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 Used by all Budget Holders to request goods and or services that are covered by a
 Contract / Price Agreement. ( Encumbers funds and prints Purchase Order automatically))

1.    From the Department Business Function Screen click on Quick Document Processing.
2.    Go to the bottom of the screen and click on the PG button.
3.    Document/Batch Entry Screen appears.
4.    Batch ID – Leave entire line blank unless modifying an existing PG document.
5.    Document ID – Enter your Agency code. (3 characters)
6.    Click on Automatic Document Numbering
7.    Click OK
8.    PG Header appears. Record the PG# in your Purchasing Log Book/Worksheet.
9.    Date of Record – Leave Blank
10.   Acctg. Period – Leave Blank
11.   Budget FY – Leave Blank
12.   Building/Room – Enter information if appropriate for your location.
13.   Vendor – Enter vendor # from your copy of the Price Agreement.
14.   Delivery Date – (mandatory) enter requested delivery date. (Be realistic)
15.   Ship To – Enter Ship to Code for you location. Use Help, Find Code to find the #.
16.   Bill To – Enter FIN.
17.   FOB Indicator – Change to Destination. (Just press the letter D when the field is highlighted)
18.   Resp. Agency/Org. – Enter your Agency and Organization codes.
19.   Comment – enter info. (Rush, ASAP)
20.   Price Agreement – Enter complete Price Agreement Number (Bid ??-???)
21.   BS Account – Leave Blank
22.   Warehouse – Leave Blank
23.   Responsible Person – Enter the persons name responsible for authorizing the PG document.
24.   Vendor Terms – Leave Blank
25.   Order Type, Discount Code and Tax Code– Leave Blank
26.   Commodity Acctg. Linking – Leave set at Default.
27.   Goods already Received – Leave at Default unless you already received the goods, then set to yes.
28.   Change Order Tracking – Leave at Default
29.   Confirmation Order – Leave at Default, unless order was called in then set to yes.

      You have completed the OTHER ATTRIBUTES section of the PG Document.

      You will not use the Freight section of the PG Document.

30.   Click on Accounting Details (you may charge up to 6 different Organizations or Objects) (Only
      one fund)
31.   Line – Enter Accounting line, two numerical digits, start with 01).
32.   Fund – Enter your Agency’s Fund.
33.   Agency – Enter your Agency code.
34.   Org/sub – Enter your Organization code. Leave sub blank.
35.   Activity – Leave Blank
36.   Function - Leave Blank
37.   Object – Enter object of expense. (4 digits, add a zero to our current objects) leave sub blank.
38.   Job Number – Leave Blank unless this is a capital RX, then enter project #)
39.   Rept Cat – Leave Blank
40.   Amount – Leave Blank (you will enter pricing info on the commodity section)

      Repeat items 20 – 40 if you are charging more than one organization or object. (Line 02, etc)

      You have completed the ACCOUNTING DETAILS section of the PG Document.
41.   Click on Commodity Details
42.   Line – Enter Commodity Line ( 3 digits, start with 001, can have 999 lines per requisition)
43.   Commodity Code – Enter commodity code.( Use Help, Find Code to get CC number)
44.   Item Code – Leave Blank
45.   Unit of Measure – Enter correct unit of measure (Use Help, Find Code to find Uof M)
46.   Accounting Line – Enter the Accounting line to be charged.
47.   Text – Change to Custom ( press the letter C when field is highlighted).
48.   Revalue – Leave set to none.
49.   Manufacturer # - Leave Blank
50.   Description – Leave Blank (will fill in from commodity code when processed)
51.   Discount Code –Enter appropriate discount code from Price Agreement
52.   Tax Code – Leave Blank
53.   Quantity – Enter quantity to be ordered.
54.   Unit Cost – Enter Unit Cost
55.   Discount – Leave blank if you used a discount code (%) or enter $ value of discount.
56.   Freight – Leave Blank
57.   Total Cost – Enter Total Cost if you know it if not the system will total the requisition.

      You have completed the COMMODITY DETAILS section of the PG Document.

58.   Click on Additional Description
59.   Verify the Header Information is correct. (PG #, Vendor #, Commodity Line # and “Vendor
60.   Bid ID and Line Num. – Leave Blank
61.   Tab down to text line 1.
62.   Enter Custom Text (Brand, Model #, Additional Info sent to Purchasing in Mail, etc)
63.   Go to top of screen, Click Modify, then ADD to Add the text.
64.   Close text window and you return to Commodity Details screen.

      You have completed all sections if you are ordering only one commodity or item. In that
      case, go to top of screen, click Process Edit, correct and verify any errors or warnings and
      then Click Process, Run. The system will tell you your document is “ready for approval.”

      If you wish to order additional items on this PG Document proceed as follows.

65.   While in the Commodity Details section, Click Edit, Insert line after
66.   Complete Commodity Details section as in above steps # 42 –58. (Commodity lines, 002,003, etc)

      When you are finished entering all your commodity lines, go to top of screen, Click Process
      Edit, correct and verify all errors and warnings, and then Click Process, Edit. The system
      should read “ready for approval”. Close the screen.

      PGQ      Page 2 1/20/98