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									              Browsing the Internet Enough With Hand Waving

A group of students in the laboratory of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has found
a new way of browsing the Internet. They no longer need to use the mouse or pressing the
buttons on the keyboard, simply by waving his hand. As reported by Endgadget, Friday
(26/11/2010), with the help DepthJS, a group of students who are members of the group called
Fluid Interface Group (FIG) is to outsmart the game Kinect Microsoft's motion controller, the
Chrome browser and JavaScript to enable Internet surfers to manipulate the browser works on
commands coming from the hand movements.

DepthJS is a web browser extension that allows any web page can interact with Microsoft
Kinect via Javascript. "Navigating the web is just one application framework that we made. We
imagine all the applications that run in browsers, ranging from games to utilities specific to a
particular site," FIG said through his website.

In the demo that was recorded into a video, it appears the students browsing the Internet and
open a web page with a wave of his hand, then browse each page with a variety of movements
such as clenching and shaking hands.

With a magical way, they can surf the Internet just like when using the mouse and keyboard
support. Open a browser, shrink and enlarge the page, clicking on the link and to scroll, all
controlled with hand gestures.

"The most impressive is that the web developer who specializes in Javascript is currently able to
work with Kinect without having to learn code or special programming language. We believe,
this will be a series of new forms of interaction beyond what we first developed," said FIG .

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