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									                    Volume XXI-IV                                                      December 2003
                      To promote high standards of professional integrity for COAOHN through opportunities in
                                                networking and education. 1995


COAOHN Holiday Gathering
     Date:            December 4, 2003
     Location:        Mifflin Township Meeting Hall
                      155 Olde Ridenour Rd, Gahanna OH
     Greeters:        Gayle Rink & Marsha Kuhar
     Time:            6:30 to 8:30 p.m.
     Agenda:          Social Networking
                      Installation of newly elected 2004 COAOHN Officers and Board Members
                      Recognition of Accomplishments and Contributions
                      Love Offering
                                 ―Stand Down‖
                                 Toiletries for the Men’s Shelter
                      Fun, Food and Celebration
                      White Elephant Gift Exchange

Holiday Gathering Meal RSVP
During our December meeting we will be enjoying ―Good Eats by Helen‖. Helen catered our May 2003 meal and the food was
wonderful! Cost of the meal is $10, which will be collected at the door. Please RSVP to Marilyn Gigliotti at home 614-890-7825 or
leave a voice mail message or e-mail by 12 NOON ON MONDAY, DECEMBER 1 .

White Elephant Gift Exchange
Be sure to bring your beautifully wrapped White Elephant gift exchange item to the December meeting. A White Elephant
item should be a treasure that is only beautiful in the eyes of the beholder. It’s that horrendous something that you can’t
believe you own (and would like to be sure that someone else does by the end of the evening!) B e sure to wrap it up in
your finest paper for its new recipient.

                                            Directions to Mifflin Township Meeting Hall
                                                155 Olde Ridenour Rd, Gahanna OH

From the East: Take I-270 East to 62 East. Go straight about 1 mile or two traffic lights to Old Ridenour Rd (you will see a cemetery
on the left). Turn left on Old Ridenour. The Mifflin Township Meeting Hall is about 1/4 mile on the left, just pass the cemetery and
across the street from the golf course.
From the West: Take 670 East, it ends at 62 East so just follow that straight into Gahanna and turn onto Olde Ridenour. The Mifflin
Township Meeting Hall is about 1/4 mile on the left, just pass the cemetery and across the street from the golf course.


                               COAOHN General Membership Meeting. Mifflin Township Meeting Hall. Greeters Carol Clymer &
 January 8, 2004
                                 Marlene Goodenow. Presenting Lois Hall of Starfish Associates on ―Grief to Recovery
                               COAOHN General Membership Meeting. Mifflin Township Meeting Hall. Greeters Marilyn Gigliotti &
 February 5
                                 Patti Rutter.
                               COAOHN General Membership Meeting. Mifflin Township Meeting Hall. Greeters Linda Marshall &
 March 4
                                 Pegi Hazelet.
 March 19-20                   OAOHN Semi-Annual Conference.
                               COAOHN General Membership Meeting. Mifflin Township Meeting Hall. Greeters Sally Hurt &
 April 1
                                 Isabella Treece.
 April 30 – May 7              AOHC, Kansas City
                               COAOHN General Membership Meeting. Location to be announced. Greeters Judy Paul & Marilyn
 May 13

   President                    Nan Migliozzi                 614.466.4183
   1st Vice President           Mary Lou Rauch                  740.929.2015 ext 203
   Directors                    Marsha Kuhar                       614.566.8659
                                Sharon Wycuff                      614.466.8437
                                Isabella Treece                        614.645.3278
                                Doug Hoffman                     888.424.9355
   Secretary                    Marilyn Atchison                 614.466.2188
   Treasurer                    Charlene Buckner                 614.466.4183
   Newsletter Editor            Denise Wesley                     614.794.3476
   AAOHN                                                                  770.455.7757

November 6, 2003
The meeting was called to order at 6:50 p.m. by President Nan Migliozzi at the Mifflin Township Meeting Hall in Gahanna. New
members, first time members and guests were introduced. The clipboards with forms were circulated. President Nan Migliozzi
introduced Mike Velten from Edwards Medical Supplies. Mike and Edwards are responsible for the food here tonight. Mike gave
us some valuable information about Edwards. Then Norma Ryan, R.N., Ph.D. from the Ohio Department of Health spoke about an
upcoming osteoarthritis conference and a survey for our input. The membership in attendance then completed the survey and
returned them.

SECRETARY’S REPORT: The minutes of the October meeting were approved as written.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Will be filed for audit.
October, 2003
Beginning balance $ 3,171.37
Deposits          750.00
Expenses             1,504.18
Ending balance     $ 2,417.19

Beginning balance $ 8,514.18
Deposits         4,803.75
Expenses                     46.00
Interest                  2.19
Ending balance       13,274.12

CD                     $ 10,000.00

Program & Education: Mary Lou Rauch reported the committee is working on
         the January meeting. Marsha Jackson of Ohio Health/Work Health will be getting
         our CE accredited through that company.
By-laws & Procedures: No Report.
Legislation: Marsha Kuhar reported that ONA announced at the recent Ohio Nursing
         Summit that the interstate compact has been added to their legislative platform. OAOHN and the Ohio Board of nursing
         were delighted with this move. It may be the green light to move this legislation forward.
Membership: Patti Rutter indicated that she was in the process of contacting
         local schools of nursing to have their students receive a lecture on occupational health.
Public Relations: Carol Utter moved we give our love offering to “Stand Down”.
         During the world wars the soldiers were taken to a place of safety and provided
         the opportunity to have clean clothes, dentistry, medical care, etc. It was the
         opportunity to “Stand Down”. Today it is a time when the homeless vets and
         others are allowed the same opportunity. After talking with the chairman of the
         activity it was decided that our monetary gift would be most valuable to their
Finance: Charlene Buckner reminded us that the fun bus trip is November 8th. It will be
        a one day trip to the Argosy Casino and Jungle Jim’s. A buffet lunch will be
        provided on the Argosy. Jungle Jim’s will give us a tote bag and provide
        food samples. The pick-up locations this year will be in Pickerington the Wal-
        Mart at 256 & 70 E. and Rt. 13 & 70 E. She encouraged everyone to sign-up and to bring a friend!
Ad Hoc Communication Committee: No Report. Remember information for the
        newsletter or the web page can be submitted to Denise Wesley at

Retirement & Recognition: No Report
AAOHN Report: All members were encouraged to vote. Deadline to vote is
       December, vote either by telephone or electronically.
OAOHN Report: Marilyn Atchison reported that COAOHN had two awards this
       conference. First for the 8th time in a row COAOHN won the Martha Blackburn award. She thanked everyone for their
       willingness to share their talents with the community and keeping our local chapter number one in the state.

        Secondly, Patti Rutter received the OAOHN Otis Clap Award for 2003. This award is given in recognition of an
        outstanding achievement in the occupational health field. Patti received the award for her e-health promotion program at
        Bank One.

        Gayle Rink, OAOHN Nomination Chair talked about the upcoming election. It is important that everyone send their
        membership dues as early as possible. You must be on the January manifest from National to be considered eligible to
        vote. We have two members running for office: Marilyn Atchison for President and Charlene Buckner for Treasurer.
        Gayle would like someone to run for Corresponding Secretary and for the nominations committee.

      COAOHN conference profits for the spring conference were $4,000.00. Way to go Central!! Thanks to Linda Marshall and
      Brenda Barker for their leadership and to all of tour members who worked on and supported the conference. Great job!

     Report of Tellers: Heidi Buckley reported the following tabulations of the elections:
     Forty-nine (49) envelopes were returned. Two were invalid making 47 the eligible number (52%).
     President – Nan Migliozzi
     First Vice-President – Mary Lou Rauch
     Second Vice President – Kristi Fiorella
     Treasurer – Charlene Buckner
     Directors – Pegi Hazelet, Marilyn Gigliotti
     Nominating Committee – Chair – Marsha Jackson, Committee Carol Clymer and Judy Paul
     Many thanks to our tellers: Heidi Buckley (chair), Carole Lugar, and Janet Herbst.
     It was moved by Carol Lugar and seconded by Janet Herbst that the ballots be
     destroyed. The motion passed.

      Remember to vote in the AAOHN election. Voting is your responsibility as a member. Please vote either electronically or
      by phone and support our member, Doug Hoffman. He is running for the position of Director for the South Central/South
      West region.

        Congratulations to John Goodman on his dynamic presentation at the OAOHN Semi-annual conference!

        Board and Committee Chairs – Board Meeting 11/12/03 at Mifflin Township Hall at 6:00 p.m. Everyone who is interested
        is welcome to attend.

Job Opportunities:
       Clinical manager for major healthcare system in central Ohio: contact Denise Fooce, JobPlex - Phone 614-899-2525 x 202

        Ross Products Division of Abbott Laboratories, Medical and Family Leave Coordinator, all interested parties should send
        resume to or fax to the attention of LaVina Branch at 847-935-8757.

        Occupational health nurse manager at a hospital in the central valley of California. Check with Nan Migliozzi if you are
          Contact Isabella Treece for information on a full time position with the City of Columbus.

          Contact Marilyn Atchison for information on an intermittent nurse for the State of Ohio.

Important Dates:
November 8, 2003: COAOHN Annual FUN BUS (bring friends and family and join us on a trip to the Argosy and Jungle Jim’s)
November 12, 2003: COAOHN Board Meeting , Mifflin Township Meeting Hall, Gahanna
December 4, 2003: COAOHN General Membership Meeting and Holiday Gathering
Mifflin Township Meeting Hall, Gahanna
January 8, 2004: COAOHN General Membership Meeting, Mifflin Township Meeting Hall, Gahanna
February 5, 2004: COAOHN General Membership Meeting, Mifflin Township Meeting Hall, Gahanna
March 4, 2004: COAOHN General Membership Meeting, Mifflin Township Meeting Hall, Gahanna
March 19 – 20, 2004: OAOHN Semi-Annual Conference, Healthy Aging Can “Work”, Holiday Inn, Strongsville, OH
April 1, 2004: COAOHN General Membership Meeting, Mifflin Township Meeting Hall, Gahanna
April 30 – May 7, 2004: AOHC, Kansas City
May 13, 2004: COAOHN General Membership Meeting, (Location to be announced)

Thanks to the greeters: Terri Fetherolf and Pat Funderburg.
Thanks to Edwards Medical Supply for the refreshments.
Thanks to Mary Lou Rauch for coordinating the continuing education.
Thanks to Marsha Jackson for obtaining CE credits for tonight’s presentation.

Meeting was adjourned.

Program: H.I.P.A.A. – Jennifer Nickell, J.D., Nationwide Insurance
As 2003 nears an end I would like to share with you some of the things that we as a Chapter have accomplished over the last 11
months. We began this year with some pretty energetic plans. The Board had established 38 objectives for this calendar year. I am
very pleased to be able to report to you that we will have accomplished in full 31 of those objectives by the end of 2003 and 92% of
the objectives will be met to some extent. Only 3 of the objectives remain to be implemented. That represents a phenomenal amount
of work by the Board, Committee Chairs, Committees and our members. Thank you all for working so hard for our Chapter. I am
confident that next year we can meet 100% of the objectives that we establish. Our objectives for 2003 and their status are:

    1.    Review Bylaws and revise as needed – To be completed in 2004
    2.    Review procedures and revise as needed – In process
    3.    Complete financial review for 2002 by 9/30/03 – Met
    4.    Prepare 2004 budget on or before 11/15/03 – Met
    5.    Implement one fundraising activity during year for purpose of increasing long-term savings – Met
    6.    Actively work with OAOHN on legislative issues in Ohio including the Nurse Licensure Compact supported by the National
          Council of State Boards of Nursing – Met
    7.    Encourage NIWI participation – Met
    8.    Provide a brief article to newsletter at least twice concerning legislative issues – Partially met
    9.    Monitor and inform members about state and national bills that affect occupational health nursing practice – Met
    10.   Continue member get – a – member campaign – Met
    11.   Membership committee members meet/phone/e-mail/ follow-up letter to encourage meeting guests and OHN practitioners to
          become COAOHN members (meeting greeters to ID guest for Chair) – Met
    12.   Publish in ShopTalk a running list of new members – Not met
    13.   Update telephone tree – To be completed in 2004
    14.   Implement networking activity two meeting per year – Will be met following December meeting
    15.   Include (either at a meeting or in newsletter) more ―in depth‖ descriptions of the duties of each elected position – Met
    16.   Emphasize to candidates for the Board of Directors the importance of their availability to attend Board meeting in order for
          there to be the quorum necessary to conduct the Chapter’s business – Met
    17.   Increase the percentages of members voting and valid votes – Partially Met
    18.   Plan educational offerings for 2003 – Met
    19.   Provide for our members to have no less than 8 continuing educations hours during 2003 – Met
    20.   Apply for AAOHN Continuing Education Award in 2003 – To be Completed by 12/1/03
    21.   Promote education offerings (newsletter, phone, etc.) – Met
    22.   Continue to support Ronald McDonald House by collection of pop tabs – Met
    23.   Distribute OAOHN brochure to key Occupational and Environmental Health Nursing Markets – Met
    24.   Submit newsletter articles to encourage member participation in Public Affairs’ activities – To be completed
    25.   Conduct a fundraiser for local charities – To be completed in December
    26.   Submit nominees for state and national awards – Met
    27.   Increase member awareness and promote activities represented by Carole Lugar and Martha Blackburn Awards – Met
    28.   Offer recognition, networking, and socializing opportunities specifically for retirees at least annually – Met
      29.   Rectify current problems with server and COAOHN website - Met
      30.   Continue to enhance the COAOHN website – content and format – Met
      31.   Publish nine issues of ShopTalk per year – Met
      32.   Continue electronic distribution of newsletter - Met
      33.   Submit an application for the AAOHN Communications Award – To be completed by 12/1/03
      34.   Establish 2003 goals, regularly assess performance against goals including end of year review of progress and actively
            pursue continuous improvement – Met
      35.   Offer opportunity for retired members to support organization through volunteering to serve including a special invitation to
            retired members to at least one meeting each year – Met
      36.   Each Director submit at least one OHN related newsletter article per year (other than annual report) – Partially Met
      37.   Host the 2003 Spring OAOHN Conference – Met
      38.   Coordinate and staff the three-day All Ohio Safety Congress in April, 2003 - Met

I think these accomplishments are amazing for an all volunteer organization! Thanks to all – you could make any President look

With the December Holiday Gathering comes the installation of newly elected officers. Thank you to all candidates that agreed to run
                                                                                             st                                   nd
for office. Our newly elected officers include: Nan Migliozzi – President; Mary Lou Rauch – 1 Vice President; Kristi Fiorella – 2
Vice President; Charlene Buckner – Treasurer; Marilyn Gigliotti and Pegi Hazelet – Directors; and the Nominating Committee of
Marsha Jackson (Chair), Judy Paul and Carol Clymer. Continuing in office for an additional year will be Marilyn Atchison – Secretary,
Marsha Kuhar and Doug Hoffman – Directors. I am looking forward to an exciting year with this energetic, dynamic new Board of
Directors. As the Board changes I want to especially thank those who are leaving office and have been extraordinary Board Members
over the last two years: Isabella Treece and Sharon Wycuff – Directors.

Thank you to all who served on the Nominating Committee, Marilyn Gigliotti and Tammie Hansen (who both resigned when they
agreed to run for office) and Beth Monette. A special thanks to Linda Marshall who was appointed to the Nominating Committee to
complete the term and got the ballot together and mailed.

I also want to thank the Tellers who tabulated our election results. Thanks to Chair Heidi Buckley, Carole Lugar and Janet Herbst.
As long as thank yous are in order I can not stop without mentioning the Fun Bus. I think all who were part of the 2 Annual Fun Bus
Trip will attest to its success. Thanks to those that came and brought along their family and friends. A special thanks to Charlene
Buckner who again this year planned, organized and served as our tour guide. She set a very high standard last year but again lived
up to it! Who would have thought that a fund raiser could be so much fun?

As the Holiday Season begins I want to wish you a time of peace, happiness, love and laughter. We become very caught up in the
hustle and bustle of our worlds, I wish for each of you through the next month and the next year, some time to enjoy the special
people in your life and reflect on the good in each of our lives. I am looking forward to our December 4 meeting when we will
celebrate the holiday together. A safe and blessed holiday season to each of you.

ON THE CLIPBOARD- Assistance sought from members
Toiletry Donations Sought
Part of our December Love Offering will be a gift of toiletries to the Men’s Shelter. Please bring shampoo, shaving cream, band-aids,
antibiotic ointment, toothbrushes, combs, lotion, soap, toothpaste, deodorant ….the possibilities are endless but we ask that you
avoid mouthwash. A gift basket will be presented to the shelter after our Holiday Gathering.
New Officers Announced
Congratulations to our newly elected COAOHN officers: Nan Migliozzi – President; Mary Lou Rauch – 1 Vice President; Kristi
Fiorella – 2 Vice President; Charlene Buckner – Treasurer; Marilyn Gigliotti and Pegi Hazelet – Directors; and the Nominating
Committee of Marsha Jackson (Chair), Judy Paul and Carol Clymer
Psychologically Health Workplace Award
Bank One just won the first Psychologically Health Workplace Award given by the Ohio Psychological Association. I would like to
encourage all of our nurses to apply for the award for 2004. I will gladly share the cover letter I submitted and the contents of the
application packet.

Here is the OPA website:

(ALL applicants will benefit from objective feedback in writing from a team of trained, professional psychologists and graduate
students. The evaluation process will consist of several steps, including: application review, on-site visit and evaluation, and
anonymous employee survey.

A psychologically healthy workplace increases workers' job satisfaction and loyalty to their employer. If your organization has
programs or policies to address the following issues, it is eligible to apply: - Employee Involvement - Family Support - Employee
Growth and Development - Health and Safety)
Here is the Columbus Dispatch feature article:
 (The Ohio Psychological Association awarded Bank One and the Dayton Heart Hospital the organization's first Psychologically
Healthy Workplace awards, designed to recognize companies that foster a healthful environment. )


 Patti Rutter, RN, COHN/CM
 Manager, Health Management Services
Bank One Corporate Center
Renew Your Membership by 12/31/03
Your membership in AAOHN and COAOHN is a vital professional resource. Make sure there's no lapse in the networking, educational
and professional opportunities by promptly renewing your membership for 2004.

New this year, you can renew your membership online. To check out this online membership renewal option, go to On the AAOHN web site, first click on "Login" and enter your member login information. Then click on "Renew
Membership" to pay your annual dues online.

If you have any questions, contact AAOHN Member Services at (800) 241-8014 or
2003 Love Offering: Stand Down
During our November meeting we selected "Stand Down" as the recipient of our 2003 Love Offering. Checks should be made payable
to COAOHN with ―Love Offering‖ under memo. Monetary donations can be made at the December and January meetings or can be
mailed to:
          Charlene Buckner, Treasurer
          3375 Fishinger Road
          Columbus, Ohio 43221
Martha Blackburn Award
Each year we send around numerous clipboards at the meetings. We are looking for information for the Martha Blackburn Chapter
Achievement Award. While it seems tiresome we are proud that we have won this award for eight years running! (Makes the other
Chapters green with envy)

What is it?
It is a way to recognize OAOHN local organizations for an outstanding year. It covers a number of areas. The chart below outlines
the categories and points possible:
CATEGORY                                                                                    POINTS
Chapter Activities:
  A. % membership attendance at local meetings                                              10
  B. % State voting                                                                         10
  C. % Attendance at State Conferences business meetings                                    10
Chapter Meetings:
Number of Meetings                                                                          12
  B. Meetings with CEU’s                                                                    12
Chapter Educational Activites
  A. Attendance at COL                                                                      5
  B. CEU Programs Sponsored                                                                 12/day = 5
                                                                                            Full Day 10
  C. AAOHN Journal Distribution to an Educational Facility                                  5
Chapter Community Participation
  A. Monetary Charitable Donation                                                           1
  B. Speakers Bureau                                                                        1
  C. Service Project                                                                        1/project
Chapter Networking
  A. Speaking engagements promoting the OHN                                                 1 each
  B. Newsletter                                                                             1/issue
Chapter Goals & Objectives Implementation
  Annual Established Goals/Objectives & Evaluation Process                                  10
Achievement Criteria
  A. Submitting Award Nominations                                                           15 possible
  B. Application Complete and Legible                                                       5
  C. Application Received on Time                                                           5
Chapter Public Relations/Marketing
  Representation of OHN at other events                                                     5/event
Chapter Membership Activity
 A.   Net increase in membership                                                               5
 B.   New advanced degrees or certifications                                                   5
 C.   Members on State or National Boards                                                      1/candidate
 D.   Host State Conference                                                                    5

You can see that a lot of information is needed! What is unique with Central is our participation in all areas. We have a great group
that always nominates for the State Awards. We have recently won the following:
Martha Blackburn Chapter Achievement Award – 8 years running
Mariesther Johnson Nurse of the Year. Presented to a nurse who is outstanding in the clinical practice of Occupational Health
Nursing - 2000- Carole Lugar , 2002- Jan Hladik
Textilease Medique Unique Leader. Presented for outstanding achievement as an occupational health nurse.
1993- Nan Migliozzi, 1997- Carole Lugar, 2000- Gayle Rink, 2002- Marilyn Atchison, 2003- Linda Marshall.
Otis Clapp Award for Individual Achievement. Presented for outstanding achievement in education, legislation, research,
publication and/or community service. 1999- Marsha Kuhar, 2000- Charlene Buckner, 2003- Patti Rutter

Congratulations to all and keep those clip boards moving!!

Job Opportunities

The Federal Occupational Health Service at the downtown Post Office is looking for a part-time registered nurse. It would be
approximately one day a week. The position is responsible for assisting with physical exams including spirometry and audiometry.
Anyone is interested should contact Meredith Genereuz at 614-469-5853.
Manager, Health and Product: Battle Creek, Michigan. Paid relocation. Competivitive compensation, stock options, bonus. 5-10
years experience in HR, Finance, Benefits or Nursing and nursing degree and experience. Advanced degree; Benefits experience;
Experience working in disability or occupational health.
Ideal candidate will have developed skills in the following areas:
          1. Project management
          2. Analytical
          3. Interpersonal
          4. Vendor management

Coordinates company-wide activities that support employee health and productivity which includes the following duties:
1. Manage short-term disability, long term disability and FMLA programs including vendor management, plan design, process
clarification and problem resolution.
2. Coordinate health and productivity initiatives and staff including disease management and Feeling Great program.
3. Supervise headquarters occupational health nurse and provide counseling to plant occupational health nurses;
4. Coordinate all work life programs, working across functional boundaries as necessary to present a coordinated approach.
5. Provide support to retiree programs

Please contact:
Florene Stawowy / Laura Goodwin
Project Managers
The Brentwood Group
973/283-1000 (phone)
973/283-1220 (fax)

Legislative Affairs Chairperson Sought for OAOHN Board of Directors
Living in the Capitol area gives COAOHN members the advantage of location when working on State of Ohio legislative issues. If you
are interested in providing OAOHN members with current legislative information and acting as a representative of our organization
please contact Nan Migliozzi.

Cast Your Vote
The Dec. 1 deadline for casting your vote in the 2004 AAOHN election is approaching. To vote, you must have the
confidential login information mailed to you last month. Read candidate profiles and vote online at To request your election login information again, please
contact AAOHN Customer Service at (800) 241-8014 x0 or
Most Large Employers Will Cover OTC Drugs
According to a poll conducted by the Washington Business Group on Health, most large employers will allow workers to
pay for over-the-counter (OTC) drugs with funds in their health care flexible spending accounts (FSAs). Seventy of the
72 large companies surveyed said they would cover OTC drugs under their FSAs. This follows a September ruling from
the Internal Revenue Service that says funds in an FSA can be used to pay for non-prescription drugs. More than half of
the respondents plan to make coverage available starting Jan. 1, 2004. About 15 percent made coverage retroactive.
See for more details.
AAOHN Seeks Proposals for 2004 Spring Workshop Series
AAOHN is seeking the services of a health care professional to develop and present the AAOHN 2004 Spring Workshop
Series. Proposal requirements include the demonstrated ability to identify the role of the occupational health nurse in
workplace violence prevention program development; assess workplace violence warning signs; and design an
organization-specific workplace violence prevention program and employee training program. For more details and a full
list of requirements, see
Online Resources Offered for Indoor Environmental Quality
A new topic page on the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health's Web site provides an organized guide to
resources that will help employers, employees, building managers and others address concerns about work-related
indoor environmental quality. The most common health complaints attributed by building occupants to their indoor
environments are generally of nonspecific symptoms, such as eye, nose and throat irritation, skin irritation, headache
and fatigue.
Save a tree—receive Shoptalk via e-mail by contacting editor Denise Wesley

COAOHN welcomes your feedback concerning this e-newsletter; send your feedback to or call Denise
Wesley at (614) 794-3476.

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