Measuring the Effectiveness of Social Media

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					Measuring the Effectiveness
     of Social Media
          Patrick Powers
         Office of Marketing
              Our Mission
•   Clarify goals and objectives.
•   Identify key performance indicators.
•   Understand available tools/services.
•   Provide clear reporting and analysis.
ROI = (Gain - Cost) / Cost
                The Gain
•   Build brand awareness and/or affinity.
•   Increase number of event attendees.
•   Increase number of applications.
•   Increase number of students.
•   Drive traffic to the website.
        The Cost

Social media is only free if
 your time is worthless.
        Set Concrete Goals
•   Prompt __ people to comment or reply.
•   Grow to have __ fans, followers, etc.
•   Drive __ people to the website.
•   Get __ people to apply.
   What are your key
performance indicators?
Key Performance Indicators
•   Feedback (likes, comments, mentions)
•   Likes, follows, subscribes, etc.
•   Total and unique views
•   Website referrals
Don’t measure everything,
just the things that matter.
It all begins here…
General Trends
Specific Campaigns
URL Builder
             URL Builder
•   Source: Facebook, Twitter, etc.
•   Medium: Status Update, Link, Tweet
•   Term: (Leave blank)
•   Content: Event title, specific goal
•   Name: Campus/Office/Department
      QuickTime™ and a
are neede d to se e this picture.
                                  View Insights
       QuickTime™ and a
         decompress or
are needed to see this picture.
Facebook Insights Dashboard
Facebook Insights: Demographics
Facebook Insights: Activity
Facebook Insights: Interactions

•   Followers
•   Following
•   Tweets
•   Listed
       Additional Resources
•   Twitter Grader by Hubspot
•   Wildfire Social Monitor
•   TweetStats
•   Tweriod
•   Klout
YouTube Insights
Now what do I do?
   Analyze and Report

Social media measurement is
 only as good as the analysis
         that follows.
         Creating a Report
•   Make it easy to read and understand.
•   Report key performance indicators.
•   Monitor and highlight trends.
•   Offer recommendations.
•   Explain causation.
Custom Report
•   @patrickjpowers
•   314-968-7002