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					            List of Accepted Papers for Oral Presentation

Track: Green Technologies for Chemical Process Industries (GTCPI)
Track Paper ID             Paper Title                 Authors        Affiliation
GTCPI_07         Synthesis Of Nano-Sized           Dr. Mahuya        NIT, RKL
                 Hydroxyapatite From Dead          Adak
                 Snail Shells: A Green
                 Technology For Waste Materia
GTCPI_05         Production of Biodiesel using a   Asst. Prof.       MVGR
                 Green Technology                  Susarla Venkata   COLLEGE
                                                   Ananta Rama       OF ENGG.
GTCPI_27         Studies on Removal of Dyes        Ms. Bhavna        Institute of
                 from wastewater using Electro-    Devang Soni       Technology,
                 coagulation Process                                 NU
GTCPI_30         Electro-Fenton treatment of       Mr. manoj         Institute of
                 industrial dyes wastewater        Sharma            Technology,
GTCPI_17         Development and Comparison        Mr. Milind H      Institute of
                 of Cohesion Function Models       Joshipura         Technology,
                 for SRK Equation of State                           NU
GTCPI_23         Multivariate calibration        Institute of
                 techniques applied to the         Nilofer           Technology,
                 spectrophotometric analysis of    Mahomedali        NU
                 binary mixture                    Lakhani
GTCPI_02         Energy Integration in Chemical    Mr. Bhupendra     IFFCO Kalol
                 Process Industry- with            Palsingh Mehta
                 reference to a gas based
                 Ammonia Plant
GTCPI_22         Recovery of n-butanol from its    Ms. Leena V.      Institute of
                 Ternary Azeotropic Mixture        Bora              Technology,
                 with Methanol and Water                             NU
GTCPI_16         Comparative studies on            Prof. Chiranjib   Jadavpur
                 Synthesis of Protease and         Bhattacharjee     University
                 Bioconversion of Cr+6 to
                 Cr+3 by Bioleaching techni
GTCPI_24         Designing of the combustion       Ms. Surabhi       Institute of
                 chamber for plasma pyrolysis      Rathore           Technology,
                 system                                              NU
GTCPI_08         Review of Gas holdup and          Mr. Santosh       Dr.
                 Bubble Characteristics of         Madhav Walke      Babasaheb
                 Bubble Column Reactors                              Ambedkar
GTCPI_13         Slow draining of large tank      Prof. Chirravuri   MVGR
                 under gravity                    Naga Venkata       College of
                                                  Subbarao           Engineering
GTCPI_14         Effect of polymer additions on Prof. Chirravuri     MVGR
                 the dynamics of a fluid for once Naga Venkata       College of
           through systems                  Subbarao            Engineering
GTCPI_28   Review paper on Platinum         Ms. Femina          Institute of
           Group Metal free catalyst for    Jitendra Patel      Technology,
           automotive exhaust emission                          NU
GTCPI_34   Tailoring the Size of ZnO        Venu Mankad,        Department
           Nanocrystal                                          of Physics,

GTCPI_21   Applicability of Dual – Media    Mr. Sandip          Institute of
           Up Flow Anaerobic Filter         Sharma              Technology,
           Reactor to Treat Textile                             NU
           Process House Waste
GTCPI_10   Study on Polypropylene  Digant   IDS, Nirma
           Composites prepared from         R. Mandavia         University
           Recycling of Waste Melamine
           Formaldehyde Polymer
GTCPI_26   Energy Recovery from Waste       Mr. Srujal          SVNIT
           Plastic by Thermal and           Pravinchandra
           Catalytic Processes: Review      Rana
GTCPI_15   Wind Energy - A Brief Survey     Mr. Siddharth       SPCE
           With Wind Turbine Simulations    Sanjaykumar
GTCPI_35   Methods used in decreasing the   Neha Patni          Institute of
           emissions of NOx associated                          Technology,
           with the use of biodiesel                            NU
GTCPI_18   Exergy Analysis of Cement        Mr. Samir C         Bharati
           Manufacturing Process            Nimkar              Vidyapeeth
GTCPI_20   Biofuel production using weeds   Mr. dishant         U. E. C.
           primarily parthenium             bisaria
           hysterophorus and flower
           dump from the Mahakales
GTCPI_37   Treatment of Synthetically       P. S.Patel          Institute of
           Prepared Organic Effluent In A                       Technology,
           Plastic Media Biotower                               NU
GTCPI_36   Phenol Removal using             Ms. Nikita P.       Institute of
           Polymeric Adsorbent Based on     Chokshi             Technology,
           Methyl Methacrylate & Divinyl                        NU
GTCPI_29   Phycoremediation of industrial   Miss Dipti          Institute of
           wastewater containing azo        Narayan Galani      Technology,
           compounds                                            NU
GTCPI_33   Combined Cooling Heating and     Miss arpana         Institute of
           Power Systems – A review         anantnarayan        Technology,
                                            sharma              NU
           List of Accepted Papers for Poster Presentation

Track: Green Technologies for Chemical Process Industries (GTCPI)

  Track Paper ID          Paper Title              Authors         Affiliation
GTCPI_03           Applications of              Mrs. kashish     BIT
                   Nanotechnology               mukesh
GTCPI_25           Application of Chemical      Miss Rajul       Institute of
                   Looping Combustion           Prakashkumar     Technology,
                   Technology for separation    Nayak            NU
                   of CO2 from flue gases
GTCPI_12           Carbon Capture               Dr. Bandaru      MVGR
                                                SarvaRao         College of
GTCPI_04           E-waste Management           Asst. Prof.      MVGR
                                                Susarla          COLLEGE
                                                Venkata          OF ENGG.
                                                Ananta Rama
GTCPI_19           Innovative Practices in      Mrs. Smita       V.P.M's
                   Energy & Environment         Deepak           Polytechnic
                   Management                   Khandagale       Thane
GTCPI_31           Technological options for    Miss SHAH        LDCE
                   removal of oil and grease    DIPALI
                   from waste water generated   AMITKUMAR
                   from vegetable oil &
GTCPI_32           Magnetic Refrigeration       Mr. Tigmanshu    Institute of
                                                Jayeshbhai       Technology,
                                                Patel            NU
GTCPI_38           C-Tech -A Novel              Seema Nihalani   Parul Institute
                   Wastewater Treatment                          of Engg &
                   Technology                                    Tech, Limda