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					DDDL/DDRS 7.06 Enhancements

October 2010

                              Security Classification Line
                             Help Drop-down Menu

Help Files updated in 7.06

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                                                   Help Drop-down Menu

Supported Devices

•DDDL/DDRS           7.06 includes the following
ECU cbf files
          •   MCM  2.84.20
          •   CPC  1.20.15
          •   MCM02  4.40.69
          •   CPC02+  1.10.22
          •   ACM02  2.81.104

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                                                               Help Drop-down Menu

Electronic Wiring Schematics added

•   Select Troubleshooting Guides from the Help drop-down menu and select Electronic
    Wiring Schematics.

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                                                                       File Drop-down Menu

Manual Connection

•   The On-Vehicle tab will provide the default connection and rate. The All tab will allow
    you to change your connection resource.

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                                                                   Actions Drop-down Menu

EGR Actuator Slow Learn (HDEP engines EPA 07 &
•   The EGR Actuator Slow Learn dialog box will run the routine to allow the actuator to do
    a slow sweep of end-stops.
•   To run this routine:
    •   Key ON, Engine OFF
1. Choose EGR Actuator Slow Learn from the Actions menu.

2. Ensure the entry conditions have been met.
3. Click on the            button.
4. The status of the test will be displayed in the Progress box.

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                                                             Actions Drop-down Menu

DPF Ash Accumulator for EPA 10

•   The DPF Ash Accumulator dialog box has been updated. The serial number format has
    been corrected.

                      1 Box system has 2 DPF’s

                      Two Box system has 1 DPF

                                                                             Daimler Trucks   7
                                                          Instrumentation work window

FIS Pressures

•   The FIS Pressures panel was removed from the Service Routines work window and is
    now located in the Instrumentation work window. The FIS System Pressures panel
    shows the fuel system pressures and temperatures. This is a read only screen where the
    values are displayed without any user interaction.

                                                                                Daimler Trucks   8
                                                            Instrumentation work window

FIS Fuel Quantity
•   FIS Fuel Quantity was located in the Actions drop-down menu and has been relocated to
    the Instrumentation work window.
•   The FIS fuel quantity panel will be used to help diagnosis fuel system codes 5357 / 16
    and 5357 / 18. Fault conditions could be that all injectors are over or under fueling
    compared to a calculated value.

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                                                            Parameters work window

Compare parameters – closing a source file

•   When using the Compare Parameters feature in DDDL/DDRS, the user will now have the
    option to close the source files.

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                                                       Identification work window

Identification Window - Print

•When   printing from the Identification window,
only the information on the selected tab will print.
•For example, if the Common tab is selected, only
the two pages of information contained on this
tab will print.

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