The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire

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					 Aim: How did internal and external forces
        lead to the fall of Rome?
• Do Now: Copy the vocabulary in your
• Turning point- a large change in history
• Decline- to reduce or go down
• Corrupt- not ethical or dishonest (shady)
• Mercenaries- soldiers that fight for money
• External- outside
• Internal- inside
The Decline
and Fall of
the Roman
                 Class Work
• As a class, we will read the “Introduction”.
• After listening and reading the text, we will
  answer questions 1 & 2
• After completion of the Introduction activity,
  all students will complete documents 1-3 (10
 Why did the Roman Empire collapse?
 All students will complete tasks:
1) Copy the paragraph into your notebook
4) On your sheet, number the problems according to
     which you think was the most serious faced by the
     Roman Empire (1=biggest problem 12=smallest)
5) On the back of the worksheet, write down the
     biggest problem.
a) Explain why you chose it
b) Discuss some solutions to the problem
c) If there is time, repeat for your 2nd & 3rd largest
• Write a report to the Emperor of Rome
• You are trying to save Rome from collapsing
• Please write an explanation of the problems
  faced by the Roman Empire
• Discuss possible solutions to these problems

• Your response should be at least 2 paragraphs
• (counted as a quiz grade, due Thursday 12/2/10)
 Aim: How did internal and external forces
        lead to the fall of Rome?
• Do Now: Complete Drill Fall of Rome using the
  reading from yesterday.

• Answer questions 1-5
• Inflation- Large drop in the value of money
  and rise in the prices of goods
• Mercenary- Foreign soldiers who fought for
• Diocletian-Strong willed army leader and
  Roman Emperor
• Constantinople-New name for Byzantium
  under Constantine
• Attila- Powerful chieftain of Huns
 How did internal and external forces lead
           to the fall of Rome?
Think- Pair-Share
In pairs, complete reading the Fall of the
  Roman Empire
 Answer questions, 1-3 and Skill builder
              Student Debrief
• As we go through the slides, please fill in your
  notes on the Roman Empire
           Economic Troubles
• Decline begins after the pax
  romana in 3rd Century
• Invaders made trade unsafe
  on sea and on roads
• The rich spent gold and silver
  on luxury items from Asia
  which drained Rome of these
  precious metals
• Rome began making coins
  with less silver which caused
           Economic Troubles
• Inflation is a drastic drop
  in the value of money
  coupled with rising
  prices for items.
• Agriculture decreased
  because of infertile soil,
  and farmland destroyed
  by war.
• Food shortages
• Spread of disease
           Military Troubles
• Germanic tribes were invading
• Soldiers no longer had discipline
  or loyalty to Rome.
• Soldiers had loyalty only to their
  commanders, who fought not
  for Rome, but to try to become
  the emperor.
• To defend Rome, mercenaries
  were recruited – foreign soldiers
  who fought for money.
Political Troubles
       • Troubles in the empire
         made citizens lose
         patriotism for Rome
       • Being a political official
         was no longer thought to
         be an honor
       • Few people wanted to
         serve in the government
       • Out of 26 generals who
         became emperors, 25 met
         violent deaths.
            Temporary Help
• Diocletian in A.D. 284 became a
  strong leader
• He doubled the Roman armies
  and hired German mercenaries
• Persecuted Christians
• He divided the Roman empire
  into 2 sides
   – East: Greek speaking
   – West: Latin speaking
• He took over the East, but Civil
  war broke out after his death
• Took over the West part
  of the empire in A.D. 312
• Moved the capital to a
  strategic location in
  Greece in the East in
  Byzantium and renamed
  it Constantinople
• He accepted Christianity
               The West Falls
• The west faced worse problems than the east that was far from
• From A.D. 376 to 476, huge numbers of Germanic tribes poured
  into Rome to get away from the
  fierce Huns
• Attila the Hun
  was a powerful
  who swept
  through the west
            The West Falls
• Negotiated with Pope Leo I
  and withdrew
• He died in 453 and was no
  longer a threat
• Germanic tribes continued
  to invade and finally the
  west was no longer Rome
• But the Eastern Roman
  empire will continue as the
  Byzantine Empire that will
  preserve Greek and Roman
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