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									I will start out with a few ways to not make money on the Internet. These techniques are old and
                            outdated and the only people who would even consider using them are those
                             who are being conned by ‘upline marketers’ who tell them that this is the

                          Writing articles on EZINES: I don’t know how else to say this other than to
                           do so: EZINES ARE A COMPLETE JOKE! Many of you experienced marketers
                           will surely object to me saying this! However, whatever your main keyword
                           is as far as your websites goes, Google the term and see how many EZINE
                           Articles are on page

                           Creating good content for other sites is an OK thing to do in the short term,
                           but all your best posts must be reserved for your own website! Google is in
                           the business of providing relative KEYWORD content so why would you give
relative keyword content to an EZINE over the long term? Take care of HOME first. However, there is
a way for you to write only ONE 400 word post for your website and have it SPUN in hundreds of
different ways!
This software is only for those who want to MULTIPLY their website articles without spending WEEKS
manually writing different posts.

                           This is ONLY for the Lazy writer!

Go to Google and search your top make money with website keywords. How many EZINE articles
are on page 1 of any search engine? Now some of you will argue that these articles are viral in
nature and not meant to be on Page If that is your thought process, you really need to assess
the direction that you are taking your business in.

Everything you do in web marketing should be geared towards dominating your keywords and
ultimately, page 1 results! Folks, I have had 4# websites and this will be the 5th so I know what I
am talking about.

EZINE issues are as follows:
       Even if they get descent search engine position, they are easily knocked down by a more
       current EZINE article than yours. It is the classic case of the old Greek Tale of Sisyphus .
       This tragic figure was punished throughout eternity by being made to roll a HUGE
       boulder up a hill and when he got near the top each time, the boulder rolled back down
      the hill and he had to try and roll it up the hill again and again! This is an example of
      EZINE Article Writing. As soon as you achieve some traffic, another marketer will knock
      you down and you have to start all over again!

      EZINES, unlike Web 2.0 platforms Hubpages or Squidoo, make you seem as if you are only
      a guest writer instead of the main event instead YOUR SPACE! There aren’t many ways
      to make popular Ezines personal or uniquely yours. Please do not think something
      personal doesn’t matter in web marketing, besides, how many PERSONAL pages like
      Facebook or other do you have now? Why shouldn’t this more personable marketing
      apply to your marketing business?

Any place you write and are trying to establish your expertise MUST HAVE the tools that will
allow you to reflect your individual personality! Can you really say Article directories do that?
Which one of these look better to you? THE Ezine example is known as the most EFFECTIVE
available on the market today, however, it looks WAY to impersonal!

                          This is ONLY for the Lazy writer!

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