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									 Biology 2222
    A&P II

 Saunders Jones Jr., MD
                 LAB for 2222
   A & P Lab Start Notice:
   All Anatomy & Physiology labs will begin
   Immediately in the first week of classes:
   Sat. sections: first lab is Jan 8
   Mon. sections: first lab is Jan 10
   Tues. sections: first lab is Jan 11
   Wed. sections: first lab is Jan 12
   Thurs. sections: first lab is Jan 13
Universal symbol for
Drop Add
            DROP ADD ETC….
   Just so you know, the Dept of Biology and
    Physics does not allow its professors to do
    overrides or waiting lists or any other type
    of registration manipulation in regards to the
    classes. We have found that statistically, if
    students will use the Drop Add system as if they
    were really intensely interested in getting a class,
    that it works as designed. If there is problem
    that cannot be solved by intensely using the
    DROP ADD period, in which there are usually
    large fluxes in the student participation in
    classes, then you can bring that to the attention
    of the head of the Department……..Good luck with
    your efforts..
           Pre requisites
 You  must have a “C” or better in AP
  1 Lab and Lecture before you can
  take AP2
 AP1- BIOL 2221 and BIOL 2221L

 If you did not get a “C” or
  better….what are you thinking
 You must drop this course. Period.
                 Biology 2222
   Not a prerequisite for Biology majors
   Mon and Wed 8:00 am (OMG!)
   Marieb same book as last semester(8th ed)
   4 multiple choice tests
   Last test is the final….. And it IS cumulative
   Attendance (you are adults) BUT you will have a
    difficult time making a good grade if you don’t
    come to class…guaranteed!!!!
    Syllabus, Notes, and Schedule
   ON LINE!!!!
   Click on AP 2 info
   There are multiple links on the Biology Dept web page
   ……All the powerpoints are there, even this one.
   If you have any IT issues, email me
            Biology 2222
 This  is a lot of material …..…a “kick
  your tail” course
 You must study daily! READ AHEAD

 Daily lecture outlines are on the web
  at my website
 I talk too fast to get it all
  down…which is why you have the
  notes already!!!!!!!
    Biology 2222 Bonus Questions
 Optional Test Questions for extra
  credit (BONUS) Submit by email
 All multiple choice, matching ,T/F, etc.
  with what you think is the right answer.
 Each chapter you may submit 2
  questions of your choice.
 These will be included as part of your
  final grade. Usually 3 points. They should
  be useful questions and well thought out
  and NOT BS questions but what you think
  is important to be tested over.
    Class Deportment and Behavior
   With or without you
    With or without you
    - - -U2, "With or Without You"
   Act as adult
   Quiet , courteous etc.
   Please ask questions if you don’t understand or
    something is not that clear
   If you don’t “get it” Odds are some other people
    didn’t either
   READ AHEAD!!!!!!!I talk too fast and you won’t
    be able to keep up if you are writing…this is a
    LOT of material!!!
 The great Hall of Fame football coach of
  the Green Bay Packers, Vince
  Lombardi, invented a strategy that he
  recommended to his coaches and players.
  It came to be known as "Lombardi
  Time," and it embodies a valuable habit.
 Lombardi Time states "Show up for
  every important meeting 15 minutes
  ahead of the scheduled meeting
 The idea is to use the 15 minutes to catch
  your breath, collect your thoughts and
  preplan what you want to accomplish
            Cell Phones
 Think  about how you would act in
 ..maybe not yours, but somebody
  else's church…
 Please put phones on Vibrate or
 Take all the calls outside.
     I Can’t Remember all of you!!!
   Proctologist
   Please remind me of your name when we talk
   Anything you think is REAL important, use
   I have looked at EVERYBODY’S academic
   Most of you are academically quite capable
   If you want me to remember you, sit down front
    and pay attention!!
   You may need a letter of recommendation some
    day and if I don’t know who you are…..well
          My Office Hours
 Right now…..there are none…I’m usually in
  my office EARLY(….like around 7-7:30am)
 I am available right before class and by
 Email me or make sure I’ll be there…..
 Office number is #337
 My cell is for EMERGENCIES!
 Please use email for the rest
 I LOVE EMAIL!!!!!!!!
    Biology 2222-My Plan for this
          Course for YOU
 I hate BS for BS sake
 I will try to put emphasis on what I think
  you need for practical application and for
  use in your clinical future
 Pig in the well…….

 You HPS people…you need this as well
  even though you don’t know you do!!!
 Lab starts right away and meets once a
  week!!! (like today?…)
 Don’t miss lab!!!!
     Supplemental Instruction
 Julie   Rosencrantz
Thoughts on A&PII

We must keep things in
      Don’t feel alone or
abandoned……..just look around!!
                   Statistically, about
                    10% of you will not
                    be here at the end
                   I encourage study
                   Different people
                    bring different
                    skills to each
Family Issues: I know life goes on
    outside these walls…….

Concentrate on the BASICS..
 Emphasize what I say in Class
 Notes   are there for a guideline to
 If we cover it in class it’s fair
 The review before every exam to
  give you an idea what to study -----
  the review ppts are on line
        Famous words…….
 I'm   just a soul whose intentions
  are good,
  Oh Lord, please don't let me be
  - - - Joe Cocker, "Don't Let Me Be
 My intent is not to offend but to
  impress and imprint!!!!
       Wonderful philosophy…
 Isthis the real life?
 Is this just fantasy?
 Caught in a landslide
 No escape from reality

- - -Queen, "Bohemian Rhapsody"


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