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Wordpress and Adsense together is a power packed, cash generating MACHINE! However, you've got to have Worls #1 Guru Joel Comm's Easy Adsense Theme to crank out cash!

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									I promised I wasn’t going to dig into this particular topic which is WordPress and Adsense ads. but I
am forced to address it anyway dear readers. I am going to say something that will make little sense
                   to most because it goes against the conventional wisdom. For those of you satisfied
                   making a small bit of money per month running someone else’s ads, I am going to
                   encourage you to take a hard look at all for your potential ad space and ask
                   yourself a very responsible questions. Many of you will notice that I have a
                   Socrates theme for WordPress and if you noticed that, surely you know that these
                   Themes are tailor made for such ads.

                   This is MY theme of choice because it Adsense ready and IF you have ever
                   attached a file to an email, you can install this. There are NO special skills required.
                   Further, I want you to build your business using another two tools that I use. This
                   is the ONLY business software you need to make money using Adsense:

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I’ve given you the #1 Website Hosting service in the world, best Adsense Theme designed
by the top Adsense Guru in the world Joel Comm and the easiest marketing software to
drive traffic to your website and get CLICKS on your ads to make money right here! This is
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I will not disagree with that assessment but what I will hurry to ad is that any ads that I may run on
my website is leading you to real offers that are mine and mine alone! Why do such a thing? Having
been a web marketer for many years, I took it upon myself to follow ads to the source, check the
offers out and gauge whether I could create a similar product and market it myself. 90% of the time
the answer to such a question is yes. When it comes to selling information, there is nothing that any
other marketer can offer that I can’t offer myself and keep all of the profits myself. Take for instance
one of the Ebooks I am selling using my own website titled Earn Monet at Home NOW.

I found this market to be quiet lucrative but what I noticed is that all of the ads and sites I followed
ads to were essentially selling junk information that was either outdated or just flat out didn’t work. I
spent some months trying, testing and going through the process to discover what it really took to
create a product that would work and to truly be able to get people Jobs at Home. Sure I could have
been an Affiliate for someone else and sell their CRAP but I believe that when anyone runs Adsense
on WordPress, they better have a great product that works.
That isn’t to say that I wouldn’t become an Affiliate for a product that I have tested and which I
conformed works, it just says that I wouldn’t sell any product that is information. There is another
pressing issue that Adsense advertisers whether on a WordPress site or other must deal with and that
is the amount of falling ad revenue that Google and other advertising services are suffering through in
this down economy.

There was a time when relative ads were served without question on websites where the product
could receive relative eyeballs by keyword. Right no such ads aren’t always the norm. For example a
webmaster with a site about video games may not get ads served most of the time on the web site’s
relative theme of video games. They may check their ad placements and find out that they they who
are buying up tons of ad space these days, Ampex which sells Silver and Gold are being advertised on
their websites which have no relative value on a website about video games.

This is going to kill the webmaster’s ad revenue and in truth, Ampex who is placing such monster
volume to place Google content network ads is not getting much value for their advertising money.
Maybe someone else has had different experiences than I, but when I was a rookie in the Ad game, I
dedicated a very large amount o my ad budget to content networks.

Without exception, the conversion rate was so low that I stopped advertising on these networks all
together. Whether using Google’s content network, MIVA or other, content network ads will bring
TONS of click to your ads, but very little, if any conversions.

These click thrus are known as curiosity clicks. Adsense Ads on your WordPress sites must be kept to
relative content. If you keep getting ads served that have nothing to do with the header keywords on
your website, you better hurry and come up with a different solution. That solution should be for you
to stop being lazy and create your own product thereby using your ad space on-site to create income
for yourself.

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