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									 US IT Conceptual                                                                                    AGENDA
                                                                                                      and Meeting Report
 Architecture Review Meeting
Meeting Purpose         To review the architecture conceptualized by the [PROJECT NAME] team by presenting an over of the
                        proposed solution, interviewing project teams on the architecture, identifying plans to develop greater detail
                        of architecture-related issues if addressed, and providing an assessment of the impacts of the conceptualized
                        project architecture within the broader US and U of M Enterprise Architecture.

Meeting Details         Date: TBD
                        Time: TBD PM
                        Location: TBD
 = present,  = planned absence, ○ = not present,  = conference call; use bold for names of Decision Makers

Meeting Topics                                            Reference                      Led By                        Time
Administration:                                                                                                          5 minutes
        Introduction of the review team
        Introduction of the IT Architecture
         review concept

Project Proposal Presentation:                                Technical Review                Project Team               10 minutes
        Business Case                                        Advanced Handouts
        Key architecture components
        New technology/vendors introduced
        Decision-making rationale

Review Committee Interviews:                                  Best Practice Standard                                     30 minutes
        Resolve questions identified in project
         materials review
        Resolve questions identified in reviewing
         architecture considerations checklist
        Resolve questions identified in preparing
         review assessment form

Architecture Assessment:                                      N/A                                                        10 minutes
        Complete review assessment form
        Provide support of architecture or
         identify necessary next steps

Summarize and Close                                           N/A                                                        5 minutes

Additional Instructions:

Review project materials and IT Conceptual Architecture Review Best Practice in advance.

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