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					My curiosity on the natural phenomena urged me to seek extensive knowledge on the
principles that govern them. Thanks to this immense curiosity, I have had a very successful
academic education so far. Ranking 2nd out of 1.5 million candidates in national university
entrance examination granted me a wide range of opportunities for satisfying my curiosity. I
have chosen Sabanci University because of its interdisciplinary scientific education and have
been accepted with a full honor scholarship. I realized that the core of the interdisciplinary
study originates from Materials Science and Engineering; also Materials Science is eminently
a core science that investigates the basic principles in nature. Combination of these two
distinctive qualifications of Materials Science promoted it to be the best major choice for my
scientific inquisitiveness. For gaining extensive scientific insight on my major, I have selected
Physics as my minor. In long term, I plan to delve more into Materials Science in terms of
academic studies.

To be more specific, the nanoscale phenomena of materials interest me most. Its direct
relation to the understanding of the fundamental principles gives a chance to manipulate them.
In that sense, I intensely interest on the electronic, optical properties of the nanoscale
materials. The opportunity of engineering band gaps or creating multiple excitons and
designing novel devices motivates me tremendously. To equip necessary skills for crucial
research capability on these topics, I have taken a wide range of physics and electronics
courses as well as materials science courses. Especially Semiconductor Devices,
Microelectronics Fabrication, Optoelectronics and upcoming graduate level Integrated Optics
and Optoelectronics courses grant me the opportunity to have first-hand experience on both
clean room practical skills and modeling of electronic and photonic devices. Thanks to the
Physics minor, I have got a clear understanding of my scope of research area.

From the summer of 2004 to spring of 2005, I have worked on colloidal synthesis and
characterization of metal nanoparticles under supervision of Asst. Prof. Cleva Ow-Yang. We
have accomplished controlled synthesis of gold and silver nanoparticles with various shapes
and sizes. Also, characterization of these nanoparticles intensely investigated through SEM,
FTIR and UV-Vis spectroscopy. This project gave the initial experience and insight for
further projects on nanoscale materials.

With the inspiration and insight of my initial project, I have deeply investigated nearly the
whole literature on synthesis of metal and semiconductor nanocrystals, their quantum
mechanics and their optical and electronic device applications in the summer 2005.
Eventually, I have decided to delve into quantum dots electronics and optoelectronics in my
two semester long graduation project. Under the supervision of Asst. Prof. Cleva Ow-Yang
and Asst. Prof. Cem Ozturk, modeling and fabrication of quantum dot optoelectronics devices
became my graduation project objectives. Investigation of controlled assembly of colloidal
PbSe quantum dots, modeling and fabrication of EL device, 2D waveguide and quantum dot
laser structures for 1.55 μm telecommunication wavelength are the prior goals of the this
project. The advantages of the colloidal quantum dots device applications over lattice-
mismatched epitaxial quantum dots applications are clearly the low fabrication costs and
better control on nanocrystal shapes which means better control over optical and electronic
properties. That’s why, we intended to research on colloidal quantum dot applications.

Parallel to my graduation project, I have joined another project on blue ZnO nanocrystals
again under supervision of Asst. Prof. Cleva Ow-Yang. The controlled assembly, surface
functionalization and optical properties of ZnO are being investigated in the first phase.
Further stages of project will include fabrication and modeling of various photonic devices
based on these UV blue ZnO nanocrystals similarly to my graduation project. This project is
also submitted to MRS Spring 2006 meeting.

Different from these projects, I also worked on various topic on Materials Science such as
Superhydrophobic Polymer Surfaces & Nanoparticles and Coarse Grained Network Models
for Metals. Thanks to these various projects, I got a wide range of experience on both
practical skills and theoretical perception. Additionally, I have the chance to have first hand
experience on diverse characterization techniques that have been provided by Sabanci
University. I think the combination of my science curiosity and these experiences leads me to
a more successful academic career. The satisfaction of trying to solve the problems and
developing theories on the scientific data that I have been is refutably my main motivation in
academic sense. It’s like solving puzzles which are not like any other puzzle encountered
before. That’s why, I have decided to seek further academic study. Of course, in order to
solve the mysteries and puzzles of these phenomena, I have to have the necessary research
skills. I definitely believe that I have the courage and experience to accomplish my goals as
I’ve been stated earlier.