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					Eleventh Meeting of the Regional Interagency
           Working Group on ICT
                       25 February 2008
                   UNESCAP, Bangkok, Thailand

                            Eun-Ju Kim

                      Regional Representative & Head,
                 ITU Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific

 February 2008

   ITU Structure & Functions
   ITU Activities in Asia and the Pacific
   Pacific Connectivity: Current and Future Initiatives
   Proposals for Cooperation

     February 2008
 ITU Structure & Asia-Pacific Region

ITU Headquarter (Geneva)

    ITU-R                              ITU-T                     ITU-D
    Radiocommunication                 Telecom Network           Development
    Satellite/Terrestrial              Standardization
ITU Regional Offices

     Africa            Americas    Arab States    Asia Pacific   Europe & CIS

Asia-Pacific Sub-regions (ITU ASP RO)
                                  ASEAN/      North-East    Pacific      South
                                   CLMV         Asia                      Asia
       February 2008
  MDG Goals : Role of ICT
Goal                    Role of ICTs
MDG 1: Eradicate         ICTs provide increased access to market information and reduce
extreme poverty and       transaction costs for poor farmers and traders. Tele-work allows
hunger                    work from home and is the main source of income or additional
                          source of income.
                         ICTs increase skills and productivity resulting in increased incomes
MDG 2: Achieve           ICTs increase supply of trained teachers though ICT-enhanced
universal primary         distance training
MDG 3: Promote           ICTs deliver educational and literacy programmes specifically
gender equality and       targeted to poor girls and women using appropriate technologies.
empower women            Studies show females outnumber males in E-learning programmes.
MDG 4,5,6: Health        ICTs increase access of rural care-givers to specialist support and
                          remote diagnosis.
                         ICTs enhance delivery of basic and in-service training for health
                         ICTs increase monitoring and information-sharing on disease and
MDG 7: Ensure            Remote sensing technologies and communication networks permit
environmental             more effective monitoring, resource management, and mitigation of
stability                 environmental risks. Telework reduces pollution by removing the 4
        February 2008     requirement of travelling from home to the workplace.
MDG & WSIS : Role of ITU


1                   Monitoring              Implementing
    M                                                          C1
2                                                          W   C3
4                                                          S
                                   ITU                     I
6   G                                                          C10
5                                                          S

    February 2008
MDG Goal 8

      In cooperation with private sector, make available
       the benefits of new technologies – especially
       information communications technologies

WSIS: Plan of Action

      ICT applications can support sustainable
       development, in the field of public administration,
       business, education and training, health,
       employment, environment, agriculture and

    February 2008
ITU Approach in Achieving MDGs
 Development of Indicators:
                                                                         MDG Target 8F Indicator Status
According to Target 8.F ITU                       4.5

developed ICT indicators for                         4
measuring the impact on                              3

                                    In Billions
MDGs                                              2.5


  Total number of telephone                      0.5

subscribers (Fixed + Mobile) per
                                                          Mobile Subscribers         Internet Users       Number of PC users

hundred inhabitants
                                                          +Fixed Line Users

Total number of Personal
Computers per hundred inhabitants
                                                                               Shrinking Digital Divide
Total number of Internet users                      25
                                                                                     Ratio of penetration levels
per hundred inhabitants                              20
                                                                                     per 100 inhabitants between
                                                                                     developed and developing

                                                                                                      11                       2004

 Result of Implementation :                         10

Digital divide is narrowing                          5                          4                                 4

                                                                  Mobile Phones                       Fixed Phones
      February 2008
WSIS Action Line and Role of ITU


                           C2         Information and communication infrastructure

                           C5         Building confidence and security in the use of ICTs


 C1              The role of public governance authorities and all stakeholders in the
                 promotion of ICTs for development
                                                              ECOSOC / UN REGIONAL COMMISSIONS

 C3             Access to information and knowledge

 C6              Enabling environment
                                                        UNDP/UN REGIONAL COMMISSIONS/UNCTAD

 C7               ICT Applications
                                                 E-AGRICULTURE [FAO], E-SCIENCE [UNESCO/UNCTAD] 8
      February 2008
Action Line C2
C2          Information and Communication Infrastructure

            Bridging the Digital Divide
         Connect the World (2005) : A multi-stakeholder platform to encourage
         collaboration and showcase ICT development efforts to achieve the
         connectivity goals of WSIS "connect the unconnected by 2015"

             Connect Africa

         Connect Africa launched in Kigali, Rwanda, 29−30 October 2007
         Aimed at mobilizing human, financial and technical resources required to
         bridge major gaps in ICT infrastructure across the continent
         To support affordable connectivity and applications and services to stimulate
         economic growth, employment and development
         To accelerate connectivity goals of WSIS and support achievement of MDGs
         for 2015 in Africa
         Financial commitments of USD 55 billion made
         ITU and Microsoft to launch “ITU Global View” Online platform to showcase
         ICT Development projects and tract progress towards WSIS goals
     February 2008
Action Line C5
 C5          Building confidence and security in the use of ICTs

                         Global Cybersecurity Agenda
                           Five Pillars [Legal Measures, Technical and Procedural
                           Measures, Organizational Structure, International
                           Cooperation, Capacity Building]

                           High Level Expert Group

                           Regional Workshops                             Forthcoming

                              Handbooks and
                              knowledge tools

                           Direct Country Assistance to enhance Cybersecurity
                           e.g. developing Public Key Infrastructure, Cyber-
                           legislation and related policies etc.          10
      February 2008
ITU Activities in Asia-Pacific Region


ITU: Development Programs

                                                   Delivery Mechanisms
Six Major Development Programs
Program 1: Regulatory reform
                                                     Seminars &
Program 2:Technologies and telecom/ICT
network development - Infrastructure
                                                     Direct Country
Program 3: E-strategies and ICT                      Assistances
applications                             Through
                                                     Human Capacity
Program 4: Economics & finance            PPP        Building
                                                     Trainings /
Program 5: Human Resource                            Fellowships
                                                     Deployment of
Program 6: Special program for least                 Infrastructure
developed countries (LDC) + SIDCs

     February 2008
ITU Asia-Pacific Regional Initiatives

                                                         Partners & Donors

RI 1: Telecommunication/ICT policy                CHINA,      AUSTRALIA,
and regulatory cooperation in the                 SINGAPORE, EUROPEAN
Asia-Pacific region                               COMMISSION, THAILAND,
RI 2: Rural Communications –                      MALAYSIA ETC.
Infrastructure development
                                                  ADB, UPU, JAPAN ETC.

RI 3: Next Generation Networks                    APT, PITA, PIFS, ESCAP,
(NGN) planning                          Through   INDUSTRY ETC.
RI 4: The unique
telecommunication/ICT needs of
                                                  EUROPEAN COMMISSION,
Pacific islands and small island
                                                  PITA, APT, ESCAP, WORLD
developing states (SIDS) in the Asia-             BANK ETC.
Pacific region
RI 5: Strengthening the                           APT,     ESCAP,    INDUSTRY
collaboration between ITU-T and                   ETC.
    February 2008
ITU’s Funding Mechanism

  Regular Operational Funds through ITU State Members (191) and
   Sector Members (over 700 industry +)
  ITU ICT Development Funds (revenues generated from TELECOM
   Exhibitions and Forum)
  Funds-in-Trust: External Contributions (e.g., Australia, EC, Thailand,
   China, etc.)
  Partnership on operating Asia-Pacific Centre of Excellence (5 Nodes)
  Partnership on mutual cooperation (e.g., APT, ESCAP, PITA, UNDP,
   ADB, NGOs etc.)
  Donations/Contributions from Industry (e.g., PCs, equipments,
   terminals etc.)

    February 2008
Events in Asia-Pacific (2008)
 No                             Title                             Dates       Potential
  1.      Global ICT Industry Leaders Forum &                   Mar 10-13     Thailand
          Global Symposium for Regulators
  2.      ITU-MII Seminar on Telecom/ICT Policy and             May 29-30       China
  3.      ITU-IDA Executive Training Program                    June (TBC)    Singapore
  4.      Gender Balance in Digital Economy of Asia-Pacific     July (TBC)    R.O. Korea
  5.      ITU/ABU Workshop on Digital TV                        July (TBC)    Malaysia
  6.      Asia-Pacific Regional Workshop on Cyber-security     August (TBC)   Australia
  7.      Asia-Pacific Regional Meeting on TAS                 August (TBC)   Australia
  8.      TELECOM Asia                                           Sep 2-5      Thailand
  9.      ITU Regional Development Forum: Bridging the          Sep. 15-17     Vietnam
          ICT Standardization Gap
  10.     WTSA-08 Preparation (APT)                             Sep. 18-19     Vietnam
  11.     Sub-regional Telecommunication Meeting for CLMV        [October]    Cambodia
  12.     Connecting the Pacific and SIDS                         (TBC)        Pacific
  13.     Regional Workshop on HRM Tools and Practices in         (TBC)         [India]
          the Asia-Pacific Region
  14.     ITU-MCMC Asia-Pacific Seminar on Regulation in a      December      Malaysia
          Converged Environment                                  (TBC)
  15.     Regional Workshop on Strategic HRM for the Pacific                    (TBC)
  16.     Virtual Forum on Competencies for Competitiveness       (TBC)          NA
          for the Asia-Pacific Region
  17.     Connect Asia-Pacific Summit                             (TBC)         (TBC)

  * Additional Asia-Pacific Events are expected through external contributions from
                                        Australia and EC.

       February 2008
Assistances in Asia-Pacific (2008)
  No                                     Title                                  Beneficiary
   1      Universal Service Program for Afghanistan                             Afghanistan
   2      Policy and Regulatory Assistance                                       Myanmar
   3      Emergency Communication Backup through Radio Broadcasting               Tonga
   4      Access to ICT in Remote Area                                        Marshall Islands
   5      Remote ICT Access in Nauru                                              Nauru
   6      Implementation of MCTs in Papua New Guinea                         Papua New Guinea
   7      Formulation of National Disaster Communication plan                     Bhutan
   8      Rural Broadband Communication Development                                Nepal
   9      Frequency Band Plan Allocation and Spectrum Pricing                     Kiribati
  10      Rural Communication Master Plan                                        Vanuatu
  11      Telecommunication Institutional Strengthening for Lao PDR              Lao PDR
  12      Feasibility on Wireless Technology to Deliver Broadband Services      Philippines
          to Lifeline Organizations
  13      Development and Deployment of e-Health                                   Nepal
  14      ICT Master Plan                                                        Thailand
  15      ITU-UPU-India project to assist Afghanistan in establishing e-        Afghanistan
  16      Cost Modeling for Tariffs and Interconnection                           Kiribati
  17      Different Schemes for Rural Communication Development in ASP             ASP
  18      Youth Incentive Scheme in ASP Region                                     ASP
  19      Establishment of ICT Training Facility                                 Mongolia
  20      Capacity Building for the Independent Regulator                           Fiji
  21      Partnership on Access to ICT through donated PCs/Laptops for             ASP
          Asia-Pacific countries
       February 2008
Trainings at Asia-Pacific Centre of Excellence
  No                           Course Title                       Dates        Delivery            Host
         Porting Process Guidelines and Regulations for Mobile
  1      Number Portability                                       January   Online         PTA, Pakistan
         Spectrum Management and Advanced Spectrum
  2      Management                                               January   Online         MICT, Iran
  3      Efficient utilization of Spectrum for mobile networks    March     Face to face   MICT, Iran
  4      IPv6                                                     March     Online         PNU, Rep of Korea
         Distance Learning on Rural Broadband Technologies and
  5      USO                                                       April    Online         UUM, Malaysia
  6      Ubiquitous Technology: Concepts and Applications          May      Face to Face   PNU, Rep of Korea
  7      Interconnection                                           June     Face to Face   PTA / MICT
  8      ICT for Disaster Management                               June     Face to Face   UUM, Malaysia
  9      Spectrum Management for Managers                          July     Face to face   MICT, Iran
  10     Cybersecurity                                            August    Face to Face   MICT, Thailand
  11     4G CDMA Technologies                                     August    Online         PNU, Rep of Korea
  13     Mobile Quality of Service                               October    Face to Face   PTA, Pakistan
  14     To be announced                                         October    Online         MICT, Iran
  15     NGN Planning and Applications                           November   Face to Face   PNU, Rep of Korea
  16     CIO Capacity Building and Development                   November   Face to Face   MICT, Thailand
  17     Designing Rural Broadband Plan                          December   Face to Face   UUM, Malaysia
  18     CIO Capacity Building and Development                   December   Online         MICT, Thailand 17
       February 2008
                            Policy                   Technology      Rural
              Spectrum                   Business
                              &                      Awareness        ICT
             Management                Management
                          Regulation                  (Rep. of    Development
               (Iran)                   (Thailand)
                          (Pakistan)                   Korea)      (Malaysia)

 ITU Asia
Centres of

Funds-in-Trust Projects on PPP
in the Asia-Pacific Region (2007-2009)

     ICT Policy & Regulatory Cooperation in the Asia-Pacific Region and
     addressing the unique ICT needs of the Pacific Island Countries
     Telecommunication/ICT Governance in the Asia-Pacific Region
  Capacity Building & ICT Policy, Regulatory & Legislative Frameworks
   Support for Pacific Island States (EC)
  ITU/IDA Executive Training Programme (Singapore)
     Partnership between ITU Asia-Pacific Centre of Excellence (CoE) and
     India CoE (India)
    Access to ICT in the Asia-Pacific Region (Japan +)
  Special Project in Timor-Leste (Australia)
  Emergency/Disaster Communication: Post-Tsunami Assistance
   (Australia)                                                             19
      February 2008
Emergency/Disaster Communications

   Development of National Emergency Telecommunication Plan for countries in
    the Asia-Pacific region
   ITU has provided assistance to Sri Lanka, Maldives and Bangladesh in
    developing National Emergency Telecommunication Plan through expert
    assistance and national workshops. The assistance will be provided to more
    countries in the year 2008.
   Assessment and Study on national telecommunication network for emergencies
    and/or disaster management
   The assessment and study were done for Sri Lanka, Indonesia, and Maldives,
    Bangladesh. ITU will do similar assessment for more countries in the Asia-
    Pacific region in 2008.
   ITU Global Forum on Effective Use of Telecommunications/ICT for Disaster
    Management: Saving Lives, Geneva, 10-12 December 2007
   ITU has launched a major telecommunication/ICT initiative – ITU Framework for
    Cooperation in Emergencies (IFCE) – as well as other new ITU products i.e.
    Compendium of ITU’s Work in Emergency Telecommunications, and ITU
    Handbook on Best Practice on Emergency Telecommunications

      February 2008
    Pacific Connectivity:
Current and Future Initiatives

    ITU’s Regional Activities in the Pacific
    Regional: Connect Asia-Pacific 2008 (Planned)
     For achieving MDG and WSIS connectivity goals in Asia and the Pacific by 2015
     Aimed at mobilizing human, financial and technical resources required
      to bridge major gaps in ICT infrastructure across the continent
     To support affordable connectivity and applications and services to
      stimulate economic growth, employment and development
Sub - Regional Events (Examples)
    Workshop on Cyber-Legislation for Pacific Island Countries07 [APT, PITA]
    Regional workshop on Knowledge Management, 2007 [PITA]
    Satellite back-up and Emergency Communication
    Connecting the Pacific [UNESCAP, APT, Govt of Australia, PITA]

Country Level Activities (Examples: Recent & Planned 2008)

    Policy & Regulation: Kiribati (Licensing, Internet Exchange, Cost Modeling), Papua
     New Guinea (Numbering, Interconnection), Tonga (Spectrum Management), Marshall
     Islands (e-Governance), Timor-Leste
    Infrastructure Development, Rural Communications, MCTs: Kiribati, Papua New
     Guinea, Tonga, Marshall Islands, Nauru, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu
          February 2008
ITU’s On-going Projects in the Pacific

Government of Australia

   ICT Policy & Regulatory Cooperation in the Asia-Pacific Region and
    addressing the unique ICT needs of the Pacific Island Countries
   Telecommunication/ICT Governance in the Asia-Pacific Region
   Assistance for the Establishment        of   Sector   Governance   in
    Telecommunications in East Timor

European Commission

   Capacity Building and ICT Policy, Regulatory and Legislative Frameworks
    Support for Pacific Island States

     February 2008
Initiative on Climate Change
  Proposals on Partnership

ITU Initiatives on Climate Change
       Role of ICT

           Cause of climate change and also an important element in tackling the challenge
           Monitoring data gathering and analysis : arial photography, satellite imaging, grid
            technology and GPS for tracking long term movement of glaciers , sensor networks and
            computer modeling
           ICT sector contributes 2.5 % of annual green housegases, a amount much smaller than
            its share of global GDP
           ICT as a green technology (telecommuting and intelligent transport)

       Role of ITU

           ITU as one of the very important stakeholders in the area of climate change: UN
            Secretary General
           ITU work on reducing power requirements of telecom equipment, terminal devices and
            networking equipments (NGN 40% less power)
           Wider climatic tolerance for telecom/ICT equipment (no need for air condition)
           Carbon displacement technologies, (TelePresence: reducing travel)
           Mitigating effects of climate change: recycling of telecom waste and telecommunications
            for disaster relief
           ITU-T Standardization work on energy efficient devices and networks
           Active commitment to promoting the use of ICT as a positive force to reduce
            greenhouse emissions and to mitigate the effects

       ITU to organize a symposium on the topic of ICTs and climate change to be held in Japan
        and United Kingdom in 2008

           February 2008
Proposals for Cooperation & Partnership

   Cooperation and collaborations in the following areas: e.g.,
        ICT Applications e-governance, e-health, e-education
        Rural Communications – Infrastructure Development
        Connectivity on the Pacific, Small Islands Developing States, and LDCs
        ICT Policy & Regulation
        Emergency & Disaster Communications
        Next Generation Networks: Planning & Migration
   Creation of opportunities for partnerships and funds from
    potential donors.
   Synergy of expertise from each UN Agencies at regional and
    national level to optimize resources and outputs.
   Partnership on capacity-building in the field of ICT through 5
    ITU Asia-Pacific Centre of Excellence Nodes.
   Participation of UN Agencies in TELECOM Asia (2-5 Sept
    2008) showcasing their achievements and initiatives under
    one UN Pavilion, as for the “Delivering as One” UN.
   Proposal to participate in International Symposiums on “ICTs
    and Climate Change” organized by ITU in Kyoto and London
    in 2008                                                     26
        February 2008
                     THANK YOU

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February 2008