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					This is a message from Blaby Police

 Campaign launched to raise awareness of
 off road bike security

Mitch Eaton and DI Chris Hewgill with recovered moto cross bike

 A police officer from Leicestershire Constabulary wants to raise awareness about a
 new national registration scheme for off road bikes in an attempt to reduce thefts.

 Detective Inspector Chris Hewgill, from Loughborough, is a Motocross enthusiast
 himself and has followed the sport for many years. He often hears stories from
 fellow enthusiasts about bikes being stolen and he wants to combine his love of
 the sport with his job by increasing people’s awareness of the new registration

 The National off Road Registration Centre (NORRC) was launched on Thursday
 24th June 2010. For a yearly registration fee of £15, bike owners can register
 their bike details including the engine and chassis number with NORRC. The
 details are held on a database. The police are the only outside body to have
 access to the database to check for stolen bikes and register recovered ones.
 Anyone buying a second hand bike can also ring NORRC and check the bikes
 details on the database to ensure it isn’t stolen.

 Steve Jewell from Hampshire set up the scheme. He said; “Without doubt the
 registration scheme will help the police to trace the owner of a bike if one is
 recovered or establish if it is stolen so the more riders that register the better. I
 have seen so much frustration and hurt when riders have had their bikes stolen
 that I decided enough was enough and we needed a national registration scheme
 in much the same way as the DVLA works for car owners. Only last week a lad
 from my riding club had his bike stolen and it was his whole world. His riding
season has finished now because his bike has gone. I’d like to get as many people
on the register so that we can tackle this problem.”

Motocross bikes can be worth between £2,000 and £12,000 and some Supermoto
bikes can be as much as £50,000. Intelligence suggests that some of the stolen
bikes are being taken out of the country.

Already this year approximately 49 off road bikes of varying kinds have been
stolen in Leicestershire and Rutland. DI Hewgill said; “There is a big Off Road
following in Leicestershire, off road sport is exciting and spectacular it attracts
young and old alike who all have a passion for their respective discipline. Riders
will tell you that their bike is their pride and joy and, as a result, I talk to a lot of
people who are devastated when their bike is stolen and, unless it is fitted with a
tracking device, it is very difficult to trace so it is rarely returned to its owner.

Whilst some of the stolen bikes are sold on to innocent purchasers some are
simply ridden around local waste ground and parks. This is obviously dangerous,
anti social and unfortunately reflects badly on the off road fraternity.

“We are doing lots of work using information and intelligence to investigate these
crimes to try and catch the people responsible but there is a lot bike owners can
do to help us by registering their bikes and taking simple crime prevention
measures to ensure their bike isn’t easy to steal. If every off road bike owner in
the country registered their bike with NORRC that would act as a huge deterrent to
thieves as they would find it very hard to sell the bike onto anyone else.

There is some good news. Eighteen year old Mitch Eaton had his very distinctive
motocross bike stolen from his home in Leicestershire on Sunday 30th May 2010.
He published it on a well known off road website and received information from a
friend that his bike had been seen being ridden on a park in New Parks. He and
his Father, Wayne, went down to the park and saw it on Thursday 3rd June. They
called the police who turned up and arrested the rider and a number of other
individuals who were trying to help him escape.

Mitch says; “The police did a cracking job, officers arrived by car and they even
had the helicopter up. We are really really pleased to get my bike back. We had
to get the frame welded but I rode it at the weekend which was great.”

Steps you can take to keep your bike safe;
  •   Register it with NORRC at

  •   Ensure the garage/shed where the bike is kept is alarmed

  •   Reinforce windows and doors

  •   Chain the bike to the floor using a bike anchor with a strong padlock and
      chain, consider using a padlock with an alarm built in

  •   Fit a tracking device

  •   Ensure you have a note of the chassis and frame numbers

  •   Remove wheels and store them separately

  •   Make sure you are not followed home from the race track

  •   Keep the fact that you have off road bikes at home to yourself don’t advertise
      the fact with vehicle graphics or by cleaning them at the front of your house

DI Hewgill continued; “We want to increase confidence among the off road bike
community and reassure them that, if their bike, is stolen we are in a strong
position to find it and will do all we can to return it to them. Using the register will
help police forces across the country to tackle the problem more effectively. We
also want to stop bikes being taken in the first place and would encourage owners
to make them as secure as possible. Together we can make a difference

  If you have any information that may help the police in any of their
  enquiries please contact Leicestershire Police on 0116 22 22 222 or
  alternatively if you wish to remain anonymous you can call
  Crimestoppers free on 0800 555 111 Or contact your neighbourhood
  officers via the police website

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