; 2008 07 02
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2008 07 02


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									                         Joint Bicycle Advisory Committee
                             Wednesday, July 2nd, 2008
                                   7:00 to 9:00 pm
                            Meeting Room A – DNV Hall

                                       M I N U T E S

Present:                  Trent Appelbe, Co-Chair             Martin Davies, CNV
Voting Members            Nicky Hastings, DNV                 Ken Timewell, CNV
Non Voting Members        Cllr Janice Harris, DNV (7:11pm)
                          Trish Holme, NVRC
                          Cllr Sam Schechter CNV
Staff:                    Raymond Chan, Transportation Planning, DNV
                          Dragana Mitic, Assistant Engineer – Transportation, CNV
                          Vanessa Drake, Committee Clerk, DNV

Absent:                   John Fair, DNV
Voting members            David Goodrum, CNV
                          Martin Hanlon, DNV
                          Robin Harvey, CNV
                          Susanne Simon, DNV
                          William Spat, Co-Chair

Non Voting Members        RCMP Bike Squad                        Brent Dozzi, DWV
                          Tsleil-Waututh Representative
                          Squamish Nation Representative

Quorum 5                                                                      01.0360.20/072.000


The meeting was called to order at 7:06 pm. Trent Appelbe was Chair for this meeting.

As a quorum was not present the meeting proceeded to Item 6 on the agenda pending
the arrival of Mr. Vu for Item 4.



Item deferred until a future meeting when a quorum is present.

6.       JBAC WORK PLAN 2007 – REVIEW

Trent Appelbe advised there was no Work Plan for 2007 or 2008 requiring review,

                                                                         Document: 1066870
MINUTES of the Joint Bicycle Advisory Committee Meeting                            Page 2
Held on Wednesday, July 2nd, 2008 at 7:00pm in Meeting Room A
District of North Vancouver Hall

however the 2007 Annual Report was endorsed at the May 2008 JBAC meeting and
discussion on a Work Plan for 2009 should be scheduled for a future meeting in 2008.

Action: Committee Clerk to add 2009 Work Plan to a future agenda.


Raymond Chan provided an update on the District Transit Priority Study for Marine Drive
and advised that TransLink will undertake a public consultation process with TPAC and
JBAC, likely in the Fall, prior to commencing detailed design work on the Priority Lane.

He confirmed TransLink had looked at including two options. The first option would be to
create a WB curb lane wide enough to accommodate both transit vehicles and bicycles.
The second option would be to include both a standard WB bicycle lane and a transit
lane. Due to the increased width required for this option, the EB curb lane would have to
be narrowed and cyclists would have to use W.15th Street as an alternative.

Councillor Harris joined the meeting at 7:11pm during the previous presentation.

The meeting returned to Item 4. Presentation from Thang Vu on Bicycle Safety


Mr. Thang Vu, resident of Burnaby and Cyclist advocate, gave a presentation regarding
the safety of cyclists on North Vancouver roads.

Mr. Vu advised he had addressed the City of North Vancouver Council at their meeting
on June 9, 2008 asking that they write to the Federal Government requesting that they
convene Public Hearings on the Motor Vehicle Safety Act and the Motor Vehicle
Transport Act to discuss vehicle design safety and develop recommendations to improve
Canada‟s vehicle safety standards in order to improve the safety of cyclists and the
public upon the roads.

Mr. Vu requested JBAC support and affirmation of the City Council motion.

In answer to questions Mr. Vu responded as follows:

 Mr. Vu would like to see changes to the following:
       vehicle engineering parameters such as a reduction in weight and width as
         smaller, lighter vehicles are not as big a threat to the safety of cyclists
       a reduction in the maximum speed limit and allowable noise levels in trucks
         and buses
       the implementation of a fairing requirement, extending the fairing along the
         full length of a truck or bus so that a cyclist does not get caught under the
         wheels. A fairing is the „skin‟ of a vehicle. On trucks this currently does not
         extend to the underside of the vehicle.
 These amendments need to be addressed through Federal Government Motor
  Vehicle legislation. The BC provincial Motor Vehicle Act is directed more at driver
  behaviour than at vehicle design and any changes to this would likely only result in a
                                                                          Document: 1066870
MINUTES of the Joint Bicycle Advisory Committee Meeting                             Page 3
Held on Wednesday, July 2nd, 2008 at 7:00pm in Meeting Room A
District of North Vancouver Hall

  token improvement to vehicle design and cyclist safety. Changes to Federal
  legislation will have more effect and likely lead to improvements to provincial
 Other municipalities, including Richmond and Toronto, have discussed the issue of
  changes to fairing requirements.
 Mr. Vu has not yet addressed the District of North Vancouver Council regarding
  bicycle safety.

The Chair thanked Mr. Vu for his presentation and suggested any additional questions
for Mr. Vu be forwarded through the Committee Clerk.


The Chair read the following motion passed by City of North Vancouver Council at the
Council meeting on June 9, 2008 as follows:

THAT the City of North Vancouver call upon the Government of Canada requesting they
convene Public Hearings on the Motor Vehicle Safety Act and the Motor Vehicle
Transport Act to increase bicycle safety;

AND THAT copies of the resolution be forwarded to the Joint Bicycle Advisory
Committee, the North Shore Members of Parliament and the Minister of Transportation
for the Province of British Columbia.

THAT the motion be referred to the Joint Bicycle Advisory Committee and City staff for

Councillor Schechter advised that Council was seeking feedback from JBAC on whether
it is appropriate for Council to pursue this issue. Councils in Vancouver, Burnaby and
Coquitlam have passed similar motions.

In the absence of a quorum it was recommended that a resolution endorsing the CNV
motion regarding bicycle safety be presented at a future JBAC meeting when a quorum
is present.

The meeting returned to Item 8 on the agenda.


Raymond Chan presented maps showing two proposed alignments for the DNV portion
of the Spirit Trail. The plans were presented by Space 2 Place to a joint workshop of
JBAC, TPAC and PNEAC on June 25, 2008 for discussion and input.

Option 1 involves a number of crossings whereas Option 2 involves significant sections
with steep grades. The consultants identified several criteria for the work shop
participants to consider in choosing the route for the trail with grade and geometry being
one. Following discussions some Workshop participants suggested a hybrid of the two
routes would be the best alignment for multi users. Staff will meet to discuss feedback

                                                                           Document: 1066870
MINUTES of the Joint Bicycle Advisory Committee Meeting                               Page 4
Held on Wednesday, July 2nd, 2008 at 7:00pm in Meeting Room A
District of North Vancouver Hall

from the joint workshop prior to conducting a public Council Vision process either by
neighbourhood or with one district wide open house.

In response to questions Mr. Chan advised a completion date for the whole project
cannot be specified at this stage. Work will start on the western section of the trail at the
Welch Street and/or 1st Street section linking on the west side to the edge of the
Squamish Nation Reserve east of Capilano Road and with the CNV section to the east
via a bridge over the railway to the CNV boundary at MacKay Creek and Harbourside.

The Provincial government is providing funding for the Spirit Trail on a 50% cost share
basis. The District will need to explore additional options of shared funding and grants.
Priority will be given to areas where there is overlap between the BMP and the Trail as
the BMP is a priority for the District.


Raymond Chan referred to an overhead of the DNV Bicycle Master Plan (BMP)
document indicating the projects the District would be working on in the next 3-5 years
and asked for suggestions for any new projects to be included.

Trent Appelbe noted that existing projects need to be completed before new ones are
added and observed the Capilano Road bike lane, while a great plan and a high priority
is unlikely to be completed due to the high cost associated with it. He recommended
that an alternative more achievable solution be sought and suggested that the east
sidewalk of Capilano Road between Garden or Tatlow and the Highway be converted to
a wider shared user path.

Following discussion it was agreed that a resolution detailing this recommendation be
presented as an interim proposal for a bike lane on Capilano Road, to JBAC at the next
meeting when a quorum is present.

In response to a question regarding the marking of bike lanes along Lynn Valley road
upon completion of the new paving from the Highway to Mountain Highway, Mr. Chan
advised that currently there are no plans to mark a dedicated bike lane because of the
limited width of the curb lane. The curb lane would remain a shared lane for cyclists.

It was proposed that a resolution recommending that bike stencils be added to Lynn
Valley road once the repaving is complete be brought forward to the September JBAC
meeting for consideration.


Dragana Mitic circulated Attachment 10.0 “Table 3.2 – Priority Bicycle Facility
Improvements – Status (City Projects)” at the table. Ms. Mitic reviewed the items listed
in the summary table prepared from the BMP priorities list, identifying, through the use of
light and dark shading, those projects scheduled for completion in 2009/2010 and those
already completed or under completion. She noted there are additional ongoing projects
not shown on the list such as the bike lanes along Esplanade to St. Georges for

                                                                             Document: 1066870
MINUTES of the Joint Bicycle Advisory Committee Meeting                               Page 5
Held on Wednesday, July 2nd, 2008 at 7:00pm in Meeting Room A
District of North Vancouver Hall

Completed or Under Completion for 2008:

 Bewicke/2nd/Marine - Intersection crossing
 Main Street between Brooksbank and Lynn Creek – bike lanes
 First Street between Fell and Bewicke – bike lanes

Planned for Completion in 2009 and 2010:

 4th Street at Chesterfield – Intersection
 4th Street at St. Georges – Intersection
 4th Street at Mahon – Shared route
 Hamilton between Marine and 15th – Marked wide lanes and the replacement of the
  existing MacKay Bridge
 Larson Avenue between Bewicke and Jones – Marked wide lanes

Ms. Mitic explained shared routes are usually on local streets and do not necessarily
include a wide curb lane but will be designated with signage. Wide curb lanes have
extra width and include signs and bike stencils on the pavement.

A request was put forward for the marked bike lanes on Hamilton/Mackay to extend to
Marine and 1st. It was also noted that the existing bike route at lower Mountain Highway
after coming over the bridge over the Highway can be very dangerous and it was
suggested this also be flagged for improvement.

In response to a request, Raymond Chan advised that he would be able to present
District projects from the BMP in the same format.


First Street Bike Lane and Bewicke/2nd /Marine Drive Intersection

Dragana Mitic outlined first phase plans for the intersection at Bewicke/2nd/Marine Drive
to improve pedestrian and cyclist safety. The plans dovetail with the current design for
marked bike lanes on First Street from Pemberton to Fell and include the continuation of
these lanes from Fell to the intersection at 2nd and Bewicke. There will be a bike box at
the south leg. From here cyclists proceed north to Marine Drive where there will be
either a push button or bike loop. The cyclists signal activation will be on both the north
and south sides of the intersection.

The Committee members suggested a dotted line for northbound right-turn vehicles into
Keith Road be marked on the road to indicate the turn for vehicle traffic to protect
cyclists from being “pinched” in the right turn between Bewicke north to Keith Road and
to investigate the possibility for no right-turn on red for southbound movement. Ms. Mitic
will discuss this further with staff and report back to the committee. Future plans for this
intersection will also include a pedestrian crossing.

Action: Dragana Mitic to report back to JBAC on options to further improve
cyclist’s safety at the Marine and Bewicke intersection.

                                                                             Document: 1066870
MINUTES of the Joint Bicycle Advisory Committee Meeting                            Page 6
Held on Wednesday, July 2nd, 2008 at 7:00pm in Meeting Room A
District of North Vancouver Hall


The JBAC received the Low Hanging Fruit List for the DNV and CNV incorporating
suggestions from JBAC members July 2007 to May 2008 including updates from staff.

The Committee reviewed the list, receiving further updates from Staff and providing
clarification where necessary.

Action: Dragana Mitic and Raymond Chan to incorporate updates to the Low
Hanging Fruit Master List and circulate to Committee members.


It was suggested that an item entitled „Optimal Stencil Master Plan‟ be added to the
agenda for a future meeting.

Action: Staff to include Optimal Stencil Master Plan as a future agenda item


There was none.


The next meeting of the Committee will be held on Wednesday, September 3rd at
7:00pm in Meeting Room A.


The meeting adjourned at 8:59pm


______________________________                      _____________________________
Chair                                               Committee Clerk

                                                                          Document: 1066870

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