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Please read the following email carefully and retain it for your records.

We are pleased to inform you that you have been selected for an assistantship in the
comunidad autónoma (region) of NAVARRA (i.e directly through the comunidad autónoma of
Navarra and not through the Spanish Ministry of Education.)

PLEASE NOTE that it is not possible to swap your post or change your destination under any
circumstances. There are some regions that attract many more applicants than others and it is not
logistically possible to place everyone in their choice of areas due to restrictions on the number of
places in the most popular regions. Please do not contact us for a change of destination as no
exceptions will be made.


1) Email from the Comunidad

You will receive an email from the department of education in Navarra in the next few weeks. They may
ask for more information and will have further information and instructions which you should follow

2) Contact your school(s)

Once your final allocation has been been confirmed you should contact your school(s). When
contacting your school, the person to ask for is the Director del Centro. If they are not available, you
should ask for the Director del Departamento Ingles, or the Jefe de Ingles/Idiomas. Assistants appointed
through the autonomías should follow the instructions given by them.

It is ESSENTIAL that you contact your school as soon as you receive confirmation from Spain of
your appointment. All schools will be on holiday from late July and August and it is very unlikely that
you will be able to contact anyone at the school during these months. Please note that if you try to
contact them during the summer holidays you may not receive a response from your school before the
start of the new term in September.

You should follow up your letter with a phone call. If a phone number is not provided with the
nombramiento, try an Internet search to find the number. If you have not heard back by 14 September
please email the British Council. It is essential that you inform us before your induction course in
Spain (see below) if you have problems contacting your school.

You should look for the following information online (search for the school’s website) and ask for any
further information if it is not provided.

·         The age range of the pupils, the size, location of the school, school website etc.
·         Contact details for any assistant at the school last year
·         Whether they can help you with accommodation
·         Term dates for the year ahead
·         An address you can write to/contact number/email address for the summer holidays
·         Any materials they would like you to bring.

3) Confirm your acceptance

As soon as you have had confirmation of the school(s) where you will be working complete the AD/F.9
‘acceptance of post’ form and post it to me. You should send the AD/F.9est to your tutor or Head of
Department for their records. Both forms will be sent to you in a separate email.


 Induction course      Information about your induction course should be included in the
correspondence from Navarra. The course will very likely be late
September/early October 2010. Please note that other assistants are placed in Navarra by
the Spanish Ministry of Education and arrangements will differ, so you should not rely on
information from fellow assistants.

Salary and living costs               Your first payment will not arrive until the end of November. We
recommend that you have around £1000 available via access to your UK bank account when you
go to Spain (more in Madrid or Barcelona) in order to cover costs during the first two months.
Subsequent salaries will not necessarily arrive at the end of the month but most likely around the
second or third week of the following month – sometimes earlier, sometimes later so you will need to
budget accordingly. The British Council does not have emergency funds to cover delays to payment of
salary, so you should make sure you have access to sufficient funds before you leave the UK.

Withdrawing                   If you are unable to accept the position, you must inform the British Council,
the Ministerio/ Comunidad (and your proposed host institution once you are in contact with them) in
writing immediately giving a reason so that a candidate on the waiting list can be appointed in your

Insurance                      Assistants in Spain will need to obtain a European Health Insurance Card
(EHIC). To apply for an EHIC please check online at https://www.ehic.org.uk/Internet/home.do. Please
do also click on the link ‘Health Advice for Travellers’ and carefully read the information provided.

Information Pack             Contact details for other assistants appointed to Spain this year will be sent
to you in August in an information pack along with other general information about being an assistant in
Spain and a teaching manual which you will receive by post to your permanent address.

Lesson ideas                The British Council has a website which provides ideas for lessons and
materials. We recommend that you take a look at this site which can be found at
http://www.teachingenglish.org.uk/language-assistant and start to build a portfolio of materials (e.g.
photos, maps, UK tourist brochures, reviews, articles). Please do not try to access the discussion list
until the summer.

Booking Flights          Your first working day will be the day after the induction briefing.
We do not recommend you book your flight until you receive a letter or e-mail from the
Department for Education in Navarra which will confirm your appointment and the date of your
induction course. We suggest that, amongst others, you look at the national tourist board site at
http://www.spain.info/ for information about your region.

 We wish you all the best with your ongoing preparations and look forward to contacting you later in the
summer with final pieces of information.

Kind regards

Natalie T Raeched

Project Delivery Officer (Spain and Latin America)
Language Assistants Team
Programmes & Projects
British Council, 10 Spring Gardens, London, SW1A 2BN
T +44 (0)207 389 4251
F +44 (0)207 389 4594
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