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					A website sale can be the answer to someone’s Internet marketing dreams. However, I can think of
no other business that has too many variables outside of the prospective
purchaser’s control! I offer as an example this website for sale . Everything
seems right about this deal with over $2 MILLION in revenue and $1.3 MILLION in
cash flow. Selling for $3 MILLION is a great price because it is less than 3 times
cash flow. For novices, that means it would take less than three years to earn
your money back. However, that is where my joy ends with this sale. I looked
down at the reason the owner gave for selling and it simply says “pursue other

However, and before I go any further, IF you are considering launching, buying or
KEEPING you’re a website, why not SKYROCKET your website traffic with what I
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It could be that the choices given for the sale when the ad was set up didn’t specifically say and this
answer fits best, but I doubt it. If these financial numbers can be verified by a due diligence (which I
doubt), anyone interested inwebsites for sale like these has a tough road ahead to keep such
numbers going into the future of this business. Let’s face it, this is America and how many people who
make $1.3 MILLION per year would just walk away to pursue other interests?

Yes many examples can be given but this is a web business which can basically be set up (but not
all) on auto pilot. Sales funnels are sales funnels regardless if the webmaster is making $50,000 per
year or $1.3 MILLION. Sure the business would require a few more employees but I ask you who
could ever get enough accurate information on the following issues to make a determination on if this
was a great opportunity or not:

    1. How could you be sure the seller wouldn’t take their email list(s) with them after the sale?
       How could you be sure they wouldn’t kill the business after purchase by informing their list
       that they are no longer the owners? A non compete clause couldn’t be enforced in
       cyberspace! The IRS can’t catch most of these businesses to make them pay taxes and you
       think a non compete clause on a border less business can be enforced?

You may wonder if they were to pursue other interests what need they would have to keep an email
list from this link building website. Folks, you are experts or at least interested in WordPress Platforms
so at least think beyond the end of your nose. Someone who is interested in WordPress Themes would
also be interested in SEO Services, WordPress Plugins, Web hosting and too many other things to list.
Don’t you think this webmaster’s current list would be interested in other services the seller would
offer in the future? NO ONE would be stupid enough to walk away from their email list like that unless
they were retiring!
    2. I don’t care if you don’t believe this but Link Building Services like these will become less and
       less relevant over the coming years. Google doesn’t like ANYONE controlling their search
       results the way link building services and software companies do. Even as I write this, Google
       are BLACKLISTING sites that do so. Remember there was a time when a 1 page Sales offer
       and squeeze page was enough to make money with Adwords by Google. Today, a website
       without content outside of these 1 pagers are being BANNED from Adwords. I know this
       because 4 years ago, I wrote a book to alleviate the problem for marketers and get their
       Adwords accounts UNBANNED.

All I am pointing out is the reasons for this webmaster walking away from a monster money machine
like this site are HIGHLY suspect. I promise you that there is a KEY DETAIL they will not list because if
they let it be known, it will be a deal killer. Google is quickly moving to content rich sites (like
this) and will reward those with tons of original content more than those with tons of links.

    3. There is no way to ever complete accurate due diligence on a web business, NO WAY! Think
       about this, how will you ever verify all of the data from sales across the WORLD WIDE WEB?
       You may not know this but website traffic statistics can be FAKED as well as Adsense
       Earnings(Google).Pay Pal screen shots. Bank statements? Forget about it. The savvy marketer
       understand that they can set up NUMEROUS Paypal Accounts, Bank Accounts with direct
       revenue dumps and a whole host of TAX EVADING practices. This sort of tax evading once you
       acquire this web business will land you squarely in the cross hairs of the IRS.

Let me be clear, I am not saying that is the deal with this particular website. What I am saying is that
IF you want to acquire a web business, ask the owner to carry a portion of the note through seller
financing for a few years. If the business is legitimate and they can back up all claims, they would do
this in a heart beat absent other offers. But to pay cash out front for this sort of business is foolish. I
have two brothers whom I love dearly but even if they were selling this website, I wouldn’t touch it
with a 10 foot pole!

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Description: A website sale may seem like a great way to buy an already established business. However, there are too many variables which is different than Brick and Mortar business sales that you can't control. Learn some tips to mitigate this risk.