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					The one question you have all about how to get rich. Oh boy. Get rich quick never happens, not
even with Lottery Winners. If you think that you are going to get rich quick, as promised by those
                      slick salespeople, you are not only naive, you will find yourself a lot poorer and
                       pissed off because the product won’t work. YOU DESERVE to be RIPPED-OFF!

                        Let me explain, I did this very thing over and over again, like many of you
                        have. I stopped doing it and took responsibility for being lazy! This decision is
                        the reason why you now have this post in front of you. Like me, take
                        responsibility and stop being lazy friend. As I said before, commit right now to
                        working hard and developing your own product or offer!

                       I am sure to get a nasty email from the owner of this hustle and maybe even
                       some legal threats. However, IF you are the owner of this offer, don’t bother
                       sending me any emails. I KNOW what your website traffic stats and I found
                       your SYSTEM on a FREE PDF Website! It is no good so just get your attorney
                       and we will go from there! There is only ONE Affiliate Program I will mention
by name because it works better than ANY OF THE HUNDREDS I have checked:

        Affiliate Domination from the Web #1 Marketer Brad Callen

I am ranting about that I know and I am not saying Affiliate Marketing is all about LIES, but please
understand that YOU MUST know the product and have tested it yourself because a MAJORITY of
these offers are SCAMS. You do not have to believe me, but just so you know, about 8,100 Web
Marketers are BANNED from Google Adwords EVERY MONTH and 79% of these banned Advertisers are
       You are the business owner or a Sales person, nothing more! Not being the source of your
        own product means you are not an Internet Entrepreneur at all, you are a commissioned sales
        person working for someone else!

Why not take the risk and go it alone? I guarantee those other folks making loads of money aren’t
any smarter than you, they just work harder and longer. If you are OK with being a mere salesperson
and not owning your own product, more power to you, but whatever you are being paid in
commissions isn’t enough for your hard work!

       SPAM Marketing puts you on a level playing field with the Big Marketing Fish! As mentioned
        above, every web marketer SPAMS or started by SPAMMING whether they think they did it the
        right way or not!
       To be successful, you MUST, I repeat, YOU MUST find what I call a 3rd Level NicheMarket to
        serve, SPAM and dominate this market until your product or service DEFINES the 3 rd Level
        Niche! This niche is simply a place on the web and within keywords where nobody else is
        playing ball OR has overlooked because they don’t think it is worth their time OR just haven’t
        thought about it.

Long Term Informational Affiliate Marketing is for CHUMPS!

Oh boy! IF being someone else’s Affiliate and selling their information defines your online marketing
success to date, you really need to rethink your strategy. It is OK (I wouldn’t-but I design my own
bicycles to) if your only intent is to learn the web marketing game, but caution against making this a
long term strategy. How many times has putting all of your eggs in one basket brought forth good
fruit in your life so far?

Gurus like Ewin Chia will encourage you to use it as an additional source of income. Hey the guy’s
rich, but he has an ‘Iron in that fire’ which is he recruits Affiliates to sell his products for him. Think
about it for just a minute, if you own a grocery store and someone comes to you seeking to open their
own grocery store in the same neighborhood as you, is it wise to tell them HOW to open their own
store OR convince them to work FOR YOU as a high paid employee, possibly even give them some
ownership? How is Affiliate Marketing any different friend?

I am going to repeat this one more time; there is nothing that any other web marketer of information
is selling that you can’t research, copy and paste from articles from gurus all over the web and
develop an information product yourself.

You can also check out what those Affiliates are selling, read it and improve upon what they have
written to develop your own improved version of their products and services. However, we are back to
that mentality of wanting to get rich quick and being lazy aren’t we? You can whine moan and
complain but I have had what, 4 HOT SELLING E-books and #1 on Amazon Kindle for Adwords Banned
product, and you have done….what?

Brad Callen is teaching all of us to OWN OUR BUSINESS and he gives INFORMATION AWAY for FREE
that lesser marketers charge for!

                       Learn to Dominate from a LEGEND HERE!

Description: How to get rich is a question that many ask but few can properly answer. Read this article and find out the fact that even lottery winners do SOME WORK!