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									If you spend any money on advertising before investigating free marketing on the web, you
                     seriously need to have your head examined! Never before in the history of the
                     web have the opportunities for free advertising been so numerous. I am going
                     to let you in on a tightly help secret of the web’s elite marketers, the prices of
                     all forms of advertising are headed towards a cost base of ZERO! Yes, that’s
                     right, you heard it here first dear readers.

                       Who can argue that as early as ten years ago most news papers in the United
                       States were thriving and even those who weren’t, just weren’t growing. Yet, not
                       growing is much better than being on the decline wasn’t it? Friends, that is the
                       whole point of this particular post, there is no more business model that will
                       allow for a prolonged period of stagnation. As one of my web marketing heroes,
                       Seth Goodin says; “You are either racing to the TOP or racing towards the

Put in a more direct manner; “You are either opening up other stores expanding or closing down every
store you have. Today, newspapers are closing all over the U.S. at a very alarming pace. In Denver,
Colorado the city’s second largest newspaper, The Rocky Mountain News closed their doors after
nearly 80 years in business. Stories like this are becoming more common as advertising needs and
subscription based business models head in a direction which the old school companies either fail to
see or refuse to.

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Craigslist, a mostly free classified advertising site is single handily responsible for the destruction of
newspaper’s classified ads business in America! I mean, who will pay for what they can get for free?
Yes Craigslist is mostly available to advertise free, but that resource is to well known and I am going
to give you several you have probably not heard of later on in this post.

This is not a bad thing though. Excuse the forward nature of this next statement, but the current
generation of organizational leaders are just so excited to simply have a website up so visitors can
come and get more information about their companies. There was a time when having a website made
your company appear like it was on the cutting edge of emerging technologies. However, that time
has passed with the Tech Bubble that BURST in 2001.

This mind set isn’t a bad thing though. It becomes dangerous when those who are in older refuse to
listen to those who know more about Web based marketing than they do and refuse to act on sound
advice given to them. The truth is that none of the newspapers which closed were in a position to
offer free ads.

However, no one was asking them to and these newspapers closed for this one reason above all
others; They were shown a future (Craigslist) and refused to accept what they saw! Newspapers aren’t
the only business guilty of this modern day business SIN: Here are others:
   Blockbuster Video – Once boasted over 8,000 retail locations (2001). Today after a recent closing
  of more than 960 stores, they have just under 5,000 retail locations, went into bankruptcy with
  $960 million in debt. The whole chain sold for around $279 million which isn’t chump change, but
  remember, it was once values at over $12 BILLION! Many reasons can be given for this modern day
  failure of vision, but the main reason is the same as newspapers;“They were shown a future
  (Netflix, Streaming and On Demand) and refused to accept what they saw!”

 Border’s Books – Not much to say about this disaster! In the early part of the decade they laughed
 Amazon off the block and by the time they realized that Amazon was the future (2005), they no
 longer were in a position of strength as they had been just 5 years earlier when they LAUGHED!
 Ebook downloads has DEVASTATED their market share and again, by the time they knew there was
 a threat (2006), they didn’t react in a way that demonstrated they understood the threat to their
 entire business model.

I could list many other examples my friends, but my point is that any who hope to make it big in
Internet web marketing must accept the fact that you will hear crazy advertising ideas and even
more wild undeveloped concepts. When you hear something that you have never heard before it will
benefit you to listen because those who follow the crowd will end up in a crowded place where there is
no money to be made! Here is software that will make your marketing efforts MUCH – MUCH easier!

                        Website Visitors are WAITING HERE!

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