Matrix SETU ATA by pengxuebo


                                Information Technology So-

                             VoIP ATAs with Unique Integration of Technology Features and Reliability
     ATA                     Matrix SETU ATAs is a family of SIP based Analog
                             Terminal Adaptors (ATA). It interfaces legacy tele-
                             phone devices with IP-based networks. In addition to
VoIP Adaptors with FXO,      the standard connectivity of IP and PSTN, it also offers
                             connectivity between IP, GSM and PSTN networks. An
FXS, GSM and Multiple
                             ATA provides a user with the facility of using a stan-
SIP Accounts.                dard telephone instrument yet make VoIP and GSM
Internet Telephony offers    calls.

intrinsic benefits of cost   While routing calls over IP network, the ATA converts
                             voice traffic into data packets for transmission over the
and flexibility. At the      Internet. When a telephone number is dialed by a user,
same time, legacy teleph-    Matrix SETU ATA converts it into an IP call using the
ony infrastructure and
                             SIP protocol and initiates a call to the dialed number in
                             any part of the globe. Using an appropriate VoIP ser-
habits cannot be replaced    vice provider, long distance or inter-office call charges
overnight. People desire     on the IP network. The ATA significantly saves on
                             communication cost between multi-branch locations,
the best of both worlds-
                             relaying calls over IP and using the local switched net-
lower cost of VoIP and       work to place a call on a specific network.
convenience of using ex-     Making an outgoing call is as easy as from a normal
isting telephony products    telephone. The ATA automatically translates the dialed
                             number, matching to the format that can be understood
and methods.                 by the destination (IP, GSM or PSTN) network. The
Matrix SETU ATA range        users can continue to make and receive calls without
                             worrying on which network their calls are routed. Call
of products is designed to
                             progress tones like Dial Tone, Ring Back Tone and
meet this requirement of     Busy Tone are fed to the called as per the called num-
converting VoIP network      ber status. The ATA ensures a call is always routed
                             through the most cost-effective network. In addition,
to traditional telephony
                             number based SIP account selection is provided to se-
interfaces and vice-versa.   lect the most economical SIP account for a given out-
It handles all the com-      going number.

plexities of VoIP technol-   An incoming call on GSM, FXO or any of the SIP ac-
                             counts can be received on an existing terminal easily.
ogy internally and pro-      The calls landing on the GSM port can be routed
vides simple telephone       through a SIP account. Incoming calls on the FXO line
                             can be routed through any of the SIP accounts, to avail
interfaces to make and
                             the low tariff of IP telephony. While, an incoming call
receive calls. It is espe-   on a SIP account can be routed through the GSM port,
cially designed for small    for the benefits of cost and QoS (Quality of Service).
business and residential     Once a call is established, features like Call Hold, Call
                             Toggle, Call Transfer, Call Wait and Conference are supported to manage two call from the same
users to offer them the
                             FXS port. Call forward in different conditions and Do-Not-Disturb is also provided. All different
advantages of low tariff     CLIP protocols are supported so that the user can identify the caller before answering the call. Ma-
Internet telephony.          trix SETU ATA provides two Ethernet ports—one for WAN and the other for LAN. The user can
                             connect his PC on the LAN port and browse the internet or check his emails while talking on VoIP
                             Matrix SETU ATA is easy to install and operate. It can be configures using its built-in web pages
                             served by the internal HTTP server.

           Auto Configuration                                   connect signal. The device senses this signal and
           SETU ATA can be configured automatically             frees the FXS port.
           from a central location. The configuration details
SETU       like Registrar Server Address, Authentication
           User ID and User Password are stored in the cen-
                                                                Fax over IP (FoIP)
                                                                The user can send and receive Fax over SIP ac-
                                                                count, once a Fax machine is connected to SETU
 ATA       tral server. When user connects SETU ATA to
           the network, it automatically downloads its con-
           figuration using TFTP. This plug-n-play feature
                                                                ATA. The SETU ATA supports FoIP using t.38
                                                                UDPTL and Pass-Through.
           requires the user to enter only the server address   FXO
           provided by the service provider.                    SETU ATA FXO port should be connected to the
                                                                PSTN or PBX so that the user can make PSTN
           Auto PSTN Fall back
  Key      PSTN can be interfaced to the SETU ATA using
                                                                calls from the FXO port.
           FXO Port. This port is used to dial out numbers      International Mobile Equipment Identity
Features   to the PSTN Network. When Routing the calls          IMEI number provided on SETU ATA211G
           from PSTN number to SIP trunk, it may happen         GSM engine is a unique 15 digit code to identify
           that the Ethernet Link may go down or the SIP        the GSM port. This number can be used to asso-
           Account used is not registered. So the call will     ciate and tie the equipment with a particular
           not be routed through SIP and you will get error     GSM network.
           tone. To avoid this you can use this feature to
                                                                Jeeves (Web Based Programming Tool)
           automatically route the call through the FXO
                                                                Flexible and user friendly windows based soft-
                                                                ware, Jeeves, helps in programming the features
           Automatic Number Translation                         through web browser. This web based program-
           SETU ATA supports multiple port types like ming feature helps users to configure the SETU
           FXO, FXS, SIP and GSM. Whenever a number is ATA from any part of the world once it is con-
           dialed from any of these ports, gateway routes nected with the IP network.
           the call to the desired destination port as per the
                                                                Mac Cloning
           routing mechanism defined for that port. In cer-
                                                                When replacing the existing hardware with a new
           tain cases, the dialed number string is not under-
                                                                one, one can simplify the installation process by
           stood by the network through which the call is to
                                                                simply copying the WAN associated MAC Ad-
           be routed, so by using Automatic Number Trans-
                                                                dress to the new hardware. Thereby, eliminate
           lation the dialed number string is translated into a
                                                                the delay involved in the setup process by in-
           number that is understood by the network or
                                                                forming the service provider of the newly in-
           ITSP to reach the desired destination port.
                                                                stalled equipment.
           Call Progress Tones and Rings
                                                                Network Selection
           Matrix SETU ATA supports programmable tones
                                                                SETU ATA211G provides flexibility to register
           and rings to match those of the country where it
                                                                with a GSM network manually or automatically.
           is installed.
                                                                This is useful when the installation is close to a
           CLIP                                                 state or national border where local and foreign
           SETU ATA allows users to program the FXS GSM networks overlap. Programming the ATA
           ports for any of the three CLIP protocols-DTMF, to work only with selected network prevents it
           FSK ITU-TV.23 and FSK Bellcore 202A.                 from registering with an overlapping foreign net-
           Dialed Number Table
           Matrix SETU ATA provides a list of programma- Multi-Stage Dialing
           ble numbers or part-numbers with the preferred Multi-Stage Dialing is useful fro ATAs con-
           SP account for each entry. When the user dials a nected to a SIP Server used for networking PBX
           number, the SETU ATA finds the matching num- of multiple sites. The user can dial the entire
           ber using the “best-fit” logic. It then uses the SIP number string, both the destination number and
           account given against this matching number to extension number of the destination PBX to-
           make that call. This ensures lowest cost for all gether. The ATA will split the string into two
           outgoing calls.                                      stages, and dial out the destination number first
                                                                and on receiving the answering signal it dials the
           Disconnect Signaling
                                                                extension number. This ensures hassle free ac-
           When a call is released from the other side of the
                                                                cess to PBX extension.
           network, the Matrix SETU ATA can propagate
           this call release on the FXS in the form of dis-
           Peer-to-Peer Calling                                 ized use. Used has to enter PIN for making any
           SETU ATA can make and receive calls from             operations. User can change the SIM PIN as and
           other VoIP users without any Registrar or Proxy      when required. SIM gets blocked if PIN is en-
SETU       server. Numbers and IP addresses can be as-
           signed to the other VoIP users to provide direst
                                                                tered wrongly three times in a row.
                                                                Sip Accounts
 ATA       access across the network. For Peer-to-Peer call-
           ing, SETU ATA provides two options- (i) Peer-to
                                                                Multiple SIP account can be programmed and
                                                                each FXS user can be assigned one of the SIP
           -Peed Number Dialing (ii) IP Address Dialing.
                                                                accounts for outgoing calls. Dynamic Allocation
           Organizations having multiple locations like
                                                                of SIP accounts is also possible using Dial Plan.
           branch offices and factories can use this feature
           to provide direct dialing between the dispersed      Speech Volume Setting
  Key      end-points.                                          SETU ATA allows user to set transmit and re-
                                                                ceive gain to improve the quality of speech.
           PIN Authentication
Features   Incoming calls on FXS, FXO, SIP or GSM ports         Speed Dialing
           of the ATA can be restricted to a specific caller.   Frequently used numbers can be programmed in
           The caller has to first prove his authentication     the internal phone book with 99 entries. The user
           before calling to ATA. This feature is used to       can dial these numbers by using short codes in
           avoid the possibility of malicious call and to       place of the complete, long numbers.
           avoid misuse of its services.
                                                              Supplementary Services
           PPPoE                                              SETU ATA supports supplementary service like
           Matrix SETU ATA supports PPPoE client and Call Hold, Call Waiting, Call Toggle, Call Trans-
           hence can be used with any xDSL modems.            fer, Call Forward, Conference, Caller ID, DND
                                                              and Making another Call. These are the service
           Quad-Band Support
                                                              provider dependant features.
           Matrix SETU ATA211G supports Quad-Band for
           2G Network.                                        Surface Mount Technology (SMT)
                                                              The Surface Mount Technology is the current
           Returned Calls to Original Caller (RCOC)
                                                              semi-conductor packaging technology resulting
           Matrix SETU ATA211G maintains records of all
                                                              in less heat generation and low power consump-
           the unsuccessful calls on GSM and IP network.
                                                              tion. This in turn improves reliability.
           When a call is returned, it routes the call to the
           original caller comparing the called number, System Log
           caller’s number and the system port details to the Syslog is one of the built-in protocols used exten-
           entries stored in its RCOC table. Thereby a re- sively for sending debug messages on a IP net-
           turned call can be landed to the extension which work. This client/server protocol uses UDP as
           placed the call, hence, saving valuable time.      transport protocol for debugging process. Log-
                                                              ging has several benefits which include easier
                                                              and faster troubleshooting, improved security and
           Basic routing capabilities are provided so that
                                                              a better system administration. Debug messages
           LAN port packets can be transferred on WAN
                                                              are sent to remote server on IP network for find-
           port. This allows the user to browse the Internet
                                                              ing and reducing the number of bugs or defects
           and check his emails while making and receiving
                                                              from a system.
           VoIP calls.
           Signal Strength Indication
           SETU ATA211G gives he indication of signal
           strength available for communication. Thus the
           possibility of network availability can be found.
           The signal strength indication is shown on the
           LCD telephone instrument supporting FSK
           SIM PIN
           SETU ATA211G allows the user to program 4
           digits PIN number (Personal Identification Num-
           ber) which prevents the SIM against unauthor-
            •100 Rel/Prack (RFC3262)                     •Full Duplex Audio
            •Answer Signalling                           •IMEI Number
            •Auto Configuration                          •Incoming Call Routing
SETU        •Auto PSTN Fallback
            •Automatic Number Translation
                                                         •LED Indications
                                                         •MAC Cloning
 ATA        •Call Forward Unconditionally
            •Call Forward on Busy
                                                         •Making Second Call
                                                         •Mobile Network Selection
            •Call Forward on No Reply                    •Multiple Gateway Support
            •Call Hold                                   •Multi-Stage Dialing
            •Call Toggle                                 •Password Protection
Features    •Call Waiting
            •Caller ID
                                                         •Peer-to-Peer Calling
                                                         •PIN Authentication\Polarity Reversal
  List      •Call Transfer-Blind
            •Call Transfer-Attended
                                                         •Programmable Call Progress Tones and Rings
                                                         •Quad-Band Support
            •Conference 3-Party                          •Return Call to Original Caller (RCOC)
            •Called Party Number Table                   •Signal Strength
            •CLIP                                        •SIM PIN
            •CLIR (SIP/GSM)                              •SIP over TCP
SETU ATA    •Comfort Noise Generation                    •Speech Volume Setting (Transmit and Receive)
            •DHCP Client/PPPoE Client                    •Speed Dialing
 Features   •Dialed Number Table                         •STUN
            •Digest Authentication                       •Supplementary Services
   List     •Disconnect Signaling                        •Symmetric RTP
            •Do-Not-Disturb (DND)                        •Syslog Client
            •Echo Cancellation                           •Voice Activity Detection
            •Fax over IP-T.38 and Pass-Through           •VLAN Tagging
            •Flash Timer                                 •Web-based GUI for Configuration
            •Forward Error Correction (FEC)

            Matrix SETU ATA Features List
                        Features List             SETU         SETU           SETU         SETU
                                                 ATA1A         ATA2S         ATA211       ATA211G
            3-Party Conference                     ●              ●             ●              ●
            Answer Signaling                       ●              ●             ●              ●

            Auto Configuration                     ●              ●             ●              ●
            Automatic Number Translation           ●              ●             ●              ●
            Auto PSTN Fall Back                                                 ●
            Called Party Number Table                                           ●              ●
            Call Progress Tone and Rings           ●              ●             ●              ●

            Class of Service (CoS)                 ●              ●             ●              ●
            CLIP                                   ●              ●             ●              ●
            CLIR                                   ●              ●             ●              ●
            Comfort Noise Generation               ●              ●             ●              ●
            DHCP Client                            ●              ●             ●              ●
            Dial Plan                              ●              ●             ●              ●
            Matrix SETU ATA Features List
                       Features List             SETU   SETU     SETU     SETU
SETU        Digest Authentication
 ATA        Disconnect Signaling                  ●       ●       ●         ●

            Echo Cancellation                     ●       ●       ●         ●
            Fax over IP-T.38 and Pass Through     ●       ●       ●         ●

SETU ATA    Flash Timer                           ●       ●       ●         ●
            Forward Error Correction              ●       ●       ●         ●
            Full Duplex Audio                     ●       ●       ●         ●
            IMEI Number                                                     ●
            LED Indications                       ●       ●       ●         ●
            Multiple Gateway                      ●       ●       ●         ●
            Multi-Stage Dialing                   ●       ●       ●         ●
            Mobile Network Selection                                        ●
            Password Protection                   ●       ●       ●         ●
            PCAP Trace                            ●       ●       ●         ●
            Peer-to-Peer Calling                  ●       ●       ●         ●
            Phone Book                            ●       ●       ●         ●
            PIN Authentication                                    ●         ●
            Polarity Reversal                     ●       ●       ●         ●
            PPPoE Client                          ●       ●       ●         ●
            Quad-Band Support                                               ●
            Return Call to Original Caller                                  ●
            Speech Volume Settings                ●       ●       ●         ●
            Speed Dialing                         ●       ●       ●         ●
            Signal Strength                                                 ●
            SIM PIN                                                         ●
            Supplementary Services                ●       ●       ●         ●
            STUN Support                          ●       ●       ●         ●
            Symmetric RTP                         ●       ●       ●         ●
            Syslog Client                         ●       ●       ●         ●
            VLAN Tagging                          ●       ●       ●         ●
            Web based GUI for Configuration       ●       ●       ●         ●
                 System Capacity and Resources
                       Hardware        SETU ATA1A       SETU ATA2S          SETU ATA211       SETU ATA211G
  SETU           FXS Ports                 1                   2                  1                    1

   ATA           FXO Ports
                 GSM Ports
                 LAN Port                  1                                      1                    1
                 WAN Port                  1                   1                  1                    1
   System        DC Power Jack             1                   1                  1                    1
    and          Technical Specifications
  Resources      VoIp
                 VoIP Protocols                     SIP v2, SDP, RTP, RFC, 2833
                 Network Protocols                  IPv4, TCP, UDP,DHCP, SNTP, STUN, HTTP, PPPoE
  Technical      SIP                                Multiple Accounts Out Bound Proxy Support, Display Name,
Specifications                                      User Name, Password, URL, Proxy URL, Registrar URL,
                                                    Registrar Interval
                 NAT                                STUN and NAT Alive
                 Voice CODECS                       G.711 A-Law, µ-Law, G.723, G.729A, G.729B
                 Line Echo Cancellation             G.168 with 8/16/32ms Tail Length
                 Call Progress Tones                Dial Tone, Ring Back Tone, Busy Tone, Error Tone
                 Voice                              Dynamic Jitter Buffer (Adaptive), Comfort Noise Generation
                                                    and Voice Activity Detection
                 Fax                                T.38 and Pass Through
                 Quality of Service                 Layer 3 DIFFServ and TOS
                 Data Network                       WAN Port (RJ45), Auto MDIX 10/100 BaseT, LAN Port
                                                    (RJ45), Auto MDIX 10/100 BaseT
                 Security                           Password Protected Administration

                 Power Supply
                 SETU ATA1S                         Input-12 VDC@1.25A through External Adaptor
                 SETU ATA2S                         Input-12 VDC@1.25A through External Adaptor
                 SETU ATA211                        Input-12 VDC@1.25A through External Adaptor
                 SETU ATA211G                       Input-12 VDC@0.75A through External Adaptor
                 FXS Port
                 Connection                       RJ11
  SETU           Off Hook Impedance               600
                 Loop Limit                       270    (Max) Excluding Telephone Set
   ATA           Loop Feed                        39mA (Max)
                 Ringing Voltage                  55 Vrms@25Hz, 3REN
                 Pulse Dialing                    10 PPS and 20 PPS @ 1:2, 2:3 and 1:1
                 DTMF Dialing and Reception       ITU Q.23 and Q.24
                 Caller ID Presentation (CLIP)    DTMF, FSK ITU-T V.23 and FSK Bellcore 202A

                 Call Maturity                    Polarity Reversal
                 Protection                       Solid State (Over Voltage and Over Current) built-in Secon-
                                                  dary Protection

                 FXO Port

  Technical      Connection                       RJ11
                 Off Hook Impedance               600
                 Loop Limit                       1500
                 Pulse Dialing                    10 PPS and 20 PPS @ 1:2, 2:3 and 1:1
                 DTMF Dialing and Reception       ITU Q.23 and Q.24
                 CLI Reception                    DTMF, FSK ITU-T V.23 and FSK Bellcore 202A
                 Call Maturity                    Polarity Reversal
                 Protection                       Solid State (Over Voltage and Over Current) built-in Secon-
                                                  dary Protection

                 GSM Port
                 GSM Band                         Quad-Band: GSM850, EGSM900, DCS1800, PCS1900
                 SIP Card                         One SIM
                 SIM Interface                    1.8V, 3V
                 Transmission Power               Class 4 (2W) at GSM850 and EGSM900 MHz band.
                                                  Class 1 (1W) at DCS1800 and PCS1900 MHz band
                 RF Sensitivity                   Better than-102dBm at GSM850/EGSM900/DCS1800/
                 External Antenna                 Gain: Dipole = 2.5dBi
                 Type of Antenna                  Dipole/Whip Fixed/Omni Directional Antenna Roof-Top an-
                                                  tenna wit flexible cable of 3 m (optional)
                                                  Antenna Connector: SMA (Female), 50 Impedance
                 Speech Gain (Transmit-Receive)   Programmable

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