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					                                          CITY AND COUNTY OF DENVER
                                                                                                                               WELLINGTON E. WEBB
                                                                        AGENCY FOR HUMAN RIGHTS                                MUNICIPAL OFFICE BUILDING
                                                                        AND COMMUNITY RELATIONS                                201 WEST COLFAX AVENUE
                                                                                      Lucía Guzmán                             DEPARTMENT 1102
                                                                                                                               DENVER, CO 80202
                                                                         DENVER WOMEN’S COMMISSION                             TELEPHONE: 720-913-8465
                                                                                   Chaer Robert, Director                      TTY: 720-913-8475
        John W. Hickenlooper                                                                                                   FAX: 720-913-8470
June 5, 2007—FINAL

                                   STATE LEGISLATION AFFECTING WOMEN
Bill # Sponsor                                 Title                                                                                         Rated**
2      Sandoval                                Medicaid Eligibility Foster Care                                                              +a,l,9,o,w,e,j,d
12     Williams                                Investigation Family Child Care Provider                                                      +g
15     Boyd                                    Child Support Recodification
22     Veiga                                   PUC Low Income Regulatory Consideration                                                       +a,l,9,o,d,i,v
25     Veiga                                   Sexual Orientation Empl Discrimination                                                        +d,l,9,i
26     Bacon                                   Local Revenues Full Day Kindergarten                                                          +c,d,g
34     Morse                                   Reciprocity Concealed Weapons Permits                                                         +d,v,s
36     Keller                                  Mandatory Coverage Mental Disorders                                                           +v,s
59     Sandoval                                Start Smart Nutrition Program                                                                 +a,9,d,i,g
60     Boyd                                    Emergency Contraception for Survivors                                                         +n,p,d,s,l,v,g
97     Fitz-Gerald                             Allocate Tobacco Settlement Moneys                                                            -a +v,s,g
117    Bacon                                   Unfair Employmt Practices Prevailing Party
136    Morse                                   Court Jurisdiction Protection Order                                                           +v,d,s
225    Sandoval                                Colo Works Alternative Earning Disregard                                                      +a,l,d,9
235    Boyd                                    Self Sufficiency Standard                                                                     +l,a,9,d
1004   Summers                                 Sex Offender Report Requirements
1062   Solano                                  Early Childhood Councils                                                                      +c,g
1067   Benefield                               Sex Offender Residence Registration                                                           +v,s
1093   Carroll, T                              Sexual Assaults in Penal Institutions                                                         +s,d,g
1171   Green                                   Sex Offender Presentence Report                                                               +s
1172   Green                                   Sexually Violent Predator Report to GA                                                        +s
1174   White                                   Repeal Sunset Concealed Carry Database                                                        +v
1209   Borodkin                                Bonds for Historically Underutilized Bus                                                      +d
1255   McGihon                                 Uniform Child Abduction Prevention
1292   Todd                                    Content Standards Human Sexuality                                                             +p,n,l,v,d,s,g
1301   Buescher                                Cervical Cancer Immunizations                                                                 +l,d,g
1314   Cerbo                                   Extend Rules for Public Benefits                                                              +l,9
1317   Primavera                               Ed Info Re Registered Sex Offenders                                                           +s,d
1326   Kerr, A                                 Sex Offender Register E-mail Address
1330 Madden                                    Second Parent Adoption                                                                        +d,l,i
1350   Romanoff                                Victim Address Confidentiality Program                                                        +v,s,l,d
1354   Primavera                               Breast Cancer Income Tax Checkoff                                                             +d
1313   Marshall                                Identity Documents Evidence                                                                   +l,9,a,d,s,i
23         Hagedorn                           Restrict Access Tanning Beds Minors                      h3rd                                +d,g
11         Williams                           Early Childhood Commission                               sAPP                                +c,g
56         Mitchell,S                         Paternity DNA Testing Child Support                      sAPP
80         Williams                           Cervical Cancer Prevention                               sAPP                                +l,d,I,v,s,g
1071       Judd                               Intercept Gambling Winnings to Pay Debts                 sAGR                                +v,s
1134       Gallegos                           Add Vision Hearing Dental to Medicaid                    hAPP
*HHS=Health & Human Services; ED=Education; JUD=Judiciary; APP -Appropriations ; BLT=Business,Labbor and Technology; SA=State Affairs; BUS=Business ; Trans = Transportation ;
AGR= Agriculture; LG=Local Government ; Conc= Concurrence; h=House s=Senate **+=support, -=oppose
 a=AFDC Coalition ; c= Colo Children’s Campaign; d=Denver Women’s Commission; e=League oif Women Voters; g=Colo Coalition for Girls; i=Latina Initiative; j= Junior League; l=Women’s
Lobby; n=NARAL ProChoice Colorado; o=Colo Social Legis Committee; p= planned parenthood; s=Colo Coalition Against Sexual Assault; v=Colo Coalition Against Domestic Violence; w=
Colo Women’s Agenda; 9=9 to5 National Association of Working Women
To express your opinion on whether the Governor should sign or veto a bill contact his office: 303-866-2471; fax- 303-866-2003 or email:
Updates of this sheet are available online at For more information about the status of any bill call the Bill Room at 303-866-3055 or online at
Cervical Cancer

The first vaccine to prevent cancer has just been approved by the Center for Disease Control. The vaccine can prevent about 70% of
cervical cancers. Cervical cancer is the number two cancer killer of women world wide. Here in the US it is the 11 most common cancer,
affecting over 9,700 women per year, killing about 3700 per year. Latinas suffer a death rate from cervical cancer double that of other

Pap tests currently can diagnose precancerous changes. But invasive and expensive treatment is necessary at that point to prevent the
development of cervical cancer. So combining the Pap test with a vaccine is ideal.

Lawmakers in Colorado and other states are eager to prevent this now preventable cancer. However, the vaccine costs about $360. for
the series of three shots. The vaccine is recommended for girls and young women from 9-26, with the ideal age of vaccination being 11-12
years old. Since many families cannot afford the cost, our legislators will be considering how to fund administration of the vaccine. The
federally funded Vaccines for Children program provides it for girls under 19 who are uninsured, Medicaid eligible, American Indian or
underinsured patients of Federally Qualified Health Centers. The State’s Child Health Plan will have to cover it, so states will need to pay
for it. Most private insurers cover it, though legislation may require all to cover it.

SB 80 would requires parents of 11-18 year olds to be informed about the vaccine. Parents of sixth grade girls would have either vaccinate
their daughters or sign a waiver. SB 97 restores the tobacco settlement dollars to use on health related programs, including the new
cervical cancer vaccine. HB 1301 allocates $1.5 million to pay for the vaccine and requires most insurers top cover it.

Health Care

SB 2 covers former foster kids with Medicaid between 18 and 21 years of age. Many have ongoing health and mental health problems, but
are losing health coverage at 18 years. SB 23 would ban tanning bed use by minors. Between 1996-2000, men in Colorado had a skin
cancer rate 33% higher than the US rate. For Colorado women, the skin cancer rate is 40% higher than the US. People under 35 who use
tanning beds regularly have a melanoma risk that is 8 times higher than those who never use a tanning bed. The World Health
Organization has recommended that minors be prohibited from using tanning beds. HB 1134 would add some hearing, vision and partial
denture services for those on Medicaid.


SB 22 would allow the Public Utilities Commission to set lower rates for people making under 185% of Federal Poverty Level. Currently it
is against the law. SB 59 eliminates the 30 cent per day co-pay on reduced price school breakfast for low income children.

Child Care

SB11 creates an Early Childhood Commission to make recommendations about early childhood programs. SB 26 authorizes local district
to have ballot proposals to fund full day kindergarten. HB 1061 requires at least one monitoring visit of licensed child care facilities per year
by child care facility inspectors. HB 1062 expands the community consolidated child care services pilot program statewide.


SB25 bans employment discrimination based on sexual orientation. 1330 allows a second parent who is not a spouse to adopt a child.

Sexual Assault

HB 1093 spells out how allegations of sexual assault in Department of Corrections facilities must be handled. HB 1004 requires additional
information to be included in the annual report regarding the Colorado Sex Offender Lifetime Supervision Act of 1998. 1067 requires sex
offenders who live in their vehicles to register where the vehicle is parked. HB 1127 requires sex offenders to register their email addresses
and online identities. HB 1171 requires a pre-sentence report on a sex offender regarding their risk. HB 1172 requires an annual report to
the legislature on the state’s sexually violent predators. 1317 would require information about sexual assault to be posted along with info
on registered sex offenders.


SB 34 would limit the honoring of out of state concealed carry permits to only residents of that state. Currently some Colorado residents
with felony conviction or documented mental health problems apply for mail-order permits from other states which do not have restrictions.
HB 1174 would repeal the current sunset on the database of those with concealed carry permits.,

Domestic Violence

SB 136 authorizes a judge granting a domestic violence protective order to include temporary (120 days) arrangements for fiscal needs
such as rent, health insurance, etc. 1350 allows a victim of domestic violence or sexual assault to have an alternate address.

To correct or update this list, or for more information, contact Chaer Robert, Director, Denver Women’s Commission, or call 720-913-8465