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A Guide for Visitors
This leaflet provides useful practical information on certain
aspects of shopping in Cyprus and covers topics such as
payment methods, services and opening hours for shops,
banks and post offices, in order to make your stay in Cyprus
as pleasant as possible.

                                              EUROPEAN CONSUMER
                                               CENTRE OF CYPRUS
                                                 (ECC CYPRUS)
Consumers Protection              1
Currency                          2
Pricing and Methods of Payment    2
Tax                               2
Opening Hours                     3
Sales                             4
Hotels                            5
Timesharing                       6
Keep safe on the Cyprus Roads     7
Car Rentals - Hire Cars           9
Public Transport                 10
Useful information               11
Useful Services                  12
Consumers Protection
Many consumers have come to realize that every advice comes in
handy when filing a claim for a defective product or service with the
seller. Consumers must know their rights and should exercise
them when it is appropriate to do so by all means necessary.
The ECC Cyprus is hosted and operates at the premises of the
Competition and Consumers Protection Service of the Ministry of
Commerce, Industry and Tourism.
It focuses on informing consumers on domestic market
opportunities and offers advice on what they should do in
case of problems when shopping across borders. It also
offers support in pursuing cross-borders complaints.
Should you need free assistance concerning your purchase in
Cyprus, you can contact the European Consumer Centre of
Cyprus, (Tel: + 357 22867100).
Written complaints can be submitted to the following address:
6 A. Araouzos Street, 1421 Nicosia. Email :

Currently, the Cyprus currency is the Cyprus Pound and the
exchange rate against the euro is approximately 1 CYP = 1,74 EUR.
It is expected that Cyprus will adopt the euro in early 2008.

Pricing and Methods of Payment
ñ Prices must be displayed on items on sale, clearly indicating
  the cost per item / per unit (litre, kilo, e.t.c).
ñ VAT, if applicable, must be included in the price.
ñ The merchant is obliged to issue a receipt to the consumer.
ñ The most common methods of payment in Cyprus are cash,
  debit and credit cards.

In Cyprus, 15% Value Added Tax (VAT) is charged on most goods
and services.

Opening Hours
Shops          Winter Season   Summer Season
               01/11 - 31/3     01/04 - 31/10
Mon            09:00 - 19:00   09:00 - 20:30
Tue            09:00 - 19:00   09:00 - 20:30
Wed            09:00 - 14:00   09:00 - 14:00
Thu            09:00 - 19:00   09:00 - 20:30
Fri            09:00 - 20:00   09:00 - 21:30
Sat            09:00 - 15:00   09:00 - 17:00
Sun            Closed          Closed
ñ In tourist areas shops may remain open longer.
  Opening hours vary depending on the season.

Post Offices
Main Office in Nicosia: Constantinos Paleologos Str.,
(near Eleftheria Sq.) Tel. 22 303123
Mon - Fri: 07:30 - 13:30 and 15:00 - 18:00 (except Wed)
Sat:       08:30 - 10:30
Mon - Fri: 07:30 - 13:30 and 16:00 - 19:00 (except Wed)
Sat:       08:30 - 10:30

Mon:       08:30 - 13:00 and 15:15 - 16:45
Tue - Fri: 08:30 - 13:00
Mon - Fri: 08:15-13:00
There are two sale periods:
1)from the first Monday of February until the fourth Saturday of
  February and
2)from the first Monday of August until the fourth Saturday
  of August.
Sale periods last up to 45 working days but usually start earlier
with a Ministerial Order.

Hotels and other Tourist Establishments are officially
registered and classified by the Cyprus Tourism Organisation
(CTO) in accordance with the provisions of the Hotels and
Tourist Establishments Law and Regulations.
Rates are quoted in Cyprus pounds and are per room/apartment
on a daily basis.
Rates include: ñ Overnight stay. ñ Breakfast, in the case of hotels.
ñ Service Charge (10%), Taxes to local and other authorities,
Value Added Tax (15%) and CTO (3%) on accommodation and
meal rates.
Any complaints should be addressed to:
  ñ The manager of the hotel or tourist establishment or,
  ñ The Cyprus Tourism Organisation (Tel 22691100) or,
  ñ The District Inspectors Office of the CTO
   (Tel: 25760460, 24658777, 26938388, 23721100) or,
  ñ Any other CTO information office in Cyprus.

Timesharing involves the purchasing of the right to use
immovable properties on a timeshare basis. Consumers are
advised to demand a copy of the contractual proposal and read
it carefully before they sign it.
The timesharing contract must:
    ñBe in writing and include the duration.
    ñBe accompanied by the form of communication of
     cancellation or withdrawal from the contract and an
     information sheet detailing the obligations of the buyer and
     of the owner according to the provisions of the relevant law.
  ñ Be signed by both the owner and the buyer.
  ñ Not include any abusive clauses.
National law provides for a 15-day cool-off period. During this time
the buyer has the right to withdraw, provided he/she communicates
his/her intention both in writing and by registered mail.

Keep safe on the Cyprus Roads
ñ Visitors in Cyprus can drive using a valid international
driving license, or their national driving license, provided it is
valid for the class of vehicle they wish to drive.
ñ In Cyprus, driving is on the LEFT side of the road NOT the right.
ñ For their own safety and the safety of others, drivers must
adhere strictly to the national speed limits. The maximum speed
permissible on the island’s major highways is 100km/h - the
minimum is 65km/h. Unless otherwise posted, the maximum
speed limit on ordinary inter-urban and rural roads is 80kh/h.
In residential areas, the maximum limit is 50kh/h, although local
limits are often set lower. These are signposted accordingly.
ñ It is prohibited to drive if the level of alcohol in the blood or
breath is above the admissible limit. The admissible limit in the
blood is 50 milligrams of alcohol in 100 millilitres of blood (BAC
0,5 mg/ml), while the admissible alcohol limit in breath is up to
22 micrograms of alcohol in 100 millilitres of exhaled air.

ñ The use of hand-held mobile phones while driving is prohibited.
Drivers wishing to use their mobile phone while driving must use
a hands-free device.
ñ Seatbelt use is mandatory both in the front and rear seats of
motor vehicles. Children under 12 years old of age and less than
1.5m in height must wear a suitable safety belt or be otherwise
suitably restrained.
ñ Motorcycle or moped drivers must have the following in mind:
  - The law states that both the driver and passenger must wear
    safety helmets.
  - Rental agencies should supply helmet(s) at the time of rental
    upon request.
  - A passenger can be carried on appropriate motorcycles/mopeds
    provided that he/she is over 12 years old and sits astride
    the seat.
ñ Third party insurance coverage is required.
ñ Pedestrians must remember that traffic moves on the LEFT
side of the road.
Therefore you must always:
  - Walk on the pavement. In case there is no pavement, walk on
    the right side of the road (i.e. towards the oncoming traffic).
  - Look both to your right and left before crossing any road.
ñ Rush hours in cities are approximately between 7:30 - 8:00 /
13:00 - 13:30 and in late afternoon 17:00 -18:00 in winter or
18:00-19:00 in summer.
ñ In case of an accident, call 199 or 112 immediately.

Car Rentals - Hire Cars
Major self-drive car rental firms have offices in all towns, as well
as at the Larnaka International Airport. A list of car
rental companies can be found in the “Cyprus Tourism
Organisation’s annual Guide to Hotels, Travel Agencies
and other Tourist Services”, available at all Cyprus Tourism
Organisation Offices in Cyprus and abroad. Rented cars are
also known as Z cars because their registration number,
which is shown on red plates, starts with the letter “Z”.
Drivers under 25 years of age, holding a driving licence for
less than 3 years at the time of rental, must inform the car rental
company so as an under-age insurance cover- note can be
provided. Customers should read all the information on the rental
car agreement and demand that all of their car rental rights
be met.
Winter Rates are in effect as from November 1st - March 31st.
Companies offer reduced rates during the winter period.

 Public Transport
 The main means of public transportation in Cyprus are buses
 and taxis which cover an extensive network. The main bus
 terminal is at Solomos Square, in the centre of Nicosia.
 Information on tickets, routes and bus schedules is available at
 the main office, which is situated at Solomos Square, Nicosia.
 There are also the Yellow Buses of the Nicosia Municipality, which
 run regular rides to the centre of the city. The starting point is
 Solomos Square and this service is free.

 Services are also provided for out of Nicosia destinations.
 Intercity Busses: Nicosia - Limassol
 Information:       Nicosia: 22 778841 or 22 665814
                    Limassol: 25 370592

Useful information
Cyprus is characterized by rather mild winters and hot summers.
Summer - Winter average minimum and maximum temperatures:
August: 21 C min - 40 C max
February: 6 C min - 16 C max
For information: 90901488

Public Holidays
01/01     New Year Day
06/01     Epiphany Day
—/—       Green Monday
25/03     Greek National Day
01/04     Cypriot National Day
—/—       Good Friday (Greek Orthodox)
— /—      Easter Sunday
—/—       Easter Monday
01/05     Labour Day
—/—       Holy Spirit Day (Cataclysms)
15/08     Assumption
01/10     Cyprus Independence Day
28/10     Greek National Day
25/12     Christmas Day
26/12     Boxing Day

 Useful Services

 Police / Fire Brigade / First Aid / Ambulance   112 / 199
 Police                                          22802020
 Forest Fire Reports                             1407

 Nicosia General Hospital                        22603000
 Limassol General Hospital                       25801100
 Larnaka General Hospital                        24800500
 Paphos General Hospital                         26803100
 Paralimni General Hospital                      23232000
 Archibishop Makarios Hospital (Nicosia)         22405000
 Advisory Bureau on Aids                         22305155
 Support Against Drugs Abuse                     1410
 Overnight Pharmacies                            90901412
 Doctors on Call                                 90901432

 Electricity Faults                              90901420
 National Directory Enquiries                    11892
 International Directory Enquiries               11894
 (Country codes, trunk codes, rates)
 International Calls                             80000198
 Exact Time (English/Greek)                      1893 / 1895

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