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To make your website, you need Wordpress in the worst way. If you don't have the world's #1 platform, you will NEVER live your online business dreams.

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									In order to make your website, you must first have some sort of idea
concerning what the theme, url (domain) and keywords. I have been a web
marketer since the year 2000 and any mistake you think you will make, I
guarantee I made it also when I first started out! There are essentially three
groups of people who would search the term that is serving as the title of this

        Those who have seen some sort of offer, don’t know what they want, but
         know they want SOMETHING!! Let me urge caution people and the
         purpose for doing so isn’t to dampen your enthusiasm, only point it in a
         direction which won’t find you ripped off, frustrated and making no money
         at all. This isn’t to say there aren’t hobbyist among this group also. I
         digress. Jumping out there to quickly will leave you heartaches such as:

    (1) Briefly scrolling through the Ads on your favorite search engine for people who will show you,
        for a price, how to make your website. Folks, I hate to break the news to you but I was once
        a novice as are you but within a few weeks I was throwing up websites and optimizing them all
        by myself. The moral to this story is take a few moments to breath and decide what you want
        and not what some OVERPRICED web designer THINKS YOU WANT!

                           This is the Host with Wordpress I USE!

    (2) Whether you are trying to run a real web business or just shooting your mouth of about the
    things you are passionate about, realize that every website has small business potential which, once
    you start getting traffic, can turn into MONEY even if that wasn’t your original intent. Every visitor
    to even a small hobby blog is a potential customer even if you never sell anything and run Adsense
    (Google) ads on your website. Don’t under estimate your business potential. (3) If you don’t take
    yourself seriously, no one else will either! Buy a REAL domain name and not some free blog service
    sub domain. Those are a complete JOKE. Sure, some of them do quiet well, but very few, I mean
    very, very few. Search your top 100 favorite competitive search terms and see how many free blog
    Domain names like show up on Page #1.

       Those who have done the research and THINK they know what they want and will pay to get it! OK,
        unlike the first group, you have done some research and have aggregated enough information to
        make an intelligent decision about the future of your business. However, there may be one thing
        that you forgot, what is your Plan B in case your original idea to generate revenue fails miserably?
Not well at all! You don’t even need to answer. No matter what those so-called gurus tell you, wen
buyers are fickle and just because they bought someone else’s product and you are selling the same
thing doesn’t mean that they will buy what you have. There are some things that you have to be
prepared for on your road to success
(1) Although your website looks great, how does your website visitors view it? Web designers make
their money because of two things, dazzling potential clients and selling them on a site that POPS but is
just not functional for your needs.

(2)The 2nd reason is that the vast majority of the marketing public doesn’t know about Blue Host in
conjunction with WordPress. Oh yeah, once you sign up for Blue Host, you will need a website template,
FIRE YOUR WEB DESIGNER by searching the term Free WordPress Templates.

   Those who are BUCK WILD and will Make Money because they planned some, but take WILD
    CHANCES that Pay off - These are my favorite kind of web marketer because they are relentless,
    wild and refuse to listen to what everyone else says is possible. The greatest thing about these
    folks is they understand that there is virtually no web service, software, information or other which
    they need that can’t be had for FREE. This excludes reliable hosting and domain name(s) of course.
    To the previous two groups, I say mimic this Monster Marketer and carve your way through by
    blazing your own trail.

                      I got 4 Websites to #1 Using this Service!

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