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					The truth is this; Wordpress Search Engine Optimization is much easier than online firms who
quote you high prices would have you believe. Now, I am not saying that there is no room for these
types of businesses because there certainly is! There is a great plugin that we
are going to put on our website with our forum launch that requires CSS code
to be inserted into the style sheet.

I could probably do it but when it comes to dealing with coding issues like
this, better let the PROS handle it! However, there are some very basic things
that any WordPress entrepreneur could do and save themselves literally
THOUSANDS of dollars. Of course to tell you each one of these things would
take more space than I have here. WordPress is tailor made for those who
desire to launch a web business yet lack either the knowledge of web design
and development to do so and\or the funds to pay someone else to do it.

I have used this platform for several years and having experienced many of the others such as(but
not limited to) Joomala and Blogspot (Google), I have the experience and expertise to say THIS
PLATFORM (WordPress) is for people just like us. Let’s get down to the meat of this post.
There are 5 areas that any webmaster should plan out in detail before even hosting services;

Before proceeding any further, I really believe my readers who are SERIOUS about their search
engine optimization MUST check these three SUPER CHEAP yet VERY EFFECTIVE software products:

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1. Find a keyword to use as a domain name and DO NOT use your company brand or personal name.
Any serious web marketer understands that brand building can and does get incredibly expensive
while using niche keywords to introduce a brand is SUPER CHEAP. With the utmost surety I will tell
you to STAY AWAY from the .biz, .us and .info domain extensions.

In all of my web marketing history, rare is the time when you will see these with TOP search engine
rankings. Sure Themes for WordPress can help, but even with an optimized template for your site,
there are a few more things you have to do.

2. Spend time creating the PERFECT bread crumb trail for Google Bots to crawl and index your
website correctly. Many have heard of the story of the Pied Piper. A town was overrun with rats and
this man played his pipe while marching through the town.
The rats, liking this music, fell in line behind him and were led , using his music, to the river. As he
played the music all of the rats went into the river thus accomplishing the task. Your url, page titles,
anchor text, headers etc are the music that the Google Bots will follow to the place on your website
you want them to be. Play the right music, and high search results will be the result.

3. Website headers in conjunction with your domain (keyworded) are more important than anything

4. Anchor text I will not delve to deeply into because I will probably use another post to explain what
this is. However, there has been in times past the practice of webmasters highlighting their keywords
on the website in bold which assigns them an ‘H’ tag. I do this also from time to time, but please
consider using these same keywords in the body of your content to create anchor text in the form of
hyper-links to other relative articles on your website.

5. Most of all, create your website with the user (visitor in mind) and not totally seo focused.
Please visit the blue highlighted hyper links to discover some super easy, user friendly and VERY
effective tools to ease the process of your SEO campaigns. All three are made for novices like YOU!

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Description: Wordpress search engine optimization sounds much more difficult than it really is. Read this article and learn how a TOTAL NOVICE became a professional website optimizer using only easy software and Wordpress.