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					   Scentsy Business Opportunity in Texas -
      Start Your Own Candle Business
       What would you attempt to do if you knew that you could not fail? Would you love to have a career
       you feel passionate about? Do you like to work in a fun environment? Are you a team player?

Why Join Scentsy?

Scentsy is one of the fastest growing companies in the U.S. and now Canada! With our
tough economy, people are looking for new ways to add extra income and many are finding
that Scentsy offers that income, and more! Some consultants join to have some seriously
fun girl time. For others, having their own business allows them the extra income to make a
car or mortgage payment. This opportunity can give parents the ability to stay home with
their children. Scentsy is perfect for everyone especially people who are dedicated to
working and growing their business. The possibilities can be endless. If you have the
burning desire to start your own home-based wickless candle business, this opportunity is
for you!

What sets Scentsy apart from other companies?

Scentsy offers one of the most generous compensation plans in the industry. You can earn
up to 30% commission on your personal sales, with the opportunity for an additional 9%
bonus. You can also earn leadership bonuses up to 9% on people you recruit and train.
When you reach your first $1000 in sales, you promote from 20% to 25% commission, and
you never go back! For those months that you sell over $2000, you earn an additional 5%
bonus. That adds up to $600 commission check. Scentsy products are the best in the
industry & people are constantly seeking a safer & better way to enjoy candles! So, why
not start earning dollars with Scentsy today! Our products come with a thirty (30) day
satisfaction guarantee (less shipping charges), and a lifetime manufacturer warranty. Our
prices vary and with over 80 scents and more than a dozen warmers, there is something for
every budget & every style!

What does our team offers?

When you sign up to sell Scentsy on our team, not only are you joining the fastest growing
candle company out there, but you are also joining a fast growing, award winning team. You
will have access to company webinars, weekly team conference calls, a monthly team
newsletter and your own personal website. We are constantly updating our team website
with current information and ideas that will help you be successful in your Scentsy journey.
When you join our team, you also get us. We are a group of consultants with experience in
the industry and will be able to guide you with ideas that work. We will help you make the
most of your business with tried and true tips that can really take your business to the next
level. All you need is positive attitude, love for the product and excitement! You will be
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amazed at your success just by sharing with others our Scentsy products!

How to get started

Visit my website and click on the "Join" tab! You will then enter your information, and join for
just $99 which includes your Scentsy starter kit (that includes everything you need) and your
website FREE for the first three months ($10 afterwards)! You will be in business in no time!
  Dream big, plan, & execute...with Scentsy & our team; you are on your way in building a
successful business in your area! Join this one in a lifetime opportunity!

If you need additional information you can contact us directly at: or
call 214-454-4061. Please leave a message if you are directed to the voicemail. We know
you don't want to talk to a recording, but sometimes we are attending to customer calls or
individuals interested in this opportunity!
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