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					Product Guide for
Brand Advertisers

The Facebook Mission
Give people the power to
share and make the world
more open and connected

At Facebook, everything we do is about making the world more open
and connected. We think this is having a profound impact on the way
we relate to the people, communities and institutions around us.
As such, we use these same principles when developing features,
tools and products for our users and advertisers.

In this guide, we provide an overview of our key advertising products,
including production guidelines and policies.

Premium Inventory on Facebook
Overview of Premium Locations and Ads 4-5
Like Ads                               6-7
Poll Ads                               8-9
Event Ads                            10-11
Sampling Ads                         12-14

Specifications by Ad Types
Video Comment Ads                    16-17
Premium                                 18
Marketplace                             19

Video Specifications                    21

General Advertising Guidelines         23
Premium Inventory on Facebook

Premium Locations                      Premium Ads
Premium ads run on the most            Facebook provides marketers the
engaging pages on Facebook,            chance to advertise their products and
such as the Home Page.                 brands in premium locations. Premium
                                       Ads appear above-the-fold and allow
The Home Page includes the News        you to seamlessly integrate your
Feed, which shows everything a         advertising message into the Facebook
user’s friends and other connections   user experience.
are sharing.
                                       Premium Ads enable users to interact
                                       with your ad by taking simple social
                                       actions, for example: Liking your Page,
                                       taking a poll, RSVPing to your event or
                                       requesting a sample of your product.
                                       Users can take these actions without
                                       ever leaving their current pages
                                       on Facebook.

                                       Once a user has interacted with a
                                       Premium Ad, a social story is generated.
                                       This is displayed in your ad and shared
                                       with the user’s friends via their News
                                       Feeds. Ads become more relevant and
                                       engaging when this powerful “social
                                       context” is included.

Example of Premium Ad on Home Page
  Premium Like Ad

  Premium Like Ads drive user                  Product behavior with Social context                    Product behavior without Social context
  engagement by letting Facebook users
  see how many of their friends have              Initial state of Like Engagement                         Initial state of Like Engagement
  already liked your brand.                       ad unit                                                  ad unit

  A recent Nielsen study shows that there
  is a 68% increase in ad recall and a 2x
  increase in message awareness when
  users see a friend’s name associated
  with an ad.*

  The Premium Like Ad provides this
  relevant social context. When users see
  that their friends have liked a brand or
                                                  Click the Like button to connect                         Click the Like button to connect
  product, it increases their own trust in
                                                  to the brand                                             to the brand
  that brand and the likelihood that they,
  too, will engage with the ad unit. If none
  of the user’s friends currently like the
  brand, the ad displays the total number
  of people who like the brand among the
  Facebook community. This is another
  way of providing trust and validation.

                                                Premium Inventory
                                                                                                       The option to Like the Feed or
                                                  Click the number of ‘other friends’
                                                * Need to sharpen the image and make the ad a call-out that jumpsstory does not appear if the
* “Advertising Effectiveness: Understanding        to
                                                out. see all of your friends who also
                                                                                                       user already likes the brand.
  the value of a Social Media Impression.”        like the brand*
  April 2010, The Nielsen Company.

Product specifications
Like Ad Production Guidelines

Title (25 characters)
Links to Page on Facebook

Image                                                                                                          Body copy
(110x80 px)                                                                                              (135 characters)
Links to Page on Facebook

# people like [your brand]

Creative Requirements           Like Ad Unit                                Requirements
• Title                         Total size:                                 Text:
• Body copy                     240 px wide (variable height)               Title—25 character maximum
• Image or video                                                            Body copy—135 character maximum
• Facebook Page                 Like + Video Ad Unit
                                Total size:                                 Title and image must link to Page
                                240 px wide (variable height)               that is being liked
                                • the video has full screen functionality
                                                                            Client must have a live, published Page

                                                                            Please refer to video specifications
                                                                            and submission guidelines (p 22)
                                                                            Adheres to Facebook General
                                                                            Advertising Guidelines (p 23–28)
Premium Poll Ad

                                              1.                                         3.
Poll Ads encourage interaction with your
                                               Initial state of Poll Ad                      User’s friend’s photos appear when user
brand by asking a question and letting
                                                                                             clicks to see how their friends voted*
people instantly see the results.

1. This ad unit asks a question and
   offers two or three responses.
2. When a user selects her response,
   the poll results reveal the answers of
   all Facebook users who have already
   answered the poll.
3. The user can also click on a link to see
   how their friends voted.
Poll Ads generate wall stories on the
poll’s brand page, which can publish           Results are shown once the user
into the News Feeds of people who              engages. The user can then click to see
have liked the brand.                          how friends vote and/or like the brand.
                                                                                             Wall story on Page & News Feed story**

                                                                                         *   Text will state “You like [brand]” if the user
                                                                                             already likes the brand.
                                                                                         ** User must be someone who likes the brand
                                                                                            to see the Poll published into their Feed.

Product specifications
Poll Production Guidelines

Title (25 characters)
Links to Page on Facebook

Image                                                                                                         Body copy
(110x80 px)                                                                                             (135 characters)
Links to Page on Facebook

Question (40 characters)

Responses (25 characters)
2 or 3 choices

Creative Requirements        Poll Ad Unit                                Image: 110x80 px, 4K .jpg or .gif
• Title                      Total size: 240 px wide (variable height)   (must submit thumbnail image
• Body copy                                                              with video)
• Image or video             Poll + Video Ad Unit                        Link: Title and image will link to client
• Facebook Page
                             Total size: 240 px wide (variable height)   specified URL
• Question
                             Video has full screen functionality
• 2-3 response options                                                   Page: Client must have a live,
                                                                         published Page
                             Text: Title—25 character maximum            Please refer to video specifications
                             Body copy—135 character maximum             and submission guidelines (p 22)
                             Question—40 character maximum               Adheres to Facebook General
                             Responses—25 character maximum for          Advertising Guidelines (p 23–28)
                             each of the 2 or 3 choices
                             Note: no comparative/competitive claims
                             can be made in the creative
Premium Event Ad

                                         1.                              3.
Invite people to RSVP to an event         RSVP to event                   Users can write custom messages to
and let them spread the word                                              friends that they invite to the event
on your behalf.

1. This ad unit lets you invite users
   to events.
2. Once a user responds, the ad
   expands to show friends who are
   attending the event as well as the
   total number of Facebook attendees.
   The act of RSVP-ing to the event is
   public and may appear in friends’
   News Feeds.
3. Users are also given the option to
   write custom messages to friends
   they are inviting to the event.
                                          Invite more friends to event

                                                                          Feed story

                                                                          Profile story


Product specifications
Event Ad Production Guidelines

Title Link/Event Title (25 characters)
Links to Page on Facebook

Event Image                                                                                                               Body copy
(110x80 px)                                                                                                         (135 characters)
Links to Page on Facebook

Location (28 characters)

Creative Requirements                       Requirements                               Event: Client Page must host and publish
• Title                                     Text: Title—25 character maximum           a live Event to run an Event ad
• Body copy                                 Body copy—135 character maximum            Date: Must be a specific date/start time
• Image or video
• Facebook Event                            Image: 110x80 px, 4K .jpg or .gif (must    Location: Must be an specific location/
• Event date                                submit thumbnail image with video)         answer the question “where?”;
• Event location                            Link: Title and image must link to Event   28 character maximum
                                            Title should match the title of the        Page: Client must have a live,
                                            linked Event                               published Page
Event Ad Unit
                                            Thumbnail image should materially          Please refer to video specifications
Total size: 240 px wide (variable height)
                                            represent the linked Event                 and submission guidelines (p 22)
Event + Video Ad Unit                                                                  Adheres to Facebook General Advertising
Total size: 240 px wide (variable height)                                              Guidelines (p 23–28)
The video has full screen functionality
           Premium Sampling Ad

           Get free samples of your product into
                                                         Click to get a free sample
           the hands of prospective customers.

           1. Sampling Ads offer a strong, rich
              brand experience and a clear call
              to action.
           2. When a user clicks on a Sampling
              Ad, they are shown an interstitial
              page that lets them select a product
              type and confirm their shipping
              information. Within the interstitial,
              the user selects a product flavor
              or type and then completes their
              shipping information to receive their     2.
              free sample. All actions hit the user’s
              News Feed generating additional            Pick your flavor, enter your shipping information and get a free sample
              streams of brand awareness.

           Product specifications
           Sampling Ad Production Guidelines (PRE CLICK)

           (25 characters)

                                                                                                                                        Body copy
                                                                                                                                  (135 characters)
           Image Thumbnail
           (110x80 px)

           (25 characters)

           Creative Requirements                           Sampling Ad Unit                            Please refer to video specifications and
           • Title                                         Total size:                                 submission guidelines (p 22)
           • Body copy                                     240 px wide (variable height)               Adheres to Facebook General Advertising
           • Image or video                                                                            Guidelines (p 23–28)
                                                           Sampling + Video Ad Unit
                                                           Total size: 240 px wide (variable height)
                                                           • video has full screen functionality

                                                           Text: Title—25 character maximum
                                                           Body copy—135 character maximum
                                                           Product—25 character maximum
                                                           Image: 110x80 px, 4K .jpg or .gif (must
                                                           submit thumbnail image with video)
                                                           Link: Title and image will link to client
                                                           specified URL
Product specifications
Sampling Ad Production Guidelines (POST CLICK)
(continued from previous page)

(25 characters)                                                                                                  Body copy
                                                                                                           (135 characters)
(110x80 px)

(25 characters)

Creative Requirements                        Sampling Interstitial           Requirements
• Title                                      Total size:                     Text:
• Headline                                   445 px wide (variable height)   Headline—25 character maximum
• Body copy                                                                  Body copy—135 character maximum
• Flavors (interstitial)
• Image or video                                                             Image: 180x130 px, 4K .jpg or .gif
• Shipping Address                                                           Flavor: 1-5 options; 20 character
• Link                                                                       max each
                                                                             Link: Title and image will link to client
                                                                             specified URL
                                                                             Adheres to Facebook General
                                                                             Advertising Guidelines (p 23–28)

Specifications by Ad Types
Premium Video Comment Ad

Share a compelling video about                Users click a thumbnail to play video directly on the ad.
your brand and watch what people              The video plays in the center of the user’s screen, and the
have to say.                                  background is darkened. The user can like the brand as the
                                              video plays, increasing the chances the video will surface in
This ad unit from (RED)™ allows users         their friends’ News Feeds.
to leave inline comments for your video
directly on their Home Pages, where
they view the video. Additionally, users
can like or comment on your video
inline, without interrupting the video.
Comments made by a user’s friends are
seen below the ad, increasing their trust
and propensity to engage with the ad.
The act of commenting or liking is public
and may appear on friends’ News Feeds.

                                            Ad unit courtesy of (RED)™

Product specifications
Video Comment Ad Production Guidelines

Title (25 characters)
Links to Page on Facebook

                                                                                                                         Body copy
                                                                                                                   (135 characters)
Image Thumbnail (110x80 px)
(Plays Video)

                                         Ad unit courtesy of (RED)™

Creative Requirements                    Comment + Video Ad Unit                     Requirements
• Body copy                              Total size:                                 Text:
• Video                                  240px wide (variable height)                Title—25 character maximum,
• Thumbnail                              • the video has full screen functionality   must be name of video on Page
• Facebook Page                                                                      Body copy—135 character maximum
                                                                                     Thumbnail of video:
                                                                                     110x80px, 4K .jpg or .gif
                                                                                     (must submit thumbnail)
                                                                                     Title and image will link to client-
                                                                                     specified URL
                                                                                     Client must have a live, published Page

                                                                                     Please refer to video specifications and
                                                                                     submission guidelines (p 22)
                                                                                     Adheres to Facebook General Advertising
                                                                                     Guidelines (p 23–28)
Premium Ad Specifications

Standard Premium Ads appear on
the Home Page. These Premium Ads
do not have inline actions and do not
generate organic stories anywhere
on the site as Premium Ads with
engagement do.

                                        Image Ad Unit                               Requirements
                                        Total size:                                 Text: Title—25 character maximum
                                        240 px wide (variable height)               Body copy—135 character maximum
                                                                                    Image: 110x80 px, 4K .jpg or .gif (must
                                        Image + Video Ad Unit
                                                                                    submit thumbnail image with video)
                                        Total size: 240 px wide (variable height)
                                        • height of ad unit expands                 Link: Title and image will link to client
                                        • full screen functionality                 specified URL
                                                                                    Page: Client must have a live,
                                                                                    published Page to host video for ad unit
                                                                                    (if applicable)
                                                                                    Please refer to video specifications and
                                                                                    submission guidelines (p 22)
                                                                                    Adheres to Facebook General Advertising
                                                                                    Guidelines (p 23–28)

Marketplace Ad Specifications

Marketplace Ads appear on dashboard
pages (Groups, Links, Applications,

Marketplace Like and Event Ads allow
users to engage with ads in the same
way they interact with other content
on Facebook without leaving the page
they’re viewing. Actions taken within
the ad can generate organic stories on
friends’ home pages.

Marketplace Ads can appear in either
horizontal or vertical layout. In both
cases, Facebook will resize images to fit
the designated size parameters.

Creative Requirements                      Requirements
• Title                                    Text: Title—25 character maximum
• Body copy                                *For Marketplace Like and Event Ads,
• Image                                    the title must be the name of the Page or
• Link                                     Event, up to 35 characters. Pages/Events
                                           with longer names are cut off at 32
                                           characters and an ellipsis is added at the
                                           end. Body text—135 character maximum

                                           Image: 110x80 px, 4K .jpg or .gif
                                           Link: Title and image will link to client
                                           specified URL
                                           No 3rd party view through tracking
                                           Adheres to Facebook General Advertising
                                           Guidelines (p 23–28)

Video Specifications
Video Specifications

Facebook supports high definition video
                                                Video player launches 400 px wide in center of screen for all video
and audio up to 1 GB in size. Your video
                                                plays from Engagement ads, Standard ads and News Feed stories
will be automatically re-sized to fit the
appropriate dimensions of the player
and bandwidth of the user.

File hosting:
Client must have a live Page to host the
video being played in the ad unit
File transfer:
Upload video file directly to client Page
3 minute maximum
File size:
As close to 1 GB as possible,
without exceeding 1 GB
All videos submitted must have audio
                                              Movie Trailers:                                .qt (QuickTime Movie)
Frame rate:                                   Trailers featured in ad unit must be           .vob (DVD Video)
24fps - 30fps                                 green band trailers, approved for
                                                                                             .wmv (Windows Media Video
Resolution:                                   all audiences and meet Facebook
                                              Advertising Guidelines. Red band trailers      .mov (QuickTime Movie)
Standard recommended resolution is
1280 x 720 pixels. Height can vary, but we    can be posted to client’s Facebook             .mp4 (MPEG-4 Video)
highly recommend 1280 px width.               Page, but not used within the ad unit.         .flv (Flash Video)
                                              Acceptable Formats:                            .3g2 (Mobile Video)
Facebook requires that all video be
submitted in high definition.                                                                 .3gp (Mobile Video)
                                              .mpe (MPEG Video)
                                                                                             .3gpp (Mobile Video)
*If playing HD in ad unit, the width of the   .mpeg (MPEG Video)
                                                                                             .asf (Windows Media Video)
video may be no less than 1280 px, and        .mpeg4 (MPEG-4 Video)
                                                                                             .avi (AVI Video)
the video must not be letterboxed.            .nsv (Nullsoft Video)
Recommended: 2-channel stereo audio                                                          .m4v (MPEG-4 Video)
at 44.1Khz sample rate.                       .ogm (Ogg Format)
                                                                                             .mkv (Matroska Format)

Advertising Guidelines
Advertising Guidelines

At Facebook, we believe that every part of our site, including the ads,
should contribute to and be consistent with the overall user experience.
Thus, we are committed to protecting our user experience by keeping the
site clean, consistent and free from misleading advertising. We believe
that we can help transform existing advertising into messages that are
tailored to the individual user based on how his or her friends interact and
affiliate with the brands, music artists and businesses they care about.

The following guidelines apply to all ads appearing on Facebook, including
ads within canvas pages of Facebook Platform applications. In addition,
all advertising on Facebook must comply with the Privacy Policy and
Statement of Rights and Responsibilities. Advertising appearing within
applications on the Facebook Platform must comply with all additional
Facebook Platform Policies. Facebook reserves the right to reject or
remove advertising that we deem contrary to our ad philosophy. These
guidelines are subject to change at any time and Facebook may waive
any of these guidelines at its discretion.

For further information, please visit

1. Accounts                                       3. Facebook references                               c. Ads must not include unsubstantiated
                                                                                                          claims, including but not limited to
   a. Advertisers cannot create or manage            a. The following conditions apply to all ads
                                                                                                          prices, discounts or product availability.
      multiple Facebook accounts for                     that have a Facebook Page, application,
                                                                                                       d. Ads must not insult, harass, or threaten
      advertising purposes unless given                  event, group, or Connect site as its
                                                                                                          a user.
      permission by Facebook to do so.                   destination, except as otherwise
                                                                                                       e. Ads must not contain audio that
   b. Advertisers cannot programmatically                specifically permitted to those subject
                                                                                                          plays automatically, without a user’s
      automate the creation of accounts                  to the Branding and Promotion Policy
                                                                                                          interaction. Any automated animation
      or ads unless given permission by                  section of the Platform Policies:
                                                                                                          must cease after 15 seconds and must
      Facebook to do so.                             i. Ads may make limited references to
                                                                                                          not replay.
                                                         “Facebook” in its title, body, or image
2. Landing pages / Destination URLs                      for the purposes of clarifying the         5. Prohibited Content
   a. Ads that contain a URL or domain in                destination of the ad;
                                                     ii. Ads cannot imply any endorsement of          a. Ads must not be false, misleading,
      the body must link to that same URL or
                                                         the product, service, or ad destination           fraudulent, or deceptive.
                                                         by Facebook.                                 b. Ads will not be permitted in cases where
   b. Ads must send users to the same
                                                     b. All other ads, destination ads, and                a business model or practice is deemed
      landing page when the ad is clicked.
                                                         landing pages must adhere to the                  unacceptable or contrary to Facebook’s
   c. Landing pages cannot generate a pop-
                                                         following restrictions:                           overall advertising philosophy.
      up (including “pop-overs” and “pop-
                                                     i. Ads cannot mention or refer to                c. Ads, or categories of ads, which receive
      unders”) when a user enters or leaves
                                                         Facebook, its site or its brand in any            a significant amount of negative user
      the page.
                                                         manner, including in the title, body,             feedback, or are otherwise deemed in
   d. Landing pages cannot use “fake” close
                                                         image, or destination URLs;                       violation of community standards will
      behavior (ie. when a user clicks the
                                                     ii. Ads cannot use Facebook logos,                    not be permitted.
      ‘close’ icon on the page, the page should
                                                         trademarks, or site terminology              d. Ads must not contain, facilitate,
      close down and no other behavior
                                                         (including but not limited to Facebook,           promote, or reference the following:
      should result).
                                                         The Facebook, FacebookHigh, FBook, FB,       i. Offensive, profane, vulgar, obscene or
   e. Landing pages cannot utilize “mouse
                                                         Poke, Wall, and other company graphics,           inappropriate language;
      trapping” whereby the advertiser does
                                                         logos, designs, or icons);                   ii. Obscene, defamatory, libelous,
      not allow users to use their browser
                                                         iii. Facebook site features cannot                slanderous and/or unlawful content;
      “back button” and traps them on
                                                         be emulated.                                 iii. Tobacco products;
      their site and/or present any other
                                                                                                      iv. Ammunition, firearms, paintball guns, bb
      unexpected behavior (for example:
                                                  4. Ad Copy and Image Content                             guns, or weapons of any kind;
      navigation to another ad or page).the
                                                                                                      v. Gambling, including without limitation,
      landing page or in the ad, except to           a. Ads must directly relate to the
                                                                                                           any online casino, sports books, bingo,
      enable an ecommerce transaction and               content on the landing page.
                                                                                                           or poker without authorization from
      where the ad and landing page clearly          b. Ads must clearly represent the
      indicate that a product is being sold.            company, product, or brand that is
                                                                                                      vi. Scams, illegal activity, or chain letters;
                                                        being advertised. Products or services
                                                                                                      vii. Contests and sweepstakes unless given
                                                        promoted in the ad must be directly
                                                                                                           permission by Facebook to do so; if
                                                        available on the landing page.
                                                                                                           permission is given, you are subject to
                                                                                                           Facebook’s Promotions Guidelines;
 viii. Get rich quick and other money              xx.   Content that depicts a health condition       i.   the Relationship Status targeting
        making opportunities that offer                  in a derogatory or inflammatory way                 parameter must be utilized and set to
        compensation for little or no                    or misrepresents a health condition in             Single;
        investment, including “work from                 any way.                                      ii. the Sex targeting parameter must be
        home” opportunities positioned as                                                                   utilized and a single value of Male or
        alternatives to part-time or full-time   6. Data and Privacy                                        Female must be selected;
        employment or promises of monetary           a. You may not give data you receive              iii. the Age targeting parameter must be
        gain with no strings attached;                  from us to any third party, including ad            utilized and the age range selected
 ix. Adult content, including nudity,                   networks.                                           must start at least at 18 years old;
        sexual terms and/or images of people         b. Unless authorized by us, your ads may          iv. the Interested In targeting parameter
        in positions or activities that are             not display user data -- such as users’             must be utilized and a single value of
        excessively suggestive or sexual, or            names or profile photos -- whether that              either Men or Women must be selected.
        provocative images in violation of              data was obtained from Facebook or
        community standards;                                                                        8. Prices, discounts, and free offers
 x.     Adult friend finders or dating sites          c. You may not use user data you receive           a. Ads cannot be deceptive or fraudulent
        with a sexual emphasis;                         from us or collect through running an               about any offer made.
 xi. Adult toys, videos, or other adult                 ad, including information you derive            b. If an ad includes a price, discount,
        products;                                       from your targeting criteria, for any               or ‘free’ offer,
 xii. Uncertified pharmaceutical products;               purpose off of Facebook, without user           i. the destination URL for the ad must
 xiii. Spy cams or surveillance equipment;              consent.                                            link to a page that clearly and accu-
 xiv. Web-based non-accredited colleges                                                                     rately offers the exact deal the ad has
        that offer degrees;                                                                                 displayed;
                                                 7. Targeting
 xv. Inflammatory religious content;                                                                     ii. the ad must clearly state what action
 xvi. Politically religious agendas and/or          a.  Any targeting of ads based on a user                or set of actions is required to qualify
        any known associations with hate,              attribute, such as age, gender, location,            for the offer.
        criminal and/or terrorist activities;          or interest, must be directly relevant
 xvii. Content that exploits political agendas         to the offer, and cannot be done by a        9. Subscription Services
        or uses “hot button” issues for                method inconsistent with privacy and
                                                       data policies.                                  a.    The advertisement of Subscription
        commercial use regardless of whether
                                                    b. Ads with adult themes, including                     Services must comply with the
        the advertiser has a political agenda;
                                                       contraception, sex education, and                    conditions noted below and as
 xviii. Hate speech, whether directed at an
                                                       health conditions must be targeted                   determined by Facebook in its sole
        individual or a group, and whether
                                                       to individuals at least 18 years old.                discretion. “Subscription Services” may
        based upon the race, sex, creed,
                                                       Platform ads should do this via                      include sites that promote download-
        national origin, religious affiliation,
                                                       Demographic Restrictions, not by                     ing ringtones, games, or other enter-
        marital status, sexual orientation,
                                                       obtaining user data.                                 tainment services or any site that
        gender identity, or language of such
                                                    c. Ads for dating sites, services, or related           induces a user to sign up for recurring
        individual or group;
                                                       content must follow these targeting                  billing of a product or service.
xix. Content that advocates against
                                                       criteria (does not apply to ads on              i.   The ad must clearly state what action or
       any organization, person, or group
                                                       Facebook Platform):                                  set of actions is required to qualify for
       of people, with the exception of
                                                                                                            the offer. If the user must subscribe to a
       candidates running for public office;

       service, the service and offer require-    10. Ads for Alcoholic Beverages                       g. It is recommended that the ad creative
       ments must both be stated in the ad.                                                                contain text that promotes drinking
                                                     a. Ads must be targeted to people 21 years
ii.    The recurring subscription must be                                                                  responsibly, eg. “Drink Responsibly” or
                                                        old or older in the US, 19 years old or
       consistent with what is promoted in                                                                 “Drink Smart”.
                                                        older in Canada, 18 years old or older in
       the ad copy.
                                                        the UK and Ireland, and 21 years old or      11. Copyrights and trademarks
iii.   At a minimum, the promoted website
                                                        older everywhere else. All Facebook
       must clearly and accurately display the                                                          a. Ads cannot include any content that
                                                        Pages viewer restrictions must be set at
       price and billing interval (such as per                                                             infringes upon the rights of any third
                                                        21+ regardless of the country they are in
       week or once per month) on the landing                                                              party, including copyright, trademark,
                                                        or targeted to. In the case where a user’s
       page as well as any page that prompts a                                                             privacy, publicity or other personal or
                                                        age cannot be determined, the ad
       user for Personally Identifiable                                                                     proprietary right.
                                                        cannot be displayed to the user in
       Information (such as name, date of                                                               b. The advertiser must have intellectual
                                                        question. (Does not apply to applica-
       birth, phone number, social security                                                                property rights to the creative and be
                                                        tions on Facebook Platform.)
       number, physical addresses, or email                                                                permitted to display such creative as
                                                     b. Ads cannot include content that might
       addresses) or billing information                                                                   advertising on the Facebook Site.
                                                        appeal to (or mislead) minors by
       (including, but not limited to, mobile
                                                        implying that the consumption of
       phone number or credit card number).                                                             12. Spam
                                                        alcoholic beverages is fashionable or
iv.    If users sign up for the service by
                                                        the accepted course of behavior for             a. Ads cannot contain, facilitate or
       transmitting a code by text message,
                                                        those who are underage.                            promote ‘spam’ or other advertising or
       the price and billing interval must be
                                                     c. Ads cannot include or target any person            marketing content that violates
       clearly and prominently displayed
                                                        under the legal drinking age in the                applicable laws, regulations or industry
       beside the code.
                                                        region the ad appears, or be suggestive            standards.
v.     If the service is a subscription, the
                                                        of the presence of those who are                b. Incentives
       website must provide a prominent
                                                        underaged. Additionally, ads appearing          i. Ads cannot offer incentives to viewers
       opt-in checkbox or other clear mecha-
                                                        in applications on Facebook Platform               for clicking on the ad, for submitting
       nism indicating that the user know-
                                                        must adhere to the Platform Policies               Personally Identifiable Information
       ingly accepts the price and subscription
                                                        Alcohol Content Policy.                            (such as name, date of birth, phone
       service. This should be on the first page
                                                     d. Ads cannot portray or promote                      number, social security number,
       where the user enters personal data,
                                                        intoxication.                                      physical addresses, or email addresses),
       and the user should not be able to
                                                     e. Ads cannot induce people to consume                or for performing any other tasks.
       proceed without opting in.
                                                        alcohol in excess, make references to
vi.    All of the foregoing items should be
                                                        the intoxicating effects of alcohol,
       located in a prominent place on your
                                                        depict activities that encourage
       webpage, as determined by Facebook in
                                                        excessive consumption or that
       its sole discretion, and should be easy
                                                        encourage drinking at a rapid rate, or
       to find, read, and understand.
                                                        suggest the strength of the alcoholic
                                                        beverage being advertised.
                                                     f. Ads cannot promote any giveaways as a
                                                        reward for purchasing the alcoholic
13. Downloads                                       15. Grammar, sentence structure, spelling,        18. Symbols
                                                        and spacing
   a. Ads must not contain or link directly or                                                           a. The use of all symbols, numbers, or
        indirectly to a site that contains             a. Ad text must be grammatically correct               letters must adhere to the true
        spyware/malware downloads, whether                and contain proper sentence structure.              meaning of the symbol.
        initiated automatically or manually by         b. Ad text must be in complete sentences.         b. Ads cannot contain repeated and
        the user, or other auto-initiated              c. Ads cannot include excessive repetition             unnecessary symbols
        downloads.                                        (such as “buy, buy, buy”).                     c. Symbols cannot be used for the
   b. Ads cannot contain or link to a site that        d. Ads must use correct spelling.                      following:
        facilitates or promotes:                       e. Ad text must include grammatically             i. To substitute for letters (e.g. “$ave”
   i. Collection of demographic and usage                 correct spacing.                                    instead of “save”);
        information from a user’s computer                                                               ii. To substitute for entire words (e.g. “&”
        without the user’s express consent;         16. Capitalization                                        instead of “and” or “$” instead of “cash/
   ii. Collection or request of Facebook               a. Ads must use proper, grammatically                  dollars/money”);
        usernames or passwords from any user;             correct capitalization (such as                iii. As unnecessary abbreviations to
   iii. Proxying Facebook usernames or                    capitalizing the first letter of all                 shorten character count (e.g. “w/”
        passwords for the purpose of automat-             proper nouns and capitalizing the title             instead of “with” or “@” instead of “at”).
        ing logins to the Facebook site;                  of the ad).                                    d. Symbols may be used for the following:
   iv. Any software that results in an                 b. Ads cannot include excessive                   i. If the symbol is part of the product or
        unexpected user experience, including             capitalization (such as “FREE”) or                  brand name;
        but not limited to software which (1)             incorrect capitalization (such as              ii. If the $ symbol is paired with a dollar
        “sneaks” onto a user’s system and                 capitalizing the first letter of every               amount (e.g. “Save $100 today”);
        performs activities hidden to the user,           word in a sentence).                           iii. If the # symbol is used for comparative
        (2) may alter, harm, disable or replace        c. Acronyms may be capitalized.                        phrases (e.g. “Voted the #1 site by NY
        any hardware or software installed on                                                                 Times”).
        user’s computer without                     17. Punctuation
        express permission from the user, (3) is
                                                        a.  Ads must include logical, correct
        bundled as a hidden component of
        other software whether free or for fee,
                                                        b. Ads cannot contain repeated and
        (4) automatically downloads without
                                                           unnecessary punctuation (such as
        Facebook’s express prior approval, (5)
                                                           “Buy now!!!”).
        presents any download dialog boxes
                                                        c. All complete sentences (including if the
        without a user’s express action, or (6)
                                                           ad title is a complete sentence) must
        may violate or infringe upon the
                                                           end with a single punctuation mark.
        intellectual property rights of any third
                                                           Sentences cannot end with ellipses,
        party, including copyright, trademark,
                                                           dashes, etc.
        patent or any other proprietaryright.
                                                        d. Exclamation points cannot be used
                                                           in the title of any ad.
       The following sections do not apply to
       ads on Facebook Platform

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