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Google Word Ads is an obvious mis-spell but it was necessary for me to use it to bring a message of
good news to those who use it. When I think about the vast opportunities available to get the
message of any web advertiser in front of the world, I get so excited! The reason is for the first time in
the history of capitalism, a simple program has been put forth which can literally put the mom and
pop businesses in front of the world and make them competitive with the major companies.

There are new Adwords business success stories popping up all over the web everyday. Tens of
thousands of people have been able to fire their bosses and go to work for themselves thanks to this
form of Internet advertising. The point of this post is to point several things out to you which you
should consider when launching and Adwords campaign. Up first is IF you desire to make every penny
of your advertising budget count, I strongly recommend staying away from what is known as content
network advertising.

I would truly feel GUILTY if I didn’t reveal one of the secret keyword weapons I use to uncover hidden
keyword niches for Google Ads. If you want to find high converting keyword markets your competitors
haven’t thought of yet, check this tool out:

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When you set up your campaigns, there is a place within the ad set up modules that allow you to
choose how much of your budget goes to content (advertisements that go on some one’s website)and
how much you spend on search advertising (ads on search engine side and top bars). For me and
regardless of how successful my ads are on search engines, I have NEVER been able to make it
financially worthwhile advertising on websites (called Adsense ads).

I’ve tried many different powerful ad copies and always come up making no money at all! It certainly
isn’t because my product sucks or ad copy, it is just people see the ads which they weren’t searching
for on websites they visit and get curious. This is why I call these sorts of click thru(s) curiosity clicks.
Anyone reading this post surely has a Facebook page and I want to call to your attention the ads on
Facebook. Facebook is enjoying much success selling ad space on their website right now and their
earnings prove it.

However, their success will not go on forever and this is because when advertisers figure out that
people don’t come to Facebook to spend money, but talk to others, they will begin to pull back their
ad dollars as I did. The second thing I will share is that the newbie or even those who are more
seasoned must look for what I call 3rd level niche keyword opportunities. Let’s face it, when it comes
to keywords such as make money Internet, make money fast, make money at home and all such
combinations of keywords, the new business with not alot of advertising money to spend will hardly be
able to compete in a profitable way with the BIG BOYS!

Per click prices are so high that you will either not be able to get descent position (shoot for position
#1, position #4 or #8 – trust me), or your budget will be quickly used up with no results. Search
keywords that have alot less searches but group the lower searched keywords into campaigns that are
cost effective and get results.

The third and last thing I want to encourage your heart on is this; Find a tool that can mine these
unknown and profitable niches out for you! If you need some help (and we all do) in this area, I found
a WONDERFUL keyword finder. I won’t say much but click on that link and I promise this tool will
make the difference in making money on the web or NOT!

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Description: Google Words Ads are the key to your Internet Marketing success! But do you have the right tools to make your campaigns a profitable success.