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									                                      UCD-METU LIST – October 2005

Applied Mathematics Institute

Hakan Öktem               Hybrid Systems, Multistationary Dynamics, Computational Biology, Gene        Networks, Networks, Dynamical Systems, Orthogonal Transforms, Image Processing.


Omur Bakirer              Material characteristics and production technologies of ceramics and glasses of Phrygian period (interested in Lynn E. Roller’s work)

Sahinde Demirci           Chemical and mineralogical analysis of archeologic materials       (Dept. of Chemistry)


Zeki Kaya                 Molecular genetics of trees and crops (QTL mapping, genomic mapping, DNA         markers), Conservation of genetic resources of crop and tree species, Population
                          genetics of forest trees, genetic adaptation and ecological genetics of plants, Breeding
                          of forest trees, and plant cell and tissue culture.

Ewa Dogru                 Experimental brain research, psychopharmacology, behavioral adult neuroplasticity        after alcohol abuse.Therapetic effects of nerve growth (Leo Chalupa’s work)

Ufuk Gunduz               Hydrogen production by microbial systems, drug resistance mechanisms

Mesude Iscan              Biochemical and molecular toxicology, enzyme purification and kinetics, importance        of glutathione S-transferases on environmental pollution in water systems and
                          insecticide resistance in fields; genetically engineered protein biosensors for heavy
                          metal monitoring


Gulsun Gokagac            Nanotechnology, preparation of catalyst for direct methanol fuel cells, fuel cells.       (interested in Pieter Stroeve’s research)

Levent Toppare            synthesis and characterization of conducting polymers, electrochromic windows,       organic light emitting diodes.

Erdal Bayramli            biodegradable polyesters, continuous fiber composites, liquid crystalline      copolyesters and blends, wetting, spreading and capillarity

Guneri Akovali            Polymer composites-nanocomposites, surface modification, Non Eql. Plasma       applications and chemistry, polymer recycling

Nursen Coruh              Investigation of antioxidant properties of medicinal herbs and plants. Isolation of        bioactive and also spectroscopically important components (especially fluorescent
                          ones) and their effects on phase I and or phase II enzyme activities.

Chemical Engineering

Pinar Calik               Metabolic Engineering, Biochemical Reaction Engineering, Genetic Engineering

Ufuk Bakir                Enzyme production, purification and immobilization. Biodegradable film production.        Photo-catalysis.
Güngör Gündüz          Flame retardant polymers and paints. Water dispersed paints. Dendrimer polymers.    Structure-property relations in polymers. Polymeric and ceramic nano fibers. Carbon
                       nano tubes.

Gürkan Karakaş         Environmental catalysis. Semi-conductors. Sensors. Thin solid films. Photo catalysis.

Tülay Özbelge          Ozonation kinetics in industrial waste waters. Removal of heavy metals   by activated sludge processes. Hydrodynamics and heat transfer in gas-solid and
                       liquid-solid suspensions. Circulating fluidized beds.

Nurcan Bac             Composite fuel cell membranes

Halil Kalipcilar       Zeolite films. Zeolite membranes.

Isik Onal              Catalysis. Combinatorial catalysis. Application of quantum mechanics to catalysis.

Levent Yilmaz          Membranes and membrane processes.

Yusuf Uludag           Experimental and computational fluid mechanics and rheology.

Ali Culfaz             Zeolite synthesis and characterization. Zeolite membranes.

Gorkem Kirbas          Multiphase flows. Fluidization. Radiative heat transfer.

Goknur Bayram          Polymer blends and composites. Polymer rheology.

N. Suzan Kincal        Extraction of seed and herb oils. Starch and inulin hydrolysis. Use of adsorbents   (zeolites, activated carbon) for separation and purification.

Naime A. Sezgi         Chemical reaction engineering. Degradation of polymers, Chemical vapor deposition.

H. Önder Özbelge       Chemical vapor deposition. Drying of solids. Separation of dilute ions by   membrane processes.

Inci Eroglu            Biological Hydrogen Production, fuel cells, hydrogen infrastructure (interested in    collaborations with Dewey Ryu, Ruihong Zhang, Uriel Rosa, Paul Erickson, Joan
                       Ogden and Anthony Eggert)

Timur Dogu             Chemical Reaction Engineering, Catalysis, Selective Catalytic Oxidation Reactions,      Mesoporous-Nanostructured Materials and Catalytic Applications, Novel Fuels and
                       Fuel Additives, Hydrogen Storage, Carbon Dioxide Utilization.

Civil Engineering

Uğurhan Akyüz          Structural, nonlinear mechanics, biomedical materials

Can Balkaya            Structural dynamics, earthquake engineering
İsmail Aydın             Hydraulic modeling, hydraulic gates, CFD applications to 2D and 3D free surface     flows, turbulence modeling based on RANS. (interested in Bassam Younis’
                          work on 'Computational Hydraulics & Turbulence Modeling'.)

Enviromental Engineering

Ayşegül Aksoy            Application of heuristic optimization techniques to ground water and surface       water quality problems, ground water remediation, surface water quality modeling,
                         application of remote sensing for eutrophication monitoring, TMDL development

Kahraman Ünlü            Development, numerical implementation and application of mathematical models        for flow and contaminant transport in subsurface and waste disposal systems;
                         management of solid and hazardous wastes; environmental risk and impact
                         assessment; soil and groundwater remediation; soil-aquifer treatment systems.

Informatics Institute - Health Science

Erkan Mumcuoglu        Medical image analysis, medical informatics, data mining, bioinformatics

Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

Cevdet Kaynak            Polymers, polymer based nanocomposites

Macit Ozenbas            Structural analysis of the metallic artifacts of the Phrygian period. Magnetic      nanoparticles, sol-gel processing of thin films, ferroelectric and dielectric thin films,
                         wear resistant coatings


Faruk Gencoz             Cross-cultural issues in emotion and psychopathology


M. Kayhan Mutlu          Conventional and white collar crimes, police studies, religion, ethnicity.

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