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                                                                                                                VOL 3, SPRING 2001

A Smart STEP: Adelphi’s Scholars Teacher
Education Program Ideal for Transfer Students
Adelphi’s Scholars Teacher Education        for up to one-half tuition, during their         diligently with Adelphi’s Associate
Program (STEP) is perfect for transfer      year of graduate study in STEP. It               Dean Diane Caracciolo to create a
students who want to teach. It gives        is not common for undergraduate                  program articulation agreement for
them the opportunity to finish their         merit awards to be continued on                  those Nassau pre-education students
undergraduate degree in two years           the graduate level, and Adelphi is               who wish to someday transfer to
with a major in liberal arts and a mi-      delighted to offer this unusual                  Adelphi and complete their teacher
nor in education and to then immedi-        opportunity to its STEP students. For            preparation. Nassau students will now
ately begin a graduate degree program       more information contact Sheryl                  be able to take all their necessary
in education that they can finish over       Mihopulos, Deputy Director                       prerequisite liberal arts courses at
three semesters — summer, fall and          of Student Financial Services                    Nassau and transfer easily to Adelphi,
spring. Because students move               at (516) 877-3365 or                             where they would complete their
through the program with a group of                           liberal arts and education courses
peers, they are made to feel comfort-                                                        (see article “A Smart STEP”). For
                                            Program Agreement in
able and totally accepted at the junior     Education Enables                                more information, or to begin the
year level.                                 Community College                                development of a similar articulation
    With undergraduate degrees from         Students at Nassau to                            agreement for your education-bound
                                            Make a Seamless Transfer
the College of Arts and Sciences and                                                         community college students, contact
                                            to Adelphi
master’s degrees in teaching from the                                                        Diane Caracciolo at (516) 877-4099
                                            Nassau Community College
School of Educational, STEP gradu-                                                           or
                                            professors Carol Stewart-Mueller and
ates are eligible for New York State
                                            Anna Katsavos have worked
certification in either elementary
education or secondary education
subject areas.                                Here we go, spring 2001...
    The first class of fifth year STEP          And with it the third edition of Adelphi’s Newsletter for Community College Faculty
students graduated last May with ex-          and Students. If you missed the Spring and Fall 2000 editions, they can be found on
                                              our website,
cellent results. Our graduates are as de-
                                                  Our goal is to share information on the many programs, events, and opportunities
lighted with the program as the schools       of interest to all prospective transfer students, faculty and administrative colleagues,
are with our students. Long Island’s job      especially those at Adelphi’s ten partnering community colleges: The Borough of
market for new teachers is very com-          Manhattan Community College, Bronx, Brookdale, Kingsborough, LaGuardia,
                                              Nassau, Queensborough, Rockland, Suffolk and Westchester Community Colleges
petitive. Our graduates tell us they are      where we have established, or are establishing, special admissions programs and
busy interviewing and several have            curricula articulations.
already been offered jobs. Interested in          In this edition, you will learn more about:

learning more? Leave a message with               •   Collaborations between community college and Adelphi faculty

Dr. Judith Cohen, at (516) 877-4075 or            •   New joint degree and other academic programs                                •   How students from your community college are fairing at Adelphi
                                                  •   Scholarships and financial aid for transfer students
Scholarships for STEP                             •   Career services
Now Hear This                                     •   Innovative, accelerated, professional programs
                                                  In keeping with our mutual commitment to the partnerships between our schools,
Transfer students who receive a
                                              we invite you to submit articles for inclusion in our next newsletter which will be
merit-based academic scholarship to           distributed early next fall. Please contact Esther Goodcuff, Deputy Vice President
Adelphi for undergraduate study in the        for Enrollment Management & Student Affairs at (516) 877-3681 or
                                     with your submissions, or to share your comments
Scholars Teacher Education Program            about the newsletter. We look forward to our continuing collaborations.
(STEP) will receive that scholarship
      Building on a Firm Foundation
      Nassau Community College Student STEPS Up                                                          Fortunately, I
                                                                                                         also have the
      MELISSA RUSZKOWSKI,                                                                                privilege of
      former Nassau Community College student                                                            having a
      Adelphi College of Arts & Sciences, English Major                                                  second family
      STEP Class of 2001                                                                                 at Adelphi. As a
      “Welcome to Adelphi.” This is the statement that we all read upon receiving our accept-            student in the
      ance letter from Adelphi. Unfortunately, many times that is the only time students feel they       STEP program, which is a small group
      are welcome after becoming a new student at a college or university. At Adelphi, that is           of education students, I have been able
      not the case. There has not been a day since I became a student at Adelphi that I have             to acquaint myself with some of the best
      not felt welcome or not felt as though I were an asset to the University.                          people I have ever met. I have made
          It is not only the wonderful faculty, but also the atmosphere and student body that            many good friends — students and pro-
      make Adelphi the perfect place to earn your degree. Upon transfer to Adelphi from                  fessors I look to as colleagues, men-
      Nassau, I was overwhelmed with the responsiveness by everyone there; and Adelphi’s                 tors, and generally wonderful people.
      small student body gave me the opportunity to be an individual and not a number.                       It is my opinion that Adelphi is the
          As a student in the English department, I feel as though I am part of a family. Being a        perfect place to receive an education. It
      small department, there is a lot of opportunity to build great friendships, not only with fellow   is not only beautiful on the outside, but
      students, but also members of the faculty. Classes are more like an open forum as opposed          also on the inside; the inside being the
      to a great lecture hall where the teacher dictates. The intimate setting allows for a great        people that are Adelphi, and I am proud
      interaction and interesting discussions. There are many days that I leave class wanting to         to say I am one of those people.
      continue the conversation that we were having with anyone who was willing to listen!

    We’re Getting Together

    Community College & Adelphi Faculty Collaborate
    Mathematics & Computer                             Suffolk’s highly impressive music                 And Who Brought the
    Science                                            facilities at the Ammerman Campus,                Heros? Lunch for Future
    How many pizzas does it take to                    which now include a state-of-the-art              Teachers’ Club at Nassau
    feed 14 Nassau Community College
                                                                                                         Community College
                                                       computer music studio, and met
                                                                                                         Last October 19th, the dean of
    students and two of their professors?              with several of Suffolk’s fine faculty
                                                                                                         Adelphi’s School of Education,
    That was just one of the questions that            members. We look forward to develop-
                                                                                                         Dr. Elaine Sands, administrators from
    arose when the Nassau group visited                ing a productive academic relationship
                                                                                                         the School of Education, and two
    math chair Dr. Bill Quirin and the math            between our programs now and in
                                                                                                         Nassau Community College graduates
    faculty at Adelphi one afternoon last              the future. For more information
                                                                                                         currently attending Adelphi, hosted a
    spring. Nassau students had lunch with             about Adelphi’s music program,
                                                                                                         lunch at Nassau Community College
    Adelphi’s faculty at the on-campus                 contact professor Paul Moravec at
                                                                                                         for the Future Teachers’ Club. The
    eatery Sbarros; participated in a                  (516) 877-4285 or
                                                                                                         luncheon meeting was coordinated by
    demonstration of Adelphi’s               
                                                                                                         Nassau professors Carol Stewart-
    computerized classrooms; and
                                                       The Italian-American                              Mueller and Anna Katsavos.
    discussed the various programs in                  Experience: Adelphi and                               Dean Sands and her colleagues
    the math department. To arrange for a              Nassau Collaborate
                                                                                                         spoke about the employment prospects
    similar outing, contact Dr. Bill                   Sociology and saints? Dr. Sal
                                                                                                         for future teachers K-12; the changing
    Quirin at (516) 877-4487 or                        Primeggia, professor of sociology at
                                                                                                         New York State teaching certification                                Adelphi University, and Dr. Joseph
                                                                                                         requirements; Adelphi’s three-year
    Musical Notes                                      Varacalli, professor of sociology at
                                                                                                         bachelor’s/master’s degree program
    The Captain and . . .                              Nassau Community College have been
                                                                                                         (STEP) open to community college
    Last October, Paul Moravec, chair of               engaged in fascinating collaborative
                                                                                                         graduates; and transfer student scholar-
    Adelphi’s music department, visited                research on the Italian-American
                                                                                                         ship opportunities.
    with Craig Boyd, known affectionately              experience. Working together, they
                                                                                                             To arrange a similar event at
    as “The Captain”, the music chair at               have written a number of articles,
                                                                                                         your community college, where repre-
    Suffolk County Community College.                  and recently edited an article called
                                                                                                         sentatives from Adelphi would host
    The two professors discussed plans for             “The Saints in the Lives of Italian-
                                                                                                         a club meeting and speak, please con-
    closer coordination between their pro-             Americans.” For more information,
                                                                                                         tact Esther Goodcuff, (516) 877-3681

2   grams, specifically a formal articulation
    agreement. Professor Moravec toured
                                                       contact Dr. Primeggia at (516) 877-4939
From the School of Social Work!

Community College Grads Earn a Bachelor’s and
Master’s in Three Years
The undergraduate Social Welfare                dent, therefore earning the M.S.W.                social services agency for the equiva-
Program at Adelphi University, which            degree in just one year, instead of two!          lent of one day a week, and in the
begins in the junior year, offers a                 Our undergraduate Social Welfare              senior year they are assigned to another
Bachelor of Science degree with a               Program builds on the excellent liberal           agency for the equivalent of two days a
major in Social Welfare. This prepares          arts background students have gained              week. These internships may include,
students for entry-level social work            at the community college and provides             among many others, hospitals, coun-
practice with individuals, families, and        a generalized foundation in the knowl-            seling programs for children and
groups. The senior year of the major            edge, values, and skills necessary for            families, senior centers, and residential
is equivalent to the first year of our           beginning social work practice.                   programs.
Master of Social Work (M.S.W.)                      One of the most important                         For more information contact
program. Once students successfully             elements of the undergraduate Social              Professor J. Julian Rivera, Director, at
complete the B.S., they are eligible to         Welfare Program is the emphasis                   (516) 877-4362 or
enter the second year of the graduate           placed on field internships. In the
program as an Advanced Standing stu-            junior year, students are assigned to a

Yet Another Bronx Community College
                                                                                                     Scholarships for
Grad Succeeds in Nursing!                                                                            RNs
An associate’s degree in nursing from           Community College, her B.S.N. from
                                                                                                     Associate Dean Jean Winter and the
Bronx Community College gave                    Hunter College, and her M.S. from                    Adelphi School of Nursing have been
Adelphi’s Professor Annette Hauck,              Adelphi University, Professor Hauck                  awarded $180,000 from the New
                                                                                                     York State Departments of Health
R.N., M.S., A.N.P., the educational             feels especially connected to the
                                                                                                     and Labor, to provide scholarships to
foundation and clinical experience she          students in Adelphi’s Step-Ahead R.N.                RNs who complete their BSN degree
needed to begin her climb up the career         to B.S.N. program in which registered                by enrolling in Adelphi’s One Day
                                                                                                     Step-Ahead Program. The funds will
ladder. Today, Professor Hauck wears            nurses may complete their B.S.N. in                  be used to recruit nurses from New
many hats. In addition to teaching at           two years by attending classes just                  York City and Long Island. This is a
Adelphi’s School of Nursing, she is the         one day a week. You are welcome                      good way for associate degree
                                                                                                     transfer student RNs to help finance
University’s nursing liaison for all New        to contact Professor Hauck at                        their baccalaureate studies!
York metropolitan and Long Island               (516) 877-4525 or                      For more information, please
clinical agencies, and a nurse practi-          to discuss your career path or to learn              contact Ms. Cathy Boyd at
                                                                                                     (516) 877-4526, or
tioner in a busy physician’s office.             more about Adelphi’s Step-Ahead            
Receiving her R.N. from Bronx                   nursing program.

  Building on a Firm Foundation
  Time to Further an Education                                              I began my quest to find the right
                                                                        baccalaureate program by carefully
  ELIZABETH MAY,                                                        searching the Internet, nursing publica-
  former student at Queensborough                                       tions, and the newspapers. I discovered
  Community College                                                     the Step-Ahead nursing program at
  Adelphi School of Nursing, Class of 2002                              Adelphi University where I could attend
  Last year I decided that it was time to go back to college. It had    the classes that I needed all in one day. Not only could I obtain
  always been my dream to attain a B.S. in nursing. I had obtained      my B.S., but I could earn credits towards my master’s degree, too!
  my associate’s degree in nursing 16 years ago from                    How convenient that would be with my full-time work schedule.
  Queensborough Community College. I truly loved being a student        When I went for my first interview at Adelphi, I immediately fell in
  at QCC. After graduation, I began working as a registered nurse       love with the beautiful campus. And, the helpful, courteous faculty
  in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Schneider Childrens            and staff made my transition smooth and painless.
  Hospital. Having a full-time job and being a mother of three              I really enjoy being a student once again. At Adelphi University

  daughters did not leave much free time on my calendar. Now that       the classes have been challenging and stimulating, and I’ve made
  my children were older, I knew it was time to further my education.   many new friends.
    Adelphi’s New Joint                           workshops; and internships or senior              (516) 877-4052 or
                                                  projects in research.                   
    Degree Programs                               For more information, contact
                                                  Professor Marie Vazquez at
    Physical Therapy —
    New York Medical College
    Last November, Adelphi signed an
    agreement with New York Medical                   Prepare to Choose a Career
    College Graduate School of Health
    Sciences in Valhalla, New York to offer a         Take the Career Quiz
    combined 3-2 program — a BS/MS in                 Transferring to a four-year college after completing an associate’s degree is a big
    physical therapy. Qualified students take          undertaking and a new beginning but students don’t have a lot of time before they
    a strong liberal arts program with all of         must look toward their next move into the world of careers. By their junior year,
    the prerequisite courses at Adelphi and,          and preferably long before, students should be evaluating their choices in many
    after their junior year, continue their           areas as important steps toward their careers.
    studies at New York Medical College.                 Have you taken steps toward defining your career goals? Try answering these
    Following two years at New York Medical           questions (and give yourself a pat on the back for every “yes”).
    College, students receive both a Bachelor                                                                                   Yes      No
    of Science from Adelphi and a Master of           Do your summer and part-time jobs provide opportunities to
    Science in Physical Therapy from                  explore a variety of career fields and occupations?                        Ë        Ë
    New York Medical College.                         Have you acquired new and varied skills on each of your jobs?             Ë        Ë
    For information please contact
    Dr. Gayle Insler, Dean, College of Arts &         Do you participate actively in college organizations and sports,
    Sciences, at (516) 877-4124 or                    demonstrating team spirit, leadership, and interpersonal abilities?       Ë        Ë                               Have you used interest surveys (available at college career centers)
                                                      to help you choose or reaffirm a career or academic interest?              Ë        Ë
    Law —                                             If graduate or professional school is part of your career plan, do you
    New York Law School                               know where you might apply and when to start the process? Are you
    A 3-3 combined program articulation in            preparing for any required tests (GMAT, GRE, MCAT, PRAXIS, etc.)?         Ë        Ë
    law is underway between Adelphi
    University and New York Law School in             Have you met with a career counselor?                                     Ë        Ë
    Manhattan. This dual degree program               Do you attend career-related events at your college?                      Ë        Ë
    enables qualified students to take the
                                                      Are you acquiring the skills that today’s employers need, such as
    required prerequisite courses at Adelphi
    and after their junior year transfer to New
                                                      foreign languages, computer proficiency, communication skills?             Ë        Ë
    York Law School for an additional three           Have you thought about doing an internship in a field related to your
    years. With careful planning and strong           career interests?                                                         Ë        Ë
    credentials, students receive both a
    bachelor’s degree from Adelphi and a              The Adelphi University Center for Career Development plans events and targets
    J.D. (Juris Doctor) degree from New               services for students at all stages of their career, not just graduating seniors.
    York Law School a year sooner                     Events include Volunteer Opportunity Day, Alumni Career Day, and Job Fairs.
    than is usually required.                         There are ongoing workshops on resume preparation and interview techniques.
    For more information please contact               Career counselors are available year-round.
    Dr. Gayle Insler, Dean of the College of             Students contemplating a transfer to Adelphi University upon completion of
    Arts & Sciences at (516) 877-4124 or              their community college studies are welcome to attend these events. For more                                specific information, please contact the Center’s director, Dr. Patricia Mitchell, at
                                                      (516) 877-3131 or

    Opening Global
    Adelphi’s newest major —                      An Invitation to Community College Faculty:
    International Studies
    The International Studies program             Join our Faculty Development Lab this
    creates dynamic and challenging
    academic opportunities which will open
                                                  Spring and Summer
    the doors of business, diplomacy,             Faculty development sessions on how                   A limited number of spaces are
    education, journalism and work in             to incorporate technology, course cur-            available. If you are interested please
    government for our students.
                                                  riculum, and instruction continue this            contact Esther Goodcuff, Deputy Vice
    International Studies has a core of
    integrated study in languages, political      spring and summer. Faculty members                President for Enrollment Management
    science, and business with course             from our partnering community col-                & Student Affairs, at (516) 877-3681

    work in global issues; required work in
    research methods; opportunities for
                                                  leges are invited to join their Adelphi           or
    cross-disciplinary lectures and               counterparts in these workshops.
And Speaking About Valuable Internships . . .

Suffolk County Community College Student Interns at
Adelphi’s Forensic Anthropology Lab
This winter Suffolk County                 October where he met Ms.                            For more
Community College student Lisa             Abrahamsen. Lisa, a sophomore who                   information
Abrahamsen was welcomed to the             plans to graduate from Suffolk this                 about in-
Adelphi campus to begin a three-           spring, comments “I’m not sure if this              ternships at
credit internship with anthropology        is something that I would like to pur-              Adelphi for community college
Professor Anagnostis Agelarakis who        sue, but that’s the whole purpose of                students call Esther Goodcuff,
has been studying the cremated re-         doing an internship. Not only is it the             Deputy Vice President for Enrollment
mains of Athenians who died in battle      chance of a lifetime to touch history               Management & Student Affairs
during the time of the Peloponnesian       from so long ago, it is also an experi-             at (516) 877-3681 or
War. Professor Agelarakis spoke at the     ence that will help me as I develop my    
Suffolk Riverhead campus last              future plans.”

Action Learning at its Best                Worldwide Lessons in Leadership

Adelphi and                                Adelphi’s School of Business Hosts
The Long Island                            International Satellite Conference
Blood Drive                                Last November, Adelphi University’s School of Business was the local host of the
Action learning is a teaching tech-        Fifth Annual Worldwide Lessons in Leadership satellite conference simulcast to
nique in which students attain hands-      150 campuses in the U.S. and 40 other countries. Nelson Mandela, Stephen Covey,
on mastery of a discipline by putting      Tom Peters, Ken Blanchard, Andrew Grove, Martha Stewart, and Jerry Yang were
into real world practice the principles    some of the featured speakers. The School of Business has sponsored and hosted
they learn in the classroom. When          this conference at SportsPlus in Lake Grove for the last four years. This year
students provide both a worthwhile         Adelphi was also the host in New York City. Over 700 people attended the confer-
service to the community and gain          ence locally (including Dr. Manning and other colleagues from Suffolk County
valuable practical experience, action      Community College), and over 20,000 attended worldwide!
learning is at its best. This was              Adelphi looks forward to hosting this event again next November.
demonstrated by the work of Adelphi            For more information about reserving a place for next fall’s conference, please
Professor Alvin Rosenstein’s               contact Professor Rakesh Gupta at (516) 877-4629 or
Marketing Strategy class (Business
482) and Adelphi’s nursing students’
                                                Building on a Firm Foundation
association (SNAP). Together these              Graduate as More Than a Number!
students managed Adelphi’s fall Blood           ANGELA M. DIOLOSA,
Drive, increasing Adelphi’s donation            former student at Suffolk County
of blood by 81 pints over last year’s           Community College
                                                Adelphi School of Business, Class of 2001
donation! For this achievement,                 When I graduated high school, I was discouraged by the fact
Adelphi, represented by Professor               that I did not have high enough grades to enter a four-year
                                                university. My mom convinced me to attend Suffolk County
Rosenstein, and student Sean Skolnik
                                                Community College, so I did. At Suffolk, I was touched by many dynamic professors. I
(a former Nassau Community College              enjoyed going to class and I worked hard to get my grades higher. Although I was not
student), was recognized as the second          greatly involved in the activities offered at Suffolk, my experience there was enjoyable.
                                                I was now ready to attend a four-year university.
place winner at the New York Blood                   I researched many schools and was accepted to all that I applied to. However,
Center Awards presentation last                 when I came to Adelphi for the first time, I fell in love. It was where I knew I belonged.
September 8th at Jones Beach.                   Jeannine Rogers, Director of Undergraduate Programs for the School of Business,
                                                made my transition from Suffolk to Adelphi easy. She was very helpful; she answered
    For more information about                  all the questions my family and I had. The professors at Adelphi are dynamic people,
action learning in the School                   and the small setting and small classrooms make being an Adelphi student a personal
of Business contact Professor                   experience. Being a commuter student, it’s nice to know that when I go to class, or am

                                                on campus, the professors know my name; I’m not just a number. I am very proud to
Rosenstein at (516) 877-4643 or                 say I attend Adelphi University and that in May 2001, I will be a graduate!
    Transferring is Easier On-The-Spot!

    Adelphi to Visit Your Campus
    Expanding on the program originally           LaGuardia, Borough of Manhattan and           tional courses (if any) would be needed
    piloted last spring at Kingsborough and       Brookdale community colleges. These           to fulfill Adelphi’s General Education
    Queensborough Community Colleges,             events would not have been possible           requirements, and received an admis-
    Adelphi University and our partnering         without the dedicated assistance of the       sions decision all from the comfort of
    community colleges made a concerted           transfer advisors and administrators at       their own campus. Academic and
    effort to work closely together through-      our partnering community colleges.            financial aid advisors were present at
    out the fall 2000 semester to simplify        Their suggestions, planning, and pro-         several of these programs.
    the transfer process for students inter-      motion of these events were key to the            For more information about On-
    ested in pursuing a bachelor’s degree.        success of the On-The-Spots.                  The-Spot Admissions Days, and other
    The main initiative was a series of               During these On-The-Spot                  transfer student services, please contact
    On-The-Spot Admissions Days held on           Admissions Days, interested students          Ernie Shepelsky at (516) 877-3962 or
    the campuses of Nassau, Suffolk,              completed an application, had their 
    Queensborough, Kingsborough,                  credits evaluated, found out what addi-

    Scholarships and Talent Awards
    Transfer Students WANTED — $Rewards Offered$
    The Adelphi University Scholarship Committee, comprised             Scholarship             Award Range     Minimum Criteria
    of University administrators, meets several times each week         Transfer/Full-Time       $3,000–8,000   GPA = 3.0 or better
                                                                        Transfer/Part-Time        1,200–3,000   GPA = 3.3 or better
    to review all of the current candidates for transfer awards
                                                                        Phi Theta Kappa             500–1,000   Phi Theta Kappa honor
    and scholarships.
                                                                        Art                       3,000–6,000   Portfolio review
        The application file of each eligible student is reviewed,       Communication             3,000–6,000   Portfolio review
    and all of the information for transfer to Adelphi — college        Dance/Performing Arts     3,000–6,000   Audition
    transcript, record of activities, letters of recommendation,        Music                     3,000–6,000   Audition
    special talents and essay — is taken into consideration. The        Technical Theater         3,000–6,000   Audition/Portfolio Review
    relative rigor of the program of study is also taken into           Recognition (Leadership   1,000–5,000   Essay Review
                                                                        and Community Service)
    consideration.                                                      Alumni                    1,000–2,000   Parent/Grandparent is an
        Applicants to Adelphi’s Honors College are interviewed                                                  Adelphi Grad
    by the dean or associate dean in person or by phone, and a          The amount of a scholarship offered upon acceptance is set
    recommendation regarding the scholarship is made to the             for the length of the student’s attendance in undergraduate
    Committee. Talent scholarships for art, music, drama, dance,        study at Adelphi.
    or communications require an audition or portfolio review.              If you have any questions about the initial criteria for
        The types of scholarships available at Adelphi, the basic       scholarships, please contact Ernie Shepelsky, Transfer
    criteria used to place an applicant in a scholarship range,         Coordinator, Office of Admissions at (516) 877-3962 or
    and the award ranges are as follows:                                e-mail             Financial Aid
                                                                                                                  Don’t forget to list
       Facts About Financial Aid for Transfer Students                                                            Adelphi’s Federal
                                                                                                                  Code 002666 when
       Did you know that . . .
                                                                                                                  doing either your
       • financial assistance.
         73% of the new transfer students at Adelphi receive            • 51% ofto alltotal institutional aid
                                                                                       transfer students for
                                                                                                                  renewal FAFSA
                                                                                                                  (Free Application for
                                                                           Fall 2000 was given to students
       • 62% receive grants, academic scholarshipsinand form
         of need-based
                        Adelphi University gift dollars the
                                                                           who attended our partnering
                                                                                                                  Federal Student Aid)
                                                                                                                  or hard copy FAFSA.
                                                                           community colleges.                    By doing so, you
          talent awards.
                                                                        For more information contact              enable Adelphi to
       • A total ofand grants — was awarded to those students
                      $962,300 in institutional gift aid —              Esther Goodcuff at (516) 877-3681 or      receive electronically
                                                                                   (and quickly) the
          who were accepted to Adelphi University for Fall 2000 and
                                                                                                                  information needed

          who had attended one of our ten partnering community
                                                                                                                  to create your
                                                                                                                  financial aid
This Spring You’re Invited. . . . . .

Cultural Events at Adelphi                                                                                                         Do It! Keep a
Here are just some of the exciting cultural events taking place at Adelphi
University’s Garden City campus this Spring. Sound interesting? Just contact
                                                                                                                                   Great Thing
Esther Goodcuff, Deputy Vice President for Enrollment Management and                                                               Going!
Student Affairs at (516) 877-4481 or for complimentary
tickets or to request a more extensive copy of Adelphi’s spring calendar
                                                                                                                                   Earn Your
of events!                                                                                                                         Bachelor’s
Distinguished Speakers                                          Alice Hoffman                                                      Degree at Adelphi
                                                                Monday, April 23, 8:00 p.m.                                        About to graduate from your com-
Jonathan Kozol                                                  University Center
Monday, March 5, 8:00 p.m.                                      “An Evening with Alice Hoffman”                                    munity college? Want to go on to
University Center                                               Born in New York City, best-selling author                         complete your bachelor’s degree?
The Wishnick Endowed Lecture in Human                           Alice Hoffman grew up in Franklin Square
Services                                                                                                                           Interested in learning more about
                                                                and earned a B.A. in English at Adelphi in
“Ordinary Resurrections: The Moral                              1973. She is the author of 14 novels and                           Adelphi’s campus, scholarships,
Strengths and Spiritual Resilience of Black                     two children’s books, with a third,                                financial aid and academic pro-
and Hispanic Children in an Urban                               Aquamarine, due out this spring.
Neighborhood.” Sponsored by the                                                                                                    grams? Join us for one or more of
                                                                Tickets are $10. All proceeds will support
School of Social Work.                                          the Adelphi University New York Statewide                          the following events:
Tickets required.                                               Breast Cancer Support Programs and
Mark Mathabane                                                  Hotline.                                                           Open Houses and
Wednesday, March 28, 8:00 p.m.                                  Anna Quindlen                                                      Enrollment Days
University Center                                               Tuesday, May 1, 7:30 p.m.
“Healing the Racial Divide”                                                                                                        ABLE (Adult
                                                                University Center
The President’s Distinguished Lecture                           The Rita Diamandopoulos Lecture on the
                                                                                                                                   Baccalaureate Learning
Mr. Mathabane is the author of two best-                        Pleasures of Literature                                            Experience) /
selling books, Kaffir Boy, published in                          “The Politics of Family”                                           Transfer / Graduate Open
1986, and its sequel, Kaffir Boy in                              Ms. Quindlen is the author of three novels,                        House
America, published in 1989.                                     two non-fiction collections, and two chil-                          Wednesday, May 23, 2001
Tickets required.                                               dren’s books. Her latest book, A Short                             6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Dr. Robert G. Darling                                           Guide to a Happy Life, was released in                             University Center
                                                                October, 2000.
Monday, April 2, 8:00 p.m.                                                                                                         Enrollment Services Days
                                                                Tickets required.
University Center
                                                                Limited preferred seating and a reception                          Tuesday, June 5, 2001
“The Threat of Biological Terrorism”
                                                                with Ms. Quindlen following the lecture are                        Wednesday, June 6, 2001
The Joseph J. Napolitano Memorial
                                                                available for $100.                                                Thursday, June 7, 2001
                                                                For information, please call                                       Tuesday, July 10, 2001
Now a commander in the United States
                                                                (516) 877-3261.                                                    Wednesday, July 11, 2001
Navy, Robert Darling earned his B.S. from
Adelphi in 1981, and is a former White                                                                                             Thursday, July 12, 2001
House physician to President Bill Clinton.
                                                                Performing Arts                                                    10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Currently, Dr. Darling is Medical Director of                   The Diviners                                                       Levermore Hall, Room 114
the Aeromedical Isolation Team at the U.S.                      April 3–April 8
Army Medical Research Institute of                              Robert G. Olmsted Theatre
                                                                                                                                   Enrollment Services Month
Infectious Diseases.                                            A play by Jim Leonard, Jr.                                         August 2001
Tickets required.                                               Directed by Nicholas Petron                                        Levermore Hall, Room 114
David Gergen                                                    Dance Adelphi                                                      ABLE / Transfer / Graduate
Tuesday, April 17, 8:00 p.m.                                    May 1-May 6                                                        Open House
University Center                                               Robert G. Olmsted Theatre                                          Wednesday, August 1, 2001
The William E. Simon Lecture in American                                                                                           6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Civilization and Values                                                                                                            University Center
“Leadership in Today’s Washington”
A well-respected political commentator and                                                                                         To make your reservation call
editor-at-large for U.S. News & World                                                                                              (516) 877-3067 or use our
Report, David Gergen has served in the                                                                                             upcoming events site at
White House as an adviser to Presidents                                                                                  
Nixon, Ford, Reagan, and Clinton.
Tickets required.

 Equal Opportunity
 Adelphi University is committed to extending equal opportunity in employment and educational programs and activities and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color,
 religion, gender, sexual preference, age, national origin, disability, or status as a Vietnam-era veteran. The discrimination coordinator pursuant to Section 504 of the Rehabilitation
 Act of 1973 is Donald Flanders, Associate Vice President, Human Resources and Labor Relations, Room 203, Levermore Hall; (516) 877-3224. In addition, Mr. Flanders is the
 coordinator for Title IX and age discrimination enforcement.                                                                                                                              7
On Call — Working Adult Students
Interested in Social Welfare!              Building on a Firm Foundation
                                           Reaching New Heights
Adelphi has the                            SAL PISCITELLI, former student at
ANSWER                                     Nassau Community College
Adelphi offers a special undergraduate     Adelphi School of Education, Department
program in Social Welfare oriented to      of Health, Physical Education, Human
                                           Performance Science, Class of 2001
mature, working students. Adelphi’s        After a four-year layoff, I returned to Nassau Community
New Social Welfare Education Routes        College where I began the journey that would eventually lead me to Adelphi University.
                                           I remember some of the questions I kept on asking myself as I was making the deci-
or ANSWER program is available in
                                           sion of whether or not to go to Adelphi. Do I have what it takes to move on to the next
the evenings, either full-time or part-    level? What is the faculty like, and will they give me the opportunity to experience the
time, at our campus in Manhattan or        same things I did at Nassau?
                                               At Nassau Community College, I was part of a family — the Health and Physical
in Huntington, Long Island. The            Education Department family. The entire faculty was willing to devote their time to
ANSWER Program offers the follow-          guide me in my academics and help me to move forward in my future profession.
ing advantages:                            When I started to think about my transition to Adelphi, the questions I was asking my-
                                           self were quickly answered. I was motivated to take on any challenge because Nassau
• Classes are held in the evening.         Community College gave me the opportunity to succeed as well as reach my maxi-
                                           mum potential.
• You are eligible for up to 10 credits        Being in the Health, Physical Education and Human Performance Science
  of work/life experience.                 Department at Adelphi has been a wonderful experience. The friendly and helpful fac-
                                           ulty made my transition an easier one than I expected. Each member of the faculty is
• You are in class with other working      special in their own way. Each time I step into a new class, I am lifted to a higher level;
  students.                                levels of academic success and professionalism that I thought I could never reach.
                                               In the future I plan to become a health and physical education teacher. Adelphi has
• Classes are smaller.                     prepared me to an extent where I feel as though I am ahead of other future educators.
For more information contact               I am very happy with the decision that I made. I would like to thank Nassau
                                           Community College and Adelphi University for giving me the ability to believe in myself
Professor J. Julian Rivera, Director, at   and elevating me to heights that I never thought could be reached.
(516) 877-4362 or