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									                     True Square Newsletter
AUGUST 23, 2010                                                                      VOLUME 1, NUMBER 1

“Give the right
hand of affection
and fellowship to
whom it justly
belongs; let their
colour and
complexion be
what it will, let    In this Issue…
their nation be      Greetings Brothers. I hope this newsletter finds each and every one of you in good
what it may, for     spirits, good health, and the Grand Architect has continued to bless you. We have
                     had a great and productive previous year. I would like to update you on our
they are your        upcoming events as well as bring you word from your elected officers. This
brethren, and it     newsletter will continue to distributed, quarterly. This is to keep you up to date on
                     lodge events.
is your
indispensable        Latest News…!
duty so to do.”      For those of you who are not aware, True Square was named Lodge of the Year once
                     again and our very own Worshipful Master, Sam Albert was named WM of the Year
                     for the State of Texas. W.M Sam Albert has issued several directives that are
Prince Hall          designed to continue our long tradition of excellence and take our lodge to the next
                     level. True Square now has launched our official website, see below. Thus, enabling
                     True Square Lodge to reach inquiring minds on a global perspective; providing
                     history, our calendar events, and contact information. Let’s stand behind our
                     Worshipful .Master and support his efforts to make this a productive and successful
                     Masonic Year!
                   Master’s Corner
                                    Greetings Brothers, Once again we have upheld our reputation of
                                    being the best lodge in the state of Texas! True Square Has been
                                    recognized and awarded “Lodge of the Year 2009-2010” As your
                                    Worshipful Master I received the WM of the year award. I share
                                    this award with each and every one of you for I could not have
                                    done it without your support. We have worked hard this year
                                    and have reaped the fruits of our labor thru recognition from or
                                    Grand Master and the joy and fulfillment we get from serving
                                    God and our community.

                                    My goal for this Masonic year is for our lodge to continue to
Contents:                           serve our community. I also plan to strengthen our Masonic
                                    knowledge which will help build our character. I also plan to
In this Issue                       support my craft as you have supported me. I encourage you to
                                    be creative and innovative as we explore new ideas to help build
1                                   and support our communities.

Latest News. 1                      My vision for our lodge is to continue to be recognized as an
                                    organization that is united, innovative and making a positive
Masters Corner                      impact in the community through our work and mentoring our
                                    youth. I know if we work together we can continue to grow and
2                                   make a difference in our community.

Elected Officers                    Thank you once again for your efforts. You have truly made me
                                    WM Samuel Albert

                   In the West….

                                    Greetings to all of my brothers, I look forward to and have been
                   preparing for a pro-active and successful Masonic Year, serving as your Senior
                   Warden. I’m hoping that I may look to you all for assistance in carrying out the
                   Master’s Agenda. To the extent of your cable-tow; and the square and angle of your
                   work. Please keep attentive ears to any and all regular forms of communication
                   coming from the West by way of the East and beyond. Also:

                        Lodge Shirt:
                             o Please turn in orders with money if you would like a Shirt.
                             o Please turn in monies for shirts you have ordered.
                        Mark Dean Scholarship:
                             o Letter is finalized
                             o Donor lists are needed
                        Contact Information:
                             o Please provide the secretary with updated material
If there are any elements that you feel I should, need, or can improve on please do
not hesitate to inform me. If you have suggestion for lecture, community events, or
fellowship topics, please feel free to contact myself or any of the premier officers.
Your ideas are strongly encouraged.

Fraternally Yours,

SW Lawrence J. Greene, Jr.

In the South….

       Greetings in the name of the G.A.O.T.U. I hope that this communication finds
you and your family in the greatest of spirits and health. I would like to welcome
you to this new Masonic year. If you haven’t heard, True Square Lodge #108, your
lodge, has earned lodge of the year for the second straight year and three out of the
last four years. I thank you for your confidence in me to elect me as your Junior
Warden for this Masonic year. I look forward to working with you this year and
serving you to the best of my abilities. Remember, we are doing God’s work and we
are fervent followers of Christ!

From the Secretaries Station….

                     I would first like to thank you all for choosing me to fill this
position. I look forward to working with each and everyone this year. If you would
like to set up a payment plan for your dues, update your contact information, or have
any questions of me feel free to email me at


Kendrick Gilson
From the Treasurers Station….

                       Thanks to all who sold tickets to our fourth annual Comedy
Show, it turned out to be a huge success. We still have a few that still need to turn in
tickets and money, so please do so as soon as possible. We need to start now
planning for next years show, because prices for the comedians are going up and we
can't let our scholarship recipient down.


Mr. Chris Thomas, Sr.

The Tiler’s Station…

                       Greetings Brethren, and congratulations on being recognized
as the Lodge of the Year by the MWPHGL of Texas. It is always good and pleasant
to dwell together with brothers in unity. I am honored and humbled every time my
Lodge asks me to serve it in any capacity. For the Masonic Year 2010 -2011, I have
been asked to serve as your Tiler. I look forward to welcoming all brothers to our
Lodge chamber and to performing the duties the WM lays out for me on his Trestle
board. I also look forward to learning and growing Masonically with my friends and
brothers. It will be a pleasure to see you all, and to serve you. I will keep the best
interests of all members of this Prince Hall family in my thoughts, prayers and
meditations. May the GAOTU bless and keep you all. Have a safe and happy
summer. I’ll see you, at the outer door.


Bro. Zach Budd

       God has given us another chance to do it right!
       W.M. Sam Albert was awarded Worshipful Master of the Year.
       True Square Lodge was awarded Lodge of the Year.
       Bro. Joe Lee received his Hon. Past Masters Degree.
       True Square has finalized our website.
       True Square is now a 501(c) 3 Tax-Exempt Organization.
                        Past Events
“The secret of          May 5,2010                                               Newly Elected Officers
Masonry, like the       June 24-27, 2010                                             135th Grand Session
                             JW will have a report
secret of life, can     July 15-18, 2010                                   Robert E Connor Youth Camp
be known only by        July 17, 2010                                        Ronald McDonald House
those who seek it,
serve it, live it. It   Upcoming Events
cannot be uttered;      August 21, 2010                                        Back Pack Drive for Kids
                        September 4, 2010                                               Trash Pick-Up
it can only be felt     September 26, 2010                                                Sit In Service
and acted. It is,       October 2, 2010                                                Casino Bus Trip
in fact, an open        November 12-13, 2010                                        Mid-Winter Session
secret, and each
man knows it            In Memory Of…
according to his                          Bro. Joe Morgan, a traveling man in every sense of the Masonic
                                          Word. Please continue in the honoring of his life and keeping a
quest            and                      prayerful vigil for his family .
capacity. Like all
things        worth
knowing, no one
can know it for
another and no          Sick and Shut In
man can know it               Past Master Stokes is undergoing radiation therapy.
alone.”                       Lawrence Greene: Father underwent surgery to remove abnormal mass in
  Dr. Newton                  Sam Albert’s: Brother, Michael Humes is still in hospital care regarding
                               ongoing back industries.
                              Val Jackson underwent eye surgery.
                              Malcolm Edwards has made regular visits for testing with his doctor.

                        Contact information
                        W.M. Sam Albert                                               713.539.3324     cell

                        S.W. Lawrence Greene, Jr.                                      832.418.0068    cell

                        J.W. Trey Coleman                                               832-216-0865 cell
Editor Information
                        Sec. Kendrick Gilson                                            832.660.4631   cell
  S.W. Lawrence
  Greene, Jr.           Tres. Chris Thomas                                             713.302.7003    cell
  15631 Kiplands        Tyler Zach Budd                                                 713.480.4418 cell
  Bend Dr Houston,
  TX 77014
                        Web links:
  Dean.TS108PHA            WWW.MWPHGLOTX.Org

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