Rubric Vergleich by keralaguest


									Creative writing and sharing: Ein Vergleich (a comparison)

Write a paragraph comparing yourself to
someone or something else: a friend, a
famous person, an animal, even an
inanimate object. Describe specific
ways in which you and this person/thing are
similar and ways in which you are different.
                                                            Ich bin einem Stinktier nicht sehr ähnlich.
                                                            Es ist kleiner als ich und riecht schlechter.

On the day you turn in this paragraph, be ready to share 3 of the main or most interesting
points of your comparison out loud with the class. Use note cards and, if possible, a visual aid.

Useful expressions:
anders (als)                    different (than)
ähnlich (wie)                   similar (to)
In Vergleich zu/mit.... (+dative) In comparison to....
Das ist so ______ wie ich.     That is as ___ as I am. (The Germans don’t say “me” here.)
Das ist ____er als ich.        That is ___er than I am.


     CATEGORY             Gut / Sehr gut (8 pts)           Ausreichend (7 pts)            Mangelhaft (6 pts)
Completion / length       14-20 sentences long.            10-13 sentences long.          Less than 10 sentences
                          Includes at least:               Includes at least:
                                                                                          Includes 2 or fewer
                          4 + comparisons with als.        3 + comparisons with als       comparisons using als or
                          2 + comparisons with so/wie.     1 + comparisons with so/wie    so/wie

Comparison of adjectives ALS and SO…WIE always             1-3 mistakes in                4 or more mistakes in
                         used correctly. Adjectives and    adjective/adverb               adjective/adverb
                         adverbs compared and spelled      comparisons.                   comparisons.

Overall writing quality   Few or no careless grammar and Some careless grammar and        Many careless errors in
                          spelling errors.                spelling errors, but not        grammar and spelling
                                                          enough to disrupt a reader      make the piece laborious to
                          A variety of word orders and    especially.                     read.
                          sentence lengths.
                                                          Little variety in word order    Little variety in word order
                          Coherent (ideas flow smoothly). and sentence length.            and sentence length.

                          Interesting, creative and/or     Coherent, but may not          Not coherent (ideas don’t
                          funny to read.                   especially creative or         flow smoothly) or not
                                                           interesting.                   interesting
Sharing with class        You speak freely without         You refer to note cards, but You are glued to note
                          referring to notes.              maintain eye contact with the cards or your paragraph
                                                           class at most times.          and don’t make eye
                          Your presentation includes a                                   contact.
                          visual of the person/thing you   Your presentation may or
                          are comparing yourself to.       may not include a visual aid. No visual aids.

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