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									Through up an website and run Google Ads is the business plan for most new websites which go up.
How do I know this? Well, because a long time ago, I had my first money
making experience with a simple 23 page book called Adsense Back Now and
later, Adwords Back Now. Also wrote another which I have never releases called
Adsense XTRA. It is top secret so I won’t mention the purpose of the book
because it is sure to upset Googlelites.

The web sites no longer exist because although the money was very good, the
market eventually dried up because Google kicked tons of people off at one time
from using these two services and corrected the problem. Go to Google image
search and and search those terms, you will see pictures of the book covers. I
was such a rookie way back then but I made tons of money on those books.
Anyway, when launching your WordPress Enterprise or any website enterprise,
you must do thorough keyword research to find the niche markets your
competitors haven’t thought of YET. Here is a very cheap yet MOST EFFFECTIVE
tool that helps me do exactly that:

                       Keyword Niche Adwords Finder HERE!

There is so much more you have to think about than those penny producing ads. In the Google
Adsense Forum, there are newbies that are SO BLINDED by their pursuit that they ask questions to
the Google moderators like “Why can’t I run ads while I am building my site?” That question is so
stupid that I will not spend any time on it but will only say that all of those who ask such questions
have no idea what they are either doing or headed for. For those of you who know where you are
going and what you are doing, you really should pay a few bucks to get the Socrates Theme for
WordPress because it comes with the Adsense units built in and all you have to do is cut and paste the
code into the boxes on your WordPress Website they offer.

There are many considerations that must come before a responsible web business owner must take
into consideration before choosing ads. A mistake that many new site owners make is the one which
they have been told to make by those who call themselves web marketing experts. This mistake is
simply doing keyword research and then choosing to set up a site based on what keywords people are
most searching for. This is DUMB because any who this are actually setting themselves up for failure
for the following reasons:

       High keyword searches means there are many more websites which are more competitive
  than yours and who have committed themselves to having a great website.

The problems with such half hearted efforts at web fortunes are too numerous to write in this post but
think about this. You are going to build a website around a subject which you have no expertise in,
which means you won’t be able to produce great content which is the one thing you need to ever
make those ads pay. How much sense does that make? NONE!

         For the last 18 months or so, Google’s network ads which are ads on forums, website, news
          sites etc has been suffering. This is why every website you go to you see those AMPEX Gold
          and Silver offers on websites that (by keywords in headers, meta tags etc) have nothing to
          do with the subject matter of the website! Businesses are spending less on Ads and those
          who are these days are watching every penny and have wised up to the fact that network
          advertising yield TONS OF TRAFFIC but very few conversions (sales).

AMPEX has money to waste because right now with the U.S. Dollar being so weak, Gold and Silver
Prices are up so they can flush money down the toilet on wasteful ads.

         Running ads will never be effective if you aren’t passionate about the subject! Passion
          produces expertise and expertise produces a great website.

As I close, please understand that I want you to be successful and I wish more than anything back in
the day when I started my first website no one told me this. Stick with what you know are passionate
about or find a subject matter that you can become passionate concerning, build your website, run
your ads and then people will come flooding in!

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