
campus and in the community.      Certification Commission            Telephone: (306) 786-1394
Membership is open to all         Box 5000                            Fax: (306) 786-1460
persons committed to the          La Ronge, SK
objective of promoting            S0J 1L0

Section 9                                          74
                                                    WORK, EDUCATION AND ECONOMICS

                                     called SaskNetWork                   180B Broadway Street East
                                     (                Fort Qu'Appelle, SK
Career & Employment                                                       S0G 1S0
Services                             An online job service,               Telephone: (306) 332-3404
Ministry of Advanced                 SaskJobs (           Fax: (306) 332-3417
Education, Employment and            is the most comprehensive            Email:
Labour                               provincial system in Canada to
Toll Free: (800) 597-8278            provide job seekers and              .ca
                                     employers with online help
There are 20 Canada-                                                      Canada-Saskatchewan Career
                                     finding work and workers.
Saskatchewan Career and                                                   & Employment Services
                                     Employers can: search
Employment Services                                                       Centres
                                     resumes of people looking for
(CSCES) offices located                                                   623-7th Street
                                     work and match them to the
throughout the province. They                                             Box 2198
                                     skills they are looking for; and
offer training, employment                                                Humboldt, SK
                                     advertise their job openings.
programs and a range of                                                   S0K 2A0
                                     Job seekers can: advertise
services to meet the needs of                                             Telephone: (306) 682-6772
                                     their resume, search for jobs
job seekers and employers.                                                Fax: (306) 682-6774
                                     and match their skills to current
                                     job openings; look for work by
Staff will help job seekers learn    location or region in the
where the jobs are; what types       province, type of work, or both;     Canada-Saskatchewan Career
of work they want to do; and         and listen to available job          & Employment Services
help improve skills and              listings over the phone through      Centres
employment prospects. Staff          an interactive voice response        La Jeunesse Avenue
will help employers recruit and      system.                              Box 220
screen workers; post job                                                  Ile a la Crosse, SK
vacancies; and address skills        Regional Addresses                   S0M 1C0
shortages through training                                                Telephone: (306) 833-3235
programs. They work with             Canada-Saskatchewan Career           Fax: (306) 833-3238
employers to link the abilities of   & Employment Services                Email:
Saskatchewan's workers with          Centres                    
the needs of their business.         298-1st Street East                  ca
                                     Creighton, SK                        Toll-Free: (877) 837-6167
Offers a variety of resources,       S0P 0A0
including written and electronic     Telephone: (306) 688-8826            Canada-Saskatchewan Career
materials on resume writing          Email:                               & Employment Services
and occupations; counsellor-   Centres
assisted career planning;                                                 125-1st Avenue East
workshops; and computerized          Canada-Saskatchewan Career           Kindersley, SK
services, such as Internet           & Employment Services                S0L 1S0
access, CD Rom software and          Centres                              Telephone: (306) 463-5470
videos. Information is               1302A-3rd Street                     Fax: (306) 463-5477
available on a range of skills       Estevan, SK                          Email:
training and employment              S4A 0S2                    
programs including                   Telephone: (306) 637-3820
apprenticeship, basic                Fax: (306) 637-4570                  Canada-Saskatchewan Career
education, literacy, and income      Email:                               & Employment Services
support programs. The offices     Centres
have computers to access the                                              1328 La Ronge Avenue
                                     Canada-Saskatchewan Career           Box 5000
career, employment and labour        & Employment Services
market information website                                                La Ronge, SK
                                     Centres                              S0J 1L0

                                                      75                                          Section 9

Telephone: (306) 425-4520             Canada-Saskatchewan Career            Telephone: (306) 933-6281
Fax: (306) 425-4532                   & Employment Services                 Fax: (306) 933-7801
Email:                                Centres                               Email:      210-1st Street East         
Toll-Free: (866) 888-4520             Box 1768                              a
                                      Nipawin, SK
Canada-Saskatchewan Career                                                  Canada-Saskatchewan Career
                                      S0E 1E0
& Employment Services                                                       & Employment Services
                                      Telephone: (306) 862-1840
Centres                                                                     Centres
                                      Fax: (306) 862-1843
5016-48th Street                                                            1st Floor, 350 Cheadle Street
Lloydminster, AB                  West
T9V 0H8                                                                     Box 5000
Telephone: (306) 825-6418             Canada-Saskatchewan Career            Swift Current, SK
Fax: (306) 825-6496                   & Employment Services                 S9H 4G3
Email:                                Centres                               Telephone: (306) 778-8230   15-9800 Territorial Drive             Fax: (306) 778-8946
ca                                    North Battleford, SK                  Email:
                                      S9A 3N6                     
Canada-Saskatchewan Career                                                  a
                                      Telephone: (306) 446-8705
& Employment Services                 Fax: (306) 446-8707
Centres                                                                     Canada-Saskatchewan Career
                                      Email:                                & Employment Services
204-1st Street East         
Meadow Lake, SK                                              Centres
S0M 1V0                                                                     110 Souris Avenue
Telephone: (306) 236-7538             Canada-Saskatchewan Career            Weyburn, SK
Fax: (306) 236-7539                   & Employment Services                 S4H 2Z9
Email:                                Centres                               Telephone: (306) 848-2568     1288 Central Avenue                   Fax: (306) 848-2570
ca                                    Prince Albert, SK                     Email:
                                      S6V 6G1                     
Canada-Saskatchewan Career            Telephone: (306) 953-2488
& Employment Services                                                       Canada-Saskatchewan Career
                                      Fax: (306) 953-2763
Centres                                                                     & Employment Services
400 Burns Avenue East          Centres
Box 6500                              ca                                    310 Avenue B West
Melfort, SK                                                                 Box 716
S0E 1A0                               Canada-Saskatchewan Career            Wynyard, SK
Telephone: (306) 752-6243             & Employment Services                 S0A 4T0
Fax: (306) 752-6259                   Centres                               Telephone: (306) 554-5450
Email:                                1911 Broad Street                     Fax: (306) 554-5454      Regina, SK                            Email:
                                      S4P 3V7                     
Canada-Saskatchewan Career            Telephone: (306) 787-2160
& Employment Services                 Fax: (306) 787-3944                   Canada-Saskatchewan Career
Centres                               Email:                                & Employment Services
61A Ross Street West               Centres
Moose Jaw, SK                                                               72 Smith Street East
S6H 2M2                               Canada-Saskatchewan Career            Yorkton, SK
Telephone: (306) 694-3699             & Employment Services                 S3N 2Y6
Fax: (306) 694-3423                   Centres                               Telephone: (306) 786-1354
Email:                                90-23rd Street East                   Fax: (306) 786-1541     Saskatoon, SK                         Email:
                                      S7K 2H6                     

Section 9                                               76
                                                    WORK, EDUCATION AND ECONOMICS

                                  Education, Employment and          Provides a range of skills
Canadian Career
                                  Labour                             training solutions for
Development Foundation            12th Floor, 1945 Hamilton          Saskatchewan people.
202-119 Ross                      Street
Ottawa, ON                        Regina, SK                         There are four types of options:
K1Y 0N6                           S4P 2C8
Telephone: (613) 729-6164         Telephone: (306) 787-5602          Workbased Training for the
Fax: (613) 729-3515               Fax: (306) 787-7182                Unemployed:
Email:                                                               Provides financial assistance               Provides funding for               to employers to deliver
Web Site:                         employment related training to                                                          recognized on-the-job training
                                  adults with disabilities.          for unemployed Saskatchewan
Toll-Free: (877) 729-6164
                                                                     residents leading to permanent
                                  Human Resource Centres
A charitable foundation                                              employment.
                                  of Canada
committed to advancing the
understanding and practice of     Web Site:                          Workbased Training tof the
career development. It actively                    Employed:
works on projects that                                               Provides funding support to
strengthen and support the        Contact: See the blue page's       Saskatchewan employers in
career development profession     Government of Canada               key sectors who need to retrain
as well as improve access for     Employment section of the          existing permanent employees
Canadians to quality career       phone book for phone numbers       in order to maintain or increase
services.                         and addresses.                     their competitive position.

Canadian Construction             Provides Canadians with the        Institutional Quick Response
Association                       tools they need to thrive in the   Training:
400-75 Albert Street              workplace and community.           (Saskatchewan Skills
Ottawa, ON                        Programs and services include      Extension Program and Quick
K1P 5E7                           Employment Insurance,              Skills)
Telephone: (613) 236-9455         Canada Pension Plan, Old Age       Provides funds to public
Fax: (613) 236-9526               Security, various employment       training institutions to train the
Email:                            programs and special               unemployed to meet industry                   initiatives for youth, homeless,   requirements for skilled
Web Site:                         disabled and Aboriginal people.    workers. Training should lead                                                      to ongoing permanent
                                  JobStart/Future Skills             comployment. Also provides
Implementing a Canada-wide        Ministry of Advanced
program encouraging women                                            access to credit training in rural
                                  Education, Employment and          and northern Saskatchewan.
and other designated groups to    Labour
join the construction industry.   12th Floor, 1945 Hamilton          Sector Partnerships:
Contemporary Women's              Street                             Works with community gropus
Program                           Regina, SK                         and training institutes to plan
                                  S4P 2C8                            and develop human resource
                                  Telephone: (306) 787-5593          strategies to address industry
(see Regina Work Preparation      Fax: (306) 787-7182                skills shortages. For more
Centre, page 77).                 Web Site:                          information, contact the
Employability Assistance                                             Program Manager at (306) 787-
for People With Disabilities      JobStart/Future Skills is an       2613.
(EAPD)                            initiative of the Government of
                                                                     Regional Addresses
Ministry of Advanced              Saskatchewan that links
                                  training to employment.

                                                     77                                     Section 9

Northlands College                                                 Fax: (306) 933-5444
                                 Labour Standards Branch
La Ronge, Creighton, Buffalo
Narrows                          Ministry of Advanced              350 Cheadle Street West
Telephone: (888) 311-1185        Education, Employment and         Swift Current, SK
                                 Labour                            S9H 4G3
Southeast Regional College       400-1870 Albert Street            Telephone: (306) 778-8246
Assiniboia, SK                   Regina, SK                        Fax: (306) 778-8682
Telephone: (306) 735-5262        S4P 4W1
                                 Telephone: (306) 787-2438         72 Smith Street East
Cumberland Regional College      Fax: (306) 787-4780               Yorkton, SK
Cumberland, SK                   Toll-Free: (800) 667-1783         S3N 3V3
Telephone: (306) 752-8102                                          Telephone: (306) 786-1395
                                 Enforces and promotes             Fax: (306) 782-1460
Lakeland College                 provincial minimum
Lloydminster, SK                 employment standards under        NAV Canada
Telephone: (780) 871-5760        The Labour Standards Act.         Canada's air navigation service
                                 Includes hours of work,           provider
Prairie West Regional College    minimum wage, maternity           Box 3411 Station D
Outlook, SK                      leave, parental leave, domestic   Ottawa, ON
Telephone: (306) 948-3363        and home workers, and equal       K1P 5L6
                                 pay for equal work.               Telephone: (613) 563-5588
Carlton Trail Regional College                                     Fax: (613) 563-3426
Watrous, SK                      Regional Addresses                Email:
Telephone: (306) 946-2094                                
                                 123-1302-3rd Street               Web Site:
Parkland Regional College        Estevan, SK
Yorkton, SK                      S4A 2V6                           Toll-Free: (800) 876-4693
Telephone: (306) 786-2593        Telephone: (306) 637-4572
                                                                   ATC Recruitment Toll-Free: 1-
                                 Fax: (306) 637-4574
Palliser Campus                                                    800-667-4636. Recruits
Moose Jaw, SK                    110 Ominica Street West           people for the challenging
Telephone: (306) 694-3389        Moose Jaw, SK                     career of Air Traffic Control
                                 S6V 6V2                           and Flight Service Specialists.
North West Regional College                                        Air Traffic Controllers and
                                 Telephone: (306) 694-3737
North Battleford, SK                                               Flight Service Specialists are
                                 Fax: (306) 694-3815
Telephone: (306) 937-5144                                          instrumental in assuring safe
                                 326-1146-102nd Street             aviation in Canada. This is a
Woodland Campus                                                    rewarding career open to
                                 North Battleford, SK
Prince Albert, SK                                                  women. Especially interested
                                 S9A 1E9
Telephone: (306) 953-7034                                          in training more women. Free
                                 Telephone: (306) 446-7491
                                 Fax: (306) 446-8729               information packages on
Wascana Campus                                                     request.
Regina, SK
                                 3rd Floor, 800 Central Avenue
Telephone: (306) 798-0230                                          Occupational Health and
                                 Prince Albert, SK
                                 S6V 6G1                           Safety Division
Kelsey Campus                                                      Ministry of Advanced
Saskatoon, SK                    Telephone: (306) 953-2715
                                 Fax: (306) 953-2673               Education, Employment and
Telephone: (306) 933-8315
Cypress Hills Regional College   122-3rd Avenue North              Web Site:
                                 Saskatoon, SK           
Swift Current, SK
Telephone: (306) 778-5458        S7K 2H6
                                                                   Objective is to prevent work-
                                 Telephone: (306) 933-5042
                                                                   related injuries and illnesses.

Section 9                                       78
                                                    WORK, EDUCATION AND ECONOMICS

Enforces The Occupational            Toll-Free: (800) 597-8278
Health and Safety Act and                                               A vocational counselling centre
Regulations and provides             PTA is grant funding to assist     offering group and individual
consultation, advice and             with the costs of living for low   counselling for men and
support for Saskatchewan             income adult students enrolled     women. Offers programs for
workplaces. Assists                  in basic education and related     building self-esteem;
occupational health                  studies, bridging programs or      employment skills; and
committees and                       quick skills (4-11 weeks)          computer training.
representatives, workers,            training which are not
                                                                        Royal Canadian Mounted
supervisors and employers to         approved for student loan
                                     funding. Needs assessment          Police
carry out their responsibility for
the control of workplace             rules will determine who is        "F" Division
hazards.                             financially needy based on         6101 Dewdney Avenue West
                                     income levels and family size.     Regina, SK
Regional Addresses                   Students will be eligible to       S4P 3K7
                                     apply for the PTA after being      Telephone: (306) 780-5505
OH&S                                 placed in an approved training     Fax: (306) 780-6105
Ministry of Advanced                 program. Potential students        Web Site:
Education, Employment and            should contact their training
Labour                               centre for more information.       Recruits interested people for
400-1870 Albert Street                                                  policing duties and police
Regina, SK                           Recruitment and
                                     Employment Program                 support services. Female,
S4P 4W1                                                                 Aboriginal and Visible Minority
Telephone: (306) 787-4496            Saskatchewan Public Service
                                                                        applicants are among the
Fax: (306) 787-2208                  Commission
                                                                        RCMP's target groups,
Toll-Free: (800) 567-7233            2100 Broad Street
                                                                        however all applicants are
                                     Regina, SK
                                                                        welcome. RCMP roles include
OH&S                                 S4P 1Y5
                                                                        more than general duty
Ministry of Advanced                 Telephone: (306) 787-7853
                                                                        policing. There are 150
Education, Employment and            Fax: (306) 798-1042
                                                                        different types of operational
Labour                               Toll-Free: (866) 319-5999          and administrative
122-3rd Avenue North                                                    opportunities available within
Saskatoon, SK                        Meets with groups
                                                                        the RCMP. Operational
S7K 2H6                              representing women, youth
                                                                        Specializations include: major
Telephone: (306) 933-5052            and diversity group members
                                                                        crime investigations;
Fax: (306) 933-7339                  to provide information about
                                                                        emergency response; forensic
Toll-Free: (800) 667-5023            public service careeer
                                                                        identification; international
                                     opportunities, employment
                                                                        peacekeeping; explosives
Provincial Training                  programs and the staffing
                                                                        disposal; police dog service;
Allowance (PTA)                      process for government jobs.
                                                                        and more. Administrative roles
Ministry of Advanced                 Regina Work Preparation            include: human resources;
Education, Employment and                                               corporate planning; policy
Labour                                                                  analysis and public affairs
4635 Wascana Parkway                 2022 Halifax Street
                                                                        among many others. For
Regina, SK                           Regina, SK
                                                                        people with varying scopes of
S4P 3A3                              S4P 1T7
                                                                        interest, the RCMP offers a
Telephone: (306) 787-0923            Telephone: (306) 757-9096
                                                                        career nowhere near ordinary.
Fax: (306) 787-0760                  Fax: (306) 359-9044
Email:                               Email:
                                          Union Women's
Web Site:                            Executive Director: Arlene         Committees               Scott-Stinson

                                                      79                                     Section 9

                                  situation of women in the post   Labour which reports to the
Canadian Office &
                                  office and outside the           Federation's Executive Council
Professional Employees            workplace, and suggests ways     and Annual Convention.
Union (COPE) Local 397            to improve the lives of women.   Provides support to trade union
Women's Committee                                                  wome and organize and
109-2709-12th Avenue              Canadian Union of Public         develop strategies which will
Regina, SK                        Employees - Saskatchewan         assist women within various
S4T 1J3                           Division (CUPE                   communities, especially those
Telephone: (306) 352-4238         Saskatchewan)                    who have been marginalized
Fax: (306) 347-2720               Women's Committee                by poverty, racism,
Email:                            c/o 3725 E. Eastgate Drive       harassment, and various forms                                                of violence. Makes
                                  Regina, SK
Contact: Karen Pardy              S4Z 1A5                          recommendations to the SFL
                                  Telephone: (306) 757-1009        Executive Council on action,
Deals with issues affecting       Fax: (306) 757-0102              policy and programs.
female members in the
                                  Web Site:
workplace, home life and                   Seek positive changes to
society. Educates the                                              pensions, pay equity, and
membership and staff of the       Raises the awarness of all       protection from workplace
problems and concerns of          members and staff within         hazards. Promote a universal
women through educationals        CUPE with respect to the         child care system and support
and active involvement in the     problems and issues affecting    solidarity in establishing and
local. Ensures women's issues     women in the workplace, the      maintaining collective rights for
remain a priority in contract     union and society.               all working women and families
negotiations by providing                                          in Saskatchewan.
proposals and/or contract         Communications Energy
language. Networks with other     and Paper Workers Union
                                                                   Addresses issues by working
women's organizations,            (CEP) Local 1120
                                                                   with other women's groups,
actively encouraging members      Women's Committee                holding workshops and
to participate within the local   1202 Branion Drive               conferences, providing
and beyond.                       Prince Albert, SK                speakers to other
                                  S6V 6C7                          organizations and unions, and
Canadian Union of Postal          Telephone: (306) 764-5133
Workers (CUPW)                                                     producing educational
                                  Fax: (306) 922-5766              materials for affiliates. Works
Box 161                           Email:                           at the national level with the
Regina, SK              
                                  Web Site:                        Canadian Labour Congress
S4P 2Z6                                                            Women's Committee, and at
Telephone: (306) 522-5200
                                  Contact: Tammy Eliason           the local level with affiliates
Fax: (306) 525-5224
                                                                   and labour councils' women's
                                                                   committees.               Saskatchewan Federation
Web Site:
                                  of Labour (SFL)                  Saskatchewan Government
Contact: Cheryl Shannon           Women's Committee                & General Employees Union
                                  220-2445-13th Avenue             (SGEU)
Studies issues and concerns       Regina, SK                       Women's Committee
that affect women. Makes          S4P 0W1                          1440 Broadway Avenue
recommendations to involve        Telephone: (306) 525-0197        Regina, SK
women in all levels of the        Chairperson: Mary-Beth Hollis    S4P 1E2
union. Educates union                                              Telephone: (306) 522-8571
members about equality issues     A standing committee of the
facing women. Examines the        Saskatchewan Federation of       Examines all issues affecting

Section 9                                          80
                                                 WORK, EDUCATION AND ECONOMICS

women members in their union,      activities. Central to CRIAW's     Box 1013
work, home and community           vision are three key words:        Regina, SK
lives. Evaluates the               research, advancement, and         S4P 2B2
constitution and policies of the   women. Facilitates and             Telephone: (306) 777-6686
SGEU, and makes                    supports research for the          Email:
recommendations on the             advancement of women by  
Employment Equity Program          recognizing women's diverse        Web Site:
within the SGEU. Develops          experiences and perspectives;
educational material and           creating spaces for developing     Contact: Coreena McConnell
presentations, and model           women's knowledge; bridging        Mothers Against Drunk
contract clauses on women's        regional isolation and providing   Driving (MADD)
issues. Liaises with other         communication links
                                                                      500-2010 Winston Park Drive
women's organizations in           between/among researchers
                                                                      Oakville, ON
Saskatchewan. Provides             and their communities.
                                                                      L6H 4R7
consultation, advocacy and
assistance to women in the         Encouraging Enrollment in          Telephone: (905) 829-8805
SGEU.                              Engineering Committee              Fax: (905) 829-8860
                                   College of Engineering
Work and Education                 University of Saskatchewan         Web Site:
Organizations                      Box 83, Room 3B48, 57    
                                   Campus Drive                       Toll-Free: (800) 665-6233
Canadian Research                  Saskatoon, SK
Institute for the                  S7N 5A9                            A non-profit, grassroots
Advancement of Women               Telephone: (306) 966-5314          organization that is committed
(CRIAW)                                                               to stopping impaired driving
                                   Student group working to           and supporting the victims of
Institut canadien de               enhance the image of
recherches sur les femmes                                             this violent crime.
                                   engineering and increase
(ICREF)                            enrollment, especially             Regional Addresses
408-151 Slater Street              enrollment by women.
Ottawa, ON
                                                                      Mothers Against Drunk Driving
K1P 5H3                            International Association          2-1006-8th Street East
Telephone: (613) 563-0681          of Administrative                  Saskatoon, SK
Fax: (613) 563-0682                Professionals (IAAP)               S7H 0S1
Email:                                                   Telephone: (306) 244-6233
Web Site:                          The world's largest association    Fax: (306) 244-6263                 for administrative staff. "IAAP    Email:
Executive Director: Lise Martin    Turns Jobs into Careers."
                                   Provides up-to-date research
National, not-for-profit                                              Mothers Against Drunk Drivers
                                   on office trends; informative
organization comitted to                                              Box 1265
                                   newsletters; seminars and
advancing the equality of                                             Meadow Lake, SK
                                   conferences; and resources to
women through research about                                          S9X 1X6
                                   assist administrative
the diversity of women's                                              Telephone: (306) 240-9667
                                   professionals to enhance their
experience. Founded in 1976,                                          Fax: (306) 236-4409
                                   skills to become more effective
is a bilingual, membership-                                           Email:
                                   contributors to their employers.
based organization. Bridges
the gap between the                Regional Addresses                 Regina Women's Network
community and academe,
                                                                      Box 3422
between research and action,       IAAP                               Regina, SK
through its partnerships and       Regina Chapter                     S4P 3N8

                                                    81                                       Section 9

Telephone: (306) 757-7082        members to develop                 Goals are to provide
Web Site:                        professional and personal          educational events for women                       contacts through networking.       on campus, as well as support
                                                                    and referrals to individual
Encourages membership of         University of Regina               women. Has a drop-in centre,
women from all professions       Women's Centre                     library and resource file.
and occupations in order to      Room 226 Riddell Centre            Concerned with women in
further business and             University of Regina               academic life, pay equity, day
professional goals, enjoy the    Regina, SK                         care, sexual assault and
camaraderie of women at          Telephone: (306) 584-1255          sexual harassment.
scheduled activities, share      Fax: (306) 586-8812
ideas and build friendships      Email:
across a wide variety of
interests and occupations.       Executive Director: Jill Arnott
Holds regular lunches and
after-hours mixers. Organizes    A non-profit campus
public speakers, conferences     organization that provides
and trade shows.                 counseling, information, and
                                 referral services to students
Saskatchewan Women in            attending the University of
Trades and Technology            Regina. Offers free
(SaskWITT)                       contraception; support
Box 33084                        services; resources; and
Regina, SK                       various programs and events
S4T 7X2                          throughout the year including a
Telephone: (306) 798-7614        parent emergency contact and
Email:                           mentorship programs, Also             offers seminars and workshops
Contact: Valerie Overend         that address a variety of issues
                                 including suicide intervention;
An organization of women         parenting; violence against
working in trades and            women; sexual assault;
technologies. Encourages girls   reproductive health; and
and women to consider these      general education and
occupations. Provides            awareness regarding the
informational speakers, and      health and safety of women.
delivers workshops using         An alternative resource library
videos and educational           carries an array of feminist
material developed by local      publications including books,
and national WITT                scholarly journals and
organizations.                   magazines.
Saskatoon Women's                USSU Women's Centre
                                 c/o 65 Place Riel
Box 8504                         1 Campus Drive
Saskatoon, SK                    Saskatoon, SK
S7K 6K5                          S7N 5A3
Telephone: (306) 249-4454        Telephone: (306) 966-6980
Web Site:                        Email:   
                                 Web Site:
Provides opportunities for its

Section 9                                         82
                                                                            ALPHABETICAL INDEX

A                                                           Bethany Home                                 Page 42
                                                              Saskatoon      Telephone: (306) 244-6758
Aboriginal Family Service Centre             Page 41
    Regina       Telephone: (306) 525-4161                  Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada           Page 37
                                                              Burlington     Telephone: (905) 639-0461
Aboriginal Friendship Centres of             Page 41
Saskatchewan                                                Breast Cancer Action Saskatchewan            Page 12
    Winnipeg     Telephone: (204) 942-6299
                                                              Regina         Telephone: (306) 586-9191
Aboriginal Resource Officer                  Page 25        Bureau of Women's Health and                 Page 12
Programs                                                    Gender Analysis
Aboriginal Women's Program                    Page 1          Ottawa         Telephone: (613) 946-9373
    Saskatoon    Telephone: (306) 975-5810                  Business and Professional                    Page 64
                                                            Women's Organization
Abuse                                        Page 54
Adelle House                             Page 22, 57          Saskatoon      Telephone: (306) 477-7173
    Saskatoon    Telephone: (306) 668-2761                  business infosource                          Page 64
Adult Basic Education                        Page 67          Saskatoon      Telephone: (306) 956-2323
    Regina       Telephone: (306) 787-7404
Al-Anon Family Group Headquarters            Page 20        Campus Saskatchewan                          Page 68
(Canada) Inc.                                                 Regina         Telephone: (306) 798-0014
    Ottawa       Telephone: (613) 723-8484
                                                            Canada-Saskatchewan Career &                 Page 75
Al-Anon/Alateen Information                  Page 20        Employment Services
                 Telephone: (306) 665-3838                  Canada-Saskatchewan Integrated               Page 64
                                                            Student Loans Program
Alcohol and Drug Recovery Services           Page 19          Regina         Telephone: (306) 787-5620
Alcoholics Anonymous                         Page 20        Canadian Association for the                 Page 20
                                                            Advancement of Women in Sports
Apprenticeship Training                      Page 74          Ottawa         Telephone: (613) 562-5667
    Regina       Telephone: (306) 787-2444
                                                            Canadian Cancer Society                      Page 12
Association of Saskatchewan Home             Page 49
Economists                                                  Canadian Career Development                  Page 77
    Regina                                                  Foundation
                                                              Ottawa         Telephone: (613) 729-6164
Athabasca Health Authority                   Page 11
    Black Lake   Telephone: (306) 439-2200                  Canadian Construction Association            Page 77
                                                              Ottawa         Telephone: (613) 236-9455
                                                            Canadian Farm Women's Network-               Page 51
Balfour Special Tutorial Program             Page 42
                                                            Saskatchewan Representative
    Regina       Telephone: (306) 791-8414
                                                              Simmie         Telephone: (306) 297-6396
Battlefords and Area Sexual Assault          Page 58        Canadian Federation of University             Page 5
Centre                                                      Women - Saskatchewan Council
    North        Telephone: (306) 445-0055
                                                              Saskatoon      Telephone: (306) 653-2301
                                                            Canadian Girls in Training (CGIT)             Page 5
Battlefords Interval House               Page 22, 58
                                                              Regina         Telephone: (306) 585-0841


Canadian Mental Health Association            Page 18        Centre for Rural Studies and                  Page 51
in Saskatchewan                                              Enrichment
  Regina          Telephone: (306) 525-5601                    Muenster        Telephone: (306) 682-7870

Canadian Office & Professional                Page 80        Child and Family Enhancement                  Page 43
Employees Union (COPE) Local 397                             Program
  Regina          Telephone: (306) 352-4238                    Archerwill      Telephone: (306) 323-4866

Canadian Research Institute for the           Page 81        Child and Family Services                     Page 37
Advancement of Women (CRIAW)
  Ottawa          Telephone: (613) 563-0681                  Child Care Centres and Family Child           Page 39
                                                             Care Homes
Canadian Survivors of Abortion                Page 14          Regina          Telephone: (306) 787-7467
  Imperial        Telephone: (306) 291-8427
                                                             Child Care Subsidies                          Page 39
Canadian Union of Postal Workers              Page 80          Regina          Telephone: (306) 787-4114
  Regina          Telephone: (306) 522-5200                  Child Find Saskatchewan                       Page 25
                                                               Saskatoon       Telephone: (306) 955-0070
Canadian Union of Public                      Page 80
Employees - Saskatchewan Division                            Children's Advocate Office                Page 25, 39
(CUPE Saskatchewan)                                            Saskatoon       Telephone: (306) 933-6700
  Regina          Telephone: (306) 757-1009
                                                             Children's Haven Child Crisis Centre          Page 40
Career and Employment Services                Page 68          Prince Albert   Telephone: (306) 922-4454
  Regina          Telephone: (306) 787-8431
                                                             Christian Counselling Services                Page 44
Catholic Family Services                      Page 42          Saskatoon       Telephone: (306) 244-9890
  Regina          Telephone: (306) 525-0521
                                                             Christian Feminist Network                     Page 6
Catholic Family Services of Prince            Page 42          Regina          Telephone: (306) 721-3311
  Prince Albert   Telephone: (306) 922-3202                  Circle Project                                 Page 6
                                                               Regina          Telephone: (306) 347-7515
Catholic Family Services of                   Page 43
Saskatoon                                                    Citizens for Reproductive                     Page 14
  Saskatoon       Telephone: (306) 244-7773                  Rights/CARAL
                                                                               Telephone: (306) 693-3107
Catholic Family Services of the               Page 43
Battlefords Inc.                                             College of Physicians and Surgeons            Page 12
  North           Telephone: (306) 445-6960                  of Saskatchewan
  Battleford                                                   Saskatoon       Telephone: (306) 244-7355
Catholic Women's League of Canada              Page 5        Communications Energy and Paper               Page 80
  Saskatoon       Telephone: (306) 653-3797                  Workers Union (CEP) Local 1120
                                                               Prince Albert   Telephone: (306) 764-5133
Central Authority for International           Page 25
Child Abduction                                              Community Family Resource Centre              Page 44
  Regina          Telephone: (306) 787-8954                    Lestock         Telephone: (306) 274-2221
Central Saskatchewan Military                 Page 43        Community Living Division                     Page 44
Family Resource Centre (CSMFRC)
Inc.                                                         Community Programs                            Page 19
  Dundurn         Telephone: (306) 492-2135                    Regina          Telephone: (306) 780-7449

                                                                                   ALPHABETICAL INDEX

Congress of Black Women of                      Page 33        Enterprise and Innovation Programs              Page 64
Canada                                                             Regina          Telephone: (306) 787-7154
    Regina          Telephone: (306) 787-4554
                                                               Enterprise and Innovation Regional              Page 65
Contemporary Women's Program                    Page 77        Offices

Co-operative Health Centre                      Page 12        Envision Counselling and Support                Page 58
    Prince Albert   Telephone: (306) 763-6464                  Centre Inc.

Cornwall Alternative School                     Page 40        Equal Justice for All                           Page 26
    Regina          Telephone: (306) 522-0044                      Saskatoon       Telephone: (306) 653-6260

Council on Social Development                    Page 6        F
Regina Inc.
                                                               Family Futures Program                          Page 46
                                                                   Prince Albert   Telephone: (306) 763-0760
Cypress Regional Health Authority               Page 11
                                                               Family Healing Circle Lodge                      Page 1
    Swift Current   Telephone: (306) 778-5100
                                                                   Saskatoon       Telephone: (306) 653-3900
D                                                              Family Justice Services                         Page 26
Daughters of Africa (DOA)                       Page 33
International Inc.                                             Family Law Policy Development                   Page 27
    Regina          Telephone: (306) 721-9461                      Regina          Telephone: (306) 787-8954

DAWN SASK                                       Page 35        Family Service Regina                       Page 46, 60
    Saskatoon       Telephone: (306) 382-0708                      Regina          Telephone: (306) 757-6675

DisAbled Women's Network (DAWN)                 Page 35        Family Service Saskatoon                        Page 46
Saskatchewan                                                       Saskatoon       Telephone: (306) 244-0127
    Regina          Telephone: (306) 586-8699
                                                               Farm Safety for Children                        Page 40
Dispute Resolution Office                       Page 26            Regina          Telephone: (306) 757-3197
    Regina          Telephone: (306) 787-5747
                                                               Farm Stress Unit                            Page 51, 58
Domestic Abuse Outreach Program                 Page 60            Regina          Telephone: (800) 667-4442
    Saskatoon       Telephone: (306) 933-5961
                                                               Fédération provinciale des                      Page 27
E                                                              Fransaskoises
                                                                   Gravelbourg     Telephone: (306) 648-2466
Early Childhood Intervention                    Page 44
Program (ECIP) Sask. Inc.                                      Film Classification Board                       Page 27
    Regina          Telephone: (306) 789-3637                      Regina          Telephone: (306) 787-5550
Elizabeth Fry Society of                        Page 26        Financial Assistance                            Page 65
    Saskatoon       Telephone: (306) 934-4606
                                                               First Nations Caseworkers                       Page 27
Employability Assistance for People             Page 77
With Disabilities (EAPD)                                       First Nations University of Canada              Page 68
    Regina          Telephone: (306) 787-5602
                                                                   Regina          Telephone: (306) 790-5950
Encouraging Enrollment in                       Page 81        Five Hills Regional Health Authority            Page 11
Engineering Committee
                                                                   Moose Jaw       Telephone: (306) 694-0296
    Saskatoon       Telephone: (306) 966-5314


G                                                           International Caregivers of Regina              Page 27
                                                                                Telephone: (306) 585-3558
Gabriel Dumont Institute of Native           Page 69
Studies and Applied Research                                International Women of Saskatoon                Page 34
Gambling Help Line                           Page 19            Saskatoon       Telephone: (306) 978-6611

Gemma House                                  Page 40        International Women of Swift                    Page 34
    Regina       Telephone: (306) 586-5388
                                                                Swift Current   Telephone: (306) 773-1711
General Education Development                Page 69
                                                            International Women Society of                  Page 34
Test (GED)
                                                            Moose Jaw
    Regina       Telephone: (306) 787-5597
                                                                Moose Jaw       Telephone: (306) 694-1879
Girl Guides of Canada -                       Page 6
                                                            Isabel Johnson Shelter                          Page 54
Saskatchewan Council
                                                                Regina          Telephone: (306) 525-2141
    Regina       Telephone: (306) 757-4102

Grace Haven                                  Page 46        Iskwew-Women Helping Women                      Page 60
                                                                Prince Albert   Telephone: (306) 953-6229
    Regina       Telephone: (306) 352-1421

H                                                           J
HealthLine                                   Page 12        JobStart/Future Skills                          Page 77
                                                                Regina          Telephone: (306) 787-5593
Heartland Regional Health Authority          Page 11
                                                            John Howard Society of                          Page 27
    Rosetown     Telephone: (306) 882-4111
Her-icane Festival of Women's Art             Page 6            Regina          Telephone: (306) 531-3070
    Saskatoon    Telephone: (306) 664-2239
                                                            Justice Aboriginal Family Violence              Page 61
Housing Corporations                         Page 22        Programs

Housing Operations                           Page 22        K
    Regina       Telephone: (306) 787-9313                  Kanaweyimik Child and Family                    Page 28
                                                            Services, Inc.
Hudson Bay and District Crisis           Page 57, 58            Battleford      Telephone: (306) 445-3500
    Hudson Bay   Telephone: (306) 865-3064                  Ka-Pa-Chee Training Centre                      Page 47
                                                                Fort            Telephone: (306) 332-4598
Human Resource Centres of Canada             Page 77            Qu'Appelle

I                                                           Keewatin Yatthe Regional Health                 Page 11
Immigrant & Refugee Settlement                              Authority
                                             Page 34
Agencies                                                        Buffalo         Telephone: (306) 235-2220
Indian and Métis Girls Exploring              Page 1
                                                            Kelsey Trail Regional Health                    Page 11
Trades and Technology (IMGETT)
    Regina       Telephone: (306) 775-7427
                                                                Tisdale         Telephone: (306) 873-6600
Intercultural Grandmothers Uniting            Page 1
                                                            KidsFirst                                       Page 47
    Regina       Telephone: (306) 585-5816

International Association of                 Page 81        L
Administrative Professionals (IAAP)                         La Leche League of Canada -                     Page 14
                                                                                Telephone: (306) 584-5600

                                                                              ALPHABETICAL INDEX

La Ronge Native Women's Council               Page 1        Moose Jaw Transition House                    Page 54
  La Ronge       Telephone: (306) 425-3900                    Moose Jaw       Telephone: (306) 693-6511

Labour Standards Branch                      Page 78        Mothers Against Drunk Driving                 Page 81
  Regina         Telephone: (306) 787-2438                  (MADD)
                                                              Oakville        Telephone: (905) 829-8805
Lawyer Referral Service                      Page 28
                 Telephone: (306) 359-1767                  Multicultural Council of                      Page 28
Lloydminster Interval Home                   Page 54          Regina          Telephone: (306) 721-2767
  Lloydminster   Telephone: (780) 808-5282
Lloydminster Sexual Assault and              Page 59
                                                            National Action Committee on the               Page 6
Information Centre
                                                            Status of Women (NAC)
  Lloydminster   Telephone: (306) 825-8255
                                                              Toronto         Telephone: (416) 932-1718

M                                                           National Clearinghouse on Family              Page 61
Maintenance Enforcement Office               Page 28        Violence
(MEO)                                                         Ottawa          Telephone: (613) 957-2938
  Regina         Telephone: (306) 787-8961
                                                            National Farmers Union (NFU)                  Page 51
Mamawetan Churchill River                    Page 11        Women's Advisory Committee
Regional Health Authority                                     Saskatoon       Telephone: (306) 652-9465
  La Ronge       Telephone: (306) 425-2422
                                                            National Organization of Immigrant            Page 34
Mental Health Services                       Page 47        and Visible Minority Women of
  Humboldt       Telephone: (306) 682-5333                  Canada
                                                              Regina          Telephone: (306) 787-5915
Métis Addictions Council of                  Page 19
Saskatchewan Inc.                                           Native Co-ordinating Council                  Page 48
  Saskatoon      Telephone: (306) 651-3021                    Prince Albert   Telephone: (306) 764-1652

Métis Family and Community                   Page 47        Native Women's Association of                  Page 2
Justice Services, Inc.                                      Canada
  Saskatoon      Telephone: (306) 964-1440                    Ottawa          Telephone: (613) 722-3033

Métis Heritage Corporation                    Page 1        NAV Canada                                    Page 78
  Melfort        Telephone: (306) 752-4950                    Ottawa          Telephone: (613) 563-5588

Midwives Association of                      Page 14        North East Outreach and Support           Page 57, 59
Saskatchewan                                                Services Inc.
  Saskatoon      Telephone: (306) 933-9867                    Melfort         Telephone: (306) 752-9464

Ministry of First Nations and Métis           Page 2        Northern Saskatchewan Women's                  Page 2
Relations (FNMR)                                            Network Inc.
  Regina         Telephone: (306) 787-6250                    La Ronge        Telephone: (306) 754-2079

Mobile Crisis Services, Inc.                 Page 59        Northern Teacher Education                    Page 69
  Regina         Telephone: (306) 757-0127                  Program/Northern Professional
                                                            Access College (NORTEP/NORPAC)
Moms For Milk                                Page 15          La Ronge        Telephone: (306) 425-4411
  Nokomis        Telephone: (306) 528-4439
                                                            Northern Training Program (NTP)               Page 66
Moose Jaw Family Service Bureau              Page 47          La Ronge        Telephone: (306) 425-4380
  Moose Jaw      Telephone: (306) 694-8133


O                                                              Prairie North Regional Health                 Page 11
Occupational Health and Safety                  Page 78
                                                                 North           Telephone: (306) 446-6622
Division                                                         Battleford
Office of Disability Issues                     Page 35        Prairie Women's Health Centre of              Page 13
    Regina                                                     Excellence (PWHCE)
                                                                 Winnipeg        Telephone: (204) 982-6630
Office of Residential Tenancies                 Page 28
                                                               Pregnancy Crisis Line                         Page 16
Okimaw Ohci Healing Lodge                       Page 29
                                                                 North           Telephone: (306) 446-4440
    Maple Creek     Telephone: (306) 662-4700                    Battleford
Ombudsman Saskatchewan                          Page 29        Prevention Program for Cervical               Page 13
    Regina          Telephone: (306) 787-6211                  Cancer
                                                                 Regina          Telephone: (306) 359-5857
Options Pregnancy Center                        Page 15
    Regina          Telephone: (306) 757-1371                  Prince Albert and Area Community              Page 62
                                                               Against Family Violence
Overeaters Anonymous                            Page 20          Prince Albert   Telephone: (306) 953-6219
                    Telephone: (306) 956-3533
                                                               Prince Albert Grand Council                    Page 2
P                                                              Women's Commission
                                                                 Prince Albert   Telephone: (306) 953-7200
Parent Mentoring Program of                     Page 15
Saskatchewan                                                   Prince Albert Métis Women's                    Page 2
    Swift Current   Telephone: (306) 778-5432                  Association Inc.
                                                                 Prince Albert   Telephone: (306) 763-5356
Parenting Education Saskatchewan                Page 48
    Saskatoon       Telephone: (306) 934-2095                  Prince Albert Mobile Crisis Unit Co-          Page 59
Partners for Rural Family Support           Page 51, 62
                                                                 Prince Albert
    Humboldt        Telephone: (306) 682-4135
                                                               Prince Albert Parkland Regional               Page 11
Pay Equity Coalition of                         Page 66        Health Authority
Saskatchewan                                                     Prince Albert   Telephone: (306) 765-6400
    Regina          Telephone: (306) 525-5874
                                                               Prince Albert Safe Shelter                    Page 55
Pine Grove Provincial Correctional              Page 29
                                                                 Prince Albert   Telephone: (306) 764-7233
    Prince Albert   Telephone: (306) 953-3100                  Princesses of the King Christian              Page 35
                                                               Organization International Inc.
Piwapan Women's Centre                          Page 55
                                                                 White City      Telephone: (306) 781-3304
    La Ronge        Telephone: (306) 425-3900
                                                               Program of Legal Studies for Native           Page 70
Planned Parenthood Regina Sexual                Page 16        People
Health Centre                                                    Saskatoon       Telephone: (306) 966-6189
    Regina          Telephone: (306) 522-0902
                                                               Project Safe Haven                        Page 22, 57
Police-based Victim Services                    Page 29
                                                                 Yorkton         Telephone: (306) 782-0676
Population Health Branch Health                 Page 13        Provincial Association of Transition          Page 61
Promotion Unit                                                 Houses and Services of
    Regina          Telephone: (306) 787-3084                  Saskatchewan (PATHS)
                                                                 Regina          Telephone: (306) 522-3515

                                                                           ALPHABETICAL INDEX

Provincial Council of Women                  Page 6        Regina Women's Network                        Page 81
  La Ronge                                                     Regina        Telephone: (306) 757-7082

Provincial Mediation Board                  Page 30        Regina Work Preparation Centre                Page 79
                                                               Regina        Telephone: (306) 757-9096
Provincial Training Allowance (PTA)         Page 79
  Regina        Telephone: (306) 787-0923                  Regional Colleges                             Page 70

Public Guardian and Trustee of              Page 31        Regional Development Offices                  Page 52
Saskatchewan                                                   Regina        Telephone: (306) 787-8524
  Regina        Telephone: (306) 787-5424
                                                           Repair Programs                               Page 22
Public Legal Education Association          Page 31            Regina        Telephone: (306) 787-4177
  Saskatoon     Telephone: (306) 653-1868
                                                           Royal Canadian Mounted Police                 Page 79
Q                                                              Regina        Telephone: (306) 780-5505
Qu'Appelle Haven Safe Shelter               Page 55
  Fort          Telephone: (306) 332-1369
  Qu'Appelle                                               S.I.G.N. - Society for the                     Page 7
                                                           Involvement of Good Neighbours
R                                                              Yorkton       Telephone: (306) 783-9409
R.E.A.L.Women of Saskatchewan                Page 7        Saskatchewan Aboriginal                       Page 31
  Saskatoon     Telephone: (306) 253-4789                  Courtworker Program
                                                               Regina        Telephone: (306) 787-6470
Rainbow Youth Centre                        Page 40
  Regina        Telephone: (306) 757-9743                  Saskatchewan Aboriginal Literacy              Page 71
Recruitment and Employment                  Page 79
                                                               Saskatoon     Telephone: (306) 934-2632
  Regina        Telephone: (306) 787-7853                  Saskatchewan Aboriginal Women's                Page 3
                                                           Circle Corporation (SAWCC)
Regina Anti-Poverty Ministry                 Page 7
                                                               Yorkton       Telephone: (306) 783-1228
  Regina        Telephone: (306) 352-6386
                                                           Saskatchewan Agriculture                      Page 52
Regina Children's Justice Centre            Page 31        Development Fund (ADF)
                Telephone: (306) 777-8615                      Regina        Telephone: (306) 787-6566

Regina Community Clinic                     Page 14        Saskatchewan Arts Board                        Page 7
  Regina        Telephone: (306) 543-7880                      Regina        Telephone: (306) 787-4056

Regina Immigrant Women Centre,              Page 35        Saskatchewan Association for                  Page 50
Inc.                                                       Community Living Inc.
  Regina        Telephone: (306) 359-6514                      Saskatoon     Telephone: (306) 955-3344

Regina Qu'Appelle Regional Health           Page 11        Saskatchewan Association of Rural             Page 52
Authority                                                  Municipalities (SARM)
  Regina        Telephone: (306) 766-5365                      Regina        Telephone: (306) 757-3577

Regina Transition House                     Page 55        Saskatchewan Association of                   Page 61
  Regina        Telephone: (306) 757-2096                  Sexual Assault Services (SASS)
                                                               Yorkton       Telephone: (306) 783-7500
Regina Women's Community Centre             Page 59
and Sexual Assault Line                                    Saskatchewan Coalition Against                Page 31
  Regina        Telephone: (306) 522-2777                  Racism
                                                               Regina        Telephone: (306) 352-4698


Saskatchewan Communications                 Page 71        Saskatchewan Skills Extension               Page 72
Network (SCN)                                              Program (SSEP)
  Regina        Telephone: (306) 787-0490                    Regina        Telephone: (306) 787-8131

Saskatchewan Early Childhood                Page 41        Saskatchewan Special Olympics               Page 20
Association (SECA)                                         Society
  Saskatoon     Telephone: (306) 975-0875                    Regina        Telephone: (306) 780-9247

Saskatchewan Federation of Labour           Page 80        Saskatchewan Towards Offering               Page 62
(SFL)                                                      Partnership Solutions to Violence
  Regina        Telephone: (306) 525-0197                  (STOPS)
                                                             Regina        Telephone: (306) 565-3199
Saskatchewan First Nations                   Page 3
Women's Commission (SFNWC)                                 Saskatchewan Transportation                 Page 67
  Regina        Telephone: (306) 721-2822                  Company
                                                             Regina        Telephone: (306) 787-3340
Saskatchewan Government &                   Page 80
General Employees Union (SGEU)                             Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities            Page 8
  Regina        Telephone: (306) 522-8571                  Association
                                                             Regina        Telephone: (306) 525-3727
Saskatchewan Housing Authorities            Page 23
  Regina        Telephone: (306) 337-1060                  Saskatchewan Urban Native                   Page 72
                                                           Teacher Education Program
Saskatchewan Human Rights                   Page 31        (SUNTEP)
                                                           Saskatchewan Voice of People with           Page 36
Saskatchewan Income Plan                    Page 66        Disabilities
  Regina        Telephone: (306) 787-2681                    Regina        Telephone: (306) 569-3111

Saskatchewan Indian Institute of            Page 71        Saskatchewan Women in Trades                Page 82
Technologies (SIIT)                                        and Technology (SaskWITT)
  Saskatoon     Telephone: (306) 244-4444                    Regina        Telephone: (306) 798-7614

Saskatchewan Institute of Applied           Page 71        Saskatchewan Women's                        Page 52
Science and Technology (SIAST)                             Agricultural Network
                                                             Simmie        Telephone: (306) 297-6396
Saskatchewan Legal Aid                      Page 32
Commission                                                 Saskatchewan Women's Institutes             Page 53
  Saskatoon     Telephone: (306) 933-5300                    Robsart       Telephone: (306) 299-4520

Saskatchewan Literacy Commission            Page 71        Saskatoon Breastfeeding Matters             Page 17
  Regina        Telephone: (306) 787-2514                  Awareness & Promotion Alliance
Saskatchewan Literacy Network               Page 72          Nokomis       Telephone: (306) 528-4439
  Saskatoon     Telephone: (306) 651-7288
                                                           Saskatoon Centre for Children's             Page 32
Saskatchewan Pension Plan                   Page 66        Justice and Victim Services
  Kindersley    Telephone: (306) 463-5410                                  Telephone: (306) 975-1414

Saskatchewan Prevention Institute           Page 16        Saskatoon Community Clinic                  Page 14
  Saskatoon     Telephone: (306) 655-2512                    Saskatoon     Telephone: (306) 652-0300

Saskatchewan Pro-Life Association           Page 17        Saskatoon Community Mediation               Page 32
  Regina        Telephone: (306) 352-3480                  Services
                                                             Saskatoon     Telephone: (306) 244-0440
Saskatchewan Seniors Mechanism               Page 7
  Regina        Telephone: (306) 359-9956

                                                                                   ALPHABETICAL INDEX

Saskatoon Crisis Intervention                   Page 60        Southwest Safe Shelter                          Page 56
Service                                                            Swift Current   Telephone: (306) 778-3692
  Saskatoon         Telephone: (306) 933-6200
                                                               Stardale Women's Group                           Page 3
Saskatoon Friendship Inn                        Page 48            Melfort         Telephone: (306) 752-1802
  Saskatoon         Telephone: (306) 242-5122
                                                               Status of Women Canada                           Page 8
Saskatoon Interval House                        Page 55            Ottawa          Telephone: (613) 995-7835
  Saskatoon         Telephone: (306) 244-0185
                                                               Status of Women Office                           Page 8
Saskatoon Regional Health Authority             Page 11            Regina          Telephone: (306) 787-7401
  Saskatoon         Telephone: (306) 655-3322
                                                               Street Workers' Advocacy Project                 Page 9
Saskatoon Sexual Assault and                    Page 60        (SWAP)
Information Centre                                                 Regina          Telephone: (306) 525-1722
  Saskatoon         Telephone: (306) 244-2294
                                                               Sun Country Regional Health                     Page 12
Saskatoon Women's Calendar                       Page 8        Authority
Collective                                                         Weyburn         Telephone: (306) 842-8718
                                                               Sunrise Regional Health Authority               Page 12
Saskatoon Women's Network                       Page 82            Yorkton         Telephone: (306) 786-0100
  Saskatoon         Telephone: (306) 249-4454
                                                               Survey Research Unit                            Page 72
SaskCulture, Inc.                                Page 8            Regina          Telephone: (306) 585-4925
  Regina            Telephone: (306) 780-9284
SCEP Centre                                     Page 41
                                                               Tamara's House                                  Page 62
  Regina            Telephone: (306) 543-6944
                                                                   Saskatoon       Telephone: (306) 683-8667
SERENA Saskatchewan                             Page 17
                                                               Technology Enhanced Learning                    Page 72
  Saskatoon         Telephone: (306) 934-8223
Sexual Assault                                  Page 54            Regina          Telephone: (306) 787-5922

Sexual Assault Counselling Program              Page 61        Technology Supported Learning                   Page 73
  Yorkton           Telephone: (306) 783-9409                      Regina          Telephone: (306) 787-6024

Sexual Health Centre Saskatoon                  Page 17        Teen Student Support Centres                    Page 48
  Saskatoon         Telephone: (306) 244-7989
                                                               Teen-Aid                                        Page 17
Shelwin House                                   Page 56            Saskatoon       Telephone: (306) 244-2811
  Yorkton           Telephone: (306) 783-7233
                                                               The Avenue Community Centre for                 Page 32
SMILE Services                                  Page 48        Gender & Sexual Diversity Inc.
                                                                   Saskatoon       Telephone: (306) 665-1224
  Estevan           Telephone: (306) 634-6428

Social Policy Research Unit (SPR)                              The Breastfeeding Committee for                 Page 18
                                                Page 72
  Regina            Telephone: (306) 585-4117
                                                                   Nokomis         Telephone: (306) 528-4439
SOFIA House                                 Page 23, 58
                                                               The Caring Place                                Page 49
  Regina            Telephone: (306) 565-2537
                                                                   Regina          Telephone: (306) 347-2273
Southwest Crisis Services                       Page 56
                                                               The Compassionate Friends of                    Page 50
  Swift Current     Telephone: (306) 778-3386                  Canada
                                                                   Winnipeg        Telephone: (204) 475-9527


The Family Place                                Page 49        Women of the Dawn Counselling                      Page 3
    Weyburn         Telephone: (306) 842-7477                  Centre Inc.
                                                                   Regina          Telephone: (306) 522-6040
                                                               Women of the Earth                                 Page 3
Unemployed Workers Centre                       Page 67
                                                                   Prince Albert   Telephone: (306) 764-4445
Universities                                    Page 73        Women of the Métis Nation                          Page 3
University of Regina - Women's                  Page 73            Ottawa          Telephone: (613) 232-3216
Studies Program                                                Women's Community Training                        Page 33
    Regina          Telephone: (306) 585-4668                  Residence
University of Regina Women's                    Page 82            Saskatoon       Telephone: (306) 933-6182
Centre                                                         Women's Health Centre                             Page 14
    Regina          Telephone: (306) 584-1255
                                                                   Regina          Telephone: (306) 766-4860
University of Saskatchewan-                     Page 73
                                                               Women's Legal Education and                       Page 33
Women's and Gender Studies
                                                               Action Fund (LEAF)
    Saskatoon       Telephone: (306) 966-4327                  Women's Legal Education and                       Page 33
                                                               Action Fund (LEAF) - Saskatoon
USSU Women's Centre                             Page 82
                                                                                   Telephone: (306) 244-6245
    Saskatoon       Telephone: (306) 966-6980
                                                               Women's Program, Status of                         Page 9
V                                                              Women Canada
Victim Advocate                                 Page 62            Edmonton
    Saskatoon       Telephone: (306) 966-2984                  Women's Resource Centre                           Page 56
Victim/Witness Services                         Page 32            Flin Flon       Telephone: (204) 681-3105

Victims Services                                Page 33        Women's Studies Research Unit                     Page 74
    Regina          Telephone: (306) 787-3500                      Saskatoon       Telephone: (306) 966-7524

W                                                              Y
Waskoosis Safe Shelter                          Page 56        Young Offenders Programs                          Page 33
    Meadow Lake     Telephone: (306) 236-5570                      Regina          Telephone: (306) 787-4701

Welfare Rights Centre                           Page 67        Young Women's Christian                            Page 9
                                                               Association (YWCA) of Prince Albert
    Regina          Telephone: (306) 757-3521
                                                                   Prince Albert   Telephone: (306) 763-8571
Wellness Centre                                 Page 18
                                                               Young Women's Christian                            Page 9
    Prince Albert   Telephone: (306) 764-6355
                                                               Association (YWCA) Regina
West Central Crisis and Family              Page 57, 60            Regina          Telephone: (306) 525-2141
Support Centre Inc.
                                                               Young Women's Christian                         Page 9, 56
    Kindersley      Telephone: (306) 463-6655
                                                               Association (YWCA) Saskatoon
Wichihik Iskwewak Safe House Inc.               Page 56            Saskatoon       Telephone: (306) 244-0944
    Regina          Telephone: (306) 543-0493

Women Entrepreneurs of                          Page 67
Saskatchewan Inc.

Women in Sport                                  Page 20
    Regina          Telephone: (306) 787-5729


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