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EC Travel   Howards Travel   Unique Travel
                              Welcome to our very special
                              cyprus Dream vacations 2009

The beautiful island of Cyprus can offer so much more than days lazing on the beach and           Daily Flights & Flexibility to Cyprus & Dubai
nights partying in a club. If you’re in search of culture and fine cuisine or a family looking    EK 108	 MLA	 LCA	 1540	1910				 EK 107	LCA	MLA			1215	1400
for that safe beach and plenty to keep your little ones happy than Cyprus is the ideal            EK 108	 MLA	 DXB	 1540	0035+1	 EK 107	DXB	MLA			0835	1400
destination. Situated in the north-eastern part of the Mediterranean, it is the third-largest
island and one of the most popular tourist destinations in the region. It is a year-round                                                                                  Emirates offer a daily first class
                                                                                                                                                                           service to Cyprus & Dubai
destination with long, dry summers and mild winters which are separated by short autumn
                                                                                                                                                                           therefore making it possible to
and spring seasons. It is also one of the very few places where you can experience two sets                                                                                combine any number of nights.
of cultures in one country – Turkish Muslim in the north and Greek Cypriot in the south.

Home of the mythical goddess Aphrodite, this island of love offers tempting tavernas and
boutiques huddled together in a maze of cobbled streets. Long stretches of white sandy
beaches contrast splendidly with the spectacular beauty of the Troodos Mountains rising to       Emirates Aircraft Boeing 777-200/300 Wide body
                                                                                                 Boeing 777s enable us to bring even higher standards of comfort, facilities and service to
almost 2,000m above sea level. Charming villages, some with cobbled streets and preserved
                                                                                                 Economy Class travel, Roomier cabins, more space between seats, large storage lockers,
folk architecture nestle on terraced slopes amongst the pines or vineyards and orchards.         superb meals and outstanding in-flight entertainment all comine to make flying with
Cyprus is also steeped in history with many archaeological treasures and sites. It is one        EMIRATES even more comfortable and enjoyable!
of the oldest civilizations of the Mediterranean, dating back 10,000 years. Conquered by
foreign powers throughout its long history you can see evidence of Ancient Greeks, Romans,       FLIGHTS
Egyptians, Phoenicians, Venetians, Ottomans and British. All left their mark making the          Emirates offer you a daily first class service. It is therefore possible to take a short breaks, 7nights or
island a mosaic of periods and cultures. Cyprus is also the first country where the apostles     longer stays in beautiful Cyprus. You may also wish to combine a visit to Cyprus with magical Dubai.
Paul and Barnabas visited on their mission to spread Christianity.
                                                                                                 Stay as long as you like and where you like! You may wish to have a two-centre or a multiple centre stay:
Whether you are in search of a perfect family holiday, a romantic break with your partner or     take package rate and add or deduct Extra Night Rate (XN)
in a frenzy to experience some of the best clubs in the Med than look no further – Cyprus
has it all!                                                                                      CYpruS pACkAGE CoST In e InCLudES:
                                                                                                 • Return Flights to Larnaca on Emirates. (V Class)
CYpruS FACTS AT A GLAnCE                                                                         • Three Nights or Six Nights Hotel Accommodation (as indicated)
                                                                                                 • Breakfast ( or in some cases Halfboard basis)
Flights:   Emirates Airlines operate to Larnaca Airport daily. A flight from Malta to
           Larnaca will take approximately 2 ½ hours.                                            dEpoSIT e100 per person BALAnCE One month prior departure
Time:             Cyprus is one hour ahead of Maltese • Currency: Euro                           noT InCLudEd Airport Taxes e40
Getting around: Hiring a car is highly recommended during your stay in Cyprus giving you
                more freedom to explore the many out-of-the-way places which may
                only be accessible by car. Furthermore driving in Cyprus is very easy
                                                                                                        cyprus for family fun!
                                                                                                                                                          Cyprus is perfect for family holidays
                thanks to the excellent road network and the fact that cars are driven on                                                                 with lots to see and do. Your
                the same side of the road as in Malta.                                                                                                    kiddies will love the supervised
                                                                                                                                                          mini-clubs operated t many of our
Local Cuisine:    Meze is a speciality, consisting of vegetable and meat dishes, dips                                                                     hotels. They have fun....whilst you
                  and bread. Fresh fish will also feature prominently at harbour fronts.                                                                  relax!
Wine:             Sample the famous red wine commandari or the fruity local whites.                                                                       When Child/Infant accommodation
Shopping:         Enjoy shopping in Nicosia, Limassol or Larnaca old towns. The wide                                                                      is free, flight cost and handling is
                  variety of shops and markets where locally made filigree silverware,                                                                    as listed:
                  hand-made lace, leather goods, colourful rugs, basketwork, copperware                                                                   CHILd:       Cyprus        L105
                  and terracotta pots are popular buys.                                                                                                                dubai         L399
                                                                                                                                                          InFAnT: Cyprus              L27
Places to visit: The Rock of Aphrodite, the ancient city of Curium and Lania, Troodos                                                                     No Seat      dubai         L106
                 Mountains which incorporate Mount Olympus, the Akamas peninsula,                                                                         ‘Child’ unless otherwise stated,
                 home to the Greenback loggerhead turtles, Paphos, Limassol, Nicosia                                                                      applies from 2-12yrs.
                 and the untouched northern tip of Cyprus.                                                                                                ‘Infant’ under 2 yrs.
                                                                    New for 2009!
Combine the charms of Cyprus with the delights of Dubai!
                                                                                                                                                Contents                  page
      Cyprus Airport
   For	your	comfort	and	
convenience,	on	arrival	
 in	Cyprus	we	transport	
    you	to	your	place	of	
   stay;	and	back	to	the	
    airport	on	departure	
       day.	Rates	per	taxi	
    per	way	to	and	from	
        Larnaca	Airport.

  	                        Larnaca	                Nicosia		                    Ayia	Napa	           Protaras	           Limassol	           Paphos	             Troodos/Aphrodite	hills
  1-3 PAX                  38                      65                           71                   79                  79                  157                 134
  4-6 PAX                  48                      94                           94                   110                 110                 219                 165
  7-10 PAX                 71                      142                          142                  149                 149                 259                 219
Prices	are	in	Euro	per	taxi	per	way	and	include	VAT	at	15%                                                 			ALL	TRANSFERS	MUST	BE	BOOKED	AT	THE	TIME	OF	BOOKING

The dubai & Cyprus Experience
Sample	a	unique	Arabian	experience	during	your	Cyprus	Holiday!		A	mere	three	
and	a	half	hours	flight	from	Larnaca	can	whisk	you	to	the	cultural	delights	of	Dubai.		
A	land	of	contrasts,	whose	stunning	high-rise	city,	set	amidst	mosques	and	palaces,	
offers	a	wealth	of	elegant	shopping	malls	packed	with	designer	goods	and	bazaars	
crammed	with	gold,	spices	and	hand-made	rugs.		Visit	the	Creek,	a	large,	natural	
sea-water	inlet,	where	modern	yachts	bob	alongside	traditional	wooden	‘dhows’	or	
take	an	exciting	dune	drive	out	in	the	sprawling	desert,	visit	a	camel	farm,	and	enjoy	
an	evening’s	barbeque	under	the	stars	in	a	typical	Bedouin	encampment.		Dubai,	
an	exciting	city	where	the	mysterious	East	meets	the	sophisticated	west,	offers	the	
visitor	 a	 taste	 of	 Arabia	 with	 a	 cosmopolitan	 lifestyle.	 	 You	 will	 find	 a	 tolerant,	
welcoming	society	and	a	clean,	crime-free	environment.

CYpruS & duBAI pACkAGE:
E.C.	Travel	is	delighted	to	offer	you	a	choice	of	hotels	and	excursions	to	make	your	
Cyprus-Dubai	experience	unique.		All	flights,	transfers	in	resorts,	accommodation	
etc.	will	be	arranged	on	your	behalf.		Just	browse	through	what	we	have	to	offer	                                                                           New	Deluxe	Terminal	3	Dubai	Airport
-	combine	a	Dubai	package	with	extra	nights	in	Cyprus	–	then	call	our	department	
where	our	experienced	staff	will	be	happy	to	offer	you	assistance.	                                  If	you	have	any	requests	or	enquiries	for	Dubai	please	do	not	hesitate	to	contact	us.		
                                                                                                     We	can	Help	you	with:
                                                                                                     1.			Visas
duBAI pACkAGE InCLudES:                                                                              2.			Airport	meet	&	assist
•	 Return	Flight	to	Dubai	on	Emirates	(Q	Class)                                                      3.			Transfers	&	transport
•	 Return	Airport	tranfers                                                                           4.			Accommodation
•	 Three	Nights	or	Six	Nights	Hotel	Accommodation                                                    5.			Tours	&	desert	safaris
•	 Breakfast                                                                                         6.			MICE	arrangements
                                                                                                     7.			FIT	or	Group	bookings
noT InCLudEd:                                                                                        TIp: Taxis are difficult to get anywhere in deira and Bur dubai.
•	 Airport	Taxes	€25		•		Visa	€60                                                                    Try and catch one from the hotel as it will always be easier

HOTELS                                                                      First For Choice!                                               Weddings, Honeymoons
Ranging from modest but comfortable 3 star to ultra-luxurious               Our selection of accommodation is unrivalled:                   & Anniversaries
5 star hotels, from the famous beach resorts to the tranquil                • Holidays for all tastes and budgets, from De-luxe 5 star      Romantic Cyprus is an idyllic choice for your wedding or
mountain villages, Cyprus Dream Vacations has a hotel to suit                   to less formal 2 star hotels                                honeymoon! We have lots on offer for honeymooners
everyone! Breakfast is included in the price of all our hotels,             • Holiday Villages, Self catering villas, apartment & village   – Let us know if this is your honeymoon trip!
and some are priced on a half board or all-inclusive basis for                  houses on request.
extra value.                                                                • Beach, town & mountain resorts

 ayia napa                                                                                                                              the fun place to be!
Ayia Napa Cyprus’ most popular resort and a particular favourite with families
and young people. Shimmering clear blue waters, white sandy beaches and the
spectacular Waterworld Waterpark provide an exceptional setting. Cape Greco
is an area of extreme beauty, considered to be one of the most magnificent
places on the island.

Ayia Napa is the party capital of Cyprus: its streets are bursting with discos, big-
name DJs, hectic bars and thumping nightclubs. The town centre is a late-night
attraction for young clubbers, and it can get rather lively however most of the
Ayia Napa properties that we offer are situated well away from all the revelry,
and offer a relaxing holiday environment to those who desire it.

    AENEAS HOTEL                                                                                                              Half Board Basis - Great Value!
                                                                                       This	 luxurious	 hotel	 is	 a	 uniquely	 low-lying	 establishment	 and	 is	 perfectly	
                                                                                       located	in	acres	of	beautifully	landscaped	gardens.		The	main	attraction	is	
                                                                                       undoubtedly	the	very	large	free-form	swimming	pool,	considered	to	be	one	of	
                                                                                       the	largest	in	the	world,	featuring	fountains,	a	Jacuzzi	and	animating	waters.	      	
                                                                                       The	Aeneas	Hotel	characterizes	typical	Cypriot	architecture,	displaying	red-
                                                                                       tiled	roofs,	natural	stone	walls	and	stunning	woodwork.		Located	conveniently	
                                                                                       across	the	road	from	the	picturesque	golden	sands	and	clear	waters	of	Nissi	
                                                                                       Bay.		The	Aeneas	is	2km	away	from	the	town	centre	of	Ayia	Napa	–	just	a	

                                                                                                                Adult                   1ST CHd             2nd CHd
                                                                                       HALF-BoArd        rEF    3n      6n     Xn                           3n     6n    Xn
                                                                                       01Apr-30Apr       A      345     565    74       FREE                230    360   43
                                                                                       01May-30Jun       B      399     670    91       FREE                260    410   51
                                                                                       01Jul-31Aug       C      450     760    104      FREE                275    450   58
                                                                                       01Sep-31Oct       D      440     745    101      FREE                275    450   58

                                                                                       SuppLEmEnTS pppn: SSV - Pool View a9 • SV - Superior Pool View a17.5
                                                                                       Full Board        A - 34 B/C - 30       D - 25
                                                                                       Single            A - 42 B/D - 47       C - 56

                                                                                       dISCounTS: 3rd Adult Sharing XN 25% • Child Meals FB A - 20, B/C - 17.5, D - 15

                                                                                       A	deluxe	hotel	located	directly	on	one	of	the	finest	beaches	in	Ayia	Napa:	
                                                                                       Nissi	Bay.		Modern	luxurious	accommodation	and	high	standard	of	service.	
                                                                                       Numerous	 activities	 and	 water	 sports	 are	 available	 or	 you	 may	 choose	 to	
                                                                                       relax	by	the	pool	in	the	hotel’s	exotic	gardens	or	on	the	beach.		Adams	Beach	
                                                                                       is	excellent	for	families	with	a	good	selection	of	accommodation	including	the	
                                                                                       popular	‘Kid’s	Suites’.		Pool	complex	includes	water	slides	and	Jacuzzis.

                                                                                                                      Adult                    1ST CHd        2nd CHd
                                                                                                                rEF 3n        6n Xn            3n 6n Xn
                                                                                       01Apr-30Apr              A     299 475 59               170 240 23     RQ
                                                                                       01-23May/25Oct-08Nov     B     355 575 73               185 270 28     RQ
                                                                                       24May-14Jul/01Sep-24Oct C      395 650 85               190 275 29     RQ
                                                                                       15Jul-31Aug              D     445 745 101              145 185 14     RQ

                                                                                       SuppLEmEnTS pppn:
                                                                                       SSV/SV RQ • Half Board: AD 36 • Full Board AD 61
                                                                                       Single: A - 44 B - 54 C - 85 D - 101 • Infant: 14

                                                                                       dISCounTS: 3rd Adult Sharing XN DB RATE APPLIES • Child Meals HB - 24, FB - 37

NApA MErMAiD          S
                              The	multi	awarded,	freshly	rebuilt	Napa	Mermaid	Hotel	&	Suites	with	deluxe	services	and	
                              facilities	lies	on	the	most	privileged	location	of	the	cosmopolitan	resort	of	Ayia	Napa.	
                              This	sanctuary	of	relaxation	and	comfort	is	accompanied	by	the	unparallel	reputation	
                              for	excellence	and	friendliness	that	the	hotel	is	known	for.	An	excellent	hotel	with	superb	
                              sports	facilities,	just	200m	from	the	beautiful	Grecian	Bay	Beach.		The	Napa	Mermaid	
                              is	extremely	popular.	Book	early	to	avoid	disappointment.
                                                          Adult                   1ST CHd                2nd CHd
                                                  rEF     3n 6n Xn                3n 6n Xn
                               01Apr-30Apr        A       240 355 39              190 275 29             NA
                               01May-31May        B       270 415 49              215 320 36             NA
                               01Jun-30Jun        C       295 470 58              230 360 43             NA
                               01Jul-15Oct        D       345 550 69              260 410 51             NA
                               16Oct-31Oct        E       310 485 58              230 360 43             NA

                               SuppLEmEnTS pppn: SSV/SV- RQ • Half Board - 27 • Full Board - 55
                               Single: A - 26 B - 35 C - 40 D - 47 • INFANT 1ST CHD XN RATE APPLIES

                               dISCounTS: 3rd Adult Sharing XN 20% • Child Meals N/A
                                                                                              Water World Ayia Napa

NApA pLAZA DESiGNEr       S                                                                                                 Adults only
                              The	Napa	Plaza	Designer	Hotel	is	a	chic	and	unique	hotel	featuring	contemporary	and	
                              minimalistic	 design	 with	 a	 dash	 of	 classic	 Mediterranean	 style.	 It	 is	 centrally	 located	
                              with	 a	 good	 choice	 of	 shops,	 bars	 and	 restaurants	 in	 the	 vicinity.	 	 It	 is	 also	 a	 short	
                              distance	 from	 the	 beach.	 The	 221	 bedrooms	 are	 built	 around	 a	 fantastic	 courtyard	
                              overlooking	the	lagoon	style	pool	area	and	the	landscaped	Mediterranean	gardens.	All	
                              have	a	bathroom/shower,	telephone,	air	conditioning,	satellite	TV,	mini	fridge,	hairdryer,	
                              bathrobes	and	slippers,	tea	and	coffee	making	facilities.		This	modern,	contemporary	
                              hotel	will	appeal	to	couples	and	friends	for	its	excellent	standard	of	accommodation,	
                              service	and	facilities	in	the	centre	of	the	resort.		
                                                         rEF     3n       6n       Xn              SuppLEmEnTS pppn:
                               01Apr-16May               A       220      350      33              SV                           N/A
                               17May-10Jun               B       245      410      41              SSV (pool view)              11
                                                                                                   Half Board                   17.5
                               11Jun-19Jul/04Oct-11Oct C         290      495      51
                                                                                                   Full Board                   29
                               20Jul-21Aug               D       335      600      66
                                                                                                   Single                       N/A
                               22Aug-03Oct               E       310      540      58
                               12Oct-31Oct               F       235      365      33              dISCounTS:
                                                                                                   3rd Adult Sharing XN - N/A

                              A	friendly	and	modern	hotel,	with	a	welcoming	atmosphere.		It	enjoys	a	nice	location,	
                              about	100	yards	from	the	beautiful	white	sandy	beach	and	picturesque	fishing	port	of	
                              Ayia	Napa,	but	still	close	to	all	the	attractions	and	amenities	of	the	resort	with	its	bars,	
                              cafes	and	restaurants.		The	hotel	leisure	facilities	include	indoor	and	outdoor	swimming	
                              pools	with	children’s	paddling	pool	and	sun	terraces.		Amongst	extensive	gardens	there	

                                                               Adult                     1ST CHd            2nd CHd
                                                  rEF     3n 6n Xn                3n 6n        Xn        3n 6n Xn
                              01May-15May         A       255 385 44              FREE                   170 240 23
                              16May-31May         B       265 410 48              FREE                   175 245 24
                              01Jun-30Jun         C       275 425 50              FREE                   180 255 25
                              01Jul-15Oct         D       305 475 56              FREE                   185 270 28
                              16Oct-31Oct         E       270 400 44              FREE                   170 240 23

                              SuppLEmEnTS pppn: SSV - 5 • SV - 7.5 • All Inclusive - 36 • Half Board - 19
                              Full Board - 29 • Single - A/B - 27 C - 30 D - 34

                              dISCounTS: 3rd Adult Sharing XN 25% • Child Meals 50%
apartments                                                            Rates per Person per Night
                                                                                                                                      Ayia Napa
 ANTHEA                                       The	Anthea	Apartments	are	superbly	                CAT A                  rEF      STudIo onE BEdroom
                                              located	in	the	centre	of	popular	Ayia	Napa	
                                              and	are	only	a	5	minute	walk	away	from	                                            1-3 pax 1-4 pax
                                              the	nearest	beach.	The	apartment	complex	          01Apr-30Apr            A        11      14
                                              offers	a	pool	area	with	three	swimming	            01-31May/29Sep-31Oct   B        14      17
                                              pools,	each	with	a	pool	bar.	Apartments	           01-30Jun/15-28Sep      C        21      29
                                              are	fully	equipped	with	modern	amenities	
                                              and	facilities.	Each	unit	provides	direct	dial	    01Jul-14Sep            D        36      36
                                              telephone,	radio,	kitchenette,	mini	fridge	
                                              and	balcony.                                       SuppLEmEnTS pppn: 3rd/4th Adult 8

 CAriNA                                       The	Carina	Apartments	enjoy	a	prime	              CAT C                      rEF   STudIo onE BEdroom
                                              beachside	location	off	Nissi	Avenue.	Bars,	
                                                                                                                                 1-3 pax 1-3 pax
                                              restaurants,	shops	and	mini	markets	are	
                                              within	a	5	minute	walk.	The	resort	centre	        01-30Apr/16-31Oct          A     12      15
                                              with	its	famous	nightlife	is	only	a	15	minute	    01May-30Jun                B     17      23
                                              walk	away.                                        01Jul-15Sep                C     31      42
                                                                                                16Sep-15Oct                D     20      26

                                                                                                SuppLEmEnTS pppn: 3rd Adult 8

 EUrONApA                                     The	Euronapa	Apartments	are	in	a	slightly	
                                                                                                CAT A                      rEF   STudIo onE BEdroom
                                              quieter	area,	but	close	enough	to	the	centre	
                                              to	enjoy	all	the	nightlife.	Local	shops,	bars	                                     1-3 pax 1-4 pax
                                              and	restaurants	can	be	found	within	100m.	        01Apr-30Apr                A     16     20
                                              The	property	has	a	swimming	pool	and	             01-31May/16-31Oct          B     20     22
                                              children’s	pool,	lounge	bar	and	poolside	
                                                                                                01-30Jun/01-15Oct          C     30     32
                                              snack	bar.
                                                                                                01Jul-30Sep                D     40     42

                                                                                                SuppLEmEnTS pppn: 3rd/4th Adult 8

 EVABELLE                                     Situated	on	the	Nissi	Beach	road	and	             CAT A                   rEF      STudIo onE BEdroom
                                                                                                                                 1-3 pax 1-4 pax
                                              only	minutes	away	from	both	the	centre	of	
                                              Ayia	Napa	and	the	nearest	sandy	beach	            01Apr-30Apr             A        15      17
                                              the	Evebelle	combine	a	hospitable	and	            01-15May/16-31Oct       B        17      20
                                              welcoming	atmosphere	with	a	relaxing	             16May-30Jun             C        24      26
                                              holiday	environment.	All	the	apartments	          01Jul-20Jul             D        29      31
                                              are	spacious	and	offer	private	bathroom	          21Jul-31Aug             E        32      34
                                              with	shower,	terrace	or	balcony,	direct	dial	     01Sep-30Sep             F        26      27
                                              telephone,	mini	fridge,	kitchenette	and	          01Oct-15Oct             G        20      21
                                              satellite	TV.	                                    SuppLEmEnTS pppn: 3rd/4th Adult 9

 ipHiGENiA                                    The	Iphigenia	Apartments	are	centrally	           CAT B                      rEF   STudIo onE BEdroom
                                              located	within	easy	access	to	the	resorts	                                         1-3 pax 1-4 pax
                                              amenities.	This	property	is	ideally	situated	     01Apr-30Apr                 A    15      20
                                              for	the	young	and	lively.	The	apartments	
                                              are	of	simple	style	offering	a	clean	and	         01May-21May                 B    17      22
                                              comfortable	stay	with	no	frills	attached.         22May-09Jul/28Aug-03Sep/
                                                                                                16-31Oct                    C    26      31
                                                                                                10Jul-27Aug                 D    39      44
                                                                                                04Sep-15Oct                 E    31      36

 NApA priNCE                                  Napa	Prince	Apartments	are	ideally	situated	      CAT B                      rEF   STudIo onE BEdroom
                                                                                                                                 1-3 pax 1-4 pax
                                              for	peace	and	comfort	as	they	are	set	
                                              outside	the	busy	part	of	the	village;	however	    01Apr-31May                A     21      26
                                              are	still	only	within	walking	distance	from	      01Jun-30Sep                B     26      32
                                              the	heart	of	Ayia	Napa’s	bars,	tavernas,	
                                              nightclubs	and	shops	as	well	as	the	              SuppLEmEnTS pppn: 3rd/4th Adult 14
                                              beautiful	sandy	beach.	All	the	rooms	are	         Single (Studio) Dbl Twn Rate
                                              large	with	AC	and	outfitted	with	modern	
                                              amenities	and	a	spacious,	fully	equipped	
      value BuDget Hotels

                    ANASTASiA BEACH   PROTARAS	is	located	to	the	north	of	Cape	Greco	renown	for	snorkelling	&	diving,	and	close	to	Paralimni,	         	
                                      just	15	mins	drive		from	Ayia	Napa.		A	relaxed	resort,	ideal	for	all	ages.		Superb	crystal-clear	waters	and	
                                      fine	silver	beaches		probably	the	finest	in	Cyprus	and	include	the	famous	‘Fig	Tree	Bay’	.Anastasia	Beach	
                                      hotel	 -	 traditional	 hospitable	 service,	 combined	 with	 the	 peaceful	 atmosphere	 and	 an	 ideal	 location.	

                                      HALF BoArd               Adult              1ST CHd 2nd CHd
                                                        rEF    3n      6n    Xn                                  SuppLEmEnTS pppn:
                                      01Apr-30Apr       A      215     310   31   FREE        RQ                 SSV - N/A • SV 12.5
                                      01May-15May       B      250     380   43   FREE        RQ                 All Inclusive AD 27.5
                                      16May-30Jun       C      285     445   54   FREE        RQ                 Half Board INC • Full Board 16
                                      01-20Jul/01-30Sep D      330     520   64   FREE        RQ                 Single 27.5
                                      21Jul-31Aug       E      365     590   75   FREE        RQ
                                      01Oct-15Oct       F      280     425   48   FREE        RQ                 dISCounTS:
                                      16Oct-31Oct       G      245     355   36   FREE        RQ                 3rd Adult Sharing XN 25% • Child Meals 50%

                    SANrEMO HOTEL     An	excellent	value	small	family	run	2	star	hotel.	The	hotel	is	very	basic	but	as	such	it	offers	excellent	value	
                                      for	money.	Based	in	the	older	part	of	Larnaca	with	good	access	to	the	airport	(10	mins	drive).	The	hotel	is	
                                      not	a	beach	hotel	but	is	within	easy	walking	distance	of	the	beach	(100	metres).	Known	for	its	friendly	staff	
                                      and	a	professional	management	team	that	awaits	you	to	ensure	a	truly	exiting	and	satisfactory	stay.

                                                              Adult               1ST CHd 2nd CHd
                                                       rEF    3n      6n     Xn                                  SuppLEmEnTS pppn:
                                      01Apr-31May      A      175 230 18          FREE        N/A                Half Board 10 • Full Board 19
                                                                                                                 Single A/D - 12.5 B - 15 C - 20
                                      01Jun-30Jun      B      190 260 23          FREE        N/A
                                      01Jul-30Sep      C      230 320 30          FREE        N/A                dISCounTS:
                                      01Oct-31Oct      D      200 260 20          FREE        N/A                3rd Adult Sharing XN 25% • Child Meals N/A

                    AGApiNOr HOTEL    The	pretty	Agapinor	Hotel	occupies	a	convenient	position	on	the	west	coast	offering	dramatic	views	to	the	
                                      harbour.		It	is	very	centrally	located	for	shopping	and	sightseeing,	within	a	few	minutes	walk	from	the	Local	
                                      Market,	District	Museum	and	Public	Gardens.		A	short	distance	away	is	the	Land	of	the	Kings,	the	House	
                                      of	Theseus	and	Dionysos,	Saint	Paul’s	Pillar	and	the	Baths	of	Aphrodite.		Each	room	has	AC	and	central	
                                      heating,	hair	dryer,	safe,	TV,	telephone	and	balcony	with	town	or	sea	view.

                                                              Adult               1ST CHd
                                                       rEF    3n      6n     Xn   3n     6n        Xn            SuppLEmEnTS pppn:
                                      01Apr-30Apr      A      199 275 25          140 180 13                     SSV N/A • SV 3
                                                                                                                 Half Board 11 • Full Board 21
                                      01May-30Jun      B      220 310 32          155 200 16                     Single 16
                                      01Jul-31Oct      C      235 335 32          155 200 16
                                                                                                                 3rd Adult Sharing XN 25% • Child Meals N/A

                    pENDELi           Situated	in	the	centre	of	the	mountain	resort	of	Platres,	surrounded	by	shops,	tavernas	and	cafés,	the	
                                      Pendeli	Hotel	is	the	perfect	base	to	explore	this	beautiful	and	relatively	unspoilt	area.		Village	life	is	all	
                                      around	you,	local	taverns	and	cafes,	small	supermarkets	and	local	crafts.	Nature	Walks	whether	is	be	
                                      Wild	Flowers,	Bird	Watching	or	exploring	the	river	leading	up	to	Caledonian	Falls.	Main	facilities	are	
                                      Restaurant,	Bar,	outdoor	Swimming	Pool,	Gym,	Sauna	and	Jacuzzi.
                                                                       Adult              1ST CHd
                                                               rEF     3n      6n Xn      3n 6n Xn               SuppLEmEnTS pppn:
                                                                                                                 Half Board 16 • Full Board 30
                                      01May-25Jun              A       255 365 40         165 225 20
                                                                                                                 Single A - 19 B/C - 25
                                      26Jun-23Jul/30Aug-12Sep B        285 430 49         180 255 25
                                      24Jul-29Aug              C       335 535 66         205 305 34
                                                                                                                 3rd Adult Sharing XN 25% • Child Meals N/A
                                      13Sep-31Oct              D       260 380 40         165 225 20
LimASSOL is a vibrant and highly popular seaside resort, famous for its Autumn Wine Festival, and
Spring Carnival, Limassol is Cyprus’ second largest town with a seven-mile long stretch of coastline and
a magnificent backdrop of the Troodos mountains. The town’s carefree holiday atmosphere, with a wide
seafront promenade and bustling little shopping streets, is matched by the gaiety and lively character of
its people. The main tourist area offers shops, restaurants, bars and a buzzing nightlife, whilst a quieter
atmosphere can be found at the Old Town and the harbour which shelters small fishing boats. This is also
the site where King Richard the Lionheart married princess Berngaria of Navarre in 1191, crowning her
Queen of England. The central position on the coastline makes Limassol a good base for those wishing to
explore the mountains or other coastal regions.

                                                       A	member	of	‘The	Leading	Hotels	of	the	World’,	the	opulent	Amathus	Beach	Hotel	combines	comfort	and	
                                                       relaxation	with	luxury	allowing	its	guests	to	experience	a	superior	service	at	every	level.	The	rooms	offer	
                                                       an	inland	or	sea	view	and	are	elegantly	appointed	with	marble	bathrooms,	blending	sophistication	with	
                                                       comfort.		The	hotel	has	a	top-class	range	of	fitness,	sport	and	leisure	facilities,	indoor/outdoor	pools,	
                                                       immaculate	sunbathing	lawn	gardens	and	fabulous	restaurants.

                                                       rEF               5n          Xn                              SuppLEmEnTS pppn:
                                                                                                                     Superior Inland VR 14 • SVR 40 • SSVR 54 • Junior Suites SV
                                                                                     2-14yrs        1st/2ndCHd
                                                                                                                     (min 2 pax) 94 • JSSV with Private Pool (min 2 pax) 219
                                                       25Apr-30Jun       A           640 104 FREE                    Half-Board 42 • Full Board 82 • Half Board Chd 2-14yrs 21
                                                       01-24Jul          B           655 104 FREE                    Full Board Chd 2-14yrs 41 • Single 62
                                                       25Jul-25Aug       C           770 126 FREE
                                                                                                                     Family Package: Chd 2-17yrs staying in a room separate from parents
                                                       26Aug-31Oct       D           675 108 FREE
                                                                                                                     10% on BB basis • 3rd Adult sharing XN 50%

                                                       From	the	moment	you	step	into	the	hotel	lobby	with	its	bright	and	airy	design,	marble	counters	and	flower	
                                                       arrangements	you	will	know	you	have	come	to	a	special	hotel.		With	entertainment	most	evenings	and	a	
                                                       range	of	sports	facilities	on	offer,	it	gives	an	excellent	choice	of	holiday	activities.		Around	the	hotel	are	
                                                       beautifully	kept	gardens	and	an	intriguingly	designed	pool	area.		From	the	grounds	you	can	step	directly	
                                                       onto	the	sandy	beach.		

                                                                                            Adult             1ST CHd 2nd CHd               SuppLEmEnTS pppn:
                                                                                 rEF        3n 6n Xn                                        SSV 20 • SV 20 • Half Board 22.5
                                                       01Apr-30Jun               A          320 355 65        FREE        RQ                Full Board 42.5 • Single 41

                                                       0Jul-20Jul/21Oct-31Oct B             335 370 65        FREE        RQ                dISCounTS:
                                                       21Jul-31Aug               C          415 430 92        FREE        RQ                3rd Adult Sharing XN 25%
                                                       01Sep-20Oct               D          385 485 82        FREE        RQ                Child Meals 50%

                                                       Navarria’s	windows	overlook	the	mountains	of	Troodos	from	one	part,	and	the	beautiful	Mediterranean	
                                                       Sea	 on	 the	 other.	 	 The	 sandy	 beach	 is	 just	 within	 150m	 from	 your	 room.	 	 The	 hotel	 is	 located	 in	 the	
                                                       beautiful	ancient	area	of	Amathus,	4.5km	from	the	centre	of	Limassol.		A	bus	service	stops	across	the	hotel	
                                                       every	30	minutes.		24-hour	taxi	service.		The	hotel	also	boasts	of	a	large	Health	Centre	comprising	of	
                                                       Gym,	Sauna,	Steam	Bath,	Message	Room,	Snooker	Room	and	Table	Tennis.		Other	amenities	are	a	large	
                                                       swimming	pool,	a	paddle	pool,	a	children’s	pool,	an	illuminated	tennis	court,	billiard	and	video	games.	

                                                                                             AduLT               1ST CHd                    SuppLEmEnTS pppn:
                                                                                      rEF    3n 6n       Xn      3n 6n          Xn          SSV 2.5 • SV 4
                                                       01Apr-30Apr                    A      215 290     28      145 185        14          Half Board 11 • Full Board 22.5
                                                       01May-20Jun                    B      225 315     34      155 210        18          Single A/B - 16 B/C/D - 24
                                                       21Jun-20Jul/01Sep-15Oct        C      260 380     40      165 225        20
                                                       21Jul-31Aug                    D      275 410     45      170 240        23          dISCounTS:
                                                                                                                                            3rd Adult Sharing XN 25%
                                                       16-31Oct                       E      240 340     34      155 210        18
                                                                                                                                            Child Meals 50%
pApHOS is situated on the south-west coast of the island, charming paphos has sand
and shingle beaches along its rugged seafront. Steeped in history, with a wealth of
ancient sites, some dating back to the 4th Century BC, paphos is listed as a uNESCO
World Heritage Site. Cyprus’ capital in Roman times and the legendary birthplace
of Aphrodite, Goddess of Love and Beauty, paphos retains its charm despite its
popularity as a tourist resort. The main tourist area and the many archaeological
sites are found in Kato, or lower paphos. The surrounding area is countryside, rich
in vegetation with banana plantations, citrus groves and vineyards which lead on
inland to the gentle foothills of the Western Troodos mountains.

                                                      A	member	of	the	prestigious	‘Leading	Hotels	of	the	World’,	the	Amathus	Beach	Hotel	in	Paphos	is	pure	
                                                      luxury	located	within	walking	distance	of	the	old	castle	making	it	ideal	both	as	a	resort-style	holiday	or	
                                                      one	exploring	the	history	and	heritage	of	the	area.
                                                                                   1st/2nd* CHd 2-12yrs
                                                                            rEF 5n Xn             5n   Xn       SuppLEmEnTS pppn:
                                                                                                                LSV 15 • SV - Pool/SVR 47 • FM 22 • PJSI 52
                                                      01-07Apr/16-30Apr A          585 93         405 60
                                                                                                                PJSS 107 • PJSP A - 289 B/C/E - 281 D - 269
                                                      08Apr-15Apr           B      655 106        450 69        Half-Board 39 • Full Board 72 • Half Board Chd 19
                                                                                                                Full Board Chd 36 • Single 52
                                                      01May-30Jun           C      725 120        490 77
                                                                                                                * 2nd CHD - in FM or PJS only  1st Chd + applicable Sup
                                                      01Jul - 05Sep         D      740 125        490 77
                                                      06-26Sep/16-31Oct E          765 125        510 81
                                                                                                                Family Package: Chd 2-15yrs staying in a room separate from
                                                      27Sep-15Oct           F      825 138        550 89        parents 25% • 3rd Adult sharing XN 40%

                                                      An	oasis	of	luxury	next	to	the	famous	Coral	Bay	and	the	unspoilt	Akamas	Peninsula.		The	Leptos	Coral	
                                                      Beach	Hotel	is	set	amidst	lush	landscaped	gardens	enjoying	400	metres	of	natural	sandy	beach,	yet	only	
                                                      a	short	stroll	away	from	the	tavernas,	bars	and	shopping	centre	of	Coral	Bay	Village.		The	design	of	the	
                                                      hotel	reflects	the	local	character	of	the	island	and	has	extensive	resort	facilities.		The	Coral	Beach	has	a	
                                                      variety	of	restaurants	to	suit	all	tastes	including	a	traditional	fish	taverna	overlooking	the	hotel’s	pleasure	

                                                                                AduLT           1ST CHd         2nd CHd
                                                                      rEF       3n 6n     Xn    3n 6n      Xn   rEQ               SuppLEmEnTS pppn:
                                                      01Apr-30Apr     A         365 615   80    155 200    16   RQ                SSV 11 • SV 21
                                                      01May-30Jun     B         380 640   86    165 225    20   RQ                Half Board 30 • Full Board 51
                                                      01-15Jul        C         395 655   86    165 225    20   RQ                Single 41
                                                      16Jul-31Aug     D         430 725   97    165 225    20   RQ
                                                      01Sep-15Oct     E         455 770   105   170 230    21   RQ                dISCounTS:
                                                      16Oct-31Oct     F         405 670   89    155 210    18   RQ                3rd Adult Sharing XN 30% • Child Meals 50%

                                                      Sister	hotel	to	Limassol’s	Mediterranean	Beach	Hotel,	the	Elysium	features	a	unique	architectural	character	
                                                      and	charm.		A	feeling	of	openness	and	tranquility	prevails	in	an	atmosphere	inspired	by	Cyprus’	rich	
                                                      history,	highlighted	by	the	Romanesque	indoor	pool	and	spa,	the	Greek	amphitheatre	with	stunning	views	
                                                      over	the	sea,	and	the	Village	Square.		Children	are	particularly	well	catered	for,	making	this	an	ideal	resort	
                                                      for	families,	as	well	as	couples	and	singles.	
                                                                                                                               SuppLEmEnTS pppn:
                                                                           AduLT             1ST CHd         2nd CHd           SSV 11 • SV 34
                                                      rEF                  3n 6n Xn          3n 6n Xn rEQ                      Half Board     A - 34 B/C - 26
                                                                                                                               Full Board     A - 64 B/C - 52
                                                      01Apr-30Apr     A    320 790 111       199 290 31 RQ
                                                                                                                               Half Board CHD A - 17 B/C - 13
                                                      01May-30Jun B 310 770 108              200 300 33 RQ                     Full Board CHD A - 40 B/C - 26
                                                                                                                               Single         A - 67 B - 64 C - 77
                                                      01-16Jul        C    325 785 108       200 300 33 RQ
                                                      17Jul-31Oct     D         385 905 128     220 335 39      RQ                dISCounTS:
                                                                                                                                  3rd Adult Sharing XN 30%
LARNACA is situated on the south-eastern coast, home to the main international
airport, Larnaca is one of the oldest continually inhabitated cities in the world.
its trademark, the famous mile-long promenade lined with palm trees, is now
a pedestrianised zone, which makes this area’s open-air cafes, tavernas and
restaurants even more attractive. At one end of the promenade is a yacht marina
and a port whilst approximately 200 yards inland lies the town’s main commercial
and shopping centre, with many department stores and supermarkets. Close to
Larnaca is the village of Lefkara, famous for its lace and silverware and the village
of Konnos, famous for its pottery.

                                                       The	‘Jewel	of	Cyprus’,	Palm	Beach	Hotel	is	situated	at	the	Larnaca	Bay	area.		Its	central	location	on	the	
                                                       island	makes	it	an	ideal	base	for	exploring	the	popular	resorts	of	Ayia	Napa,	Limassol	and	the	capital	
                                                       city	of	Nicosia.		Situated	on	its	own	sandy	beach	and	surrounded	by	a	profusion	of	palm	trees	and	exotic	
                                                       gardens,	this	magnificent	hotel,	only	fifteen	minutes	away	from	Larnaca	Airport	and	ten	minutes	from	the	
                                                       city	centre,	provides	the	perfect	setting	for	a	memorable	holiday	experience.

                                                                                        Adult         1ST CHd 2nd CHd                SuppLEmEnTS pppn:
                                                                              rEF       3n 6n Xn                                     SV 12.5
                                                       01Apr-30Apr            A         275 425 50 FREE             RQ               Half Board 24
                                                       01May-30Jun            B         295 470 57 FREE             RQ               Full Board 47.5
                                                                                                                                     Single 32.5
                                                       01-15Jul/20-31Oct      C         310 485 57 FREE             RQ
                                                       16Jul-31Aug            D         365 590 75 FREE             RQ               dISCounTS:
                                                       01Sep-19Oct            E         345 550 69 FREE             RQ               3rd Adult Sharing XN 25% • Child Meals 50%

                                                       Located	on	the	beautiful	palm-lined	promenade	in	the	centre	of	Larnaca	with	views	over	the	marina,	the	
                                                       Sun	Hall	not	only	offers	all	the	facilities	demanded	of	a	four-star	hotel	but	has	a	deluxe	atmosphere.

                                                                                  AduLT              1ST CHd 2nd CHd                 SuppLEmEnTS pppn:
                                                                       rEF        3n 6n         Xn                 3n    6n Xn       SSV 7.5 • SV 11
                                                                                                                                     Half Board      16
                                                       01Apr-30Apr     A          245 370 41         FREE          210 315 35
                                                                                                                                     Full Board      29
                                                       01May-30Jun     B          285 445 54         FREE          245 390 47        Single          A - 29 B - 40 C - 36
                                                       01Jul-31Oct     C          335 535 66         FREE          260 410 51
                                                                                                                                     3rd Adult Sharing XN 25% • Child Meals 50%

                                                       The	Lordos	Beach	Hotel	is	one	of	the	leading	4-star	hotels	on	the	island	of	Cyprus.		Operating	since	
                                                       1979,	it	has	a	tradition	and	a	character	of	its	own.		A	warm	atmosphere,	a	touch	of	cosy	village	charm	
                                                       and	a	genuinely	friendly	service,	combined	with	excellent	newly	renovated	facilities,	reflect	the	true	spirit	
                                                       of	Cyprus.		Located	on	a	private	sandy	beach	of	Larnaca	Bay,	the	Lordos	is	13km	from	Larnaca	Airport,	
                                                       30	minutes	from	the	capital	Nicosia	and	4km	from	Dhekelia	golf	course.

                                                                                          AduLT             1ST CHd 2nd CHd
                                                                                  rEF     3n 6n Xn                      3n 6n Xn      SuppLEmEnTS pppn:
                                                       01Apr-30Apr                A       260 395 45        FREE        171 240 23    SV 9 • Half Board 19 • Full Board 34
                                                       01May-30Jun                B       285 445 54        FREE        185 270 28    Single A - 29 B - 32 C - 26 D - 36
                                                       01-15Jul/21Oct-31Oct       C       300 460 54        FREE        185 270 28
                                                       16Jul-31Aug                D       325 515 62        FREE        200 290 31    3rd Adult Sharing XN 25% • Child Meals 50%
                                                       01Sep-20Oct                E       310 485 57        FREE        190 275 29
nicosia                                                                                                                       Ideal for winter breaks
NiCOSiA is Cyprus’ capital, Nicosia, known locally as Lefkosia or Lefkosha,              the Leventis municipal museum, the Byzantine museum, the Famagusta Gate
is one of the oldest capitals in the world, fortified with imposing stone walls          and the Agios ionnis Cathedral amongst others. Laiki Geitonia is the picturesque
and massive gates built by the Venetians. Located in the centre of the island,           old quarter, with narrow streets and a variety of restaurants and shops. Nicosia
flanked by the beautiful northern range of Kyrenia mountains, Nicosia is                 remains the only divided city in the world with the ‘green line’, which runs through
an ideal base for visiting the many places of interest, the Cyprus museum,               part of the old city, being a tourist attraction on many guided tours.

                                                          Hilton	Cyprus	is	the	only	5-star	hotel	in	Nicosia.		All	298	rooms	offer	private	balconies.	The	Executive	
                                                          Rooms	have	access	to	the	Clubroom:,	snacks	and	drinks	are	served	free	of	charge	throughout	the	day.	    	
                                                          Fitness	Centre,	with	indoor	and	outdoor	swimming	pool,	sauna,	Jacuzzi	and	spa	treatments,	is	the	ideal	
                                                          place	for	pampering.		The	Fontana	Restaurant	offers	traditional	and	international	cuisine.		Paddock	Bar	
                                                          offers	an	enjoyable	English	pub	atmosphere.		Guest’s	facilities	include	a	Business	Centre,	hairdresser	&	
                                                          barber,	bookshop,	bank,	taxi,	car-hire,	free	car	parking.

                                                                                        mId-WEEk            WEEkEnd
                                                                                rEF     3n Xn               3n Xn
                                                          01Jan-31Dec           A       645 169             530 130

                                                          SuppLEmEnTS pppn: Executive Rooms 3N: 120 - MW, XN: 40 • 3N: 124 WE, XN: 42
                                                                            Single STD: MW - 97, WE - 67 • EXEC: MW - 131, WE - 100

                                                          The	Holiday	Inn	is	conveniently	located	in	the	heart	of	the	city,	only	minutes	away	from	the	International	
                                                          Conference	Centre,	the	State	Fair	Exhibition	grounds,	commercial	and	historic	districts.		It	features	140	
                                                          elegant	rooms,	executive	rooms	and	suites.	Its	five	restaurants	offer	Greek,	Italian	and	Japanese	cuisine	
                                                          as	well	as	a	Roof	Top	Restaurant	and	Bar.		A	fully	equipped	health	and	leisure	centre	with	gym,	indoor	
                                                          swimming	pool,	whirlpool,	sauna	and	Roman	baths.		The	Holiday	Inn	Nicosia	is	the	ideal	location	for	
                                                          both	business	and	pleasure	stays.

                                                                                                                                                   SuppLEmEnTS pppn:
                                                                                        AduLT    1ST CHd  2nd CHd
                                                                                                                                                   Half Board   29
                                                                                rEF     3n 6n Xn 3n 6n Xn rEQ
                                                                                                                                                   Single       A - 55 B - 29
                                                          01Apr-30Jun           A       395 670 91          160 215 19        RQ
                                                          01Jul-31Aug           B       400 665 88          160 215 19        RQ
                                                                                                                                                   3rd Adult Sharing XN 60%
                                                          01Sep-31Oct           C       410 685 91          160 215 19        RQ                   Child Meals 1st CHD 50% 2nd CHD 30%

excursions                                         car rental
                                                   rATES ArE pEr dAY And InCLudE
From Ayia napa (Summer only).                      • unlimited mileage • F.C.i - Full comprehensive insurance
                                                   • C.D.W. - Collision Damage Waiver (Excess apply on CDW)
From paphos/Limassol/Larnaca on request.
                                                   • Excess for Groups A2 to D5 €200 and for Groups F4 to J €400
rates are pp & include transport by coach,         • V.A.T. - Value Added Tax at 15%
english speaking guide & entrance fees.            • Delivery Collection all Cyprus w/in city limits (Exc LCA & paphos Apt)

Troodos mountain & kykkos monastery €37            rATES EXCLudE
                                                   • petrol payable by client in advance (Two fuel options)                        Grp TYpICAL modEL with AC           2-6 7-13 14 dAYS +
Troodos mountain Villages & nicosia                • Airport service Charge per rental €15 for rentals at Larnaca and
(inc. kakopetria, Troodos Sqare, omodos) €37          paphos.                                                                      A2   KIA PICANTO 1000cc             40    36     33
Shopping spree in nicosia               €27        • Baby seat €3.00 per day                                                       C2   NISSAN MICRA 1300cc            45    40     37
                                                   • Additional Driver €3.00 per day/per driver
nicosia – The divided Capital & Lefkara €27                                                                                        D2   KIA CEED 1400cc                49    45     42
                                                   • Tyres, Windscreen and Oil Sump covered by A.D.W insurance.
paphos & Curium                         €36        • Car Group A2 to D5 €3.50 per day / Car Group F4 to J €6 per day               D3   FORD FIESTA 1400cc Auto        54    49     46
                                                   • Waiverable Excess (WE) for groups A2 to D5 €3 per day and for                 D5   FORD FOCUS 1600cc Auto         62    57     54
Cyprus Bouzouki night                   €37
                                                      groups F4 to J €5 per day                                                    F3   DAIHATSU TERIOS 1500cc 4x4     85    80     77
                                                   • Delivery/Collection Outside city limits €9 each way
                                                                                                                                   F4   OPEL ZAFIRA 1600cc             90    85     82
                                                   CondITIonS                                                                      G2   NISSAN TERRANO 2700cc 4x4      117 111      109
                                                   • minimum age is 23 y - under 23 y must have a 3 yr driving licence.            J    CADILLAC BLS 2000cc Auto       199 186      172
                                                   • Valid National or intl License is required and a valid passport.
Dubai, the ‘pearl of the persian Gulf’,
is the most popular destination in
the united Arab Emirates. Situated
on the southern shore of the Gulf
on the Arabian peninsula, it is the
second largest Emirate after Abu
Dhabi. Dubai is a modern, high
flying city thriving on commercial
investments. it boasts of an array of shopping malls, flamboyant hotels and a dizzying choice
of dining options & activities. Where else can you see the tallest skyscraper – the Burj Dubai,
enjoy the fantastic Wild Wadi park, experience Atlantis, an ocean-themed destination or play
golf in a desert oasis? Add to this the Burj al Arab, the only ‘seven-star’ hotel in world, which
has become an iconic symbol of Dubai or Ski Dubai offering an amazing snow setting and one
can easily understand why Dubai has become a firm favourite with the jet-setters. Travellers to
this fascinating city know that the possibility for fun is endless; however, even though Dubai has
been transformed into a man-made hi-tech city, it still has a strong islamic culture with a stretch
of historical buildings by the Creek. Dubai is a captivating city!

                                                        The	Novotel	Deira	City	Centre	4*	is	located	in	the	heart	of	the	historic	part	of	the	city,	opposite	the	
                                                        Diera	City	Centre	shopping	mall	and	within	the	business	and	commercial	district	of	Port	Saeed.		It	
                                                        is	only	5	min	from	Dubai	Int’l	Airport	and	15	min	from	Dubai	World	Trade	Centre.		Rooms	feature	
                                                        IDD	with	voice	mail,	Sat	TV,	safe,	high-speed	internet	connection,	AC,	mini-bar	and	Tea	&	Coffee	
                                                        facilities.		The	Novotel	offers	a	complimentary	shuttle	to	and	from	Dubai	Int’l	Airport,	free	internet	
                                                        access	in	the	lobby,	free	indoor	parking,	laundry	&	dry	cleaning	services,	24	hour	room	service,	
                                                        outdoor	pool	&	pool	bar,	restaurants,	bar,	coffee	shop	and	gym.			

                                                                                                                              AduLT                            1ST CHd 2nd CHd
                                                                                                                    rEF       3n    6n             Xn
                                                         29Nov-07Dec/27Dec-04Jan10                                  A         860      1190        110         FREE    FREE
                                                         15May-11Jun/01-20Aug/8-26Dec                               B         805      1080        91          FREE    FREE
                                                         12Jun-31Jul/21Aug-19Sep                                    C         735      935         68          FREE    FREE
                                                         18-22Oct/14-19Nov/24-28Nov                                 D         1040     1550        170         FREE    FREE

                                                         SuppLEmEnTS pppn:
                                                         Adult Half Board Lunch or Dinner 23 • Adult Full Board 44 • Chd Half Board Lunch or Dinner (3-15years) 12
                                                         Chd Full Board (3-15years) 23 • 3rd Adult Sharing 42 • Single A=82 B=67 C=47 D=134

                                                         The	Ibis	Deira	City	Centre	is	centrally	located	opposite	the	City	Centre	shopping	mall,	5	min	
                                                         away	 from	 Dubai	 Int’l	 Airport	 and	 20	 min	 from	 the	 Int’l	 Convention	 and	 Exhibition	 Centre.	
                                                         The	Ibis	Deira	City	Centre	offers	comfortable	and	modern	rooms	each	with	Sat	TV,	high	speed	
                                                         internet	connection,	AC	and	IDD	with	voice	mail.		The	hotel	has	an	indoor	car	park*,	WiFi	in	
                                                         the	lobby*,	Safe	facility	at	the	reception,	laundry	&	dry	cleaning	services,	restaurant,	bar	and	
                                                         coffee	shop.		The	Ibis	Deira	offers	complimentary	shuttle	transfer	to	and	from	Dubai	Int’l	Airport	
                                                         and	access	to	the	Novotel	pool	and	gym*	* Extra charge

                                                                                                                                             AduLT                     1ST CHd
                                                                                                                                 rEF         3n    6n           Xn
                                                         01Apr-31May/20Sep-17Oct/23Oct-13Nov/20-23Nov/29Nov-04Jan                A           740        950     70     FREE
                                                         01Jun-19Sep                                                             B           705        876     58     FREE
                                                         18Oct-22Oct/14Nov-19nov/24Nov-28Nov                                     C           835        1140    101     FREE

                                                         SuppLEmEnTS pppn:
                                                         Adult Half Board Lunch or Dinner 23 • Adult Full Board 44 • Chd Half Board Lunch or Dinner (3-15years) 12
                                                         Chd Full Board (3-15years) 23 • 3rd Adult Sharing N/A • Single A= 53 B=43 C=79
                                                          Novotel	 World	 Trade	 Centre	 offers	 you	 the	 best	 location	 from	 where	 to	 do	 business	 or	 explore	 the	
                                                          exciting	face	of	Dubai.		Just	off	Shekh	Zayed	Road,	in	the	business	and	leisure	hub	of	the	city,	it’s	a	little	
                                                          wonder	that	Novotel	is	the	obvious	and	most	attractive	option	for	both	the	professional	traveler	and	
                                                          holidaymaker.		When	you	stay	at	Novotel	you	will	find	yourself	around	the	corner	from	the	most	popular	

                                                            Bed & Breakfast                            AduLT                    1ST CHd 2nd CHd
                                                                                                rEF    3n 6n         Xn
                                                            01Apr - 10Jun/21Sep - 31Dec         A      860 1190      110        FREE    FREE
                                                            11Jun - 20Aug/21Aug - 20Sep*        B      755 980       75         FREE    FREE
                                                            FAIRS                               C      1115 1700     195        FREE    FREE

                                                            SuppLEmEnTS pppn: Adult Half Board Lunch or Dinner 31 • Adult Full Board 44 • Chd Half Board Lunch or Dinner
                                                            (3-15years) 15 • Chd Full Board (3-15years22 • 3rd Adult sharing 42 • Single 95 •

                                                         The	Ibis	World	Trade	Centre	perfectly	combines	comfort	with	economy.		The	hotel	is	just	minutes	away	from	
                                                         the	most	happening	and	popular	spots.		Featuring	210	rooms,	Ibis	offers	to	its	guests	a	wide	range	of	facilities	
                                                         including	high-speed	internet	access,	satellite	TV	and	the	much	acclaimed	Cubo	Pasta	restaurant.			

                                                          Bed & Breakfast                             AduLT                1ST CHd     2nd CHd
                                                                                            rEF       3n      6n Xn
                                                          01Apr - 10Jun/21Sep - 31Dec       A         745     960 71       NA          N/A
                                                          11Jun - 20Aug/21Aug - 20Sep*      B         685     840 51       NA          N/A
                                                          FAIRS                             C         890     1245 119 NA              N/A

                                                          SuppLEmEnTS pppn: Half Board Lunch or Dinner 24 • Full Board 36 • Single A - 57 B - 37 C - 104 * Ramadan

                                                         Ibis	Al	Barsha	***	is	located	in	the	new	business	hub	of	Dubai,	just	minutes	away	from	the	Emirates	Mall.	 	
                                                         With	plenty	of	tourist	landmarks	close	by,	a	great	leisure	choice	on	your	doorstep	as	well	as	the	charming	
                                                         Souk	Madinat,	Jumeirah	Beach	and	the	Wild	Wadi	Park	in	the	vicinity	this	hotel	is	an	ideal	choice	for	both	
                                                         the	business	and	the	leisure	guest.		The	480	rooms	all	have	AC,	hairdryer,	WiFi	Internet	access	&	satellite	
                                                         TV.	The	hotel	also	offers	a	trendy	restaurant,	a	café	and	2	bars.

                                                         min stay - 2n                                AduLT            1ST CHd         2nd CHd
                                                                                           rEF        3n    6n Xn
                                                         01May-21Sep                       A          690   845 52     RQ              RQ

                                                         SuppLEmEnTS pppn: Half Board Dinner incl Soft Drink or Mineral Water 33 • Full Board • Triple room • Single 38

exciting DuBai excursions
desert Safari – Sunset Safari with BBQ dinner
& Belly dance – Half day pm - €60
The most popular excursion is the Desert Safari. That is always the best way to see
the sights of the desert and to get up close to a camel, smoke some shisha and
maybe have a henna tattoo painted on you
                                                                                           Burj El Arab ultimate Tea & dinner packages
dubai Bus Tour-Hop on/Hop off – Valid 24hours - €45                                        Ultimate Afternoon Tea in Sahn Eddar Lounge or Skyview Bar– from € 99
Ideal for seeing all that Dubai has to offer : Dubai Big Bus Tour. It has 2 routes.        Various Dinner Packages - Rates on Request
One route that goes through the old part of the city (to the Spice Souq, Gold Souq,
Dubai Creek on the Deira side and the Bur Dubai waterfront, museum and textile             other optional Tours With English Speaking Guide / 2 - 10pax
souqs) and the other route goes along Sheikh Zayed Road, past Jumeirah Beach,              • dhow Cruise Elite dinner - €65 • Shopping Tour - HD AM € 45
the Jumeirah Mosque, the Burj Al Arab, Souk Madinat Jumeirah & Emirates Mall.              • Sharjah Tour - HD AM €45 • Abu dhabi Tour - FD €81 W/Lunch
Aphrodite Hills
iNTErCONTiNENTAL ApHrODiTE HiLLS                                                                                          Cyprus’ most luxurious resort!
                                                                                               The	Intercontinental	Aphrodite	Hills	is	one	of	Cyprus’	most	luxurious	and	elegant	
                                                                                               resorts.	 	 Uniquely	 and	 scenically	 set	 on	 a	 stunning	 plateau	 overlooking	 the	
                                                                                               legendary	Aphrodite’s	Rock	amidst	the	glittering	blue	Mediterranean	Sea	and	within	
                                                                                               the	award-winning	Aphrodite	Hill	development,	the	resort	offers	guests	a	lifestyle	
                                                                                               built	on	discovery,	enchantment,	antiquity,	culture,	mythology	and	tradition.		Paphos	
                                                                                               town	is	approx	20	minutes	away	and	the	picturesque	village	of	Pissouri	is	approx	
                                                                                               10	minutes	away.		This	magnificent	five-star	resort	is	a	haven	for	devotees	of	luxury	
                                                                                               and	comfort	and	offers	290	guest	rooms	and	suites.		With	unprecedented	views	and	
                                                                                               extensive	facilities	the	Intercontinental	Aphrodite	Hills	is	a	true	first.		

                                                                                               The	Aphrodite	Hills	offers	the	tempting	contrast	of	peace	and	tranquility	combined	
                                                                                               with	outstanding	sports	and	leisure	facilities.		Residents	and	guests	alike	can	enjoy	
                                                                                               world-class	golf	on	the	superb	18-hole	championship	course,	a	clubhouse,	a	well-
                                                                                               stocked	 pro-shop,	 tennis	 courts,	 excellent	 fitness	 facilities	 and	 the	 sophisticated	
                                                                                               Retreat	 Spa	 with	 its	 Greco-Roman	 thermae.	 	 A	 mere	 15	 minutes	 drive	 away	 by	
                                                                                               complimentary	shuttle	bus,	is	the	Zias	Beach	Club,	with	1.7	km	of	sandy	beach	and	
                                                                                               offering	 free	 sun	 beds,	 umbrellas	 and	 towels	 for	 hotel	 guests;	 the	 relaxing	 Cove	
                                                                                               Beach	 and	 the	 Aphrodite’s	 Riding	 Club	 with	 excellent	 horse-riding	 facilities	 .	 	 At	
                                                                                               the	heart	of	the	resort	is	the	bustling	Village	Centre	with	its	bars,	restaurants	and	
                                                                                               shops,	plus	a	traditional	chapel	–	the	perfect	setting	for	romantic	weddings.		For	
                                                                                               children	and	teenagers,	there	are	also	the	Rainbow,	Pegasus	and	Zeus	Kids	Clubs,	
                                                                                               a	children’s	playground	and	fun	Grotto	Teens	Club.		

 Honeymoon offer                                                                               Gourmet	 fusion,	 Mediterranean	 and	 international	 cuisine	 plus	 fine	 dining	 are	
                                                                                               provided	in	a	choice	of	three	restaurants	and	poolside	bistro.	
                                                                                               All	rooms	and	suites	have	a	balcony	or	terrace	providing	garden,	pool,	golf	or	sea	
The bride enjoys 50% discount on accommodation on Bed & Breakfast basis                        views	and	each	with	special	features	and	luxurious	finishes	that	make	it	a	pleasure	to	
•	 Book	a	Deluxe	Room	on	Half-Board	or	Full-Board	basis	and	receive	a	free	upgrade	            stay	indoors.		Each	decorated	with	colour	schemes	that	accentuate	the	morning	and	
    to	a	Junior	Suite                                                                          evening	sun;	all	rooms	are	decorated	to	meet	the	style	and	comfort	requirements	
•	 A	welcome	glass	of	sparkling	wine,	bottle	of	wine,	fruit	&	flowers	in	the	room              of	 the	 most	 discerning	 guest.	 	 Landscaped	 gardens	 and	 a	 cascading	 swimming	
•	 A	romantic	candlelit	dinner	for	the	couple	at	one	of	the	specialty	restaurants	including	   pool	 invite	 relaxation	 coupled	 with	 attentive	 yet	 shaded	 gazebo	 where	 wedding	
    a	bottle	of	house	wine                                                                     ceremonies	can	be	conducted.
	Terms & Conditions apply and include:
Marriage	Certificate	must	be	presented	upon	check-in	at	the	hotel                                                                    AduLT                   1ST CHd        2nd CHd
A	minimum	of	3	nights	stay	at	the	Intercontinental	Aphrodite	Hills	Resort	Hotel	applies                                     rEF      3n 6n        Xn
It	applies	only	for	couples	married	of	marrying	within	2009
                                                                                               04Apr-30Apr                  A        430 740 103             FREE           RQ

 golf offer
                                                                                               01May-30Jun                  B        530 940 136             FREE           RQ
                                                                                               16Jul-21Oct                  C        580 1025 148            FREE           RQ
                                                                                               01-15Jul/22Oct-31Oct         D        545 955 136             FREE           RQ
01Apr	–	31May														€380	pp                                                             SuppLEmEnTS pppn:
01Jun	–	15Sep															€270	pp                                                            SV 22 • Half Board 42 • Full Board 65 • Single 69
Terms & Conditions apply and include:                                                          dISCounTS:
A	minimum	of	7	nights	stay	at	the	Intercontinental	Aphrodite	Hills	Resort	Hotel	applies.	
                                                                                               3rd Adult Sharing XN • Child Meals 50%
Other	Tennis,	Spa	&	Wedding	Packages	are	available.		Rates	on	request.
Our	Price	Policy:		All	prices	in	this	brochure	are	quoted	in	Euro	                 brochures	of	necessity	are	produced	months	in	advance	and	there	                   of	 a	 part	 cancellation	 (e.g.	 for	 a	 hotel	 room	 under–occupancy,	
€.	 It	 is	 possible	 that	 at	 the	 time	 of	 booking,	 the	 actual	 price	 of	   may	be	occasions	when	an	advertised	facility	or	entertainment	is	                  changing	 from	 twin	 room	 to	 single	 room)	 is	 not	 a	 cancellation	
your	chosen	holiday	may	have	increased	from	that	shown	on	the	                     not	available	during	your	particular	holiday	especially	if	it	is	out	              charge.		A	separate	cancellation	charge	will	be	levied	in	respect	
brochure,	 and	 we	 reserve	 the	 right	 to	 affect	 this	 increase.	 	 We	        of	high	season.		Bad	weather,	essential	maintenance	or	cleaning,	                  to	bookings	cancelled.
guarantee	 that	 the	 price	 of	 your	 holiday	 will	 not	 be	 subject	 to	        lack	of	support	or	demand	may	all	affect	the	actual	availability	of	                	
any	surcharge	whatsoever.		Once	you	have	made	your	booking	                        particular	activities	or	facilities,	so,	for	instance,	can	such	things	as	         If	you	Cancel	your	Booking:		A	cancellation	can	only	be	accepted	
and	paid	a	deposit,	the	cost	of	your	holiday	cannot	be	increased,	                 local	licensing	laws,	religious	or	local	holidays,	or	local	authority	             in	 writing	 from	 the	 person	 who	 signed	 the	 booking	 form	 or	 in	
except	 in	 the	 case	 of	 substantial	 currency	 fluctuations	 and/or	            or	governmental	restrictions.		Similarly,	touring	itineraries	may	have	            writing	 from	 the	 Travel	 Agent	 through	 whom	 the	 booking	 was	
increase	of	taxes	or	levies	and/or	aircraft	fuel	increases	imposed	                to	 be	 changed	 sometimes	 at	 short	 notice	 due	 to	 weather,	 road	            made.	The	cancellation	will	be	effective	from	the	date	it	is	received	
by	airlines.	                                                                      or	traffic	conditions,	mechanical	breakdowns,	police	activity,	etc,	               at	our	offices.	In	the	event	of	a	cancellation	either	for	one	or	all	
 	                                                                                 and	any	other	circumstance	beyond	our	control.		Coaches	are	not	                   persons	 named	 on	 the	 booking	 form,	 we	 will	 levy	 our	 scale	 of	
Our	 Assurance	 on	 Standards	 and	 Assumption	 of	 Liability:	 	 Our	             air-conditioned	 (except	 when	 clearly	 specified	 on	 a	 programme)	             cancellation	 charges	 that	 are	 based	 on	 the	 estimated	 expenses	
brochure	descriptions	are	based	on	the	information	obtained	from	                  and	do	not	have	on	board	functional	toilet	facilities.		Swimming	                  and	losses	suffered	by	us	as	a	result	of	cancellations.		The	scale	
hoteliers	 and	 other	 service	 providers	 themselves	 at	 the	 time	 of	          pools	 may	 only	 be	 operational	 during	 the	 summer	 months,	 and	              is	as	follows:
printing.	 	 Hotel	 rooms	 are	 always	 small	 (sometimes	 very	 small).	      	   if	 still	 open	 in	 the	 winter	 months,	 may	 only	 be	 heated	 in	 colder	      Deposit:																								Non	refundable
We	work	with	hotels	offering	single	or	twin/double	bedded	rooms.	                  weather	and	at	the	discretion	of	the	hotelier.		The	general	standard	              Balance	of	Payment:								One	month	prior
Triple	 or	 quadruple	 bedded	 rooms	 are	 not	 always	 available.	 	 A	           of	 hygiene,	 public	 utilities,	 drainage,	 plumbing	 and	 services	 in	           	
third	 or	 fourth	 person	 wanting	 to	 share	 a	 twin/double	 bedded	             general	may	not	be	the	same	standards	in	Malta.	We	have	taken	                     22-31	days																																	50%
room	 will	 most	 probably	 be	 given	 either	 a	 small	 extra	 folding	           all	reasonable	steps	to	ensure	that	proper	arrangements	have	been	                 7-21	days																																		75%
‘camp’	 bed	 or	 a	 bunk	 bed,	 which	 will	 make	 accommodation	                  made	 for	 all	 the	 holidays	 which	 are	 advertised	 in	 this	 brochure.	    	   1-7	days																																				100%
quite	 uncomfortable.	 	 When	 two	 persons	 book	 a	 room	 for	 two	              You	will	appreciate	however,	that	we	have	no	direct	control	over	                   	
we	reserve	the	right	to	either	provide	two	separate	beds	or	a	large	               the	provision	of	services	to	you	by	our	suppliers.                                 On	 scheduled	 services,	 sea	 passages	 and	 coach	 transportation,	
matrimonial	bed.		All	hotels	provided	are	not	air-conditioned	and	                  	                                                                                 the	amount	of	cancellation	charge	shown	above	applies	only	in	
fans	 will	 be	 provided	 -	 unless	 otherwise	 clearly	 specified	 on	 the	        	                                                                                 the	 event	 that	 any	 air/sea/coach/rail	 tickets	 issued	 are	 returned	
programme.		Breakfast	is	only	provided	when	specified,	and	when	                   Balance	of	Payment:		The	balance	due	must	be	paid	one	(1)	month	                   to	Top	3	Travel	Solutions.		Otherwise	a	100%	cancellation	charge	
provided	it	is	always	continental	unless	specified	otherwise.	Lunches	             prior	departure.		If	you	book	through	a	Travel	Agent	you	should	                   shown	above	applies.	
and	dinners	are	always	served	on	three	courses.	No	choice	of	food	                 ensure	that	the	said	Travel	Agent	is	paid	in	sufficient	time	to	allow	              	
will	 be	 provided;	 neither	 will	 changes	 be	 accepted	 (e.g.	 having	          payments	to	reach	our	offices	by	the	due	date.		If	for	any	reason	                 Transfer	of	Booking:		Highly	restricted.
meat	 instead	 of	 fish).	 Portions	 served	 are	 moderate,	 (sometimes	           the	 balance	 is	 not	 received	 by	 us	 on	 the	 due	 date,	 we	 reserve	          	
small	in	size).		When	buffet	meals	are	provided	a	choice	is	usually	               the	right	to	cancel	the	booking	and	charge	a	cancellation	fee	in	                  If	you	have	a	complaint:		We	do	our	best	to	give	you	an	enjoyable	
available.	 Drinks,	 including	 water,	 during	 meals	 are	 always	                accordance	with	our	General	Conditions.                                            trouble	free	holiday	but	occasionally	even	the	best	laid	plans	can	
charged	extra	(unless	specified).		Use	of	items	from	the	mini	bar	                  	                                                                                 go	 wrong.	 	 If	 you	 have	 a	 problem	 or	 complaint	 relating	 to	 the	
and	telephone	calls	are	always	chargeable	to	the	client.			There	                  Form	 of	 Payment:	 	 Deposits	 and	 final	 balances	 may	 be	 paid	 in	           overseas	part	of	your	holiday	you	must	advise	our	representative,	
may	also	be	a	local	charge	to	the	client	for	in	house	movies,	TV	in	               cash,	personal	cheque	or	by	bank	draft.		However	please	note	that	                 agent	 or	 hotelier	 in	 writing.	 	 This	 must	 be	 done	 at	 the	 resort	 at	
the	room.	Please	confirm	this	with	hotel	reception.		Unless	clearly	               personal	cheques	are	not	accepted	if	payment	is	within	10	working	                 the	earliest	opportunity	in	order	to	enable	an	investigation	to	take	
specified	 all	 entrance	 fees	 to	 museums	 and	 shows,	 boat	 trips,	            days	from	date	of	travel.	                                                         place	in	the	shortest	possible	time.		If	the	problem	persists	please	
metro	or	cable	car	are	always	extra.		All	optional	excursions	are	                  	                                                                                 contact	your	travel	agent	immediately.		Written	complaints	must	be	
extra	and	unless	clearly	specified	they	only	include	transportation	               If	 you	 Change	 your	 Booking:	 	 Should	 you	 wish	 to	 change	 your	            sent	to	our	office	within	seven	days	of	returning	from	your	holiday.	         	
costs	 by	 coach,	 entrances	 are	 extra	 and	 no	 local	 guides	 are	             holiday	arrangements	in	any	way	we	will	endeavour	to	meet	your	                    Because	of	the	difficulty	of	investigating	complaints	too	long	after	
provided	unless	specified.		Prices	are	clearly	marked	in	the	‘price	               wishes	to	the	best	of	our	ability.	Amendment	fees	apply.		Changes	                 the	event,	we	will	not	accept	liability	in	respect	of	claims	received	
box’	at	the	end	of	each	programme.		Only	items	listed	under	‘price	                to	 dates	 incur	 heavy	 penalties	 sometimes	 amounting	 to	 100%	                after	the	seven	day	period	and/or	which	have	not	been	reported	in	
includes’	are	included	in	the	package	price.		Please	remember	that	                of	 the	 flight	 cost.	 	 Any	 increase	 in	 the	 price	 payable	 as	 a	 result	   writing	to	our	representative	or	the	supplier	in	the	resort.
Cyprus has that special something for everyone... From gorgeous beaches and
cosmopolitan towns to its spectacular pine-clad mountains and time forgotten
      villages where the famous Cypriot hospitality can be at its best.

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