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									Electronic books outpaced paper backs sales for the first time in HISTORY in 20101! Drop
                      shipping books physical goods is ok, I guess. However, IF this is what you
                      want to do, I really believe that there is an easier and more lucrative way for
                      you to make money on the web. At a very base level, the web exists for one
                      reason and one reason only, the sharing and exchange of information. The
                      HOTTEST web application of all-time is email!

                        As I said in Chapter 1, Affiliate offers should be a supplement to your main
                        offer instead of THE OFFER itself. This creates multiple streams of incomes
                        with YOU, the product vendor, as the receiver of all of the income. Physical
                        goods can certainly be a supplement to your main offer but just make sure
                        that whatever the supplemental income Affiliate offer is, it must be relevant
                        to your offer. You do not want to confuse your prospects with things that are
                        contrary and may cause confusion.

When you get on the web, what is the main application that you use to receive personal information?
EMAIL! Next may be news sites or Social Networking sites so the reason you are online is
INFORMATION! There are so many FREE resources available to you as far as information goes. When I
started out the research process a few years ago that eventually lead to the creation of this and other
Ebooks, I will never be able to explain to you my shock and excitement as I sorted through one FREE
web resource which lead to another FREE resource to another and another, etc.

              Master Ebook Creation and Marketing Suite HERE!

I really believe that because most information that anyone could ever want is available for FREE on
the web, we are going to have to become more creative to sell it as time goes buy and Web 2.0 turns
into Web 3.0! The good news is that we are not at that point yet (Web 3.0) and even when that time
arrives, there will always be those who do not know and are too lazy to find out the things that will
allow their business to thrive in a market that is evolving at a break neck pace.

Sourcing FREE INFORMATION to package and sell is one of the easiest part of creating your own
products to sell. Information is available EVERYWHERE on the web! New sites, PDF Websites,
Document upload sites, Discussion Forums, in your JUNK MAIL and SPAM Folders…EVERYWHERE!
First, you can write the information, aggregate it from various sources OR find FREE information
valuable enough that others would be willing to pay for it. It really isn’t that hard, really.

Many will tell you to find a favorite subject of yours to write about. The real formula for success
doesn’t start with writing about what you love, it starts with writing what will sell!
Earlier I spoke on selling an Ebook about how banned Adwords Advertising can get their privileges
restored with Google. Personally, I have NO INTEREST in Adwords because it is my belief that
Adwords should only supplement a larger, more aggressive traffic generation strategy.

Page #1 of Google is where the traffic is FREE and Adwords Advertisers will eat your dust!
I simply got banned from Google Adwords and figured out the process to beat the Adwords Ban.
After some research, I found out that there were thousands of marketers who get banned each month
and had no idea they could get their account privileges restored. I packaged the process and sold/sell
it for $97.00 a POP! I love bicycle design but who is going to pay $97.00 for MY OPINIONS on bicycle
design? I had to forget what I loved and package what sells!

Just because you love the subject and others LOVE the subject doesn’t mean that others will pay a
premium price for the subject you love. “Do what you love and money will follow” is the most over
used and biggest lie ever told. There are millions of people who like to cook and are gifted at it but are
struggling just to make enough money to pay their living expenses every week.

Others who love to cook have started their own business, planned everything perfectly, serve great
food, have great customer service and a once in a life time location. However, no matter how GREAT
everything is 76% and are now bankrupt for their efforts. What you love and what others will pay for
aren’t the same thing, get used to it.

However, what others love and you hold the information to may be the way to marketing success
online. I want to really encourage you to take your time and do some serious web researching before
you go off half cocked into something without planning. Let’s start the research process. Here are
some FREE places for you to find and select product you are interested in developing and selling.
These are the best of the best and have literally 100,000 ebooks available for free. You may never
have heard of these sites but they will certainly take you to the next level in your product sourcing
and development.

                                        Sell Books

The above three (1 is a PDF search engine) are PDF Websites with MILLIONS of Copyright FREE
Ebooks on them that I GUARANTEE people will pay for! Search Bots and web crawlers go out from
these sites, crawl PDF Files all over the web and aggregate them into one spot for easy reading. If you
have files that are hosted on a website, Google DOCS or anywhere that YOU THINK they are safe in, I
GUARANTEE you that your documents are crawled and indexed somewhere on the web.

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