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									ASSUMPTION CHURCH, WOOD RIDGE, NJ                                                                                 August 21, 2011
21      Sunday in Ordinary Time
                                                                     the memorial for Francis X Rieger, Esq., a generous
Friars’ Corner                                                       benefactor to Assumption Parish, so that all religious symbols
                                                                     are respectfully settled into new places where we can express
Dear Parishioners,                                                   who we are as a welcoming faith community under the
                                                                     protection of Our Blessed Lady. If any parishioner is aware of
         May the Lord‟s peace be with you today. There are           people who gave to the original construction project and
two words that are important because they become the                 wishes to be involved in the transfer of our symbols of
foundation of trust. Those two words are transparency and            religious faith, they should make themselves known to me by
accountability. As your pastor, you need to know how and             contacting Kathy Savino at the parish office so they can be
where we stand regarding the many areas of parish life for           informed of progress on these matters.
which Fr. Julian, Bro Paul, the deacons, and I have been
charged spiritually and temporally. As a parish, we have                       We‟ve contacted roofers to give us estimates for
entered a planning process, the first phase of which is listening    work on the gutters of the Church and drain clearing around
to the parishioners, members of the broader community                the Church so that future damage can be avoided to the
[police and volunteer fire fighters].                                Church structure. We‟ve had some minor vandalism with
                                                                     graffiti and other material that has been left around Church
          We have been and will continue to do this listening to     property. The police have been notified and are investigating
our community. This process will continue through mid                these matters. Slowly but surely we‟re moving and using our
October when we will share what we‟ve heard in                       limited resources from the maintenance collection to take care
questionnaire form that will include a place for your                of these much needed repairs that challenge us every day.
comments and suggestions on areas covered or missed. Fr.
Julian prepared a color chart, which I have included in this                   Our collections have been down as many of you have
week‟s bulletin for your review. When these questionnaires           seen in the weekly reports. I hope this is a reflection of the
are collated and organized, we will have presentations for all       fact that families have been on vacation and not because
of you at times we hope are convenient. For instance, one            we‟ve failed to minister to your needs. I realize as your pastor
session will occur at noon for seniors who may find this a           that many things around the Church fall to me to get it done. I
better time to leave the house to give us feedback. Those who        can‟t do this alone. I‟m first and foremost a friar, priest,
are part of our working families may find the early evening,         psychologist and now pastor. My gifts are limited. In the
7–8 p.m., more convenient. Our young people may find                 congregation there are others who can help me…to help us.
Saturday morning or early Sunday afternoon better. Once              For now this is how I‟ve been spending my time on your
these town meetings are complete, we intend to put a plan            behalf. Where there have been spiritual needs for anointing of
together to meet the spiritual and social needs of Assumption        the sick, home visits and care for the organizations entrusted
parish that reflect current needs. We will review the mission        to us (the Knights, Rosary Society, Secular Franciscans and
statement, my vision and programs that will have to be tied to       others), what I can honestly say is we‟re trying. Many nights I
the budget and human resources available to us.                      don‟t go to bed until 12:30 a.m. and am up again by 6:30 a.m.
                                                                     Please help me with your patience and you‟re willingness to
         Regarding finances and repair of facilities, I have         take responsibility for making Assumption Parish work. We
asked for help from the Knights and parishioners with talents        have all the gifts in our midst to make it happen. Let‟s pull the
in plumbing to take care of some immediate repairs, e.g.,            cart together in service to Our Lord and one another.
replacement of old toilets in the friary, clearing of gutters, and
getting bids on projects such as the gutters on the Church that                                 Fr. Rich Mucowski, OFM
overflowed with our recent rainfall. Our bills still have to be                                 Pastor
paid based on our commitments to the care of facilities and the
cost of services for staff and those we hire to care for where
we worship, where we teach, and how we take care of the real                NEXT SUNDAY‟S SCRIPTURE READINGS
needs of people in our community. That‟s the process we will                 First Reading: Jeremiah 27:7-9
follow.                                                                      Second Reading:Romans 12:1-2
                                                                             Gospel:        Matthew 16:21-27
          I‟ve met with our Mayor/State Senator, Paul Sarlo
and Chris Eilert, our Borough Manager. Mayor Sarlo and his
family are parishioners, who are keenly aware of the needs of        The Gifts of Bread and Wine being consecrated at all our
Wood-Ridge, and our parish. Negotiations between the                 Masses this week have been donated in memory or honor
Archdiocese, Fr. Brian as our representative, and the Borough        of:
began once we learned that the school would close and we                       Sanctuary Lamp – Alfonse del Guercio
were left with few options. What was begun almost a year and             Mass Candles – Veronica Pfeifer – 2nd Anniversary
a half ago is now coming to completion. We hope to conclude
this arrangement by the early part of October, around the time
of the Pastoral Installation. We‟re trying to set up meetings                           Intercessions for Life
with the families who are primary donators of the Blessed            For all of our bishops, priests and deacons, that they will
Mother statue, the grotto and 10 Commandments, and                   continue to preach the Gospel of Life. We pray to the Lord.
                                                                      Let the Children Come to Me…
                                                                                  Matthew 19:13 – 14

                                                              Registration for Assumption Parish Religious Education
Sunday (Aug. 21)                                              continues.
       5:30 PM            + Mary & Martin Fitzpatrick         Registration forms and fees for Religious Education Classes
       8:00 AM            + Veronica Raleigh                  should be mailed in this week. Any questions, please call
       9:30 AM            Peter & Marie Gallo –
                                                              (201) 933 -6118 (Hayes Center).
                          40th Wedding Anniversary
        11:00 AM          + Ralph & Marie J. Sarro
Monday (Aug. 22)                                                                      Food Pantry
        7:30 AM           + Heins Family                                              Peace and All Good! Just imagine if
Tuesday (Aug. 23)                                                                     everyone reading this or hearing about
        7:30 AM           + Mary T. Gotha                                             it brought just one item to Mass next
Wednesday (Aug. 24)                                                                   weekend. Our shelves are quite bare.
        7:30 AM           + Quido Trause – 6th Anniversary                            Please be generous.
Thursday (Aug. 25)                                                                        Tuna, Stew and Beverages
        7:30 AM           +Camille Trause - 1st Anniversary
Friday (Aug. 26)
        7:30 AM           + Rita M. Brennan – 3rd Anniv.                                       Stay Connected
Saturday (Aug. 27)                                                                  When you or someone you know is
        7:30 AM           + Marie D‟Angelo – 7th Anniv.                             hospitalized or is going to the hospital for
        5:30 PM           + Elizabeth Wojciehowski                                  surgery or is ill and homebound and
Sunday, (Aug. 28)                                                                   wishes to celebrate the Sacrament of
        8:00 AM           + Agnes Kennedy, Anne Kennedy.                            Anointing of the Sick or a visit from one
                          + Mary Buckley                                            of the Friars or one of the Deacons, please
        9:30 AM           + Peter & John Flaherty             feel free to contact the friary/rectory 201-438-5555.
        11:00 AM          All Parishioners
                                                                                  “For the gifts and the call of God are
                                                                                  irrevocable.” – Romans 11:29
                                                                                  God has a special mission in mind for each
                                                                                  of us and He has given us the gifts that we
Sat., Aug. 27, 5:30 p.m.                                                          need to accomplish that mission. We are
Lectors           P. Baghdo                                                       called to be good stewards by using the gifts
Eucharist         Deacon F. Materia; M. Spies;                                    that God has given us to do the work that
                  B. Grattagliano                                                 God has planned for us alone. If we deny
Servers           Cathy Grundling; Ryan Morano                our gifts or fail to use them as God calls us to use them, then
Sun., Aug. 28, 8:00 a.m.                                      some part of God‟s work will be left undone.
Lector            R. Rance
Eucharist         B. Meaney; G. Goontileke; F. Elliott
Servers           Colleen Cribben; Andrew Zoltowski           Pro Life Corner
Sun., Aug. 28, 9:30 a.m.                                      "Nobody is a nobody; nobody is unwanted. All are wanted by
Lectors           C. Materia                                  God, and therefore to be respected, protected, and cherished
Eucharist         E. Sullivan; A. Musella; E. Marasciulo      by us." This quote is a concise summary of our pro-life
Servers           Domenick Gadaleta; Taylore Mastbeth         beliefs. (Fr. Richard Neuhaus)
Sun., Aug. 28, 11:00 a.m.                                      That the seeds of truth sown by pro-life people may find
Lectors           D. Materia                                  deep roots in the hearts of those with ears to hear, we pray.
Eucharist         A. Giuseffi; G. Delfino; C. Trause
Servers           Lauren Baghdo; Sarah Baghdo                                    Every Friday from 8:30 – 9:30 AM, we
                                                                                 join together in a holy hour of prayer.
                                                                                 Please join us in lifting our minds and
      THOSE WHO ARE SICK, ESPECIALLY                                             hearts to our heavenly Father. Prayer is the
Joan McKenna, Marilyn Loveridge, Angela Baratta Lewis,        best way to help this troubled world. Please make every
Christopher Ravinello, Madeline Leger, the Salvador family,   effort to join us.
Mary McMahon, Daniel Attilio, Patricia Tomaszewski; Robert
Metzger; Dominick Grattagliano                                                  Spend time with Jesus at Mother of Mercy
                                                                                Chapel, Corpus Christi Church. This special
                                                                                time with the Blessed Sacrament will enrich
                                                                                and grace your life. The chapel is open
                                                                                Monday through Friday, Noon to Midnight.
                                                                    Fr. Paul Goodbye and Thank You - Sunday, November
                                                                    20th following the 11:00 mass, there will be a “meet and greet”
                                                                    in the Fr. Pat Morris Hall where coffee, juice, cake and buns
For anyone who has lost a loved one, Assumption Parish              will be served. All are invited. At 1:00 p.m. a pasta luncheon,
offers Bereavement Counseling. Please call the Friary,              hosted by the Knights of Columbus, will be served in the
201-438-5555, and leave your name & phone number.                   school cafeteria. Due to space limitations, this will be limited
Suggested readings from the Newark Archdiocese                      to 200. Tickets will be available after October 8th on a first-
Bereavement Group:                                                  request basis.
    1. The Purpose Driven Life – Rick Warren
    2. From Hurting To Happy – Barbara Bartocci                     Please save the dates for any or all of these parish events.
    3. I Wasn‟t Ready to Say Goodbye – Brook Noel                   Please call event chairman Jack Nagel (201) 641-2803 or e-
    4. Seasons of Hope – Donna Mac Leod – Ava Maria                 mail with any questions. Also, additional
         Press                                                      adult help will be needed for each event (set up and clean up,
    5. Grief, Dying, Death – Therese Rando                          barbecue cooks, serving, etc) Confirmation candidates or
    6. Lift Up Your Hearts – Maureen O‟Brien                        Catholic high school students who need service hours may
    7. The New Day Journal – Dr. Alan Wolfelt                       also volunteer by contacting the above.
    8. Living With Loss – Grief Digest                              The committee members want to express their sincere thanks
Continuing the Journey and other books on grief are in the          to Mr. John Podesta for his generous financial contributions in
back of the church. Please feel free to pick one up.                support of these 3 parish events.

  8th Graders and their families interested in attending a                               Reservation Form
          Catholic High School in September 2012                    Fr. Brian Good-bye Party Sat., Sept. 24th
The Cooperative Admissions Examination for participating            Number attending __________
Catholic high schools in the Archdiocese of Newark will be
                                                                    Fr. Rich Installation Party Sun., Oct. 2nd
administered on Fri., Nov. 11, 2011. Application forms and
                                                                    Number attending __________
handbooks for this test and a list of all Catholic high schools
and     admission     requirements       are    available    at     Name ____________________________ or email                     Contact info _______________________
Questions: contact 1-888-921-2667 or                     Drop off at the Friary or give to any usher.

                     Sacrificial Giving                                                        Pre-Cana for Engaged Couples
              Year to-Year Comparison Totals                                                 Our parish will be offering a full day
             Aug. 15, 2010      Aug. 14, 2011                                                pre-Cana program on Sunday,
              $5,618.00           $5,222.00                                                  October 16th following the 11:00
                      Last Week‟s Donations                                                  a.m. Mass and ending approximately
         Recordable Donations                 Number of Envelopes
                                                                                             at 7 p.m. A light lunch will be
         $100.00 +                                      7
                                                                                             served followed by refreshments
           50.00 +                                     12
                                                                                             throughout the day. All engaged
           35.00 +                                     10
                                                                    couples who will be married within the next year should
           25.00 +                                     34
                                                                    consider attending. For more information or if you wish to
           20.00 +                                     60
                                                                    sign up, please contact Marie Gallo at 201-288-0276.
           15.00 +                                     26
           10.00 +                                     78
            5.00 +                                     73           The Office of Family Life Ministries of the Archdiocese of
            1.00-4.00                                  21           Newark sponsors two support groups for Parents Grieving the
                                                                    Death of a Child. Groups meet year round on the first
Upcoming Parish Events - PLEASE NOTE - There                        Wednesday of each month at St. Thomas the Apostle Parish
have been a few changes from the original plans for                 Center, 60 Byrd Ave., Bloomfield, NJ and on the third
the 3 big parish events being planned for the fall.                 Monday of each month at St. Peter the Apostle Parish Center,
                                                                    445 Fifth Ave., River Edge. There is no registration and there
Fr. Brian Farewell Party - Fr. Brian will return for the 5: 30      is no fee. All meetings begin at 7:30 p.m. For further
mass on Saturday, September 24th. Following mass, a                 information, please call Office of Family Life at 973-497-4327
complete buffet dinner will be held in the Fr. Pat Morris Hall.     or email
All are invited to attend. Reservations may be dropped off at
the Friary or give to any usher.

Fr. Rich Installation – Sunday, October 2nd at the 11:00
mass, Fr. Richard Mucowski will be installed as our new
pastor. After mass the annual blessing of the animals will be
held followed by a parish barbecue. All (especially children)
are invited to attend.
An Annulment Information Evening is scheduled for                   Twenty-first Sunday in Ordinary Time
Tuesday, September 13 at Our Lady of Sorrows, 217
Prospect St., South Orange, NJ, starting at 7:30 p.m. A staff       Sunday
member of the Tribunal of the Archdiocese of Newark will            Is 22:19-23; Rom 11:33-36; Mt 16:13-20
provide basic information about annulments; the requirements        Monday
for annulments, and how to begin the process of petitioning         1 Thes 1:1-5, 8b-10; Mt 23:13-22
for an annulment. There will be an opportunity for questions        Tuesday
at the end of the session. Pre-registration is not necessary. For   1 Thes 2:1-8; Mt 23:23-26
directions, please call the parish at 973-763-5454.                 Wednesday
                                                                    Rv 21:9b-14; Jn 1:45-51
                              Bingo at Assumption!                  1 Thes 3:7-13; Mt 24:42-51
                              Don‟t forget, Wednesday and           Friday
                              Friday nights:     Wednesdays,        1 Thes 4:1-8; Mt 25:1-13
                              doors open at 5:30 p.m.; first        Saturday
                              game at 7:30 p.m. Fridays,            1 Th 4:9-11; Mt 25:14-30
                              doors open at 9:30 p.m.; first
                              game at 10:45 p.m. Come out           HIS WORD TODAY by Rev. William J. Reilly
                              for a fun evening (and help
                              support the parish, too). Hot &       TWENTY-FIRST SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME
                              cold food items are available at      August 21, 2011
                              reasonable cost. Hoping to see
you there!                                                          “Jesus… asked his disciples, „Who do people say that the
                                                                    Son of Man is?‟ They replied, „Some say John the Baptist,
                                                                    others Elijah, still others Jeremiah or one of the prophets.‟
                            We would appreciate that anyone         He said to them, „But who do you say that I am?‟ Simon
                            wishing to place a notice or article    Peter said in reply, „You are the Christ, the Son of the
                            of interest on the church bulletin      living God.‟… „and so I say to you, you are Peter, and
                            boards to clear it first with the       upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of the
                            Friary office before posting them.      netherworld shall not prevail against it. I will give you the
                            Thank you for your understanding        keys of the kingdom of heaven.‟”
                            and cooperation.
                                                                    This conversation in Matthew‟s gospel provides us with a
TWENTY-FIRST SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME                                picture and a promise of the role Peter would one day play.
                                                                    The same Peter who left his fishing nets, who took his eyes off
First Reading: Isaiah 22:19-23                                      Jesus and was about to sink, who would later deny Him in the
This passage refers to the use of authority and indicates the       patio courtyard, is prompted to speak of Jesus as „the Christ‟,
Key as the symbol of authority. The words “open” and “shut”         „the Son of the living God.‟ Although written following the
refer to the power that will eventually be given to Peter.          passion, death and resurrection, Matthew includes this
                                                                    statement earlier in the gospel.

                                                                    It is one thing to know about a person. We learn about them
                                                                    from what others say. We speak of an athlete‟s
                                                                    accomplishments and statistics. We describe the role of a
                                                                    politician and the voting record. We can name hits recorded by
                                                                    an artist. We praise the accomplishments of one serving in
Second Reading: Romans 11:33-36                                     clinics in Haiti, or service to the poor. That is knowing about
Paul writes ecstatic and praise-filled words about God‟s plan       them. It is something more to know a person. Peter helps us
for his people. In him, he writes, “all things are.”                know Jesus by his response to the question „who do you say
                                                                    that I am?‟

                                                                    The keys, often seen in the hands of Peter, are symbols of the
Gospel: Matthew 16:13-20
                                                                    role of our Holy Father today. As successor of Peter, the Vicar
When Jesus asks his disciples, “Who do you say that I am?”
                                                                    of Christ, he continues to carry out the mission entrusted to the
Peter exclaims, “You are the Messiah!” Christ then declares
                                                                    fisherman of Galilee. May we come to know the person of
that Peter is the “Rock” upon which he will build his Church,
                                                                    Jesus more deeply, as we ponder the question „who do you say
promising him the power “to bind” and “to loose.”
                                                                    that I am?‟
              Food Pantry – Monthly Drive

With your assistance, we continue to stock our shelves and to serve the
needy who come every Wednesday morning. We ask that each
parishioner attending Mass next weekend, August 27 and 28, bring at
least one of the following items:

     * Cereals * Jarred Pasta Sauce * Canned Tomatoes
     * Canned Fruit * Juices * Soup * Tuna * Canned Stew
     * Canned Ham (non refrigerated) * Coffee * Tea
     * Peanut Butter/Jelly * Toilet paper * Paper towels
     * Toiletries * Beverages

Money Donations for Supermarket vouchers and purchases are gladly
accepted. Checks should be made out to “SFO–Assumption Fraternity.”
If you choose to purchase vouchers, they should be in the amount of
$5.00 only. Please mark your envelope “Pantry,” and place it in the
collection basket. All bags of donated groceries should be left in the
Church vestibule.

The Secular Franciscans of Assumption Fraternity and the Friars
appreciate your generous prayers and support.
has directed all of your journeying in the desert so as to
                                                                   partaking at the Lord‘s table. This unity is beautifully apparent
test you by affliction and find out whether or not it was
                                                                   from the gestures and postures observed in common by the
your intention to keep his commandments. He then
                                                                   faithful. (GIRM 95-96)
afflicted you with hunger and then fed you with
manna.”… “and is not the bread we eat a sharing in the
body of Christ?”
  First Friday Adoration
           at Assumption Church

              July 1, 2011
               8:30 AM to 9 PM

          Special petitions and prayers are planned:

8:30 – 10:30 AM    Silent Devotion
  10:30 – 11 AM    Franciscan Crown Rosary
  11 AM – 2 PM     Silent Devotion
    2 – 2:30 PM    Recitation of the Holy Rosary (Rosary Society)
    2:30 – 3 PM    Silent Devotion
    3 – 3:30 PM    Divine Mercy Chaplet for the Sick and Dying
 3:30 – 7:30 PM    Silent Devotion
        7:30 PM    Adoration Novena to the Precious Blood of Jesus
7:45 – 8:50 PM     Silent Devotion
       8:50 PM     Closing with Benediction

We adore you, O Christ, and we praise you…
      …Because by Your holy cross,
      You have redeemed the world.

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