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									                                  (“SEMPER PERATUS”)
                  5 Field Ambulance R.A.A.M.C. Association
                            Patron: Colonel Ray Hyslop OAM RFD
                             President: Lt.Col.Derek Cannon RFD
                                  Web Site:


JUNE 2008                                                                 (2’08)

Dear Members,
Greetings to you and we hope this newsletter finds you in good health.
Our committee members, Warren Barnes, ASM, Fred Bell, President, Derek Cannon,
Bill Clutterbuck, Barry Collins, Alan Curry, John de Witt, Michael Rowley and
Treasurer, Brian Tams, also pass on their good wishes, especially to our sick members.

I would like to thank you for your kind messages of support regarding my recent knee
replacement. All went well and my surgeon, Dr. Stuart Riley and his team did a great
job, and I sincerely thank them and, also, all the staff at Hornsby Hospital.

To any of our members who are not 100% fit as they read this, we are thinking of you
and hope you are in good spirits and “on the mend”. Please contact me if we can be of
assistance in any way.

On the “Good News” front—wasn’t the finding of the HMAS Sydney such wonderful
news to all the family and friends who lost their loved ones on that fateful night so many
years ago—and now their “resting place” has been marked and verified.
And then, the discovery of the remains of our, and other allied, soldiers buried in a
mass grave near Fromelles—since 1917.
Our sincere condolences go to our committee member, Bill Clutterbuck and his wife,
Pauline, and their family, on the recent tragic death of one of their sons.

Phillip died on New Year’s Day outside a friend’s place on the Gold Coast (Qld) – he
was years 32 years of age. (We are thinking of you, Bill and Pauline, I am glad you told me.)
VALE: Bro.Basil MALTBY OH LHA. Brother Basil was a long time friend of our late
Secretary, Kevin Findlay, but resigned from our Association in 2005.

Brother Basil was in the army in the Medical Corps and was with BCOF in Japan and
later joined the Brotherhood and went to St. John of God at Richmond (NSW) where he
remained for over 50 years.

Brother Basil was a Rotarian in Sydney (Burwood) and New Zealand and again in

He was an excellent masseur and worked compassionately, mainly with sick Vietnam
Vets, and also worked with “Meals on Wheels” in the Richmond area.

He will be particularly remembered by the seniors in the Richmond area for starting the
Seniors’ Gym.

Brother Basil died on the 3rd May 2008 at age 83. (My kind thanks to his good friend, Brother
John Gibson and our good friend, John de Witt for informing me.) LEST WE FORGET

                                     SICK PARADE

CHANDLER, Barry COLLINS, Patrick CRAWFORD (Homeward Care Nursing Home, 64
Iliffe St.,Bexley), Shaun DANAHER, John DAVIES, Victor (―Bluey‖) DAVIS, John de
Ray GRANT, Ray HARRINGTON (Merrylands Aged Care Centre), Ray HYSLOP, Neville
MAHOMET, ―Roy‖ McDONALD, Bill MOLLOY, Charles O’MEALLY, Heather
Hostel, Room 216, 2c Karimbla Rd, Miranda), Arthur WALTON, John WEAVER and John
                          RESERVE FORCES DAY March Details
                                     (Sunday, 6th JULY)
All members of the Association are encouraged to march with us on the 6th.
It will be a big occasion, being the 60th Anniversary of the formation of the Citizens
Military Forces and the Citizens Air Force (The Royal Australian Navy Reserve was formed in
Our member, David Cooper OAM, is presently working with the RF Day Committee in
compiling a book on the “Originals” who joined up in 1948.
If you fall into this group then David, (and myself), would welcome a call from you…his
number is (02) 9144.2867.

There has been a major endeavour, by the RF Day Committee, to secure the names of
those personnel who joined up in 1948.

They have apparently “rounded up” 157 “Originals” from NSW and the ACT, and
these stalwarts will be appropriately thanked on RF Day by being Guests of Honour and
seated next to the Saluting Dias, in front of Parliament House.

They will be easily recognised as they will be wearing a red ribbon on their right
lapel…if you happen to meet one of these “Originals” please congratulate him/her.

If you are marching with us on the day, travel is FREE on Public transport providing
you are wearing your Medals, Name Badge and Beret.

Details of Form Up etc:-

We will be in College Street (between Macquarie and William Sts.) on the western side
(Opposite St Marys Cathedral). Look for our Banner!

TIME: 11am (Don’t be late)
DRESS: Lounge Suit and tie, Medals, Name Badge and Beret. Ladies as appropriate.

After the march we will meet back at the Berkeley Hotel for a lunch and some
refreshments at a cost of $30. If you are unable to march, you are most welcome to join
us with your family/friends at the hotel.
(The Berkeley Hotel is in Abercrombie Street, Redfern, near Cleveland Street and about 5 minutes walk
from Redfern Station.)

(A letter has been sent to 5 CSSB Health Company for any of their personnel to march
with us in civilian clothes, if they are not marching, in uniform, with their unit..and
afterwards at the Berkeley Hotel.)

NEWCASTLE will NOT be having a march. There will be a Commemorative Service
at Fort Scratchley.

Any of our members who feel they can be there, please assemble at the Fort Road (look
for our Association Standard) from 10am with the Service to commence at 11am and
conclude at 11.45am.

A BAR-B-Q style lunch will be available afterwards, at a very reasonable cost and an
opportunity, later, will be afforded to inspect the Fort!

We thank our President, Derek Cannon, and committee members, Warren Barnes,
Fred Bell and Barry Collins for attending the various RF Day committee meetings.
                                HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Thomas VELLA.
Harley RODD, Andrew ROTHFIELD, John TROY.
(Our Association wishes you ―All the best‖ on your ―special‖ day—have you given me your month of
                                          ANZAC DAY
                                         (Post March details)
What a marvellous day it turned out to be. I was not able to march because of my knee,
nor was our Patron, Ray Hyslop, but our President, Derek Cannon, said it was a
terrific turn-out for our Association.

The weather looked like it was going to “spoil‖ the march—not so.

It seemed clear from the comments, back at our re-union hotel, that the crowd along the
march route was bigger than last year.
I was pleased that the RSL relaxed its stance on descendants marching alongside their

Our Association has always encouraged our members (and indeed even strangers, men
and women, either alone or with relatives, who have sought us out to say their dad or
granddad served with 5 Field Ambulance) to march with us, accompanied with their
relative—and this, of course, extends to joining us back at our re-union hotel.

I thank our ASM, Fred Bell, for obtaining the names of those who marched with us,
including John and Margaret Gorrell, who, once again, came down from Brisbane to
be with us.
Don Melville, whose dad was a driver with 5 Fd. Amb. in WW 1, came across from
Leeton and asked could he march in memory of his dad—he was made most welcome.
Also Edwin Lowery from the A.C.T.

There were also the unit personnel from 5 CSSB—all volunteers, and very proud to
carry our Banner and Australian Flag and lead our Association.
The unit contingent, under the command of the Training Warrant Officer Class 2, Peter
Vigar, consisted of:-

Majors Keith Heap and Robyn White, Captains Vicki Johnson and David
Thompson and Lieutenants Nick Edwards (Banner), Adrian Lowe and Paul Weir
(Australian Flag), and Pte Joel Cozens (Banner).

A letter of “Thanks” has been sent to the C.O. of 5 CSSB, Lt.Col. Ian Mondon and to
the O.C. of the Health Company, Major Brian Malouf.

After the march, those that were able met back at the Berkeley Hotel in Redfern for a
very enjoyable luncheon and a few drinks.

I had catered for 25 but 41 actually showed up for lunch. It threw the chef (a new one)
into much confusion but he did a “loaves and fishes” for us all.

I am sure everyone had enough to eat and drink for $30 per head and it was good to see
and hear everyone having a good time.

Bruce Whittet offered Grace and later, Brian Tams gave the Loyal Toast.

Our President, Derek Cannon, welcomed everyone, including the “first timers” and read
some ―Apologies‖ especially from our Patron, Ray Hyslop, who was in hospital
undergoing heart surgery.

Derek also thanked 5 CSSB personnel for their magnificent turn-out and enthusiasm.
He also informed the members of a visit to the unit last month, where he was
accompanied by John de Witt and Brian Tams.

They had gone to the unit to photograph and categorise the “old” 5 Field Ambulance
“Memorabilia”. This included silverware, pewters, plaques, Honour Boards etc.
(A decision will be made as to the outcome of the “Memorabilia”.)

The full compliment of participants and luncheon attendees (Including 5 CSSB Personnel—see
above) were:-
Sam Alexander, Steve Baldick, Fred Bell, Robert and Helen Boyter, Derek Cannon,
David Cavanaugh, Heath Coles, Alan Curry, John de Witt, Nelson Fiorentino, Robert
Flower, David Franks, John and Margaret Gorrell, Joanne Hoveling, Kevin Hurrell,
Colin Kline, Robert Love, Edwin Lowery, Chris McGlashan, Philip and Trish
McGrath, Don Melville, Mike Moroney, Harley Rodd, Andrew Rothfield, Bill
Rylands, Paul Shergold, George Sip, John Smith, Paul Steel, Rob Stewart, Chris
Strode, Brian Tams, David Verco, Darren Waterson, John Weaver and Bruce Whittet.
(My apologies if I have omitted your name.)

I received “Apologies” from:-
John A’Quilina, Warren Barnes, Bill Clutterbuck, John Davies, Ray Hyslop, Sir Keith
Jones, Huss Mahomet, Ken McNuff, Barry O’Keefe, ―Bill‖ O’Keefe, Bob Reid, John
and Jim Roche, Diana Rothfield, Mick Rowley, Don Wikner, Warwick Wilkinson and
John Woodhead.

The date for our “Mixed” Re-Union will be Saturday (NOON) the 15th
NOVEMBER—please write this in your appointment book!

As you know it is a lunch and we look forward to you coming along with your partner.
You are most welcome to bring a friend/s also.

DATE & TIME: Saturday, 15 November 2008 at 12 Noon.
DRESS: Casual (Jacket and Tie are optional)
COST: $35 per head (Food and Alcohol) OR $25 per head (with no Alcohol)

All payment to be in advance and RSVP by 12th November 2008. A further notice will
be in the next newsletter (“Battle for Australia Commemoration” 3’08). We hope you
can be there.
                           MESSAGES FROM MEMBERS

John ROCHE wrote to wish me well with my recent operation and added some pertinent
information regarding the late Capt. Archibald Lang McLean (see “Attachments”).
John apologised for not being able to get to our ANZAC Day march as he would be
joining in a ceremony with other local reservists, in his locality, at Reservist Park.
He enjoyed reading about Steve Baldick’s Service and was also looking forward to
being in Warwick Wilkinson’s company to celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary.
(Thank you, John, for all the info you sent and I hope you enjoyed yourself at Warwick’s.)
Shaun DANAHER emailed to say he is now back at work on “light duties” after months
recuperating from a knee operation. He said he is in touch with a Cpl. Michael Walsh,
who, at present, is serving with 1 Commando Coy. at Mosman and will get back with
his details. (Thank you, Shaun, it’s good to see you are getting back into the workforce—as for Michael
Walsh, I presume he may have served with 5 Fd. Amb. at some stage , I’ll wait to hear further from you.)

Estelle LINDSAY wrote to say she watched the ANZAC Day march and saw our
Association marching proudly behind our banner.
She said it was sad not to see Smokey Dawson in the parade. Estelle saw one of us wave
to the camera and thought it was me giving her a wave (I wished it were so, sorry Estelle.)

She later saw the service from Villers-Bretoneaux and it brought back sad memories of
her father-in-law, Thomas Lindsay, and her uncle, Bill Venteman.

Thomas was at Gallipoli and then went to the Western Front and was killed in battle.
Estelle’s uncle, Bill Venteman, was also in 5 Field Ambulance and was killed in action
at Zonnebeke.
Estelle sent me copies of 3 letters sent back from friends on the Western front in late
1917, describing the events leading up to her uncle’s death.

One letter read…”Bill Venteman was a close friend of mine and I am able to give you the details you
require. As to his personal appearance, he was rather short, and very stout built, with a moderately fair
complexion. I was with him at the time of the fatal accident. We had been stretcher-bearing in a battle on
September 20th. Early the next morning, while resting in a trench for a while, a shell burst close to, and Bill
fell and died instantly.
 Next day when relieved we brought him out with us and he was given a military funeral. We had a nice
wooden cross erected, some 4 feet high. I think the cemetery is registered as Belgium Battery Cemetery, It
is near Ypres.”

A second letter read…”I knew Bill at camp in Sydney before coming over. I also saw him in Egypt. His
number was 8357. I know he was killed at Zonnebeke, near Ypres in September and his body was taken to
Belgian Chateau by his comrades and buried there. I have seen a cross over his grave which is a very fine
one. It was erected by the boys of the 5 Field Ambulance to his memory.”

The third letter read…‖Bill Venteman was killed on the 21st September at Belvard Ridge just by Ypres.
We were sitting in the trench together after carrying together all day. A shell landed pretty close and we
separated, another shell came and landed right under him. He was not dead when I got to him, but died in
about 6 seconds, he was quite unconscious and never spoke. His legs and arms were broken and his face
badly hurt. I have sent home full details already and all his personal effects. We had been carrying together
for months.”
(Thank you, Estelle, for your letters and cards—we are thinking of you.)
Scotty BOYD passes on his good wishes to his friends in the Association. He has been
having some computer problems but now, with a new computer, he hopes all his troubles
are over. He attended ANZAC Day in Launceston and said there was a good ―turn-out‖.
(Thank you, Scotty, for your emails—sorry I “lost” the WW 2 “shots”)
Steve BALDICK wrote to say that he and good mate, John de Witt visited our good
friend Sr.”Sue” Thompson at her Nursing home (in Miranda).

Steve said they all had a wonderful time just chatting and reminiscing on old times,
especially during WW 2 in the Northern Territory.
Steve first met John and “Sue” when he was posted to 5 Fd.Amb. from 13 NS Bn in the
They both said how good “Sue” is for her age (97) and bright as a button.

There is no set visiting times and ―Sue‖ would welcome any of her friends or comrades,
especially from our Association, to call in and have a ―chat‖ if they are in the vicinity.
(“Sue’s” address is in the “SICK PARADE”) (Thank you, Steve (and John), for your letter. “Sue” would
have loved that visit.)
Jim ZORBAS passes on his good wishes to his friends in the Association. Jim enjoys
reading all the news. He kindly sent me some photos of our Association marching on
ANZAC Day. 5 CSSB unit members are carrying our Banner and Australian Flag.
Although the photo is a bit blurred I hope our good friend, John Straskye, can insert it
on our web site.
(Thank you, Jim, for your kind thought, we hope this finds you in good health. We thank you for your kind
donation of LIFE MEMBERSHIP, it is much appreciated)
Paul SULLIVAN enjoys reading our newsletters and passes on his good wishes to his
friends in the Association.
(Thank you, Paul, for your note and your kind gesture to become a Life Member, it is much appreciated.)
Rob STEWART wrote and thanked us for the luncheon last year, at the Berkeley Hotel,
and was most surprised, and grateful, when his name was drawn as the winner of “The
Sands of Gallipoli” prize.
He especially treasures this as his dad served in Europe with the 3rd Auckland
Regiment in WW 2. He kindly sent me a postcard depicting “Cape Horn, the southern
tip of the American Continent”.

Rob departed last Boxing Day for South America. His first stop was the Galapagos
Islands which is a National Park and part of Ecuador.

He said it was fascinating to see the terrain, vegetation and animals. He also had time to
explore the capital, Quito. He was very impressed with Santiago, Chilli.

He then joined a cruise ship in Valparaiso for 20 days to Rio, via the fjords, Cape
Horn, Antarctic Peninsula, South Shetland Islands, Falkland Islands, Buenos Aires
and Montevideo.

He said down south it was naturally chilly but magnificent and a rare chance to view in
perfect conditions.

Rob summed it up as quite awesome and a great experience. (Thank you, Rob, for your card
and your purchases. We are glad you are back home and it was good to see you at the ANZAC luncheon.)
Sir Keith JONES wrote to say he enjoys our newsletters and appreciated receiving the
list of member’s names. Keith passes on his good wishes to his friends in the Association.

Keith thought he might be the last surviving member of the re-formed 5 Field
Ambulance Militia of which he was part of in 1940?
(This is different from the forming of the 2/5th Australian Field Ambulance, which was
formed in Puckapunyal, Victoria, in May 1940.)

Keith, we do have another member. His name is Gordon Wright, and he is 90 years
He was in 5 Field Ambulance in 1940, in Wallgrove Camp. His C.O. was Lt.Col. Eric
(Thank you, Keith, for your letter and you kind thoughts on my knee. I hope this newsletter finds you in
good health.)
Michael STRINGFELLOW sent an email to pass on his good wishes to his friends in
the Association.
He is currently parading at 2/17 RNSWR on the Central Coast (NSW) having just
returned from Malaysia with RCB80 (Rifle Company Butterworth), which is in Penang.

Michael said it was a great experience and he learned a lot, as he was placed in a section
as 2nd gunner—he experienced some hard times, especially in the jungle phase but the
joint exercise with the Malays and Singaporeans was a good experience.

Michael said the Australian troops are rotated every couple of months. The Christmas
rotation is given to the Reserve Units to cover the ARA on “stand-down” time. (Thank
you, Michael, for your email and we are glad to hear you are back at home.)
Don WIKNER sends his good wishes to his friends in the Association and to say he
enjoyed reading our last newsletter.

Don asked could he re-print a couple of the articles, being “ANZAC on the wall” poem
and the article on “Child Soldiers” by Major General John Pearn AM.

Don is involved with the Queensland “Meals on Wheels” Services and there are many
of his “customers” who would be most interested in reading these articles. (I am sure that
Maj.Gen. Pearn would be delighted that I gave you the final 6 pages early.)
Don certainly welcomes Frank Lang to our Association as it brought back happy
memories of he, Frank and John de Witt having completed the parachute course back
in the 60’s. Don is sure they were the only RAAMC members, at that time, to have their

Don recently visited Thailand and the highlight was a visit to the Thai-Burma Railway.
I have included his 2 page article in our “Attachments” for your enjoyment.
(Thank you, Don, for your email. I have corrected those “typo” errors. I am pleased that Qld meals on
wheels have you looking after them, good upon you.)
Harding BURNS sent a note to say he enjoys reading all our news and to pass on his
good wishes to his friends in the Association. (Thank you, Harding, for your note, we hope this
finds you in good spirits.)
Matthew & Kate VERCOE enjoy reading our newsletters and asked to pass on their
good wishes to their friends in the Association.
Matt and Kate wrote that their triplet girls (Grace, Emma and Olivia) are growing up
fast and are now 4 years old and will be off to school next year!

Matthew is still working as a Rescue Paramedic in Singleton and Katie is working as a
midwife and parenting educator at Singleton Hospital. They are both kept very busy
which makes it hard to visit with friend etc.

They were fortunate, recently, to be able to visit their old friends, Ian and Ruth Vaudin
(Ruth is one of our Life Members) in the UK, in the Channel Islands last Christmas.

Matthew said Ian and Ruth couldn’t believe it when he cooked a “bar-b-q” for dinner
one night—it was freezing cold but Matthew told them…”You can’t beat cooked snags
on a “barbie””!!!

Matthew and Kate are now looking forward to the return of their other good friends,
Norma (nee Bartley) and Max Carrasco and their son, Rachel. They have been in
Chilli for some time.
(Thank you, Matt and Kate, for your email. I wondered what happened to Norma—please pass on our kind
Warren BARNES sends his good wishes to his friends in the Association and will
probably “catch up” with a few of them when he attends the ANZAC Tour to Villers-
Bretonneux for this year’s ANZAC Day.
He booked through TBS Travel who had over 750 people going to France for the
Ceremony (see also Items of Interest, No:4.)
(Thank you, Warren, for your email and we hope your tour was a memorable one.)
Ken McNUFF enjoys reading our newsletters and passes on his good wishes to his
friends in the Association.

Ken and his wife, Pauline were sorry they could not join us on ANZAC Day but hoped
we all had a good roll-up and lunch afterwards.
Pauline wrote that the past year has not been good with six of their loved ones passing
Their family is slowly starting to pick up. (Thank you, Ken and Pauline, for your letter. We are
thinking of you. Your kind gesture of Life Membership and the donation is very much appreciated..)
Bill MOLLOY recently had a knee replacement operation and is now home and coming
along in leaps and bounds!.
I notified all his friends, who are on email, to give him a “cheerio call”, which they did
and he asked me to please thank them all.

Although Bill was in his hospital bed on ANZAC Day he still wore his medals on his
Their daughter, Fran, sent me an email to also thank us for contacting his friends. She
was surprised at how well her dad is doing—considering he was going from doctor to

Fran said he is lucky to have such wonderful friends around him.

She said he was disappointed at not being able to be in the ANZAC march (―even
though I offered to push him in a wheel-chair”), but would not miss it on TV from his
hospital bed.

Fran wrote that he will be looking forward to… “raiding the vintage shelf at Dan
Murphy’s Liquor Store, to share the good times again with you all soon, over a nice
drop”! (Thank you, Bill and Fran, for your emails. It is good to hear that you are back at work.)
Ray HYSLOP, our Patron, wrote to apologise for not being at the ANZAC Day march.
Ray was in hospital having a heart operation on a mitral valve leak!

They were down at Pittwater, on their boat, when the threads to one of the cusps tore,
resulting in severe left heart failure and pulmonary oedema.

His surgeon sutured in a plastic ring? to splint the valve with the chances of a recurrence
being less than 10% over the next ten years.
Ray said everything has now healed and he is walking up to 50 minutes each day,
travelling to the city by car or train and doing most things around the house.

He asked to pass on his good wishes to all his friends in the Association and thanks
everyone for their kind messages of support.
(Our good friend, John Straskye, said he was talking to Ray recently, at a “Farewell” function for John
Overton, and that he looked “real well” considering!) (Thank you, Ray, for your emails, we are glad you
are getting back to your best.)
Rayda NOBLE wrote to wish our Association “All the best”. She included in her
correspondence “The Shrine of Remembrance Calendar of Events and Exhibitions”
(January-July 2008--Melbourne).

The reason being, the cover depicted 3 veterans, dressed in suits and wearing their
medals--it was as though they were looking at the “Shrine”.

The daughter of one of those veterans recognised her dad and contacted the organisers
and gave them the veteran’s names (for whom the organisers were very grateful. The
“shot” was taken at an ANZAC Day march)—the veterans were Neil Barrie (It was his
daughter, Glenda, who recognised him), Tom Pritchard and (the late) Percy Faulkner.
They are “original” 2/5th Fd.Amb. and we are fortunate to have both Neil and Tom as
current Association Members.

Rayda also enclosed a “clipping” from their Herald-Sun newspaper of 26/4/08
depicting Neil and Tom, with arms around each other.
They were celebrating at their post ANZAC Day march re-union in “The Rat Hole” (The
term endearingly adopted for their Melbourne “home”—Tobruk Hall).

Rayda and Allan have not sold their home, as yet, and will patiently wait until it happens.

(Thank you, Rayda, for all your letters and kind card whilst I was recovering. I hope everything works out
with “Shelly” your faithful Rottweiler, when you decide on a “Retirement Home”! We hope this finds
Allen in good spirits.)
Don JARMAN enjoys our newsletters and was moved by the email we sent recently,
regarding a tribute to our forces in IRAQ.

Don is endeavouring to put together some notes and photos about Lt.Col. J.J. Nicholas,
a C.O. of 5 Field Ambulance who was killed on the Menin Road (WW 1) whilst
loading injured German POW’s.

Don went to France last year and one of his main “aims” was to locate Lt.Col.
Nicholas’s grave site.
(Thank you, Don, for your email. I will look forward to writing about your research.)
Nelson FIORENTINO sends his good wishes to his friends in the Association. He
always enjoys ―catching up‖ with them when he is able. (Thank you, Nelson, and also for your
emails. I hope this finds you in good health.)
Derek CANNON and Barry Collins attended the Meeting at Victoria Barracks (See Items
Of Interest No:7), and thought it had a lot of merit. Derek has requested that any member
who is able to attend our yearly “Mixed” Re-Union at the Berkeley (in November—see
above) to bring along any appropriate photographs. (Thank you, Derek, for your emails.)
                                     NEW MEMBERS

Richard BOURKE is sincerely apologised to, for omitting his name from our 2’07
Our paths crossed last ANZAC Day march (07) when he marched with us.
Richard had no hesitation in joining our ranks there and then but I omitted his name as a
new member but acknowledged his payment.

Richard was in the 2nd NS Intake of 1955.
He served his 3 months basic training in 13 Bn. Ingleburn and the remainder of his
service with 3 Armoured Workshops and then 2 Base Workshops in the Recovery

Richard is also an old clerical work mate of mine from the wharves in Sydney.
We welcome you, Richard.(Sorry, Richard, but better late than never!)

Dr. Ken DOUST OAM contacted me when he noticed our ad. in one of the papers and
has his Medical Practice in Narooma, on the South Coast of NSW.
Ken, you are most cordially welcomed.

He wrote me a letter that his dad (Albert--known as Ab) was in WW 1 and was a very
quiet man who never spoke of his experiences and Ken always thought that his dad was
an ANZAC at Gallipoli.

It was only much later he learned that his dad was situated on the island of Lemnos, to
assist in taking off any casualties associated with the evacuation of Gallipoli.

Ken said that there were none, as the ―sensible Turks‖ knew there was an evacuation and
saw no purpose in losing more Turkish lives in attacking an enemy who would not be
there tomorrow.

Ken said his dad joined 5 Field Ambulance on the 27 April 1915, after he heard that his
brother, Bob, had lost a leg at Gallipoli.
(Bob was 17 and returned home, eventually married and had 5 children and became a
champion golfer at Penrith.)

He wrote that his dad was not aggressive and did not believe in the process of war. This
was despite being a medallist for shooting, whilst in the cadets at Inverell (in those early
days of the 20th century all secondary students joined a cadet unit.)
His dad probably felt that he could assist the injured as his contribution to the war effort.

His dad’s good mate, Ken Price, (dad named me after him) must have become inured to
death because he became an undertaker after the war. He attended to dad on his death
and “Marched at Attention” before the hearse.

Ken said his dad did say one thing about the war, that he was pleased he did not volunteer
for what turned out to be the “Murmansk” affair in Russia in 1918.
This was when the British asked for 600 volunteer NCO’s for a secret mission of
importance, which was of course a fiasco.

By the time our members read this, Ken will have returned from a visit to Vietnam.

Ken, a Vietnam veteran, was the leader of a Medical Team at Long Xuyen in Angiang
province on the Mekong Delta, nearly 40 years ago, in 1967/68 when the well known
Tet Offensive was conducted.

Ken is hoping to have discussions with the Health Authorities and Party Leaders in
Angiang with a view to establishing a Medical Student exchange between there and

Some students currently go from Sydney Uni and Tasmania but only to Saigon or Hanoi.

A student in Long Xuyen would, in a week, see problems not encountered in a lifetime of
Practice in Australia.

Ken said the team will meet in October 2008 and hope to establish an ongoing fund with
ever improving opportunities for our countries.
(Thank you for joining us Ken, we make you most welcome. We hope that when you read this your trip to
Vietnam was successful. Thank you for your letter, and Welcome to the Association.)

                           2008 “FUND-RAISER” RAFFLE

We are still waiting for are members to answer our call to purchase some $1 raffle
tickets? So far we have two members who have bought some tickets and they have been
acknowledged in this newsletter.
(This does not include our very generous members who send in a donation to help
defray costs—we sincerely thank you, again)

                        5 CSSB HEALTH COMPANY NEWS

Major Brian Malouf, the O.C., was proud to tell me that one of his M.O.’s has just
returned from a short but effective “Tour of Duty” in Afghanistan, whilst other members
of the unit have been engaged on supportive work in the Solomon’s.

Whole of Brigade exercises will not occur this year, although members of the unit have
been engaged in clinical training in support of 5 Brigade commitments .

We wish Brian, and all the members of the Health Company, a safe and successful
                             ITEMS of INTEREST

(1) Capt. Archibald Lang McLean MC: I wrote a small piece in our last newsletter and
since then I have received much more information.
I have placed this in our “Attachments” for your enjoyment.

(2) Don MELVILLE contacted me a few months ago to ask for some details regarding 5
Field Ambulance during WW 1. His dad, James William, was a driver.

I sent Don some information and he kindly sent me back a letter, which included some
extracts of his dad’s diary. (With Don’s permission I will place his dad’s diary events in a
later edition of our newsletters.)

Don wrote in his letter to say he visited Gallipoli for ANZAC Day 2005, with a Rotary
Friendship Exchange Group and he was the lone NSW Rep. the rest of the group were
from southern Victoria.
They were “hosted” by the Zekeriyakoy Rotary Club (Istanbul) who had been
promoting a Rotary presence for ANZAC Day. Their “co-hosts” were the Gelibolu
(Gallipoli) Rotary Club.

They were all treated as Guests of Honour at the Turkish National Day Parade on
April 23rd, with an official welcome from the Mayor of Gelibolu.

The group visited ANZAC Cove and other various major sites but the Dawn Service and
the Lone Pine Service were a very memorable experience.
Don was disappointed that they did not get to visit Cape Helles but their itinery was very

Don’s sister was visiting Gallipoli and the Western Front, this year, and he “loaned”
their Dad’s WW 1 medals to her to wear on those “special occasions” over there.

He wrote that he is also contemplating a visit to the Western Front but was trying to get
more information on the 5th Fd. Amb. during 1918.

He said he got a lot of information from the book “Abroad with the Fifth” but it was
published in 1917 and left a few gaps!

He also enclosed that memorable poem “OUR FLAG” (author unknown) which was the
same one supplied by Trish McGrath and published in our 2’07 Newsletter.
(Thank you, Don, for your letter and your presence in our ANZAC March and your company afterwards at
the “Berkeley”, your generous cheque is acknowledged, with thanks.)

 (3) FOREIGN AWARDS: Medals issued by a foreign defence force are NOT to be
officially worn until the Governor-General has given his authorisation.

It/they may be worn on the right breast, though not yet officially approved, on
appropriate occasions. If approval has been granted they may be worn in order of date of
authorisation AND after all Australian Awards.

The most recent approval by the G.G. is the wearing of the N.A.T.O. Medal by ADF
members of the International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan. (DH&A issue 5,
April ’08)

(4) TBS TRAVEL is a travel company operated by our good friends Lt.Col. Paul
Murphy (Rtd) and Col. Graham Fleeton (Rtd). They organise and partake of nearly all
the WW 1 battlefronts.
The purpose of this Item of Interest is that if you are considering a Battlefront Tour in
the future then DON’T book through a Travel Agency, rather give Paul or Graham a call
and book DIRECT.

I might add that our Government is officially taking charge of all future ANZAC Day
tours from next year BUT still book through TBS Travel. This way you will save
money and our Association would benefit by way of a financial remuneration from TBS.

Their next tour will mark the 90th Anniversary of Remembrance Day (originally called
Armistice Day – on the 11th Hour of the 11th Month in 1918), would you like more
details-- their number is:- (BusinessHours—02.9319.3007).
DON’T forget to let them know you are from 5th Fd. Amb. Assn.

(5) The History of the RAAMC/RAANC –1948-2008
Bill Molloy is putting “pen to paper” to write the above 60 year history. He has asked
me for ANY input from our Association members.
Some have already contacted him but he would appreciate any more DETAILED
accounts, together with photographs.
A committee will co-ordinate all the information and all contributors will be recognised.

Any member who feels he can assist Bill with some personal account/s, please contact
him either by email:- or write to:- Dr.W.Molloy, Suite 10, Level
7, 231 Macquarie St., Sydney NSW 2000.

(6) A Modern (2008?) Aircraft Story
Boeing is preparing a 1,000 passenger jet (a 797) that could re-shape the travel industry
for the next 100 years.

A radical Blended Wing design has been developed by Boeing, in co-operation with the
NASA Langley Research Centre.
The plane will have a wing span of 265ft (current 747’s are 211ft) and is designed to fit
within the newly created terminals to be used for the 555 seat A380 Airbus, which is
262ft wide.

(The A380 has been in “making” since 1999 and accumulated $13 Billion in
development costs. This gives the Boeing Corporation a huge advantage now that Airbus
is committed to the older style tubular aircraft.)

There are several big advantages the 797 will have over the A380’s. With the blended
wing design it is expected the lift to drag ratio will increase to an amazing 50% with the
overall weight reduced by 25%. It is estimated it will be 33% more efficient than the

Another important factor is the high body rigidity. This will reduce turbulence and
create less stress on the airframe and this in turn adds to more efficiency. The 797 will
be capable of a range of 8,800 nautical miles with its 1,000 passengers flying
comfortably at mach 0.88 or 1,046kph. (The A380 cruises at 912kph)

And now: A WW 2 (Flying) Story of November 1943--Lt. Charles Brown:

Charles Brown was an American B-17 Flying Fortress pilot with the 379th Bomber
Group at Kimbolton, England. His aircraft was named “Ye Old Pub”.

After a bombing raid over Germany his plane was badly shot up by enemy flak and
fighter planes.

He and his crew were in dire trouble and because his plane was severely damaged, he
was flying in the wrong direction.

He was heading deeper and deeper into enemy territory.

When his crippled plane flew over an enemy airfield, a Luftwaffe pilot by the name of
Franz Steigler was ordered to take off and shoot down the B-17.

As Steigler approached the B-17 he could not believe his eyes. Later, after the war, in his
own words, he said…

”I had never seen a plane in such a bad state and still able to fly. The tail and rear
section were severely damaged, the tail gunner was severely wounded and the top
gunner was all over the fuselage, the nose was smashed and there were holes

Steigler flew alongside the B-17 and looked at Charlie Brown, who knew exactly what
was coming.
Against impossible odds, Brown ignored the German fighter plane but struggled to
control his crippled and blood-stained aircraft.

Amazed at the pilot’s determination in the B-17 to get his crew safely home, despite what
must have seemed imminent certain death, Steigler decided he could not shoot down the
helpless surviving American crewmen.

Steigler was aware that Brown had no idea where they were going and waved to him to
make a 180 degree turn and follow him.
He escorted the stricken B-17 to, and out over, the North Sea towards England.
Franz Steigler saluted Brown and turned back to his home base in Europe.

When Steigler landed he told his commanding officer that he shot down the B-17 over
the North Sea. He never told the truth to anybody.
Lt. Charles Brown, and what remained of his crew, made it back and told all at his de-
briefing but he was told never to talk about this incident.

More than 40 years later, Charles Brown researched for the Luftwaffe pilot who saved
him and his crew. He eventually found Franz Steigler.

They met at a 379th Bomber Group Re-Union, together with 25 people who are alive
now—all because Franz Steigler never fired his guns that day.

The strange truth is that Charlie Brown lived in Seattle and Franz Steigler had moved
to Vancouver B.C. after the war. For the past 50 years they never knew they lived less
than 200miles from each other!
(My kind thanks to member, Roy Crossley, by email, and to his “Google Info.”)

(7) Inaugural Meeting of the RAAMC Association (Incorp.) (Held 14 May 2008)
Some months back, Major John Strasky, in conjunction with other personnel, invited a
number of people from various Units and Associations to meet at Victoria Barracks to
discuss, and hopefully agree, about “setting up” a R.A.A.M.C. Association.
(Preliminary discussions, prior to the Vic.Barracks Meeting, also led to agreement to have a common
Banner to use on occasions such as ANZAC Day.
This Banner would also be the FIRST Banner in the march. It would also allow any member without
unit affiliation to march behind this Banner, followed by the Unit/Association Banners.
It was suggested that the current RAAMC Banner, held at HSAR-ER (Health Services Army Reserve-
Eastern Region), be modified by adding the word “Association” and that Battle Honours/Campaigns be
It was also discussed that Victoria Barracks might be the suitable venue for all the RAAMC members to
meet after the ANZAC Day march. Further discussion was to be held with Col. Delaney on these matters.)

The co-hosts of the Victoria Barracks meeting were J.Straskye and S.Fletcher.

Those who were able to attend this meeting were:-
S.Badami, D.Cannon, G.Cant, B.Collins, D.Czerkies, T.Dechaufepie, S.Fletcher,
F.Lander, C.New, J.Smith.
(Apologies were received from:- T.Carter, A.Curry, T.Delaney, L.Farrugia, J.Overton
and C.Ramsten.)

The meeting was informed that (the RAAMC Assoc. Incorp) would be a legally
recognised non-profit organisation with its main aim being to…

”Act as a conduit of information for ALL serving and ex-serving members of the
RAAMC and associated personnel and groupings.”

It was stated at the meeting that previous attempts to raise an over-reaching National Co-
Ordination body was not successful due to requirements to manage money etc.

After more discussion among the group, a Motion was moved and Seconded …

“That the RAAMC Association (Incorporated) Trustees proposed by the co-hosts, viz;
S.Badami, T.Delaney, S.Fletcher, J.Overton and J.Straskye, be accepted as the
inaugural Board of Trustees.” The Motion was carried.

I will put the Constitution (4 & ½ Pages) in our next newsletter (3’08).

The next meeting of the RAAMC Association (Incorporated) will be on the Wednesday
3rd September 2008 in Victoria Barracks at 1800hrs. (for further info please contact John
Straskye on Mob:0408.867.606)
(1) Child Soldiers (Final part—2 of 2 courtesy, Maj.Gen.John Pearn AM)-------------------------------6 Pages
(2) The story of Captain Archibald Lang McLean------------------------------------------------------------6 Pages
(3) Hellfire Pass Visit (Courtesy, Don Wikner)----------------------------------------------------------------2 Pages
(4)“ACTIVITY SHEET”--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1Page
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