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									Google Add Words is the front end of a previous post titled Google Ads so read that post first and
                     then you will have an understanding of what I am referencing in this
                      particular post. All of the ads you see on websites, forums or other Intern
                      properties are a result of front end advertisers who run Google Adwords
                      campaign. Google isn’t the only brand that runs ads either for search
                      marketing or network advertising, they are just the brand that controls 69%
                      of this business in the U.S.A. First of all, I am going to tell you why running
                      ads on other search engines or content management companies is a
                      complete waste of time.

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I have often said and will say again that all who ever hope to make it big in Internet advertising must
filter what these web gurus tell you because anyone of them who say: “Once you find a great niche
market, repeat your ads by running campaigns on Yahoo! and Bing.” Worth noting is the fact that
these two brands have teamed up now to collectively battle the Google beast.

This strategy is flat out stupid! Not because Google controls so much more of the search market, but
because no one in their right mind and who is competent would EVER build another business before
maxing out the area that they are already in. Take Wal-Mart for example. They are now in China but
did Walmart start building stores in China before they saturated the U.S. with stores? NO!

The principle is the same in web business with Google Adwords. Don’t move on to Yahoo and Bing
until you have covered every possible keyword combination possible. This could take, well, a lifetime.
I bet you never heard that before did you? What does this have to do with WordPress? When setting
up your Adwords campaigns which will turn into Adsense on websites and search ads, your website
must stay within the theme in ads with what you are offering your visitors!

I know in previous posts I have encouraged my readers not to run content (website ads) when setting
up Google Adwords, but I am smart enough to know that no matter how much of an expert I am,
many of you will go ahead and run these content network ads anyway, lose money and then quit
trying to leave the dream all together. As my mother used to say: “Boy, people are just hard
As I take this process one step further, it is imperative that you know Internet ads must only be
a part of your business strategy, not the whole enchilada. You need to be forewarned that those
people out there who are selling you the crap line about making $4,000 per day using Google ads and
posting links are full of CRAP!

Sure it is possible but such marketing prowess takes years to perfect. In the meantime, keep writing
posts and upgrading your website to be more search engine friendly. Did you know that the websites
on Page #1 of your favorite search engine receive 11 times more traffic than the ads which are ran on
those same search engines? Who knows why people do what they do but the point is, why you are
running ads, always create content because having run numerous websites to the top 3 spots on
Google, I can tell you that those who say back links are more important than content don’t know what
they are talking about.

I will just take a few examples using myself. I ran 4 sites to #1 in competitive keyword markets and
collectively, I am not lying when I tell you I had no more than 7-10 back links to other websites and
none of them were high ranked websites.

Search Engine’s business models are built around delivering relative CONTENT not fancy back link
strategies. This website will eventually make it to the top of Google in a keyword search market of
over 11 MILLION searches per month. See you when I get there people!

                                         SEO Elite Here

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