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									               Tool For Robbing Dollar From Ymads

      This tool is built using Visual Basic 6.0. The function of this tool is to
increase ad impressions or number of impressions very quickly. It depends
on internet connection buddy. So. even if your blog is still quiet, this tool
can quickly view ad

      Principles of CPM ads on Ymads is, that is Cost Per Mile. Alias pal
will be paid based on the number of ad impressions. Well if my friend
Ymads program and put it on your blog, if your blog is still quiet, of course
the dollar is getting very little pal.

      Well ga need aja Jump Width Length

      1. If my friend Ymads not have an account please REGISTER HERE

      2. Download Tool HERE

      3. Install the program to completion. When the installation process

      there is an error to stay in the Ignore it.

      4. Run the program, the box ID Ymads you, enter the ID Ymads

      pal. If my friend does not know the ID Ymads pal please log in to

      Ymads pal. Then go to the Tags menu.Select an ad size that will

      mate pairs.
     In the example I choose the banner size 300 x 250

     Here's my ad script

       <div    style="width:300px;text-align:center;"> <script  src     =
"" type
= "text / javascript "> </ script> <br> <a href=""
title="Online Advertising" target="_blank"> CPM CPM Advertising Online </
a> | <a href =" http : / / "target =" _blank ">
Advertising blog </ a> </ div>
     The red is the ID Ymads. Please enter the ID Ymads mate in the box
ID Ymads Buddy

      5. Select a banner size which will be seen in the box Ad Sizes

       6. Then click the Start button. So the banner will be displayed in
accordance with the selected ad size. To reload the page over and over -
re-live check the Auto Reload option. Then click the Start button again

     7. Automatic reloading process there is no limit. Buddy can also log
into your account by clicking the button Ymads pal Account.

Well ... with this tool will get a dollar is expected to mate more
quickly. Although visitors to the blog is quiet. If my friend is still confused to
use     this   tool,    the     tool   has     been       included      guidance.

This tool is still far from perfect. And this new tool tested and runs perfectly
on Windows XP SP3. For Windows 7 I've tried it and it turned out to Work
99% 1% I do not go smoothly because the lights Dead ... :-)

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