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									So you want the question answered what is wordpress correct? That could take at least 50 more
blog posts but I will narrow it down to two posts! Yeah, I am that good
people     It is essentially an open source blog tool as well as a vast self
publishing platform used by millions of people worldwide. I say this without a
hint of hesitation that had not WordPress and Blogger (Google platform) not
come on the scene, the when as we know it today would look much
different. Open Source tools are in every corner of the web and the chances
are if you need software, all you have to search on Google is the kind of
software you need and put the phrase open source in front of it.

Hold on a minute dear reader! I would be remiss if I didn’t show you my
TRIFECTS of Wordpress software that ANY BEGINNER who knows how to
send an email can use like an EXPERT. These are the tools that catapulted
me to the top of the search engines after only a few months of launching my websites;

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A prime example is most people who desire to create some form of document spend way too much
money on Microsoft products. A piece of open source software that is very comparable to Windows
Office is called Open Office. Anyone who asks me about upgrading a Microsoft products are summarily
sent to that website. Literally MILLIONS of people have downloaded this particular product in lieu of
being ROBBED by Microsoft for $200-$400 per Office download!

An interesting statistic about WordPress is that it is used by over 130,000 of the top 1 million
websites on the planet. That is an astounding 13% people! Obviously there is a great benefit to doing
so or why would top websites use this platform? Haven been launched as a publishing platform around
2003, as late as February of 2011, over 32 MILLION people have downloaded this awesome
CMS (content management system)

Even using the less robust FREE version found at Start a Blog website with WordPress.com. There are
so many exciting tools that even a novice can use to get their thoughts, products, services, passions
or other out on the web in front of the whole world! The integrated link manager software are the
most search engine friendly on the web and this includes Google’s Blog platform called Blogger. Now
that we are through the official STUFF, let’s get down to a few of the nitty-gritty details of whether I, a
WordPress expert believe this is the direction you should go or if you should go for a more robust
blogging platform for the future of your business online.
There is a concept that no matter what anyone else tells you is working directly against your main
goal for even launching a blog. That concept is IF you decide to use the free WordPress blog you
will be assigned what is known as a subdomain of your choosing (if available). What is known as a top
level domain will look like this: www.yourwebsitename.com while a sub domain, which is what you will
get from any free blogging platform will look something like

The differences between the two are much more pronounced that I could cover in such a small space,
but you must understand that no matter what your reason for starting a website it can become a
business IF you take it seriously enough. If you don’t take it seriously, the content of your site, layout
and DOMAIN name (or lack thereof) will show forth to the few visitors you may get to your site.

All I am saying is that when you use WordPress, you must not just think about today, but 3 years
down the road! This will mean you have to realize that if there is the slightest bit of seriousness about
building a future following on the web, you must launch the right way and that will mean not
accepting the free sub domain route and heading on over toWordPress.org.

Now before you go over there I am compelled to warn you that this is a more serious choice than
many understand. The choice you face is whether to keep WordPress as a hobby or as a business.
That is the choice above all other things between these to separate and unequal blogging platforms.
To further point out the fruitless efforts of any serious business person who thinks that the sub
domain route is OK because you want to save a few bucks. Please consider the following facts:

  Google owns the Blogger.com platform which is their answer to WordPress. They will not let anyone
  use even their own sub domains at Blogger.com to run Google Adwords Campaigns.(The ads you
  see on the search engines and website Ads) If they won’t let their FREE sub domains advertise on
  their search engines, are they even taking this platform seriously.

         None of the large 4 search engines (Google, Yahoo!, Bing and Ask) will let any free blogger
   platform sub domain holder use these site to advertise. They believe just what I said before which
   is IF you don’t take your site serious enough to spend a few bucks to get a real domain, even if it
   isn’t with them, how serious could you be about your website.

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